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2019年06月19日 01:07:18 | 作者:华龙卫生 | 来源:新华社
The dependence on the Internet and mobile phones seems to have become profound. When cut off from these modern-day technological innovations, people tend to become anxious rather than feeling liberated, says a study.人们对互联网和移动电话的依赖似乎已经很深了。研究发现,当人们失去了这些现代技术创新时,不是感到“终于解放了”,而往往会变得焦虑不安。Researchers have found that staying in a place with no mobile phone coverage, or suffering from the Internet going down, is a cause of high stress and anxiety for an increasing number of people.研究人员发现,当呆在一个没有移动电话信号覆盖的地方,或互联网掉线时,越来越多的人会变得紧张和焦虑不安。The study, undertaken for Virgin Media by the analysts Future Laboratory, is based on a survey.这份基于调查的研究报告是由英国的《未来实验室》分析人员为《维京媒体》所作的。As many as 85 per cent of full-time mothers always have the Internet turned on at home, while a third of people said they no longer felt any sense of guilt about always being ;connected; either by having their mobile phone or computer turned on, the survey found.调查发现,在家里,有多达85%的全职母亲总是连上互联网的,而三分之一的人说,让手机和电脑总是处于“连网”状态时,已不再有任何的负罪感。The results indicated that 36 per cent of people were anxious about keeping in touch with their family if they were disconnected, compared with just 29 per cent who felt they#39;re liberated。调查显示,如果网络遭断开,就会有36%的人渴望与家人保持联系,而感到“解放了”的只有29%。When it came to work 29 per cent cent said they were anxious when cut off, compared with 28 per cent saying they felt liberated.当涉及到工作时,29%的人表示,网络切断时,他们会焦虑不安;而28%的说,他们可以轻松了。 /201507/385686Tiangong Kaiwu《天工开物》Tiangong Kaiwu,as the representative work of the famous scientist in the Ming Dynasty Song Yingxing, was completed in 1637.It is an ency-clopedia of agricultural and handicraft production technologies, summing up the knowledge of almost all the production areas.The work is divided int0 18 volumes,containing planting, dyeing, grain processing, sugar refining, pottery firing, smel-ting and founding, vehicle and vessel manufacturing, forging, oil pressing, paper-making, minirtg, weaponry, pigment, liquor making , and so on. Song Yingxing tried to give accurate descriptions of the operating techniques and tools with specific data.Tian,gong Kaiwu was o book in which the most abundant collection of saentif-ic and technological records was preserved. It was more oriented towards the handicraft industry, reflecting the productive forces in the late Ming Dynasiy when capitalism began to emerge; it also indicated that the scientific technologies of ourcountry at the time lagged behind Europe. The contemporary saentist Galileo dis-covered many important laws through the combination of the experiments and mathematics while China still stayed in the period of collecting and collating materi-als. Up to now, this work has aly been published in 16 different versions in the world and printed for 38 times. It sold venlt well for a long time in some places,which was rarely seen in the ancient scientific works.《天工开物》是我国明代著名科学家宋应星(1587—1663年)的代表作,完成于1637年。这是一部有关农业和手工业生产技术的百科全书,总结了各个生产领域的知识。全书共十八卷,包括种植、染色、粮食加工、制糖、烧制陶瓷、冶铸、车船制造、锤锻、榨油、造纸、采矿、兵器、颜料、酿酒等诸多内容。宋应星无论是对操作技术还是对工具本身都尽可能用数字进行精确的描述。《天工开物》是保留我国科技史料最丰富的一部书,它更多地着眼于手工业,反映了我国明末出现资本主义萌芽时期的生产力状况。它也表明这个时期我国的科学技术已经比欧洲落后了。同一时期的伽利略已经用实验和数学相结合的方法发现了许多重要的定律,而中国还停留在以收集整理资料为主的阶段。《天工开物》一书在全世界发行了16个版本,印刷了38次之多。《天工开物》一书在一些地方长时期畅销不滞,这在古代科技著作中并不是经常看到的。 /201601/419329The US Supreme Court has thrown out the conviction of a man who posted violent messages about his wife and co-workers on Facebook, in a case that was being closely watched over its potential implications for online speech.美国最高法院(US Supreme Court)推翻了一名在Facebook上对其妻子和同僚发出威胁性言论的男子的罪名。该案由于对网上言论具有的潜在影响,受到了密切的关注。Anthony Elonis was convicted on four counts of transmitting threatening content in 2011 after ranting online about wanting his wife dead and, in one photograph posted on the social media network, holding a toy knife to the neck of a co-worker at an amusement park with the caption “I wish”.2011年,安东尼#8226;埃罗尼斯(Anthony Elonis)因四次传播威胁性内容而被定罪。他在社交媒体网络Facebook上大放厥词,称要杀死自己的妻子——在上传的一张照片中,他手握一把玩具刀指向游乐场一名同僚的脖子,同时配上文字称“我希望”(I wish)。Mr Elonis argued that he was under emotional duress after his wife of nearly seven years left with their two children and that he was merely venting through Facebook.埃罗尼斯辩称,他与妻子结婚近7年,当妻子带着他们的两个孩子离开之后,他感到很郁闷,他只不过是通过Facebook泄愤。The Supreme Court, in a 7-2 decision, threw out his conviction on Monday, ruling that the jury was not properly instructed in the case. The US high court said that it was not enough for the government to establish that a “reasonable” person would have viewed Mr Elonis’s posts as threatening.周一,美国最高法院以7票赞同、2票反对的比例,推翻了他被判的罪名。最高法院认定,陪审团在该案中对案情掌握不当。最高法院表示,美国政府没有足够据明一位“有理性的”人会把埃罗尼斯的发言视为威胁。In a narrow ruling that dodged the First Amendment issues some free speech advocates expected the court to address, the justices found that the government must show that a defendant intended their posts to be threatening, or at least understood there was a possibility they would be viewed as a crime, to be convicted under the federal law barring the transmission of threatening content.在一份避开了美国宪法第一修正案问题(有些倡导言论自由的人希望法庭提到这些问题)的狭义裁决中,法官们认定,政府必须明一名被告人故意用言论来发出威胁,或者起码要明白该言论有可能被视为一项犯罪行为,唯有这样,才能依据阻止传播威胁性内容的联邦法律对其定罪。 /201506/378537

Takata, the Japanese supplier linked to faulty airbags in millions of cars, widened the scale of potential recalls in the ed States on Tuesday to 34 million vehicles.周二,与数以百万计的汽车上的问题气囊有关的日本供应商高田公司(Takata),把美国市场上可能需要召回的汽车数量扩大到了3400万辆。The supplier made the announcement with federal safety regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which had been prodding the company since late last year to say that the airbags were defective. Takata had fought these demands, even asserting at one point that the agency could not force it to issue a recall.高田与国家公路交通安全局(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)的联邦安全监管部门共同发出了这项声明。自去年底以来,安全局一直在敦促高田承认气囊存在问题。高田始终不愿遵从这些要求,甚至一度宣称安全局无权强迫它召回。Airbag inflaters made by Takata can explode violently when they deploy, spraying metal fragments into the passenger compartment. Six deaths and more than 100 injuries have been linked to the flaw.高田生产的气囊增压泵在弹出时可能会猛然迸裂,导致金属碎片飞向车内。该问题被认为与六人的死亡、100多人的受伤有关。“From the very beginning, our goal has been simple: a safe airbag in every vehicle,” said Mark R. Rosekind, administrator of the safety agency since December. “The steps we’re taking today represent significant progress toward that goal.”“从一开始,我们的目标就很简单:每辆车都配有安全的气囊,”自12月起担任安全局局长的马克·罗斯金德(Mark Rosekind)说。“我们今天采取的举措,代表着我们朝这个目标迈进了一大步。”But the agency said it did not have a final breakdown yet of all the makes and models the expanded recall encompasses, and that it will not for several days until it coordinates with automakers. The final number of defective cars may shift downward as more tests are performed, Mr. Rosekind said. He acknowledged that the repairs could take several years to complete, but he said that consumers could still drive their cars in the meantime.但是,安全局表示,目前尚未最后敲定这次扩大的召回覆盖的所有汽车品牌和型号,而是需要几天时间来与汽车生产商进行协调。罗斯金德说,经过更多实验以后,问题汽车的最终数量可能会减少。他承认,修理工作可能需要几年时间才能完成,但他表示,与此同时,消费者仍然能够开车。“Yes, people need to drive their cars,” Mr. Rosekind said, adding that they should be checking with their dealers often “to ensure it gets replaced as soon as possible.”“对,人们需要开车,”罗斯金德说。他还表示消费者应该经常与经销商联系,“从而保能及时得到替换”。Even now, Takata and automakers continue to search for the root cause of the inflater defect, but it still remains unclear. But in new filings with the safety agency, Takata went further than it had previously in admitting wider, structural problems with its airbag inflaters.即使是现在,高田和汽车生产商也还在继续寻找增压泵问题的根本原因,但仍不清楚问题究竟在哪。不过,在提交给安全局的新备案文件中,高田承认其气囊增压泵存在更广泛的结构性问题,比以前的立场更进了一步。“Up until now Takata has refused to acknowledge that their airbags are defective,” said Anthony Foxx, the transportation secretary. “That changes today.”“在此之前,高田公司一直拒绝承认旗下的安全气囊有缺陷,”运输部部长安东尼·福克斯(Anthony Foxx)说。“这种情况今天发生了改变。”In its filings, dated Monday, Takata said that the propellant in the airbag inflaters — the explosive material that generates the gases to inflate the airbag — could degrade over time if exposed to high humidity and changes in temperature, making it prone to “over-aggressive combustion.”在标注日期为本周一的备案文件中,高田公司称,气囊增压泵里的推进剂——产生填充安全气囊的气体的爆炸物——如果暴露在高湿度和温度波动的环境中,可能会在一段时间后降解,从而容易发生“过于剧烈的燃烧”。Former Takata engineers told The New York Times last year that they had raised concerns over a decade ago that the explosive material Takata uses — ammonium nitrate — was sensitive to moisture and temperature swings. But those concerns went unheeded, they said.曾受聘于高田公司的几名工程师去年对《纽约时报》说,他们十多年前就提出了对公司使用的爆炸物——硝酸铵——对湿度和气温波动过于敏感的担忧。但他们称,这些担忧没有引起重视。Takata’s patents also document how the company’s engineers for years struggled to stabilize the ammonium nitrate in its propellant.高田公司的专利文件的记录还显示,他们的工程师多年以来一直难以稳定推进剂里的硝酸铵。And for the first time, Takata also acknowledged problems with leaks in its airbag inflaters. Tests had revealed that some of its airbag inflaters were found to have leaks in the seals that are supposed to keep them air tight.这一回,高田公司还首次承认了气囊增压泵的漏气问题。测试显示,一些气囊的增压泵的密封垫有漏气现象,而这些密封垫本应该把气体严严实实地封住。Last week, a former Takata consultant said that tests he carried out on prototype Takata airbags in the early 2000s showed that they contained leaks. He urged the company to use a different leak testing method, one that he devised, he said, but his advice went unheeded.上周,高田公司的一名前顾问表示,他在本世纪初对公司的原型安全气囊进行的测试就显示,它们存在漏气现象。他敦促公司使用一种不同的漏气检测方法,也就是他设计的方法。但他说,自己的建议没有被采纳。In February, federal safety regulators began to levy a fine of ,000 a day against Takata because it had not cooperated fully in the agency’s investigation. The company disputed the claims. With the expansion of the recall, though, regulators said they would suspend that fine, which had reached more than million.今年2月,联邦安全监管机构开始对高田公司实施每天1.4万美元(约合8.6万元人民币)的罚款,原因是它没有充分配合该机构的调查。公司反驳了这些指责。不过,随着这次召回范围的扩大,监管机构称,他们将暂停对高田公司的罚款。这项罚金已累计超过了100万美元。 /201505/376283

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