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Online ads for food and drinks high in fat, salt or sugar aimed at children are to be banned under new rules.在新的规定下,针对儿童的高脂肪、高盐分或高糖分食物和饮料的在线广告将被封杀。The Committee on Advertising Practice (CAP) said its restrictions would also apply to all other media.广告实践委员会(CAP)表示,其限制也适用于所有其它媒体。The rules are an attempt to help tackle obesity when children are spending more time online than ever before.这些规定是为了在孩子们比以前花更多的时间上网时,帮助解决孩子们的肥胖问题。But critics say the new rules do not go far enough and may not have any impact.但批评人士表示,新的规定做的还远远不够,可能不会有任何影响。They point to the thousands of children watching TV shows and s online not specifically targeted at children.他们指出,成千上万的孩子在线观看的电视节目和视频并不是专门针对儿童的。Last month, the World Health Organization warned that governments should be protecting children from junk food adverts in apps, social media and blogs.上个月,世界卫生组织警告称,政府应该保护儿童免受应用程序、社交媒体和视频客中垃圾食品广告的影响。Recent figures showed a third of children in the UK were overweight or obese by the time they left primary school.最近的数据显示,英国有三分之一的孩子在小学毕业时处于超重或肥胖的行列。The measures would help in the fight against the damaging effects of junk food and fizzy drinks - but more could be done.这些措施将有助于对抗垃圾食品和碳酸饮料的破坏性影响--但还有很长的路要走。The Advertising Standards Authority, which regulates all media in the UK, has said it will administer the new rules. The rules will come into effect on 1 July 2017.负责监管英国所有媒体的广告标准已表示将执行这些新的规定。新规定将于2017年7月1日起生效。 /201612/4848453.Sugar Causes Hyperactivity3.糖会导致多动症What parent of little ones hasn#39;t heard that eating too much sugar will cause her kids to get too keyed up, or a bit hyper? And it often seems anecdotally true.有小孩子的父母竟然没有听说过吃太多糖会导致孩子们太兴奋、精力过旺,这虽然是传说,但还是有一定道理的。Watch as kids scarf down candy, cake and soda at a birthday party, then promptly run wild all over the place, screeching and screaming.我们经常看到小孩子在生日聚会上吞下过多糖果、蛋糕和苏打饮料,然后立马在房间里跑来跑去,还会发出尖叫声。But do we ever stop to think that maybe they#39;re just overstimulated by the excitement of the birthday party itself?看到他们的举动,我们会觉得是因为这个聚会太令孩子们激动了?Or ponder the fact that lots of adults pig out on sugary snacks and desserts with no similar aftereffects?还是会想一想如果大人吃这么多的糖果和甜食会不会有这个样子的反应?There have been extensive studies about the relationship between sugar and hyperactivity, and no link has been found between the two.目前有大量关于糖果和多动症之间关系的研究,但还没有找到两者之间的关联。A group of researchers further reviewed several reputable studies and concluded that sugar in children#39;s diets doesn#39;t affect their behavior, apart from a small subset of kids.一组研究人员进一步研究了一些著名的实验,发现孩子们饮食中的糖分并不会影响他们的行为,一小部分孩子除外。Interestingly, another study, published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, asked mothers of boys whom they thought were ;sugar-sensitive; to rate their sons#39; behavior after they#39;d had soda.在《异常儿童心理学期刊》上发表的一个研究中,研究人员选出一批他们认为对糖分比较“敏感”的孩子,让孩子们的母亲观察孩子们喝苏打饮料后的反应。The mothers of the boys who#39;d had a sugar-filled soda thought their children#39;s behavior was more hyperactive than the boys who#39;d been given an artificially sweetened soda.一组孩子喝加糖苏打饮料,另一组喝加合成甜味剂苏打饮料。喝加糖苏打饮料那一组的母亲觉得自己的孩子比另一组的多动。The trick was that all the kids in the study had been given an artificially sweetened drink, meaning that the behavior was based on perception rather than sugar.有趣的是,实际上试验中所有的孩子喝的都是加合成甜味剂的饮料,这份实验结果说明孩子们的行为举止是观察者的主观印象,而不是受糖的影响。2.Sugar Causes Obesity2.糖类造成肥胖A lot of people equate obesity with sugar: candy, ice cream, pastries and the like.许多人将肥胖与一些糖分画等号,如糖果,冰激凌,油酥糕点等。If you#39;re fat, the thinking goes, surely it#39;s because you eat a lot of sugary desserts.如果你很胖,大家就会想,“啊,没错,你这么爱吃甜品当然胖啊”。Those a little more versed in nutrition often warn against eating too much starchy food (potatoes, rice, cereal) because your body changes starches into sugar -- and eating sugar piles on the pounds.稍微精通营养学的人都会避免摄入过多的富含淀粉的食物(土豆,稻米,谷物)因为身体会将淀粉转化为糖——相当于摄入成堆的糖类。However, this is not true. If it was, people who ate a lot of rice (say, the Japanese) or pasta (the Italians) would be among the world#39;s fattest people.然而这是不正确的。如果真的是这样,吃大量稻米的人(比如日本人)或食用大量面食的人(比如印度人)岂不是世界上最胖的种群?But guess what? They#39;re some of the slimmest.然而,事实是他们几乎是最瘦的。Here#39;s the thing. If you eat a lot of sugary foods, like cake and cookies, and drink sugary sodas and juice, you will gain weight.实际上,如果摄用了大量甜品,如蛋糕、饼干、含糖苏打饮料、果汁,确实会长胖。But that#39;s because you#39;re ingesting a lot of calories, period, not because sugar is inherently fattening.但那是因为你短期摄入了太多的卡路里,不是因为糖本就让人发胖。If your overall calorie count is within a healthy range, eating sugar is not going to create love handles or a jelly belly.如果摄取合理范围的卡路里总量,吃糖不会导致游泳圈或是小肚腩。1.Sugar Causes Diabetes1.糖会导致糖尿病One of the more prevalent sugar myths is that it causes diabetes.关于糖流传最广泛的误会就是糖会导致糖尿病。This misconception likely occurs because diabetics#39; blood sugar levels are often out of whack, so they have to watch their sugar intake.产生这一误传是因为糖尿病患者血糖水平常常紊乱,所以大家就把罪责归在了糖的摄入。But in general, there is no direct cause and effect between sugar consumption and the development of diabetes with one exception, which we#39;ll discuss in a minute.但通常来说,糖摄入量和糖尿病间没有直接的联系——当然也有例外,我们稍后讨论。There are three main types of diabetes:共有三种常见的糖尿病:Type 1 diabetes develops if your body#39;s pancreas can#39;t make insulin. Insulin is a hormonethat takes the sugar from the foods we eat and allows it to enter our tissues, where our body can use it as fuel, or energy.如果人体胰腺不能正常分泌胰岛素就会发展成一型糖尿病。胰岛素是一种从摄入食物中摄取糖分使其进入人体组织充当燃料或是能量的激素。If your pancreas is making insulin, but it#39;s not enough or the insulin doesn#39;t work properly, you#39;ll have Type 2 diabetes.如果胰腺可以正常产生胰岛素,但胰岛素不足量或是功能异常,可能导致二型糖尿病。Type 2 diabetes typically occurs in people who are overweight, inactive and eat a diet high in calories from any source, not just sweets.超重、不爱运动、不仅爱吃甜食,还常摄取各种高热量食物的人更易患上二型糖尿病。Some pregnant women develop gestational diabetes when the hormonal changes from pregnancy affect the way their insulin works.期激素的变化影响胰岛素正常发挥功能,可能使妇患上妊娠糖尿病 。So what#39;s the exception to the sugar-diabetes linkage?所以糖与糖尿病之间关系的特例呢?People who regularly down lots of sugary drinks (sugar-sweetened soda, fruit drinks) are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.经常过量摄入含糖饮料(含糖苏打水,果汁)的人更有可能患上二型糖尿病。Of course, many people who guzzle sugary drinks are overweight and eat poorly, two factors that can cause Type 2, but studies show even those who are trim and eat healthily are more likely to develop diabetes if they#39;re also drinking lots of sugary drinks.当然了,许多狂饮含糖饮料的人都会超重、饮食不均衡。但研究发现即使身材非常苗条、饮食习惯十分健康的人,如果经常大量摄入含糖饮料,患上糖尿病的几率也会极大增加。 /201610/474449

Masks发膜Getting rid of split ends at home is as easy as dipping into your pantry and pulling out a few simple ingredients to combine and leave on your hair as a mask. You’d be surprised just how many at home remedies for split ends are available, but we’ve labeled these as the top 2 power-masks!在家摆脱分叉的发梢,就像是进入你的餐具室拿出一些简单的材料混合在一起,在头发上做发膜一样简单。你会对家里有如此多的拯救分叉发梢的材料感到吃惊,但是我们在这里列出了2种最好的强大的发膜!Avocado/Egg/Oil牛油果/鸡蛋/油This is the all-in-one treatment that will not only get rid of split ends at home but will also give your locks a serious moisture and strength boost.这一组治疗材料,不仅可以在家摆脱分叉的发梢,而且会给你的头发一种重要的滋润和强韧营养。The avocado, egg whites, and oil work together simultaneously to completely transform your hair unlike you’d ever image. Another bonus of this hair mask?牛油果,蛋清,和油同时一起使用,可以让你的头发转变成你从未想过的样子。这一发膜的另一种好处?You can make it with ingredients you probably aly have in your pantry. Toss together one avocado, 2 tablespoons of egg whites, and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix together and leave on hair for one hour before heading off to the shower for a rinse and shampoo.你可以用餐具室已经有的成分来制作这种发膜。将一个牛油果,2大汤匙蛋清,以及3大勺橄榄油放在一起。混合之后,涂在头发上,一个小时之后去冲个澡,用清水和洗发水清洗干净。Coconut Oil/Olive Oil椰子油/橄榄油Oil, oil everywhere! With all the buzz about coconut oil and all of its amazing benefits, it’s no wonder why it would make the list of hair masks for removing split ends at home.油,到处都有油!网上到处都是关于椰子油及其惊人的好处,难怪椰子油也成了在家去除分叉发梢的发膜的成分。Combining coconut oil with olive oil is a quick and easy solution that is LOADED with moisture and hydration to combine even the most brittle split ends.把椰子油和橄榄油混合在一起,就成了简单快捷的解决办法,富含滋润营养和水分,甚至对最脆弱的分叉发梢也有效。Hydrate your hair by combining 2 parts coconut oil to olive oil and leaving it on your hair for 30 minutes before washing. To rev up this solution even further, heat up the oil in the microwave before applying. This is known as a heated oil treatment that truly works wonders on hair.将椰子油和橄榄油混合在一起,滋润头发,涂抹在头发上,30分钟之后清洗干净。为了让这一方法更快更有效,可以用微波炉将油加热,然后涂抹在头发上。这就是所知的加热油治疗方法,在头发上的效果真是奇迹般地非常有效。 /201703/494963Women who give birth may be biologically ;older; than women who don#39;t, a new study suggests.一项新研究发现,生过孩子的女性在生理上会比那些没有生过的更老。For the study, the researchers analyzed information from 1,556 US women ages 20 to 44 who took part in a national survey from 1999 to 2002, which involved giving blood samples.在该研究中,研究人员们分析了20-44岁之间的1556名美国女性信息,她们参加了1999年至2002年期间的全国调查,并给出了血液样本。The researchers looked at the genetic material inside the women#39;s cells, specifically the length of their telomeres. 研究人员们观察了这些女性细胞内的遗传物质,尤其是她们端粒的长度。These are caps on the ends of chromosomes that protect the chromosomes from damage. 这些位于染色体末端的小帽子能够保护染色体不受损。Telomeres naturally shorten as people age, but the structures don#39;t shorten at the same rate in every person. 人们在变老的过程中,端粒也会自然缩短,但这个结构在每个人身上变短的速度均不同。The longer a person#39;s telomeres are, the more times their cells could hypothetically still divide, research has shown. 一个人的端粒越长,他们的细胞理论上能够分裂的次数就越多。Thus, telomeres are considered a marker of biological age — that is, the age of a person#39;s cells, rather than the individual#39;s chronological age.并且,端粒也被科学家们视为生理年龄的标记,即一个人的细胞年龄,而不是他们的实际年龄。Women in the survey who said they#39;d given birth to at least one child had telomeres that were about 4 percent shorter, on average, than those of women who#39;d never given birth. 在研究中,至少生过一个孩子的女性端粒长度平均比那些未生产过的女性短百分之四。The findings held even after the researchers took into account other factors that could affect telomere length, including the women#39;s chronological age, body mass index and smoking habits.即便研究人员们考虑了其它能影响端粒长度的因素(比如她们的实际年龄、身体质量指数和吸烟习惯),这些发现依旧站得住脚。These findings suggest that a ;history of live birth may be associated with shorter telomeres,; 这些发现表明生产史可能与更短的端粒之间存在着联系。The researchers wrote in their abstract, which was presented at the meeting of the American Public Health Association in Denver.该研究的概述在美国公共卫生协会于丹佛市举办的会议上发布。The study was not designed to determine the reason behind the link, the researchers said. 该研究并未探究这一联系背后的原因,But one hypothesis is that having children increases stress levels, and high stress has been linked with shorter telomeres, the scientists said.但有猜测认为生孩子会增加女性的压力,而高压与更短的端粒有关。;It is possible that pregnancy, birth and child-rearing can induce chronic stress, leading to shorter telomere length perhaps through an inflammatory pathway,; said study researcher Anna Pollack, an assistant professor and environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at George Mason University. 美国乔治梅森大学的助教、生态环境与生殖流行病学家安娜.波莱克参与了该研究,她表示:有可能怀、生产和抚养孩子带来了慢性压力,并通过炎症通路缩短了端粒长度。However, because the survey was conducted at a single point in time, the researchers cannot determine which came first in the women#39;s lives — giving birth or having shorter telomeres, Pollack said. 然而,由于调查是在某个时间点开展的,研究人员们无法确定生孩子与更短的端粒长度之间,哪一个先出现。It#39;s also possible that for some yet-unknown reason, women with shorter telomeres are more likely than women with longer ones to have children, Pollack said.波莱克说,有可能出于某些未知的原因,端粒更短的女性比端粒更长的女性更有可能生孩子。More studies are needed that follow women over time and measure the length of their telomeres before, during and after pregnancy, she said.她说,还需要进一步的追踪研究来确定女性的端粒在生孩子之前、怀期间和产后的长度。;It would be interesting to see how telomere length changes during pregnancy, after birth and during the child-rearing years, and how these changes compare to women who do not have children,; Pollack said.波莱克说:观察端粒长度在期、产后和养育孩子过程中的变化,并将其与没有生过孩子的女性比较是一件非常有趣的事情。 /201611/478328

Many of you were friends before you started dating and found yourself falling in love with each other. Nonetheless, once you find that things are not working out between the two of you and you let him know that you want to be “just friends,” you have to realize that things will possibly never be the same again.许多人在开始约会之前,曾是好朋友,逐渐发现自己爱上了对方。尽管如此,一旦你发现你们两个之间并不是那么来电,你应该让他知道你只想和他做朋友,你不得不意识到你们之前的关系再也不会像以前一样了。After all, too much water has run under the bridge and despite your effort to let him down easily, his ego will most likely be bruised and if he loved you – he will be hurt. It is unfortunate to see the friendship dissolve, but if the two of you were not meant to be as a couple you have to say something and be honest about it.毕竟,静水流深,尽管你努力还是让他很容易失落,他的自尊很可能会受伤,如果他爱你的话——他会很伤心。看到友情破裂确实很不幸,但是如果你们两个并不能成为一对,你必须说出来,要诚实面对你的感情。You do not have to be cruel, but you do owe him the decency of being open about why you feel it did not work. Do not hang onto something that no longer has the possibility to grow into something better and stronger; something that no longer has a potential and a future.你不必很残忍,但是你欠他一个体面的敞开心扉的坦白,告诉他你为什么感觉你们不适合谈恋爱。不要紧紧抓住那些不可能再变好变强大的关系了,那种关系不再有可能性和未来。If you hold on in order to save the friendship you will murder any chance of salvaging all the good aspects of the relationship. The relationship will turn into something more unpleasant and toxic for the both of you and you will start resenting each other.如果你为了拯救友情而坚持,你会毁掉任何拯救友情中所有美好方面的机会。你们之间会演变成某种更不开心有毒的关系,你们会开始仇恨对方。You have to decide how important this person is for you and how much you care about him. Is he important enough for you to try and stay friends? Do you care enough about him to allow him to find happiness somewhere else?你必须决定这个人对你有多重要,你到底多么关心他。他是否重要到值得你去努力挽留友情?你对他的关心是否允许他在其他地方找到幸福? /201701/489948So the reconciliation continues. 和解的状况在持续。Kind of.可以这么说。Whatever their feelings about Donald J. Trump winning the presidential election, President Obama and the first lady have been careful to demonstrate that it is time to now come together, work together, to deal with the many challenges that we face, as Mr Obama said when he met the president-elect at the White House on Thursday.不管奥巴马总统和第一夫人对唐纳德#8226;J#8226;特朗普当选总统究竟是何感受,他们都在小心地对外显示,是时候团结一致,共同努力,解决我们面临的许多挑战,就像奥巴马在上周四首次与当选总统在白宫会面时所讲的那样。Hillary Clinton began the messaging when she wore a purple-lapel Ralph Lauren pantsuit for her concession speech on Wednesday morning, uniting red and blue in a single shade as she urged the country to unite. 希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)上周三上午就开始传达这一信息,当时她穿着一套拉夫#8226;劳伦(Ralph Lauren)紫色翻领裤装发表自己的败选演说,敦促美国团结一致,将红蓝阵营团结在一起。And Michelle Obama continued the subliminal signals when she chose a purple Narciso Rodriguez dress with an orange aftershock sunburst curve for her meeting with Melania Trump.米歇尔#8226;奥巴马(Michelle Obama)继续释放这种潜意识的信号,选择了一件带橘色余波辐射曲线的紫色纳西索#8226;罗德里格斯(Narciso Rodriguez)裙子与梅拉尼娅#8226;特朗普(Melania Trump)会面。It was a nice bit of color diplomacy.这可真有点色外交的意味。But it also wasn’t without implicit references to Mr Obama’s administration and legacy. 但它不可能不涉及奥巴马政府及其遗产。After all, it was the second time she wore Mr Rodriguez this week, the first time being for her final speech for Mrs Clinton in Philadelphia, delivered in a navy coat by the designer.毕竟,这是她这一周第二次穿罗德里格斯的裙子,上一次是在费城为克林顿发表最后一次演讲,当时她穿了一件罗德里格斯设计的深蓝色外套。Mr Rodriguez is, as it happens, Cuban-American, the son of immigrants and a classic American success story. 罗德里格斯碰巧是古巴裔美国人、移民的后代,也是一个典型的美国成功故事。He is currently the subject of a retrospective at the Frost Art Museum in Miami, chosen in part, 迈阿密的弗罗斯特艺术物馆(Frost Art Museum)目前正在展出以他为主题的设计回顾展。The curator told The New York Times, because It is very important to incorporate the accomplishments of Latin American artists, architects and designers into the canon of history.该展览的策展人告诉《纽约时报》,之所以选择他,部分原因在于,将拉丁裔美国艺术家、建筑师和设计师的成就纳入历史正统,是很重要的。Mr Rodriguez was also the designer of the black and red dress that Mrs Obama wore when her husband gave his victory speech in Chicago in 2008.罗德里格斯还设计过一件黑红相间的裙子,奥巴马夫人穿着它出席了丈夫于2008年在芝加哥发表获选演说的活动。Something of a contrast was, not surprisingly, provided by Mrs Trump. 不足为奇的是,特朗普夫人与之形成了对比。For the visit to Washington on Thursday, she wore a streamlined sleeveless black sheath dress, a matching coat and Christian Louboutin heels. 在上周四首次访问华盛顿时,她穿了一件流线剪裁的无袖黑色紧身裙和一件与之配套的大衣,脚穿一双克里斯提#8226;鲁布托(Christian Louboutin)高跟鞋。Thus far, as was the case throughout the campaign, no brand has issued the traditional news release about Mrs Trump wearing its designs, most likely because she buys her clothes herself, rather than working through a stylist or brand. 就像整个竞选活动期间那样,迄今为止还没有那个品牌发布有关特朗普夫人身着自己品牌装的常规新闻报道,她很有可能是自己买衣,而不是由一位造型师或品牌来做这项工作(The shoes were recognizable because of the brand’s signature red soles).(人们之所以能辨认出这双鞋,是因为它们有该品牌标志性的红色鞋底)。Whether that will change when she is in the White House remains to be seen. 至于她入住白宫之后,这种情况是否会发生改变,还有待观察。In the meantime, the fact she wore black instead of her usual white or pastel shades has got some people riled up. 与此同时,她身着黑色装而非她通常所穿的白色或柔和色调装的事实,却惹到了一些人。(Melania Trump wore a funereal black dress to the White House, Yahoo News cried.)(梅拉尼娅#8226;特朗普穿着葬礼上的黑色裙子去了白宫,雅虎新闻[Yahoo News]的文章标题醒目地写道。Personally, I think it’s too early to judge whether Mrs Trump thinks about her clothes in communications terms, so I’m going to hold off on ing too much into the shade. 我个人认为,判断特朗普夫人是否有意通过着装传达信息还为时过早,所以我暂时不会对它做过多解读。Rather, I’d say she looked polished and professional, and as if she wasn’t trying to call attention to herself, though that is kind of unavoidable.相反,我会说她看起来优雅而职业,就好像她没有在试图引起别人的注意,尽管这似乎难以避免。Indeed, as Mrs Obama showed over the past eight years — and reiterated on Thursday — a wardrobe can be a powerful platform for a first lady, making points without her having to say a word. 在过去的八年里,奥巴马夫人的确明了,对第一夫人而言,衣橱可以是一个强大的平台,可以让她不发一言而就表达出自己的观点。她在上周四再次明了这一点。Given Mrs Trump’s reported antipathy for public performance, it might serve her very well as she assumes her new role.考虑到外界称特朗普夫人对公开亮相非常厌恶,在正式就任新角色之后,这可能更适合她。 /201611/478329

Sometimes we look to products to work miracles, often forgetting that we need to play an active part too in maintaining our looks. And one place we can start is by picking the best foods that will leave us glowing skin, and shiny hair.有时候我们期待产品能创造奇迹,却总是忘了想要光鲜亮丽自己也要做出积极努力。想要乌黑亮发光滑皮肤?那就开始吃一些最佳食物吧。Greens绿色蔬菜When your mum said to “eat your greens” she really wasn’t being a nag. Greens supply high quality and easily assimilated amino acids that build the macronutrient in your body and digest cleanly.当你妈妈说“把这些绿色蔬菜吃完”,她并不是想唠叨你。绿色蔬菜含有高质量易吸收的氨基酸,可在体内建立营养素,有助于消化。They also supply a wide variety of minerals, along with beauty-building vitamins A, C, E, and K. So load up on greens, either by making a green smoothie, or by adding them to wraps, soups, or any dish you happen to be eating. Rotate whatever is in season, spinach, kale, broccoli – as long as it looks good.绿色蔬菜还含有各种矿物质,以及美容的维生素A、维生素C、维生素E和维生素K。所以多吃绿色蔬菜吧,可以榨汁,也可以在肉卷、汤或其它你正在吃的菜中加上绿色蔬菜。不管什么季节你都可以吃菠菜、羽衣甘蓝和花椰菜——只要看起来新鲜就好了。Eat fats吃脂肪Take on board healthy fats helps to promote gorgeous shiny locks. Chia seeds supply you with the type of fats that nourish your whole body, plus omega-3 fatty acids that promote circulation, ensuring maximum nutrition gets to your hair follicle. And this small but powerful superfood also provides antioxidants to help protect your hair from environmental damage. They’re also versatile, and can be added to smoothies, juices or make a pudding by soaking the seeds in almond milk, sweeten with a touch of coconut nectar or coconut sugar and cacao powder for a delicious dessert that helps your hair look awesome.加入我们吧,健康的脂肪能够让你的皮肤焕发活力。奇异籽可提供人体许多有营养的脂肪,另外欧米茄3脂肪酸能促进循环,确保毛囊能获得最多的营养。这一小巧有效的超级食物也含有抗氧化剂,能保护头发不因环境受损。同时,奇异籽有多种用途,可放在奶昔、果汁里,也可以在杏仁奶中放入奇异籽做布丁,放入一点点的椰子花蜜或椰子糖就可以变甜,放入可可粉就是一道美味的甜点,这能使你的头发看起来乌黑亮丽。Pumpkin seeds南瓜籽Pumpkin seeds are naturally full of biotin (B7). B vitamins grow lush, beautiful and resilient tresses, but also encourages increased growth. The seeds contain vitamin C as well, which helps produce sebum, the body’s natural oil that conditions hair.南瓜籽天然含有生物素(B7)。维他命B能让头发茂盛、亮丽、光泽有弹性,还能促使头发生长。南瓜籽也含有维他命C,有助于分泌皮脂,这是洗发剂的天然油。Hot water热水Taking on lots of water ensures your hair stays moisturised and doesn’t dry out. Plus it helps to flush out waste and supports your liver. Excessive cold can contract your stomach, impairing it from properly secreting enzymes and impairing your entire digestive system to a degree—which is not so great for helping your hair get the nutrition it needs! In contrast, hot water (in the form of herbal teas and hot water with lemon) helps enhance cleansing.多喝水能确保头发湿润不会干燥。同时还能排走体内废弃物,对肝脏有利。喝过多的冷水会收缩肚子,对其造成伤害使其不再正常分泌酶,并在一定程度上对整个消化系统造成损坏——这对头发获得其需要的营养并没有什么益处!相反,热水(草本茶或柠檬热水)能帮助清洗肠胃。译文属 /201611/479536Abortion is a divisive issue, and a topic that women can feel reluctant being open about.堕胎是一个众说纷纭的话题,女性可能不太愿意提及。“It is almost a #39;silent secret#39; which women may only find out about if it is brought up openly with friends and colleagues,” says Dr Anne Henderson. “The other issue is that most people are much less judgemental towards women who have had an abortion than might be expected, and there is some evidence that the procedure is much more accepted within society than it has been in the past.”“这几乎是个‘无声的秘密’,女人可能只会跟朋友和同事提起,”安妮#8226;亨德森士说道。“另一方面其实大多数人对堕胎的女人很少会批判,有据表明现在社会对这个过程的接受度已经比过去好多了。”So, if there isn’t an adequate conversation happening about what the realities of an abortion are like, what would the healthcare professionals want their would-be patients to know?那么,如果对流产的现状没有适当沟通,专业的医务人员希望他们的潜在病人知道什么呢?Dr Senior starts with the basics. Firstly, terminations are in one of two ways: medical or surgical. “The medical involves taking one tablet then going home for 48 hours,; she says ,;In that time women may experience cramps and bleeding. After 48 hours they come back to hospital and have either a single tablet, usually given as a vaginal pessary, or a course of tablets, depending on how many weeks pregnant they are.西尼尔士从最基础的说起。首先,终止妊娠有两种方法:药物或者手术。“药物堕胎就是吃一片药,然后回家待48小时,”她说“这段时间里,女性会经历痉挛和出血。48小时之后,她们回医院吃另一片药,然后拿到一个阴道药栓或者一个疗程的药,这取决于她们怀几周。”“In many units, women under nine weeks are given a single tablet and are welcome to go home as long as they have someone with them who knows what is happening and can easily return to hospital if they need to. The surgical termination involves having a general anaesthetic then the cervix is dilated and any pregnancy tissue is removed using suction.”“许多单位会给怀9周以内堕胎的女性一个片剂,让她们回家,只要有一个知道会发生什么并且能在需要的时候把她送回来的人陪同就行。手术堕胎是全身麻醉然后扩张子宫口,吸出所有妊娠组织。”Both have similar side effects, she goes on, with the most common being bleeding and cramping pain. Infections in the womb are also common because the cervix is artificially opened during the procedure.这两种方法有类似的副作用,她接着说,最常见的就是出血和绞痛。由于术中宫颈被人为打开,子宫感染也是常见问题。“Less common problems include the procedure leaving some tissue behind,; she adds. ;This would present itself as ongoing heavy bleeding and pain usually. There is also a small risk of preterm labour in future pregnancies because we artificially open the cervix and it can become incompetent in the future but this is a small risk, especially for women who have only one termination. Surgical procedures also carry a risk of making a small hole in the wall of the womb. These heal quickly and rarely cause long term problems.”“不常见的问题包括手术时留下了一些组织,”她补充道。“这通常会导致严重的出血和绞痛。还有将来怀时早产的风险,因为手术时人为扩开宫颈口会导致以后没有收缩的能力,但这种风险很小,尤其是对于只堕过一次胎的女性。手术过程中也可能带来风险,会在子宫内壁留下小洞。不过会很快愈合,不会造成长期问题。”However, she is also surprised by how little understood the different reasons for terminations are, and how women from all socioeconomic backgrounds seek such procedures out. Financial hardship, the relationship with the father, and mental health issues can all play a role, as well as the health of the baby.然而,她很惊讶人们对于堕胎不同原因的理解非常缺乏,以及在这种社会经济背景下,女性是如何找到堕胎途径的。经济困难,与孩子父亲的关系以及心理健康问题都会起到一定的作用,也会影响孩子的健康译文属 /201703/500196We have all known the anxiety that comes with trying to work out whether a crush shares our feelings.我们都知道,当我们喜欢一个人的时候,想要知道对方是否也喜欢自己是一件让人倍感头疼的事情。But the mystery could be at an end, as people who discovered that the object of their affection did feel the same way have revealed the signs that gave it away.但是现在这些都将不再是问题了--因为人们已经发现,当出现某些迹象时,就可以确信我们倾慕的对象也抱有和我们一样的感情。In a new th on Reddit user new-mustard-lover asked fellow Redditors: #39;What are some signs that someone#39;s into you?#39;在Reddit上的一个新话题中,那些暗生情愫的情场菜鸟们提问:“对方喜欢你的一些迹象是什么?”It wasn#39;t long before coupled-up members came forward with their advice on what to look out for in a potential suitor.很快,那些得成眷属的人们就来提出了自己的建议,教人们怎么看出别人是否对自己有意思。Many agreed that body language is hugely important when it comes to working out whether someone likes you.许多人都一致认为,想要知道别人是否喜欢你,身体语言很重要。Several users were in agreement that eye contact was important when deciphering someone#39;s feelings, however, opinion was divided as to what eye contact meant.几名用户都认为,当你想要知道别人是否对你有意思的时候,眼神交流很重要。但是人们在眼神交流到底意味着什么这个问题上分歧很大。Some said that if a potential date is looking down or struggling to maintain eye contact then this is a sign they are into you - though it was typically men who said this of women, rather than the other way around.一些人表示,如果你要观察的对象不敢看你的眼睛、或者很努力才能保持和你眼神接触的话,那就说明有戏--但是这一般是男人对女人的印象,反之则不然。However, others argued that it was keeping constant eye contact and even a stare that means they are interested.但是,另外一些人则认为,一直保持眼神交流、甚至直勾勾地盯着对方看也说明他们对你很有意思。One woman said that she looks for #39;tunnel vision#39; from a man to know that he fancies her.一名女性用户表示,当她发觉有男人“直勾勾地盯着自己”的时候,她就知道对方喜欢自己。While body language is important, actions from a crush are also equally vital to keep an eye out for.虽然肢体语言很重要,但是意中人的一些举动也同样值得注意。One woman admitted that if she is sending you a Snapchat when drunk, it is usually because she wants to take the relationship further.一名女性用户承认,如果女性喝醉了的时候给了你她的Snapchat账号,那一般是因为她想把你们的关系更近一步。Many agreed that showing enthusiasm for your hobbies and also a willingness to get involved with your interests is a good sign.许多人一致认为,对你的爱好表现出热情、或者愿意参与到你的兴趣爱好中来也是一个好现象。Several were in agreement that if a crush is prepared to laugh at your bad jokes then they are almost certainly into you.此外,几名用户也认同,如果你的荤段子逗得对方咯咯大笑,那就几乎可以确定对方喜欢你了。 /201704/505141

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