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After Michael made Off The Wall, and then Thriller,迈克尔发完Off The Wall与Thriller后l knew then that it was like shooting a rocket up to the moon.事业就像是火箭一样的起飞Were you aware of the sales?你知道有多少销售量吗?l pretry much did the album and just sat back and watched.我基本上做完专辑后 就放手让它去了He saw where he wanted to go他清楚自己的目标and he went there.并向那里前进And nobody could stop him.没有人挡得住他He went to a level他所到达的层次that only the vety great have obtained.是少数超级巨星所抵达的He wanted to be the best and he was the best.他想要成为世界第一 就真的成为世界第一God took that little man and he says,神当初一定跟他说#39;Okay now, you take over the music world. #39;去吧 去征音乐界#39;lt now belongs to you. #39;那是属于你的What made him so special他独特的地方is that he was held back是他压抑了许久for so long一直隐藏着that when he was finally released, all of it came out.释放时马上一发不可收拾He just lit the stage on fire.在舞台上造成轰动He stole the show from everybody, including the Jackson 5.他的成就过了一切 包括当初的杰克逊五人组Michael was into his fans.迈克尔很爱他的歌迷To make all these people that happy, it charged him up, it really did.能带给这么多人欢乐是他最大的动力My fondest memoty is the Motown 25.我最喜欢的是《城25周年纪念》We were on that show,我们同台-and he premiered the moonwalk. Wow. -That was something.-而他首次跳月球漫步 -真的很厉害 Article/201509/401029。

  • Create an image that makes you feel comfortable, cool, and confident.打造让你自己感觉舒适,炫酷,自信的形象。You Will Need你需要Light fabrics质地较轻的布料Padded shoulders垫肩Low-rise pants低腰裤V-neck sweatersV领羊毛衫3-button blazers3颗纽扣运动上衣Monochrome colors黑白纯色Belt腰带Good posture (optional)良好的体态(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Find fabrics that skim the body1.选择让身材看上去苗条的布料Find fabrics that skim your body without bunching or clinging, to avoid rolls and lumps that embarrass. Lighter-weight wools and other fabrics smooth your appearance.选择让身材看上去比较苗条的布料,而不是贴身或聚拢型的布料,避免让人尴尬的臃肿。质地较轻的羊毛或其他布料可以让你的外表看上去更加舒畅。STEP 2 Draw them to your face2.吸引人们注意面部Draw attention away from your middle by avoiding sloped shoulders that draw the sight down. Emphasize your strength with tailored, padded shoulders.避免让人们的注意力向下移动的削肩,将人们的注意力从腹部转移。用剪裁得体的垫肩强调你的力量。STEP 3 Take pounds off3.选择显瘦的颜色和花纹Create a slimmer look with lines that thin you out or solid colors that seem to remove pounds. Be careful with patterns or loud colors that only draw attention to your round shape.选择让你看上去比较瘦的线条或纯色。小心选择让人们更容易注意到你圆润的身材的图案和颜色。STEP 4 Wear low-rise pants4.穿低腰裤Wear pants that have a shorter distance between waist and crotch, and are not worn around the waist but on the hips. Don#39;t wear a waist size that, if too tight, will shorten your legs as it distends your belly.穿腰部和胯部之间距离较短的裤子,裤腰不要在腰部周围,而是在臀部周围。如果是中腰裤,裤子太紧的话会缩短你的双腿,扩大你的腹部。Go light on ostentatious jewelry, French cuffs, big cuff links, and anything that overemphasizes your imposing heft.谨慎对待奢华的珠宝,法国袖口,大的链扣,以及任何会强调你的体重的物品。STEP 5 Stock v-necks5.V领羊毛衫Stock up on v-neck sweaters that draw attention to your chest and not the double chin. Turtlenecks will make you look like a squat, rotund turtle. Wear shirts with pointed collars that will also change the impression of thickness.准备一些V领羊毛衫,更容易让人注意到你的胸部,而不是双下巴。套领毛衣会让你看上去矮矮胖胖,像圆胖的乌龟。穿尖领衬衣会改变肥胖的印象。Straighten your posture. Make it a habit to stand erect, and taller.注意体态。养成抬头挺胸,挺拔笔直的好习惯。STEP 6 Choose three-button blazers6.选择三颗纽扣运动上衣Choose three-button blazers, which will hold you in better, rather than a two-button that will let the mid section dominate. Open the top button to look casual and not restricted by the jacket; avoid double vents in back, which make the bottom seem wider.选择三颗纽扣运动上衣,会让你的体型看上去更好,而不是让身体中部更加突出的两颗纽扣运动上衣。最上面一颗纽扣不要系,看上去更加休闲,也不像夹克衫那么受限制,不要选择后面有开叉的类型,否则会让下半身看上去更宽。STEP 7 Choose monochrome7.选择黑白单色Choose less contrasting colors for shirts and pants. Wear a conservative belt without trying to squeeze your tummy in, which never works. Enjoy the slimmed-down appearance you#39;ve created.选择颜色对比不那么强烈的衬衣和裤子。选择保守的腰带,而且不要把腹部硬挤进去。欣赏你亲手打造的更加苗条的形象吧!With the advent of the motor car, mass advertising, and World War I, men#39;s wear became more casual for the first time, starting in the 1920s.伴随着汽车,大众广告和第一次世界大战的到来,男士着装从20年代开始首次变得越来越随意。视频听力译文由。 Article/201410/334001。
  • Tsinghua Univ. President Chen Jining appointed party chief of Environment Ministry清华大学校长陈吉宁任环保部党组书记Tsinghua University President Chen Jining has been appointed party chief of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.清华大学校长陈吉宁被任命为中共环保部党组书记。He is also widely tipped to replace Zhou Shengxian as the Minister of Environmental Protection.据悉他将取代周生贤出任环境保护部部长。The 51-year old Chen Jining, an expert in environmental sciences was appointed to his new position on Wednesday.周3接到任命的陈吉宁现年51岁,是环境领域方面的权威专家。He has directed several plans on controlling water pollution for the ministry and has a good reputation.他曾指导过环保部关于控制水污染的计划并且有着良好的口碑。He received his bachelors and masters degree from Tsinghua University and then went to Imperial College London for his doctorate.获得清华大学学士和硕士学位后,他远赴伦敦帝国学院取得士学位。In 1998, Chen returned to Tsinghua University and taught there.1998年他回到清华大学任教。In January 2013, Chen was appointed president of Tsinghua University.2013年1月他被任命为清华大学校长。 Article/201502/357493。
  • 伊卡柏·卡迪尔(Iqbal Quadir)讲述了他童年在贫穷的孟加拉国以及之后在纽约作为家的经历。这些经历促使他筹建了一家手机运营商,连接孟加拉8000万农村人口,并成为自下而上发展的倡导者。 Article/201410/331711。
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