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哈尔滨治宫颈糜烂LEEP刀多少钱哈尔滨市医科大学医院四院预约挂号系统Having failed to stem carbon emissions in rich countries or in rapidly industrialising ones, policy makers have focused their attention on the only remaining target: poor countries that do not emit much carbon to begin with.在未能限制住富国或快速工业化国家的碳排放后,政策制定者已将注意力放在仅剩的一个限排目标群体上,也就是那些压根就不排放多少二氧化碳的穷国。Legislation to cap US carbon emissions was defeated in Congress in 2009. But that did not prevent the Obama administration from imposing a cap on emissions from energy projects of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a US federal agency that finances international development. Other institutions of the rich world that have decided to limit support for fossil fuel energy projects include the World Bank and the European Investment Bank.2009年,限制美国碳排放的立法在国会以失败告终。但这并未阻止奥巴马(Obama)政府对海外私人投资公司(Overseas Private Investment Corporation)能源项目的碳排放设限。该公司是美国联邦机构,任务是为国际开发融资。富裕世界的其他机构,包括世界(World Bank)和欧洲投资(European Investment Bank),也决定限制对化石燃料能源项目的持。Such decisions have painful consequences. A recent report from the non-profit Center for Global Development estimates that bn invested in renewable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa could provide electricity for 30m people. If the same amount of money went into gas-fired generation, it would supply about 90m people – three times as many.这些决定产生了令人痛苦的后果。非营利组织“全球发展中心”(Center for Global Development)近期的一份报告估计,如果用100亿美元投资于撒哈拉以南非洲的可再生能源项目,可让3000万人用上电。如果同样多的资金投资于燃气发电,则可让大约9000万人用上电,为前一数字的3倍。In Nigeria, the UN Development Programme is spending m to help “improve the energy efficiency of a series of end-use equipment#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;in residential and public buildings”. As a way of lifting people out of poverty, this is fanciful at best. Nigeria is the world’s sixth-largest oil exporter, with vast reserves of natural gas as well. Yet 80m of its people lack access to electricity. Nigerians do not simply need their equipment to be more efficient; they need a copious supply of energy derived from plentiful local sources.在尼日利亚,联合国开发计划署(UN Development Programme)正斥资1000万美元,帮助“提高住宅和公共建筑中一系列终端设备的能效”。作为一种帮助人们脱贫的方式,这最多只能算是一个奇特的主意。尼日利亚是世界第六大石油出口国,还拥有巨大的天然气储量。但该国却有8000万人用不上电。尼日利亚人根本不需要使自己的设备更为节能,而是需要源自本国丰富资源的充足能源供应。Or consider Pakistan, where energy shortages in a rapidly growing nation of 180m have led to civil unrest – as well as rampant destruction of forests, mostly to provide firewood for cooking and heating. Western development agencies have refused to finance a project to use Pakistan’s Thar coal deposits for low-carbon natural gas production and electricity generation because of concerns over carbon emissions. Half a world away, Germany is building 10 new coal plants over the next two years.或者来考虑一下巴基斯坦的例子。在这个拥有1.8亿人口、正快速发展的国家,能源短缺已引发民众骚乱,还导致猖獗的毁林行为,他们砍伐林木主要是为了获取木柴,用于做饭和取暖。出于对碳排放的担忧,西方开发机构拒绝为一个利用巴基斯坦塔尔煤矿藏来进行低碳天然气生产和发电的项目融资。而在地球的另一端,德国将在未来两年新建10座燃煤电厂。These examples emerge from a larger, uglier background: a widely shared assumption that poor nations need not aspire to the sort of energy consumption seen in North America, western Europe and other wealthy regions. For example, the World Bank’s action plan for energy access fails to foresee that residents of a poor nation such as Chad might eventually aspire to use more than, say, a 10th of the energy consumption enjoyed by a middle-income nation such as Bulgaria.这些例子的背后是一个更大、更丑陋的事实:人们普遍认为,穷国不需要追求北美、西欧和其他富裕地区那种能源消费。举例来说,世行的能源获取行动计划未能预见到:像乍得这样的穷国,其最终追求的能源消费量,可能会高于像保加利亚这样的中等收入国家能源消费量的十分之一。Aspirations are critical here. If two lightbulbs, a fan and a radio are the goal – a standard measure of “energy access” used by the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative – then a couple of solar panels or windmills might do the job. But if the rapidly urbanising poor are to have any chance of prosperity, they need access to energy on the same scale as all modern economies.在这里,追求是个至关重要的因素。如果两个灯泡、一台电扇和一部收音机就是追求目标(这是联合国“人人享有可持续能源”倡议(Sustainable Energy for All Initiative)所使用的衡量“能源获取”的标准指标),那么几块太阳能电池板或几台风力发电机可能就足够应付了。但如果迅速城市化的穷国想有机会实现繁荣的话,那么它们就需要获得与所有现代经济体一样多的能源。Climate activists warn that the inhabitants of poor countries are especially vulnerable to the future climate changes that our greenhouse gas emissions will cause. Why then, do they simultaneously promote the green imperialism that helps lock in the poverty that makes these countries so vulnerable?气候活动人士警告称,穷国居民尤其容易受到我们温室气体排放导致的未来气候变化的影响。那么,他们为什么又要推进“绿色帝国主义”(green imperialism)?正是绿色帝国主义帮助固化了贫困,让这些国家变得如此脆弱。If, in coming decades, Africa was to achieve rapid economic growth of the kind that China has experienced, it would lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. But as the rich world can attest, economic growth both requires energy consumption and leads to more of it – most of which must be provided by fossil fuels.未来几十年,如果非洲能实现中国经历的那种快速经济增长,数亿人将因此脱贫。但正如富裕世界所能明的那样,经济增长既需要能源消费,也会导致更多的能源消费——其中多数必须由化石燃料提供。Last year China’s 1.4bn people were responsible for more than 10bn tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, while the 1bn people on the entire African continent emitted just a 10th of that amount. Africa’s population could exceed China’s within a decade; it could be double China’s by the middle of the century. The prospects of these billions of people depend in large part on growth in their energy production and consumption.去年,中国14亿人口产生了逾100亿吨的碳排放,而整个非洲大陆的10亿人口的碳排放仅为中国的10%。10年内,非洲人口可能会超过中国;到本世纪中叶,非洲人口可能会变为中国的两倍。这几十亿人口的前景在很大程度上取决于其能源生产和消费的增长。Nations such as China and Brazil have big aspirations. They have not accepted a future without fossil fuels. If we are to reduce emissions without condemning vast swaths of humanity to unending poverty, we will have to develop inexpensive, low-carbon energy technologies that are as appropriate for the US and Bulgaria as they are for Nigeria and Pakistan. Even this will involve sacrifice; it will require an investment of significant resources over many decades.中国和巴西等国有远大的抱负。它们没有接受一个不存在化石燃料的未来。如果我们要在不让大量人口陷入无休止贫困的前提下减排,就必须开发既适合美国和保加利亚、也适合尼日利亚和巴基斯坦的低成本低碳能源技术。即使要做到这一点,也少不了要作出牺牲;它需要在数十年的时间里投入可观的资源。Until these technologies are brought to fruition, we must work with what we have. We in the rich world have chosen economic growth over emissions reductions. It is cruelly hypocritical of us to prevent poor countries from growing, too. If we are forced to adapt to life on a planet with a less hospitable climate, the poor should at least confront the challenge with the same advantages that are enjoyed by the rich.在这些技术结出硕果之前,我们必须利用现有技术。我们这些富裕世界的人,已选择将经济增长至于减排之上。如果我们阻止穷国也实现增长,那将是一种残忍的伪善行为。如果我们不得不适应在一个气候不那么宜人的星球上生活,那么穷国至少应在享有与富国同等优越条件的前提下来应对这一挑战。 /201403/279292黑龙江省哈尔滨妇女儿童医院妇科人流 Dear Annie:After almost 30 years in commercial banking, I took an early-retirement package during all the layoffs that went on in early 2009. It seemed like a good move at the time, but now I find I really miss working, and, since I#39;m still only in my early 50s, I#39;ve got at least another decade ahead in which to use my skills and experience. The problem is that five-year hole in my work history. I#39;ve spent the time taking some classes, doing a couple of consulting projects, and volunteering to help two local non-profits straighten out their finances. But my resume still shows no ;real job; for those years, and the few employers I#39;ve met with recently have seemed to hold that against me. Do you and your ers have any suggestions on how to handle this? -- Minding the Gap亲爱的安妮:我曾经在商业工作过30年。2009年初的裁员潮中,我接受了一笔提前退休金之后就退休了。当时,这似乎是很好的选择,但现在我发现,自己非常怀念工作的时光。而且,我刚过50岁,至少还能用我的能力和经验工作十年。问题在于,我的履历中将会出现五年空白期。虽然这段时间我学习了一些课程,参加了几个咨询项目,还作为志愿者帮助当地两家非盈利机构解决了财务问题。但这些年的经历在简历上仍不算是“真正的工作”,我最近见过的雇主大多也拿这个来反对我。我该怎么办?您和您的读者有什么建议?——M.G.Dear M.G.:Cold comfort though it may be, the number of long-term unemployed in the U.S. (defined as those out of work for six months or longer) seems stuck at about 3 million, so you can#39;t be the only one wondering. The first step in overcoming the stigma attached to that gap is one you may aly be taking: Bring it up yourself, rather than waiting for interviewers to ask.亲爱的M.G.:美国长期失业人口(指失业达六个月或更长的人)似乎达到了300万人,所以你肯定不是唯一一个在思考这个问题的人,虽然这个事实可能起不到任何安慰的作用。而要克履历空白期这一劣势,第一步是:自己主动提出,而不是等面试官问起。你可能已经做到了这一点。;Confront it,; advises Patty Prosser, CEO of HR and talent-management consultants OI Global Partners. ;Bring that hiatus up right at the start of the conversation, and enumerate all the things you#39;ve been doing to keep your knowledge and skills current. The more specific real-life examples you can provide, and the more closely they align with the job you#39;re seeking, the better.;人力资源与人才管理咨询公司OI Global Partners的CEO帕蒂#8226;普罗瑟建议:“面对事实。在对话开始的时候就主动提出这段空白,同时详细说明为了让自己的知识和能力一直保持在最佳状态,你都做过哪些事情。你能够提供的现实事例越具体,与你申请的工作的关系越密切,效果就越好。”Your volunteer experience may be especially relevant to finance jobs you#39;re applying for, but Prosser has seen plenty of job candidates downplay their unpaid achievements, or even neglect to mention them at all. ;Making an impact in a volunteer organization often takes a very special set of #39;people#39; skills that for-profit employers really value, so talk about that,; she says. ;Even if you #39;only#39; led a band-parents#39; fundraiser at a child#39;s school, for example, our career coaches would encourage you to tell how you got people engaged and what the outcome was.;你的志愿者经历与你正在申请的财务工作尤为相关,但普罗瑟见过许多求职者,他们对作为志愿者所取得的成就,要么轻描淡写,要么只字不提。她说:“在志愿者组织中产生影响,往往需要非常特殊的‘与人相关的’能力,而这些能力正是经营性公司雇主真正看重的东西。所以,不妨谈谈这些方面。即便你只是在孩子的学校负责家长团体的一项资金筹集活动,我们的职业教练也会鼓励你谈论一下如何让人们参与其中,最后取得了怎样的成就等。”The consulting projects you worked on probably helped keep you sharp, so talking about those is a good idea, too. Briefly describe any new skills you picked up and the results you accomplished -- and don#39;t be surprised if those temporary gigs lead to an offer of another short-term project at a company where you#39;re job-hunting. ;A growing number of employers prefer to bring on new hires on a contract basis before deciding whether to hire them full-time,; Prosser observes.你参与的咨询项目也能帮你保持敏锐度,所以谈谈这些经历也是不错的选择。简单介绍一下你学到了哪些新技能,实现了什么样的成果。如果你求职的公司因为这些临时工作给了你一份短期项目的工作邀请,不必大惊小怪。普罗瑟说:“越来越多的雇主在决定是否作为全职员工聘用求职者之前,更喜欢先提供合同制的岗位。”Ford R. Myers, an executive career coach and author of Get the Job You Want, Even When No One#39;s Hiring, agrees that tackling the issue head-on -- as opposed, he says, to ;just hoping they won#39;t notice; -- is your best bet. ;Be forthright about it,; he says. ;Explain your early-retirement decision to interviewers in a professional, unapologetic way.;高管职业导师、《绝处逢生——怎样在岗位荒中找到理想的工作》(Get the Job You Want, Even When No One#39;s Hiring)一书的作者福特#8226;R#8226;梅尔斯同意,最好的做法是直面这个问题,而不是“寄希望于人们注意不到它”。他说:“直截了当地提出来。以专业、毫不后悔的方式,向面试官解释当初提前退休的决定。”At the same time, Myers suggests a few ways to make your five years between ;real jobs; less conspicuous on paper. First, if you haven#39;t aly done so, rewrite your resume using a functional format that groups all your past work together under different headings according to what you actually did (;Accounting,; ;Management,; and so on), rather than when you did it. This ;highlights your functional strengths, instead of focusing on dates of employment,; he says.与此同时,梅尔斯提供了五种方式,让“真正工作”之间的五年空白在简历上看起来没有那么扎眼。首先,如果你还没有这么做,不妨使用按工作职能划分的模式重写简历,以自己实际做过的工作作为小标题,而不是从事这些工作的时间。他表示,这样做“可以突出你的职能优势,而不是把重点放在就业日期上。”Since hiring managers skim most resumes (with or without chronological gaps) for no more than 10 seconds, Myers also urges that yours be as specific as you can make it. ;Quantify everything you can, including retention rates, sales numbers, performance increase, and the number of people or projects you#39;ve managed,; he advises. ;Wherever possible, use percentages, hard numbers, and dollar figures.;有些招聘经理浏览大多数简历的时间不超过10秒钟(不论是否有空),所以,梅尔斯还建议简历一定要尽量具体。他建议:“尽量把所有内容进行量化,包括人才保留率、销售数字、绩效提高,以及自己管理的人员或项目的数量等。如果可能的话,使用百分比、硬数据和美元数字。”Active verbs help too, he adds: ;Words like #39;create,#39; #39;launch,#39; #39;initiate,#39; #39;devise,#39; and #39;conduct#39; have a lot more impact than vague phrases such as #39;responsible for.#39;;他补充道,一些积极的动词也会有所帮助。“比如‘创造’‘首创’、‘发起’‘策划’和‘实施’等动词,比‘负责’等模糊的短语更有效。”Try not to get discouraged if your job hunt takes a while, Myers adds. ;Some employers will be open-minded and won#39;t see your five-year gap as an obstacle to hiring you,; he notes. ;There will be others, however, who reject you purely on the basis of that gap. You need to expect this, and try not to take it personally.; Or, as a health care executive Patty Prosser met with recently put it, keep in mind that ;if you were smart five years ago, you#39;re still smart now; -- or maybe even smarter. Good luck.梅尔斯表示,如果你的求职过程需要花费很长时间,不要灰心。他说:“有的雇主非常开明,他们不会把你五年的空白期视为聘用你的障碍。但也有人会因为这段空白期而拒绝聘用你。你要做好这样的心理准备,不要把它当作针对你个人的行为。”或者,正如帕蒂#8226;普罗瑟最近遇到的一位医疗行业高管所说,记住“如果你五年前是聪明人,五年后依然是聪明人”——甚至更聪明。祝你好运。 /201404/289203道外区中医院可以刷医保卡吗

哈尔滨慢性宫颈炎治疗费用Entrepreneur worship in China#39;企业家崇拜#39;在中国兴起With the expanding influence of China#39;s private enterprises and government#39;s encouragement for young people to start their own business, people have more and more interest in successful entrepreneurs.近几年来,随着中国私营企业影响力越来越大,并且国家领导人鼓励年轻人自己创业,人们对成功企业家的兴趣更加浓厚。Research shows that nearly 40% respondents found leadership in entrepreneurs; about 37% believe they have a vision, and 36% think they are diligent and hard-working.调查显示,近40%的被调查者认为企业家有领导力,约有37%的人称他们有远见,36%的人觉得他们勤奋努力。According to an executive working for Dangdang.com, last year the sales volume of entrepreneur-themed books sold by the company increased by a whopping 50% compared to the previous year.当当网的一名高管称,去年该公司的企业家主题的图书销量较前一年猛增50%。It is reported that fans of entrepreneurs will go online for news about their business icons.据称一些企业家的粉丝会到网上了解自己商业偶像的动态。It is pointed out that the rise of entrepreneur worship in China is partly because quite a few business owners are quite high-profile.有人指出,;企业家崇拜;在中国的兴起在一定程度上是因为现今有很多企业老板很高调。 /201507/386277平房区妇幼保健院怎么样好吗 The secret to good citizenship, Portuguese tax authorities believe, could lie in giving away luxury cars.葡萄牙税收当局认为,造就好公民的秘诀可能在于赠送豪华汽车。In April, they will begin holding weekly lotteries in which 60 “top-range cars” a year will be offered as prizes to consumers who do their civic duty by asking cafés, restaurants, car mechanics and other businesses for receipts that include their personal tax number. The aim is to enlist ordinary citizens in combating tax evasion, unfair competition and the black economy, estimated in Portugal to be the equivalent of almost a fifth of official national output.今年4月,他们将开始每周抽奖,每年将送出60辆“顶级汽车”,以奖励那些履行公民义务——向咖啡厅、餐厅、汽车维修车厂等企业索要含有其个人税收号码的发票——的消费者。此举的目的是号召普通公民打击逃税、不公平竞争以及黑色经济。据估计,葡萄牙黑色经济的规模相当于官方全国产出的近五分之一。By converting sales receipts into lottery tickets, the government believes it can clamp down on tax dodgers as part of an effort to meet tough deficit targets set under the 78bn bailout deal.葡萄牙政府认为,把销售发票变成票能够打击偷税者,而此举对实现780亿欧元的纾困协议为其设定的严格赤字目标也是有益的。Paulo Núncio, secretary of state for fiscal affairs, is confident that offering people the chance to win a luxury car will lift the number of sales transactions communicated to the tax authorities by 50 per cent this year, with about 2bn more invoices being registered than last year.葡萄牙财务国务秘书保罗#8226;农西奥(Paulo Nuncio)相信,给人们提供赢得豪车的机会,将使得今年向税收部门申报的销售交易的数量增加50%,报税发票将比去年多出约20亿张。The cost to the taxpayer of buying the cars – unofficially estimated at about 90,000 each – will be far outweighed by the increased tax revenue from previously undeclared earnings, says the government.葡萄牙政府表示,纳税人为这些汽车付出的成本——根据非官方估算,每辆车约为9万欧元——远不及将产生的未申报交易的税收增加额。But the “cars-for-tax data” scheme has been greeted with a host of objections, ranging from wounded national pride to concerns about pollution.然而“以车换税数据”计划遭到很多人的反对,理由包括国家自豪感受损,也有对污染的担忧。Mr Núncio has had to field complaints that using the temptation of high-end cars to “turn citizens into tax inspectors” does not befit a modern European democracy.人们抱怨利用高端汽车的诱惑将“公民变成税收检查员”的做法与欧洲现代民主不符,而农西奥不得不想办法去平息人们的情绪。The Portuguese scheme drew its inspiration from a similar lottery run in the state of S#227;o Paulo in Brazil. Comparable schemes are used in Argentina, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Taiwan.葡萄牙的这项计划是从巴西圣保罗州推出的类似票活动中获得灵感的。阿根廷、哥伦比亚、波多黎各和台湾也采取过类似做法。“This measure may be a little damaging to our dignity,” said Carlos Loureiro, a Lisbon-based tax partner with Deloitte. “But what really reflects our level of civilisation is#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;that so much income goes undeclared, rather than the measure designed to deal with it.”“这种措施可能稍稍有损我们的尊严,”德勤(Deloitte)驻里斯本税务合伙人卡洛斯#8226;洛雷罗(Carlos Loureiro)表示,“但真正影响我们文明水平的是……这么多收入没有申报,而不是这项应对措施。”Opponents of the scheme say it sends out wrong messages, promoting imports of foreign-made cars in a country trying to build an export-led recovery. They also say it is damaging efforts to increase public transport use and cut pollution.反对该计划的人士表示,此举传递了错误的信息——在葡萄牙这样一个试图以出口拉动复苏的国家中会促进外国汽车的进口。他们还表示,此举将破坏增加公共交通使用和减少污染的努力。 /201402/275483哈尔滨做人流专科医院

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