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抚顺市妇幼保健院看男科医院第一句:Is it all right if I smoke here?我可以在这吸烟吗?A: Is it all right if I smoke here 我可以在这吸烟吗?B: Sorry. Its non-smoking area.对不起,这里是禁烟区。第二句:is there something I can help you?有什么我可以帮忙的吗?A You look bothered. Is there something I can help you with?看你好像有点麻烦,有什么我可以帮忙的吗?B Yes. I am looking for Admin, Department.是的,我在找行政部。知识扩展:1.看看下面表示谓求的句子:May I come in?我可以进来吗?Can I use your phone?我可以用你的电话吗?Is someone sitting here?这里有人坐吗?Do you mind if I open the window.你介意我把窗户打开吗?Am I allowed to copy something here?我可以在这复印一些资料吗?2.主动提供帮助是建立人脉的敲门砖:Is there anything else I can do for you?还有什么能帮到你的吗?Can I help you?我能帮你什么吗?How may I help you?要帮忙吗?新宾满族县人民医院不孕不育预约HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: Good evening, madam. 宾馆接待员:晚上好,夫人。 KATE MCKENNA: Good evening. I have a reservation. 凯特.麦凯纳:晚上好。我预订了房。 The name is Mckenna. A room for one night. 名字是麦凯纳。一间住一晚。 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: I' ll just check. 宾馆接待员:我查一下。 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: I' m sorry but there' s nothing here under that name. 宾馆接待员:对不起,但没有麦凯纳的预订记录 KATE MCKENNA: Ah, perhaps it' s under the company name.Bibury Systems. 凯特.麦凯纳:啊,也许是用的公司名称。Bibury系统公司。 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: I' ll just be a second. 宾馆接待员:请稍等。 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: I' m sorry there' s nothing down here under that name. 宾馆接待员:对不起,没有Bibury系统公司的预订记录。 KATE MCKENNA: Oh, dear. 凯特.麦凯纳:哦,天啊。 Is it possible to book a room for one night, please? 那能订间房吗?住一晚。 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST; I' m afraid we only have a suite.宾馆接待员:我们现在只有套间了。 KATE MCKENNA: How much is that? 凯特.麦凯纳:价格是多少? HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: That' s two hundred and eighty dollars including breakfast and sales tax. 宾馆接待员:280美元,包早餐和销售税。 KATE MCKENNA: I' ll take it. 凯特.麦凯纳:我订了。 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: How will you be paying, madam? 宾馆接待员:夫人,您怎样付款? KATE MCKENNA: Credit card. 凯特.麦凯纳:信用卡。 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: That would be fine, thank you. 宾馆接待员:可以,谢谢。 Could you just complete this form, please? 麻烦您填下这张表格。 It' s your home address, 在这里填您的家庭住址、 the registration number of your car if you have one and just put your signature down here. 如果有车还要填车的注册号码,签名在这个位置就行了。 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: It' s the Tower Suite and it' s on the twenty-third floor. 宾馆接待员:房间是城堡的套房,在23层。 Would you like to order a newspaper? 您要不要订份报纸? KATE MCKENNA: Yes, please. The Herald Tribune. 凯特.麦凯纳:要。来份《先驱论坛报》。 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: I' ll have the bell hop see to your bags. 宾馆接待员:我让客房务员给您拿行李。 KATE MCKENNA: No, thank you. I only have one bag. 凯特.麦凯纳:不用,谢谢。我就一个包。 HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: Enjoy your stay. 宾馆接待员:祝你作客愉快。 KATE MCKENNA: Sorry, what time do you start serving dinner? 凯特.麦凯纳:对不起,你们什么时候开始供应晚餐? HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: Dinner is served from seven o' clock till ten thirty. 宾馆接待员:晚餐从7点开始一直到10:30。 The dining room is down there, through the door on the left. 餐厅就在那儿,穿过门向左转。 KATE MCKENNA: Thank you. 凯特.麦凯纳:谢谢。 GEORGE PEARSON: It' s good of you to see me. 乔治.皮尔森:你来看我着是太好了。 MR. SAKAI; Not at all. 酒井先生:没什么。 I have heard a lot about your company. 我对你的公司早有所闻。 GEORGE PEARSON: Good tings, I hope. 乔治.皮尔森:我希望,是好的事情。 MR. SAKAI: Oh, yes. 酒井先生:哦,当然。 GEORGE PEARSON: As you know. J.K.Toys has a strong presence in Europe... 乔治.皮尔森:正如你所知道的,J.K.玩具公司在欧洲具有很强的市场地位…… MR. SAKAI: Yes, I saw your sales figures for last year. 酒井先生:是的,我看了贵公司去年的销售数字。 They are very impressive. 印象很深刻。 (JENNY ROSS) Thank you for calling the Marketing Department of Bibury Systems. (詹妮.罗斯) 谢谢致电Bibury系统公司市场营销部。 I' m afraid our office is closed until nine o' clock tomorrow morning. 我们公司已经结束营业,到明天早上9点再开始营业。 Please leave your name, your telephone number,the time of your call, 请留下你的姓名、电话号码、你打电话的时间, and your message after the tone. 并在嘀声后留言。 KATE MCKENNA: Hi, this is Kate. 凯特.麦凯纳:你好,我是凯特。 Its seven thirty on Thursday evening. 现在的时间是周四晚7:30。 I' m at the Tower Hotel. 我现在在城堡酒店。 Jenny, as soon as you get in could you fax me a copy of the contract we are offering to David Toys? 詹妮,你一到公司就马上给我传真一份提供给大卫玩具公司的合同好吗? Talk to you tomorrow. Bye. 明天再跟你通话。再见。 /200702/10443抚顺清原县打掉孩子多少钱

抚顺市顺城人民医院电话号码抚顺清原县医院打胎多少钱Disagreeing on a projectA: Mr. Crandall, I’m sorry, but I really don’t see the value in doing this entire project over from scratch. It would take a lot of work.B: That’s certainly true. But, that’s what this job is all about, Maria. There's no doubt that this project is unacceptable.A: I agree. But I think that we can handle the problem by making a few major changes. I’d appreciate it if you would give me a chance.B: All right, Maria. I’ll give you until tomorrow at 4:00 to produce a satisfactory piece of work, but otherwise, you’ll have to re-do it.意见分歧A:科兰德尔先生,请原谅。可我的确看不出有什么必要把整个方案完全推倒重做。这太费事了。B:你说的没错,但是,这正是这个工作的重点所在,Maria。毫无疑问地,这个方案是不可接受的.A:我承认。但是我想我们可以做几处大的改动来解决这个问题。若您给我个机会就太好了。B:好吧,玛丽亚。我等你到明天4点拿出份令人满意的方案,否则你得重做一遍。 /200706/13888抚顺市新宾县人流手术多少钱Proper Way of Replying to E-mail 用正确的方法回复电子邮件陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他去找美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)CH:Amy, 我有个问题请教你。A:Ill be happy to try to answer your question, but I dont have a lot of time. I have a meeting in a few minutes.CH:就几句话,是关于回电子邮件的。A:Can you explain what you mean?C:今天早上,我收到通知,说要开会,让大家回个email, 看能不能参加。我就;reply to all;说能来。A:What happened?C:先后有三个人发电子邮件给我,叫我不要把回复的电子邮件寄给他们,好像挺不高兴的。A:They have a very good point. When you get a message by e-mail to announce a meeting, you should not reply to everyone else who received the e-mail. Your response should go only to the sender.C:可我也经常会收到没用的电子邮件,我就觉得无所谓。A:Your reaction may have to do with your laid-back personality.C:Laid-back personality?A:Laid-back means easy-going. No one wants to get unnecessary e-mail like the one you sent. You are not being thoughtful of other peoples time.C:我真没意识到别人会介意。A:In the future think before you reply to all. Oh, Im sorry, Chen Hao, but Ive really got to go.C:谢谢你,Amy. 我还有个小问题,你散会能给我打个电话吗?A:Sure. I call you after the meeting.下午陈豪在办公室写报告。Telephone rang ...C:Good afternoon. Accounting department. This is Chen Hao.A:Hi CH. I am out of my meeting and wanted to call you before I go home.C:太好了。我的问题是,我不知道回复电子邮件,什么时候用CC, 什么时候用C.A:You are not alone. Lots of people have the same issue. ;CC; means ;courtesy copy.; You use ;CC; whenever you need to inform someone of what is being done but they are not responsible for doing it.C:你能举个例子吗?A:When your colleague needs to be sure that you know your duties, he sends the e-mail to you. However he sends a copy to your boss so he knows what is going on. You can see that your boss got the e-mail, too.C:就是说,如果Kevin让我在星期五之前把报表做完,他可以写个电子邮件给我,然后CC给我老板。那C呢?A:;Bcc; stands for ;blind courtesy copy.; Its used when you dont want the receiver to know who else got the message.C:你是说不让收件人知道还有其他收件人吗?A:Thats right. The only time I find ;Bcc; acceptable is when you dont want to reveal all the e-mail addresses of the people you are mailing to for security purposes. /201208/195361抚顺县妇幼保健院肛肠医院

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