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惠州友好泌尿专科泌尿科咨询惠州有没有好点的皮肤医院Australian Mining Companies Optimistic as Demand from China Bounces Back中国铁矿石需求强劲 澳公司眉开眼笑The Anglo-Australian mining giant, BHP Billiton, has given its most optimistic assessment of the commodities markets since the global economic downturn. The company says surging demand from China for iron ore shipments will lift the mining industry, but it warns markets could remain volatile. From Sydney, Phil Mercer reports.英国和澳大利亚的合资大型矿业公司必和必拓对世界商品市场做出全球经济滑坡以来最乐观的评估。必和必拓公司说,中国对铁矿石需求的大幅度上涨将提升世界矿业,但是同时警告说,市场仍然可能出现动荡。Industrial analysts say iron ore prices could rise 10 to 20 percent this year because of increasing demand as the global economy recovers.工业分析人士说,随世界经济复苏而来的需求上涨可能会导致铁矿石价格上涨10%到20%。BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company, also is optimistic in its latest assessment of key commodity markets.世界最大矿业公司必和必拓在对世界主要商品市场的最新评估中也表示了乐观。The company's output of iron ore, as well as copper, zinc and nickel, surged in the last three months of because of strong demand from Chinese carmakers and construction companies. 由于来自中国汽车制造商和建筑公司的强劲需求,必和必拓公司年最后三个月的铁、铜、锌和镍矿石产出大幅上扬。Iron ore production in the three months hit 32.45 million metric tons, up from 29.4 million tons a year earlier.年最后三个月的铁矿石产量从2008年同期的2940万吨增加到3245万吨。201001/95368阳痿早泄多少钱惠州 Shuttle Discovery Launches Mission to Space Station发现号航天飞机发射升空驶向国际空间站Space shuttle Discovery has launched on a mission to deliver new science equipment to the International Space Station.美国“发现”号航天飞机已经升空执行一项任务,就是将新型科研仪器运送至国际空间站。Discovery blasted off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida and rose toward orbit shortly before sunrise on Monday. 在星期一日出前不久,“发现”号航天飞机在佛罗里达州的肯尼迪航天中心点火升空,接近轨道。Commander Alan Poindexter is leading the Discovery's crew on a 13-day mission that includes a stop at the space station. The vehicle is carrying nearly 8,000 kilograms of supplies, including a series of new science experiments to be conducted in space. Some of the experiments focus on studying how orbiting in space can affect the human body and plant growth. “发现”号机组总指挥波因德克斯特率领机组成员执行为期13天的任务,其中包括在空间站的停留。“发现”号此次装载了将近8千公斤的供给物资,包括一系列要在太空中完成的新的科学实验用品。其中一些实验将重点研究在太空轨道上运行将会如何给人体和植物生长带来影响。Also on board is a new exercise machine, which is part of ongoing studies into the effects of long-term space flight on muscle and bone loss in astronauts. 航天飞机上还载有一台新的健身器。这是一些正在进行的研究的一部分。这些研究是有关长期航天飞行对宇航员肌肉和骨骼损失的影响。Moments before Discovery's launch, NASA camera caught the space station passing through its orbit above Florida. NASA's George Diller said the station is easily visible from Earth because it is more than 100 meters long and 14 meters tall.在“发现”号升空之前的片刻,美国航空航天局的摄像机捕捉到宇宙空间站正顺着其轨道运行到佛罗里达州上空。航空航天局的乔治·迪勒说,这个空间站很容易在地球上看到,因为它长达100多米,高14米。"It is a large object, getting bigger all the time," he noted. "Six permanent crew members are there today, and about to be joined by the seven crew members of Discovery to conduct science in space."“它是一个很大的物体,而且正变得越来越大。现在那上面有6名常驻工作人员,“发现”号的7名机组人员马上就会加入他们,进行空间科学实验。”Discovery is delivering a new astronaut sleeping quarters, an ammonia tank and a gyroscope for the space station. Astronauts will conduct three space walks during the mission to install some of the equipment to the station. “发现”号将为空间站送去一个新的宇航员睡觉舱,一个氨水箱和一个回转仪。宇航员们在为空间站安装设备的时候将进行三次太空行走。NASA officials say plans to build out and expand the station are more than 90 percent complete, mainly thanks to space shuttle and its large cargo capacity. Recent shuttle missions have delivered new sleeping quarters, laboratory segments and other modules to the station.美国航空航天局的官员说,加建和扩建空间站的计划已经完成了超过90%,这主要归功于航天飞机及其很大的载货量。航天飞机最近已经向空间站运送了新的睡觉舱、实验室部件和其他配舱。There are only three shuttle flights remaining before the fleet is set to be retired, later this year. After that, space station partners will rely on Russian and private launch vehicles to ferry supplies to the orbiter.美国的航天飞机机组预计将在今年晚些时候退役,在那之前只剩下三次飞行任务。之后,空间站的合作伙伴们将依赖俄罗斯和私营发射器来为空间站运送物资。201004/100744E. coli in Germany 德国的大肠杆菌疫情Don't shoot the cucumber沉冤得雪的黄瓜A deadly outbreak in Hamburg causes ripples round Europe爆发在汉堡的致命性疫情引发欧洲震荡Jun 2nd 2011 | BERLIN | from the print editionSEVENTEEN deaths, some 1,500 confirmed or suspected cases and hundreds of millions of euros in losses: the outbreak of E. coli infections in northern Germany is causing havoc across Europe. The culprit is an especially nasty strain of E. coli, which normally resides harmlessly in the gut. Type O104:H4 can cause bloody diarrhoea, convulsions and, most lethally, haemolytic-uraemic syndrome, which attacks the kidneys. Nearly all the dead are women. Nobody knows why.7人死亡,约1500例确认或者疑似病例,数以亿计欧元的经济损失:在德国北部爆发的大肠杆菌疫情让整个欧洲都陷入了一片混乱。罪魁祸首是特别恶心的大肠杆菌族的一种,通常情况下驻于肠内且对人体无害。这种叫O104:H4型的大肠杆菌能造成出血性腹泻,痉挛,以及更为致命的溶血性尿毒综合征症状,引发肾衰竭。几乎所有的死者都是女性。没人能解释这一现象。German health authorities at first traced the infection to organic cucumbers from Spain and advised people to avoid them, along with salad and raw tomatoes. Now it seems the cucumbers were innocent (though some may have been contaminated with another strain). But the vegetable warning still stands, and the economic and political damage is mounting.德国卫生部门最先把疫情“元凶”定为从西班牙进口的有机黄瓜,并告诫民众避免食用它们,包括沙拉和生西红柿。现在看来黄瓜貌似已经“沉冤得雪”了(尽管有些可能被其他的病原体所感染)。但是对于蔬菜的食用警告依然有效,政治经济损失也逐渐增大。201106/139835惠州治前列腺哪家医院

惠州友好男子医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱惠州惠城区妇幼保健人民中医院不孕不育科 Bush to Host Summit on Global Financial Crisis布什拟主办全球峰会讨论经济局势 U.S. President George Bush says he will host a summit of nations soon to address the global economic crisis. Mr. Bush made the announcement as he greeted French President Nicolas Sarkozy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso Saturday at the U.S. presidential retreat Camp David. 美国总统布什说,他不久就要主持由多个国家参与的首脑会谈,讨论全球经济危机。布什是星期六在美国总统度假地戴维营会见法国总统萨科齐和欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐时作出上述声明的。President Bush stood with his two European visitors and said he anticipates hosting a meeting at which world leaders will work to solve the financial problems. 布什总统和两位到访的欧洲贵宾站在一起对记者说,他预期将主持一次会议,同与会的各国领导人一起研究如何解决金融问题。"I look forward to hosting this meeting in the near future," he said. "Both developed and developing nations will be represented. And together we will work to strengthen and modernize our nations' financial systems, so we can help ensure that this crisis does not happen again." 布什说:“我期待着在不久的将来主持这次会议。这次会议是发达国家和发展中国家的领导人共同出席的。我们将携手将我们各国的经济体系加以强化和现代化。我们可以帮助保,这种危机不会再次发生。”The president was meeting with Mr. Sarkozy and Mr. Barroso at Camp David Saturday to look for solutions to the global financial crisis. 布什总统星期六在戴维营会见了萨科齐和巴罗佐,共同寻求全球金融危机的解决方案。European leaders had been trying to persuade Mr. Bush to hold global talks by the end of the year. Mr. Sarkozy, speaking through a translator, called for a swift international response to the crisis, starting in New York. 欧洲领导人一直在试图说布什总统在今年年底前举行全球会谈。萨科齐总统呼吁国际社会对这次危机作出迅速反应,而起点就是纽约。"This must be done forthwith, as President Bush has said, possibly even before the end of the month of November," he said. "And we believe that insofar as the crisis began in New York, then the global solution to this crisis must be found in New York, all of us putting our heads together." 他说:“这项任务必须立即完成,就像布什总统说的那样,很可能就是在11月结束之前完成。我们相信,既然这次危机首先从纽约开始,那么全球性解决这一危机的方案也必须从纽约寻找,我们会共同努力。”ed Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon offered Saturday to host the meeting at U.N. headquarters in New York in early December. Mr. Bush did not announce a time or place for the summit.  联合国秘书长潘基文提议于12月稍早在纽约的联合国总部举办这个会议。布什总统没有宣布这次首脑会谈的具体时间和地点。Mr. Barroso agreed with the presidents of the two nations that the U.S. and Europe should take the lead in seeking economic solutions, but that other nations should be involved as well. 巴罗佐同意两位总统的意见,让美国和欧洲带头寻找经济的解决方案,不过他呼吁其他国家也要参与进来。"Around 77 percent of world wholesale finance is from the ed States and from Europe," he said. "The Europeans and Americans must now join efforts and extend our cooperation to major developing and emerging economies. We must act swiftly to respond to the urgency. But we must also look forward at the medium and long term." 巴罗佐说:“全世界大约77%的批发融资来自美国和欧洲。美国和欧洲人现在必须共同努力携手合作,将这种合作推广到发展中国家和正在崛起的经济体。我们必须迅速就这一紧急状况作出反应。但是我们也必须顾及中期和长期的发展。”Both European leaders want widesp reforms in the world's financial system, but U.S. officials said they did not expect any breakthroughs on that at Camp David. 这两位欧洲的领导人都希望对金融体系进行范围广泛的改革,但是美国官员说,他们并没有期待在这次戴维营会晤中得到任何突破性的发展。Meanwhile, some economists say they see signs that the frozen credit markets, which are at the heart of the crisis, are beginning to improve. 同时,一些经济学者也说,他们看到这次金融危机的核心--冻结的信用市场开始出现缓解的迹象。200810/53330惠州中心人民医院包皮手术多少钱

惠州第一医院男科预约String theory was so provocative and downright weird that it immediately began to sound like a perfect theory of everything.超弦理论是如此具有煽动性并且又带着几分神秘感,所以这一理论马上给人的感觉就是完美的万物论。;It is certainly did sweep us all by a storm. Its a beautiful, elegant and simple theory and a number of people said well if its so elegant and simple why dont we try to use it as the basic unifying principle for nature.;;可以肯定的是,我们刚经历过一场暴风雨。这是一个美丽的,高雅的,简单的理论,而许多人表示如果真的那么优雅简单,为什么我们不尝试使用它作为基本统一的自然原则呢?;But if String Theory was to become Einsteins missing theory of everything it would have to pass one test. It will have to explain a rather special event ,the birth of the universe. The origins of the universe had always been a special subject of the cosmologists who studied the big world of stars and galaxies. They, too, felt they were on the verge of a great triumph-a complete understanding of how the world had begun. They had long known things had started with a giant explosion, the Big Bang but by now cosmologists had refined the idea. They had worked backwards in time from the present day, closer and closer to the instant of the Big Bang. Their work was incredibly precise.We have confidence in extrapolating back from the present to when the first stars and galaxies formed,when the universe was only a billion years old, or exstrapolating back farther to when the first atoms were formed, when the universe was a few hundred thousands years old, or when the first nuclear formed,and the Universe was only a few seconds old.Physics was now actually y to talk about these bizarre sounding events in the universe, fractions of a second and even billionths and billionths and billionths of a second, ten thirds or minus thirty-five seconds after the instant of the big Bang, absolutely fantastic.但是如果超弦理论真的是爱因斯坦的失踪万物论的继承者,那么它就得通过一个测试。它需要解释一个相当特别的活动,即宇宙的诞生。宇宙的起源,永远都是宇宙学家进行星球和星系研究的永恒主题。他们也觉得自己即将站在伟大成就的门槛,即对世界起源的全面认识。他们早就知道一切起源于一次巨大的爆炸;;宇宙大爆炸,但宇宙学家现在却需要重新定义这个概念。他们在现今的时光内推回过去进行研究,而且也越来越接近大爆炸的瞬间。他们的工作是令人难以置信的精确。我们有信心推回到当第一批恒星和星系形成的时间,当宇宙只有十亿岁,或者回到更远的地方,当第一个原子形成之时,当宇宙只有几百或者几千岁,亦或是第一个核形成,那时的宇宙是只是几秒钟的年龄。物理学现在准备谈论这些宇宙中奇异的事件,大爆炸后几分之一秒,甚至数十亿数十亿之一秒,10秒或者小于35秒,简直太棒了。If everything in the universe was to be explained then String Theory and the Big Bang would now seamlessly merge and they complement each other perfectly.如果宇宙万物都被解释然后弦论和大爆炸无缝融合,那么它们就能完美的相辅相成。After all, one concerned the birth of the Universe and the other all the matter in it. It was surely a forge one conclusion. physics seemed to be on the edge of glory, but it all went terribly wrong, try as they might they just couldnt get the two ideas to merge and then, after 10 years of struggling, something even worse happened, that? two parallel theories now began to self-destruct. The first problem appeared with the big Bang. The cosmologists had assumed that ,as they work backwards in time they would eventually work their way back all the way to the beginning of the big Bang. There would be no awkward gaps, but after years of endless refinement ,there was one gap which refused to disappear, the most important one of all.毕竟一个是关心宇宙的诞生而另一个则是解释万物。这是一个定论。物理似乎总是在荣耀的边缘,但一切都大错特错,也许他们不可能把这两个概念融合,然后经过十年的奋斗,一件更糟糕的事发生。两个理论开始自我毁灭。第一个问题出现在宇宙大爆炸。宇宙学家曾设想,因为他们推算时间后他们最终会找到宇宙大爆炸的时间。没有尴尬的空白,但经过多年的无尽的重新定义,有一段空白拒绝消失,而这或许就是那最重要的一环。词语解释:1. provocative a. 气人的,挑拨的2. theory n. 理论164760 Analysts Say Middle East Top Priority for Obama Administration中东问题是奥巴马面临的严峻挑战  One of the major foreign policy challenges facing the Obama administration will be how to revive the Middle East peace process. Senior Correspondent André de Nesnera spoke with three former senior U.S. government officials about the situation in the Middle East. The interviews were conducted before the current violence between Israeli forces and the militant group Hamas which controls the Gaza strip. 奥巴马政府面临的一个主要外交政策方面的挑战是如何重启中东和平进程。美国之音同三名前美国政府高级官员讨论了中东地区的局势。这些采访是在以色列军队和控制加沙的激进组织哈马斯最近发生暴力之前进行的。Most analysts agree the incoming Obama administration faces a daunting task in trying to find a peaceful solution to the Middle East crisis. For eight years the Bush administration has been trying to resolve that issue - but with little success. 大部分分析人士认为,对即将上任的奥巴马政府来说,为中东地区危机找到和平的解决办法是一个艰巨的任务。在过去八年中,布什政府一直在努力解决中东问题,但是并没有取得什么成果。Former National Security Adviser (1974-77;1989-93, retired Air Force) General Brent Scowcroft says Barack Obama must get involved in the Middle East early in his presidency.  曾担任美国国家安全事务顾问的空军退休将军斯考克罗夫特说,奥巴马必须在执政初期就参与解决中东问题。"I certainly hope so. There will be a lot of people saying don't do it," he said. "Presidents in the past have foundered on the peace process issue - so it's too dangerous." 他说:“我当然希望他会这样做。有许多人说不要这样做,他们说,过去有许多总统都在中东和平进程上失败了,因此这是一个非常危险的任务。”For his part, former Secretary of State (1992) Lawrence Eagleburger says the issues that need to be resolved are immense.  曾在1992年担任美国国务卿的伊格尔伯格说,需要解决的问题是巨大的。"I'm not at all certain that any involvement by anybody at any time is going to solve the problems of Israel and the Palestinians and the terrorists," said Eagleburger. "It is an almost insoluble problem. Every time some Palestinian or someone on that side of the fence moves to try to come to grips with the issue and make compromises, either they end up dead or they're ousted from office. It's the intransigence of a part of the Palestinian side of the fence - some of the people in that group just are intent on never having a solution to the thing, but driving Israel to the sea at some point." 他说:“我根本就不能肯定任何人在任何时间做任何事能解决以色列、巴勒斯坦和恐怖分子的问题。这几乎是一个不可解决的问题。每次巴勒斯坦或以色列有人采取行动,试图认真对待和平问题并作出一些妥协,这些人的下场不是死就是被赶下台。巴勒斯坦方面就是不妥协,一些巴勒斯坦人就打算永远不解决巴以和平问题,而是想把以色列逼入绝境。”Former National Security Advisor Scowcroft believes that for progress to be made in the Middle East, the ed States must talk to Hamas, the largest and most influential Palestinian militant movement, which controls the Gaza strip. 前国家安全事务顾问斯考克罗夫特认为,要想在中东问题上取得进展,美国必须同哈马斯谈判。哈马斯是巴勒斯坦最大、最有影响力的激进组织,目前控制着加沙地区。"I think we should be open to negotiate with anybody. It's much harder to solve problems if you don't talk to people," added Scowcroft. "And you don't necessarily solve problems by talking to them. But at least you open up the avenues, you understand what the hard sticking points are and how to resolve some. And you see if there is a chance for progress and if so, what kind." 他说:“我认为,我们应该同任何人进行谈判。如果你不和人家谈判,那解决问题就要难得多。可能通过谈判并不一定能解决问题,但是至少你打开了这个渠道,明白阻碍进展的障碍是什么,以及如何解决它们。你要看清是否有取得进展的机会,如果有,是什么性质的机会。”The Bush administration has rejected any talks with Hamas, describing it as a terrorist group. 布什政府一直拒绝同哈马斯进行谈判,认为哈马斯是一个恐怖组织。Eagleburger says the U.S. shouldn't talk to Hamas. 伊格尔伯格说,美国不应当同哈马斯谈判。"I find it very difficult to conceive of or to approve talking to such an enemy - and that's what they are. I don't think we are likely to achieve much," he said. "On the other hand, I am prepared to concede to those who argue that we should be talking to these people - we're certainly not getting anywhere the way it is now. On balance, I don't think we should do it because it is giving Hamas a position that I don't think they deserve, and that is that the ed states is prepared to talk to them. But I think it's a close call." 他说:“我很难想象或同意同这样的一个敌人进行谈判,哈马斯就是这样的敌人。我不认为通过和他们谈判我们能取得很大的成果。在另一方面,我也可以接受那些主张同哈马斯谈判的人的意见,因为我们目前的做法没有解决任何问题。总之,我不认为我们应该同哈马斯谈判,因为如果美国同哈马斯谈判就等于是给哈马斯一个他们没有资格得到的地位。我觉得这是一个比较冒险的做法。”Former Defense Secretary James Schlesinger (1973-1975) believes the ed States will continue to abide by its "no talks with Hamas" policy. 曾在1973年到1975年担任美国国防部长的施莱辛格认为,美国会继续奉行“不同哈马斯谈判”的政策。"I don't see any likelihood that we are going to significantly change our position. We might have, as we have in the past - as you may recall that the Palestinian organization [Palestine Liberation Organization led by Yasser Arafat] was talked to privately during the Carter administration - but never admitted publicly until the story blew. And if we were to talk to Hamas, it would be on a very devious route and not for public consumption," said Schlesinger. 他说:“我觉得我们不太可能在这一问题上明显地改变立场。我们过去也许曾这样做过,比如在卡特政府时期美国曾私下同巴勒斯坦解放组织进行谈判,不过直到这件事被曝光以前,我们都没有公开承认。如果美国要和哈马斯谈判,那将会是通过间接渠道来进行,不会公布于众。”During the presidential election campaign, Barack Obama said he does not support negotiations with Hamas until it renounces terrorism and recognizes Israel's right to exist. Analysts say it will be interesting to see, given the violence between Hamas and Israel, if he will maintain his position once he is inaugurated president January 20. 奥巴马在竞选过程中说,在哈马斯放弃恐怖主义并承认以色列的生存权之前,他不会持同哈马斯进行谈判。分析人士们说,由于哈马斯和以色列再次爆发了冲突,人们很想知道的是奥巴马在明年1月20号就职之后是否还会坚持原来的立场。200812/60028惠州友好医院能检查精子吗惠州人民医院有那些附属医院



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