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Today in History: Friday, May 11, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月11日,星期六May 11th, 1973. Charges are dropped against Daniel Ellsberg for leaking the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War. A judge cites government misconduct by officials in President Richard Nixon’s White House, illegal wiretaps on Ellsberg’s phone and a break in at his psychiatry’s office. Years later, Ellsberg tells the Associated Press that he has to release the papers, a secret government study of America’s role in Vietnam.“It did prove to be helpful to put off this information, and it certainly was worth the risks that I ran.”1997. In New York, world chess champ Garry Kasparov loses a six-game match against IBM’s Deep Blue computer. Afterward, Kasparov demands a rematch, a challenge which IBM declines.1888. “God bless America…” Composer Irving Berlin is born in Belarus, then part of the Russian Empire. Among his songs, God Bless America, White Christmas, and There’s No Business Like Show Business.And 1981. Bob Marley, the singer songwriter who is considered Reggae’s biggest star dies of cancer in Miami. He was 36.Today in History, May 11th. Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201305/239224UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It#39;s time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!The new U.S. ambassador to Japan is the daughter of which president? If you think you know it, then shout it out! 新任美国驻日大使是哪位前总统的女儿?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it John F. Kennedy, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton or George W. Bush. You#39;ve got three seconds, go!是约翰·肯尼迪、老布什、比尔·克林顿还是小布什?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!President Kennedy#39;s daughter Caroline Kennedy became the new ambassador. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.肯尼迪总统的女儿卡罗琳·肯尼迪成为了新任大使。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: As ambassador, Caroline Kennedy is the highest ranking representative from the U.S. government to Japan. 作为大使,卡罗琳·肯尼迪是美国政府对日本最高级别的代表。She lives there, maintaining diplomatic relations between the countries. 她住在那里来维系国家之间的外交关系。There is a lot of ceremony involved when anyone starts this particular job, but for some Japanese, Kennedy#39;s name and her family#39;s history with Japan makes this especially significant.人们在开始这项特别工作之前,通常会进行很多仪式。但对于一些日本人来说,肯尼迪的名字和他的家族历史让这一仪式尤其重要。 /201311/265603

Undeterred by thoughts of ghosts or goblins, and exhilarated by the dazzling wealth of their find, the workmen eagerly shared out chunks of the gold sheet, with the farmer taking the largest pieces.鬼怪的传说并没有吓退他们,闪闪发光的财宝令他们兴奋不已,热切地瓜分了黄金碎片,一个佃农得到了最大的一份。It would have been easy for the story to end there.故事原本很可能就到此为止了。The year was 1833, and burials from a distant past, however exotic, enjoyed little legal protection.在一八三三年,不论多奇特的远古墓葬都很难得到法律保护,The isolated location of the burial site, near the town of Mold, not far from the north coast of Wales, meant that the wider world could easily have continued in ignorance of its existence.更何况墓葬地处威尔士北岸的莫尔德镇附近,位置偏远,外面世界的人们很容易忽略它的存在。一切多亏了当地牧师科勒夫的好奇心。That this didn#39;t happen, owes everything to the curiosity of a local vicar, Reverend C.B. Clough, who wrote an account of the find that aroused the interest of the Society of Antiquaries, hundreds of miles away in London.他为这次发现撰写了一份报告,引起了几百英里外伦敦文物研究协会的兴趣。Three years after the spoils from the burial had been divided, the British Museum bought from the tenant farmer the first and the largest of the fragments of gold, which had been his share of the booty.在墓葬的财宝被瓜分三年之后,大英物馆才从那位佃农手里买到第一块金片,这是他当年分到的战利品,也是所有金片中最大的一块。Much that the vicar recorded had by that stage disappeared, including virtually the whole skeleton.牧师记录下来的物品大多消失了,其中包括整具骨骸。This left only three large and twelve small crushed and flattened fragments of the decorated gold object.剩下的只有三大块、十二小块被压扁的黄金碎片。It took another hundred years for the British Museum to gather together enough of the remaining fragments to begin a complete reconstruction of this divided treasure.大英物馆又花了近百年的时间,才收集到了足够的碎片,对这件四分五裂的财宝进行全面修复。有些碎片至今仍未出现。What was the object that these fragments belonged to? When had it been made? Who had worn it?这些碎片过去曾组成一个什么样的物品?于何时制作?谁曾穿戴过它?As more archaeological discoveries were made, it became clear that the Mold burial was indeed prehistoric, and dated to the newly identified age of bronze-around four thousand years ago.在十九世纪,伴随着更多考古发现,人们逐渐确定莫尔德墓葬应属约四千年前的青铜时期。 Article/201407/314021Despite being close to the equator, these peaks are so cold at night虽然位近赤道 这些山峰入夜后极为寒冷that the wolves face a frost-covered dawn.在破晓后 胡狼见到的是满地冰霜Each pack is centred around a single dominant female.每个狼群都由一个女族长主导Normally it is only she who breeds.通常也只有这只母狼会生产This year she has produced six pups.今年它生下六只小狼But if she is to raise them all in this barren land,但想在这片荒地 把全部孩子扶养长大she will need the help of the entire pack.它需要整个狼群的协助Every morning, the pack sets off to hunt,每天早上狼群都出门打猎leaving her back among the rocks with the pups.留下女族长在岩地照顾小狼The pack#39;s hunting ground is about five square miles of mountain top.这个狼群的猎场 是面积约五平方英里的山顶They guard it zealously,他们认真看守patrolling its frontiers every day.每天巡视着这个地区Wolves elsewhere co-operate其他地区的狼群会通力合作and use their united power to pull down big prey.扑杀大型猎物But there are no caribou or moose to be found up here.但这座山顶没有驯鹿或麋鹿 Article/201309/257866

Not having a date for a wedding can be a good thing, if you know how to work it.参加别人婚礼的时候没有约会对象也是一件好事,如果你知道怎样做的话。You Will Need你需要A hotel room酒店房间A killer suit or dress秒杀全场的套装或套裙Conversation openers开展对话的话题Dance lessons舞蹈课程Steps步骤Step 1 Get a room1.预订房间Reserve a room where the bride and groom suggest you stay, likely the nearest place to the reception. You can get rides with other guests, or perhaps catch a shuttle to the festivities. This way, you can drink with abandon and freshen up at will.在新郎新娘建议的地方预订一个房间,有可能是距离宴会最近的地方。你可以和其他宾客同行,或者搭乘穿梭巴士到达宴会。这样的话,你可以随心所欲地饮酒或打扮。Step 2 Buy a killer outfit2.购买装Spring for a killer outfit.购买一套精美的装。Step 3 Take dance lessons3.参加舞蹈课程If you’re nervous on the dance floor, invest in a few lessons so you’ll feel confident getting jiggy with other solo guests.如果在舞池中感到紧张,报名参加几节舞蹈课程,这样的话,在与其他单身宾客相处的时候你就会感到自信满满。Do your homework—have the bride or groom give you a rundown of the other solo guests. Ask well in advance if they’ll seat you at a table with cute singles.做好准备工作——让新郎新娘给你一份其他宾客的简介。提前询问一下他们是否准备把你和其他单身宾客安排在一桌。Step 4 Work the cocktail hour4.利用餐前时间Scope out potential dance partners at the cocktail hour, in case you get stuck at a loser table.餐前时间搜索潜在的舞伴,以防你这一桌没有合适的对象而陷入困境。Befriend the bartender at the start of the evening. That way, you’ll always have a friendly person to hang out with—and to smooth introductions to other singles.晚会开始前跟酒保打好关系。这样的话,就一直有人和你一样只做观众——也可以将你介绍给其他单身人士。Step 5 Make the first move5.走出第一步Make the first move—whether it’s asking someone to dance or simply chatting them up.走出第一步——无论是邀请对方跳舞还是聊天。Step 6 Talk to everyone6.聊天Talk to as many new people as you can; you never know who might know someone who is perfect for you.跟尽可能多的人对话;你永远不知道谁有可能刚好认识一个跟你非常相称的人。Step 7 Have a nightcap7.喝睡前酒Have a nightcap at the hotel bar with all your new friends. It’s where everyone who doesn’t have to run home to a babysitter goes when the reception ends.在酒店酒吧和所有新结识的朋友一起喝睡前酒。这些人谁都不需要在宴会结束后匆忙地跑回家照顾孩子。The average number of guests invited to a wedding is 164.婚礼邀请的宾客人数一般为164人。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/231442中国品牌在英国:华丽并奢侈着 Article/201303/230760

On April 28, 2003,在2003年4月28日the iTunes music store debuted.iTunes音乐商店正式推出More than one million songs最初五天已有超过100万首were downloaded in the first five days.歌曲被下载But the year would take a surprising那年对乔布斯个人来说turn for Jobs personally.出现了惊人的转变In 2003, Steve Jobs在2003年乔布斯was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer被确诊患上胰脏癌a fairly rare form of pancreatic cancer是比较罕见的一种胰脏癌that isn#39;t as, as fatal as pancreatic cancer often is而情况没有一般的胰脏癌严重but still a very dire diagnosis.但也是个可怕的疾病And he wound up having to undergo surgery to remove a tumor他之后要接受切除肿瘤的手术and take his first leave这次是他第一次of absence from running Apple.向苹果电脑公司请假After his leave of absence,在放完病假后Steve Jobs returned to Apple乔布斯回到苹果电脑公司and in 2007 he was on stage还在2007年with a new product announcement:上台宣布推出新产品An iPod, a phone...一部iPod,加上电话are you getting it?你们想像到吗?Hundreds of Apple fans lined up当iPhone在2007年6月29日to buy the iPhone推出的时候when it released in the ed States on June 29, 2007.有数以百计的苹果迷排队购买One year later,一年后,乔布斯的健康he began to look sick again,看来再次出现问题but he joked about it:不过他说笑道Before we do, I just wanted to mention this:在开始前我想先说说这个问题: /201310/262346

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