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寮步大岭山大朗镇处女膜修复多少钱东莞市沙田医院激光祛太田痣多少钱1:Ride a bike第1单元:骑脚踏车It provides an excellent aerobic workout.骑脚踏车是一种绝佳的有氧健身运动Ride indoors on a stationary bike or go outside and enjoy the scenery.在室内踩健身脚踏车或骑脚踏车到室外去欣赏一下风景Start your muscles and getting your heart in gear.慢慢地开始你每天例行的运动,先花五到十分钟的时间来暖身,让你的心脏进入适合运动的状态Then speed up to minutes and finally slow down another 5 to minutes.接下来加速骑十到二十分钟,最后再慢下来骑五到十分钟Most stationary bikes help you clock your pace.大部分的室内脚踏车可以计算你踩踏的速度,Set the bike to an easy resistance level and pedal about 0 rpms(revolutions per minute)to start.一开始先把脚踏车速度等级设定在较容易的每分钟四十转,Then increase your pace to 60 rpms and hold it steady about minutes.然后逐渐增加到每分钟六十转,并以此速度持续踩二十分钟Finally,slow down to 0 rpms or less about five minutes.最后,将速度降到每分钟四十转或少于四十转,持续约五分钟Afterward,walk around the room a few minutes to let your heart re-adjust to a non-exercise pace.之后,在室内走一走,让你的心跳重新调整回非运动时的频率And dont jump into the shower right away-that could seriously stress your heart.不要急着去冲澡,那可能会严重地增加你心脏的负荷 369331东莞丰胸多少钱 Inclusive Tour包餐旅游Is there anything I can do you?我能为您做些什么吗?We are thinking of a two days tour to Vienna.我们在计划着去维也纳的双日游That a good place to go at this time. How about this route?现在正是去那里的好时候,这条线路怎么样呢?It looks fine. Is this an inclusive tour?看起来不错,是包餐旅游吗?No sir, you have to deal with your own meal since we charge you only the trip.不是,先生,因为我们只收取80美元的观光费,您得自己解决自己的用餐问题 7880东莞市妇幼保健院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱

东莞无痛脱体毛哪家医院好东莞市丰唇手术费用 The Perfect Picnic Spot完美的野餐地点Kathy and Evan decide to finish Mrs.Van Helsing lunch as a picnic rather than stop in a restaurant.凯西和艾凡决定以野餐的方式解决凡·赫尔辛太太准备的午餐而不上餐馆K:Gee, weve been driving a few hours. 凯西:啊,我们已经开了好几个钟头的车了It past lunch time. What do you say we stop lunch?现在都过了午餐时间我们停车吃午餐,你认为如何?E:You mean in a restaurant?艾凡:你是说在餐馆用餐?K:Well, of course! What else is there?凯西:嗯,当然!还有哪里可以去呢?E:Ive got an idea. 艾凡:我有个主意Why dont we finish off Mrs.Van Helsing delicious sandwiches and potato salad and have a picnic?我们何不来一次野餐吃掉凡·赫尔辛太太准备的美味三明治和马铃薯沙拉呢?K:That sounds like a great idea, but we dont have any drinks.凯西:好点子,但是我们没有饮料?E:Oh yes, we do. I bought some extra cans of soda and a bottle of beer at the gas station.艾凡:哦,有的,我们有我在加油站另外买了几罐汽水和一瓶啤酒K:You sneak! You didnt ask me what I wanted.凯西:你这个偷偷摸摸的小人!你没有问我我要什么E:I didnt need to. I know what you like.艾凡:我不需要问我知道你喜欢什么K:Oh? Is that so?凯西:哦?是吗?E:Yes, that so. So let start looking a nice place to have our picnic, OK?艾凡:是的,没错那么,咱们开始找个野餐的好地点,好吗?K:I cant argue with that. We dont have a blanket, do we?凯西:这我同意我们没有毛毯,不是吗?E:I have a beach towel. That big enough.艾凡:我有一条海滩浴巾够大的了K:Fine. Come to think of it, where cant we have a picnic? Every place around here in Germany is beautiful!凯西:太好了再说,这里哪有不能野餐的地方?德国这个地方到处都很美!E:How about by that pond down there?艾凡:那边那个池塘边如何呢?K:That looks fine. Let go it.凯西:看起来不错咱们走吧 56336东莞莞城东城区去痣多少钱一颗

东莞市凤岗医院做双眼皮手术多少钱 A series of bombings across Iraq has killed at least 12 people.伊拉克发生一系列爆炸事件,造成至少12人死亡。Security and hospital sources say the deadliest attacks were in the northern province of Kirkuk, where four bombs killed at least seven people and wounded dozens more.安全部门和医院的消息人士说,造成死亡人数最多的袭击发生在伊拉克北部的基尔库克省,四枚炸弹爆炸,炸死至少七人,数十人受伤。Violence across Iraq is down sharply from its peak in 2006 and 2007. However, September was Iraqs deadliest month in two years, with 365 people killed in unrest.伊拉克暴力在2006年和2007年达到顶峰,此后暴力事件大幅减少。但今年9月是伊拉克两年来死亡人数最多的月份,共65人死于骚乱。来 /201211/209375东莞双眼皮哪家效果好东莞市妇幼保健院治疗青春痘多少钱



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