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Cnet.com/live is the place to find your favourite CNet Tech shows. From the hottest gadgets to the latest tech news. We stream it live 5 days a week at Cnet.com/live.Cnet.com的live频道收集了你最喜爱的科技资讯节目。从最火产品到最新资讯,应用仅有。每周5期,就在Cnet.com。Its Wednesday April 6th. Im Nattalie Morris. And its time to get loaded. Dish Network has announced that it would purchase Blockbuster for 228 million dollars. Blockbuster is of course the movie rental company that filed for chapter-11 bankrupcy last fall. The company had to closed thousands of its stores in the last few years after losing market share to Netflix.今天是4月6日,周三。我是Natalie Morris,是时候了解最新的科技资讯了。Dish Network公司宣布将以2亿2800亿美元卖掉百事达分公司。百事达是一家影碟租赁公司,于去年秋天破产。自从网飞公司占有更多市场后,这家公司在过去几年中逐渐关闭了许多门脸。Republicans and House representatives voted to stop the net neutrality regulations from taking effect. House Republicans argued that the FCC never had the authorization to pass these regulations. Meanwhile, the Federal Appeals Court has ruled that it is too early for companies like Verizon and Mental PCS to sue the FCC to overturn these regulations.共和党人和众议员提出废止网络中立规则。共和党人质疑联邦通信委员会是否有权通过这项法规。同时,联邦上诉法院判决威瑞森,Mental PCS等公司起诉联邦通信委员并申请撤销中立网络法规不成立。President Obama will take to facebook to hold a town-hall meeting on April 20th at 4:45 pm EST. The meeting will take place at Facebooks headquaters and will be streamed live on the White House Facebook page. The president will discuss the economy and innovation, you can submit your questions on the event page.4月20日下午4点45,总统奥巴马将在脸谱网召开市政会议。会议在脸谱网的总部召开,并在脸谱网白宫版面直播。总统将会讨论经济和创新话题,用户可以在相关页面提问。Facebook is also vying for the intention of reporters, the company launched the site for journalists to serve as a place to mine for stories or other sources. Of course, there are services that aly do this such as Flacklist or Profnet.脸谱网同时还在和新闻工作者们竞争,脸谱网推出了一个记者小站,专门供用户们上传故事或其他素材。当然,已经有其他网站提供类似务了,例如Flacklist和Profnet。Twitter is considering branded pages like those on Facebook, these will let companies deliver messages to their followers directly like they pretty much aly do, only it will be a bit more official. These promoted accounts could be another way for twitter to monetize their service.Twitter正考虑在脸谱网上放置品牌页面,这样Twitter就可以及时向粉丝们直接传递消息,虽然现在Twitter就有这项功能,但品牌页面会更加正式一些。这可能成为Twitter为其务增值的另一条蹊径。Sprint has a new 3G, 4G Mifi hotspot, selling for just 79 dollors. Thats a lot lower than 100 dollors that a Mifi unit usually costs. It can give you wifi on your mobile devices over Sprints 3G and 4G networks. You do have to sign up for a two-year service agreement with plan starting at 49.99 per month.春季将发售新款3G,4GMifi Hotspot,售价仅为70美元。这比Mifi unit售价优惠100多美元。它将为你的手机设备带来3G或4G无线网络。同时,你必须签一份每月最低花费49.99美元并为期两年的合同。Microsoft is changing the focus of its home energy monitoring program. Microsoft Home is a two-year old web application that lets you monitor your home appliances and energy use. Participation has not been very good, so now the program is going to emphasize management of the Ford-Focus electrical vehicle and other electrical vehicles. So maybe, instead of Microsoft Home they should call it Microsoft Car. In fact, Microsoft and Toyota have some kind of announcement today. A vedio press conference is scheduled for 1 p.m. We think it has something to do with automobile technology. Thats just a guess. Tune in tomorrow for that news.微软将改变其家庭能源监控程序的计划。微软之家是一款投入使用长达两年的网络应用,它帮助你监控家用电器并控制能源消耗。这款应用投入使用的情况并不好,所以这项程序将把重心转向对福特汽车或其他品牌汽车的管理。因此,与其称之为微软之家,不如称之为微软之车。事实上,微软和丰田今天发布消息。下午1点他们将召开视频新闻发布会。我们认为这应该和这款汽车应用有关。但这还只是猜测。明天我们会为您带来详尽的报道。Thats your news for the day, I will see you tomorrow. Im Nattalie Morris for CNet, and youve just being loaded.以上就是今天的科技资讯,我们明天再见。我是Cnet的Nattalie Morris,感谢您的收看。Cnet.com/live is the place to find your favourite CNet tech shows. From the hottest gadgets to the latest tech news. We stream it live 5 days a week at Cnet.com/live.Cnet.com的live频道收集了你最喜爱的科技资讯节目。从最火产品到最新资讯,应用仅有。每周5期,就在Cnet.com。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/207687Bradycardia心动过缓Don: Yaeuml;l, isnt normal heart rate somewhere between sixty to one hundred beats per minute?Yaeuml;l,正常人的心跳次数是不是60~100次/分?Yaeuml;l: Thats right, Don. Why?是啊。有什么问题吗?D: This would be the one time you dont correct me. My heart rate is only 44 beats per minute. That means I have bradycardia. Oh, Yaeuml;l, I may be dying.难得有这么一次你没有纠正我。我的心率仅仅是44次/分,我心动过缓!我的天,Yaeuml;l,我很可能就要死啦!Y: Hold up! Yes, bradycardia is the term for a heart rate slower than about sixty beats per minute, but bradycardia doesnt necessarily mean youre not in perfectly good health. In well-conditioned athletes, bradycardia is a result of being in such good shape that the heart beats more efficiently, and so it doesnt need to beat as quickly.稳住啦!确实,心动过缓专指心脏跳动次数慢于60次/分。但是,心动过缓并不就是说你不健康。对于那些身体非常健康的运动员们来说,心动过缓的情况非常普遍。之所以会这样是由于他们的心脏能够进行更加高效的跳动,因而,运动员心脏无需跳得有多快。An athlete may have a heart rate as slow as thirty and not show any signs of problems. Also, deep relaxation, such as sleep, slows the heart down.运动员的心率一般会低至30次/分,而他们的身体没有任何问题。同时,在深度放松的情况下,就比如说睡觉,心率会自然而然的降低。D: Yeah, yeah! Tell me about the bad news.嗯,那给我讲讲不好的方面。Y: Well, bradycardia can also be caused by certain medications, by other disorders such as hyperthyroidism, and by dysfunction of the sinus node. I dont mean the hollow space behind your nose, but the node inside your heart. The sinus node powers your heart by electrical impulses.额,心动过缓也可能是由特殊的药物治疗、甲状腺机能亢进一类的机体功能紊乱、窦房结(位于右心房外膜上)功能障碍——窦房阻滞等原因引起的。窦房结并不是指你鼻后中空的地方(此处是因sinus的意思为“穴”,谈话者将sinus与node分开来讲),而是指心脏内的一个结点。窦房结通过电脉冲为心脏提供动力。Dysfunction of the sinus node then can cause the heart to beat too slowly to keep up with your bodys need for blood. Lightheadedness, weakness, and fainting are symptoms that a heart may be beating too slowly. In such cases, doctors will remove problem medications, correct the underlying disorder, or insert a pacemaker that fills in for the sinus node.窦房结的功能障碍会使心脏跳动过缓,而无法满足身体对血液的需求。心脏如果跳动过缓就可能会出现头晕、身体疲乏、晕厥等症状。如果出现这样的症状,医生会采取一定的药物治疗、调节机体功能,或是为窦房结安装人工心脏起搏器。If symptomatic bradycardia goes untreated, it could lead to death, but thats easy enough to prevent—just go see your doctor.由心动过缓引发的症状治疗无效时会导致死亡,但是,这样的情况也相当容易预防——看医生就得嘞! /201210/203277FOR the chief executives of Deutsche Boerse (DB) and NYSE Euronext, this weekrsquo;s hobnobbing in Davos was strictly business. A .5 billion plan to unite the two exchanges was derailed in early December when European Commission staff revealed they were likely to advise blocking it on competition grounds. The exchanges are lobbying hard to persuade the 27 EU commissioners to ignore their staff and approve the deal. A decision is due to be made on February 1st.对于德意志券交易所和纽约泛欧券交易所的CEO而言,本周在达沃斯经济论坛上的碰面谈的可都是正经事儿。去年12月初,欧盟委员会官员透露,欧盟极可能以反垄断为由,否决一起德交所和纽交所规模达95亿美元的合并交易。两家交易所目前都在极力游说欧盟27名执委会委员忽视反垄断官员的建议,批准这一交易。裁决将于2月1日作出。On the face of it, investors should support the commissionrsquo;s recommendation to stymie the deal. Its competition wing is mandated to stop mergers that are likely to raise prices, reduce quality or dull innovation. In this case the concern is that the exchangesrsquo; derivatives businesses;DBrsquo;s Eurex and NYSE Euronextrsquo;s Liffe;would share over 95% of European trading for some assets. There may also be concerns that a merged exchange would be able to force investors to use its clearing facilities (for which it could ratchet up charges) once trades have been made.乍一看,投资者们应当持欧盟委员会否决交易的建议。欧盟委员会的反垄断部有权喊停任何可能导致价格升高、质量下降或者阻碍创新的并购交易。此次交易的主要问题在于两家交易所的衍生品交易所业务;德交所的欧洲期货交易所和纽交所的伦敦国际金融期货交易所,两者瓜分了欧洲期权期货交易95%的市场份额。人们还担心,一旦合并成功,新的交易所将强制投资者使用其清算系统(逐步抬高交易费用)。But there are reasons to think that the deal could be beneficial to investors. Exchanges are platforms on which buyers and sellers can meet, so a lower number of exchanges, which increases the potential for buyer-seller matches, can be better than a fragmented system. In addition, making all trades on one exchange could lower investorsrsquo; costs. This is because some assets (gold and equities, say) tend to be negatively correlated, so risks offset each other somewhat. An investor wagering that both gold and equities will go up should need to provide less collateral if a single exchange is used. Economists advising the exchanges estimate investors could reduce collateral-posting by euro;3 billion (.9 billion), a likely annual cost saving of roughly euro;300m.但也有理由相信,该交易可能对投资者有利。交易所为买卖双方提供了交易平台,所以比起分崩离析,交易所的数量越少,买卖双方碰面成交的几率越大。此外,在一家交易所完成所有交易可以降低投资者的成本。因为许多交易品(例如黄金和股票)的涨跌呈负相关关系,所以从某种程度上来说,相互之间的风险可以互相抵消。如果只在一家交易所交易的话,既希望黄金上涨又希望股票价格上涨的投资者可以提供较少的抵押品。促成此次交易的经济学家预计,投资者每年可以减少30亿欧元(39亿美元)抵押品投入,节省3亿欧元的成本。Nor would a merger necessarily mean increases in trading charges. The biggest investors are vital to the exchanges (the five largest NYSE clients make over 20% of total trades). These investors could move to non-European venues if charges rise, or they could set up their own platforms to deal with each other. And since costs of entry are not prohibitive, plenty of other established exchanges could be tempted into Europe if venues there started to look very profitable. The threats of switching or entry should keep prices to large investors competitive. And since regulators would take a dim view of any price discrimination, small investors should be protected from high charges, too.而且合并并不意味着交易费用一定会上升。大客户对两家交易所都很重要(纽交所的前五大客户占了总交易份额的20%)。如果交易费用上涨,他们很可能转向其他非欧洲的交易所,或者自建平台相互交易。而且由于进入成本不高,许多交易所在看到欧洲有利可图时很可能受到诱惑加入分一杯羹。以上两种风险将确保大客户的交易费用不会上升。同时,由于监管当局反对价格歧视,小投资者们也将受到保护免遭高交易费用的;勒索;。If these are all decent points for the exchanges to make, other arguments are weaker. The exchanges suggest regulation will be easier post-merger, so the deal supports financial stability. This is disingenuous. Regulators are wary of mammoth institutions that are too big to handle. And in a crisis some diversity in the system tends to enhance stability.如果以上持合并的论点还算有理有据,其他的论调可就有点儿牵强附会了。两家交易所宣称,合并之后监管将更加方便,所以合并又一轮金融稳定。这可不靠谱。监管者们对于大型机构十分警觉,担心它们规模太大难以控制。而且,经济危机时期,分散经营更有利于增强稳定性。Nor should investors be particularly impressed by the DB-NYSE argument that Europe must have a unified exchange to compete with large or quickly growing exchanges in Chicago, Hong Kong and Brazil. The idea that competition law should be overridden by industrial policy to create a local champion that exploits economies of scale has often been used in merger cases. But the evidence does not support it: increasing size does not always make a more efficient firm, and governments have a mixed record when it comes to picking winners. The commission should allow the merger only if the benefits for investors stack up, not because Frankfurt is jealous of Chicago.德交所和纽交所鼓吹,欧洲必须有一个统一联合的交易所,以应对来自芝加哥、香港和巴西的大规模高速发展的交易所的竞争,投资者们更不应该被这种观点煽动。在并购案中,充分利用规模经济创造地方龙头企业的工业政策应当压倒反垄断法律的说法可谓老生常谈了。但这可没有相关的持据:企业规模扩大并不一定更加有效率,政府更偏袒哪一方也很难说。如果合并对投资者确实有利,欧盟委员会才应该赞成这一交易,而不应该仅仅出于法兰克福对芝加哥的嫉妒。201202/170014

Five years after the NASA rover Spirit landed on Mars, the six-wheeled robotic geologist and its twin Opportunity are still on the job. Expectations were far lower when Spirit made a bouncing landing in a cocoon of air bags on Jan. 3, 2004, followed 21 days later by Opportunity: The goal was to try to operate each solar-powered rover for at least three months. 美国航空航天局“勇气号”探测器登陆火星已有五年,这个六轮的地质探测机器人还有他的好兄弟“机会号”仍在继续工作。当2004年1月3日“勇气号”在茧形的气袋上跳跃着着陆,21天后“机会号”也尾随而来,这远比预期要好,因为原本只计划让这两个太阳能漫游者执行3个月任务。 ;Thats an extraordinary return of investment in these challenging budgetary times,; Ed Weiler, associate administrator for NASAs Science Mission Directorate, said in a December statement. 美国航天航空局科学使命执行官埃德·维勒尔在12月的声明中说道:在如此富有挑战性的财政预算年代里,这次投资的回报实在太丰厚了。 Combined, the rovers have made more than 13 miles of tracks on Mars dusty surface and sent a quarter-million images back to Earth. Their instruments have uncovered evidence that Mars was once a far wetter and warmer place than the frigid, dusty world it is now. 综合起来,探测器已经在火星满是尘土的表面行驶了13英里,并向地球传回25万张图片。机器人自带的仪器给出据,明火星表面曾经非常湿润,温暖,不像现在那样严寒,尘土飞扬。 Mission managers are pressing ahead with plans for more exploration even though NASA says either rover could fail without warning. 尽管美航局表示探测器可能会毫无征兆地失灵,但任务管理人员仍在推行更多探测计划。原文译文属!201207/191040

Yael: Want some soymilk, Don?雅艾尔:想喝点豆浆吗,唐?Don: Ill pass, thank you.唐:不用,谢谢。Yael: What about some of this tofu salad?雅艾尔:来点豆腐沙拉怎么样?Don: Why are you pushing soy foods on me?唐:为什么你老是向我推荐豆制品?Yael: Because it turns out that there is yet another benefit to consuming soy, and this benefit is for men specifically. When digested, soy creates a molecule called equol, which blocks the male hormone dihydrotestosterone, otherwise known as DHT.雅艾尔:因为事实明食用豆制品另有益处,对男人更是如此。在消化时,豆类会产生一种雌马酚分子,这种分子会阻碍男性分泌DHT(双氢睾酮激素)。Don: Hold up there. Why on earth would I want to consume something that will block my precious male hormones? Arent those important?唐:等一下。到底为什么我要吃这种对我宝贵的雄性激素有害的东西?我的性激素难道不重要吗?Yael: Down boy! Testosterone does serve important functions, but DHT is not so desirable, considering its involvement in prostate cancer. The pharmaceutical industry has focused a lot of energy into developing drugs that do what soy does naturally. Except the problem is that the drugs created to fight prostate cancer dont just affect DHT, but they affect testosterone too. These drugs inhibit testosterone from converting into DHT. In doing so, they not only reduce the harmful effects of male hormones, but they reduce the beneficial effects of these hormones too.雅艾尔:坐下,伙计!睾丸素的功能的确很重要,但考虑到它与前列腺癌有关,DHT就不那么值得拥有了。制药行业集中大量精力投入到开发药品上去,但得到的效果与天然的大豆相差无几。但有一个问题,用来抵抗前列腺癌的药物不仅会影响DHT,还会影响睾丸素。这些药物阻止睾丸素转化为DHT。这样,它们虽然减小了雄性荷尔蒙的有害影响,但也阻碍了这些激素的有益影响。Common side effects of these drugs include reduced libido, impotence, decrease in muscle strength, and an increased risk of osteoporosis. Whats so promising about soy is that it doesnt prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT, but instead blocks DHT from functioning once its made. The result is that soy prevents DHT from doing its damage without blocking the beneficial effects of male hormones. Scientists think that because of its effects on DHT, soy may prove beneficial in treating other conditions associated with DHT, such as male pattern baldness.这些药物的副作用通常包括降低性欲,阳痿,肌肉无力,增加骨质疏松的风险。大豆前景那么广阔的原因在于它并不阻碍睾丸素转换为DHT,恰恰相反,它阻碍DHT发挥应有的作用。因此大豆能防止DHT危害人体,同时保雄性荷尔蒙对人体的有益影响。考虑到大豆对DHT的影响,科学家们认为大豆可能有利于治疗其它与DHT有关的病症,例如男性模式脱发。Don: On second thought, how about you pass that tofu over this way?唐:经过重新考虑,你还是把豆腐递到这边来吧。 原文译文属!201208/195907Business商业Insulting advertisements侮辱性广告Ad hominem人身攻击When rudeness sells以冒犯为卖点THE Israeli government recently raised an interesting question for advertisers: whom can you safely insult?最近,以色列政府提出了一个对广告商来说很有意思的问题:什么人你可以冒犯而没有风险?;American Jews; is the wrong answer.美国的犹太人,这是一个错误的。An ad campaign urging Jews to return to Israel showed a boy calling his father ;daddy; instead of ;abba;.在一段力促犹太人回到以色列去的广告片中,一个犹太男孩称自己父亲为;daddy;而不是;abba;,Diaspora Jews were outraged at the implication that they are not properly Jewish.这意味着他们已非纯正的犹太人,这个广告片让飘落异国的犹太人义愤填膺。Companies dont usually make such elementary errors.公司不会经常犯这种低级错误。The list of people or groups an advertiser can be rude about is very short, reckons Bob Jeffrey, the boss of JWT, a big ad agency.大型广告公司JWT的老板鲍勃?杰夫利认为,广告商并没有多少可以任意践踏的个人或团体,He recalls adverts from the 1960s such as ;You dont have to be Jewish to love Levys;, which depicted people of various ethnicities munching on a Brooklyn bakers rye b sandwich.他回忆起1960年代的这么一个广告:来自不同种族的人们大嚼特嚼布洛克林面包师的黑麦三明治,所配的广告词是;就算不是犹太人,也会喜欢吃Levy;。Such slogans would not be kosher today.现在看来,这样的口号放在今天就不太合适。But ;if you say youre not going to annoy anyone, you might as well give up,; adds Mr Jeffrey.但正如杰夫瑞先生所说;要想谁都不冒犯,除非什么都别做;。Insulting dictators ought to be safe,冒犯一下独裁者应该是安全的,so long as you do not operate in the same country.只要你不在独裁者所在的国家。Nandos, a South African restaurant chain, forgot that with an ad showing a Robert Mugabe lookalike glumly alone at dinner (after many of his fellow despots had been deposed).南非有家旅馆连锁Nandos就疏忽了这一点,他们有一个广告片,片中一个酷似罗伯特? 穆加贝的人(因独裁同伙被推翻)在吃饭时独自闷闷不乐,He reminisces about happy days shooting water pistols with Muammar Qaddafi, playing in the sand with Saddam Hussein and riding a tank, ;Titanic;-style, with Idi Amin.他开始追忆那些逝去的愉快时光:与卡扎菲一起玩水射击,与萨达姆在沙漠中嬉戏,与伊迪?阿明一起驾驶坦克兜风。The ad was broadcast in South Africa, where Nandos middle-class target audience found it hilarious.这个广告片在南非播放时,Nandos中产的目标观众认为它很滑稽可笑。But Nandos also has restaurants in Zimbabwe. Threats ensued. Fearing violence against its staff there, the ad was pulled.Nandos在津巴布韦也有分店,这段广告引来的威胁接二连三,因为担心那里的员工遭受暴力袭击,他们把这个广告撤了下来。Outside America, companies can probably get away with insulting George Bush junior.在美国以外的其他地方,公司也许可以不计后果地冒犯一把小布什。In Malaysia, his face has been used to sell cars, contrasting the ;not smart; president with Smart cars.在马来西亚,小布什的肖像出现在汽车广告中,将;不太斯马特(聪明);的总统与斯马特小车放在一起比较以增销量。However, a Toyota ad featuring Brad Pitt was banned there for being an ;insult to Asians; by promoting a Western ideal of male beauty. Indeed, the existence of Mr Pitt is irritating to men everywhere.然而,布拉德?皮特代言的丰田广告在这里却被禁止,因为这被认为是在推行西方的美男标准,;是对亚洲人的侮辱;,的确,皮特先生让各地男子不快。In Britain, the government takes a dim view of television ads that mock living people.在英国,政府对于嘲弄真人电视广告的态度不太明朗。In 2002 an ad was banned for depicting David Beckham, a footballer not known for his academic accomplishments, asking his wife how to spell ;DVD;.2002年,一电视广告被禁,内容是学习成绩平平的足球球员贝克汉姆,问他太太怎样拼写;DVD;。The advertisers protest—that it was for a satirical TV show with much ruder lines—did not succeed.广告商抗议取缔本广告的行为,因为它赞助的一档讽刺电视节目中有更粗鲁的台词。但抗议没有奏效。It is often profitable to stir controversy. An ad that upsets people and thereby generates headlines is an excellent source of free publicity.能引起争议的话题往往商机无限,一个看了让人心烦的广告,如能上报纸头条不啻是最好的免费宣传。But if it alienates potential customers, it has gone too far.但如果让你的潜在客户敬而远之,那就有些过份了。Benetton, a fashion brand, reels in young shoppers by annoying their parents, for example with a recent ad showing the pope kissing Ahmed al-Tayeb, an Egyptian imam.时尚品牌Benetton,吸引了不少年轻的消费者,但却让父母们很烦心,比如他们最近有个电视广告,竟让教皇去吻埃及伊玛目艾哈迈德?al-Tayeb。An edgy image helps sell clothes, but it works less well with cars,用一个比较前卫的形象推销衣可能比较合适,但推销汽车的效果就不一定好,as Toyota found with an ad in Australia that mocked both Range Rover and the British queen: ;Dont worry, Your Majesty. Youre not the only British export thats had its day.; Monarchists howled. Toyota apologised.丰田在澳大利亚的经历就能说明这一点,他们在那里投放了一个广告,广告中取笑的是路虎揽胜和英国女王:;女王陛下,不要担心,不是只有你才是曾经风光无限的英国货。;保皇派震怒,丰田只得道歉了事。 /201211/209589

Beginning in the summer of , we alleged that executives at the highest levels of the companies included in today’s lawsuits, concerned the e-book sellers had reduced prices, worked together to eliminate competition among stores selling e-books, ultimately increasing prices for consumers. Now as a result of this alleged conspiracy, we believe that consumers paid millions of dollars more for some of the most popular titles.年夏季初,我们起诉了苹果及多家出版公司的最高主管,他们涉嫌操纵电子书售价,合作共谋提升电子书市场的竞争力,最终导致消费者付更高的电子书价格。我们相信,他们这次的阴谋导致了消费者在最畅销的电子书上多付了几百万美元。We alleged that the CEOs of the publishers bemoan the wretched 9.99 price point. One executive said that the goal is ;Lets to compete with Amazon, as to force it to accept a higher level than 9.99, and yet another, we’ve always known that unless other publishers follow us, there’s no chance of success in getting Amazon to change its pricing practices. Our complaint also es Apple’s then CEO Steve Jobs as saying “The customer pays a little more, but that’s what you want.”and he’s referring to the publishers. That’s what you want anyway. As you can see, we alleged that these executives knew full well what they were doing, that is ;Taking steps together to make sure the prices consumer paid for e-books were higher;.我们控告出版公司的首席执行官们不以9.99美元的价格点为准。一位执行官说,他们的目标是“赶上亚马逊,强迫它接受高于9.99美元的价格”。此外,我们一直认为,除非其他的出版商跟随我们,否则没有机会让亚马逊改变标价。我们的顾客投诉时引用了苹果首席执行官史蒂芬·乔布斯的语录“让消费者再多花点钱,那就是你想要的”。在这里他指的是出版商。总之,这是你们想要的。正如我们看到的,执行官们清楚他们在做什么,即“一起采取措施,确保消费者为电子书付更多的钱。”The Department of Justice is committed to ensuring that e-books are affordable as is possible. As part of this commitment, the Department has reached a settlement with 3 of the nation’s largest book publishers and well continue to litigate against Apple into additional leading publishers for conspiring to increase the prices that consumers pay for e-books.美国司法部承诺会让消费者以合理的价格购买电子书。作为承诺的一部分,司法部与美国最大的3家图书出版公司达成一致协定,我们将持续就与出版公司共谋蓄意推高消费者电子书价格,向苹果公司提出诉讼。201206/186011

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