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Each year, the best work by reporters, photographers and editors of New York’s ethnic and independent media is honored with awards from the New York Community Media Alliance (NYCMA). Those awards are known as Ippies. 每年,纽约社区媒体联盟会都会表彰少数族裔和独立媒体最优秀的记者、摄影师和编辑。NYCMA director Juana Ponce de Leon explains that the ethnic press often advocates for its communities, and acts as an intermediary between the audience and mainstream society. 纽约社区媒体联盟主席胡安娜·雷诺指出,少数族裔媒体致力于推动社区事务,同时是他们的受众与主流社会之间的沟通媒介。She adds that her organization encourages reporters to offer practical guidance to ers, listeners and viewers. 雷诺表示,联盟鼓励记者为他们的读者、听众和观众提供切实可行的指导。"It helps the communities know where there are resources to address their concerns. It’s not good enough to say ‘We don’t have enough translation services from the DOE [Department of Education]’ and leave it at that. It’s better to say ‘Not only are there those services, but if you don’t find them, you can request them. And if they don’t come to you, then you have a right to get your child to another school, for instance.’"她说:“这些媒体让社区人们了解在哪里寻找资源来解决他们关切问题。不要只说教育部没有给我们足够的翻译务,就算了。而是应当说:有这些务,但是如果你找不到,你可以提出要求。比如说,如果他们没有解决你的问题,你有权让孩子转学。”The ethnic media often provides immigrants with the tools they need to negotiate everyday life in America, says 2011 Ippie winner Helen Zelon. 2011年得奖人海伦·泽龙表示,事实上,少数族裔媒体能够帮助移民,让他们在美国更好地生活。"I think the ethnic press does an enormous service when it explains to people, ‘This is what happens when your kid starts school. This is what happens when you rent something. Here’s how you establish yourself here.’" 她说:“我觉得少数族裔媒体在为人们提供了了不起的务,比如告诉人们,你的孩子开始上学时会是什么情况,你租房子时要处理什么问题,如何在美国建立起自己的生活等等。”Zelon, a reporter with City Limits Magazine, a public policy journal, often writes about education. 泽龙是公共政策杂志《城市范围》的记者。她经常撰写教育方面的报道。"Which means you are writing about race and class and money and politics and power and privilege and all of it," she says. "And I write about child welfare, which to me is a hugely important issue that doesn’t get a lot of coverage until there is a very bad disaster and then there is a lot of attention around it and then it goes away. We do investigative reporting."泽龙说:“这就意味着你写种族、阶级、金钱、政治、权利和优先权等所有这些问题。”201103/129585RS8MTC(3mtVf~X(*(@2j 听完了挪威的一系列故事,不知道大家做好去下一个地方的准备了吗?呵呵~ ~ 今天Daisy小编带大家来到位于北美大陆的落基山脉,首先大致介绍一些关于落基山脉的情况WSnvM2y4EBq。这样就可以了解一些地球形成的情况kE3di-!8)|3NXR|D0。p[II~M!zOYlZyQ_;[oZ0 落基山脉占北美大陆西部大高原体系的大部地区.整体而言,落基山系所包含的各条山脉从亚伯达省北部和不列颠哥伦比亚省向南延伸,经美国西部至墨西哥边境,全长约4,800公里*Gassza|;2qHU_Rn。界线大多不易确定,尤其是西北边远地区,经常将阿拉斯加的布鲁克斯山脉归入落矶山系.这里有终年积雪的山峰、茂密的针叶森林、宽广的山谷、清澈的溪流、开阔的天空和丰富的矿藏资源.大部分山脉平均海拔达2000到3000 米,有的甚至超过了4000 米,如埃尔伯特峰高达4399 米,加尼特峰高达4202 米,布兰卡峰高达4365米. AYSNYzI^fVdZG,(dG,TY Q(b245c(aBU#Earth, a unique planet, restless and dynamic, continents shift and clash, volcanoes erupt, glaciers grow and recede, titanic forces that are constantly at work, leaving a trail of geological mysteries behind.5;Fh3HfcUH4|^+Le~1rBIn this episode, we investigate the formation of the Rockies, the North American mountain range shrouded in mystery, flanked by huge slabs of rocks with ancient sea fossils buried high in its slopes, and crowned by jagged peaks that geologists believe were once double the height they are today. Scientists piecing together their story, uncover evidence of 1 ice sheets, collapsing mountains and explosive volcanic eruptions. A geological history that brings us one step closer to understanding HOW THE EARTH WAS MADE.;sIvR~qXP1Q^D+ZThe Rockies, a 2 mountain range, towering high above the American West. Its the longest chain in North America, and the third longest in the world, stretching over 3,000 miles, from New Mexico, through Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, and north into Canada.rq7m!qgC0ZU]For decades, geologists have been puzzled about how this giant mountain range rose from the plains. The investigation begins with a specific type of rock.sXZL#dXk];Here we are, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains; were in an amazing place to begin with. And right here, at Red Rocks, were in the midst of an amphitheatre of rock.;nRm|Cmur(]%a4|9Thirteen miles west of Denver, Colorado, two 300-foot-high sandstone monoliths slope 45 degrees into the sky, each is taller than Niagara Falls. Together they form the walls of a unique musical venue.课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?RN!gD0UMBmI~o3*Fb+N%^i0r6m8Rz9Mm;#W#yc^(bKi201110/157845为期两天的北约峰会于3日拉开帷幕,会场设在法国斯特拉斯堡和德国凯尔。在斯特拉斯堡市中心的北约峰会会场周围,数百抗议者4日凌晨与警方发生冲突。警方用催泪瓦斯驱散抗议人群,并拘留了数十人。 As world leaders discuss the conflict in Afghanistan, demonstrators fought the police. The centre of Strasbourg is a fortress, but it didn't stop property from being smashed and set alight.As you can see, several hundred protesters have gathered here on the outskirts of the City of Strasbourg. The demonstration has turned pretty ugly. These protesters are throwing bottles and rocks to the police. The police are returning fire with teargas and also firing a number of plastic grants.The security operation has caused more than a hundred million pounds. Some of the demonstrations have been peaceful. This group of students blocked the main tram line to the summit to make their points."Maybe it's peaceful here, but we bring war all over the world. So we bring war to Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, uh, in African countries, we, uh, so, uh, we bring with peaceful here but the NATO brings war, exports war all over the world."Members of the alliance were kept well away from the pitched battles. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel led a symbolic crossing of the Rhine. They were greeted in France by President Nicolas Sarkozy. Two nations whose histories are in twining conflict, now united through a 60-year-old alliance.04/66983US Signals Flexibility With Moscow on Missile Defense美在导弹防御问题上显示灵活性 A senior State department official has told Moscow the ed States is open to reconfiguring a European missile-defense program - aimed at Iran - that has generated Russian concerns. The third-ranking State Department official - Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns - held talks on the issue this week in Moscow. 美国国务院第三号人物、负责政治事务的国务次卿威廉.伯恩斯告诉莫斯科,美国对修改针对伊朗的欧洲导弹防御计划持开放态度,这项计划引起俄罗斯的关切。伯恩斯这个星期就这一问题在莫斯科跟俄罗斯官员举行了会谈。Officials here are giving no details of Burns's talks in Moscow. But they do not contest remarks attributed to him by Russia's Interfax news agency that the Obama administration is seeking Russian cooperation based on what Burns described as a "new configuration" on missile defense that would use resources both countries have.  美国国务院官员没有透露伯恩斯在莫斯科会谈的详细情况。不过他们也没有对俄罗斯国际文传电讯社有关伯恩斯的进行争辩,这个通讯社的报导说,伯恩斯表示,在导弹防御系统问题上,奥巴马政府正在根据“新构想”寻求俄罗斯的合作,这个“新构想”将利用两国拥有的资源。Repairing the US-Russian riftU.S.-Russian relations soured last year, due in part to a push by the former Bush administration for a missile defense system in central Europe aimed at what was framed as a looming long-range missile threat from so-called "rogue states,' principally Iran. 美国和俄罗斯的关系去年变坏,部分原因是前总统布什的政府急于在中欧部署导弹防御体系,声称这套防御体系是要对付主要来自伊朗等所谓“无赖”国家迫在眉睫的远程导弹威胁。The Bush plan called for stationing of 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and a related radar system in the Czech Republic. Though the Bush administration offered Moscow transparency measures including on-site inspections, Russia adamantly opposed the program as a threat to its own missile deterrence. 布什政府的导弹防御计划要在波兰部署10枚拦截导弹,在捷克共和国部署配套的雷达系统。尽管当时的布什政府采取了允许莫斯科到现场进行核查等透明措施,俄罗斯仍然坚决反对这项计划,认为这是对俄罗斯导弹威慑力量的威胁。Russia's Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin told the Reuters new agency Moscow would wait to see how the ed States follows-up on Burns's remarks but he said if the Obama administration does review its missile defense plan, it would be a big gift to the region.  俄罗斯驻北约组织代表罗戈辛对路透社说,莫斯科要看看在伯恩斯发表上述言论之后,美国到底如何行动。不过,罗戈辛表示,如果奥巴马政府的确重新审议导弹防御计划,那将是送给该地区的一份厚礼。Diplomacy vs. missilesAt a news briefing, State Department Deputy Spokesman Gordon Duguid said it is heartening that Burn's remarks in Moscow were seemingly well-received. 美国国务院副发言人戈登.杜吉德在新闻发布会上说,伯恩斯在莫斯科的这番话似乎受到欢迎,令人鼓舞。He said the new U.S. administration still supports missile defense, provided it is threat-specific and that the technology for it proves feasible and cost-effective. 杜吉德说,新一届美国政府仍然持导弹防御计划,前提是针对具体的威胁,而且防御系统技术行之有效,费用适当。Duguid also said the need for a missile-defense system would diminish if efforts by the ed States, Russia and other major powers to dissuade Iran from developing nuclear weapons can show success. 杜吉德还说,如果美国、俄罗斯等主要国家阻止伊朗发展核武器的努力能够取得成功,那么建立导弹防御系统的必要性就会减小。"We will pursue the issue of missile defense but obviously we are going to take into account a number of factors. One is whether the system works. Another is whether it is cost-effective. Another is the nature of the threat. If through strong diplomacy we and our other partners, including Russia can reduce or eliminate the threat, it obviously shapes the way we look at missile defense and its deployment," he said. 杜吉德说:“我们将实施导弹防御计划,不过很显然,我们会考虑几个因素。其中之一是这套体系是否行之有效,另一个因素是这套系统是否费用适当。再有就是我们面临的威胁的性质。如果通过强有力的外交工作,我们和俄罗斯等合作伙伴国家能够降低或者消除这种威胁,那显然就达到了我们考虑导弹防御体系和部署这套系统所要达到的目的。”The ed States along with the other permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany - the P-5+1 - have offered Iran various incentives to stop a uranium-enrichment program U.S. and European officials believe is weapons-related. 美国和联合国安理会其它几个常任理事国以及德国向伊朗提出了各种激励方案,以换取伊朗停止铀浓缩计划,美国和欧洲官员认为伊朗的铀浓缩计划跟武器有关。Iran, which says its nuclear program is peaceful, has ignored three Security Council sanctions resolutions on the issue. The Bush administration wanted even tougher sanctions though Russia and China have to date resisted the idea. 伊朗对安理会就其铀浓缩计划通过的三项制裁决议置之不理,声称其核计划用于和平目的。布什政府曾希望对伊朗进行更加严厉的制裁,但是俄罗斯和中国到目前为止一直反对这样做。Undersecretary Burns and his P-5+1 colleagues held their first meeting on Iran since the new U.S. administration took office last week in Germany. 美国国务次卿伯恩斯以及五加一国家中的同行上星期在德国就伊朗问题举行了新一届美国政府上任以来的首次会议。Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has not yet had a face-to-face meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. But European Union chief diplomat Javier Solana said in Washington Friday they will meet March 6 in Geneva, a day after a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels. 美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿还没有跟俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫举行面对面会谈。不过欧盟负责外交政策的官员索拉纳星期五在华盛顿表示,两人3月6号将在日内瓦会晤,也就是北约外长布鲁塞尔会议结束后的第二天。02/62397Washington residents Aaron Spencer and Ahnna Smith enter a neighborhood bar to meet with managers about an application to expand their business upstairs.华盛顿居民阿龙·斯潘塞和阿恩娜·史密斯走进一个社区酒吧,但他们不是为了买酒喝。他们要和酒吧经理们开会,讨论酒吧经营者提出的把经营范围扩大到楼上的申请。Spencer and Smith are ANC commissioners. They both have typical day jobs but volunteer as commissioners to represent the interests of their neighbors to the Washington D.C. City Council.斯潘塞和史密斯是当地小区咨询委员会的代表。他们除了自己的一份全职工作外,还自愿为小区咨询委员会工作,代表他们所居住的小区在市政委员会中为居民们争取权益。ANC commissioners help oversee the small but important aspects of local government, The ones that define the character of a neighborhood - things like liquor licenses, zoning applications and on-street parking.小区咨询委员会帮助监督市政府运作中一些小的但是非常重要的方面,那些事情足以定义一个小区的特性,比如卖酒执照、区域划分申请、以及街边停车规定等等。Spencer and Smith were sworn into their local ANC last January in a large ceremony that included the swearing in of Washington’s new mayor and city council members.斯潘塞、史密斯以及劳伦·麦凯锡今年1月参加了一个大型仪式,宣誓就职成为小区咨询委员会委员。华盛顿市新市长和市委会成员也在同一个仪式上宣誓上任。Many city politicians began their careers as ANC commissioners but Spencer he says being a commissioner is a chance to give back to his community.斯潘塞知道,很多华盛顿市的政治人物就是从小区咨询委员会开始自己的政治生涯的。但是斯潘塞加入委员会,只是为了回馈社区。"I look at it more as a give-back," he says. "I don’t see it as a political start. I see it as a civic duty frankly."他说:“我更多地把这看成是一个回报的机会,而不是一个政治生涯的开始。说实话,我认为这是一种公民职责。”201105/135070

They are driven to move, to move and to multiply. Possessed by the most insatiable need to breed, they will journey to brutal Afican battle fields, and grow on south Atlantic shores. For the sake of their young, they will blacken the skies, and terrorize rainforest floras. Right now, the world's wild parents are on the march, on the way, on the run. And these are the tales of thier sacrifice, the most moving stories on earth, the stories of the great migrations. Winter, in the south Atlantic, one of the worst places in the world to be left behind. But that is Johnny crook's * life . Here on the death of archipelago north south America, this bird of pray cleans to life, waiting for the migrants to return. Now, the flare of September dawn announces its spring's feeble arrival. 他们天生就要迁徙,不断迁徙并繁衍后代。拥有最满足需要的品种,因此他们将旅行到凶残的非洲战场,在南大西洋海岸繁衍。为了他们的年轻一代,他们就将天空染黑,恐吓热带雨林。现在,世界上的野生父母们在一路上行进。这是它们牺牲奉献的故事,地球上最动人的故事,大迁移的故事。 冬天,在南大西洋,这块世界最糟糕的地方之一,但这是强尼的生活。在南美洲北部死亡群岛,这种鸟祈祷清洁生活,等待着移民返回。 现在,耀眼的9月黎明已经宣告了朦胧的春天即将到来。201111/161011

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