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It seems the Grammy Awards just don’t favor Katy Perry – the US singer and songwriter has been nominated times her music without ever taking home a prize. But Twitter users and music lovers obviously don’t see eye-to-eye with the award committee.看起来格莱美大奖真的是不钟情凯蒂#86;佩里——这位美国创作型歌手已经被提名次,但是却没有一次抱奖而归但是很显然,推特用户和音乐爱好者和与格莱美奖项委员会的看法不同In Perry became the most followed person on Twitter and, with nearly 70 million followers today, she still reigns supreme.年,佩里成为推特上粉丝最多的明星到今天,已拥有7000万粉丝的她,领头羊的地位仍不可撼动In an interview with USA Today she shared her secrets to successfully managing social media, giving tips such as “don’t use it just to promote yourself”, “don’t be self-*indulgent” and “ignore your haters”.在接受《今日美国报纸的采访时,她分享了成功驾驭社交媒体的秘密,列举的窍门有“别把它只当做推销自己的工具”,“别太沉浸在自我中”和“无视那些讨厌你的人”等Perry isn’t just friendly with her fans online, she also makes connections with them in the real world.佩里并不只是在网上与粉丝友好互动,她还在现实生活中与他们保持联系This month, the 30-year-old pop star brought her Prismatic World Tour to Guangzhou and Shanghai. Tickets were sold out shortly after they went on sale online.这个月,这位30岁流行歌手开办的五光十色世界巡回演唱会转战到了广州和上海演唱会门票在网上开售后短时间内被一抢而空The artist gave her all to meet fans’ high expectations, belting through a selection of her most popular hits including “Roar”, style Teenage Dream and Firework. She even invited fans to come up on stage to teach her to say “I love you” in Chinese and “Fruit Sister”, as she is called by many Chinese fans, making her screaming fans even crazier.为了满足粉丝的超高期待,这位艺术家使出了浑身解数,串烧了多首她的最流行热门歌曲,包括“咆哮”中文歌名用书名号,“少年梦”和“焰火”她甚至还把粉丝请到舞台上去,让他们教她用汉语说“我爱你”和“水果”,因为许多中国粉丝都这样叫她这一举动让舞台下尖叫的粉丝更加难以自拔On social media, Perry doesn’t fight back against every rumor or criticism directed her way. Her music, which stands as her foothold in the business, also keeps her style consistent. She sticks to herself and pays no attention to anyone who says otherwise.使用社交媒体时,佩里不会回击每一个针对她的流言或指责她赖以安身立命的音乐也保持着她不变的风格她坚持自我,无视否定她的人Perry first made her entrance into the music biz in with her hit single I Kissed a Girl, and she came to international fame with the multi-platinum album Teenage Dream in . Unwilling to join the ranks of the average pop-rock idols, Perry developed a controversial style featuring colorful dresses and straightward lyrics.佩里在年凭单曲“我吻了一个女孩” 初次进军音乐界,年发行的白金唱片《少年梦则为她带来了国际盛誉佩里无意与一般的流行-摇滚偶像为伍,而是以色斑斓的穿着及直接明了的歌词自成一派With her latest album Prism (), she’s developed a “cooler” and “more sophisticated” style, as she told global lifestyle magazine Elle. In Roar, a musical autobiography about her transmation from a passive girl into a woman who can stand on her own two feet, she stresses self-empowerment and self-esteem.她对环球时尚杂志《依都锦表示,在其最新专辑《棱镜()中,她的风格更加“酷炫”、“老道”歌曲“咆哮”中,她用音乐书写了自传,讲述了自己从一个消极的女孩蜕变成自立的成熟女性的过程,凸显了自强与自尊In a conversation with USA Today, Perry offered up this observation: “If you tried to please everyone, you’d have no sense of self. You’d lose yourself in the process of being a people-pleaser and there’d be nothing unique left.”在与《今日美国报刊的对话中,佩里分享了自己的心得:“如果你试图取悦每个人,那你就不会有自我意识就会在取悦别人中丢掉自我,丧失独一无二的自己” 3739It’s more than fair to say that Wong Kar-wai’s movies are not easy to understand. The Hong Kong director rarely focuses on narratives in his works. Yet, he is undeniably an excellent storyteller who always feeds audiences with a visual and emotional feast.说王家卫的电影难懂,这一点都不夸张这位香港导演在其作品中很少强调叙事手法,然而不可否认的是,他是位优秀的叙事大师,总是能够为观众带来一次又一次打动人心的视觉盛宴His latest eft, The Grandmaster, is another of Wong’s typical movies: light on narrative, but full of his trademark elegance, the movie weaves the director’s familiar themes of love, loss and the corrosive nature of time around gorgeous martial arts sequences.他的最新力作《一代宗师又是一部典型的王氏电影:对于叙事轻描淡写,却充满了王氏特有的优雅印记该片用一系列美轮美奂的武打片段,编织出王家卫所驾轻就熟的主题——爱与失去,以及岁月无情When Wong first announced his intention of creating the movie in , it was described as a biopic of Ip Man, a real-life master of the Wing Chun school of martial arts. Even though we know that Ip will eventually prosper, Wong’s version of Ip (Tony Leung) is a portrait of a sad, isolated figure, and much less accessible than director Wilson Yip’s portrayal of the same character in the Ip Man series.年,当王家卫首次宣布将拍摄这部电影时,该片被称为咏春拳一代宗师叶问的传记片尽管我们清楚叶问势必大火,但王家卫版本的叶问(梁朝伟饰)却刻画出一个孤独的悲情人物形象,比导演叶伟信在《叶问系列影片所刻画出中的那个叶问形象要难懂得多In The Grandmaster, the narrative is framed by Ip’s perception of the world, outlined in voiceovers explaining his background and his observations of life and the people around him.《一代宗师以叶问对世界的认知为叙事框架,画外音则解释了叶问的背景,以及他对生活和周围人的观察The movie, however, also dedicates a lot of screen time to Gong Er (Zhang Ziyi), the daughter of Gong Yutian, a martial arts master from northeastern China. Other masters weigh in with their philosophical and physical presence as well.而本片也将大量镜头对准了由章子怡饰演的宫二(章子怡饰)这个角色宫二是中国东北武术大师宫羽田的女儿其他几位武术大师也凭借各自的武术精神和造诣现身片中Wong is a fan of recurring themes and The Grandmaster is no exception. example, time proves once again to be the greatest enemy, causing people not only to grow old but also to get the things they hold dear. In this movie particularly, the idea that age makes them weak and less able to defend themselves troubles the martial arts masters.王家卫钟爱重复使用的主题,而《一代宗师也不例外比如片中再次明了时间是最大的敌人,不仅令韶华老去,还让人们遗忘了那些曾珍视的东西时间让人变得脆弱,无力自护,该片尤其表现了这点是如何令一代宗师身陷困境的Ultimately, the movie poetically delivers the wisdom of martial arts tradition in which Ip was deeply entrenched. But it’s not always easy the audience to understand what Ip is thinking or what the story is trying to convey.最终,影片用诗意手法传达出对叶问影响深远的那份传统武学智慧而对于观众而言,要明白叶问的想法或电影所要传达的内容并非易事As a line in the movie goes: “They say, live without regrets. But how boring life would be if there was no regret.” The culture of martial arts is entrenched in a profound philosophy of life. Its interpretation by Wong cannot be embodied in exquisite action sequences and breathtaking visuals just to make it “easy to understand” — that would be boring, too.正如电影里的一句台词:“说人生无悔,那都是赌气的话若真无悔,那人生该多没趣啊!”武术文化深植于对人生哲学之中对于这点的诠释,王家卫并未动用精良的动作场面或令人惊叹的视觉效果来使之“浅显易懂”——若真那样,也太无趣了 079

Often described as China answer to Justin Bieber, the 5-year-old pop star is suddenly everywhere, promoting tar Wars and Kung Fu Panda 3, and next appearing opposite Matt Damon in Zhang Yimou The Great Wall.人们经常称鹿晗为“中国的贾斯汀·比伯”,这位5岁的流行歌手好像一下子就火起来了:刚忙完电影《星球大战和《功夫熊猫3的宣传工作,又要出现在张艺谋导演的电影《长城中,与马特·达蒙上演对手戏Although he virtually unknown in the West, 5-year-old Chinese pop star-turned-screen neophyte Lu Han has emerged as the de facto face of Hollywood in China.实际上,鹿晗在欧美的知名度并不高,但作为歌手出身的演员新秀,他成功地成为了好莱坞在中国的代言人Disney revealed that Han had been named the ;official ambassador; Star Wars: The ce Awakens inChina. This uncommon title comes with obvious weight: The pic is all but certain to be the biggest international movie of , andChinais now the world second-largest movie market.迪斯尼影业透露,鹿晗将出任《星球大战:原力觉醒的中国形象大使这个头衔非比寻常,其重要性也不言而喻:《星球大战完全可以说是年最重要的国际大片,而中国则是世界第二大电影消费市场In his capacity as Star Wars ;ambassador,; according to Disney, Han will serve as an honorary member of the ;Jedi Order; inChina, appearing in local advertising spots and at promotional events, while a special remix and music his thcoming single ;The Inner ce; will be the official Chinese promotional theme song ce Awakens.迪斯尼影业表示,作为《星球大战的中国代言人,鹿晗将以中国绝地武士团荣誉会员的身份出席相关广告和宣传活动,而鹿晗即将发行的单曲《原动力的特殊混音版和MV也将成为宣传《原力觉醒的中文官方主题曲Han is also putting his personal brand to work on behalf of DreamWorks Animation. He released ;Deep,; a music promoting Kung Fu Panda 3, the much-anticipated U.S.-China co-production from the Oriental DreamWorks joint venture. The , in Mandarin and English, was directed by Raman Hui, the filmmaker behind Monster Hunt, which became the highest-grossing pic ever in China over the summer.同时,作为梦工厂动画公司的代言人,鹿晗正在充分发挥他的个人品牌作用备受期待的《功夫熊猫3是一部中美合拍片,由中美合资企业上海东方梦工厂影业负责制作鹿晗为该片推出了中英文歌曲MV《海底该 MV由电影导演许诚毅操刀许导的《捉妖记是今年暑期中国最卖座的电影Next, Han will appear opposite Matt Damon and Willem Defoe in director Zhang Yimou period epic The Great Wall, from Thomas Tull Legendary Pictures — arguably the second most-anticipated U.S.-China collaboration of behind the Kung Fu Panda sequel.接下来,鹿晗将与马特·达蒙和威廉·达福一同出现在张艺谋执导的好莱坞史诗电影《长城中该电影将由托马斯·图尔的传奇影业负责出品和发行《长城将成为继《功夫熊猫3之后,年第二部最受期待的中美合拍片So, who is this Chinese pop phenom, and why are so many Hollywood heavyweights banking on him?那么,这位中国新星到底是谁?为什么能赢得这么多好莱坞大腕的青睐?Thank to his boyish looks, messy mop of hair and legions of young female fans spanningAsia, Han has often been described as the Chinese answer to Justin Bieber. Born and raised in Beijing, he pursued university studies abroad in South Korea, where he was scouted to become a founding member of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO. In October , Han broke from the group and began a solo career, as well as a transition into film acting, starring in Once Again and The Witness. Both films became sizable hits in China over the summer ( Once Again grossed just under million; The Witness opened to $.8 million, topping Ant-Man in its second week).鹿晗长着一张娃娃脸,头发凌乱蓬松,在亚洲俘获女粉丝无数——正因为如此,他也经常被称为“中国的贾斯汀·比伯”鹿晗在北京出生、长大,大学赴韩国留学期间,被星探发掘,成为中韩男团EXO的初始成员之一年月,鹿晗退出EXO单飞,开始向演艺方向发展,先后主演了《重返岁和《我是人这两部电影在今年夏季的票房成绩都不错:《重返岁票房近6000万美元;《我是人首映票房达80万美元,第二周票房超《蚁人位居榜首Perhaps more valuable to Disney and DreamWorks, Han has cultivated an influential celebrity brand on Chinese social media. He counts nearly million followers on Weibo and holds the Guinness World Record most comments on a single Weibo post (the tweet in question concerned British soccer club Manchester ed, also wildly popular inChina). His post announcing his Star Wars gig — ;I am honored to be the Star Wars ambassador to China, May the ce be with you!; — has been retweeted some 1.5 million times.也许,迪斯尼和梦工厂更看重的是鹿晗在中国社交媒体上的超高人气他的微粉丝近00万,他有一条个人微破千万,创吉尼斯世界“单条微数”纪录(这是一条关于英国足球俱乐部曼联的微,该俱乐部在中国很受欢迎)他的另一条微——宣布自己成为《星球大战官方大使:“很荣幸可以成为《星球大战中国大使,愿原力与你同在!”——已被转发了0万次Han appeal among young female filmgoers may also have been a decisive factor Disney, as young Chinese women have emerged as an increasingly vital demographic movie marketers there.随着中国年轻女性在国内电影消费市场的重要性与日俱增,鹿晗对年轻女影迷的吸引力也是迪斯尼选中他的一个关键因素;As a popular young idol, Lu Han is a good fit our promotional approach Star Wars,; John Hsu, Disney vp and general manager in China, said (translated from Chinese). ;He also a Star Wars super fan himself. I believe he will do a great job at raising the Chinese audience anticipation and enthusiasm The ce Awakens.;迪斯尼影业副总裁兼中国地区总经理徐隆立表示:“作为一位年轻的流行偶像,鹿晗非常适合我们为《星球大战策划的宣传方向他本人也是《星球大战的铁杆粉丝,我相信他会大大提高中国观众对《原力觉醒的期待和热情”Give it a few years, and Justin Bieber may come to be known as the U.S. answer to Lu Han.说不定几年后,人们可能会说贾斯汀·比伯是美国的鹿晗呢 859

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