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Russian media say the government plans to cut the amount of money it spends on the International Space Station during the next decade.俄罗斯媒体报道说,俄罗斯政府计划削减在未0年内用于国际空间站的开。The Izvestiya daily reports the latest budget drafts for 2016-25 include about .3 billion in spending on the station, or about 0 million a year.That is a 10 percent reduction from a previous draft in April.俄罗斯《新闻报》报道,俄罗016-25年的预算草案包括大约三十三亿美元用于空间站,平均一年大约三亿三千万美元,比去年4月草案中拨款少了百分之十。Russias space agency is one of five that works together to operate the station with a rotating crew of astronauts that conduct experiments.Russia plays a key role in transporting the crew to and from the station, since the ed States retired its fleet of vehicles to send astronauts into space.俄罗斯宇航局是运营国际空间站的五个机构之一。国际空间站有来自不同国家的宇航员轮流到那里进行科学试验。美国接送宇航员所用的航天飞机退役后,俄罗斯发挥了在地球与空间站之间接送宇航员的重要作用。The ed States has funded the largest portion of the stations budget since it launched in 1998 and currently spends about billion a year on the project.国际空间998年发射升空以来,美国对空间站预算的贡献最大,每年拨款0亿美元。来 /201601/421476The U.S. expressed concern over Russian military aircraft flying apparent simulated attack passes near a U.S. destroyer in the Baltic Sea over the course of two days this week.俄罗斯军机本周两天近距离飞越波罗的海的一艘美国驱逐舰并进行模拟攻击飞行,美国对此表示关注。The U.S. says two Russian attack aircraft flew around 20 passes near the USS Donald Cook while the ship was in international waters.美国说,两架俄罗斯攻击机在位于国际水域的美国驱逐舰唐纳德·库克号附近进行了约20次飞越;There have been repeated incidents over the last year where the Russian military, including Russian military aircraft, have come close enough to each other - or have come close enough to other air and sea traffic - to raise serious safety concerns. And we continue to be concerned about this behavior,; White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.白宫发言人欧内斯特说:“过去一年屡次发生这类事件,俄罗斯军方,包括俄罗斯军机,在行动中相隔距离过近,或在空中和海上过于靠近其它国家的海空运输,引发严重的安全问题,我们继续对这种行为表示关注。”The Donald Cook had just come from a port visit in Gdynia, Poland, when the flyovers occurred. It was headed out to sea with a Polish helicopter on board.飞越事件发生时,唐纳德·库克号刚刚结束对波兰港口格丁尼亚的访问后驶离,当时船上停有一架波兰直升机。NATO has been asked to provide a permanent presence of battalion-sized deployments of allied troops in the Baltic States. Moscow denies any intention to attack the Baltic states.北约一直被要求在波罗的海国家长期部署营级编制部队。莫斯科否认有任何攻击波罗的海国家的意图。来 /201604/437323

Australia will offer more help to South East Asian countries to prevent terror attacks across the region.澳大利亚将对东南亚国家提供更多的援助,以防止发生恐怖袭击。Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to discuss security with other leaders at the Asean summit in Laos.澳大利亚总理特马尔科姆·恩布尔将在老挝举行的东盟峰会上就地区安全问题同与会领导人展开磋商。Mr Turnbull has signalled he would like to expand Australias counter-terrorism arrangements with Indonesia, Malaysia and other neighbouring countries.特恩布尔暗示,澳大利亚将在反恐方面,扩大与印度尼西亚、马来西亚和其他邻国的合作。It comes after the so-called Islamic State threatened ;lone wolf; attacks in Sydney and Melbourne.此前,所谓的ISIS发布威胁,称将在澳大利亚的悉尼和墨尔本发动“独狼”式恐袭。Mr Turnbull said that such a threat should be taken seriously after IS suffered losses on battlefields in Iraq and Syria.特恩布尔表示,ISIS在伊拉克和叙利亚战场遭受挫败之后,澳大利亚当局会认真对待这些威胁;As it is rolled back, as its territory is being taken back - it will resort to terrorist activities outside of the Middle East,; he said.他说:“当活动开始收缩、其占领区被夺回后,ISIS会在中东以外的地方从事恐怖活动。;But we do have to be very alert to the actions of these lone actors - individuals who ... for a variety of reasons, may be radicalised.;“我们得非常小心这些独行者的行动,因为这些个人,出于各种原因,可能已被激进思想控制”。The Australian government is taking measures to prevent foreign fighters who could be recruited from South East Asia and Australia and Mr Turnbull is arguing for more intelligence sharing.澳大利亚政府正采取措施,防止ISIS从东南亚和澳洲招募外国武装分子。此外,特恩布尔还要求与有关国家分享更多情报。Mr Turnbull named the 2002 Bali bombings as an example of the danger posed to the region. The attacks killed 202 people, including 88 Australians and 27 Britons.他指出,2002年印度尼西亚巴利爆炸案就是本区域面临的危险之一。巴利爆炸案导致202人丧生,其中包括88名澳大利亚人7名英国人;When there is terrorist activity in our region, very often, almost invariably in a large-scale attack, Australians can be put at risk and have, indeed, lost their lives,; he said. ;Were all in it together, its got to be a very strong full-court press against terrorism. ;他说:“当我们所在的区域发生恐怖活动、并且可能是大规模恐怖袭击时,澳洲人会面临危险,并失去生呀?这与我们每个人都息息相关。我们需要展开强有力的紧逼反恐。”来 /201609/466413

Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s president, has signalled she is willing to resign next year or accept the decision of an impeachment vote this Friday.韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)已表示,她愿意明年辞职或接受本周五弹劾表决得出的决定。This development follows six weeks of massive civilian protest in response to a corruption scandal that has riveted the nation.韩国民众已举行了六周的大规模抗议,以回应一桩举国瞩目的腐败丑闻。Ms Park told leaders of the ruling Saenuri Party that she will either agree to resign in April or accept the decision of the constitutional court following an impeachment vote, according to local media reports.据当地媒体报道,朴槿惠对执政党“新国家党Saenuri Party)的领导人表示,她同意明年4月辞职,也会接受宪法法院在一项弹劾表决后作出的裁决。Last Tuesday, Ms Park told the nation in a televised address she would step down in accordance with a schedule drawn up by parliamentarians. That was dismissed by opponents as a stall tactic, and the following day they vowed to push forward with an impeachment motion.上周二,朴槿惠在电视讲话中向韩国民众表示,她会按照国会议员们拟定的时间表下台。反对派认为这是一种拖延战术,并在次日发誓要推进弹劾动议。The announcement of Ms Park’s resignation comes as the heads of nine of South Korea’s biggest family-controlled conglomerates (chaebol), including Samsung and Hyundai, were today dragged before a parliamentary inquiry into their role in the nation’s corruption scandal.朴槿惠宣布辞职意愿之际,包括三星(Samsung)、现Hyundai)在内的韩国九大财阀的领导人今日都应要求出席了国会听会,以阐明他们在这桩腐败丑闻中扮演的角色。来 /201612/482064BEJING: In 2010 then secretary of stateHillary Clintonprovoked outrage in Beijing when she pushed the South China Sea to the top of the regional and US security agendas.北京:2010年美国国务卿希拉里引起了北京的愤怒,因为她将南海地区提到美国安全议程的首位。Now as an international court prepares to hand down a ruling that threatens Chinas sweeping claims in the vital waterway Beijing is watching Clintons presidential run with trepidation.现在,国际法庭准备宣布关于南海地区争端的裁决,北京预计到希拉里竞选总统成功将会将威胁到中国的领土主..Combined with her tough line on human rights and role in leading President Barack Obamas Asia ;rebalancing; Clinton is well-known in China - but not well liked.从她强硬的人权路线和在奥巴马“重返亚洲”中扮演的角色,希拉里在中国是一个众所周知的人。但是人们不喜欢她。While presidential rival Donald Trump has irritated Beijing with comments such as comparing the US trade deficit with China to rape he is largely an unknown quantity a person who even privately officials shrug their shoulders over.当总统候选人,竞争对手川普发表激怒中国的言论时,例如中国抢夺美国的贸易逆差,他大致上像众多不知名的官员私下里以不以为然结束话题;Clinton will be a difficult partner; one senior Chinese diplomatic source told Reuters having just admitted to not knowing much about Trump or what he stands for.“希拉里将是一个很难相处的合作对象”中国一个高级外交官告诉路透社,他刚刚承认对川普知之甚少或不知道川普的立场。来 /201607/454297

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