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Any lingering stigma about finding true love online seems to be fading, particularly among older adults, researchers found。  Ina study of 175 newlywed couples scientists at Iowa State Universitysaid those who met through online dating agencies, or social networkingsites, tended to be older than other couples who met throug htraditional ways offline。  They were also less likely to be marrying for the first time and had shorter courtships before tying the knot -- 18.5 months instead of 42 months。   "Inmany cases, there are real structural forces that encourage the supportand use of these technologies," said Alicia Cast, an associateprofessor of sociology at the university。  "And one of them is just structural constraints on people's time -- such as people who have kids, or have full-time jobs, or work long or extensive hours," she added in a statement。  But the online spouses were as attractive, intelligent and had the same self-esteem levels of the offline couples。  Onlinedating agencies have gained in popularity and acceptability. A recentsurvey by Forbes.com that named New York as the best U.S. city forsingles found it achieved the No. 1 position because it has more peoplewith active online dating accounts than any other city in the country。  U.S.-basede Harmony, which launched in the ed States in 2000, claims anaverage of 236 of its members marry every day in the ed States as aresult of being matched on the site。  eHarmony is also available in Canada, Australia and Britain。  Castand her graduate assistant Jamie McCartney studied data on the couplesover a three-year period. Twenty five couples in the study had metonline。  "My understanding is that there are very few studies that have been able to simultaneously get access to a source of couples who met through more conventional means, along with those who choose to meet people online,"said Cast。 /201002/96491Huge global interest in "the best job in the world"--earning good money for lazing on a paradise island for 6 months--has crashed the Australian website where it is advertised.一份“世界上最好的工作”的招聘广告一经发布——在天堂般的岛上休闲6个月还能挣到高薪——立刻引发了全球的点击热潮,导致发布该广告的一家澳大利亚网站瘫痪。The job pays 150,000 Australian dollars (about 100,000 US dollars) and includes free airfares from the successful candidate's home country to tropical Hamilton Island on the famed Great Barrier Reef.此项工作为应聘成功者付半年15万澳元(约合10万美元)的高薪,还将免费为此人提供从其所在国到著名的大堡礁热带海域的汉密尔顿岛的往返机票。In return, the winner will be expected to have as much fun as he or she can--soaking up the sun, swimming, snorkelling, sailing--and report to a global audience via weekly blogs, photo diaries and updates.而此人的工作任务就是尽情享受——沐日光浴,游泳,潜水和出海航行——并通过网络周记、相片日志和视频更新的方式,向全球观众报告自己的经历。The successful candidate--who will stay rent-free in a multi-million-dollar three-bedroom beach home--must be over 18, a "fantastic and charismatic" communicator, and able to speak and write English.应聘成功者还将免费住进一套价值好几百万的三居室海滨别墅——但是应聘者必须年满18岁,具有“极出色、极有魅力的”沟通技巧和英语读写能力。The campaign is a key element in a drive to promote the northeastern Australian state's 18 billion dollar a year tourism industry during the tough global economic climate, officials say.And they are at pains to stress that it is "a real job".据该国官员称,在全球低迷的经济环境下,他们想推动澳大利亚东北部这个州每年收入达180亿美元的旅游业,而此举正是其中关键一环。他们还一再强调“招聘绝非戏言”。The successful applicant will "also have to talk to media from time to time about what they're doing so they can't be too shy and they'll have to love the sea, the sun, the outdoors,” said acting state Premier Paul Lucas.澳大利亚昆士兰州代理总理保罗·卢卡斯说,应聘成功者“也需要不时地接受媒体的采访,谈谈自己在做些什么。因此,他们不能太害羞,要热爱大海、阳光和户外运动”。"The fact that they will be paid to explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, swim, snorkel and generally live the Queensland lifestyle makes this undoubtedly the best job in the world."他还说:“应聘成功者能拿着工资在大堡礁诸岛探索奥秘、游泳、潜水、享受昆士兰的生活方式,这使它毫无疑问地成为世界上最好的工作。”More than 350 applications had been submitted before the website crashed--from Britain, the ed States, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Canada, Netherlands and Portugal among other countries.网站瘫痪以前,已经有350多个应聘者提交了申请,他们来自英国、美国、克罗地亚、土耳其、意大利、德国、加拿大、荷兰和葡萄牙等国家。Candidates are required to create a application in English of up to one minute explaining why they are uniquely qualified for the job.应聘者需要在网上提交一段时长不超过一分钟的英语视频申请,说明自己为何能胜任这份工作。One applicant had submitted his application via email in six different language and some candidates had reportedly visited the Australian Embassy in Washington with applications in hand.其中一位应聘者通过电子邮件用六种不同的语言提交了申请。据说,还有一些应聘者甚至前往华盛顿的澳大利亚驻美大使馆亲自递交了申请书。 /200906/72344Best Red Carpet 最佳红毯着装   Kate Winslet not only swept the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards this year for her acting skills, but she also blew away1 the competition for best dressed. “Kate dresses to really show off her curves,” her stylist Freddie Leiba says.     凯特·温丝莱特今年不仅凭借演技横扫了金球奖和奥斯卡金像奖,还在最佳着装评选中脱颖而出。“凯特的着装的确凸显出了她的曲线,”她的造型师弗雷迪·雷巴说。 /200912/91582摘要:夹在电价上涨和全球变暖恶果之间的美国消费者在是否应关掉冷气的问题上很是挣扎。不知道他们会不会从玛丽莲·梦露的电影《七年之痒》里找到灵感,把内衣裤装在冰盒里,好随时给自己降降温;不过,其它所有能想到的办法都被他们拿来一试了。With electricity costs rising -- along with global-warming guilt -- consumers across the country are struggling to wean themselves from the A/C. It remains to be seen whether they'll take a cue from Marilyn Monroe in 'The Seven Year Itch' and stash their undies in the icebox. But they're trying just about everything else.In Thousand Oaks, Calif., Adina Nack keeps the thermostat at 28-- and lets her toddler dance around the house in a bathing suit, spritzing herself with cool water from a spray bottle. Cara Cummins, in Atlanta, turns on the air conditioner only when she's expecting guests. Otherwise, she makes do by snacking on watermelon cubes soaked in chilled bourbon.Because many power plants run on natural gas, which has shot way up in price, utilities in every region of the nation have imposed -- or are planning -- big rate increases this year, some approaching 30%.In response, nearly two-thirds of families are cutting back on air conditioning, according to a recent Associated Press-Yahoo News poll. They're buying ceiling fans and programmable thermostats; burning up hot afternoons in malls and movie theaters; and bombarding blogger Erin Huffstetler, who writes about frugal living, with questions about the merits of tinting their windows dark to block the sun.The wealthy are even putting windmills in their backyards. Southwest Windpower in Flagstaff, Ariz., installs residential turbines that can supply a third or more of a typical household's electricity. The cost: At least ,000.In Arizona, 50,000 customers of the Salt River Project utility have cut energy use by an average of 13%, thanks to a gizmo that lets them monitor their daily bill, so they can see exactly how much they save by bumping up the thermostat a few degrees. In Texas, Reliant Energy reports an 8% drop in per-customer energy use since 2005.The Department of Energy calculates that heating and cooling account for nearly half the energy used in a typical home. That's more than all the light bulbs, the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the hot-water heater and the washer and dryer -- combined. /200905/70254为什么肤色白皙的女子受到偏爱?Gentlemen do not just prefer blondes, but lighter-skinned women in general, a study has suggested.Scientists looking into attractiveness in men and women suggest that men from all races find fairer-skinned woman most alluring, while women are the polar opposite and favour darker, brooding men.They said the attraction is driven by preferences based on moral assumptions.Men are subconsciously attracted to fairer-skinned icons such as Nicole Kidman or Kylie Minogue because of the skin tone's association with innocence, purity, modesty, virginity, vulnerability and goodness.Women, on the other hand, pick men with darker complexions - such as film stars Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell or Jamie Foxx - because these are associated with sex, virility, mystery, villainy and danger.The latter two actors were paired together in the recent Miami Vice movie, which topped the box office on both sides of the Atlantic despite lukewarm reviews.Academics at the University of Toronto in Canada say their study proves the fair maiden of myth has a basis in scientific reality.They studied more than 2,000 advertising photographs and found that the skin of white women was 15.2 per cent lighter than the skin of white males, and the skin of black women 11.1 per cent lighter than the skin of black men.Dr Shyon Baumann, a sociologist involved in the study, said: "What the research shows is that our aesthetic preferences operate to reflect moral preferences."Within our cultures we have a set of ideals about how women should look and behave."Lightness and darkness have particular meanings attached to them and we subconsciously relate those moral preferences to women."In effect, men drawn to darker looking women - such as actress Monica Bellucci - are expressing a preference for danger.Dr Baumann said this appreciation of a darker complexion in women is "less common" but "appears to coexist with a view of such women as more overtly sexual. 一项研究表明,男士不只青睐皮肤白皙、金发碧眼的女士,总的来说,他们对浅肤色的女性都比较感兴趣。科研人员对男性和女性的吸引力特征进行探究后发现,所有种族的男性都认为肤色较浅的女性最具吸引力,而女性的观点则正好相反,她们更青睐肤色黝黑的深沉男士。研究人员称,这种喜好取决于对异性的“道德假定”偏好。男性潜意识里更青睐皮肤白皙的女明星,比如妮可#8226;基德曼、凯莉#8226;米洛,因为这种肤色让人联想到天真、单纯、端庄、纯洁、柔弱和善良。然而,女性则更青睐肤色较深的男性,比如影星强尼#8226;戴普、柯林#8226;法勒尔和杰米#8226;福克斯,因为这样的肤色给人一种性感、阳刚、神秘、邪恶和危险的感觉。柯林#8226;法瑞尔和杰米#8226;福克斯联合主演的(饰演两位警察卧底)新片《迈阿密风云》尽管得到的评价并不高,但它在大西洋两岸均取得了票房冠军。加拿大多伦多大学的研究人员称,该研究明传说中的窈窕淑女是有现实的科学依据的。研究人员对两千多张广告照片进行了研究,发现白人女性的肤色白皙度比男性高15.2%,黑人女性的肤色白皙度比男性高11.1%。研究小组成员之一、社会学家施恩#8226;鲍曼恩说:“研究表明,我们的审美喜好能反映出我们的‘道德喜好’。”“我们的文化中存在一套有关女性外表和举止的完美典范。”“因此,肤色深浅也被赋予了特殊含义,我们潜意识里会将那些‘道德喜好’与女性联系在一起。”实际上,有的男性喜欢像(意大利)影星莫妮卡#8226;贝鲁奇这种深肤色的女性,这说明他们偏爱“危险感”。鲍曼恩说,喜欢深肤色女性的人“并不多见”,但“同时有观点认为,这种肤色的女性显得更加性感”。 /200803/31207

An Ingenious Love LetterThere once lived a lad who was deeply in love with a girl, but disliked by the girl’s father, who didn’t want to see any further development of their love. The lad was eager to write to the girl, yet he was quite sure that the father would it first. So he wrote such a letter to the girl:一个小伙子非常爱一位姑娘,但姑娘的父亲却不喜欢他,也不让他们的爱情发展下去。小伙子很想给姑娘写封情书,然而他知道姑娘的父亲会先看,于是他给姑娘写了这样一封信:My love for you I once expressed我对你表达过的爱no longer lasts, instead, my distaste for you已经消逝。我对你的厌恶is growing with each passing day. Next time I see you,与日俱增。当我看到你时I even won’t like that look yours.我甚至不喜欢你的那副样子。I’ll do nothing but我想做的一件事就是look away from you. You can never expect I’ll把目光移往别处,我永远不会marry you. The last chat we had和你结婚。我们的最近一次谈话was so dull and dry that you shouldn’t think itmade me eager to see you again.枯燥乏味,因此无法使我渴望再与你想见。If we get married, I firmly believe I’ll假如我们结婚,我深信我将live a hard life, I can never生活得非常艰难,我也无法live happily with you, I’ll devote myself愉快地和你生活在一起,我要把我的心but not奉献出来,但决不是to you. No one else is more奉献给你。没有人能比你更harsh and selfish and least苛求和自私,也没有人比你更solicitous and considerate than you.关心我帮助我。I sincerely want to let you know我真挚地要你明白,what I said is true. Please do me a favor by我讲的是真话,请你助我一臂之力ending our relations and refrain from结束我们之间的关系,别试图writing me a reply. Your letter is always full of答复此信,你的信充满着things which displease me. You have no使我兴趣索然的事情,怀有sincere care for me. So long! Please believe对我的真诚关心。再见,请相信I don’t love you any longer. Don’t think我并不喜欢你,请你不要以为I still have a love of you!我仍然爱着你!Having the letter, the father felt relieved and gave it to his daughter with a light heart. The girl also felt quite pleased after she it carefully, her lad still had a deep love for her. Do you know why? In fact, she felt very sad when she the letter for the first time. But she it for a few more times and , at last, she found the key – only every other line should be , that is the first line, the third, the fifth … and so on to the end.姑娘的父亲看了这封信以后,非常高兴地把信给了姑娘。姑娘看罢信也非常快乐,小伙子依然爱着她。你知道她为什么高兴吗?其实,她初读时非常忧伤,但她怎么也不相信那是他的真心话,于是她又默读了几遍,终于,她清楚了该怎样读法。只能一、三、五行如此类推,直到信的结尾. /200808/46485

YOUR MONEY 理财:改善财务状况Take stock of your life and improve your financial future.Recycle Old Gadgets for Cash 通过废物再利用挣钱Choose 'Obama' Stocks 选择与奥巴马政策相关的公司股票Advance Your Career Online 通过在网上建立声誉来推动事业发展Put Your Cash in Safe Accounts 把现金放在安全的账户Start Your Own Nonprofit 成立自己的非营利组织Drink Screw-Topped Wines 喝有螺旋盖的葡萄酒Lose the 'Microwave' Mentality 抛开“微波炉式”急于求成的心理Make Friends at Work 结交职场好友Watch TV Free Online 在网上看免费电视Try That Home Before Buying 买房前先试住YOUR BODY 健康:追求健康生活Take a healthy approach to life. Bike to Work 骑自行车上班Use Glass to Store Food 用玻璃器皿储藏食物Take an Afternoon Nap 午后小憩Get Paid for Good Health 奖励有健康习惯的员工Walk the Cravings Away 用散步来赶走食欲Get a New Toothbrush 常换新牙刷Move to Vermont 搬到最有益身心的地方居住Get Your Eyes Checked 检查视力Add Obstacles to Your Jog 尝试“跑酷”这种有难度的跑步运动Get Fit as You Get Older 越活越健康YOUR MIND 心理:创新思维方式Challenge yourself to think in new ways. Read Up on Edgar Allan Poe 研读埃德加·爱伦·坡的作品Publish Your Book Yourself 自己出书Go Back to School for New Skills “回炉再造”、学习新技能Study Philosophy 研究哲学Save That November 5 Paper 保留某一天的报纸Silence Noise Pollution 远离“噪音污染”Finish a Crossword Puzzle 完成字谜游戏Start Using Twitter 开始使用Twitter(即时消息的一种变种)Learn Russian 学习俄语?一门外语Keep a 'Clothes Hanger' Journal 每天用一句话记录生活 /200901/60534

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