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Traditional Chinese weddings are always filled with red things to bring auspicious blessings and respects. And even wedding customs reflect traditions from Chinese philosophy. 中国传统婚礼中总是用红色的东西来表达吉祥、祝福和隆重的意味其实婚礼习俗也反映着中国的传统哲学思想 1. Favoring red comes from worship of the sun 喜欢红色来自太阳崇拜 The Chinese regard the color red as the symbol of happiness, success, luck, faith and growth. They like red very much, which comes from worship of the Sun. In traditional Chinese weddings, there are double Xi characters in red, red scarves, red flowers and the bride wears a red coat. 中国人将红色看做是幸福、成功、好运、忠诚和繁荣的象征他们很喜欢红色,其实是由于对太阳的崇拜在传统中国婚礼上,有红色的“囍”字、红色的丝带、红花和新娘的红衣 . The wedding ceremony shows harmony between nature and people 婚礼传达出“天人合一”的思想 A marriage is not only a merger of the couple; traditionally, it symbolizes the merger of two families. So the wedding ceremony should reflect the holiness of marriage, drawing the attention of relatives and friends. There is harmony between nature and the people inside. 婚姻不仅是一对新人的结合,照传统,婚姻也象征着两个家庭的结合婚礼要能体现出婚姻的神圣,要能够吸引亲朋好友来参加这里面有“天人合一”的思想 Inviting relatives and friends to the wedding symbolizes the mality and the relationships between people. During a marriage, two families become in-laws. The ceremony reflects the importance and family status of the parents. 邀请亲朋好友来参加婚礼体现着人与人之间的关系和礼节在婚姻中,双方的家庭结为“亲家”婚礼体现了家长在家庭中的地位和重要性 After the ceremony, the bride and the groom usually burn money and food as offerings to the gods. As the fire consumes the offerings accompanied by the sound of firecrackers, god accepts the gift, indicating that there is harmony between nature and people. 婚礼之后,新郎和新娘通常会烧纸钱和食物来祭祀祖先伴着鞭炮的声音,火苗将祭品烧给祖先们,这象征着人与自然的和谐 3. The sound of musical instruments in the wedding is usually loud to express the voice of the people. The sound should be loud enough to let nature know, and it also demonstrates the importance of the marriage. 婚礼上奏乐的声音通常很响,响到足以让自然“听到”,同时也明婚姻的重要性 . The food the bride eats has cultural significance 新娘吃的食物也是一种文化象征 In traditional weddings, the bride usually has red dates, peanuts, longans and melon seeds. The meaning is evident in the Chinese pronunciation of these four foods. When they are said together, it sounds like "Have a baby soon." 传统婚礼上,新娘一般会吃红枣、花生、桂圆和瓜子其中的象征意义可以从这四种食物的读音中看出当这四种食物放在一起读时就是“早生贵子” 9730The last time Emily Bland met Rishi the orang-utan, they were both still at the crawling stage  美国小女孩艾米莉和小猩猩“里什”初识时,还都处在刚会爬的婴儿阶段Britainhappiest baby: Incredible ultrasound shows baby boy smiling in his motherwomb英国最幸福的宝宝:借助超声波可难以置信地看到男宝宝在母亲的子宫里微笑TINY LEO Hargreaves is Britainhappiest baby - after he was caught beaming with joy while still inside hismother womb.小LEOHargreaves是英国最幸福的宝宝——他还在母亲子宫里时就被拍到笑颜绽放Proud Amy Cregg and Leighton Hargreaveswere stunned when a routine scan at 31 weeks revealed their soon-to-be-bornfirst child grinning like a Cheshire Cat.看到这一幕时感到既自豪又震惊,因为在例行检查时,他们看到他们第一个即将出生的已发育了31周的孩子笑得像只柴郡猫一样And the couple, from Accrington,Lancs, said that since his birth, the now four-month-old Leo has not stoppedsmiling.而这对来自兰开夏郡阿克林顿的夫妻说,从Leo出生到现在四个月大,他一直面露微笑Amy, , said: ;Leighton and I wereabsolutely shocked - even the people who did my scan were amazed!;现年岁的Amy说:“Leighton和我感到非常震惊——连给我做扫描检查的医生也对此感到惊奇!”The scan was just the beginning thebeaming baby boy.而那次扫描检查只是个开始;After he was born, he was always smiling.even in his sleep,; added rehabilitation support worker Amy, who lives withpainter and decorator Leighton.“出生后,他就一直保持微笑,即使是在睡着的时候”,康复持工作者Amy说,同她居住在一起的是画家兼装潢师LeightonAnd Amy has aly had modelling companiesapproach her trying to capture Leo smile.已经有模特公司联系Amy想要拍下Leo的笑颜She said that high street chain Next hasalso expressed an interest in hiring the four-month-old, after a family friendshowed her manager pictures of the cheerful child.她说,位于繁华街道的连锁店Next也表示有兴趣雇佣个月大的Leo,之前家里一位在Next工作的朋友向她的经理展示了这个幸福的宝宝的照片Amy, who is currently on maternity leavefollowing Leo birth on June 30, said: ;Ive been walking in the park and hadpeople come up to me and say, ‘What a gorgeous baby.Leo出生于6月30号,目前Amy正在休产假,她说:“我在公园里散步时会有人走过来说,‘多么讨人喜欢的孩子啊”;Id be interested in him doing modellingbut only when he older.;“我会有兴趣让他当模特的,不过得等到他长大一些”;Our sonographer who scanned Amy and hergorgeous baby was overwhelmed at her smiley baby throughout the entire scan.;“给Amy做身体扫描的超声波检验师在做扫描时觉得她肚子里微笑着的宝宝太讨人喜欢了”;I think we can safely say that Amy babyhas been the smiliest baby weve ever seen.;“我觉得我们可以有把握地说,Amy的宝宝是我们见过的最幸福的宝宝”

Earning 76. million yuan ($. million) during its first weekend in the Chinese mainland, biographical sports drama Dangal is now the second highest-earning Indian film in China.在中国内地上映一周就获得了高达760万元(约万美元)的票房,运动传记类印度电影《摔跤吧爸爸,现在成为了在中国票房收入第二高的印度电影Premiering May 5, the award-winning film starring Aamir Khan did not have conditions in its favor: It only had a .3 percent screen share, which was much lower than the 3.9 percent of Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol., which also released that day.事实上,在5月5日首映当天,这部由阿米尔·汗领衔主演的获奖影片并没有占据太大优势,其在各大影院仅获得了.3%的排片率,而同一天上映的电影《护卫队排片率却高达3.9%However, while most works tend to see a decline in screen share on consecutive days, Dangal continued to climb. Last Monday, the film screen share had risen to .7 percent.但是,随着其他影片的排片率逐渐走低,《摔跤吧爸爸却继续一路上涨上周一,该影片的排片率已经升到.7%Extremely positive audience reception together with a high seat occupancy rate is one of the main reasons behind this increase.其中,观众较好的观影反馈和较高的上座率是该电影排片一路走高的原因之一The film currently has a 9.3 on Chinese media review site Douban, making it the highest-graded Indian film in the mainland.截止到目前,《摔跤吧爸爸在豆瓣网上的评分已经达到9.3分(分满分),成为内地评分最高的印度电影The impact of Dangal success goes beyond the box office. The film is significant because it has helped create a favorable impression of Indian films among young Chinese audiences, who have grow up watching Hollywood blockbusters but are now looking something different.这部影片的成功绝不仅仅在于票房,更重要的是,它给中国的年轻观众树立了一个对印度电影的良好印象这些观众是从小看着好莱坞大片长大的,但是他们现在正在寻求一些不同的东西The good impression Dangal made on many audience has inspired them to seek out more Indian films, such as PK.现在,《摔跤吧爸爸带来的良好印象,已经促使很多观众去搜索并观看诸如《我的个神啊等其他更多印度电影了 536

When my wife of almost years moved out of our Tucson home in I was in bad shape. We had been together since high school. I was shocked when she left that she refused to take her wedding dress. After all what was I going to do with it? And some time I did nothing with it and didn't tell anyone about it. I just left it on its perch in my closet as a reminder that my life was changing drastically. 两年前——年——当我妻子搬出我们在图森的家时,我的心情糟糕透了,要知道我们从高中就在一起,已经年了更要命的是,她走的时候把婚纱给留下——她不要那么,我又能拿它干什么呢?此后有段日子我只是看着它发呆,也没有告诉任何人婚纱的事我把它放在衣橱的上层,好像为了提醒自己——我的生活已彻底地改变了 I was at my parents' house dinner one night when I first mentioned the dress to anybody. I told my parents and my brother and sister-in-law that I had my ex-wife's wedding dress because I wanted to know what to do with it. I wanted advice. "You should wipe your @$% with it " my brother Colin chimed in immediately. I believe someone else suggested it would make a good doormat. My divorce had taken a toll on all of us; everybody was upset that my ex-wife was leaving me. "I bet you could come up with 1 things to do with it " my sister-in-law Jenny said. 某个夜晚,我在父母家里吃晚餐,哥哥科林还有他的妻子杰妮也在我刚向他们第一次提及婚纱的事,“别再旧事重提——你该忘了她,”科林立刻打断我其实我不过是想听听他们的建议,我该怎么办?也许会有人说不如把它放在门口做个地垫我离婚的事给了家里人沉重的一击,每个人为了前妻离开我而心情沮丧“我打赌你可以找到1种方法处理它”杰妮说 I wasn't in a great mood that night. I was really struggling with my divorce and was extremely stressed about the future my kids and I. But I couldn't help but smirk at the thought of my ex-wife's wedding dress sitting outside my front door -- what a fancy doormat it would make. I started to imagine other absurd uses the dress and bee I knew it someone had grabbed a pen and some paper and we were writing them down. 那晚我心情很差,离婚已经让我筋疲力尽,对于孩子和我将来的生活忧心忡忡但是一想到我前妻的婚纱躺在大门口——一个多么不同凡响的地垫的时候,又抑止不住地得意的大笑我开始想象除此之外其他蹂躏这件衣的方式,该拿只笔和纸,把它们写下来 a while all of our ideas made nothing more than a list. We had no real plan to do anything with them. My brother encouraged me to take the dress on a weekend fishing trip we had planned and it was on that trip that the dress came out if its pretty preservation box the first time. That weekend we used it as a tablecloth a sleeping bag and a doormat outside of my buddy Andy's camper. I had mixed feelings seeing the pristine dress get dirty the first time but we laughed a lot. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs and wiped our hands on it. We stepped on it entering and exiting the camper. 开始,我只不过把想法列成了一张清单,并没有想真的那么做我哥哥鼓励我不妨带着它参加一次周末的钓鱼之旅——像我们曾经在清单上写的那样,那是它第一次新鲜出炉那个周末,我们拿它来当桌布、睡袋,放在我的老伙计安迪的帐篷外面当地垫第一次看见洁白的婚纱被弄脏了的时候,我涌起某种复杂的情绪难以言表,但真的很痛快我们坐在上面吃汉堡、热、擦手;进出帐篷的时候,不忘擦擦鞋底 Colin and I got together occasionally and photographed the dress at work in different ways. We had used the dress in around 50 different ways when I started thinking about how to go about sharing my pictures with other people. Colin and I were very entertained by the dress uses we had come up with and two of my friends were also going through divorces at the time -- in both cases the wife wanted out. I thought my pictures could be helpful to guys who found themselves in the same situation. Some friends suggested that I started a blog and with the help of another friend I did just that. In May I launched www.myexwifesweddingdress.com. 科林和我决定把“婚纱的妙用”用相机拍下来,那时候我们已经有不下50种方式,而且我也想让更多人的看见——我们这些杰作洋洋自得我的两个朋友当时也正在闹离婚——和我一样,被前妻们抛弃我想说不定我的照片能对和我处于同样境况的人们有点帮助,一些朋友建议我索性开一个客,于是在年5月,www.myexwifesweddingdress.com上线了 I knew little about blogs prior to starting my own but I felt that pictures alone wouldn't be enough. I never really intended to tell my divorce story but as I made my first entry I began sharing my feelings about divorce and its challenges. It wasn't hard to type and it felt good. And that is how my website began. Every few days I would share a wedding dress application and continue the story of my divorce. I basically wrote what was on my mind and maybe a particular issue I was challenged with that day. The pictures were funny but the writing was serious. 在开始我自己的网站之前,我对客知之甚少,但我想仅有照片是远远不够的我并不想诉说离婚的故事,但是当我第一次登陆自己的网站,我开始在上面分享离婚后的感受,以及那件时以后的种种挑战其实写下来并不难,而且让我感觉很好我的网站就这样开始,每隔几天我都会更新一篇“婚纱的妙用”,然后继续写我离婚后的故事而开始时最难的事,恐怕就是把我脑中的想法表达出来——图片看上去很有趣,但是要描述它们却很难 My site starting gaining traffic momentum a few days after it launched and bee I knew it people were interested in helping me turn my project into something more. After about a year and half and many more dress photo shoots later I completed the book 1 Uses My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress which is being published by NALPenguin and is officially available on October 5th. 网站上线没多久就获得一些人的关注,我没想到,有那么多人对这个感兴趣过了一年半左右,我上传了更多“婚纱的妙用”的图片,并且写了一本书——我前妻婚纱的1种用法,这本书将由NALPenguin于今年月5日出版 Between the book and my website my ex-wife's wedding dress has been used in over 0 different ways. This dress is amazing. It is very dirty at this point but it is still in mostly in one piece (the bow came off early during a jump-roping exercise). I am fond of many of the wedding dress applications but there are a few that stand out about the rest. 其实在我的书和网站上,我前妻的婚纱已经有超过0种的使用方法——很不可思议不是吗?而且它已经变得非常脏,不是一件完整的衣(上半身和下半身在一次跳绳中被扯成两半)有许多“婚纱的妙用”我都很喜欢,但其中有几个特别脱颖而出的 These are my favorite wedding dress applications: 以下是种我最喜欢的:画布 9719

China covers a large territory and has many nationalities, hence a variety of Chinese food with different but fantastic and mouthwatering flavor. Since China's local dishes have their own typical characteristics, generally, Chinese food can be roughly divided into eight regional cuisines, which has been widely accepted around. Certainly, there are many other local cuisines that are famous, such as Beijing Cuisine and Shanghai Cuisine.  Shandong Cuisine  Consisting of Jinan cuisine and Jiaodong cuisine, Shandong cuisine, clear, pure and not greasy, is characterized by its emphasis on aroma, freshness, crispness and tenderness. Shallot and garlic are usually used as seasonings so Shangdong dishes tastes pungent usually. Soups are given much emphasis in Shangdong dishes. Thin soup features clear and fresh while creamy soup looks thick and tastes strong. Jinan cuisine is adept at deep-frying, grilling, frying and stir-frying while Jiaodong division is famous cooking seafood with fresh and light taste.  Shandong is the birthplace of many famous ancient scholars such as Confucious and Mencius. And much of Shandong cuisine's history is as old as Confucious himself, making it the oldest existing major cuisine in China. But don't expect to gain more wisdom from a tune cookie at a Shandong restaurant in the West since tune cookies aren't even indigenous to China.  Shandong is a large peninsula surrounded by the sea to the East and the Yellow River meandering through the center. As a result, seafood is a major component of Shandong cuisine. Shandong's most famous dish is the Sweat and Sour Carp. A truly authentic Sweet and Sour Carp must come from the Yellow River. But with the current amount of pollution in the Yellow River, you would be better off if the carp was from elsewhere. Shandong dishes are mainly quick-fried, roasted, stir-fried or deep-fried. The dishes are mainly clear, fresh and fatty, perfect with Shandong's own famous beer, Qingdao Beer 88

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