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Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻9.E-mail9.电子邮件A man left a vacation to Jamaica.有个人去牙买加度假,His wife was on a business trip and was planning to meet him there the next day.他的妻子正好出差,所以打算在他到之后的第二天去找他When he reached his hotel, he decided to send his wife a quick e-mail message.他到了宾馆,想要给妻子发封邮件,Unable to find the scrap of paper on which he had written her e-mail address, he did his best to type it in from memory.但是记着邮箱的纸找不到了,于是他凭着记忆把信发到了一个邮箱Untunately, he missed one letter, and his note was directed instead to an elderly preacher wife whose husband had passed away only the day bee.很不幸,他漏掉了一个字母,他的信发到了一个老传教士的妻子的邮箱里,而传教士恰好在前一天去世了When the grieving widow checked her e-mail, she took one look at the monitor, let out a piercing scream, and fell to the floor dead.悲痛的老妇人察看邮箱,看着显示器屏幕她尖叫一声,随后就倒在地上死去了At the sound, her family rushed into the room and saw this note on the screen: ;Dearest Wife, Just got checked in. Everything prepared your arrival tomorrow.听到她的声音,家人赶忙跑进她的房间,只见这样一句话显示在屏幕上:“亲爱的,快来吧为了你明天的到来,一切都准备好了爱你的丈夫Your Loving Husband. P.S. Sure is hot down here.;顺便说一句,这里可真够热的” 399837。

路透社:如今很多领域都开始尝试3D成像技术.而购房者们也不例外Reuters: the 3-D technology enables prospective home buyers to take virtual tours of a property bee it is constructed, giving them confidence bee they sign on the dotted line.Yuka and Noriyuki Asahi are preparing to build their dream home. But bee the Tokyo-based couple take on a mortgage and large construction project, they want to get a better feel the house. So theyve turned to ;TRY IE LAB,; where theyre getting a virtual tour of their home using a 3-D Home simulator.;To be honest, this is our first and last biggest purchase, so we want to be satisfied with no regrets… I didnt want to be disappointed after we get the house.;The director of the simulation facility says the company designed the lab so homeowners wouldnt have to take on such a large commitment blindly. ;TRY IE LAB; director Yuri Takase explains:;We always try on clothes or cars bee purchasing them. Yet when it comes to houses, even though a house is a very expensive purchase, we never try them on. We, at Daiwa House, have created this ;TRY IE LAB; facility to give customers that very experience.; 38。

讲解:Today key word is Blind date.Blind date 相亲A blind date is an arrangement made you to spend a romantic evening with someone you have never met bee.This explanation is given by Collins English Dictionary. But Im not sure if it is true especially in China now. At least, in today news, the blind date was definitely not romantic at all. But bee we go to today’s blind date, let take a look on how to use this phrase properly.Me and my boyfriend first met on a blind date arranged by my colleague.我和我的男朋友是由同事介绍相亲认识的If you think the blind date is always one on one, then you will be surprised by this special blind date.In the city of Hangzhou, more than 3000 single men and women have attended an untraditional blind date. All the single ladies in this event have to wash away all their makeup. And they need to let men to measure their chest size. It is said to be aiming at finding a potential boyfriend, who doesnt a judge a woman based solely on theirappearance (外表).What do you think about this blind date? If you are single, do you want to have a blind date? Or have you attended any blind date bee? 39838。

栏目简介:《美国熊孩子Kids React是轻松听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容主要是美国的孩子们对一些事物的反应,这些react反应非常的有意思,能够提高英语学习爱好者的学习兴趣,帮助英语学习爱好者在轻松愉快的氛围中掌握一些英语知识,轻松、幽默、风趣,尽在美国熊孩子栏目中 366。

两位旅人,从素不相识到眼光交融,如同旧时的王子和他的灰姑娘,本只有一夜的宿命却因为他的大胆邀约,她的欣然允答得以了延续,而这样的延续却是何等的短暂如果说她是火车上最美的回眸,那么他就是火车最绚丽的驿站    仿佛是命运的捉弄,她在他的驿站下车逗留,可是他和她都知道彼此都不可能是自己的终点他们唯一期待的就是明日不要到来    他们说,感情不一定要天长地久两情相悦,又岂在朝朝暮暮;他们说“所谓爱无非是缺乏独处能力者的逃避罢了”;他们彼此承诺着,要让这短暂的爱情成为他们心中永远的回忆;他们盟誓不宣:“明日分手,今生永不再见”……    维也纳的夜晚因为他们而分外妖娆,他们彼此说笑着,寻觅着    穿过无尽的街道,他们携手窥看眼底的迷离,他们在无人的招贴画前驻立,斑驳的色调里隐约看见逃离的人影她说时光短暂,正如画里飘乎的人影,他不说话然而明天还是降临了,悄然无息的降临在拂晓的,空旷的街道上多瑙河畔泛着离别的愁绪,这水样的清愁幻化成广场上惆怅的巴赫练习曲……他们心里都清楚:到了分手的时候了,然而就在那样的瞬间,他们的心疑惑了,动摇了:真的就再不相认了么?    于是,时光隧道又再度回转了,镜头摇过他和她曾经的所在,笑容招展在风里,日子凝固在泛黄的记忆里人生苦短,回忆深长……点击此处收看MVA waltz a night Artist: Julie Delpy Let me sing you a waltz Out of nowhere, out of my thoughts Let me sing you a waltz About this one night stand You were me that night Everything I always dreamt of in life But now you're gone You are far gone All the way to your island of rain It was you just a one night thing But you were much more to me Just so you know I hear rumors about you About all the bad things you do But when we were together alone You didn't seem like a player at all I don't care what they say I know what you meant me that day I just wanted another try I just wanted another night Even if it doesn't seem quite right You meant me much more Than anyone I've met bee One single night with you little Jesse Is worth a thousand with anybody I have no bitterness, my sweet I'll never get this one night thing Even tomorrow, another arms My heart will stay yours until I die Let me sing you a waltz Out of nowhere, out of my blues Let me sing you a waltz About this lovely one night stand it's too amazing I got this song in the morning it's so beautiful like an enchanting smile i want to say something but no more words can describe it 137。