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Teachers Set For National Strike Over PayChildren across England and Wales could face school closures and disruption in June as teachers vote for industrial action.We#39;ve got situation near the Secretary State who will not engage with this in any constructive way at all. And I think we feel very frustrated about that. I#39;m sure parents do too.But Michael Gove says he#39;s driving up standards.Every policy that Michael Gove is doing is actually having the reverse effect. So think what we are on it about. It#39;s not just out paying-up conditions and the pension issue which we#39;re very angry about. But we#39;re also angry about what the Secretary State is doing to the education of our children. It feels like he#39;s putting a wrecking boat though state education. If nobody else stands up for it, you know, whether wants, you have to do that.So the strike goes ahead. What do you say to parents out there today who will be very very angry and say this is teachers again causing problems.I have every sympathy with parents. A number of our members are parents obviously as well. But the blame for this strike lies very clearly with the Secretary State for education. We#39;ve given 3 clear things he can do to avoid the strike actions. So it#39;s really the ball#39;s in his court. So you have to step up to the mount now and talk sensible politician news prepares when engage with teaching profession to resolve this dispute. We want nothing more than this dispute be resolved. /201404/292122中国将加大对非洲投资 Article/201303/232171

20th century America will see a long struggle for equality.20世纪 美国经历了一场漫长的争取平等之战Race riots in Chicago in 1919 leave 38 dead.1919年 芝加哥种族动乱中38人死亡In the segregated South, separate schools,在种族隔离的南方 学校要隔离 separate buses, separate restaurants.公交车要隔离 就连餐馆也要隔离Twice as many unemployed.失业率是北方的两倍Change begins when one million black soldiers join up in World War II.百万黑人投身二战 成了改变局面的分水岭And blacks demonstrated they could fly planes just like anyone else,黑人士兵展示了他们同其他人一样 能驾驶战机they could sail ships,they could do anything the white soldier could do.也能操纵舰船 白人士兵能做的他们也能做They don#39;t know it yet, but these soldiers are the beginning of the modern civil rights movement.他们此刻还不知道自己将成为现代民权运动的开路先锋Individuals more than willing to fight and die for our country and for the freedoms that our country represented.战士们斗志昂扬愿为自己的祖国和其代表的自由赴汤蹈火 乃至牺牲生命Yet freedoms that were not still truly shared by all Americans.然而并不是每个美国人都能享受到这些自由And the first step towards equal rights is taken.从此 迈出了走向平权运动的第一步July, 1948. The military is desegregated.1948年7月,军方废除了种族隔离制度No more whites-only regiments,不再有白人军团no more blacks-only Regiments.和黑人军团之分Just Americans shoulder to shoulder.大家都是美国人 并肩作战When I came in, my superior said to me,我刚入伍的时候 我的首长告诉我we don#39;t care if you#39;re black,我们不在乎we don#39;t care if you#39;re white.你是黑人还是白人We don#39;t want to hear any hard luck stories.也不想听你讲什么不幸遭遇The only thing we care about is performance.唯一看重的是你的表现But outside the military, it is a different story.但军队之外 情况大相径庭Blacks do not have the same status as whites.黑人的社会地位低于白人The people among us who in many cases were doing the dirty work of society,我们中的很多人经常做的是社会底层的肮脏工作the people who were making the hotels y for us to stay in例如在宾馆酒店当勤杂工给白人务and serving us food at restaurants that wouldn#39;t see them as guests.在只对白人顾客开放的餐馆端盘子上菜 /201303/232859

特别声明该节目由可可原创该节目由可可原创,讲说词的讲解为可可编辑编写。视频出处本期视频出自B纪录片《英国史》之《女王的一生》。精视觉 精讲说Elizabeth might have been queasy about taking care of Mary,伊丽莎白或许会对干掉玛丽感到不安but Walsingham wasn#39;t.但沃尔辛海姆不会It was his job to get his hands dirty for England,他的工作就是为英格兰做一些上不得台面的事情that#39;s what spymasters do.王派间谍就是做这个的But he knew well enough he couldn#39;t just do her in.但是他清楚地知道想除掉她没那么简单Elizabeth had to be free of any suspicion of complicity in murder.首先不能把伊丽莎白牵涉其中On the other hand, the Mary problem could not be allowed to drag on for another 15 years.而且 玛丽的问题不能再拖15年了Walsingham realized he would have to force a solution.沃尔辛海姆意识到他必须得想出一个办法So he engineered a trap... and it was a gem.于是他设计了一个圈套 堪称完美的全套 /201308/253981There are many reasons someone may want to ignore a guy. Follow these tips on how to succeed at it.有许多原因,你可能想要忽视某个男孩。遵循下面的建议,成功地对他视而不见。You Will Need你需要Consistency始终如一Steps步骤STEP 1 Do not respond1.不要回应Do not respond to phone messages, e-mails, or text messages.不要回复他的电话信息,电子邮件或短信。Do not lead someone on. Be specific about your feelings.不要考虑别人。遵循自己的感受。STEP 2 Avoid eye contact2.避免眼神交流Avoid eye contact if you see him in person.面对面遇到的时候不要进行眼神交流。STEP 3 Do not engage in conversation3.不要对话Do not engage in a conversation. If he starts up one with you, politely excuse yourself.不要和他进行谈话。如果他先开口和你说话,礼貌地找借口走开。STEP 4 Avoid likely places4.避免他可能出现的场合Avoid places where he will be hanging out. Do not visit his work, school, or places he hangs out with friends.不要去他可能会出现的场合。不要去他工作的地方,学校,或者他可能和朋友一起逗留的地方。Most stalkers are the spouse, ex-spouse, acquaintance, or a family member of the victim.许多跟踪狂是受害者的配偶,前任,熟人或家人。视频听力译文由。 Article/201408/320662

Next stop Beijing! A giant rubber duck is set to grace the waters of Beijing between September 6th and October 26th.下一站北京!大黄鸭将于9月6日到10月26日期间为北京的水上世界增光添。The 18-meter high duck will be a part of the 2013 Beijing Design Week, which begins at the end of September and ends early October. It will float on the lakes of the Beijing Garden Expo Park and Summer Palace.这只18米高的大鸭子将作为北京国际设计周的一部分呈现给大家,它将在9月底到10月初之间与大家见面。The giant rubber duck is well traveled, having aly been to 14 cities in 11 countries since 2007. It won lots of Chinese fans after being displayed in Hong Kong#39;s Victoria Harbour in May.这只巨大的橡皮鸭子已经游历了很多地方,自2007年起,它曾去过11个国家的14个城市。今年5月,这只大鸭子在香港展出后便拥有了大批的中国粉丝。 Article/201308/254630

DuPont CEO weighs in on work-life debate One of few women to run a Fortune 500 company, CEO and Chairman Ellen Kullman reflects on her career and personal life. 柯爱伦是杜邦公司全球董事长兼首席执行官,是公司1802年创立以来首位担任这项职务的女性;在全球商业界内,她的领导能力和声名丝毫不亚于惠普前CEO菲奥莉娜等女性领袖。而女性领导者的崛起,也被认为是20世纪末21世纪初全球商业领域的亮色之一。She’s the woman with a plan and a vision. Change isn’t something that happens to you, change is something you do to make things happen. Important qualities in a leader of a company more than 200 years old, constantly forced to adapt to an ever-changing technological and economic landscape.Certainly the 4 years I’ve been CEO has been marked with quite a substantial uncertainty in the marketplace. Ellen Kullman took the reins of chemical mega-cooperation DuPont in 2009, a company they got it starred producing gunpowder in 1802 and now has attained thousands of products, from Kevlar to air filters. She became CEO at the height of the financial crisis. 70,000 people are looking out, saying what do we do? Where do we go? What’s gonna make a difference, so much fear and so much uncertainty. And you know, I went back to basics, focus on what we can control. DuPont operates in more than 90 countries, which means Kullman is always on the move. A few months before she gave this speech in Durham, North Carolina, we caught up with her in Davos, Switzerland. Walk us through a day in your life at DuPont. What does it like?You know, they are very full. Earlier this week, you know, I, we had our earnings call, we’re talking with media, we’re talking to investors. And I went from there to do 2 s for meetings I couldn’t attend for our groups that I wanted to send specific messages, then I went into a ballroom full of 400 of our top leaders from operations, from around the world, and talked to them about 2013. And then you get on a plane and fly to Davos. And that’s when I think, plane time historically has been my time to kind of just think, and catch up on things and and say what are we doing well, what are areas that we should focus on?Back at Duke University in North Carolina, she’s hoping to inspire the next generation of leaders. Kullman was once a student in her hometown in Wilmington Delaware. And it was a history teacher in high school who inspired her. He helped me see that by majoring in science and engineering specifically, that it would open doors not narrow what I do. If it weren’t for your history teacher encouraging you, do you think you could be in this position today?Absolutely not, no, I don’t. Her philosophy on work and life is one of no regrets. And that balance thing, she thinks it doesn’t exist. It was always a give-and-take, it was always something that work’s 24 hours 7 days a week, and my family is 24 hours, 7 days a week and somewhere in there you figure it out. /201305/241886If delivering bad news is a struggle, these tips will ease the stress.如果传递坏消息让你犹豫不决,下面的建议可以帮你缓解压力。You Will Need你需要A private location清静的地点Tissues纸巾A friend or family member (optional)家人或朋友(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Rehearse the bad news1.预演坏消息Practice saying the bad news and focus on words or phrases to use and ones to avoid.提前练习一下怎样说出这个坏消息,集中在选择什么样的语言可以使用,什么样的应该避免。STEP 2 Meet in private2.私下见面Meet somewhere private where you can talk quietly without interruption, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or windowless office.在比较清静的地方见面,这样你可以不受干扰地说出这个消息,比如卧室,浴室或者没有窗子的办公室。Bring a friend or family member along for comfort if you do not know the person you are talking to very well.如果你不是很了解对方,可以带对方的一个朋友或家人一起安慰他。STEP 3 Find out what they know3.了解他们知道什么Find out what the person knows to avoid repeating information and prolonging an uncomfortable situation.了解一下哪些消息是他们已经知道的,避免消息重复,延长不舒的情景。STEP 4 Get to the point4.开门见山Get right to the point and don#39;t ramble or make small talk. This delays the inevitable and can increase tension.开门见山,不要拐弯抹角,不要闲聊。这会延长并增加不必要的紧张感。Be as clear as possible when delivering bad news. Avoid using metaphors or euphemisms.传递坏消息时尽量清晰。避免模棱两可。STEP 5 Comfort the person5.安慰对方Comfort the person with a touch when appropriate, but be aware of social or cultural conventions that may make the situation worse.合适的情况下,拍一下对方的背安慰一下,但是要了解社会或文化准则,以免让情况更加糟糕。STEP 6 Answer questions6.回答问题Make time to answer questions and allow the person to grieve if necessary. Offer a tissue.留点时间来回答对方的问题,如果必要的话可以让对方发泄一下悲伤的情绪。奉上纸巾。Positive thinking can lower stress, increase a person#39;s life span, boost their immune system, and reduce their risk of a heart attack.积极的思考可以缓解压力,延长寿命,增强免疫系统,降低心脏病的风险。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/304139

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