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济南市妇儿医院新地址济南哪家做人流最好Bart Lorang may be the best boss ever.巴特-洛朗或许将成为最佳老板。The CEO of Denver-based internet start-up FullContact API said in a market that is competitive for top talent, he wants to keep his employees happy and refreshed.美国丹佛的网络初创公司FullContact API的总裁巴特-洛朗表示,在各家争相雇佣顶级人才的竞争市场中,他想让自己的员工心情愉快,充满干劲。The flip-flop wearing founder offers his employees ,500 for what he calls ;paid, paid vacation,; however there are rules.这位穿着夹趾凉拖的公司创始人向他的每位员工提供7500美元,用于“付费带薪休假”,但需遵守相关规定。;One, you actually have to take a vacation to get the money,; Lorang said. ;Two, you have to disconnect from work, so that means no calls, no emails, no tweets, no work of any kind.;洛朗说:“首先,你必须去度假才能拿到这笔钱。其次,你必须切断与工作的联系,这意味着不接电话,不回电邮,不发推特,不做任何形式的工作。”Even Lorang admitted he has trouble following his rules.洛朗承认他自己遵守这些规定也有困难。;I suck at it,; he said.他说:“我也没能遵守。”A picture of the CEO and his fiancee Sarah at Egypt#39;s great pyramids captured Lorang checking his email.在洛朗和未婚妻萨拉在埃及金字塔拍摄的一张照片上,他正在查看电邮。Not surprisingly, employees said they loved having the company pick up the tab for their vacations.公司为员工付度假费用,员工们当然感到很开心。;It#39;s a real break for your brain,; said Robbie Jack, a FullContact API employee. ;You come back refreshed and reinvigorated and more excited about the stuff you were working on when you left.;该公司员工罗比-杰克说:“这才能真正让大脑放松。你回来工作时会精神抖擞,充满活力,对之前的工作更加振奋。”If the idea of having a boss pick up the tab for a dream vacation is tantalizing, good news: Lorang is hiring.如果老板掏钱让员工度假的主意非常诱人的话,那么还有个好消息:洛朗在招聘。;We#39;re probably going to hire about 12 folks in the next six months,; he said.他说:“在未来半年内,我们大概要招聘12名员工。” /201207/190572济南省中心医院护理 TPG Capital has put one of its partners at the helm of Li Ning, the struggling Chinese sports brand, in a sign that the US private equity group#39;s bet on middle class consumption in China is turning sour. 德州太平洋集团(TPG Capital)已派遣一名合伙人进入身处困境的中国体育用品公司——李宁公司(Li Ning)的管理层,显示这家美国私募基金对中国中产阶层消费的押注出现不妙的苗头。 Kim Jin-goon, former managing director of Dell in South Korea, who joined the US private equity group in 2006, was on Thursday appointed executive vice-chairman to lead the company alongside Li Ning, the eponymous founder. The company also announced the departure of Zhang Zhiyong, chief executive, who had been with the company since its launch in 1989. Mr Li, chairman, would be the temporary CEO until a replacement for Mr Zhang is found. 曾任戴尔(Dell)韩国董事总经理、2006年加入德州太平洋集团的金珍君(Kim Jin-goon),于周四被任命为李宁公司执行副主席,与创始人李宁共同执掌该公司。李宁公司同时宣布行政总裁张志勇离职。张志勇自1989年李宁公司成立时就加入了这家公司。在找到新的行政总裁之前,身为主席的李宁将兼任临时行政总裁。 Li Ning, which last month said it expected a substantial decline in full-year profit, is one of several bets on the growth of middle class spending in China for TPG, along with Daphne International, a low end chain of shoe stores, and China Grand Auto, the largest car dealership in China, among others. 上月宣布全年利润预计将出现大幅下滑的李宁公司,是德州太平洋集团对中国中产阶层消费出增长所作的押注之一。另外,德州太平洋集团还投资了中国中低端鞋类零售商达芙妮国际(Daphne International)、中国最大的汽车经销商广汇汽车(China Grand Auto)等一些企业。 All three have been hurt by a drop in consumer spending but Li Ning#39;s problems are considered the most severe. ;There is too much product,; says one person with knowledge of the matter. ;There was 30 per cent too much stock in the channel back in 2009 and this year, consumption has slowed month by month.; 德州太平洋集团投资的这三家企业都受到了消费者出下滑的影响,但李宁的问题被认为是最严重的。;产品积压太多。;一名知情人士表示,;2009年,渠道中有30%的多余库存,而今年,消费增长一个月比一个月缓慢。; Li Ning#39;s well publicised troubles and its sinking share price come at a sensitive time for TPG. The group is trying to raise bn-bn for its latest Asian fund at a time when local funds, in many cases run by princelings and insiders, are getting much of the deal flow. 李宁的困境备受瞩目,其股价不断走低,而与此同时,德州太平洋正面临敏感时期。该集团正试图为其最新的亚洲基金募集40亿至50亿美元资金,而目前基金募集的主体是一些本地基金,其中许多的经营者是太子党或内幕人士。 Mr Kim led a turnround at Daphne, in which TPG invested in 2009, that resulted in the company#39;s share price rising fivefold and sales increasing 50 per cent while he was there from 2009 to 2011, Mr Kim said. 德州太平洋2009年投资达芙妮之后,金珍君带领达芙妮走出了困境。金珍君表示,他在达芙妮的两年间(2009年至2011年),达芙妮股价上涨了4倍,销售额增加了50%。 At Li Ning, his first priority is to clear out the inventory largely built up by third-party distributors, mainly by shifting old stock to its outlet stores where they would be sold at heavily-discounted prices. ;It is very important that we put the problem behind us even if that will cost us in terms of revenue shortage and income decline in the current year,; he said. 金珍君在李宁的首要任务是清理存货。这些库存大部分集中在第三方分销商手中。减少库存的主要方法是将旧库存转移到折扣店,以极低的折扣价出售。金珍君表示:;解决这个问题对我们来说很重要,即便会减少今年的营业收入和收益也在所不惜。; The company also abandoned its overseas ambitions – which began in 2007 with a research and development centre in the US. From now on, the company would only focus on China, Mr Kim said. 李宁公司也放弃了进军海外的野心——该公司从2007年起实践这个想法,并在美国成立了一个研发中心。金珍君表示,从现在开始,李宁公司将把精力集中到中国市场上。 Li Ning#39;s share price climbed as much as 11 per cent on Thursday on news of the management reshuffle. It had hit a six-year low following a 65 per cent decline in net profit last year and a series of profit warnings. 李宁周四宣布管理层变动之后,股价一度大涨11%。该公司在公布去年净利润下降65%,并发布了一系列利润预警之后,股价曾经跌至6年低位。 But analysts were sceptical of TPG#39;s ability to improve operations at Li Ning. 但一些分析师对德州太平洋改善李宁运营情况的能力表示怀疑。 ;Daphne#39;s performance improved a lot while Mr Kim was there but that#39;s mainly to do with the economy improving after the global financial crisis. Actual changes to its operations were not very significant,; said Alfred Ying, a senior consumer analyst at Piper Jaffray. Piper Jaffray资深消费行业分析师Alfred Ying表示:;金珍君在达芙妮期间该公司业绩大幅提升,但那主要是因为全球金融危机过后经济环境改善。经营方面的实际变革所起的作用并不显著。; TPG bought Rmb561m (m) worth of convertible bonds in Li Ning in January, which would amount to a 12 per cent equity stake if converted. Mr Kim said: ;TPG#39;s investment in Li Ning is a long-term one as the turnround will be a multiyear effort. We will inject more capital into the company if necessary.;德州太平洋今年1月购买了李宁公司价值5.61亿元人民币(合8800万美元)的可转换债券,如转换成股票相当于李宁12%的股份。金珍君表示:;德州太平洋对李宁的投资着眼于长期,因为走出困境需要多年的努力。如有必要,我们将向该公司注入更多资金。; /201207/189431Take a chance on me交个朋友吧,或许我就是你的真命天子哦!PLATO described love as a serious mental disease. Aristotle saw it as a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Tina Turner dismissed the feeling as a second-hand emotion. The nature of love—how and when and why and with whom humans fall for each other—has preoccupied thinkers through the ages. Now a philosopher and a scientist have a go in two new and markedly different books.柏拉图将爱情描述为一种严重的精神疾病;亚里士多德认为爱情是一个灵魂育在两个躯体里;蒂娜#8226;特纳则对爱情不屑一顾,视之为二手的情感。古往今来,所有思想家都在思索爱情的本质:人们如何相爱?何时坠入爱河?为何相爱?与谁相爱?如今,一名哲学家和一名科学家各自发表了一本显著不同的新书,试图回答这一难题。In his latest work, ;In Praise of Love;, Alain Badiou, a French philosopher, identifies three prevailing philosophical views of love. It can be an ecstatic encounter; an unsentimental contract; or an illusion, best treated with scepticism. He rejects all three. For Mr Badiou, love is the decision to live life through two perspectives, that of both the lover and the beloved. As such, it is more than the sum of its parts. Love ;is a construction,; he writes, ;a life that is being made, no longer from the perspective of One but from the perspective of Two.;法国哲学家阿兰. 巴迪乌(Alain Badiou)最近出版了新书《歌颂爱情》,他在书中提到了哲学界三个主流的爱情观。爱情可能萌生于一次心动的邂逅,也可能是一个不动情绪的契约或一种似是而非的美好幻觉。巴迪乌对这三种观点都不以为然。在他看来,爱情就意味着相爱的两人要选择从两种角度来生活:即爱与被爱的角度。所以,爱情并不只是两个人生活片段的简单拼凑。巴迪乌写道:“爱情是‘一种建构#39;,恋爱双方不再单从各自的角度生活,而是从双方的角度,创造出一种全新的生活方式。”Mr Badiou sees risk as central to love. A loving relationship demands multiple and shared perspectives, which always give rise to incongruences and tensions. He reserves special scorn for dabblers in internet dating, who evidently believe that the search for ;a photo, details of his or her tastes, date of birth, horoscope sign, etc; will ultimately net ;a risk-free option;. This is to neglect the very essence of love, according to Mr Badiou, which involves the presence of risk, the possibility of failure and the need for vulnerability.巴迪乌认为爱情必然存在风险。恋爱关系的维持需要恋爱双方从多个角度看待问题,互相理解,这也常常导致冲突和争执。巴迪乌尤为鄙视通过网络寻找恋爱对象的人,这些人视爱情如儿戏。显然,他们认为:只要搜索到“照片、喜好、年龄、星座等信息”与自己要求相符合的他或她,就能谈一场毫无风险的恋爱。巴迪乌认为,这种行为忽略了爱情的本质:爱情本就存在风险,可能失败,需要双方适时地展示自己脆弱的一面。The book#39;s chatty style (it is based on a conversation with Nicolas Truong, a French journalist) lends a deceptive simplicity to the ideas within. Get to work unpicking these concepts and it soon becomes plain that, like many French philosophers, Mr Badiou sacrifices clarity for linguistic zip and sparkle. Nonetheless, he leaves the er with an incisive overview of philosophical thinking on love, from Plato to Kierkegaard to Lacan.这本书语言亲切(主要内容基于与法国记者Nicolas Truong的谈话),朴实简单的文字下蕴含着深刻的思想。如若将这些概念分开来看,很快就可以发现:与很多法国哲学家一样,巴迪乌并未选择一语道破,而是玩弄起辞藻,妙语连珠,意味深长。尽管如此,他在书中对自古以来关于爱情的各种哲学思考做了犀利的总结,从柏拉图到齐克果再到拉康,一应俱全,读者可借机一窥究竟。Robin Dunbar#39;s book, ;The Science of Love and Betrayal;, is—perhaps surprisingly—easier to get to grips with. Dr Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary anthropology with a study in this week#39;s science section (see article), is best known for ;Dunbar#39;s number;, the limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. He laments that scientists have largely ignored the concept of love. In this book he bridges the gap between the biological explanations for humans#39; romantic behaviour and the psychological, historical, social and evolutionary contexts that help to shape it.相比之下,罗宾.邓巴(Robin Dunbar)的书《爱与背叛的科学》更容易理解,这一点或许出人意料。邓巴是一名进化人类学教授,他在本期杂志的科技部分也发表了一篇研究。邓巴以其提出的“邓巴人数(Dunbar#39;s number)”最为出名。邓巴人数指能与某个人维持稳定人际关系的人数上限。他感到遗憾的是,科学家们大都忽略了爱情的含义。邓巴在书中不仅探讨了人类做出浪漫行为的生物学原因,还将这些原因与起到推波助澜作用的心理、历史、社会和进化环境等因素更为紧密地联系起来。In particular, he is interested in why humans have developed such an affinity for ;pairbonding;, despite the fact that strictly monogamous mating and rearing systems are not terribly advantageous in evolutionary terms. Monogamy is not unique to humans. What is unique, however, is the intensity with which the species falls in love. Nearly every human culture in history exhibits this complex sense of longing, Dr Dunbar observes.尽管严格的一夫一妻婚育制度并非十分有利于人类的进化,但人们还是喜欢有固定的配偶,邓巴对这一现象的原因尤其感兴趣。一夫一妻制并非只存在于人类社会,其它物种之间也有,但人与人相爱的深度却是其它物种不可比拟的。据邓巴观察,从古至今,几乎每个时期的人类文明都显示出了这种渴望爱情的复杂情感。To understand this predisposition for monogamy, he takes ers through the myriad feelings of love, from the heady, breathless exhilaration of falling, to the stubborn persistence of familial affection, to the bitterness of betrayal. Throughout the book Dr Dunbar excels at taking obvious and familiar information—men prefer curvy women; women prefer men who dance well; older women rarely reveal their ages in lonely-hearts columns—and explaining the complex and often unexpected evolutionary science that lies behind it all.为了弄清楚人类社会一夫一妻传统的起源,邓巴向读者阐述了恋爱过程所包含的各种错综复杂的情感:刚坠入爱河时的恋人陶醉其中,激动得无法呼吸;组成家庭后双方视彼此为亲人,不离不弃;遭到爱人背叛后,前尘往事如尘埃、内心唯有苦涩酸楚。邓巴擅于在整本书中运用显而易见的常识——男人喜欢曲线美的女人;女人喜欢舞技高超的男人;年龄稍大的女性很少会在有情人专栏透露自己的年龄——并解释这些现象背后所隐藏的复杂的进化科学,往往出人意料。Love is a journey, a game, a many-splendoured thing. Though some give it a bad name (if Jon Bon Jovi is to be believed), the rest of us find the subject endlessly fascinating. The struggle to understand such a mystifying phenomenon invariably requires the help of philosophers and scientists, and others besides. Good news for Mr Badiou and Dr Dunbar.爱情是一次旅行,一场游戏,一件充满奇妙的事。尽管有人诋毁爱情(如Jon Bon Jovi的歌曲所唱),其它人则认为它永远充满魅力。爱情如此神秘,要弄懂它,哲学家和科学家的帮助必不可少。同时还需要其它人的帮助,巴迪乌和邓巴的努力可算是没有白费。 /201204/179131济南打胎要花多少钱

济南历下打掉孩子多少钱Your happiness could be contagiousStudy shows friends and even strangers benefit from your cheery moodFeeling inexplicably cheery today? Thank your friends. And your friends’ friends. And your friends’ friends’ friends.New research shows that happiness isn’t just an individual phenomenon; we can catch happiness from friends and family members like an emotional virus. When just one person in a group becomes happy, researchers were able to measure a three-degree sp of that person’s cheer. In other words, our moods can brighten thanks to someone we haven’t even met.“Especially in the ed States, we’re very used to thinking of ourselves as rugged individuals. But even very small things that happen to us have big impacts on dozens and hundreds of other people,” says James Fowler, a University of California, San Diego, political scientist, who co-authored the study with Harvard University medical sociologist Nicholas Christakis. “The things that we do and the things that we feel are going to reverberate throughout our social network.”On average, every happy person in your social network increases your own chance of cheer by 9 percent — and the effects of catching someone else’s happiness lasts up to one year. The study, which looked at nearly 5,000 individuals over 20 years, was published online Thursday in the British Medical Journal.Fowler and Christakis were able to map the social networks of 4,739 individuals with data from the Framingham Heart Study, an ongoing cardiovascular study. Participants in that study listed contact information for their closest friends, family members and neighbors, connecting the pair of researchers to more than 50,000 social ties. Fowler and Christakis have used that data set for similar studies published in the last two years that showed how obesity and smoking cessation can sp throughout a social network. The researchers used the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Index — a standard set of questions psychologists use to measure happiness — to analyze the cheeriness of the study participants. They found that when someone gets happy, that person’s friend experiences a 25 percent increased chance of becoming happy. A friend of that friend experiences a nearly 10 percent chance of increased happiness, and a friend of that friend has a 5.6 percent increased chance of happiness.That means a stranger’s good mood can do more to lift your spirits than a ,000 raise, which only increased happiness 2 percent, Fowler and Christakis found.“Happiness is a social emotion. It's an emotion that we derive from social events, and very typically and it becomes important for cementing the social connections we have with others,” says Jack Dovidio, a Yale University social psychologist who was not involved in the study. “Happiness is not simply about me.”What’s more, all these happy people could be helping to keep each other healthy. Several recent medical studies have linked happiness and health, including a 2006 Carnegie Mellon University study that found buoyant personality types catch fewer colds than downers. And a 2001 University of Kentucky at Lexington study used the handwritten autobiographies of 180 Catholic nuns to judge the effect of happiness on longevity: The nuns who used more positive words to describe their lives lived about 10 years longer than those who used more negative words to describe their lives.“It does appear possibly to be a causal affect — that being happier actually makes you healthier,” Fowler says.But it seems you can’t catch happiness over the phone. Fowler and Christakis found that the increase in happiness only affects friends who live within a mile away from each other. “For emotions, it appears that distance is really important,” Fowler says. “Friends who are close have an affect; friends who are far away don’t. The less you’re in contact with somebody the less likely you are to catch their happiness.”The one-mile finding in the study is sure to sound odd to close friends who may live across town from each other. But Fowler says the key seems to be in how frequently you see your friends and those living closest saw each other the most often. (He says when they looked at the effect of happiness on friends who lived more than a mile apart, the results were too inconsistent to be anything more than chance.)Sadness isn't as catchingOn the flip side, if you’re feeling blue, you’ve only yourself to blame. Sadness doesn’t infect a social group as reliably happiness does, researchers found. Within some friendship networks, sadness had a significant effect on the members of the group, but on others, the effect was very small.“With sadness, rather than pulling you in to your social network you often push people away,” says Emory University psychologist Nadine Kaslow, who wasn’t involved in this study. “Even though we know social support is really good for us when we’re sad, when we need it the most, we tend to push people away.” It might be a matter of private, personal emotions versus those that are meant to be shared. Anger, for example, might be another outward emotion that would sp within a group the same way happiness does, suggests Dovidio.“When we are close to somebody, we actually have kind of a merging of our self image,” Dovidio says. And an infectious case of cheer can help cement connections within a group of friends, he adds, because it can re-affirm how close those relationships are.“People often get a sense of happiness, even though they don't know where it comes from; it's probably very likely to come from the happiness of other people,” Dovidio says. “If I can't locate where my happiness came from it's likely that it came from another person.”Once Fowler realized how far-reaching his own good cheer actually is, he has begun to make some changes to ensure he’s in a chipper mood more often. Lately, in the evenings on the drive home from work, just before pulling up to his house, he turns on a tune that’s almost too happy: Hoku’s “Perfect Day.” By the time he gets home, he has a giddy, goofy mood to match the pop song, and he hopes that his happiness will rub off on his two boys, 8-year-old Lucas and 6-year-old Jay.“I’m not just going to make my sons happy — I could potentially make my sons’ friends happy,” Fowler says. “These little things I thought I was doing for myself turn out to be for hundreds of people.” /200812/59760肥城中心医院是公立医院么 Shopoholics have a new excuse: Daily shopping could add years to your life—at least if you’re over 65, suggest Taiwanese researchers.购物狂们又找到一个购物的新借口:台湾研究人员称:日常购物可以延年益寿——如果你已经是65岁以上的老人。Their study of nearly 2,000 elderly men and women who still lived in their own homes found that regular shoppers lived longer than those who shopped just once a week or less, even after adjusting for physical limitations and cognitive decline.从他们对2000名依然还自己生活的老年男性和女性做的调查发现:经常购物者比那些每周只购一次物或者购物次数更少的人寿命更长一些。经常购物甚至还可以调整生理限制和认知衰退。And despite the stereotypical male aversion to shopping, they may benefit even more than women. Men who headed for the shops every day reduced their chances of dying by 28 percent, compared to women, who cut their chances by 23 percent.尽管男性对于购物有他们老一套的见解,但是他们从中得到的益处比女性多。相比与女性购物能减少23%的死亡率,男性购物可以减少28%的死亡率。Shopping may prolong lifespans because it gives people the opportunity to interact socially and to exercise. Buying fresh food daily may also mean a more healthful diet.购物之所以可以延长人们的生命是因为它为人们社交互动和运动创造了机会。每天购买新鲜的食物也让饮食更健康。 “Shopping requires that you physically move from one place to another, be able to handle money, make decisions, etc. All of those characteristics…are linked to health,” said S. Jay Olshansky, professor of public health and a senior research scientist with the Center on Aging at the University of Illinois.“购物需要你的身体从一个地方运动到另一个地方,有能力处理金钱,做出决定等等。所有的这些特性都和健康有关系。”伊利诺伊斯大学资深老龄研究中心的科学家和公共健康教授S.Jay Olshansky说。The researchers at the National Health Research Institutes in Zhunan, Taiwan add that shopping is often done for pleasure, which increases psychological well-being. And “compared to other types of leisure-time physical activity, like formal exercise, which usually requires motivation and sometimes professional instruction, shopping activity is easier to undertake and maintain.”台湾竹南国家健康研究中心的研究员补充道:“购物常常是为了快乐,这种快乐可以增加心理幸福感。 “和其他业余时间的运动相比,比如那些需要动力和专业指导的专业运动,购物活动则是更加容易进行和保持。” /201104/132778山东省济南市妇幼保健医院怎么预约

山东济南妇儿有药流吗Some of our 32 adult teeth are more vulnerable to decay and damage than others. Here, London dentist Dr Charles Ferber reveals where the dangers lie.   你知道吗?在成人的32颗恒牙中,有的牙齿要更容易遭受损伤和腐蚀,想要有一口漂亮又健康的牙齿,除了日常的清洁护理之外,还应对这一类“VIP牙”进行重点保护。 INCISORS   门牙   Incisors are the eight teeth at the front of your mouth — four at the top, four at the bottom.   门牙是分布于口腔下颚前方的八颗牙齿,四颗在上,四颗在下。   PROBLEMS: The central incisors are most vulnerable, but those in the lower jaw are particularly affected by teeth grinding, which 8 per cent of us do unconsciously.   问题:位于中央位置的门牙是非常容易受到腐蚀的,而下颚的门牙则直接则特别容易遭受磨损。   Your lower central incisors are more -yellow because the enamel is thinner, revealing the yellowish tissue (dentine) that gives teeth their strength.   下门牙很容易呈现出黄色,这是因为珐琅质较薄而露出了黄色的组织,也就是牙本质的“真面目”,而这样以外便使得下门牙异常的坚硬。   The inside of these incisors is also particularly prone to tartar because there are -salivary glands here. Minerals in saliva combine with plaque to form hardened tartar. A build-up of tartar can cause -irritation that gradually makes the gum and jawbone shrink.   但因为唾液腺位置的缘故,门牙上也非常容易有牙垢的出现。唾液中的矿物质在结合之后,会形成硬化的斑块牙垢,而当牙垢积累到一定的程度之后,可能会引起牙龈与颚骨的萎缩。 /201101/123103 Eat your carrots. And have some leftover pumpkin pie. 吃些胡萝卜吧,感恩节剩下的南瓜派也拿出来吃点吧。People with high blood levels of alpha-carotene — an antioxidant found in orange fruits and vegetables like carrots, winter squash, oranges and tangerines — live longer and are less likely to die of heart disease and cancer than people who have little or none of it in their bloodstream, a new study reports. 一项新的研究发现,血液中α-胡萝卜素含量高的人比那些不含或含量低的人寿命更长,死于心脏病或癌症的几率也更低。α-胡萝卜素是一种抗氧化剂,富含于橙色的蔬菜瓜果中,比如,葫萝卜、栗南瓜、橙子和柑橘类等。The study does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship, only an association; in the past, rigorous clinical trials of such correlations have often had disappointing results. 这项研究未实两者之间的因果关系,只是说明两者有联系。以前曾有研究人员做过数次严密的临床试验来明两者内在联系,但结果往往不如人意。Still, the study’s results are intriguing. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed alpha-carotene levels in blood samples from more than 15,000 adults who participated in a follow-up study of the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, known as Nhanes, from 1988 to 1994. 不过,这项研究发现还是令人振奋的。研究中,疾病预防控制中心的研究人员分析了一万五千多名参与第三次全国健康与营养调查(1988-1994)跟踪调查的成年人的血样中α-胡萝卜素含量。 /201011/119537历下区人民医院门诊部滨州处女膜修复多少钱



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