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哈尔滨中心医院专家Jack Ma, chairman of ecommerce group Alibaba, has blamed credulous and “greedy” consumers for the prevalence of counterfeit goods available on the internet, adding that his company provides buyers with the tools to distinguish fakes from the genuine article.电子商务集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)董事局主席马云(Jack Ma)将互联网上假货泛滥归咎于易受骗和“贪心”的消费者,并补充称,他的公司向买家提供辨别真假的工具。“If you want to buy a Rolex for Rmb25 [], you can only be blamed for being too greedy,” he told an audience at the World Internet Conference in the Chinese city of Wuzhen.在浙江乌镇举行的世界互联网大会(World Internet Conference)上,马云称:“二十五块钱就想买一个劳力士手表,这是不可能的,这是你自己太贪了。”Mr Ma’s comments were a departure from the usually contrite public message honed by Alibaba in the run-up to its record-breaking initial public offering in September, which raised bn.9月阿里巴巴通过首次公开发行(IPO)创纪录地融资250亿美元之前,该公司对外传达的信息通常带有忏悔意味。马云此番言论标志着转向。The issue of fake goods, and the difficulty in policing the roughly 8m third-party sellers on Alibaba’s eBay-like sales website Taobao, has long been a problem for the group. “The company takes the issue of counterfeit goods seriously and acts immediately to remove these goods from our ecosystem,” said Alibaba yesterday.阿里巴巴旗下的电子商务网站淘宝(Taobao)类似于eBay,拥有近800万第三方卖家。假货问题、监管卖家之难,是该集团长期面对的问题。阿里巴巴近日表示,“公司认真对待仿冒品问题,一经发现,会立即把这些商品从我们的生态系统中剔除。”Mr Ma challenged the belief in China that counterfeit goods were widely available on Taobao, which reported 0bn in sales in the year to June 30. “Many people say that Taobao and Alibaba is full of knock-offs, but those who say that have basically never shopped on Taobao. ” He added that consumers had the “power of judgment”. “Do you think we could achieve Rmb6.7bn in sales daily if the internet were full of counterfeit products?”马云对中国普遍认为淘宝假货盛行的观点发出挑战。据报道,淘宝在截至6月30日的一年里销售额达到2000亿美元。“说假货多的人,肯定基本上从未在淘宝上买过东西。”马云补充称,消费者有“判断的权力”。“如果有假货,每天淘宝的销售额能有六七十亿元(人民币)吗?”The comments received widesp play on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, and elicited some ridicule from Taobao shoppers. A user named “Fangfei” wrote: “Haha, I only shop on Taobao because they have high quality counterfeit products!”马云的言论在中国版Twitter——微(Weibo)——上引发热议,并招致一些淘宝买家的嘲笑。一个名为“芳菲”(音译)的用户写道:“哈哈,我只在淘宝上买东西,因为他们有优质的假冒产品!”A five-minute trawl through Taobao yesterday netted a haul of a Chanel watch, a Louis Vuitton handbag and Dior perfume, but Rmb25 Rolex watches were nowhere to be found.记者昨天在淘宝上查找5分钟,就发现了78美元的香奈儿(Chanel)手表、29美元的路易威登(Louis Vuitton)手袋和6美元的迪奥(Dior)香水,但怎么也找不到25元人民币的劳力士(Rolex)手表。Taobao began checking third-party sellers after being named a “notorious market” by the US trade representative for violations of intellectual property rights in the four years to 2011.美国贸易代表因淘宝在截至2011年的4年里侵犯知识产权而称其为一个“臭名昭著的市场”,此后淘宝开始检查第三方商家。 /201411/344676肇东市人民医院有网上预约吗 The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will vote Thursday on a proposal that would ensure the nation#39;s Internet sector operates as a free and open marketplace.美国联邦通信委员会星期四将投票表决一项有关确保美国互联网成为一个自由公开的交易平台的提案。The commissioners are expected to approve a proposal offered by chairman Tom Wheeler that would ban so-called paid prioritization, in which big Internet service providers would charge content providers a higher fee to stream their material over cyberspace faster than smaller customers.预计该委员会将通过委员会主席维勒提交的这项提案。该提案禁止所谓的“付费优先权”,即互联网务商在收取内容提供商更高费用后,该提供商即可享受更快捷的宽带务。Wheeler#39;s proposal, which he announced earlier this month, would regulate the Internet under a section of the decades old Communications Act that regulates the telephone industry like a public utility.维勒本月早些时候宣布的这一提案将依照一项已实行数十年的通信法案来管理互联网,而制定该法案的初衷是将电话业作为公共设施加以管理。In an opinion piece for Wired magazine, Wheeler said his proposal would ;preserve the Internet as an open platform for innovation and free expression.;维勒在《连线》杂志上说,他的提案将确保互联网成为创意和自由见解的公开平台。 /201502/361035哈尔滨市中医院哪个医生比较厉害

方正县做流产哪家医院最好的The listing of Alibaba in New York in September created the world’s second-largest internet company by market capitalisation, behind Google. This did not happen by accident. Of the top 10 internet companies in the world, ranked by market cap, three are Chinese, and the rest are from the US.9月,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)在纽约上市,成为以市值衡量的全球第二大互联网公司,仅次于谷歌(Google)。这并非偶然。在市值最高的全球十大互联网公司中,3家来自中国,其他则来自美国。Together, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent form what is know in China as “BAT”. These economic juggernauts that have come to dominate the internet in China are operating almost along the lines of Japan’s keiretsu, which are alliances of businesses with similar interests or that have shareholdings in one another. They are also rapidly branching out into offline sectors, such as transport, travel, retail and banking.在中国,百度(Baidu)、阿里巴巴和腾讯(Tencent)被合称为“BAT”。这些巨头主宰了中国互联网,它们的经营模式与日本的“经连体系”(keiretsu)非常相似,后者是由利益相似或者互相控股的企业组成的联盟。它们还迅速延展到线下行业,比如交通、旅游、零售和业。Whether the rapid growth of the Chinese internet is just a bubble or a stable trend is open to question. However, for the time being at least, BAT has become the nucleus of an internet industry that is starting to rival the US, creating what is essentially a US-China duopoly. The three Chinese companies also benefit from what has become known as the “Great Firewall”, as most of the top US companies, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, are excluded from operating in China.中国互联网的飞速发展到底是泡沫,还是一种稳定趋势,还须拭目以待。然而,至少就目前来看,BAT已经成为了中国互联网行业的核心,而中国的互联网行业已经开始与美国相匹敌,基本上形成了一种中美双头垄断的格局。这3家中国企业也受益于广为人知的“长城防火墙”(Great Firewall)。依靠这个防火墙,中国把美国的多数领头企业,如谷歌、Facebook和Twitter拒之门外。However, no Chinese internet company has yet made the leap from China to become a global brand. For now, it is enough for them be dominant in China, which had 632m internet users as of June, 527m of whom go online using mobile devices. The potential of the forecast consumption boom, as China moves from an investment-driven economy to a consumption-driven one, is enough to attract investments such as the bn sunk into Alibaba in its initial public offering, the largest ever.然而,目前还没有哪家中国互联网企业跳出中国,成为一个全球品牌。目前来看,它们能在中国占据主导地位就足够了。6月的数据显示,中国有6.32亿网民,其中5.27亿网民使用移动设备上网。随着中国经济从投资驱动型转为消费驱动型,预计将出现的消费热潮蕴含的潜力,足以吸引大笔投资,比如阿里巴巴在首次公开募股(IPO)中筹得250亿美元,这也是目前规模最大的一次IPO。The internet is the most dynamic part of China’s budding private sector, though it remains solidly under the control of the state. Foreigners hold large shareholdings in Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu and dozens of other internet companies. But these stakes are largely theoretical at best and owned via “variable interest entities”, or VIEs, which guarantee a payment stream from, but not ownership of, the licence-holding vehicles in China. These VIE’s are technically illegal, though Chinese courts turn a blind eye to the practice, and owners know their large holding only exists thanks to the tacit consent of the state.互联网是中国崭露头角的私营部门中最活跃的部分,尽管其依然处于国家的严密控制之下。外国投资者持有阿里巴巴、腾讯、百度及其他数十家互联网企业的大量股份。但大体上,这些股份充其量不过是理论上的,是通过“可变利益实体”(variable interest entities, VIE)持有的,这保持股人从持有许可的中国企业那里得到付流,但并不保对企业的所有权。这些VIE理论上是违法的,但中国的法院对这种做法睁一只眼闭一只眼,而持股人也知道,他们持有的大量股份全都仰赖政府的默许。Nimble private internet companies, able to dance circles around the inefficient state-owned enterprises, have begun impromptu liberalising of whole sectors such as financial services. Alibaba’s fund company Yu’e Bao is China’s biggest online money market fund, with Rmb574bn (.8bn) worth of assets私营互联网企业非常灵活,能将低效的国企远远甩在后面。在并无事先谋划的情况下,这些企业已经开始在一些领域掀起整个行业的自由化,比如金融务业。阿里巴巴的基金公司余额宝(Yu’e Bao)是中国最大的在线货币市场基金,资产总值达到5740亿元人民币(合938亿美元)。The internet is a phenomenal wealth generator. Five of the 10 richest men in China are tech moguls, up from none three years ago, according to the Hurun China Rich List, which tracks wealthy individuals. In September, Alibaba founder Jack Ma joined the list in first place and became one of the wealthiest men in the world, with a 7.8 per cent stake in a 0bn company.互联网也制造了非凡的财富。根据追踪富人的《胡润中国百富榜》(Hurun China Rich List),中国最富有的10人中,5名是IT业大亨,而3年前他们还未能进入榜单。9月,凭借在当时市值2300亿美元的公司中7.8%的持股,阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)一跃登上榜单首位,也成为全球最富裕的人之一。Competition between internet companies is fierce, however. With the entire industry switching from desktop devices to mobile ones, many companies risk being left behind if they don’t have a “killer app” that will act as a gateway for mobile users.不过,互联网企业之间的竞争非常激烈。随着整个互联网行业从桌面设备转至移动设备,对许多企业来说,如果他们没有一款“杀手级应用”,作为移动用户接入的通道的话,就有可能落在后面。Alibaba has been searching for just such a feature to challenge the currently undisputed leadership of Tencent, whose WeChat instant messenger has 350m monthly users. WeChat and Tencent’s other messenger, QQ, are the two most popular mobile apps in China, according to iResearch, a Beijing-based internet research firm.阿里巴巴一直在寻求推出这样一款应用,来挑战目前腾讯无可争议的领导地位,腾讯的即时消息应用微信(WeChat)有3.5亿月活跃用户。根据北京互联网咨询公司艾瑞咨询(iResearch)的数据,微信和腾讯旗下的另一款消息应用QQ是中国最受欢迎的两款移动应用。In June, Alibaba bought UCWeb, a popular mobile browser company, and the two have developed Shenme, a mobile search engine. They are also working with Quixey, a US-based company in which Alibaba has invested, to design a mobile gateway using Quixey’s app search engine. Francis Bea of PapayaMobile, a Chinese mobile technology company, says Alibaba is attempting to mirror Tencent’s success with WeChat. He says: “In as highly competitive a market as China, there is potential for the mobile internet to disrupt established internet players if they don’t manage the transition from desktop to mobile.”6月份,阿里巴巴收购了人气颇高的移动浏览器公司UC优视(UCWeb),两家公司已联手开发移动搜索引擎“神马”。阿里巴巴还在与所投资的美国公司Quixey合作,拟利用Quixey的应用搜索引擎,设计一个类似的移动门户应用。中国移动技术公司木瓜移动(PapayaMobile)的弗朗西斯#8226;贝亚(Francis Bea)表示,阿里巴巴试图复制腾讯在微信上取得的成功。他说:“在中国这样高度竞争性的市场,如果当前已确立市场地位的互联网企业不能处理好从桌面端到移动端的转移,移动互联网可能使它们陷入困境。”Alibaba has spent an estimated bn-bn in the space of a year on full acquisitions of, or investments in, companies including mobile providers, chain stores, an internet TV company, a maker of electrical appliances, a movie producer, a digital broadcaster and a professional Chinese football team.在仅一年之中,据估计阿里巴巴已经花去60亿到80亿美元,对企业进行全资收购或者投资。这些企业包括移动运营商、连锁店、网络电视公司、电子设备制造商、影视制作公司、数字电视台,甚至还有一中国职业足球队。While attention has focused on Alibaba’s acquisitions, Tencent and Baidu have been on similar spending sprees. Baidu is betting that its stake in Qunar, China’s top travel website by users, and mobile app store 91Wireless.com, will complement its popular search engine to carry it into the mobile age. Tencent has taken a stake in JD.com, China’s second-largest ecommerce platform, and mobile-friendly companies such as restaurant review site Dianping and South Korea’s CJ Games.尽管人们的关注点集中在阿里巴巴的收购上,但腾讯和百度也进行了类似的大笔出。百度投资了用户数量最多的国内旅行网站去哪儿(Qunar)和移动应用商店91无线(91 Wireless.com),希望二者能与其广受欢迎的搜索引擎相互补充,将其带入移动时代。腾讯则入股中国第二大电商平台京东(JD.com),以及一些适应移动时代的企业,如餐馆点评网站大众点评网(Dianping)和韩国游戏开发商CJ Games。 /201412/351392 I wanted it to work. I wanted to fall in love, like so many of my friends. “It takes a while,” they said. “Don’t expect a coup de foudre. Let it build over time.”我希望这次能成功。我希望自己能像很多朋友那样爱上它。“这需要花点时间,”他们说。“别指望一见钟情,感情是需要时间慢慢培养的。”So I did. I knew other people looked at what I had with envy. But a month and a half after we first got together, I have decided it is time to — well, call time.于是我就这么做了,我知道其他人用嫉妒的眼光看着我所拥有的东西。但当初次邂逅过去一个半月之后,我觉得——好吧,这么长的时间已经够了。I am breaking up with my Apple Watch. The relationship was, despite all expectations, not what I needed. All the focus on San Francisco and Apple’s next big innovation this week (streaming!) made me realize it was not playing my tune.我就这样抛弃了我的苹果手表。尽管我对这段关系期待颇高,但它毕竟不是我需要的。这个星期,人们都把目光投向旧金山,密切关注着苹果公司下一个重大创新(流媒体!),于是我也明白,它放的不是我喜欢的调调。Still, I will never regret the weeks we spent together. They taught me some valuable truths about myself.不过,我不会为我们共度的几个星期感到后悔。这段时间让我认识到了关于自身的重大真相。Like, for example, that I do not want to be defined by a talking point on my wrist.比方说,我确实不想用手腕上显眼的玩意儿彰显身份。There is a reason that I carry the same (no logo) handbag everywhere I go, a reason my (pre-Apple) watch had no bells or tourbillon whistles; a reason I gravitate toward clothes that are not identifiable by season or designer and do not appear in any advertisements I have ever seen.所以我走到哪儿都只是带着一个没有标识的手袋,在用这个苹果手表之前,我的手表没有闹铃,也没有陀飞轮的声响;我只喜欢那些没有标明当季时新或是著名设计师的衣,那些我没在广告里见过的衣。I spend a lot of time in a world where products are shorthand for people, and I know too well the risks of having such semiology attached to myself (though I fully acknowledge my willingness to attach it to others).在这个我生活多年的世界上,商品被简化,卖给人们,我深深知道把这样一种符号意义同自己联系起来会有什么样的危险(尽管我知道自己也会把这样的符号和别人联系起来)。But when I started wearing the Apple Watch (the 38-millimeter case with a Milanese Loop band, which is the smaller size with a flexible stainless steel bracelet), it became a subject of conversation no matter where I was: in meetings at work, at the bagel store, at my son’s track meet. It has been so everywhere, marketed to so many people, there was just no mistaking it.但是一旦我戴上苹果手表(38毫米表壳米兰尼斯表带,是比较小的型号,有可弯的不锈钢手镯表带),它就成了话题的焦点,不管我走到什么地方:工作会议、面包店、儿子的家长会。它早已无处不在,做过无数推广,人们绝不可能认错。First everyone wanted to know about it. Then they wanted to try it. Then they made certain assumptions about me.一开始,所有人都想了解它,后来他们就想试试看,再接下来他们就开始对我产生特定的猜测。Which, frankly, I would have made about any woman like myself walking around with a big black box on her arm.坦白地说,如果看到一个像我这样的女人胳膊上挎着一个大黑箱子到处走来走去,我也免不了对她产生同样的想法。Because no matter how attractive the Apple Watch is in the context of other smartwatches or smartbands, no matter how much of an aesthetic advance its rounded corners and rectangular display, it still looks like a gadget. Especially on someone, like me, with relatively small wrists.因为,不管苹果手表在智能手表和智能手环界有多么诱人,不管它的圆角和矩形显示器是多大的美学进步,它看上去仍然只是个小玩意儿。特别是对于我这种手腕很细的人来说。Not only does its face effectively span the width of my forearm, but the cool little screen saver that so many reviewers have lauded — the Mickey or the butterfly or the galaxy (which is the one I have) or the pseudo-watch hands (the one that, notably, is always on in every picture of the watch, and actually makes it look like a watch) — is also functionally sleeping most of the time.它的表盘宽度和我的手腕差不多宽,还有它那个酷酷的屏幕保护,很多人看了都啧啧赞叹——有米老鼠、蝴蝶和星空(我的就是星空),还有两个假表针(所有苹果手表的图片上都有这个假表针,搞的它好像真的是块表一样)——大多数时间,这个屏保就睡在表盘上。Every time I see it, I want to shriek, “Beam me up, Scotty.”每次看见它我都想大叫一声,“传送我上去,斯科蒂。”(语出《星际迷航》——译注)Not that it would do much good. Typing doesn’t awaken the picture. Even when I rock my arm back and forth energetically, it often takes a few tries before up the earth pops. The default position is blank.倒不是说它没用。键入不能激活屏保,就算我用力来回晃胳膊,也得花上好几次,那个地球才能跳出来。默认位置是空白的。Just as my default position when trying to an email or the text of a headline on the small screen involves raising my wrist to near eye level — or, if a phone call is involved and my actual phone is not reachable, talking into thin air. If your children or acquaintances come upon you, it’s pretty much an invitation to ridicule.在这个小屏幕上,想读email、短信、新闻标题,我习惯的姿势一般是把手腕举到视平线处,如果有电话打来,手机又不好拿,得用它来打电话的时候,感觉就像是对着空气说话。如果你的孩子或者熟人这时走到你身边,很可能会笑话你。“Why is that more embarrassing than endlessly looking at a phone?” my friends said when I complained.“为什么这比频繁看手机更让人尴尬呢?”我抱怨的时候,朋友们都这么问我。It’s a valid question, but after some contemplation I think the answer is simple: A phone is hand-held, and we are used to seeing people things held in their hands. Like, say, books. But seeing somebody staring at her wrist (or merely sneaking a surreptitious glance at it) telegraphs something else entirely: (1) rudeness or (2) geekiness.这是个好问题,但是经过思考,我觉得我的回答很简单:手机是拿在手里的,而我们已经习惯了看到人们阅读拿在手里的东西,比方说读书。但是看着某人盯着手腕(或者是鬼鬼祟祟地偷瞄自己的手腕),还用它来发讯息,这就让人觉得又不礼貌,又像是科技狂。This doesn’t seem to have bothered the tech writers, most of whom wrote persuasively positive reviews of the gadget, primarily based on what it could do for you. And it is certainly more subtle than Google Glass, though I am not sure that is saying much.对于科技写手们来说,这算不上什么大事,他们大多数人都为苹果手表写了令人信的乐观,内容主要是基于它的功能。而且它显然比谷歌眼镜精致,不过我觉得这也说明不了太多问题。Granted, all of this would likely pale in importance if the watch were truly transforming my life, as my iPhone has. But I have never had a problem turning away from my emails when I need to concentrate on something else — I’ve effectively trained myself to compartmentalize — so I need specific alerts as to what is important.退一步说,如果这块表真的能像iPhone手机那样改变我的生活,那么一切也就都没什么大不了的了。我一向训练自己把手头的事划分得很清楚,需要专心做事的时候,我从来不会分心去查email,所以我需要有个提醒,告诉我什么邮件是重要的。And the small screen is simply too small to really on, so I’ve been more annoyed than happy when it alerted me to texts from my loved ones; and when I saw a headline, all I wanted to do was find the rest of the story.小屏幕实在是太小了,根本没法用它好好读东西,所以每当它提示我,重要的亲朋好友给我发信息了,我的感觉不是高兴,而是烦躁;而且我又是那种一看标题就忍不住想读内容的人。Besides, the busywork the watch’s apps can replace — handing over airline boarding passes, opening hotel room doors — seems less like an advance than a loss of control. Call me a Luddite, but honestly, I don’t mind unlocking things with my actual hands. The new watch OS announced this week may change the situation, but I am not sure I have the patience to wait.此外,苹果手表上的应用可以替代一些工作,但看上去不像是进步,倒像是失控——提交登机牌、打开酒店房间等等。你可以说我是个厌恶技术的人,但老实说,我不介意用自己的双手打开门锁。新的苹果手表操作系统宣布这个星期可以在这方面进行改进,但我不确定我还有没有耐心等下去。Likewise (and I know this will be heresy to anyone really excited about the coming Fitbit initial public offering), the fitness-app aspect — the tracking of my steps, the measuring of my heart rate, the telling me to stand up when I am in the middle of an article — seems more like a burden than freedom.同样(我知道对于那些兴奋期待Fitbit健康手环首次公开募股的人们来说有点像异端邪说),那些健康应用更像是给人带来负担而不是自由——就是那些帮你计步、测量你的心跳、提醒你文章写到一半站起来活动的应用。I have worked hard to wean myself from a reliance on exercise machines telling me how hard I had worked — how many calories I had burned, how many stairs I had climbed — in part because I knew I was cheating pretty much all the time anyway and thus could not trust the results, and in part because it became an excuse to modify, or not, my ensuing behavior.我费了很大力气让自己不再依赖锻炼器械,不让它来告诉我我锻炼得有多么辛苦——我燃烧了多少卡路里、我爬了多少级台阶——部分是因为我知道自己经常作弊,机器给的结果靠不住,部分也是因为它成了一种借口,来掩饰或不掩饰我随之而来的行为。But the truth is, I know when I am in shape; I can see the difference in my body and feel it when I ride my bike in the park. The watch threatened to drag me back into a numbers-driven neurosis, and that’s a temptation I would rather not have. (Also, I have too many friends who look at their fitness tracker in the middle of conversation, then immediately spring up and start walking around energetically, to feel it is really additive to my life.)但事实是,我知道自己很健康;如果我去公园里骑自行车,我能感觉到自己的身体和心情发生了变化。这块表威胁着我,要把我拖回到由数字驱动的神经兮兮中去,我宁愿不要这种诱惑(我有不少朋友都是说着一半话就开始看他们的健康追踪器,然后马上跳起来,精神头十足地绕圈走路,我觉得这对于我来说完全多余)。I did like the fact that I could turn my phone ringer off, and the watch would vibrate when, say, my children were on the line and I needed to take the call. But in the end that wasn’t enough.我确实喜欢把手机关成静音,孩子们打来电话时手表会震动,我再拿起电话。但到头来这点好处还不够。When I told a colleague about the breakup, he observed that perhaps I wasn’t the target for the Apple Watch. That I should be sure to tell the Siri on my wrist, “It’s not you, it’s me.” He may be right.我告诉一个同事我抛弃了苹果手表,他指出,或许我不是它的目标用户。我一定得告诉手腕上的Siri,“不是你的问题,是我的。”他也许是对的。Except I don’t think so, and not just because often, opposites do attract. But because I actually think I am the intended: a nontech person who wouldn’t otherwise have too many gadgets (a phone, an iPad, a laptop), but who could be seduced into buying another because of its desirability.但我并不这么认为,这不仅仅是因为不是冤家不聚头。而是因为我觉得我的确是它的目标用户:一个非技术型的人,本来不愿意拥有太多科技产品(手机、iPad、笔记本电脑就够了),但却可能被诱惑着多买下一件,只因为它太诱人了。That’s the way Apple increases market share and owns a category, after all: by sucking in those who are not Apple addicts. It’s why the company worked so hard to get close to the fashion flock.所以苹果的市场份额才日益增加,并且独树一帜:靠的就是吸引那些不迷恋苹果产品的人。所以苹果公司才那么努力,去贴近时尚人群。But here’s the thing: The watch isn’t actually a fashion accessory for the tech-happy. It’s a tech accessory pretending to be a fashion accessory. I just couldn’t fall for it.但问题就是这样:苹果手表其实并不是为喜欢技术的人设计的时尚配饰。它是假装成时尚配饰的技术配饰。我就是不喜欢罢了。 /201506/380647哈尔滨市医院做B超多少钱哈尔滨省第九人民医院收费贵吗




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