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;Thanks a lot;这么客气的话为什么会引起美国人的误会?问题出在哪儿?英语表达感谢应该怎么说呢?今天Jenny,Jason就要告诉你。 Article/201507/384445Under Elizabeth, Englishness was discovered,celebrated, shouted from the roof tops,在伊丽莎白的统治下 英国特色逐渐形成 被她的子民所赞颂 高歌and it was, above all, a Protestant Englishness.最重要的是 这种特色是英国新教特色With hindsight,God must have meant this to happen all along.如今看来 这肯定是上帝的旨意Now, Protestantism and patriotism were one and the same,如今 新教教义和爱国主义合而为一and the history you#39;ve just seen,which at the outset had nothing to do with national identity,在你刚才看到的历史中 起初与国家意识没有丝毫关系at the end became obsessed with it.但最终与之密不可分And when the Pope offered to bless anyone who would assassinate Elizabeth,that bond only became stronger.而当教皇许诺 为暗杀伊丽莎白的人赐予祝福时 这种信念的联系却愈加强烈Now Catholics would be forced to choose between their Church and their Queen.现在天主教徒们被迫 在教会和女王之间做出选择English Catholic priests trained in foreign seminaries在国外神学院修行的英国天主教神父would be smuggled into the country and end up either dead偷渡到英国 最终不是被杀or in hiding with Catholic families who were rich and powerful enough to protect them.就是藏身于 信奉天主教的达官贵人家中So if we ask ourselves the question we asked at the beginning of the programme,若我们回顾 本集开始时的那个问题Whatever happened to Catholic England?英格兰的天主教究竟怎么了The answer is that it ended up down here,就在这里in a Priest hole, like this one at Sawston Hall outside Cambridge.在神父洞中 这个位于剑桥市郊外的索斯顿镇The splendour of Long Melford reduced to a cloak-and-dagger church.繁华一时的朗梅尔福德的三一教堂 已沦落为藏身之所For the Catholics of Elizabeth#39;s England the retreat of the priesthood to the country house would be a final disaster.对于伊丽莎白统治下的天主教徒 神职人员撤到乡村小屋 是终极灾难What was once the national church would become a faith on the run.曾经的国立教会 如今却只能亡命天涯 /201701/489449

Hi, I#39;m Jessica嗨,我是Jessicaand today I#39;m gonna be talking about a chemical demonstration今天我要讲的化学演示I like to call the steaming gun叫作蒸So you#39;ve probably seen this before at the drugstore or in your house你们在药店或是家里可能见过这个It#39;s called hydrogen peroxide and it#39;s the stuff you put on cuts它叫过氧化氢,可以用于伤口消毒but it has many other uses as well它还有很多其它用途from bleaching things, to powering rockets包括漂白,为火箭提供动力等depending on its concentration 具体用途取决于它的浓度The solution that you get at the drugstore is usually 3%药店出售的溶液浓度通常是3%So it#39;s called hydrogen peroxide 这是过氧化氢And its chemical formula is H202 其化学式是H2O2So the atoms are arranged like this 原子是这样排列的It sort of looks like water 它和水有些像but the extra oxygen makes the molecule more reactive但多出来的氧原子让分子反应活性更强Now if you leave it alone, it decomposes into water and oxygen把它放在那里,它会分解为水和氧气The equation looks like this 方程式是这样的I#39;m going to balance it我来配平And normally you can#39;t see this reaction happening 通常你看不到这个反应发生because at room temperature, it#39;s very slow因为室温下,反应很慢but there are many ways to speed it up 但为反应提速的方法有很多like increasing the temperature or adding a catalyst 例如提高温度,或加入催化剂In this demonstration, MIT#39;s Dr. John Dolhun uses这个演示中 MIT的John Dolhun士catalyst to make the reaction go thousands of times faster than normal将使用催化剂让反应比正常情况快数千倍Let#39;s watch 我们看看吧So we#39;re gonna do this experiment here 这里我们将做这个实验and basically what we#39;ve got is we#39;ve got four bottles 这里我们有四个瓶子we#39;re each gonna do the experiment我们两人会做这个实验In the bottle, we#39;ve got out 15 mils of hydrogen peroxide here瓶中,我们有15毫升过氧化氢And we#39;re going to be using a man-made catalyst我们将使用一种人造催化剂We#39;re going to be using manganese dioxide我们用到的是二氧化锰We#39;re each gonna take a scoop of this我们两个人都将取一勺这个and we#39;re going to put it in 放入到瓶子中You can set it down on the tray你可以把它放到盘子上来and just, it#39;s starting to work它开始反应了You won#39;t have to stand up to see this 你们不需要站起来看It#39;s you can start to see some condensed water vapor 这里会开始有一些凝结的水蒸气forming inside the bottle产生于瓶中Oxygen bubbles are coming out氧气泡泡开始鼓出Now we#39;re just gonna lightly hold that我们将轻轻地捏它OK, so what happened?这里发生了什么 Article/201501/354530

  Fiber helps waste products pass quickly through纤维素能够加快食物在大肠中的the colon which has been shown to help reduce the吸收速度,从而降低罹患大肠癌的几率risk of colon cancer. Several ideas have been关于如何解释纤维素对于大肠癌的proposed to explain this observation of fiber防治作用,人们提出了几个想法in the colon. One possibility is that fiber reduces一种可能是纤维素减少了排泄物the transit time of feces through the colon. The faster在结肠中停留的时间,排泄物通过feces passes through the colon, the shorter time there结肠的速度越快is for mutagenic material in the feces to排泄物中的致癌物质与结肠壁的interact with the inner surface of the colon.接触时间就越短In addition to fiber, whole grains contain many除了纤维素外,天然谷物还富含多种antioxidants such as Vitamin E, a variety of抗氧化物,例如维生素E 还有多种different phytochemicals, and selenium.植物化学性物质以及硒Antioxidants such as Vitamin E protect the cells维生素E等抗氧化剂能够保护身体中的in the body from oxidative damage and prevents细胞不受氧化过程的侵害,并且阻止carcinogen formation. Phytochemicals also致癌物形成,植物化学性物质和抗氧化剂protect the cells in your body from damage as many拥有相似的功效,都可以保护身体中的细胞are antioxidants as well. Selenium, which is required而硒是谷胱甘肽活动的必须物质for the activity of glutathione peroxidase is an过氧化物酶是一种重要的酶important enzyme that protects cells against oxidative它能够保护人体细胞不受氧化过程的损害damage. Oxidative damage can lead to cancers such as氧化过程可能导致癌症lung, prostate, and colorectal cancers.比如肝癌和直肠癌Now that we know the benefits of consuming我们已经知道了食用天然谷物可以whole grains in cancer prevention, how many有效预防癌症,那么每天摄入的whole grains should be eaten each day?天然谷物量是应该在多少呢?The recommendation is to make half of your grains是保每天食用的谷物中whole. Alternately, three ounces or more per day.有一半是天然谷物,或者是三盎司以上Here are some easy examples of servings of whole下面就是几种简单的饮食搭配grains: 1 cup of y-to-eat whole grain cereal,粮食: 一杯天然谷物a half cup of oatmeal, one slice of whole wheat b,半杯燕麦,一片全麦面包one half cup of brown rice or pasta,半杯黑米饭或者意大利面and five whole wheat crackers.以及五个全麦薄脆饼干In the grocery store aisle, how can you be sure我们怎样才能确保在杂货店买到的to find whole grain products? What should you是真正的天然谷物呢? 我们应该关注look for on the package?标签上的哪些信息呢? Article/201510/406056

  So far, you might think that this is all pretty predictable stuff: kings have always shown themselves dominating animals, and overdressed. But as we#39;ll see, this is much more than a conventional display of prowess and privilege. For the Sasanian kings were more than just secular rulers. They were agents of God, and Shapur#39;s full titles emphasise his religious role: ;the good worshipper of God, Shapur, the King of Iran and non-Iran, of the divine race of God, the King of Kings;. The god here is of course the god of Zoroastrianism, the religion of the state. Historian Tom Holland tells us about the great prophet and poet Zoroaster:也许你觉得这一切不足为奇。国王的形象从来都是装饰华贵的,动物也永远对他俯首帖耳。但这幅图的意义远远超出了普通的财富与权力展示。因为萨珊国王不只是俗世的统治者,也是神的代言人。沙普尔的完整封号表现出他的宗教身份:“神的虔诚信徒,沙普尔,统管伊朗与非伊朗,神之后裔,万王之王。”这里的神当然就是国教琐罗亚斯特教的神。 历史学家汤姆?霍兰德向我们介绍了伟大的诗人及先知琐罗亚斯特:;Zoroaster is the very first prophet, in the sense that you would describe Moses or Mohammed as a prophet.如果你对先知的定义是西或穆罕默德,那么琐罗亚斯特便是人类的第一位先知。No one is entirely sure when, or indeed if, he lived, but if he really did exist then he probably lived in Central Asian steppes in around 1000 . And gradually, over the course of the centuries and then the millennia, his teachings became the focus for what we could probably call a Zoroastrian church.他的生卒年不详,甚至有人认为他不曾真正存在过。但如果真有这个人存在,他一定生活在公元前一千年的中亚。经过千百年的发展,他的教诲成为琐罗亚斯特教的核心。And this increasingly became the state faith of the Iranian people, and therefore of the Sasanian Empire when it was established.琐罗亚斯特教逐渐成为伊朗人的国教,在萨珊帝国成立之后,又被立为帝国的国教。;The teachings of Zoroaster will sound very familiar to anyone who has been brought up as a Jew, or a Christian or a Muslim. Zoroaster is the first prophet to teach that the universe is a battleground between rival forces of good and evil. He is the first to teach that time will not go round in an endless cycle, but will come to an end-that there will be an end of days; there will be a day of judgement.凡是犹太教、基督教或伊斯兰教家庭出身的人,对琐罗亚斯特的基本教义都不会陌生。琐罗亚斯特是第一位提出宇宙是善恶两种势力斗争的战场的先知,也是他首次提出时间并非永无止境的循环, 终会有世界末日,人类将面临最终审判日。 Article/201505/374944。

  Some of the simplest ways of assessing ageing评定衰老程度最简单的方法don#39;t need specialist equipment.不需要用到特殊器材Oh, this is good.做得很好Balance is controlled by your inner ear.平衡功能由内耳决定As you age, ear structures deteriorate在你老化的同时 内耳结构也会衰老and your balance gets worse.而你的平衡性会随之降低One more.再来一次You can test it by你可以通过standing on your weaker leg with your eyes closed.闭上双眼 以非惯用腿单腿站立来测试How long did I make?我坚持了多久6.59 seconds. Not very good.6.59秒 不算太好Not good at all.一点也不好The average 55-year-old should manage 8 seconds.#39;五十五岁的人通常可以撑八秒You#39;re down to...你已经保持了...Yeah, you#39;re doing well for the average 20-year-old.在二十岁的人中你也算做得很好的Over 30 seconds is what most 20-year-olds can manage,多数大约二十岁的人可以撑30秒but it#39;s one of those skills that drops off dramatically.但这是一种会很快弱化的技能I think you#39;ve proved a point.你用实际行动说明你可没老- You can stop. - You can stop, yes.-可以停了 -停下来吧Another good test is reaction time,另一个有效的方法是反应时间which drops off with age.#39;这也会随着年老而延长Not good. Eight.不算好 20厘米This one only needs a ruler.这次只需要一把尺子At our age, you should be able to在我们这个年龄catch it around the five-inch mark.应该可以在12厘米处抓住尺子重点解释:1.get worse 越来越差例句:As time go by my memory seem to get worse.随著时间的流逝,我的似乎越来越差。2.drop off减弱;减少例句:Interest in the book began to drop off.人们对这本书的兴趣开始减退了。3.be able to会; 能例句:You#39;ll be able to come, won#39;t you?你能来的,对吗? Article/201509/398735

  What are the dangers of our children drinking too young?青少年饮酒会有什么危害Alcohol kills brain cells.酒精会杀死大脑细胞They can bring their blood alcohol levels up so high血液中的酒精含量会升高that they#39;re getting close to overdose levels.甚至达到过量How much of our relationship with alcohol is written in our genes?饮酒习惯 在多大程度上是基因决定的It#39;s like a nutrition and having your blood pressure taken.对某些人那就像营养 保持血压稳定的And could this new designer drug really be a safe swap for alcohol?这种新研制的药品真能够安全替代酒吗I#39;d have to say that I#39;d vote for the three pills from Dr. Nutt.我得说纳特士研制的新药非常好But for me the most important question is this..不过就我而言 最重要的问题是Take any dozen people.以任何一组人为研究样本Each of them will have their own relationship with alcohol.每个人的饮酒习惯都不尽相同West Ham getting promoted.西汉姆队升级到甲级了Going to gigs.看演出Pubs and clubs.去酒吧俱乐部St. Patrick#39;s Day.圣帕特里克节Restaurants.去餐厅It will surround them throughout their lives.他们一辈子都离不开酒 Article/201506/380339英语非常道 第4期:锐词发布-给力 微笑 神马都是浮云英语这样说(下) Article/201507/385179As we grow older,we often lose the extrements of our hearing spectrum.So how many of the following sounds can you hear?随着年龄的增长,我们会失去听力系统中的极端部分。下面这几段声音,你能听到多少种?How old are your ears? OK,if you can hear 8000Hz,you are both alvie and not hearing impaired.But let#39;s keep raising the frequency.How high could you hear?If you could hear all of those frequencies,you are probably under 20 years old.But that won#39;t last forever.Unlike other organs such as the liver or skin,the inner ear does not have the capacity to regenerate.你的“耳龄”有多大?好,如果你能听到8000Hz 说明你健在同时没有耳聋。不过让我们把频率增高一些。你能听到多高的呢?如果你能听到所有频率的声音,很可能你现在还没到20岁。但这并不会持续到永远。和肝脏,皮肤等器官不同,内耳并不具有重生的能力。In your ear,there are thousands of tiny nerve cells celled;Hair Cells;.These are responsible for picking up different frequencied,and sending the signal to the brain where it#39;s processed.but as you age,the continue exposure to noise and loud sounds.can break,bend and destroy these cells.在你的耳内分布着数千微小的神经细胞“听毛细胞”。它们各自负责捕捉不同的频率,并把信号送到大脑内做进一步处理。但在你年龄增长时,持续暴露在噪音和高响度声音,将会破坏,弯曲,并毁灭这些细胞。So,why do the high frequencies go first? It turns out that the hair#39;s tune to high pitches.are the first to encounter sound waves.As a result,they experience more stress and tend to degenerate earlier.Which is why the older you are,the harder you hear high pitches.Got a burning question you want an answer?那么 为什么高频率部分先中?事实是 处理高音的毛细胞部分 是第一个接收到声波的。因此 它们受到的压力更大,更容易在早期退化。这就是为什么你年纪越大,越难听到高频声音。有什么绕脑子的问题? Article/201503/361688

  Henry wallowed in the praise droolingly lavished on him by courtiers and ambassadors.亨利沉浸在谗臣与大使们泛滥的恭维中Henry the gallant, Henry the handsome,Henry the clever, Henry the superstar.英勇的亨利 英俊的亨利 睿智的亨利 巨星亨利The only king to have his own personal band hired to go touring with him唯一一个雇佣自己的私人乐队巡演的国王and featuring young Henry himself as lead singer songwriter.并由年轻的亨利自己主唱与作曲Egged on by the Pope, who dangled before him the title of Defender of the Faith,教皇以;护卫信仰者;的头衔相诱Henry was determined to make a splashy debut on the European scene.亨利决心高调进入欧洲政治舞台He tried to get his Spanish father-in-law, King Ferdinand,他试图说其岳父费迪南国王to come in on joint ventures against their mutual enemy,King Louis of France.与其合力对抗他们共同的敌人 法国国王路易But when it came to snake-pit politics,Ferdinand was a real pro,论及迂回狡诈的政治手腕 费迪南绝对是个中高手shamelessly exploiting Henry#39;s lust for glory,but failing to deliver on the promised armies.他无耻地利用亨利对荣耀的渴望 却未履行其所承诺的大军持Henry pushed on without him and, in the summer of 1513,亨利独自进军 1513年夏天talked up a skirmish with French knights into a major victory called the Battle of the Spurs.与法国骑士小冲突 演变成一场大捷 即;踢马刺之战;Meanwhile, back home, Queen Catherine and her councillors managed a military victory of major importance at Flodden Field,与此同时 远在家中的凯瑟琳王后与她的顾问们 在弗洛登取得了重大的军事胜利which left the king of the Scots, james IV, and a dozen Scottish earls dead on the battlefield.苏格兰国王詹姆士四世及十余位苏格兰伯爵 均战死沙场But behind all this activity at home and abroad,keeping the army supplied, negotiating the treaties,而策划这一系列国内外活动 保持军需供给 谈判条约channelling the king#39;s energies was one of the greatest organisational brains of the age国王的强力后援 是在当时最伟大的组织者Archbishop of York,soon to be Chancellor of England, Thomas Wolsey.约克大主教 很快成为英格兰总理的托马斯·沃尔西 /201612/484837查尔斯·里德比特在探寻全新的教育形式 -- 他在里约和基贝拉的贫民区找到了,在那里全世界最贫穷的孩子门在寻找创新性的方式去学习。这种非正规的,颠覆式的新型学校,在他眼中,是所有学校未来的方向。 Article/201507/387052

  Japanese historians urge recognition of WWII sex slaves日本史学界促政府为强征慰安妇负责Sixteen associations of historians and educators across Japan have issued a joint statement, urging Japanese politicians and media to squarely face up to Japan#39;s wartime atrocities, in particular subjecting women to work in Japanese military brothels.16个历史学相关团体发表声明,呼吁日本政府就第二次世界大战时期日军强征亚洲国家女子为慰安妇承担责任。The statement says the existence of forcibly recruited ;sex slaves; has been verified by many historical records and extensive research.声明指出慰安妇制度规模是毋庸置疑的历史事实。It also demands the Japanese government to acknowledge the past and never repeat the mistakes.声明同时还指出要求日本政府承认历史罪行并承诺不再重蹈覆辙。 Article/201505/377277

  TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/373021。

  TED演讲视频:胰腺癌检测的新希望85%以上的胰腺癌是到了晚期才被诊断出来,病患此时只有2%的存活率。原因何在?杰克·安卓卡谈到他开发了极具希望的胰腺癌早期检测:非常便宜,有效,并且是微创的检测--在他16岁生日以前就完成了。 Article/201703/499166



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