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North Korean Nuclear Negotiations to Resume This Week北韩核项目六方会谈周四北京复会 Talks on ending North Korea's nuclear programs are to resume this week in Beijing, after being on hold since last year. Negotiations are expected to focus on efforts to verify the dismantling of North Korea's declared nuclear facilities and Pyongyang's demands for aid. 目的在于去除北韩核项目的六方会谈本周将在北京复会,自从去年以来会谈一直陷于停顿。预计这次会谈将集中讨论如何核实北韩所宣称的拆除核设施的行动,以及平壤要求获得的援助。China's Foreign Ministry says negotiators from six nations will meet Thursday to discuss North Korea's nuclear weapons programs. 中国外交部说,六方会谈的谈判代表将于星期四会面,讨论北韩的核武器项目。Negotiations have been on hold for the past nine months, while North Korea was preparing a declaration of its nuclear facilities. It submitted the declaration last month. 在过去9个月里谈判一直中断,北韩与此同时为提交一份核项目清单作准备。上个月北韩提交了这份清单。In return, the ed States is removing North Korea from a list of states that sponsor terrorism and is lifting some sanctions against the reclusive nation. 作为回报,美国正把北韩从持恐怖主义国家的名单上拿掉,并解除针对与世隔绝的北韩的一部分制裁。A spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry, Qin Gang, said Tuesday the talks have been scheduled for three days, but could go longer if more progress is made. 中国外交部发言人秦刚星期二说,会谈的日程是三天,不过如果会谈取得进展,将会延长。He says they hope the delegations achieve progress and the talks will be beneficial to pushing forward to the next stage of negotiations. 他说:“我们期待此次团长会取得积极成果,以利于推动会谈步入新的阶段。”North Korea agreed to give up its nuclear ambitions, in return for aid, security guarantees and diplomatic incentives. 北韩同意放弃核野心,以换取援助、安全保障以及外交好处。In a dramatic gesture, Pyongyang invited the international media to cover its June destruction of a cooling tower at its Yongbyon nuclear complex. 平壤今年6月以一种戏剧性的方式邀请国际媒体现场报道炸毁宁边核反应堆冷却塔的行动。This week's talks, however, are likely to face problems. Washington says Pyongyang has several nuclear bombs and a secret uranium enrichment program, but North Korea did not include either in its declaration.  摆在本周六方会谈谈判桌上的很可能是一些难题。华盛顿说,平壤拥有好几枚原子弹,还有一个秘密的浓缩铀项目,但是这两样都不在北韩的核项目清单上。Pyongyang is demanding it receive promised aid and diplomatic incentives before it dismantles any more facilities. 平壤要求,在它销毁任何更多的核设施之前,北韩必须先得到承诺给它的援助以及外交好处。The other parties to the six-nation talks are China, South Korea, Russia, and Japan. 参加六方会谈的其他各方有中国、韩国、俄罗斯和日本。200807/43681Bush Wants G8 to Honor Commitments to Africa布什将敦促发达国家信守援非承诺  U.S. President George Bush says he will use next week's meeting of the world's leading industrialized nations to urge fellow leaders to honor the commitments they have made to help Africa. 美国总统布什说,他将利用下周的世界工业发达国家首脑会议的机会敦促与会国领导人信守他们帮助非洲的承诺。President Bush says the world needs more than leaders who make promises about helping Africa. He says it needs leaders who actually write the checks. 美国总统布什说,世界需要的不仅仅是承诺帮助非洲的领导人,更需要真正兑现承诺的领导人。"You know I hope that these countries understand the great promise and hope that comes when we help alleviate this suffering," the president said. "And so one of my really important agenda items is going to rally our partners to make commitments and meet commitments." 他说:“要知道我希望这些国家明白,在我们帮助解除非洲的苦难以后,光明的前程和希望才会来临。所以我的重要议题之一就是呼吁我们的伙伴国家作出承诺,兑现承诺。”Mr. Bush told reporters at the White House that he is going to next week's Group of Eight summit in Japan to press fellow leaders to deliver on a promise made two years ago to double financial assistance to Africa to billion by the year 2010. 布什在白宫对记者说,他将参加下周在日本举行的八大国首脑会议,他将敦促伙伴国领导人兑现两年前的援助承诺,在2010年前把对非洲的经济援助增加一倍,达到220亿美元。So far, the nonpartisan AIDS and poverty awareness group the One Campaign says just 14 percent of those funds have been delivered. 无党派的“全球对抗艾滋病及消除贫困组织”说,迄今为止,承诺的援助资金只兑现了14%。At last year's G8 summit, leaders agreed to back U.S.-led efforts to help cut African deaths from malaria by half in the most-affected countries. President Bush says he will push leaders to honor that commitment as well. 在去年的8国首脑会议上,各国领导人同意持美国倡导的一项努力,即在疟疾蔓延最猖獗的非洲国家里把疟疾致死的人数减少一半。布什说,他也将敦促与会领导人信守这一承诺。Mr. Bush says he will press for more G8 funding to train African health care workers and assistance for those facing rising food prices in Africa and other developing nations. 布什说,他将敦促这8个国家提供更多资金用于训练非洲医疗卫生工作人员并援非洲及其它面临食品价格上涨困境的发展中国家。"At Toyako, I will also ask leaders of the G8 to make important strategic moves to alleviate hunger, such as increasing the shipments of food, fertilizers, and seeds to countries in need. It's one thing to talk about the problem," he said. "This is a practical way to help countries deal with the lack of food. We need to help severely affected nations grow more of their own food. It's one thing to provide food. It seems like it makes sense to me to say we are going to help you become more agriculturally self-sustaining." 他说:“在日本,我也将要求8国领导人采取重大战略步骤减少饥饿,例如增加对贫困国家的食品、肥料和种子的援助。谈论这个问题是一回事。这是帮助这些国家应付食品短缺的具体方式。我们需要帮助那些饥荒严重的国家自己种植更多的粮食作物。而供应粮食却是另一回事。依我所见,告诉他们:我们将帮助你们在农业上更加自立,这是合理可行的办法。”White House officials expect President Bush will discuss the ongoing political crisis in Zimbabwe both during bilateral talks with South African President Thabo Mbeki and in a wider conversation between G8 leaders and the heads of Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tanzania. 白宫官员预计,布什将在与南非总统姆贝基的双边会谈中,以及在与8国领导人以及埃塞俄比亚、加纳、尼日利亚、塞内加尔和坦桑尼亚这些国家领导人的会谈中讨论津巴布韦目前的政治危机。Global climate change is also on this year's agenda. 此外,全球气候变暖问题也在今年的议事日程上。Summit host Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda hopes to convince his colleagues to agree on a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050. 这次首脑会议的东道主,日本首相福田康夫希望说与会国领袖同意在2050年前把温室气体排放量削减50%。President Bush blocked binding limits on greenhouse gases at last year's G8 meeting because they did not apply to other big polluters including China and India. So this year's summit will include China and India in a separate meeting of 16 major economies responsible for 80 percent of world carbon dioxide emissions. 布什在去年的八国首脑会议上阻止了通过有关限制温室气体排放的有约束力的规定,因为有关规定并不适用于其它污染大国,如中国和印度。所以今年的首脑会议将在另行举行的16个经济大国会议中包括中国和印度,这16个国家的二氧化碳废气排放量达到全球排放量的80%。Mr. Bush says efforts to combat global climate change must not restrict economic development. 布什说,制止全球气候变化的努力不该限制经济发展。"I'll be reminding people that we can have better energy security and we can be better stewards of the environment without sacrificing economic growth," he noted. "And the principle is pretty simple. It's going to be hard to have the amount of money necessary to invest in new technologies if we don't have the money to spend, and therefore we need to make sure our economies are vibrant." 他说:“我将提醒人们:我们可以有更安全的能源,也可以更好地治理环境,同时不必牺牲经济发展。这个原则相当简明。如果我们没有钱,就难以向新技术投入所需的资金,所以我们务必确保经济蓬勃发展。”The president has approved billion in U.S. loan guarantees to support private sector investments in clean energy technology. 布什已经批准提供400亿美元国家贷款担保,持私人企业投资开发清洁能源技术。200807/43293

  Hamas Suspends Prisoner Exchange Talks With Israel加沙哈马斯中止同以色列的换俘谈判   Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip have suspended prisoner exchange talks with Israel that would free an Israeli soldier in exchange for hundreds of Palestinians.  在加沙地带,哈马斯武装分子中止了同以色列用释放一名以色列士兵交换数百名巴勒斯坦犯人所举行的谈判。The Hamas declaration to suspend the prisoner exchange talks came after Israel decided to keep cargo crossing points with the Gaza Strip closed - in retaliation for continued rocket attacks by Palestinian militants against southern Israel. 在以色列为了报复巴勒斯坦人持续向以色列南部发射火箭而决定关闭加沙地带的货物过境点之后,哈马斯宣布停止就交换囚犯问题所举行的谈判。 The talks are supposed to lead to freedom for Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit, who was seized from his Gaza border post two years ago by Palestinian militants. Egypt has been brokering talks that would see Schalit freed in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners that Israel holds.  被囚禁的以色列士兵名叫吉拉德·沙利特,他是两年前在加沙边境值勤时被巴勒斯坦激进分子抓获的。埃及政府一直在谈判中斡旋,以便用释放沙利特来交换被以色列政府囚禁的数百名巴勒斯坦犯人。Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri says the Israeli closure is a violation of the Gaza truce between Israel and Palestinian militants that went into effect on June 19.  哈马斯发言人萨米·阿布·祖赫里说,以色列关闭货物过境点的作法违反了以色列和巴勒斯坦武装分子间从6月19号开始生效的停火协议。"Hamas has decided to suspend negotiations for the release of Schalit because of the closure of the border roads which is a violation of the terms of the ceasefire," he said.  祖赫里说:“哈马斯决定中止就释放沙利特所举行的谈判,因为以色列关闭边境道路违反了停火条件。”Another round of talks on freeing Schalit was supposed to have taken place on Saturday in Cairo.  就释放沙利特而举行的新一轮谈判原定星期六在埃及首都开罗举行。A spokesman for Israel's military says the latest border closure, which took effect on Thursday, was provoked by continued rocket fire, which he says is a violation of the truce.  以色列军方的一位发言人则表示,以色列是从星期四开始关闭边境的,因为巴勒斯坦人继续向以色列发射导弹属于挑衅行动,违反了停火协议。The truce calls for Palestinian militants to stop firing rockets at Israel, and for Israel to open crossings into Gaza. Upon completion of the prisoner exchange, Egypt has pledged to re-open its border crossing with Gaza at Rafah.  停火协议要求巴勒斯坦武装分子停止向以色列发射火箭,同时要求以色列开放进入加沙地带的过境点。埃及则保说,一旦完成交换囚犯,埃及将开放加沙边境上的拉法赫过境站。Meanwhile Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak has issued demolition orders for the homes of two East Jerusalem Arabs who carried out attacks against Israelis. The homes belong to the families of a man who gunned down eight Jewish seminary students in March and the man who killed three Israelis on Wednesday with a bulldozer in the heart of Jerusalem. Israel's attorney general ruled the demolitions can take place but noted the demolitions could raise "significant legal problems." Human rights groups say they will appeal the demolition orders. 另一方面,以色列国防部长巴拉克下令捣毁向以色列人发动攻击的两名东耶路撒冷阿拉伯居民的房屋。其中一人今年三月开射杀八名犹太神学院学生,另一人上个星期三在耶路撒冷市中心用推土机轧死了三名以色列人。以色列司法部长裁定,捣毁房屋的命令可以执行,但是可能会导致“重大的司法麻烦”。人权团体表示,他们将就捣毁令提出上诉。200807/43502

  New Polls Show A Shifting US Presidential Race最新民调显示美总统选情变化不定Some new public opinion polls suggest a close and volatile presidential race in the months ahead.  一些新的民意调查结果显示,今后几个月美国总统竞选的选情将非常接近和变化不定。Some good news for Hillary Clinton in her battle with Barack Obama for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.  对于正在与奥巴马争夺民主党总统候选人提名的希拉里.克林顿来说,现在有了一些好消息。The latest Gallup poll has Clinton pulling ahead of Obama by a margin of 49 to 42 percent. 最新的盖洛普民意调查结果显示,希拉里.克林顿以49%比42%领先于奥巴马。But there was also good news for the presumed Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain. The latest Reuters-Zogby poll shows McCain beating Obama by a margin of 46 to 40 percent, and defeating Clinton by a margin of 48 to 40 percent. 对于被认为已经获得共和党总统候选人提名的麦凯恩来说,也有一些好消息。最新的路透社-佐格比民意调查结果显示,麦凯恩将以46%比40%击败奥巴马,以48%比40%击败希拉里.克林顿。McCain was in Britain Thursday as part of a congressional trip to Europe and the Middle East. 麦凯恩星期四访问英国,这是他作为国会议员出访欧洲和中东地区的组成部分。After a meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown, McCain said he appreciated British military efforts in Iraq. 麦凯恩在会晤英国首相布朗后表示,他感谢英国在伊拉克做出的军事努力。"All I can do is express my gratitude to the British government and people, and especially the young people who are serving," said McCain. 他说:“我所能做的只是向英国政府和人民,特别是向那些正在役的年轻人表示感激之情。”McCain has made victory in Iraq the centerpiece of his presidential campaign, and has criticized Democrats Clinton and Obama for advocating a gradual withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. 麦凯恩把打赢伊拉克战争作为竞选的中心议题,并批评民主党候选人希拉里.克林顿和奥巴马主张逐步从伊拉克撤军。Obama took his presidential campaign to West Virginia where he said the half trillion dollar cost of the Iraq war was a drag on the U.S. economy.200803/31664。

  crying need for something ———— 急迫的需求(成语)英文释义 (IDIOM) An urgent need for something that should have immediate attention.例句 There is a crying need for clean water supplies in many impoverished countries.很多贫穷国家急需供应干净的水。 /201607/455745

  (Thanks) very much. The long awaited inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al-Fayed has begun at the high court in London. The jury will determine how the couple died more than 10 years ago in a car crash in Paris. Two separate investigations by French and British police concluded that the chauffeur Henri Paul had been drinking and was driving too fast. Kief Breeve's report contains flash photography.Amid a crush of media attention, Mohamed al-Fayed arrived at the High Court this morning. He's waited more than a decade for an inquest although he reached his own verdict long ago.I'm hoping for the justice. I'm a father who lost his son and fighting for 10 years. At last we are gonna have a jury from ordinary people and I hope to reach the sol(ution) the decision which I believe that my son and Princess Diana (were) being murdered by the royal family.Ok? Today's inquest follows 2 previous investigations, the French inquiry and then Lord Stevens report, both concluded Diana's death was an accident. This is the man who will chair the inquest. Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker will sit with a jury of 11 men and women to examine many of the issues surrounding the fatal crash in Paris. The inquest, expected to last up to 6 months, will look at events leading up to the crash. It will investigate the aftermath, Diana's journey to hospital and treatment, whether the driver Henri Paul was over the blood alcohol limit. And it's excepted to examine claims the couple bought an engagement ring on the day of the crash. How they died is not simply a medical issue, it's an issue that involves looking at where they were going? What they'd been doing? How they were travelling? All those sorts of things, and there will be a degree of controversy at the inquest as to how extensive and how much detail the Coroner goes into and is trying to probe into that issue. Just before Easter next year, the jury will be expected to reach a verdict. They can decide that the deaths were accidental. That the couple were unlawfully killed, or if it's still unclear they can record an open verdict. Well, our reporter Jane Dodge is at the High Court, where the inquest is taking place, and what's happened so far? Well, that jury that Mr. al-Fayed has campaigned so hard to get respond in this morning, 6 women, 5 men. And the Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker's very much directing his opening comments towards them. He ran through those events of that tragic night 31st of August 1997, and he told the jurors "most of you will remember where you were when you heard about the death of Diana princess of Wales. None of you would for a moment have thought that more than 10 years later you would be on a jury investigating what happened." He said there were four main questions they needed to find answers to. Who the deceased were? How they? (what) When they died? Where they died? But most importantly how they died? He said to the jury that they would be the most in the public highlight no other inquest jury had been before, and that evidence by the widesp worldwide interest here from the media in fact so much so a special annex has been built behind it, the wall of courts of justice to accommodate those dozens of journalists, and with that in mind the Coroner said to the jurors television programs have abounded, newspapers have frequently carried reports and articles, some he said near to the point of obsession. And he told the jurors "you must put anything that you have or picked up out of your mind and concentrate on the evidence given here." He is due to continue that opening statement today. This inquest could last up to 6 months. Next week, those juries will be taken to Paris to see the crash site for themselves.Jane, of course it's not just journalists who are obsessed with this whole saga, uh, I mean, it's attracting all sorts of people at courtroom. A handful of members of the public managed to get places. One was indeed queuing from 5 o'clock yesterday morning. He sat there, rather tearful with ''Diana at last'' painted on his face, who one of us likes to say, a handful of members of the public there for the duration. Jane Dodge at the High Court. 200805/39909Bush in Italy for Berlusconi Talks, Meeting with Pope布什访意伊朗核问题仍为主要议题  U.S. President George Bush is in Italy for talks with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Thursday and a meeting with Pope Benedict Friday. 美国总统布什星期四在罗马和意大利总理贝卢斯科尼会谈,星期五将会见教皇本笃十六世。Once again, Iran is likely to play a prominent role in the president's discussions on what has been called his farewell tour of Western Europe. 布什总统这次被称之为告别访问的西欧之行很可能仍然要以伊朗问题为主要议题。Italy has been pushing to become part of a group of negotiators with Iran that includes the five permanent U.N. Security Council members plus Germany. 意大利一直在努力加入联合国安理会五个常任理事国和德国组成的对伊朗谈判的团体中来。White House officials say they will listen to what Italy's leaders have to say, but say the German government insists the current format should stay. They also note that Italy has a trading relationship with Iran, and will be a key player if and when the time comes to increase sanctions on Tehran. 白宫官员说, 他们要听取意大利领导人的观点,但是又说,德国政府坚持要保持目前的谈判结构。白宫官员还指出,意大利和伊朗有贸易关系,如果对德黑兰加大制裁的时机来临,意大利将扮演关键角色。On Wednesday, Mr. Bush discussed different aspects of the Iran crisis with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 星期三布什总统和德国总理默克尔从不同角度讨论了伊朗危机。 Speaking to reporters after their talks at a castle just outside Berlin, the president stressed he wants to see a peaceful resolution of the dispute over Iran's nuclear intentions. But he made clear the use of military force remains a last resort. 在柏林郊外的一座城堡结束会谈以后,布什总统在记者会上强调说,他希望看到围绕伊朗核意图的争论得到和平解决 。不过布什明确表示,仍然会把军事力量作为最后万不得已的手段。"I told the chancellor my first choice, of course, is to solve this diplomatically," said President Bush. "All options are on the table. But the first choice is to solve this problem by working closely together, by sending a dual message, which has been the consistent policy of this administration, that if you verifiably suspend your enrichment programs you'll end your isolation, and there's a way forward for you." 布什说:“我告诉默克尔总理我的第一个选择,当然是以外交手段解决。所有的选择都在谈判桌上。但是第一个选择是通过密切接触和努力来解决问题,通过释放双重信息,这也是本届政府一贯坚持的政策,也就是说,如果伊朗能明停止你的浓缩项目,就会结束孤立状态,前方就有了出路。”At the session with reporters, the president was also asked if he regrets his decision to invade Iraq. He said no, but repeated the comments ed in a British newspaper - that he wishes he had chosen his words more carefully when making the case for war. 在记者会上,布什总统被问到是否对攻打伊拉克的决定感到后悔,布什说他不后悔,但是他重复了英国报纸引用他的话以后表示,对伊拉克战争打响之前,他讲话本应更谨慎。"I don't regret it at all. said President Bush. "Removing Saddam Hussein made the world a safer place. And yes, I told the guy -- the guy said, now what could you do over? First of all, you don't get to do things over in my line of work. But I could have used better rhetoric." 他说:“我一点都不后悔,除掉萨达姆.侯塞因使得世界更加安全了。那个记者问我,如果能重作一次,你会怎样作?首先,作为总统,我不能把事情重作一遍。不过我或许应该选择更好的措辞。”The Iraq war has been very unpopular here in Italy, and there have been demonstrations against President Bush every time he has visited Rome since the conflict began. Anti-war protesters have announced plans to take to the streets during his current stay, and 10,000 extra police are on duty throughout the Italian capital. 伊拉克战争在意大利非常不得人心,战争开始以来,布什总统每次访问罗马都会引发反对他的示威游行。反战人士已经宣布在这次布什访问期间走上街头,意大利首都各处的街道增加了一万名警察执勤。200806/41941Somali PM Appeals to Insurgents to Join Peace Efforts索总理呼吁反叛份子加入和平努力  Somalia's Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein is appealing to insurgent Islamists to join the peace deal signed by the transitional government and some moderate opposition groups last month in Djibouti. Mr. Hussein condemned Somalia's uncontrolled violence, which since the accord was signed has claimed the lives of aid workers, a journalist, and a senior U.N. official. 索马里临时政府总理努尔.哈桑.侯赛因呼吁穆斯林反叛分子加入上个月由临时政府和一些温和的反对派组织在吉布提签订的和平协议。他还对索马里不受控制的暴力袭击表示谴责。自从吉布提和平协议签署以来,暴力袭击已经导致一些救援人员、一名记者和一名联合国高级官员死亡。Amid anarchy in large parts of Mogadishu, and a joint Somali-Ethiopian military force waging a counter-insurgency offensive, Somalia's interim prime minister is urging hardline Islamists to end their campaign of violence.  就在索马里首都加迪沙的大部分地区陷入无政府状态,以及索马里和埃塞俄比亚联军对暴力分子发动攻势的时候,索马里临时政府总理敦促强硬派穆斯林结束他们的暴力活动。Speaking to reporters at the end of a three-day visit to the Ethiopian capital, Nur Hassan Hussein called on the militant Al-Shabab group to seize the opportunity created by last month's U.N.-brokered peace agreement. 侯赛因总理在结束对埃塞俄比亚首都亚的斯亚贝巴为期三天的访问后对记者们发表讲话,他呼吁激进组织“青年会”抓住上个月由联合国斡旋达成和平协议所创造的机会。"The agreement signed in Djibouti is the key and opens the door to peace so anyone can join, any organization opposing the government of today, there is a window of opportunity to join," Hussein said. 他说:“在吉布提签署的协议是一把钥匙,它打开了通向和平的大门,让所有人都能参加,让反对现政府的任何组织都能加入进来,这是一个加入的机会窗口。”Many Somalis and political analysts say the Djibouti accord has been discredited by violence from groups like al-Shabab, which is committed to overthrowing the Ethiopian-backed transitional government and establishing Islamic rule. But Prime Minister Hussein argued that the agreement has provided a flicker of hope by bolstering the more moderate Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia, which signed the June 9 accord. 许多索马里人和政治分析人士说,“青年会”等组织发动的暴力袭击破坏了吉布提协议的声誉。“青年会”谋求推翻埃塞俄比亚持的索马里临时政府,并建立穆斯林统治。但是,侯赛因总理说,这份和平协议增强了比较温和的“索马里再次解放联盟”的声望,给索马里带来一线希望。“索马里再次解放联盟”6月9号签署了这项协议。"I think today the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia are also trying their best to enlarge their constituency, so together the parties signing this agreement have a good opportunity to attract others," he said. "But if, like Al Shabab, they are rejecting the peace, the people, hoping the situation of 18 years ending and a new page being started, that will help the parties signing the agreement." 他说:“我认为,目前索马里再次解放联盟也在尽力扩充持他们的民众数量。因此现在是签署和平协议的各方吸引其它组织加入的良机。不过,如果跟青年会一样,他们拒绝接受和平,那么,希望结束18年状况并开启新桥梁的民众团体和普通百姓就将帮助签署和平协议的各方。”Mr. Hussein condemned the killing, kidnapping and harassment of humanitarian aid workers, in particular the shooting death of the head of the ed Nations Development Program office. UNDP chief Osman Ali Ahmed was gunned down at close range Sunday evening as he returned home from evening prayers at a mosque in Mogadishu.  侯赛因总理谴责那些谋杀、绑架和骚扰人道救援人员的行为,尤其是杀联合国发展计划署索马里办公室负责人奥斯曼.阿里.艾哈迈德。艾哈迈德星期天晚上从加迪沙一座清真寺做完礼拜回家途中,被人近距离杀。The ed Nations has described Somalia as the world's worst humanitarian crisis. 联合国说,索马里的人道主义危机是全世界最严重的。 One million Somalis, or more than 10 percent of the population, are living as internal refugees, and the group Doctors Without Borders says malnutrition in the horn of Africa country has exceeded emergency rates for a year.Ethiopian troops entered Somalia 20 months ago to help the interim government fight an Islamist movement that was threatening to take over the country. The Mogadishu-based Elman Peace and Human Rights Organization estimates more than 2,100 Somali civilians have been killed this year, bringing the civilian death toll to 8,600 since early last year.200807/43629

  Burma's Junta Leader Says He May Relinquish Power in 2010缅甸反对党派质疑军队将移交权力The head of Burma's military junta, General Than Shwe, says he intends to give up control of the government to whoever wins elections in 2010. However, members of the opposition in Burma doubt the military will allow a transition to civilian rule. 缅甸军政府领导人丹瑞大将说,他准备把缅甸政府的控制权交给任何在2010年选举中获胜的人。不过缅甸反对党成员怀疑,军队是否会允许同意把权力移交给文职政府。Burmese general Than Shwe went on national television, Thursday, to mark the country's Armed Forces Day holiday. 缅甸军政府领导人丹瑞大将为纪念缅甸建军节在全国电视台上露面。A constitutional referendum is scheduled for May, paving the way for multi-party elections in 2010, at which time the general says power will be handed over. 缅甸定于5月份就一项宪法草案举行公投,为2010年的多党选举铺平道路。丹瑞大将说,届时他将交出权力。In his speech, he said his government has what he describes as "a sincere aim for developing the country without any cravings for power." 丹瑞在讲话中表示,他的政府是一个“对国家发展有着真诚目标,但对权力却没有任何欲望”的政府。But members of Burma's opposition are expressing doubt that the military has any intention of giving up power to civilians. Veteran opposition politician Thakin Chan Tun indicates it is likely General Than Shwe, who is now 77 years old, will have no choice but to give up power in two years' time, because of his age and health. But he says that does not mean the military will relinquish power.但是缅甸反对党成员对军政府是否会把权力移交给文职政府表示了怀疑。反对党资深成员德钦貌吞说,丹瑞大将现年77岁,由于他的年龄和健康,在未来两年里他没有其他选择,很可能不得不放弃权力。The politician says the basic principles of the constitution drafted by the military leaders allow for the military to retain control of much of the parliament and key posts in the government. He says the army will be able to continue to rule the country, even if Than Shwe gives up his post. 但是德钦貌吞说,这并不意味着军队也会放弃权力。他说,缅甸军队领导人起草的宪法草案的基本原则是,允许军队保持对议会的主要控制权,并保留关键的政府职位。即使丹瑞放弃他的职位,军队还会继续保持对缅甸的统治能力。The military has ruled Burma since a coup in 1962. The military took over virtually every aspect of the Burmese economy, which has gone from being one of the most diverse and prosperous in Southeast Asia to one of the poorest. Despite being rich in natural gas, timber and other resources, per capita income is less than 240 dollars a year. 自从军队1962年发动军事政变以来一直统治缅甸。军队实际上控制着缅甸经济的每一个层面。缅甸从一个经济最具多样性、最繁荣的东南亚国家之一,跌落到一个最贫困的东南亚国家之一。虽然缅甸有着丰富的天然气、木材和其他资源,但是缅甸的人均收入却每年不到240美元。A spike in fuel prices, last year, triggered mostly peaceful protests by thousands of Buddhist monks and others who demanded reforms. 去年燃油价格飙升引发了数千名佛教僧侣和其他人举行基本上和平的示威活动,要求实行改革。Government forces used violence to crush the demonstrations and have continued to imprison people suspected of participating in protest activities. ed Nations officials say more than 30 people were killed in the crackdown. Others say the figure is probably higher. 政府部队动用暴力镇压示威,并继续关押被怀疑参加了抗议活动的人士。联合国官员说,有30多人死于政府的镇压行动,但其他人说,这个数字可能更高。The ed States and other members of the international community have called on the Burmese leaders to undertake real democratic reforms and open a meaningful dialogue with political opponents, including opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been under house arrest for years. 美国和其他国际社会成员国呼吁缅甸领导人切实采取改革措施,并同包括反对派领袖昂山素季在内的政治反对派人士开展有实质意义的对话,昂山素季多年来一直被软禁。Burmese leaders have launched what they call a "road map to democracy," approving a draft constitution that will go before voters in May. Washington has labeled the referendum a sham because it was drafted in a closed process by a hand-picked committee dominated by senior officials of the military government. 缅甸领导人启动了他们所称的“民主路线图”。他们批准一项宪法草案,选民将于今年5月进行表决。美国政府称这项公投是骗局,因为宪法草案是由政府筛选出来的、以军政府高级官员为主的委员会秘密起草的。200803/32617


  US Envoy to Visit Beijing, Moscow for Talks on North Korean Nuclear Program希尔下周访中俄磋商北韩核问题   The chief U.S. envoy to the six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program, Christopher Hill, visits Beijing and Moscow next week to consult on efforts to move the stalled disarmament process forward. Officials say the assistant secretary of State may meet his North Korean counterpart in the Chinese capital. 美国助理国务卿、美国出席朝核六方会谈的首席代表希尔下星期访问北京和莫斯科,就争取推动停滞不前的北韩拆除核设施的进程与中俄两国磋商。美国官员说,希尔可能会在中国首都北京会见北韩代表。Hill's mission to China and Russia, following his Washington meeting earlier this week with South Korean and Japanese envoys, reflects a quickening pace in the nuclear talks. 希尔前往中国和俄罗斯,以及他此前在本周早些时候与韩国以及日本特使的会晤,显示出北韩核项目问题会谈的步伐正在加快。The six-party deal reached early last year - under which North Korea is to give up its nuclear program in return for aid and diplomatic benefits - has been stalled by Pyongyang's failure thus far to produce a declaration of its nuclear holdings and activities. 根据六方会谈去年年初达成的协议,北韩放弃其核项目,以换取援助和外交方面的好处。由于北韩未能全面公布其核材料以及核项目活动,这项协议陷于僵局。However, in what is seen here a show of good faith, North Korea earlier this month turned over to the ed States thousands of papers documenting plutonium production at its now-shuttered Yongbyon reactor complex. 不过,北韩最近表现出诚意,于本月初交给美国数以千计有关在目前已经关闭的宁边反应堆生产钸的情况的文件。The North Korean declaration, which Hill indicated this week may be imminent, would open the way to implementation of the final phase of the accord - leading to normalized relations between North Korea and the ed States and Japan, and new regional security arrangements. 希尔本周表示,北韩公布这些情况至关重要,这将开启协议最后阶段落实的进程,也就是北韩与美国和日本的关系正常化以及签署新的地区性安全协议。State Department deputy spokesman, Tom Casey, said Hill, at this point, has only meetings with his Chinese and Russian counterparts scheduled in Beijing and Moscow.  美国国务院副发言人汤姆.凯西说,目前希尔只计划在北京和莫斯科和中方以及俄方代表会晤。But Hill has also met frequently in the Chinese capital with North Korean envoy Kim Kye-Gwan and Casey made clear he is y to do so again: 希尔在中国首都北京与北韩代表金桂冠举行过多次会晤。凯西明确表示,希尔准备再次这样做。"In terms of whether he's meeting with Kim Kye-Gwan or not, the usual rules apply," said Casey. "Nothing is scheduled. But the North Koreans know he's traveling. And if they see an interest or have a desire to do so, I'm sure they'll arrange something." 他说:“在希尔是否会与金桂冠会晤这个问题上,我们将循惯例。目前没有计划。不过,北韩方面知道希尔的行程。如果他们有兴趣,或者有意愿这样做,我敢肯定,他们会安排会面。”A senior official here told VOA U.S. experts are continuing to examine the more than 18,000 papers submitted by North Korea, and that so far there is nothing to suggest that they are not authentic. 一位高级官员告诉美国之音记者说,美国专家正在继续研究1万8千多份北韩提交的文件,他还说,到目前为止没有任何迹象显示这些文件不真实。The papers, some of them handwritten logs, document plutonium production at the Yongbyon reactor for a five-year period ending in 2007, when the facility was shut down in the first phase of the nuclear deal. 这些文件中包括一些手写的日志,显示出2007年之前的5年间宁边核反应堆生产钸的情况。宁边核反应堆已经根据北韩核项目问题协议的第一阶段规定于2007年关闭。The official said the logs will be critical in determining the validity of the pending declaration, including North Korea's accounting of how much fissionable material was produced at Yongbyon. 这位官员说,对于确定北韩公布情况的真实性方面,这些日志至关重要,包括确定北韩在宁边生产出的核裂变材料的规模。In addition to declaring its plutonium stockpile, and the number of weapons produced, North Korea is also to account for the uranium enrichment project U.S. officials believe it conducted, and any proliferation activity it engaged in. 除了公布储存的钸以及生产出多少武器之外,北韩还要公布美国官员相信北韩进行的浓缩铀项目,以及它所进行的核扩散活动。U.S. officials believe North Korea was helping the Damascus government build a nuclear facility in northern Syria that was destroyed in an Israeli air strike in September of last year. 美国官员相信北韩在叙利亚北部帮助大马士革政府建立一个核设施,这个核设施去年9月在以色列的空袭中被摧毁。200805/39932。

  in broad daylight ———— 光天化日(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) Clear and sufficient natural light in which everything is visible.例句 My aunts purse was stolen from her in broad daylight yesterday, not in some dark alley.我姑姑的钱包是昨天在光天化日之下被人偷走的,不是什么黑暗的巷子里。 /201606/446437



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