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Wouldnt it be nice if we could be sure of a sunny day若我们在邀请朋友前before inviting our friends?能确定是晴天 不是很好吗?Predicting a nice day should be relatively simple.预测好天气应该相当简单才对After all,we understand pretty well how the atmosphere reacts to heat and pressure...毕竟我们非常清楚 大气在高温和压力下to form clouds and thunderstorm.会如何形成云层和暴风雨But no matter how hard we tried to compete all the details但不论我们多么努力计算所有细节it is impossible to say exactly what the weather would be in any particular place and time.仍然无法确定在某个地点 某个时间的天气究竟会怎样Instead,we make weather forecasts但我们还是做天气预测using simplified models that dont take into account利用无法考虑到every single tiny variable.每个小小变数的简化模型But tiny variables can have big consequences.但小小的变数就能造成严重的后果So,if a butterfly flaps its wings too hard in the Amazon所以若一只蝴蝶在亚马逊河过于用力拍翅膀The barbecue might be a wash out.烤肉聚会就可能成了落汤鸡Its a complex system.这是一个复杂的系统I think our brains are just another complex system.我认为人的大脑也只是 另一个复杂的系统like the earths atmosphere.就如同地球的大气层We abide by the physical laws.我们遵守自然法则yet are impossible to fully predict.然而却无法完全预测The mind is like weather inside our heads.心灵就好比大脑里的天气形态201602/426185。

  • 请在TED里与面包师、食物学家、大厨、农民和饕餮们共坐一桌,探究食物的真知。201506/378385。
  • The J. Paul Getty Museum物馆巡礼美国:盖帝物馆The J. Paul Getty Museum is one of the great art museums of the world. And thats quite miraculous when you consider that it has all come about essentially in the last 50 years. The focus of the Gettys collecting has always been on few works but at the very highest quality. Its aimed to be a collection of masterpieces, and that I think was what makes it stand out so much from other bigger and deeper collections. The quality of what you see at the Getty is absolutely first-grade.盖帝物馆是世上最棒的美术馆之一。当你想想这一切基本上只在过去五十年内产生,那真是满神奇的。盖帝物馆的收藏重点一直以来都是量少但质精的作品。盖帝物馆的藏品旨在成为一批杰作的收藏,而我认为那就是使盖帝物馆藏品在其他更渊的收藏品中远远突出的原因。你在盖帝物馆所见艺术品的品质绝对是一流的。Education is absolutely of the center of all that we do as a museum, in the process we go through and collecting, in displaying it and explaining it to our audiences, but also the research that then flows from that by art curators and by visiting scholars, and all of the educational programs that we provide around them. So we are in that sense not just a museum, but we are a laboratory for art, and indeed, a university of the visual arts.教育绝对是我们身为物馆所做一切的核心,在我们收藏艺品的过程、在向我们的观众展示及解说展品的过程,还有由艺术评议员及客座学者源于此所做的研究,以及所有我们在它们周遭提供的教育课程。因此就那样看来我们并不只是座物馆,我们还是个艺术研究室,当然,还是所视觉艺术的大学。Over the last 40 years, also, I think the Getty Museum has done an extraordinary job of building a collection of European art, from ancient times to the beginnings of the 20th century. In the next 40 years, I think were—will be more important to put this tradition, or these traditions, in a more global and intercultural context. Because theres always connections and influences and interactions between cultures, none of them evolves or emerges entirely in a vacuum, and itll be important, I think, in the increasingly global world we live in to understand, also, the development of our history in truly global terms.同时,在过去四十年来,我认为盖帝物馆在收集欧洲艺术藏品上表现出色,囊括古代到二十世纪初的艺术品。接下来四十年,我认为我们--将这个传统,或这些传统,摆到一个更国际且不同文化的背景将是更重要的目标。因为永远有文化间的连结和影响以及互动,没有任何文化是完全在孤立状态下发展或出现的,而我认为这很重要,在一个我们所处渐渐全球化的世界中,以真正国际的角度去理解我们历史的发展。As well as providing an experience of beautiful works of art, I think a visit to a museum like the J. Paul Getty Museum opens your eyes to other ways of seeing the world, to other cultures, other ways of understanding your place in the world, and that I think is extremely important for all of us.除了提供一个欣赏美丽艺术品的体验之外,我认为拜访像保罗盖帝这样一间物馆,能打开你看世界的其他方式、看其他文化的其他方式、了解你在世上地位的其他方式,而我想那对我们所有人来说极为重要。201507/388986。
  • On the banks of the river Nile in Africa,在非洲尼罗河畔Mankind builds one of the first great civilizations.人类开创了史上最早的四大文明之一Its greatest engineering feat:它最伟大的工程当数A vast pyramid tomb for the Pharaoh Khufu,埃及神王胡夫法老的God-king of Egypt.巨型金字塔坟墓Its gonna feel that that monument represents something人们会觉得这座古迹所展现的力量that is bigger than human,比人类要强大it must be built by a God.它一定是神建造的The tallest man-made structure for the next 4,000 years.它是之后四千年中人类建筑史上最高的建筑35,000 workers.动用了三万五千名工人No iron tools, no wheeled vehicles.不用铁器 没有带轮载具Just soft copper chisels and saws.只有软的铜凿和锯子Entire towns built for the workforce.整个城镇的居民都成为了劳力These arent slaves.而他们并非奴隶Many are skilled craftsmen, 其中许多人是技艺娴熟的工匠 paid in grain and beer.谷物和啤酒是他们的酬劳In charge of construction: Hemiunu,海米昂负责整个工程的建设Prince of Egypt, prime minister,他是埃及的王子 也是宰相And one of the first and greatest engineers同时还是人类历史上In the story of mankind.最早最伟大的工程师之一201508/395276。
  • Booms and busts have been with us since trade has been with us.既然存在着贸易 那就存在着繁荣和萧条But whats special about the tulip mania is the fact但郁金香狂潮的一个特别之处在于that people like Van Goyen,non-specialist, non-traders,像范·戈因这样的人 既不是专家 也非贸易商not qualified to understand the value of the bulb,他们没法知晓并推断出 郁金香的价值theyre getting involved in this trade.却参与到这场交易中And frankly, theyre not in a position to absorb the risk.坦白说 他们并没有承担风险的能力Van Goyen is ruined.He never makes his fortune,But in painting his way out of debt,范·戈因破产了 他再也发不了财了 只能靠画画偿还债务Over 1,200 pictures and 800 drawings,他创作了一千二百多幅画作 八百多份手稿He becomes one of Hollands most prolific and greatest artists.成为了荷兰最多产最伟大的画家之一New wealth transforms society in Europe With new desires and new temptations.新的财富 伴随着新的欲望和新的诱惑 改变了欧洲社会Leading one group of religious radicals一群宗教激进分子To reject this world as corrupt and ungodly,却不认同这世界已腐朽无望And set out on a journey that will transform他们开启了一段旅程 即将改变The future of a continent:North America.一片大陆的未来 那就是北美洲They call themselves Pilgrims.他们自称朝圣者They arrive in the new world in search of religious freedom.他们来到新的世界寻找宗教自由201602/428156。
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