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济南市千佛山医院看不孕医生肥城市中医医院属于几级医院Yeal: So, Don, when you go to Mcdonalds...雅艾尔:那么,唐,你什么时候去麦当劳...Dan: I dont go to Mcdonalds.唐:我不去麦当劳。Yeal: OK, but if you did. And saw that they have salad on the , would you get the salad or something less healthful like a cheeseburg in french fries?雅艾尔:好吧,但你曾经去过。如果看见菜单上有沙拉,你会点沙拉还是其它不那么健康的食物,比如双层吉士汉堡和法式薯条?Dan: Well, if I saw, if they had a salad, I guess thats what Ill get.唐:嗯,如果我看见他们的菜单上有沙拉,我想我会点沙拉。Yeal: Maybe. But researchersve actually studied this. They showed people two fast food-type s: one with three typically unhealthful items, like a hamburger, a chicken sandwich and French fries; and the other had the same items but also included a salad.雅艾尔:也许吧。其实研究人员们对此进行过研究。他们提供给人们两个快餐菜单:其中一个菜单有三项典型的不健康食物,比如汉堡,鸡肉三明治和法式薯条;另一个菜单上也有这三种食物,另外添加了沙拉。Dan: And?唐:然后呢?Yeal: And the people who saw the with the salad were nearly three times more likely to choose the least healthful item, the French fries. Almost nobody actually chose the salad.雅艾尔:看见菜单上有沙拉的人选择最不健康的食物法式薯条的可能性是其它食物的三倍之多。几乎没人选择沙拉。Dan:So you say that the presence of the salad as a healthy choice somehow spurred people to make the most unhealthy choice, why?唐:所以你认为菜单上出现像沙拉这样的健康食物,会从某种程度上刺激人们选择最不健康的食物,为什么呢?Yeal: Its called vicarious goal fulfillment.The idea is that merely seeing and considering the salad fulfills your goal of eating healthfully. Then you feel like youve done your duty, and go on to order what amounts to an unhealthful treat, like extra large fry or a huge hamburger.雅艾尔:这就叫替代目标实现。仅仅是看见或者考虑沙拉就会满足你健康饮食的目标。这种观点会让你觉得自己尽到了责任,之后继续去点不健康的食物,比如超大薯条或者巨型汉堡。Dan: But maybe just knowing this phenomenon can help. If you know the salad could encourage you to get a cheeseburger, perhaps its possible to realize whats happening and resist the urge.唐:但也许知道这种现象会有所帮助。如果你知道沙拉会诱导你点汉堡,也许你就会意识到错误,然后抵住冲动。Yeal: Maybe,or you could just not eat fastfood in the first place.雅艾尔:也许吧。不过你可以选择不吃快餐。原文译文属!201211/211386济南市第一人民医院几级 Business.商业。Advertising on mobile phones.手机广告。Attack of the covert commercials.广告的偷袭。Digital ads are popping up in irritating places.数字广告总是防不胜防。EVERYONE hates digital ads. Yet the ads pay for the free apps that people love to download. Small wonder that crafty firms are slipping them into unexpected places. And that is why, on July 12th, Americas Department of Commerce will hold a public meeting in Washington, DC, to discuss this and other aspects of mobile privacy.没人喜欢数字广告,但为人们喜欢下载的那些免费软件买单的却是数字广告。狡猾的公司将广告植入在意料之外的地方已经不足为奇了。所以这就是美国商务部将于7月12日在华盛顿特区召开公开会议,商讨移动设备在这些等方面的隐私问题的原因了。As smartphones and tablets capture ever more eyeballs, digital-ad firms such as AdMob, for which Google paid 0m in 2010, are hot. Not all have flourished: on July 2nd Microsoft took a .2 billion accounting charge, most of which reflected a writedown of the value of aQuantive, which it bought in 2007 for .3 billion. But the sector is now prominent enough to attract scrutiny.智能手机和平板电脑吸引了越来越多公众的眼球,这时像是谷歌在2010年花了7.5亿收购的移动广告(AdMob)就很受欢迎。但并不是所有的(广告公司)都有所收获:在7月2日,微软有一笔62亿的财务出,其中大部分反映了aQuantive公司的贬值,而该公司则是微软在2007年用63亿收购的。但该行业突显的市场规模足以到了吸引监管的地步。Lookout, a mobile-security company, has analysed Googles Android ecosystem and spotlighted ten ad providers, including Moolah Media (which did not respond to requests for comment) and LeadBolt, that use one or more monetisation strategies it considers ;aggressive;. These include making ads appear outside apps (for instance, in the notification bar usually reserved for a persons text messages); altering mobile desktops and browsers so that, among other things, new icons appear that display ads when they are clicked on; and gaining access to personal information without giving a clear warning.Lookout,一个移动设备安全性检验的公司,分析了谷歌安卓的生态系统并特别报道了十家卓越的广告供应商,包括Moolah Media(但其并未对此作出回应)和LeadBolt在内,声称他们运用了不止一种被认为;具有侵略性的;盈利策略。这些策略包括在室外应用务(例如在保留私人信件的通知栏上)上打广告;改变手机桌面的浏览器——这样当使用者点击其他程序的时候,新图标就会出现;不提供明确警示的情况下获取个人信息。Such practices can confuse and unnerve phone owners, says John Hering, Lookouts boss. The firm reckons apps using the networks on its list have aly been downloaded at least 80m times in the Google Play app marketplace alone. They are common in apps that let people customise their phones with digital wallpaper and other stuff, and in simple games (see chart).约翰·海林,Lookout的总裁说,这些策略会让手机用户困惑并在失去了使用手机的勇气。这家公司表明,在这个分析列表上,运用网络的应用仅仅在安卓电子市场就被下载了八千万次。人们根据自己对手机壁纸、应用和小游戏的不同需求对手机量体裁衣,这种现象已经非常普遍了Richard Harris, the boss of Moonbeam Development, an American firm with about 200 published apps, says his company started using LeadBolt about a year ago. At first it went well, but when ads were pushed into peoples notification bars and onto phones desktops, users grew angry. Mr Harris says the company even received death threats.理查德·哈里斯,Moonbeam Development,一家发行了大约两百种不同应用的美国公司的总裁声称,他们公司在一年前就已经开始接受LeadBolt了。一开始进展还很顺利,但当广告被植入公告栏和手机桌面后,用户就很生气。哈里斯先生说他的公司甚至收到过死亡恐吓信。Dale Carr, the boss of LeadBolt, which is headquartered in Australia, says his company takes privacy seriously, and that it does not dictate to developers which ad units to choose from the range it offers. He also says LeadBolt lets people opt out of receiving ads sent to notification bars and desktops, though they need to go to its website to do so.戴尔·凯尔,LeadBolt的总裁。他的公司总部设在澳大利亚,他说公司对于隐私问题是严肃对待的,他们不会唆使开发者针对不同的用户开发不同广告。他同时表明LeadBolt给予用户是否接收发往公告栏或桌面广告的权利,尽管用户需要到公司的官网上进行选择。LeadBolt is working with academics and officials in Australia to define a self-regulatory framework for mobile advertising. But next weeks discussions in America are crucial to any firm with a global reach. These will be a test of the Obama administrations commitment to protecting privacy, says Jeff Chester of the Centre for Digital Democracy. He speculates that the government is counting on Google and Apple to twist arms in the ad world. Apple aly has a reputation for cracking down on apps that use controversial ad formats, so it could be a willing ally.LeadBolt与澳大利亚的学者和官员联姻,来制定一种自我约束的移动设备广告的规章制度。但是下周美国的公开讨论对全球范围内任一家广告公司都非常重要。这将是对奥巴马管理集团在保护个人隐私方面的考验,数字民主中心的杰夫·切斯特表明。他推测,政府将指望谷歌和苹果在世界范围内扭转乾坤。苹果在处理使用受争议的广告的格式方面颇负盛名,所以它将是政府的好盟友。;Mobile is the wild West,; says Ran Avidan, the co-founder of Startapp, a mobile-ad network based in Israel that is also on Lookouts list. Startapp is striving to make its own policies clearer, but Mr Avidan is worried that governments may end up dictating rules for the industry.Ran Avida,Startapp的联合创始人表明,;移动设备就像是西大荒(蛮荒的美国西部);,基于以色列网络的移动广告同样也在Lookout的名单上。Startapp正致力于让自己公司内部政策更加清楚,Avidan先生担心的是政府可能最终将垄断这个行业的行规制定权。To avoid that, mobile-ad firms will have to act fast. App privacy policies should spell out what information ad networks are collecting and why. Firms should adopt an opt-in approach to the collection of personal data, such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses. And they should avoid collecting things such as unique phone identification numbers in ways that can be traced back to specific individuals. If they can stick to such principles, it would be a great advert for self-regulation.为了避免这样的事情发生,移动广告公司将加快行动。应用务隐私政策需要讲清楚的是网络需要收集哪些广告信息和为什么要收集。公司要采取双向确认的方式收集用户的个人信息,例如手机号码和电子邮件地址等等。并且这些公司需要避免收集那些像是特殊的可以用某些方法追溯回明确个人的身份号码之类的信息。如果这些公司可以坚持这些原则,那么他们的行为就是自我约束最好的招牌。 /201208/197351济南历下生孩子多少钱

济南一院是不是医保定点A debate team from Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages in the southern port city of Kaohsiung won the ;English as a foreign language; (EFL) category of the Northeast Asian Open 2008 Debating Championship earlier this month.文藻外语学院位于台湾省南部港都高雄市,学院辩论队在2008年东北亚英语辩论公开赛上夺冠。Executives of the college introduced the members of the debate team at a news conference held on the campus of Wenzao.文藻学院举行了新闻发布会,会上学院高管介绍了辩论队的成员。The debate team consisted of three students: Yen Tzu-chien, a senior in the Department of Foreign Language Instruction; Fang Chia-hsuan, a junior in the Department of Translation and Interpretation; and Pan Chun-ting, a fifth-year student in the Department of French in the junior college division.队伍包括三名学生:文藻外语学院英文学系所一年级学生陈子珺,文藻外语学院翻译学系二年级学生萧琬融,以及文藻外语学院法文学系五年级学生潘俊廷。They defeated more than 100 debaters from other countries and territories, including Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, to capture the championship in the EFL category of the competition, held at Kyoto Seika University.他们打败了来自其他国家地区的100多名辩手,这些国家包括日本,韩国,香港。这次辩论赛在京都精华大学举行,文藻学院辩手获得英语辩论赛冠军。In the final competition, the Wenzao team defeated the team from Seikei University in Tokyo, with a 3-0 decision by the judges.在决赛上,文藻辩论队以3比0的成绩打败来自京都精华大学的辩论队。In addition to winning the overall championship, team member Yen, together with a contestant from Japan and another contestant from South Korea, placed first among the top 10 speakers in the EFL category.除了赢得总冠军之外,文藻辩论队成员陈子珺与来自日本和韩国的其他两名辩手被评为十佳英语辩手。The Wenzao Debate Societys leader, Hsiao Yi-chiao-a third-year student in the five-year junior college-was invited to serve as a judge for the competition.文藻辩论社的队长-一名5年制专科学院的三年级学生被邀请作为辩论赛的评委。201205/184810济南建工医院人流要多少钱 济南真爱女子地址查询

济南市妇儿女子医院是几甲He says things are crazy here with the press.他表示媒体把这件事弄的有些疯狂。They all want an article.他们都想要一篇文章。They want a lecture.他们想要一次演讲。They want photographs. It is all a craziness.他们想要照片。它是所有的疯狂。This is, you know, one of the first great ages of photography.这是,你知道,一个伟大时代的摄影之一。There are pictures of Einstein.这些是爱因斯坦的照片。There are undersea cables.这些是海底电缆。People are carrying news all over the world.人们通过它向世界各地传达新闻。There are newsreels, you know, you can see the men moving and talking.有了这些新闻短片,你知道,你可以看到这个男人在动,在说话。“Without such freedom, there would have been no Shakespeare, no Goethe, no Newton, no Faraday, no Pasteur, and no Lister.”“没有这种自由,就没有莎士比亚,没有歌德,没有牛顿,没有法拉第,没有巴斯德及李斯特。”But despite the public adulation, scientists still have their doubts about his theory.但尽管公众奉承,科学家仍怀疑他的理论。People are making a mistake.人们在犯错误。They are mistaking Einsteins fame for acceptance of his theory.他们误解爱因斯坦的名声作为接受他的理论。注:听力文本来源于普特201206/186681 Books and Arts; Book Review;文艺;书评;Biology and financial instability生物学和金融界的不稳定性The molecules of mayhem混乱的分子The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk-Taking, Gut Feelings and the Biology of Boom and Bust. By John Coates.和狼之间的那一刻:冒险、 直觉和繁荣与萧条的生物学。由约翰·科茨。The financial crisis was caused by many things: greedy bankers, a glut of Chinese savings, shoddy regulation, an obsession with home ownership—take your pick. John Coates, once a trader on Wall Street and now a neuroscientist at Cambridge University, presents yet another culprit: biology, or, more precisely, the physiology of risk-taking. Financial traders, he says, are influenced by what is going on in their bodies as well as in the markets. Two steroid hormones—testosterone and cortisol—come out in force during the excesses of bull and bear markets.导致金融危机的因素有好几个:贪婪的家、 中国的大笔储蓄、 具误导性的监管制度、 对拥屋的痴迷— — 任你挑选。约翰·科茨曾是华尔街的交易员,如今身为剑桥大学神经科学家的他,认为另有生物学因素在作祟,确切来说是冒险生理机能。他认为金融交易员会受到生理情况以及市场局势影响,强劲的牛市和熊市出现时, 两类固醇激素,就是睾酮和皮质醇会剧增。Testosterone, “the molecule of irrational exuberance”, is released into the body during moments of competition, risk-taking and triumph. In animals this leads to something called the “winner effect”. A male that wins one battle goes into the next one primed with higher levels of testosterone, helping him to win again. Eventually, though, confidence becomes cockiness. The animal starts more fights and experiences higher rates of mortality.处在竞争,冒险和胜利的当儿,身体会释放出睾酮--“非理性能量的分子;。动物体内的睾酮会导致一种;赢家效应;。雄性动物在斗争中取得一次胜利时,体内更大量的睾酮会帮助它赢得下一场胜利。但最终,信心会膨胀成自大而急于挑起更多斗争和提高了死亡率。Mr Coates thinks the exuberance that turns a market rally into a bubble may be fuelled by the same chemical. Some of this is based on traders he knew who became ever more convinced of their own invincibility during the dotcom era. But he also offers harder evidence. In one experiment Mr Coates sampled testosterone levels in traders in London and found that higher levels of the hormone in the morning correlated with beefier profits in the afternoon. Such profits came from taking higher risks, not greater skill.科茨先生认为这是推动股市升温成泡沫现象的“化学能量”。部分结论来自他所认识的交易员。 处在互联网世代的这些交易员更加坚信自己是无敌的。此外,他也提供了比较确凿的据。在一次实验中,科茨先生对伦敦交易员做了睾酮量的抽样调查。他发现早晨中偏高的激素量与午后的高利润有着相互关联。 这种利润来自更高的风险承担,而不是更好的技巧。Biology may also be responsible for worsening market sentiment in bad times. The body’s response to prolonged periods of stress is to secrete increasing amounts of cortisol, a hormone that marshals resources to cope with crises. Sure enough, Mr Coates finds that cortisol levels in traders’ bodies fluctuate in line with market volatility, even displaying a striking correlation with the prices of derivatives.生物学也可能会使市场的动荡局势恶化。身体在应付长期承受的压力时,会增加皮质醇(激素)的分泌。这种激素掌管的是对付危机的资源。科茨先生果然得出交易员体内的皮质醇含量会与股市一同波动,甚至是与衍生产品的价格有明显的相互关联。A burst of chemicals can be helpful. Good traders seem to produce a lot of hormones, but only for short periods of time. The trouble comes when cortisol remains in the body for extended periods. Rational analysis becomes harder, allowing emotional responses to gain the upper hand; risk aversion grows as testosterone production is suppressed. “During a severe bear market,” writes Mr Coates, “the banking and investment community may rapidly develop into a clinical population.”一阵的化学效应是有它的用处。好的交易员体内似乎是会分泌较多的激素,但情况只限于在短时间内。皮质醇兜里在体内的时间若有延长,反而会有麻烦。这使到交易员无法做出理性的分析,被情绪控制;体内接着在压制睾酮量时会导致回避风险的倾向。科茨先生形容严重熊市会迅速的将和投资社区变成临床个案。One answer, he thinks, is to change the chemical make-up of trading floors by hiring more older men and, especially, women. Their bodies release far less testosterone. Women have the same levels of cortisol as men, but their stress response is triggered less by competitive failures and more by problems in their personal lives. That may make them more resilient when the markets turn against them.他认为其中一个,是通过较有年龄的男性或女性雇员的增加来改变交易所内的化学成分。他们体内分泌的睾酮量远少于年轻男性。女性与男性体内的皮质醇含量相同,但刺激点不一样。女性的压力反应较少来自竞争的失败,更多是来自私人问题。这或许令她们在不利的市场情况下更有弹性。Mr Coates’s thesis is not entirely convincing. The experimental data are too scarce and the distinction he draws between the masculine world of risk-taking traders and the more feminised world of asset managers skips over the fact that many supposedly cautious, long-term investors made poor bets in the boom. But it makes intuitive sense that biological responses inform the mood of the markets. This book puts flesh on that idea.科茨先生的论文无法令人完全信。他所采用的实验数据太少,把男性所垄断的交易员工作与女性为主的资产管理员工作做了区分,但却忽视了一个事实。很多带谨慎态度的长期投资者总会在牛市气氛中下错注。直觉上知道生物反应能告知市场情绪是有他的道理的。这本书把该想法具体化。 /201208/196966山东省济南妇幼医院治疗效果如何济南真爱妇科医院彩超检查好吗



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