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襄阳妇幼保健医院治疗声带小结多少钱襄阳枣阳市人民中心医院美尼尔怎么样Divorce lawyers have a reputation for burning through warring couples’ finances. The last thing they need is to spend even more money on splitting up, surely? Yet that is the desire of divorce coaches, a new industry dedicated to helping husbands or wives navigate their way out of marriage.对于“交战”的夫妇来说,离婚律师以烧钱著称。他们最不需要的就是在分手这件事上花更多的钱,是吧?这就是离婚指导师(divorce coach)想做的,这是一个致力于帮助丈夫或妻子走出婚姻的新行业。Karen McMahon, a divorce coach in New York, says: “Coaching is in its and divorce coaching is embryon .” Practitioners come from a range of backgrounds, including financial planners, therapists and mediators. Crudely, coaching — traditionally associated with executives — focuses on future goals and potential, whereas therapy might explore past emotional issues in order to gain insight.纽约离婚指导师卡伦麦克马洪(Karen McMahon)表示:“指导行业正处于发展初期,而离婚指导行业则还处于萌芽期。”从业者拥有各种各样的背景,包括理财规划师、治疗师和调解员。粗略地说,指导——传统上主要是为高管务——着眼于未来的目标和可能性,而治疗则是通过探究过去的情感问题来获得深入了解。Karen Bigman, also based in New York and known as the “divorcierge”, charges about per hour. She describes the work: “We help educate [clients] about their options. We can act as a sounding board, help put together a plan, coach through difficult periods as well as guide clients through meetings with divorce professionals such as attorneys and financial advisers.”同在纽约的卡伦比格曼(Karen Bigman)被称为“divorcierge”,收费约为每小时95美元。她这样描述这份工作:“我们帮助(客户)了解他们面临的选择。我们可以提供意见,帮忙制定计划,指导他们度过艰难的时期、与律师和财务顾问等离婚方面的专业人士会面。”SAS for Women, a divorce coaching business for wives, is run by Kimberly Mishkin and Liza Caldwell. They charge up to 0 an hour and typically see clients in their New York office once a week, though it can be more frequent if required. The two divorcees met in Haiti in 2011 when they were both experiencing a kind of second adolescence and enjoying their post-coupledom freedom. Many of their clients are paralysed by the immensity of the task ahead, coming as it does at an emotional time. Ms Mishkin describes the kind of decisions that assail people contemplating divorce. “They think: what now, where do I live, what do I tell the kids, how do I tell work I need time off for court.”专门为女性提供离婚指导务的SAS for Women由金伯莉猠什金(Kimberly Mishkin,上图左)和莉莎考德威尔(Liza Caldwell,上图右)经营。她们的收费最高为每小时300美元。她们通常在位于纽约的办公室里会见客户,频度为每周一次,不过如果客户要求,会面的次数可以增加。这两名离异女性2011年在海地相识,当时她们都在经历某种“第二青春期”,享受与配偶分手之后的自由。她们的许多客户都因离婚需要面临的繁杂事务而感到不知所措——在这种心情不好的时刻。米什金描述了困扰正在考虑离婚的人群的种种问题:“他们会想:现在该做什么?我要住在哪里?我该怎么告诉我的孩子们?需要请假去法院的时候,我如何告知我工作的地方?”Phyllida Wilson, co-author of A Woman’s Guide to Divorce, notes that many people try unburdening themselves to their lawyers, which is both ex and unwise: “It’s very difficult for a solicitor to provide emotional ad . The majority of solicitors don’t have the time or the skills.” A divorce coach may help clients plan ahead for legal meetings to maximise efficiency.《写给女人的离婚指南》(A Woman’s Guide to Divorce)的合著者菲莉达威尔逊(Phyllida Wilson)指出,许多人试图把自己的负担扔给他们的律师,这个选择不仅成本很高,还很不明智:“律师很难为你提供情感建议。大多数律师既没有这个时间,也不具备这种技能。”离婚指导师能帮助客户提前为他们与法律人士的会面拟定计划,以使效率最大化。In the UK, Sara Davison, who ran a self-development and training business with her ex-husband, stumbled upon the idea of divorce coaching when the couple separated. “I had been coaching for 14 years yet the divorce hit me. I wondered how people without coaching skills got through it.”在英国,萨拉戴维森(Sara Davison)曾经和前夫经营一家自我发展和培训公司。当她和前夫离婚的时候,无意中萌生了从事离婚指导的想法。“我从事指导行业14年了,然而离婚依然让我受到打击。我不知道没有指导技能的人是如何渡过这个难关的。”The long, messy and costly process, involving expensive lawyers, struck Ms Davison hard. A couple of months of therapy had given her more clarity but no strategy so she decided to create a coaching program to get through her own divorce. In the past three years, she has offered it to others for up to 165 an hour. She also runs retreats and has created an app.离婚的过程漫长、繁杂、代价高昂,其中还牵涉到费用不菲的律师,这给戴维森女士带来了沉重打击。几个月的心理治疗让她的思路清楚了一些,但并没有为她提供应对策略,因此她决定设立一个指导项目,让自己度过离婚的困境。过去3年,她为其他人提供这个项目,收费每小时165英镑。她还举行静修活动,并创建了一款应用。Despite the number of marriages that break down, she believes divorce still has a stigma. The issues tackled include how to talk to a child about separation (heaps of reassurance, make them feel loved and make sure they know that it is not their fault; nor should you treat them as a go-between or a therapist); how to hand your child over to your ex; how to move on and forge a single life.尽管破裂的婚姻很多,戴维森相信,离婚依然是一件让人有耻辱感的事情。她的项目解决的问题包括,如何和孩子谈论离婚(大量抚慰、让他们感觉自己是被爱着的、确保他们知道父母离婚不是他们的错;不应该把孩子当做中间人或者心理治疗师)?如何把你的孩子托付给前任?如何继续前进,经营一种单身生活?One issue many clients seem to suffer from, she says, is remaining stuck in the past. “I create little stepping stones, for example, making them commit to going out, rather than hide under the duvet.”她表示,一个令许多客户为之痛苦的问题是他们深陷于过去而不可自拔。“我建立了小小的垫脚石,比如,促使他们走出门,而不是躲在被子下面。”There is also a loss of self-esteem, she notes. Those coming out of relationships can find it tricky to untangle their personality from that of their ex-partner. Ms Davison cites one woman who claimed her favourite television programme was Top Gear, despite hating cars and Jeremy Clarkson. It quickly became apparent that it was not the programme itself she liked but sharing time with her husband snuggled up on the sofa.她指出,还有失去自尊的问题。那些结束一段情感关系的人可能会发现,自己的个性和前任难以分开。戴维森援引了一名女性的例子,她声称自己最喜欢的电视节目是《英国疯狂汽车秀》(Top Gear),尽管她讨厌汽车和杰里米克拉克森(Jeremy Clarkson,译注:Top Gear节目主持人)。很快事实就变得明了,她喜欢的不是节目本身,而是与她丈夫一起依偎在沙发上度过的时光。Many people express feelings of shame about divorce. Ms Mishkin says that part of the process is helping them overcome the belief they are an aberration.很多人表达了离婚给他们带来的羞耻感。米什金表示,指导过程的一部分就是帮助他们克自己是异类的想法。Friends and family are not always a source of comfort. “They’re lovely, but often burnt out” by the divorcing person’s anxiety and anger, says Ms Mishkin. In her own case, she knew when her nearest and dearest had had enough. “Their eyes glazed over and you could tell they thought ‘Oh here she goes again.’”朋友和家人并不总能提供慰藉。“他们很亲切”,但离婚人士的焦虑和愤怒“往往会让他们疲于应对”,米什金表示。在她的亲身经历中,她知道到最后她最亲近的人已经忍无可忍。“他们的目光呆滞,你能够判断出来,他们在想‘不是吧,她又来了。’”Coaching is more interactive and practical than psychotherapy, argues Ms McMahon. The characteristic most of her clients share is their ability to “time travel”, she jokes. “Someone divorcing tends to be filled with regret about the past or fear the future.” Her mantra is to “keep your head where your feet are”.麦克马洪表示,指导比心理治疗更具交互性和实践性。她开玩笑说,她的大多数客户的一个共性是他们进行“时间旅行”的能力。“离婚人士往往会充满对过去的悔恨和对未来的恐惧。”她的格言是“让你的头留在你的脚所在的地方”。Ms Bigman says the most challenging type of client is one clinging to their version of events and not willing to change perspective. The other challenge she faces is persuading men to embrace coaching. “I find that if I meet a man in a social situation [who] is going through a difficult situation in their marriage, he will share with me and I will end up coaching him and he’s quite receptive. On the other hand, they never follow up. I’m not sure why but I suspect it has something to do with being vulnerable and asking for help.”比格曼表示,最难以应对的一类客户是坚持自己对于事情的看法,不愿意改变自身观点的人。她面临的另一个挑战是说男性接受指导。“我发现,如果我在社交场合遇到一个婚姻出现问题的男性,他会和我分享,最后我会对他进行指导,他也乐于接受。另一方面,他们从不采取进一步行动。我不确定原因,但我怀疑这和感情脆弱之类的因素有关。”However, Ms Davison finds that men feel more comfortable being coached than seeing a psychotherapist.然而,戴维森发现,比起去看心理治疗师,男性更能接受指导。Many people feel concerned that they will not cope without a spouse, says Ms Caldwell. She cites one very wealthy client who is paralysed at the prospect of being alone and worries that she will not be able to look after herself. For the stay-at-home parent (typically women) who does not work, the world of lawyers and courts can be imposing, she says. For this reason she has a list of good driving instructors and handymen to provide clients with practical help.考德威尔表示,许多人担心,没有配偶他们就无法应付事情。她举了一位非常富有的客户的例子,这名客户对孤身一人感到恐惧,她担心自己无法照顾自己。她说,对于全职照顾家庭的一方(通常是女性)而言,律师和法庭让他们倍感压力。出于这个原因,她有一张名单,上面列出了许多优秀的驾驶教练和各种修理工,这能为客户提供实际的帮助。One of the biggest challenges of the job can be witnessing heartbreak. “There are moments when I cry after a session,” notes Ms McMahon. “But it is transitory.”这份工作最大的挑战之一或许是见令人心碎的事情。“有时在指导后我会哭泣,”麦克马洪表示,“但这只是暂时性的。”“Seeing people upset is never easy but because I can help them I feel lucky”, says Ms Davison.“看到人们难过并不是一件轻松的事情,但因为我能够帮助他们,我感到很幸运,”戴维森表示。 /201511/409608枣阳市妇幼保健中医院看耳鸣多少钱 Most of us have fond memories of bedtime stories. Parents love to pass on their own favorite books to their children. Stories are important in sparking children#39;s imaginations and they teach them about the world. Here are some you will undoubtedly know along with some that are less familiar, and you don#39;t have to be a child to enjoy them. Treat yourself to one from the library or bookstore. You deserve it!大多数人对睡前故事都有自己美好的回忆。父母们愿意把自己喜爱的故事讲给孩子们听。童话故事有助于激发孩子想象力,让他们了解世界。下面给大家介绍的经典童话故事,有的你可能耳熟能详,有的你可能并不那么熟悉。不是只有小孩才能享受童话故事的乐趣。从书店或者是图书馆拿上一本慢慢欣赏!你值得拥有!10.The Secret Garden--By Frances Hodgson Burnett10.《秘密花园》--弗朗西丝·霍奇森·伯内特This story about a garden that transforms the lives of a group of children was serialized and then published as a whole in 1911. Orphaned Mary Lennox, a sickly child, is sent to live in England following her upbringing in India. At the house of her guardian Uncle, Mary discovers a neglected walled garden that no one is allowed to enter. Mary resolves to restore the garden with the help of her new companion, Dickon. Mary#39;s guardian#39;s son, Colin, another sickly and spoiled child, is also in on the secret. As the garden blossoms once more, the characters hope to physically and emotionally heal themselves. Burnett#39;s most acclaimed book was only popular after her death.《秘密花园》是关于一群孩子的生活因一个花园而改变的系列故事,于1911年整篇出版。孤女玛丽·莱诺克斯是个看起来有点病怏怏的孩子,生长在印度,因失去双亲而不得不跟随舅舅到英国生活。在她监护人——舅舅的家里,玛丽发现了一个四面围墙的花园,这里平时不允许人进去。花园因疏于照顾,已经荒废。玛丽决定和她新的小伙伴迪肯秘密恢复花园的原貌。玛丽舅舅家的男孩——科林——也是个病怏怏的,还有点被宠坏了的孩子。他也加入了他们的秘密行动。这些孩子们希望当花园重获生机时,他们自己不管是在心灵上还是身体上都能得到治愈。伯内特最负有盛名的这本小说是在她过世后才开始广受欢迎的。9.The Little Prince--By Antoine de Saint-Exupery9.《小王子》--安东尼·得·圣艾克旭佩里Many adults have discovered this book and been inspired by its observations on the values of the adult world. The author, a French aviator, also drew the illustrations. The story is of a pilot stranded in the desert, an event that actually happened to Saint-Exupery, and his meeting a small boy from a tiny asteroid. The Little Prince, as he is known, has been visiting other worlds including Earth and tells the pilot of his adventures and how his encounters with adults have formed his philosophy. Readers of different ages appreciate the story on different levels. Following its publication in 1943, Saint-Exupery disappeared over the Mediterranean on a wartime mission in 1944.书中通过对大人世界生活价值观的敏锐观察而使得很多成年人都有所感触。作者是一名法国飞行员。书中插图也是作者画的。故事讲的是一个飞行员困在了沙漠当中,遇到了来自小行星的小王子。飞行被困沙漠的事情作者圣艾克旭佩里真实经历过。故事中的小王子游历过包括地球在内的很多星球。他给飞行员讲述了他的游历过程和途中遇到的那些大人如何形成了他的人生观。不同年龄段的人对这本小说都有自己不同的见解。此书在1943年发表。没过多久,也就是在1944年,圣艾克旭佩里在地中海的一次战争任务中神秘消失。8.Grimms Fairy Tales--Collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm8.《格林童话》--由雅克布·格林和威廉·格林兄弟收集Some of the most famous fairy tales in the world are in this collection. The tales, originating from Germany and elsewhere, were published in 1812. This book is the perfect introduction to children#39;s literature and an entertaining source for bedtime stories. The tales include Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, the Elves and the Shoemaker, and Sleeping Beauty. Many families come across the stories for the first time as movie adaptations.世界上非常著名的一些童话都出自这个故事集里。格林兄弟把德国和其他一些地区的童话故事收集整理于1812年发表。这本书是关于儿童文学的完美介绍,也是睡前故事的好出处。故事集里包括《长发公主》、《糖果屋》、《灰姑娘》、《小红帽》、《小精灵与老鞋匠》和《睡美人》等。很多家庭都是通过大荧幕第一次接触到这些小故事的。7.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--By Roald Dahl7.《查理与巧克力工厂》--罗尔德·达尔Best selling children#39;s author, Dahl, brought his love of chocolate to this fantasy tale, published in 1964. It tells the story of Willy Wonka, eccentric owner of a chocolate factory and Charlie Bucket, the boy from a poor family. Charlie and four other children win a competition to tour the factory. As the only child to behave well on the tour, Charlie receives another reward that is beyond his wildest dreams. The morality tale was illustrated by long time collaborator Quentin Blake (from 1998 edition). A film adaptation came out in 1971 starring Gene Wilder and a second one was released in 2005 with Johnny Depp. Dahl also wrote James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, Matilda, and The Twits.畅销儿童小说家达尔把他自己喜爱的巧克力融入到了他的童话书中,在1964年出版了《查理与巧克力工厂》。故事与两个人物有关。一个是行为古怪的巧克力工厂主威利·旺卡,另一个是穷苦人家的孩子查理·毕奇。查理和其他四个孩子因而去参观了巧克力工厂。在参观过程中作为唯一的一个表现良好的孩子,查理获得了他意想不到的大奖。这个关于道德品质的童话故事由长期作画的昆丁·布莱克著插图(1988年版本)。1971年这个故事改编成了电影,基恩·怀尔德主演。第二个电影版上映于2005年,约翰尼·德普主演。达尔的其他著作有《詹姆斯与大仙桃》、《好心眼儿巨人》、《玛蒂尔达》、和《蠢特夫妇》。6.The Hobbit--By J.R.R. Tolkien6.《霍比特人》--约翰·罗纳德·鲁埃尔·托尔金Tolkien#39;s imagination, inspired by his knowledge of ancient languages and folk tales, has enthralled children and adults since The Hobbit#39;s publication in 1937. We are introduced to some of the characters that were to feature in the epic trilogy, Lord of the Rings. Home-loving hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, is persuaded to go on a treasure hunt with Gandalf the wizard and a group of dwarves. Their adventures lead to encounters with Smaug the dragon, giant spiders, trolls, and goblins. Bilbo also gets acquainted with a creature called Gollum and a certain ring.托尔金富有想象力的创作灵感来自于他对古老语言和民间故事的渊知识。《霍比特人》自1937年出版以来让大人小孩都入迷不已。大家通过《指环王三部曲》,对书中的一些人物都已熟悉。热爱家园的霍比特人比尔·巴金斯在劝说之下,和甘道夫以及一群小矮人一起踏上了寻找宝藏的历程。在旅程中,他们遇到了恶龙史矛革、巨型蜘蛛、巨魔、半兽人。比尔还结识了叫做咕噜的怪物,并拥有了魔戒。翻译:图亚 前十网 /201509/400803Michael Larson is one of the most powerful men in US wealth management you have never heard of. He is the chief investment officer for Bill and Melinda Gates Investments (BMGI), and as such is in charge of managing Bill’s personal wealth through Cascade Investment, as well as handling the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation Trust endowment. Despite his high-profile job, he works hard and successfully to stay out of the public eye — Cascade declined to speak for the purposes of this article.迈克尔·拉森(Michael Larson)或许是你从未听说过的美国财富管理界最具影响力的人物之一。他是比尔及梅琳达·盖茨投资(Bill and Melinda Gates Investments, BMGI)的首席投资官,以此身份负责通过Cascade Investment管理盖茨的个人财富,以及打理比尔及梅琳达·盖茨信托基金(Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation Trust)的受捐资产。虽然岗位备受瞩目,但拉森努力成功地避开了公众的视线——Cascade拒绝接受为完成此稿而进行的采访。Bill Gates hired Larson 22 years ago to take over the investment of his personal wealth, which was about bn at the time. Since then Gates’s fortune has grown to around bn (of which he has given away around half) after Larson diversified the funds out of Microsoft, Gates’s software company, and into a broad range of investments.22年前,比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates)聘请了拉森接管其个人财富的投资,当时前者的资产约为50亿美元。自那时起,拉森将盖茨的财富在他的软件公司——微软(Microsoft)以外进行广泛的多样化投资,盖茨的财富已增至约800亿美元(其中约一半已被捐出)。Cascade is not a family office in the traditional sense and does not like to call itself one. It does not handle logistics, payroll or expenses for the foundation and is purely an asset management firm that invests Gates’s personal wealth. BMGI is an organisation that manages the portfolios of Cascade, the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation Trust and other entities, but again it does not label itself as a family office.Cascade不是传统意义上的家族理财室(family office),它也不喜欢被这样称呼。它不负责为盖茨的信托基金管理后勤、工资或者费用出,而完全是一家为盖茨个人财富做投资的资产管理公司。BMGI负责管理Cascade、比尔及梅琳达·盖茨信托基金及其他实体的投资组合,但它也不会给自己贴上家族理财室的标签。The way BMGI is structured allows the foundation to separate its programme work from its investments, say people close to the organisation. This has meant that more money has been created to go into the foundation’s mission to fight disease and improve education in the developing world.接近该机构的人士称,BMGI的结构可以让盖茨的基金会将慈善工作与投资分开。这意味着赚到的更多的钱都用在了该基金会的使命上:对抗疾病、提升发展中国家教育水平。Based in Kirkland, Washington, Cascade shies away from media attention. It declined to comment on its investment strategies but it is known to invest globally and across many asset classes. Its five largest publicly disclosed equity holdings are: Canadian National Railway; Republic Services, the waste removal company; Ecolab, the disinfectant maker; Femsa, the drinks group; and Deere, the maker of agricultural machinery.总部位于华盛顿州科克兰德(Kirkland)的Cascade避开了媒体的关注。该公司拒绝对其投资策略进行置评,但众所周知的是,它在全球范围内的许多资产类别都有投资。该公司公开披露的5宗最大规模持股涉及的公司包括:加拿大国家铁路公司(Canadian National Railway)、垃圾处理公司Republic Services、消毒剂制造商Ecolab、饮料集团Femsa以及农业机械制造商Deere。Cascade has holdings in property and non-technology companies. It holds around a 4 per cent stake in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment group, owns 47 per cent of the Four Seasons hotel company and about 6 per cent of Bunzl, the distribution and outsourcing group. In August, it increased its stake in Strategic Hotels and Resorts to 9.8 per cent.Cascade在地产以及非科技公司也持有股份。它持有沃伦巴菲特(Warren Buffett)旗下伯克希尔哈撒韦(Berkshire Hathaway)投资集团约4%的股份,拥有四季酒店(Four Seasons) 47%的股份,以及分销与外包务集团Bunzl约6%的股份。今年8月,Cascade将其在Strategic Hotels and Resorts持有的股份提升至9.8%。Under Larson, Cascade has focused some of its attention on UK-listed stocks. In 2008, it bought a 3 per cent share of Carpetright, the flooring retailer, but has since reduced its stake. It has also invested in Diageo, the distiller, and JJB Sports, the retailer.在拉森的领导下,Cascade将一部分注意力集中在英国上市的股票上。2008年,Cascade收购了地板零售商Carpetright 3%的股份,但后来又进行了减持。它还对英国酒商帝亚吉欧(Diageo)以及零售商JJB Sports进行了投资。Cascade does not publicly disclose its performance results but it has been reported that because of Larson’s relatively conservative strategy, Cascade’s losses in the 2008 financial crisis were smaller than the industry average for the full year. Since 1995, Larson has delivered a compound annual return of around 11 per cent.Cascade未公开其业绩成果,但据报道,由于拉森相对保守的策略,在2008年金融危机期间Cascade的损失低于该行业的全年平均水平。自1995年以来,拉森实现了约11%的年复合回报率。Like Cascade, many single family investment firms are moving away from the term “family office”. Catherine Tillotson, managing partner of Scorpio Partnership, the consultancy, says: “A tour around London’s elite wealth management boutiques reveals the growing popularity of the term ‘private investment office’. Once loosely described as family offices or multi-family offices, this linguistic shift aims to put a finer point on their capabilities as independent advisers on family wealth.”像Cascade一样,许多单家族投资公司也在摆脱“家族理财室”的称谓。咨询公司Scorpio Partnership执行合伙人凯瑟琳舠洛森(Catherine Tillotson)说:“到伦敦的精英财富管理圈转一转,就可以看到‘私人投资理财室(private investment office)’一词越来越受欢迎。它们曾经被宽泛地形容为家族理财室或多家族理财室,这种用词变化旨在更明确地指出他们作为家族财富独立顾问的能力。”This change is not only happening among high-end investment firms; lawyers and accountants too are coining new phrases. “Family business consulting”, “private company services” and even “strategic philanthropy advice” have joined the lexicon of wealth management for the extremely rich, she says.这种变化不仅发生在高端的投资公司,律师、会计师们也在创造新用语。“家族企业咨询(family business consulting)”、“私人公司务(private company services)”甚至“战略慈善建议(strategic philanthropy advice)”都加入了为顶级富豪管理财富的专用词中,她说。What they signal is that family wealth investment management is big business. Across the world, Tillotson believes there are about 79,000 very rich individuals (those with personal wealth greater than m) who control roughly tn in assets. Many of them are business-owning families or those so-called “financial families”, who have sold operating businesses. When it comes to managing that money, they want to apply the best possible investment advice.这些变化显示出,家族财富投资管理是笔大生意。蒂洛森认为,全世界约有7.9万名大富豪(个人财富超过5000万美元),他们控制着约19万亿美元的资产。他们中很多都是拥有企业的家族或者是出售运营企业的所谓的“金融家族”。当需要管理这些财富时,他们希望得到最好的投资建议。“To this end they are increasingly sharing their experiences with other families via specialist peer networks, events and publications, and with their advisers,” says Tillotson. “So where once the term ‘family office’ was synonymous with the isolated management of an individual family’s wealth, today it perhaps best describes a growing body of professional knowledge and an industry in its own right that includes both specialist and general practitioners.”“为此,他们越来越多地通过专家同行网络、活动和出版物、以及他们的顾问与其他家族分享自己的经历,”蒂洛森说,“因此,曾经等同于孤立管理单一家族财富的‘家族理财室’一词,如今也许可以最恰当地描述一套越来越庞杂的专业知识以及一个本身囊括专才和通才从业者的行业。”The family office market can take many forms, from a single former executive assistant helping a patriarch/matriarch, to a 40-person professional investment organisation that also deals with personal affairs.家族理财室可以采取多种形式,可以是一位前行政助理来协助家族负责人,也可以是一个40人的专业投资机构在为家族理财的同时还打理私人事务。Bill Woodson, north America head of the family office group at Citi Private Bank, says: “While family offices take different forms, the challenges they face are very similar and, as a result, the ultimate solutions they adopt as they evolve tend to be similar, although addressed with varying levels of focus, staffing and professionalism.”花旗私人(Citi Private Bank)家族理财部北美负责人比尔伍德森(Bill Woodson)说:“虽然家族理财室的形式不同,但他们面临的挑战非常相似,因此,他们发展到后来采取的最终解决方案会趋于相似,尽管这些解决方案在焦点、人员及专业性上的水平不同。”He adds that family offices are changing and evolving in a number of fundamental ways. First, an industry has developed around supporting family offices. This allows them to outsource functions previously done in-house.他补充说,家族理财室正在经历一些根本的转变、发展。首先,围绕家族理财室已经发展出一项持性产业。这使他们可以将此前的内部职能外包出去。Second, there are more family offices as a result of the increase in wealth globally and greater information is available about best practice and resources.第二,由于全球财富增长,以及关于最佳实践和资源的更完善信息易于获得,诞生了更多的家族理财室。This helps family offices “professionalise” earlier than they would have before.这有助于家族理财室较之以前更早地实现“专业化”。Third, Woodson adds, the generational shift in control of family wealth has changed what family offices focus on and how they are structured.第三,伍德森补充说,家族财富的代际控制转移改变了家族理财室的关注点及结构。“Younger family members tend to, at a higher rate than before, focus on pursuing philanthropy earlier and on integrating philanthropy into a family’s investment activities,” he says.“比以前更高比例的年轻家族成员倾向于更早专注从事慈善事业,并将慈善整合到家族的投资活动中,”他说。 /201510/406680襄阳南漳县治疗耳膜穿孔大概多少钱费用

襄樊医院那里治疗耳鼻喉科好Entering the dating world may be intimidating for some people but with the help of Bravo TV star and sex and relationship expert, Dr. Emily Morse, knowing the do’s and don’ts will make dating a bit easier. Voted as the No. 1 dating expert to follow on Twitter as well as the No. 1 dating and sex expert by DatingAdvice.com, Emily continues to answer questions on her website, Sex With Emily, that most might be too embarrassed to ask in person. There she discusses topics varying from proper first date etiquette to how to spice things up in the bedroom. Besides helping both men and women approach the opposite sex, Dr. Emily gives helpful advice on how to make sure first dates goes as smooth as possible. Here are Dr. Emily’s top 5 tips for a successful date.对有些人来说,约会可能是很恐怖的一件事,然而,在电视明星兼性学和恋爱专家艾米丽斯士的帮助下,了解哪些该做,哪些不该做将使约会更加轻松。艾米丽经Twitter投票成为第一约会专家,经DatingAdvice.com网站投票成为第一约会性学专家,她继续在个人网站——Sex With Family——为人们解惑答疑,大多都是人们不好意思当面问的问题。她在网站上讨论的话题包括:初次约会需要注意的礼节;如何在卧室增添乐趣。此外,她还帮助两性接近异性,关于确保初次约会顺利进行的方式提供有益的建议。下文是艾米丽士关于成功约会的5大建议。1.Be Present1.享受现在Don’t play out your future relationship with the person in your head. This is a first date. You are not in a relationship so don’t act like you are in one. This isn’t a good time to mention that you want to have their babies in the next year. On the other hand, don’t go into a date thinking that it is doomed. Try to enjoy the company of another person and analyze later. Worst case scenario, it’s a chance to tell all the funny stories your friends are sick of hearing.切勿在脑海中计划你与她的未来关系。这只是初次约会,还没有确定恋爱关系,因此,不要表现的像在谈恋爱一样。这样的场合不适合提到明年你想要和她生孩子诸如此类的话。此外,不要进入约会思维模式,认为你们是命中注定的。尽量享受另外一个人的陪伴,事后再做分析。如果你认为可以趁这个机会把所有朋友们讨厌听到的幽默故事讲给她听,那就太糟糕了。2.Don#39;t Be Glued to Your Cell Phone2.切勿紧盯手机I realize that pretending to check your cell phone is a great way to avoid awkward silences, but resist the urge. Stay engaged. Make eye contact with your date instead of with your phone, and ask them how many siblings they have or if they’ve seen Gravity yet.我知道假装查看手机是避免冷场的妙招,然而约会时务必要抵制这一冲动。与她保持互动,进行眼神交流。问她家里有几个兄弟,或有没有看过万有引力这部电影。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201509/401543老河口市第一医院治疗鼻息肉哪家好 襄阳哪家医院治疗中耳炎比较权威

老河口市第二医院腺样体肥大要多少钱 Nearly one third of Japanese working women have experienced sexual harassment at their place of employment, although nearly two-thirds of them suffer in silence, according to a study commissioned by Japan#39;s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.由日本厚生劳动省委托进行的一项研究显示,近1/3日本职场女性曾在工作场所遭性骚扰,而其中近2/3忍气吞声。More than half of those women said they had been subjected to casual comments – mostly by male colleagues – about their appearance, age and physical features. In the most serious cases victims said they had been repeatedly asked out, pressed to have sex or been touched inappropriately.半数以上遭遇性骚扰的职场女性大都曾被异性同事肆意品评外貌,年龄和身材。有些受害人甚至被迫和异性外出,遭猥亵甚至发生性关系。In the first survey of its kind in Japan, the health, labour and welfare ministry said 30% of respondents in full- and part-time employment reported being sexually harassed at work. Among full-time workers, the figure rose to 35%.在日本首次进行的该类调查中,卫生部,劳动部和福利部表示,有30%的从事全职和兼职的女性遭到过职场性骚扰。从事全职工作的女性这一比例为35%。The survey of more than 9,600 women aged 25-44 who are currently working or were previously employed found that 40% had been touched in an unpleasant way while 17% had been ;asked or pressed to have a sexual relationship;. The most frequent perpetrators – in 24.1% of cases – were the women#39;s bosses.共有超过9600名25岁至44岁的在职女性或有过职场经历的女性接受了本次调查。调查结果显示,40%的受访女性曾遭遇不必要的身体触碰,17%的受访女性曾被异性要求或强迫发生性关系。24.1%的施暴人是女性职员的上司。The survey also revealed a general reluctance among women to lodge official complaints about their treatment: 63% said they had suffered in silence, while about one in 10 who did complain said they had been given an unsympathetic hearing or been demoted.这项调查还揭示,受到性骚扰的女性大多不愿提起法律诉讼:63%的女性表示自己面对骚扰选择隐忍。而每10位奋起抗争的女性中有1位称自己很难得到合理申诉的机会,或者干脆遭到降职处理。Japan is struggling to raise the profile of women in the workplace, particularly in senior positions. While they are well represented in the part-time, low-paid economy, only a tiny number of executives at Japan#39;s 3,600 listed companies are female.日本一直努力提高女性在职场、尤其是管理层的地位。女性地位低下的情况不仅在薪水很少的兼职职位中很常见,即便在日本3600家上市公司中,担任高级管理职位的女性亦是寥寥可数。Many working women in Japan also report being harassed when they become pregnant.据相关报道称,许多职场女性甚至在怀期间也遭到过性骚扰。 /201603/430058襄阳妇保医院治疗耳膜穿孔多少钱襄阳中医院看鼻中隔偏曲价格



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