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莱阳中心医院祛疤多少钱青岛打瘦脸针的医院我热爱生命,但我不惧怕死亡死亡不过是去另一个世界的过渡,就像朋友跨越海洋一样;他们依然活在另一个世界里”我坚信,是死亡教会了我们永生 About Secrets and Falling Tiles by Carroll Binder "We are all at the mercy of a falling tile," Julius Caesar reminds us in Thornton Wilder's Ides of March. None of us knows at what hour something we may love may suffer some terrible blow by a ce we can neither anticipate nor control. Fifty-five years of living, much of the time in trouble centers of a highly troubled era, have not taught me how to avoid being hit by falling tiles. I have sustained some very server blows. My mother died when I was three years old. My first-born son, a gifted and idealistic youth, was killed in the war. While I was still cherishing the hope that he might be alive, circumstance beyond my control made it impossible me to continue work into which I had poured my heart's blood twenty years. I speak of such things here in the hope of helping others to believe with me that there are resources within one's grasp which enable one to sustain such blows without being crushed or embittered by them. I believe the best hope of standing up to falling tiles is through developing a sustaining philosophy and state of mind all through life. I have seen all sorts of people sustain all sorts of blows in all sorts of circumstances by all sorts of faiths, so I believe anyone can find a faith that will serve his needs if he persists in the quest. One of the best ways I know of tifying oneself to withstand the vicissitudes of his insecure and unpredictable era is to school oneself to require relatively little in the way of material possessions, physical satisfactions or the praise of others. The less one requires of such things the better situated one is to stand up to changes of tune. I am singularly rich in friendships. Friends of all ages have contributed enormously to my happiness and helped me greatly in times of need. I learned one of the great secrets of friendship early in life - to regard each person with whom one associates as an end in himself, not a means to one's own ends. That entails trying to help those with whom one comes in contact to find fulfillment in their own way while seeking one's own fulfillment in one's own way. Another ethical principle that has stood me in good stead is Know thyself! I try to acquaint myself realistically with my possibilities and limitations. I try to suit my aspirations to goals within my probable capacity to attain. I may have missed some undiscovered possibilities growth but I have spared myself much by not shooting stars it clearly was not given me to attain. I have seen much inhumanity, cheating, corruption, sordidness and selfishness but I have not become cynical. I have seen too much that is decent, kind and noble in men to lose faith in the possibility a far finer existence than yet has been achieved. I believe the quest a better life is the most satisfying pursuit of men and nations. I love life but I am not worried about death. I do not feel that I have lost my son and a host of others dear to me by death. I believe with William Penn that "they that love beyond the World cannot be separated by it. Death is but Crossing the World, as Friends do the Seas; they live in one another still." Death, I believe, teaches us the things of deathlessness. 93青岛哪里有做文眉的 口语小词:"黄色"的英语,你知道了解多少? -01-7 ::01 来源: 1.汉语一英语 黄瓜cucumber 黄鳝 finless eel  黄土高原loess plateau  黄蜂wasp   黄花闺女a virgin   黄道吉日 lucky day  黄豆 soybean  黄毛丫头a silly little girl  黄牛ox   黄昏dusk  黄鹂鸟 oriole .英语一汉语 (Not Unhealthy)  yellow dog 卑鄙的人  You are yellow! 你是胆小鬼! yellow belly 可鄙的胆小鬼  yellow looks 尖酸多疑的神情  yellow alert 预备警备  yellow steak 胆怯,懦怯  a yellow-dog contract 以受雇工人不加入工会为条件的雇用契约3.与黄色有关的社会内涵  (1)在印刷书籍用的纸张中,黄色纸是最差的一种19世纪流行的法国廉价小说便是用黄色纸印刷及用黄皮封面的这种书籍便yellow back  ()yellow book(Yellow Pages)并不是指汉语中的黄色书刊,而是指常见于美国商店或家庭用的黄色纸印刷的商业分类电话簿汉语中的黄色书刊,其“黄色”意为下流的”.在英语中可译为filthy books  (3)yellow journalism都是指通过不择手段地夸张、渲染来招揽读者的一种新闻编辑作风,也就是黄色编辑作风 了解 多少 知道 英语表达疑惑和惊讶的英语句子 -- ::8 来源: 1. What a surprise. 真没想到. How amazing. 太惊人了3. Incredible. 真不可思议. That's extraordinary. 真是太离奇了5. Fancy that. 真想不到6. It's hard to believe. 真难以相信7. You are pulling my leg, aren't you? 你不是开玩笑吧?8. I can't believe my eyes. 我简直不能相信自己的眼睛9. I'm very surprised to hear that. 听到这个我真是太吃惊了. It can't be. 不可能. My God! 天啊. Who can have thought of it? 谁能想得到呢. The news comes as a surprise. 这消息来得太突然了1. Do you believe him? 你相信他的话吗?. Do you believe it? 你相信吗?3. I think it's hard to believe. 我觉得这很难相信. It's too good to be true. 哪有这等好事?5. I don't buy your story. 我才不信你的鬼话呢6. Believe it or not. 信不信由你7. Really? 真的吗?8. Are you kidding me? 你在逗我呢吧?9. You must be joking. 你一定是在开玩笑. Are you joking? 你开玩笑吧?. Are you serious? 你是认真的吗?. I doubt it. 我怀疑. I am doubtful about that 我对此表示怀疑. Don't expect me to believe this. 别指望我相信这事. It can't be ture. 不可能是真的. How is that possible? 那怎么可能呢?. He is a doubting Thomas. 他是个疑心很重的人18. I never take him too seriously. 我从来不把他的话当真19. I feel puzzled. 我感到很茫然. It's doubtful whether this will work. 我怀疑这会不会起作用 句子 英语 表达 相信连云港美白针多少钱

淄博市妇幼保健院减肥瘦身外贸-- :6: 来源: 外贸英语口语900句做外贸的朋友,英语是必须的过关的,因为外贸不是和国内的人打交道,外贸的对象是老外,是说英语的(注:英语是国际用语)今天58英语网为您整理了外贸英语口语900句,希望能帮助到你!There’s a systems failure. 机器系统出毛病了There’s a breakdown. 出毛病了I’m phoning to complain about the product. 我打电话投诉产品问题I’m sorry to hear that. What exactly is the problem? 很抱歉出什么问题了?It’s broken.It doesn’t work.It’s faulty. 坏了不运行了出毛病了I think I can do better than that. 我想我能做得更好What’s the problem? 什么问题? The problem is the photocopier isn’t working. 问题是复印机坏了What’s wrong? What exactly is the problem? 怎么回事?哪里出毛病了?There’s some paper stuck in the machine. 复印机卡纸了We’ll be needing payment within 30 days. 我们需要在三十天内付款I think that’s acceptable.unacceptable. 我认为这可以接受不可以接受I think we could agree to that. 我想我们能够同意 Can you offer us the same price as last year? 你能够为我们提供与去年一样的单价吗? We could do a % discount on 700,000 s. That’s the best I can offer. 我们七十万件可以打八折这是最大的折扣 It’ll take a couple of days to process your application. 需要几天来处理你的申请 You should receive written confirmation of the loan in a few days. 几天后,你就会收到贷款的书面答复 Let’s talk about delivery dates. 我们谈一谈送货日期 Let’s talk about using a different supplier. 我们谈一谈用另外一个供应商 We’ll be needing 500,000 s. 我们需要五十万件 Have you got all the financial details you need? 你得到所需的一切金融详情了吗? We’ll need security on a loan of this size.我们对这样一笔贷款需要安全担保 My father has agreed to guarantee the loan. 我父亲答应担保这笔贷款 Will the bank agree to the loan? 同意贷款吗? That seems fine. I can’t see any problems with your application. 大概会的我看你的申请没有什么问题 I want to borrow some money. 我想借一些钱 How are you going to make the repayments? 你打算如何还款? I think I need to borrow 0,000. 我要借五十万美元 Have you got any capital? 你有资本吗? How is the capital invested? 资本如何投资的? How soon can we expect delivery? 我们多久能收到邮件? We can deliver the order by th. 我们可以在十五日发送 Either the delivery is immediate, or we’ll have to cancel the order. 若不能立即送货,我们将取消定货 I’d like to talk about a bank loan. 我想谈一谈贷款 What is your income? 你的收入是多少? What does the guarantee cover? 担保的内容是什么? Do you charge extra delivery? 另收送货费吗? Yes, we do. 是的 What about delivery time? 送货时间呢? We can’t deliver bee July th. 七月十二日之前无法送货 If I buy 50 s, will you give me a discount? 如果买五十台,可以打折吗? I’ll give you a % discount if you buy 0. 如果买二百台,可以打八折 What sort of guarantee do you offer? 有什么担保? How long does the guarantee last? 担保期多长? It’s valid two years. 两年 It’s made of wood. 木制的 How much does it weigh? 有多重? It weighs kgs. 重公斤 Could you give me a discount? 可以打折吗? It depends on the size of the order. 这取决于你的订购数量What does it look like? 什么样子? It’s big and heavy but elegant. 大而重,但很雅观 What colors does it come in? 一共有几种颜色? It comes in red and blue. 红色和蓝色两种 What's it made of? 用什么做的? There’s more timber to transport now. 现在有更多的木材需要运输 What is the competition like? 竞争情况如何? You mean the other companies transporting timber? 你的意思是其它木材运输公司吗? Could you send me some details about the C model? 你能提供C型的详细资料吗? I’ll send you a brochure. 我给你一份小册子 Could you run through the procedure, please? 你能大概演示一下该生产过程吗? First … Then … Next … Finally … 首先…然后…接着…最后… What’s your share of the existing market? 目前,你们占多少市场份额? The total market is growing. 总的市场在增长 How much work is there? 有多大的工作量? I’ll hang up and call you back, OK? 我先挂了,回头再打给你,好吗? What happens here? 怎么了? This is where we check the output. 这是我们检测产量的地方 What’s this ? 这是干什么用的? This is used cutting raw materials. 这是用来切割原料的 What type of computer? We have three very popular models. 什么类型?我们有三种非常流行的样式 Is that 63597? 是63597吗? You’ve got the wrong number. This is Beijing 635973. 你打错了这里是北京的635973 58en.com? I’m sorry, I’ve got the wrong number. 58英语网?对不起,我打错了 This is a very bad line. 这条线路打不通 I’m sorry, Lee’s in a meeting right now. Can I take a message? 对不起,李正在开会我可以转告吗? No, thanks, I’ll call again later. 不,谢谢,过一会我再打过来 Could you tell him I called? 请你告诉他我打过电话,好吗?OK, I’ll ask Mr. Lee to phone you as soon as he gets back. 好的,李先生一回来,我就让他给你回电话 I’d like some inmation about computer, please. 我需要一些关于计算机的信息 I’m sorry, Lee’s in a meeting right now. Can I take a message? 对不起,李正在开会我可以转告吗? No, thanks, I’ll call again later. 不,谢谢,过一会我再打过来 Could you tell him I called? 请你告诉他我打过电话,好吗? OK, I’ll ask Mr. Lee to phone you as soon as he gets back. 好的,李先生一回来,我就让他给你回电话 I’d like some inmation about computer, please. 我需要一些关于计算机的信息 Yes. 是的 I’d like to speak to Mr. Lee, please. 我想和李先生通话 How do you spell that? 怎么拼写? L-E-E. Extension 7. L-E-E. 转7分机 -7-1-7. One moment, please. -7-1-7.请稍等 I’ll be in touch. 我会和你联系 We’d better talk to the boss. 我们最好和老板谈谈 OK. Right. 好吧 Fine. I see. 好,我懂 Really? That’s interesting. 真的?太有意思了 To be honest, I’d prefer a glass of water. 说真的,我想喝杯水 Do you mind if I smoke? 你介意我吸烟吗? No problem.Not at all. Please go ahead. 请便 I’d rather you didn’t. 最好别吸 I need to talk to my boss. 我想和老板谈谈 Let me explain something about our company. 我来介绍一些公司的情况 Let me help you with your bags. 我帮你拎包Let me take your coat. 我替你拿外衣 Shall I call you a taxi? 我为你叫辆的士好吗? Would you like a tea? 来份茶吗? I think I’ll have chicken. 我要一份鸡肉Thank you the invitation. 感谢你的邀请 I’ve had a very interesting visit. 我的这次访问很有趣 Your products are excellent. 你们的产品太棒了 Your prices are reasonable. 你们的价格合理 Shall I show you around the factory? 我带你去参观工厂,好吗? That’s very kind of you, thank you. 你太好了,谢谢 Thank you but I’ve made other plans. 谢谢,但我已另有安排 What would you like? 你想吃点什么? Can you recommend something? 你能推荐一下吗? I’d like a sandwich. 我要一个三明治 No, thank you, I’m afraid I’m not hungry. 不,谢谢,我不饿 Would you like to have dinner with me? 愿意和我们一起吃晚饭吗? Yes, I’d like that, thank you. 好啊,谢谢 I’ll meet you at 7 o’clock. 我们七点见 I’m sorry I can’t. I arranged the trip last month. 对不起上个月我已安排了旅行 It’ll be difficult but I’ll try. I’ll let you know this afternoon. 这很困难,但我会努力今天下午我告诉你 I can make the meeting on Monday. 我可以安排星期一见面 Would you like to have lunch on Saturday? 你愿意星期六一起吃午饭吗? That’s very kind of you. 你太好了 That suits me fine. 这对我很合适 Have you got a moment? 你有空吗? Yes, sure. 是的,有空 I’m afraid I’m rather busy. 抱歉,我很忙 Can you rearrange our schedule? 你能重新安排一下我们的日程吗? No, I’m sorry, I can’t do that. 对不起,我没空 When would be convenient? 什么时候方便? I’m busy on Wednesday. What about Thursday? 星期三我很忙星期四行吗? Let me check my diary. Yes, that’s fine. 我查看一下好,我有时间We can make the meeting on Friday. 我们可以星期五见面 Are you free on Wednesday afternoon? 星期三下午你有空吗? No, I’m sorry, I’m busy on Wednesday. 对不起,没空星期三我很忙 What about Thursday morning, then? 星期四早晨呢? Yes, that’s fine. 有空 Would o’clock on Monday be convenient? 星期一十点你方便吗? How many companiesdepartments are there? 有多少家公司部门? There are five companies. 有五家公司 There is one Managing Director in each of the five companies. 五家的公司的每一家都有一名管理主任 Are you free on Monday evening? 星期一晚上你有空吗? Yes, I am. 有空 He is in charge of financial matters. 他负责财务 Could you tell me who is in charge of personnel, please? 请问谁负责人事? I’m sorry, I don’t know. 抱歉,我不知道 Let me find out you. 我来查一查 I’m not sure. 我不太清楚 What are the company’s annual sales figures? 公司的年销售额是多少? Who is the head of sales and marketing? 谁是销售和市场部主管? Mr Gong is the head of sales and marketing. 宫先生是销售和市场部主管 What does he do exactly? 他主要做什么工作? He is responsible selling and marketing products. 他负责销售和推销产品 I’m a manager. 我是经理 We makeproduce drugs. 我们生产药品 How many people do you employ?How many people does the company employ? 你雇了多少人?你们公司雇佣了多少人? We employ ,000 people. 我们雇佣了两千人We have 0 people working us. 我们一共有二百人 What do you do, Mr. Li? 李先生,你是做什么工作的? I’m in computers. I’m a computer programmer. 我是做电脑的我是电脑程序员 Who are you with?你为谁效力? I’m with the Motorola. Our head office is in US. And what about you? 我在托罗拉公司总部在美国你呢? What do you do?What does the company do? 你是做什么的?你的公司是做什么的?LovelyTerrible weather today. 多好的多糟糕的天气 Yes, it’s really beautifulterrible. 对,真好糟糕 How is your wife?son?daughter? 你的妻子儿子女儿好吗? My wifesondaughter is very well, thank you. 我的妻子儿子女儿很好,谢谢 New York is very busy.crowded.beautiful. 纽约非常热闹拥挤美丽 How do you do, Mr. Wang? 你好,王先生 How do you do? 你好 Here’s my card. 这是我的名片 OK. I’ll be in touch. 好,我会跟你联系 Nice to meet you, goodbye. 见到你,很高兴再见 Fine, thank you, and you? 好,谢谢你好吗? Fine, thank you. 好,谢谢 I’d like you to meet Mr. Wang. 我想让你见一下王先生 This is Mr. Wang. 这是王先生 He’s from Hong Kong. 他来自香港 How do you do? 你好(只限于初次见面时使用) How do you do? 你好(只限于初次见面时使用本句是对上句的回答) Pleased to meet you. 见到你很高兴 Pleased to meet you, too. 见到你,我也很高兴 How are you? 你好 I know a bit about shoes and I can see the quality in the shaping and stitching. 我对制鞋是了解一些的,从鞋样和针脚上我能看出质量的高低 We take pride in our craftsmanship. 我们为自己的手艺感到自豪 They seem to be mass produced by machines. 这些鞋看上去是用机器大批量生产的 We use machines certain jobs, but they are mainly handmade. 某些工序是用机器完成的,但主要是手工制作的 M…The vamp material is superb. 嗯,鞋的面料很不错 So now we can offer you ,000 pieces of Art. No. at US per piece CIFC5% London shipment in May. 好吧现在我们向你们报价十七号货一万件,每件成本加运保费至伦敦价八十美元,含佣金5%,五月份装运 Thank you. How long will this offer be open? 谢谢这个报价的有效期多长? It’s valid three days. 三天. I will study your offer with my colleagues and give you a definite reply in three days. 我将跟同事们研究一下,三天之内给你确切答复 I’ll be waiting your good news. 我将等候你的好消息 We’d like to start with ,000 pieces. It’s an attractive quantity, isn’t it? 先订一万件这个数量很可观,是吗? When do you want the goods to be delivered? 你们要求何时交货? Could you make it May? 五月份可以吗? I think we should manage. 我想我们可以办到 We pay by letter of credit. 我们用信用付款 We usually e on CIF basis. 通常我们报CIF价 In order to sell successfully there, your goods will have to be competitive in price as well. 为了成功的销售,你们的报价必须具有竞争力 You’ll find our prices very attractive. 你们会发现我们的价格很有吸引力 Would you give us an offer Art. No. CIFC 5% London now? 现在请给我们报十七号货成本加运保费到伦敦价,包括百分之五的佣金 What’s the quantity? 你们的订货量怎么样? Thank you. We’re very interested in some of your products. Here’s an enquiry sheet we’ve drawn up. 谢谢我们对你们的一些产品很感兴趣,这是我们拟订的询价单 Thanks. We’ll look into it carefully. 谢谢我们会仔细研究一下的 How about the supply position of your products? 你方产品供货情况怎么样? We have a steady supply most of them. 多数产品货源稳定 Do you e FOB or CIF? 你们报FOB价还是CIF价? Here you are. I’m sure our products will interest you. 给我肯定你会对我们的产品感兴趣的I also hope we can do business together in the future. 我也希望我们今后能一起做生意 I hope so. 希望如此 Can you show us your catalogue? 可以看一下你们的产品目录吗? Certainly. Here’s a catalogue some of our popular items. 当然可以这是我们一些畅销货的目录 Have you looked into the sales? 您调查过销售情况吗? Such products are widely sold in markets abroad. 此类产品在国外市场很畅销 I would like to see the samples first. 我想先看一看样品 This is the newest export item this year.好的这是今年出口的最新款式 Thanks. Do you have catalogues? I’d like to have a few copies to study them carefully. 谢谢你们有商品目录吗?我想要几份仔细研究一下 Good morning. Welcome to our company. 早上好欢迎您到我们公司来(欢迎光临) Good morning. I’m the manager of the import division of XYZ Co.Ltd. Here is my card. 早上好我是XYZ有限公司的进口部经理,这是我的名片 Pleased to meet you and I’m glad to have the opporty to recommend to you our latest laser and electronics product of this year. 很高兴认识您并有机会向您推荐我们今年最新的一种光电产品 What about the functions? 功能怎么样? It combines many functions in one. It is a high grade product. 它集多种功能于一身,是高档产品 Here is a catalogue and a price list. The product is a very popular item this year. 这是目录和价目表这种产品是今年非常流行的款式Really! Mm…, what about the quality? 真的吗?嗯,质量怎么样? Absolutely reliable. The quality is superior, yet the price is very reasonable. It feels soft and smooth. 完全可靠该产品质优价廉,手感柔软光滑 Thank you. You’ve been most helpful. 你帮了我们大忙,非常感谢 My pleasure. I can assure you that you’ll find very good prospects in our products. 不客气我保您会发现我们产品的前景非常美好I learned from the ads that you manufacture and sell this kind of product. 我从广告上得知,贵公司生产销售这种产品 Yes, we do. Are you interested in our products? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. 是的您对我们的产品感兴趣吗?如果感兴趣,那么您来对地方了 Good. 好极了 Well, then, what can I do you? What exactly are you after? 那么,我能为您做些什么?您具体想要些什么呢? I’d like to know something more about the product. example, the manufactured materials, the design and the sales position. 我想多了解一下你们的产品比如,加工原料、设计、及销售情况 Well, I’ve certainly had an excellent time here. And you have been kind. 哦,我在这儿过得非常愉快你们真是太好了 It’s been a great pleasure to have you with us. We hope you’ll come here more often in the future. 我们很高兴和你在一起希望你今后经常来 I’m sure I will. Now that we’ve got to know each other better, I’m certain we can do more business to our mutual benefit. 肯定会既然我们彼此更加了解了,相信今后我们能做成更多的互利互惠生意 I hope so. 希望如此 I do hope you’ll visit us someday soon. 我非常希望不久的将来你也能访问我们 Not too long, I suppose. What kind of weather do you have at this time of the year? 我想不会太久你的家乡这个季节的天气怎么样? It’s not this hot. The highest temperature there is degrees, and there’s more rain. I prefer the dry weather you have here. 没有这么热,那儿最高气温只有度,但雨水比较多我还是喜欢你们这儿的干燥天气 Here we are at the airport. 我们到机场了 It’s very kind of you to come and see me off, Mr. Zhang. 张先生,谢谢你来送我 It’s my pleasure. It’s a pity that you have to go now.这是我的荣幸,可惜你现在就要走了What’s the temperature today? 今天的气温有多高? About 3 degrees centigrade. 大约摄氏3度 Oh, that’s pretty high. What is the highest temperature you get here? 够高的!这儿气温最高能达到多少度? About 38 degrees, I’d say. 我估计大约38度 How long do you think this hot weather will last? 你估计这样热的天气会持续多久? Mt. Laoshan would be the ideal place you, then. It has around 0 sightseeing spots. 那崂山将是你理想的地方它总共有0多个旅游景点 Sounds great. I can’t wait to go there now, Miss Zhang. 听起来太好了我现在就迫不及待想去崂山,张 It’s very hot today. Do you mind the heat? 今天真热你讨厌热天气吗? Well, it’s all right. I’d say it’s much better than Britian, actually. It’s so humid there. 我倒觉得没什么这儿比英国好多了,那儿太潮湿 Yes, it’s rather dry here. 是的,我们这儿气候干燥 Yes. But I’ve always wanted to come. 是的不过我一直想来这儿 Well, there are plenty of worthwhile places you to see. 那么,值得你看的地方可不少What would you suggest? 你能提个建议吗? Well, what are you particularly interested in? 好,你有什么特别感兴趣的? I love beautiful scenic spots. 我喜欢看美的风景点 About how long have you been in the business? 你公司大约成立多久了? The company was established in 1989, and we have about 1,00 employees now. 公司成立于1989年,现有员工一千四百人左右Good morning, Mr.Smith. Sightseeing is our agenda today. 早上好,史密斯先生我们今天的日程安排是游览 Wonderful! I’ve been told that Qingdao is a great tourist attraction. 太好了,我听说青岛是个旅游胜地 Yes, it is. Is this your first visit here? 是的,你是初次来青岛吗? I’m surprised you haven’t. Our net profits were over 1 million yuan last year, you know. 我很惊讶您没听说过我们去年的净利就超过1百多万元 That’s very impressive. Please tell me more about your company. 真令人敬佩请多介绍一点Our company consists of three major organizations: they are OD, RD and TA. 我们公司由组织开发部,研究开发部及技术援助部三大部门所组成 Sounds like you have the organizations we need. 听起来好像都是我们所需要的部门 Yes, and we have eight branches and two plants scattered throughout China. 是的,我们在全国有八个分公司及两个工厂 Excellent. That should suit our needs perfectly. 好极了那完全能满足我们的需要 Shall we move on? 我们继续参观好吗? What is it your company does again? 你说你们公司做什么来着?It makes electronic equipment. 我们公司制造电器产品 Well, then why haven’t I heard of it bee? 那么为什么我没有听说过呢? Our factory floor is about 5,000 square meters. 我们工厂占地约5,000平方米 And what’s that building outside the window? 窗外那一栋楼房是什么呢? It’s mainly shipping and storage. This one is assembly. 那一栋主要做储运室这一栋是装配用的 Is your capacity up to our demands? 你们的单位生产能力能满足我们的要求吗? I should think so. This plant can turn out 5,000 s per month. 我想可以该工厂月生产能力为5,000台 Yes, of course. Maotai is the best Chinese wine. It would be a pity if you left without tasting it. 不错,茅台是中国最好的酒你要是不品尝一下就走,那将是一大憾事 Would you like to have a look around our factory? 请问您要不要到工厂参观一下? Yes, we’d like to. Lead on please. 好,请带路吧 May I show you our brochure? 请看一下我们的宣传册好吗? Oh, thank you. 哦,谢谢您 Mr.Smith, I wonder if you have any particular preferences? 史密斯先生,不知您有什么特别的口味? When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I only want to taste real Chinese food. 入乡随俗嘛,我只想尝一下真正的中餐 This is a Beijing restaurant, specializing in Beijing cuisine. 这是一家北京餐馆,专做京菜 Would you like to try some Chinese drinks? 要不要尝点中国酒? Yes, I’d love to. I’ve heard Maotai is very popular in China. Could we try some? 好的我听说茅台在中国很受欢迎咱们尝尝好吗? Yes, sure. Thank you calling. Good-bye. 很好谢谢打来电话再见 Good-bye. 再见 It’s time supper, Mr. Smith. Shall we have dinner together this evening? 是晚饭时间了,史密斯先生,我们共进晚餐好吗? That’s very kind of you, Miss Zhang. I hear Chinese restaurants serve very good food. 谢谢您,张我听说中餐馆的饭菜非常好吃 Quite. China is a country with a splendid catering culture. 没错,中国是个饮食文化非常丰富的国家 I’m glad to hear that. I’d like to make an appointment with you, if I may, Mr.Wilson. 您这么说我很高兴威尔逊先生,如果可以的话我想跟您订个约会 Certainly. 当然可以 Our managing director will host a reception banquet in your honor tonight. Would that be convenient? 今晚公司经理将为您举办一个晚宴不知是否方便? Yes, that’s fine. Thank you your kind hospitality. I look ward to meeting your General Manager. 很好感谢你们的盛情好客,我也期待着与总经理先生见面 Let’s make it seven o’clock then, and I’ll pick you up at 6:5. Is that all right? 那就定在七点,六点四十五分我来接您,行吗?Hello. This is Wilson speaking. Who’s calling, please? 您好,我就是请问您是那一位? This is Miss Wang. I hope I’m not disturbing you. Did you have a good rest?我姓王希望我没有打扰您您休息得好吗? Yes, thank you. I had a good sleep and a cold shower, and I’m now feeling positively refreshed. 是的,谢谢我睡了一夜,席了个冷水澡,现在精神百倍 How do you like your room? 您对您的房间满意吗? Very comtable. And the attendants are quite obliging. 非常舒,而且招待员务也很周到 I hope you will enjoy your stay here in Qingdao. 希望您在青岛过得愉快 Thanks. I’m sure I will. 谢谢我相信会的 Our car is waiting over there. Let’s drive to the hotel. May I help you with your luggage? 车正在那边等着,咱们现在就去宾馆吧我来帮您拿行李好吗?No, thanks. I can manage all right. Let’s go. 不用,谢谢我自己能行咱们走吧! Hello. May I speak to Mr.Wilson, please? 您好,请找威尔逊先生 Thank you. It’s very kind of you to come and meet me at the airport, Miss Wang. 谢谢,王您特地到机场来接我,真是太客气了It’s my pleasure. I hope you’ve had an enjoyable trip. 乐意效劳一路上很好吧! Yes, thank you. 很好,谢谢 I’m glad to hear that. Is this your first trip to China, Mr.Wilson? 很高兴您这么说威尔逊先生,您是初次来中国吗? Yes, the very first. 是的,的确是第一次 Excuse me, are you Mr.Wilson from the ed States? 请问,您是从美国来的威尔逊先生吗? Yes I am. 是的,我是 I’m Wang Lan, the secretary of the Qingdao Textiles Import Export Corporation. 我叫王岚,青岛纺织进出口公司的秘书 How do you do, Miss Wang. 你好,王 How do you do, Mr.Wilson. Welcome to China. 你好,威尔逊先生欢迎到中国来 The part you ordered is in stock.out of stock. 你订购的产品目前有货你订购的产品目前缺货 Can you recommend an alternative? 你能推荐别的选择吗? Can I suggest a similar model? 我可以建议类似的型号吗? The alternative model is not what I wanted, so I’ll have to cancel the order. 另外的型号不是我需要的,我不得不取消订单 What does this mean the consumer? 这对消费者意味着什么? It’s not company policy to give credit without previous arrangement. 不经事先安排就发放信贷不是本公司的策略 Could you give us another month to settle an ? 你能再宽限我一个月结帐吗? If we don’t receive payment immediately, we will start proceedings against you. 如果我们不能立即收到付款,我们将对你动用法律程序 I’m a very good customer. 我是一个声誉良好的客户 All I’m asking is a small discount. 我所要求的是很小的折扣 It’s too big.It’s not big enough.太大了不够大 The problem is the zip isn’t working. 问题是拉链坏了 I wanted to discuss my company’s outstanding . 我想谈一下我公司丰厚的利润 Payment is now four days overdue. 付款期已超过四天了 We have some cash flow problems at the moment. 目前,我们有一些现金流通问题Shipment in October. Payment by irrevocable sight LC. Other terms will be the same as our previous contract. 月装运,以不可撤销的即期信用付款,其它条件与上笔合同相同 Perfect. But what I’m concerned about most is the time of delivery. 完全正确但我最关心的是交货时间 You may rest assured that shipment will be effected within the time limit stipulated in the contract. 你们尽可以放心,我们会合同期限及时交货 But there is also one point I’d like to stress. 但我也有一点想强调一下 Yes? 是什么? I’ll be here at o’clock sharp. 点钟我准时到 So, now we have covered all the important points. 我们现在所有的主要问题都已经讨论过了Yes. I think so. 我想是的 Bee we draft the contract, let’s examine the details. 在起草合同之前,我们先检查一下所有的细节 OK. Under this contract, we will supply you 1,000 dozen T-shirts, S,M and L equally assorted at US per dozen, CFR Barcelona. 好的根据这项合同,我们将向你们出售1,000打T恤衫,大、中、小号平均搭配,每打80美元,成本加运费巴塞罗那价 Shipment in October. Payment by irrevocable sight LC. Other terms will be the same as our previous contract. 月装运,以不可撤销的即期信用付款,其它条件与上笔合同相同 Perfect. But what I’m concerned about most is the time of delivery. 完全正确但我最关心的是交货时间 You may rest assured that shipment will be effected within the time limit stipulated in the contract. 你们尽可以放心,我们会合同期限及时交货 But there is also one point I’d like to stress. 但我也有一点想强调一下 Yes? 是什么? I’ll be here at o’clock sharp. 点钟我准时到 So, now we have covered all the important points. 我们现在所有的主要问题都已经讨论过了 Yes. I think so. 我想是的 Bee we draft the contract, let’s examine the details. 在起草合同之前,我们先检查一下所有的细节 OK. Under this contract, we will supply you 1,000 dozen T-shirts, S,M and L equally assorted at US per dozen, CFR Barcelona. 好的根据这项合同,我们将向你们出售1,000打T恤衫,大、中、小号平均搭配,每打80美元,成本加运费巴塞罗那价 Of course. Within the validity of the agency agreement, you will not supply your product to any other buyer in Canada. 当然在协议有效期内,你们不能向加拿大其他买主供货 And we, on our part, shall not handle competitive products offered by other by other suppliers either. 当然我们也不能经营其他供货商提供的竞争性产品 Sure. Let’s call it a deal.当然就这么定了 When do we sign the agreement? 我们什么时候签协议? We’ll have the agreement made out within two days. Please come along at p.m. the day after tomorrow. 我们两天之内就可以备好协议,请于后天下午点过来签字 Do you mean to say that if we entrust you with the agency, you will sell ,000,000 each year? 你的意思是说如果我们指定你们为代理,你将每年销售0万美元? I couldn’t have said it any better. But we expect a % commission, of course. 就是这个意思当然我们要求%的佣金 Our agents in other areas usually get a 5-7% commission. 我们给其它地区代理的佣金通常是5-7% But your product is still new to our market, and we need to do a lot of work and spend a lot of money on sales promotion. 但我们市场对你们产品仍然不太了解,我们在推销过程中需要做很多工作,花很多钱 A % commission won’t leave us much. %的佣金剩不下多少 As you know, we are a well-established firm in the line of textiles, and we enjoy good relations with all the wholesalers, chain stores and distributors in Canada. 你知道,我公司在纺织业有良好的信誉,跟加拿大所有的批发商、连锁商店和分销商都保持很好的关系 You’ll find it most worthwhile if you appoint us as your sole agent. 如果指定我们为你们的独家代理,你们会觉得特别值 Thank you your intention to help promote the sales of our products, and we are quite satisfied with your permance in the last two years. 感谢你们推销我方产品的意愿,对你们过去两年的表现我们也非常满意 But honestly, an annual sales volume of 0,000 does not justify a sole agency agreement. 但说实在的,50万美元的年销售量并不明你们能胜任独家代理的工作 If we are granted the sole agency, we can assure you that we’ll double the turnover. 如果我们得到独家代理权,我们保销售量可翻一番 I’ve come to talk about an agency agreement. 我是来谈代理协议的 What do you have in mind? 你们有什么想法? Ever since your product entered our market two years ago, it has shown a great market potential. 你们产品自从两年以前进入我们市场以来,显示出了很大的潜力 But you can do even better if you develop some kind of sales network there. 但如果你们能在那儿开发出某种销售网络,将会卖得更好 To tell you the truth, I was just thinking of that. 说实话我也正在考虑这事 Additional premium? That’s not a problem. There’s no harm in doing things on the safe side. 额外保险费?这没问题做事保险一些总没坏处 Then we will cover War Risk you. 这样我们就替你投保战争险 Good. One more thing. What if I want a 0% coverage? 好的还有一件事,如果我0%投保呢? You mean 0% of the invoice value? This can be done, but you will have to pay the extra premium too. 你是说发票金额的0%吗?可以,但也要交额外保险费 In this case I’d rather have 1%. 这样的话,我还是投保1%吧 We usually insure against All Risks 1% of the invoice value. 我们通常发票金额的1%投保一切险 Does All Risks include War Risk? 一切险也包括战争险吗? No. War Risk is a special additional risk, and it has to be arranged separately. 不战争险是一种特殊附加险,必须单独投保 But judging from the recent situation in Kosovo, I think War Risk should be covered. 但是从科所沃目前的形势看,我认为应该投保战争险 We can certainly do this, but it is subject to an additional premium, because our CIF ation doesn’t include this risk. 我们当然可以做到,但战争险要交额外保险费,因为我们CIF报价没有包括这种险别What about W.P.A.? 水渍险呢? W.P.A. has a broader coverage. It covers everything in F.P.A. plus partial loss caused by natural calamities. 水渍险范围广一些,除了平安险的范围外,还包括自然灾害引起的部分损失 And All Risks? 那么一切险呢? All Risks means WPA plus additional risks, or extraneous risks, risks not incidental to transport by sea. 一切险就是水渍险加上附加险,附加险即不是由于海上运输本身的特性所带来的风险 I see. Now, this particular , what risks do you usually cover? 我明白了那么我们这批货,你们通常投保什么险呢? I have to say that I know every little about this clause. Can you explain it a little?. 我得说我对这个条款了解很少你能不能解释一下? OK.OMCC provides coverage of three basic, some additional risks and some special additional risks. 好的《海洋运输货物保险条款承保三种基本险、一些附加险和一些特殊附加险 The three basic risks are Free from Particular Average (F.P.A.), With Particular Averaged (W.P.A.) and All Risks (A.R.). 这三种基本险是平安险、水渍险和一切险 What do they mean respectively? 它们分别是什么意思? Well, roughly speaking, F.P.A. covers total loss resulting from both natural calamities and accidents, and partial loss caused by accidents. 大体上说,平安险包括自然灾害和意外事故造成的全部损失和意外事故造成的部分损失 I’m afraid I’m not in a position to give you an answer. I’ll have to consult our head office. 恐怕我无权给您答复,我得和我们总公司联系一下 Well, my head office says the best we can do is to accept 60 days LC. 总公司说我们最多只能接受60天信用 60 days? That’s all right. 60天?好吧 But we wish to point out that it is only with a view to encouraging future deals with you that we are accommodating you this time. 但是我们想指出的是,我们只是为了鼓励将来的交易才给你这个通融的 We always insure our goods with the People’s Insurance Company of China as per their Ocean Marine Cargo Clause, Jan.1, 1981 revision. 我们总是照中国人民保险公司1981年1月1日的《海洋运输货物保险条款向他们投保 I understand your position. But at the moment, I do have some difficulty. 我理解您但目前我确实有困难I would like to bend the rules a little if possible. 如果可能的话,我是愿意通融一下的 We’d be willing to give you a % down payment. 我们愿意先付%的定金 And the balance by 90 days LC? 余额用90天信用付吗? yes 是的 Don’t worry. We’re only asking cash this time. 别担心我们只是这次要现金 Well, I think I have no other choice. 那么,我只好答应了 Then that’s settled. 好,就这么定了 Yes. I have to admit that you are very astute. 只好这样啦我不得不承认您很精明 As this is the first deal between us, I hope we can trade on customary terms, i.e.,letter of credit payable against sight draft. 由于这是我们之间进行的第一笔交易,我很希望能够遵照惯例,也就是说,用即期信用付款 You don’t mean to say you want cash, do you? 您不是在说您想要现金吧? Actually, that’s just what I wanted to say.实际上,这正是我想要说的 Don’t you think a letter of credit is just as good as cash? And you can discount it at any time, if you like. 您不认为信用跟现金差不多吗? 而且如果您愿意,什么时候都是可以贴现的 The problem, you see, is that we are now at the turn of the century. We’re worried about the millennium bug. To be on the safe side, I think cash is the only thing we can accept. 您知道,问题是我们正处在世纪之交,千年虫让我们担忧所以为保险起见,我们只接受现金 Will you still ask cash in the future, I mean, after we enter the new century? 将来,我是说进入新世纪以后,你们仍然要现金吗? I’m sorry. I have to think it over. As you are probably aware, the international money market is not so stable nowadays. 很抱歉,我得好好考虑考虑您可能有所警觉,当前国际货币市场不太稳定 Don’t you trust me? I believe that our pleasant cooperation over the years has proved us trustworthy partners. 您难道不相信我吗?我相信过去几年的愉快合作已经明,我们都是值得信赖的业务伙伴 Yes, I know it. But I’m not worrying about your reliability … 这我知道,但我担心的不是你的信誉…… Let’s consider another way, say, letter of credit. Do you think that’s acceptable? 那么我们来考虑另一种方式,比如说信用,您认为可以接受吗? A letter of credit should have been all right. But as you know, interest rates are changing from minute to minute. And we can not be assured that … 信用本来是可以的但您知道,利率时刻都在变化,不能保我们… Then when is the earliest shipment we can expect? 那么最早什么时候可以装运呢? By the middle of October, I think. 我想要到十月中旬 It’s too late. You see, November is the season this commodity in our market, and our customs malities are rather complicated. 那太迟了你知道,在我们那儿十一月是这个商品上市季节,另外我们的海关手续相当复杂 I understand. 我明白 In terms of payment, would you like to accept DP? 付款方式方面,您愿意接受付款交单吗? As I just said, it’s a long-distance transportation. I really don’t want to take any chances. 我刚才说过,货物要经过长途运输,我实在不想任何冒险 You need have no fears about that. 你不用担心 Well, I suppose there is no other choice. 好吧,看来只能这样了 Now that we’ve settled the terms of payment, is it possible to effect shipment during September? 我们已经谈妥了付款条件是否能在九月份装运? I don’t think we can. 我看不行 But we’re only talking about shirts. They’re not fragile goods. Besides, cartons are light and easy to handle. 但我们讲的是衬衣衬衣不是易碎物品而且纸箱轻便,容易搬运 Well, I just mean they’re easily breakable. 我是说纸箱容易破裂 There’s no need to worry. We can reince the cartons with straps. 这个不用担心我们可以用条带加固 Look, these goods will have to go a long way bee they arrive at our port. What if dampness gets into the package? 但这些货物必须经过长途运输才能抵达我港包装受潮怎么办? All the cartons are lined with plastic sheets, so they’re absolutely water-proof, I can assure you. 所有纸箱都内衬塑料袋,我可以保绝对防水 Most of them do. But the background color should be a little lighter. 大多数人是的但底色好象应该再淡一些 No problem. What do you think of our logo? 好你觉得我们的标识怎么样?Very good. Maybe you should move it a little closer to the middle. 很好 很好再往中间靠一靠更好一些 Alright. Do you have anything to say about the outer packaging? 好外包装如何?You mentioned cartons, didn’t you? I’m afraid cartons are not strong enough. 你说的是纸箱吧?恐怕纸箱不够牢固 Please don’t worry. All the bags are beautifully designed to come in line with the local market preference at your end. 没问题所有袋子都设计得很精美,符合你们当地市场的口味 Have you got any samples here? I’d prefer to have a look. 这儿有没有样品?Here you are. 请看 It does look good. Especially the little swan. 确实漂亮尤其是这个小天鹅 Thank you. We understand that your people regard swans as a symbol of good luck. 多谢我们听说你们那儿的人把天鹅当成幸运物 Thank you. Let’s call it a deal. 谢谢那么成交了 Excellent. 太好了 Can we discuss the packing today? 我们今天谈一谈包装好吗? Sure. We usually pack our skirts individually in polythene bags, ten dozen to one carton. 好的我们的衬衣通常每件单独装一塑料袋,打装一纸箱 Acceptable. But please pay attention to the design of the inner packing. All the packages must be y window display. 好但请注意内包装的设计,所有的包装都必须适于橱窗展示 Oh, I’m afraid the price you give is too low. The best I can do is %. 哇,恐怕你给的价格太低了我顶多降价% You say % and I say %. How about splitting the difference and meeting each other half way? Let’s settle at 3%. 你说%,我说%,我们来折中一下,双方各让一半怎样?就降3%吧 No. I’m afraid it’s still not acceptable. 不行,恐怕我还是不能接受 What do you say to .5%, then? .5%怎么样? Hmm…I appreciate your efts and sincerity in this transaction. As a token of our cooperation, we accept your bid. 噢……我非常感谢您在这笔生意中所做的努力和诚意为表示我们愿意合作,我们接受您的递价 I’m sorry to say we can’t close business at that price. Aren’t we old friends? 我很抱歉,以这样的价格我们无法成交我们都是老朋友了吧! Well, in view of our good cooperation over the past years, we can take some considerations, but only this order. 好吧,鉴于我们过去多年的友好合作,我们可以做些考虑,但尽限这批订货 Then how much can you go down? 那么你能减多少? 1% off the original price. 原价的1% 1%! Your reduction is too modest. What about %? 1%! 你的降价幅度太小了%怎么样? Other companies are also saying that their products are the best. 别的公司也都说他们的产品是最好的 Let’s meet each other half way. I’ll cut another 5%. That’s definitely my rock bottom price. 我们来折中一下吧我再降5%这绝对是最低价格了 All right. That’s settled. 好吧就这么定了 Untunately your price appears to be higher than ever. 很遗憾,您的价格比以往都高 Yes, we know. Because of the price hike in raw materials, we were ced to adjust our prices accordingly. 是的,我们知道但由于原材料涨价,我们不得不相应调整产品的价格 Then what’s your idea of a good price? 那你觉得什么价格合适? I would say % off the listed price. 标价减% impossible. We won’t make any profit at that price. % is the best we can do.那不可能这样我们就无钱可赚了最多降% It’s still too high. 还是太高 Our quality is far beyond comparison. Besides, the market is advancing. Our goods can always find a good sale. 我们的质量是无与伦比的而且行情上涨,我们的货物销路一直很好 We are surprised to find that your price is 5% higher compared with other companies. 发现你们的价格比其他公司的高5%,我们很吃惊 5%? You can’t be serious! 5%? 你不是开玩笑吧! That has been confirmed by our survey. I’m afraid I’ll have to cancel the deal unless you reduce your price. 我们调查实过了恐怕我将不得不取消这笔生意,除非您降价 But you know fully well that our product is of superior quality. Other products can’t be compared with it. 但您很了解我们的产品质量上乘,其他产品无法与之相比 True. But it’s also a fact that your price is too high. 是的但您的价格太高了,这也是一个事实 But even such products we have minimum quality requirements that must be met. 即使是这些产品,我们也规定了必须达到的最低质量要求 Indeed, they are not bad, indeed. Do you do them in any other colors? 确实不错还有其他颜色吗? Yes, there is dark blue, light gray, desert tan, all available in a full range of sizes. 有的,还有深蓝、浅灰、土黄 — 这些颜色尺码都齐全 The color won’t fade, will it? 不会褪色吧? No, it’ll last very well. 不,不会褪色 If you can produce fashionable styles of such fine quality, your shoes will win great popularity in our market. 如果那么你们能生产品质这么优良款式有新颖的鞋子,它们在我们市场上将会大受欢迎 Quality is something we never neglect. Good quality ensures continued sales. 我们一直十分重视质量商品质量好,才能不断有销路 Indeed. I see you’ve got some nice walking shoes too. 确实是我看你们还有些便鞋也挺不错 They’re remarkably comtable. By the way, Mr. Smith, isn’t there room in your market lower grade shoes? 这种鞋穿着非常舒顺便问一下,史密斯先生,比较低档的鞋在你们那里有销路吗? Even highly demanding markets require a wide range of quality and price levels any group of products. 即使要求很高的市场对不同种类的商品,也需要有各种档次的货色和价格 And durable as well. 而且也耐穿 Oh, durability is not too important nowadays, especially women’s shoes, it’s a style conscious market. 噢,耐穿在当今时代已经不大重要了,尤其是女鞋,讲究式样翻新 Yes, we’ve noticed that. 是的,我们已经注意到了 Some of your shoes are satisfactory to your domestic market, but they would need to be adapted the export market or they wouldn’t be acceptable. 你们的一些鞋,对你们国内市场来说是不错的,但是作为外销,就要有些改动,要不然,国外不会接受的 We can produce shoes modeled after the fashions of different markets or according to buyers’ samples. 我们能不同市场的流行款式或客户来样,制作不同款式的鞋子 Your LC must be opened at least one month bee the time of shipment, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to catch the ship. 你方信用必须在装货前一个月开出,否则我们将赶不上船 No problem. I’ll have the covering LC opened as soon as I get back. 没问题我一回去,就马上安排开立有关信用 Fine. I’m very glad our negotiations have arrived at a successful conclusion. 好,我很高兴我们的谈判取得了成功 Me too. I hope this initial deal will result in further transactions between us. 我也是我希望这首笔生意会带来更多的交易 Of course. We will have the Sales Contract made out in two days. 当然了两天后销售合同就准备好 Please remember to use both English and Chinese versions and both versions should be equally valid.请记住用中英两种文字缮制合同,两种文本同样有效 Naturally. Each of us keeps one original and two copies. 那是当然我们每人保留一份正本和两份副本 Then I’ll come along two days later to put my signature on it. 那么两天后我再来签字 Good. 好的 Well Mr.Chen, it’s been very pleasant talking with you. 陈先生,跟您谈话真是非常愉快 Thanks. By the way, do you have any plans tonight? 谢谢顺便问一下,今晚有什么安排吗? None whatsoever. I’m at your disposal. 一点儿也没有呢我得听你安排 Why don’t we have dinner together to celebrate the success of our first deal. There is a very nice restaurant round the corner. 咱们一起吃晚饭,庆祝我们的首次交易成功,好不好?附近有一家饭店非常不错 I’d love to! 太好了! Excuse me, are you Mr. Pierre from Paris? 请问,哪一位是从巴黎来的皮埃尔先生? Yes, I am. 我就是 I work in the China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation. 我在中国机械进出口公司工作 What’s your name, please? 您贵姓? My name is Liao. 我姓廖 Did you have a good journey? 您一路上还好吧? Not too bad. Thank you. 还可以 You must take a rest today and we can talk about our business tomorrow. 今天您先休息休息,业务的事咱们明天再谈Fine. 好的 Aren’t you Mr. Smith from the U.S.? 您是从美国来的史密斯先生吧? Yes, I am. 是的 Shall we fix a time a talk? 我们能定个时间谈谈吗? All right. 可以 I’m a eign trade worker of the China National Textiles Import and Export Corporation. 我是中国纺织品进出口公司的业务员 I was assigned to negotiate business with you. 公司委托我和你们具体洽谈业务 Let me introduce you. This is Mr. White. 我先给您介绍一下,这位是怀特先生 Welcome to China. 欢迎你们来中国 Weren’t you on the phone to me yesterday? 昨天打电话的是您吗? Yes, I was. 对,是我 I’m very glad to know you. 认识您非常高兴It’s a great pleasure to meet you today. 今天能见到您非常荣幸 We’ve heard a lot about you. 我们对您非常熟悉 How shall I get in touch with you? 怎么和您联系? I’m in Rm. of Baiyun Guest Hotel. If you need anything, just give me a call. 我住白云宾馆二零八()房间,有事给我打电话好了 Here is my card. 这是我的名片 If there is an opporty, we’d like to see your manager. 如果有机会,我们想见一见你们经理 Our manager would like to meet you. 我们经理想和你们见见面 Our manager would like to invite you to a dinner party this evening at the Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant. 今晚我们经理想请你们去北京烤鸭店吃饭 We are going to give a dinner party at the Beijing Hotel this evening and would like to invite you all. 今晚我们在北京饭店请客,请各位光临 If it’s convenient, would you please tell your manager that he is invited. m very glad to know you. 如果方便的话,请您转告经理一下,请他光临 If you are free, please come and join us. 如果您有时间的话,请光临 Here is your invitation card. 这是给你们的请帖 We’ll meet you at the gate of the hotel at six this evening. 晚上六点,我们在饭店门口等你们 Thank you your invitation. 谢谢您的邀请 I’ll certainly come if I have time. 如果有空儿,我一定去 Is this the service counter of the restaurant? 餐厅务台吗? Can I reserve a table eight people? 请预订一桌八个人的酒席Do you like to have Chinese food or Western food? 你们要中餐还是西餐? We’d like to have Chinese food and pay ten yuan a head. 我们要中餐,每人十块钱 Welcome. Please sit down. 欢迎光临,请入席 Thank you very much preparing such a splendid dinner specially us. 你们专门为我们准备了这么丰盛的宴席,十分感谢 This food is a Sichuan speciality. Help yourself, please. 这是四川名菜,请大家不必客气 Make yourself at home and eat it while it’s hot. 大家趁热吃,别客气 May I ask, what line are you in? 请问,您一向做什么生意? I mainly deal in Chinese crafts. 主要经营中国工艺品 You can talk the business over with Mr. Wang who is in charge of this line. 具体业务您可以和主管这项业务的王先生洽谈 We’d appreciate your kind consideration in the coming negotiation. 洽谈中请您多多关照 Let’s hope good cooperation between us. 希望我们能很好地合作 I wish a brisk business you all and a continued development in our business dealings! 祝大家生意兴隆,买卖越做越好!Your health! 为您的健康干杯! It is said that a new policy is being put into practice in your eign trade. Is that true? 据说你们正在实施一种新的贸易政策,不知有没有这回事? We stick to a consistent policy in our eign trade. 我们的贸易政策是一贯的 We insist on the principle of equality and mutual benefit, as well as exchanging needed goods. 我们坚持平等互利、互通有无的原则 You have adopted a more flexible policy in your work than bee. 你们的一些具体做法比以前灵活多了 We are trying to get rid of the over-rigid practices and adopt some general international practices. 我们设法消除一些死板的做法,采用国际上通用的贸易方式 We have adopted a flexible policy in our eign trade work. 我们在外贸工作中采取了一些灵活作法 Would you give us a brief about the new practices you have adopted? 你们主要采取了哪些新的做法,能不能给我们简单介绍一下? We have mainly adopted some usual international practices. 我们主要是采用了一些国际上的习惯作法 We would very much like to know something about this line. Could you tell us more about it. 我们很想了解这方面的情况,您能具体谈谈吗? We have adopted, example, payment by installments. 比如说:分期付款,我们现在可以采用了 We’re very glad that you have such a friendly attitude. 我们对你们这种友好的态度感到非常高兴 It’ll benefit us both then. 这样一来,对双方都有利 It is said that you are now beginning to accept both private and government-to-government loans. Is that so? 听说贵国开始接受私人或政府间的贷款了,是吗? The policy in our construction is to rely mainly on our own efts, so the accumulation of funds is socialistic. 我们的建设方针是以自力更生为主,资金积累是社会主义性质的 The principle that we are insisting on is to take into consideration our ability to pay when we import goods. 我们坚持的原则是,我国进口必须根据我国的付能力 I wonder whether you need a loan. 你们是不是要求贷款 We may take into consideration accepting government-to-government or non-government loans only if the conditions permit. 只要条件合适,我们可以考虑接受政府间贷款或非政府间贷款 If there is any need, we’d like to supply you with a loan at the most favorable rate. 如果需要的话,我们愿最优惠的利率向您提供贷款 You’ve made some justment in your import and export business, haven’t you? 你们的进出口贸易有了一些调整,是吗? I wonder whether you’ll go on importing this kind of equipment? 你们是不是不准备继续引进这种设备了? The principle to introduce advanced technology with eign capital on the basis of self-reliance will remain unchanged. 我们在自力更生的基础上,利用外资,引进先进技术的方针是不变的 If you hope to introduce some advanced technology and complete plants, we’d like to offer you our help. 你方如果希望引进一些先进技术和成套设备,我们公司可以尽力 Our corporation is willing to give its help to your economic construction. 我们公司愿为贵国的经济建设尽一些力量 Do you still insist on your price? 你们仍然坚持自己的价格吗? We just our price according to the international market. 我们是根据世界市场的行情来调整价格的 May I know what particular line you are interested in this time? 你们这次来主要想谈哪些方面的生意呀? We are interested in discussing arts and crafts business with you. 我们希望能和你们谈谈工艺品方面的业务 What particular items are you interested in?请您谈谈你们对哪些产品感兴趣? We are very much interested in your hardware. 我们对你们的小五金很感兴趣 What products do want to purchase this time? 您这次来主要想买些什么东西呀?We should like to purchase Shanghai printed pure silk fabrics. 我们想买些上海出产的真丝印花绸 This is our inquiry. Would you like to have a look? 这是询价单,请您看一下 We hope that we can do substantial business with you in this line. 我们希望能在这方面和你们大量成交 Have you got the catalogue this line? 你们有这方面的样本吗? It is the printed pure silk fabrics produced in Shanghai. 这是上海出产的真丝印花绸 I think these patterns are quite good. 我觉得这几个品种的花色不错 This is our inquiry. Would you like to have a look? 这是询价单,请您看一下 We hope that we can do substantial business with you in this line. 我们希望能在这方面和你们大量成交 Have you got the catalogue this line? 你们有这方面的样本吗? It is the printed pure silk fabrics produced in Shanghai. 这是上海出产的真丝印花绸 I think these patterns are quite good. 我觉得这几个品种的花色不错 Have you our leaflet? 我们的商品销售说明书您看了吧? What type do you want to order? 你们打算订购哪种型号的呢? We are thinking of placing an order D6C. 我们考虑订购D6C型的 What is the total weight of this kind of bulldozer? 这种型号的推土机总重量是多少? The total weight of the bulldozer is tons. 这种推土机的总重量是十四()吨 What is the distinguishing feature of the bulldozer? 这种推土机有什么特点? The bulldozer can be handled easily. 这种推土机操纵方便 Have you got the one which has an output of 0 horsepower? 你们有没有输出功率是一百五十(0)马力的? We are in a position to accept a special order. 我们可以接受特殊订货Will you please let us have an idea of your price? 请您介绍一下你方的价格,好吗? This is our latest price list. 这是我们的最新价格单 Our price is highly competitive. 我方价格极有竞争性 Can you tell me the prices of these goods? 你们是不是报一下这些产品的价格? Would you please give us an approximate idea of the quantity you require. 你们先谈一下大概要订多少 The size of our order depends greatly on your price. 我们要订的数量,很大程度上取决于你方的价格 I think it’s better you to e us your price first.还是你方先报价吧 I’d like to have your lowest ation C.I.F. San Francisco. 希望你们报一个C.I.F旧金山的最低价 Would you please tell us the quantity you require so as to enable us to work out the offer? 为了便于报价,能不能请您谈谈你方所需的数量? Can you give us an indication of your price? 请你们先提出一个估计价格吧! The price this commodity is USSelf-esteem is the combination of self-confidence and self-respect—the conviction that you are competent to cope with life's challenges and are worthy of happiness. Self-esteem is the way you talk to yourself about yourself. Self-esteem has two interrelated aspects; it entails a sense of personal efficacy and a sense of personal worth.It is the integrated sum of self-confidence and self-respect. It is the conviction that one is competent to live and worthy of living. Our self-esteem and self-image are developed by how we talk to ourselves. All of us have conscious and unconscious memories of all the times we felt bad or wrong—they are part of the unavoidable scars of childhood. This is where the critical voice gets started. Everyone has a critical inner voice. People with low self-esteem simply have a more vicious and demeaning inner voice. Psychologists say that almost every aspect of our lives—our personal happiness, success, relationships with others, achievement, creativity, dependencies—are dependent on our level of self-esteem. The more we have, the better we deal with things. Positive self-esteem is important because when people experience it, they feel good and look good, they are effective and productive, and they respond to other people and themselves in healthy, positive, growing ways. People who have positive self-esteem know that they are lovable and capable, and they care about themselves and other people. They do not have to build themselves up by tearing other people down or by patronizing less competent people. Our background largely determines what we will become in personality and more importantly in self-esteem. Where do feelings of worthlessness come from? Many come from our families, since more than 80% of our waking hours up to the age of eighteen are spent under their direct influence. We are who we are because of where we've been. We build our own brands of self-esteem from four ingredients fate, the positive things life offers, the negative things life offers and our own decisions about how to respond to fate, the positives and the negatives. Neither fate nor decisions can be determined by other people in our own life. No one can change fate. We can control our thinking and theree our decisions in life. 1 per piece CIF San Francisco. 这种产品C.I.F.旧金山的价格是四百(00)美元一台 Is this your CIF ation? 你们的报价是成本加运费和保险费的到岸价吗? This is our FOB ation sheet. 这是我们的F.O.B.价格单 Are the prices on the list firm offer? 上面的价格是实盘吗? All the ations on the list are subject to our final confirmation. 单中的所有价格以我方最后确认为准 I wonder whether there are any changes in your price. 不知你们的价格有没有变化? The price this commodity has changed somewhat compared with that of last year. 这种产品的价格和去年比有些变化 When can I have your CIF firm offer? 我们什么时候可以得到成本加运费和保险费的实盘? We can work out the offer this evening and give it to you tomorrow morning. 我们在今天晚上可以算出来,明天上午交给你方 How long does your offer remain valid? 你们的报价几天内有效? Our offer remains open 3 days. 我们的报价三天内有效 If your price is favorable, we can book an order right away. 如果对方价格优惠,我们可以马上订货 We may reconsider our price if your order is big enough. 如果你方订货数量大,价格我们还可以考虑 All these s are our best selling lines. 这些产品都是我们的畅销货 These patterns are relatively popular in the international market. 这些产品的花色是目前国际市场上比较流行的 It is difficult us to sell the goods, as your price is so high. 你们的价格那么高,我们很难以这个价格销售 It would be very difficult us to push any sales if we buy it at this price. 如果这个价格买进,我方实在难以推销 Your price is 5% higher than that of last year. 你方的价格比去年高出了百分之二十五(5%) You may notice that the price this commodity has gone up since last year. 您知道从去年以来这种商品的价格上涨了 You know, the price this commodity has gone up a lot in the last few months. 您知道,几个月来这种商品的价格上涨得很多 The price this commodity is US per pound in the international market. 这种商品国际市场的价格是每磅二十五(5)美元 Our price is reasonable as compared with that in the international market. 我们的价格和国际市场的价格相比还是合理的 I’m afraid I don’t agree with you there. 我不同意您的说法 Your price is higher than those we got from elsewhere. 你的价格比别处的高 The Japanese ation is lower. 日本的报价就比较低You should take quality into consideration. 您必须要考虑到质量问题更多关于外贸英语口语900句的知识请访问58英语网首页!www.58en.com 外贸英语口语900句山东省青岛东营激光永久脱毛要多少钱 电话英语:打错电话死该怎么说? -01-7 19:: 来源: 1. I'm sorry I have the wrong number.. Is this -718-5398?3. Sorry to have bothered you.. I'm sorry. I think I must have dialed the wrong number.5. Could I check the number? Is it -3翻译1. 抱歉我打错电话了 (打错电话通常用:have the wrong number 表示). 这里是-718-5398吗?3. 很抱歉打扰你了. 很抱歉我想我一定是打错电话了5. 我可以核对一下电话号码吗?是不是-3?:1. 区域号码是 area code. 电话号码的念法:--3念成:area code zero-two, two-two-one-one-three-two-two-four.* 0 可念成 oh 或 zero* 可念成 two-two 或 double two 电话 怎么 英语 have山东青岛诺德医术信得过?

市北区妇幼保健医院有什么科如果你觉得心有余力不足,觉得缺乏前进的动力,有时候你只需要改变思维的角度当你下意识品尝生命的欢愉时,美好就会出现当你积极地看待生活,并以此作为你的日常准则时,你就会找到快乐的真谛If your life feels like it is lacking the power that you want and the motivation that you need, sometimes all you have to do is shift your point of view.Welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. By training your thoughts to concentrate on the bright side of things, you are more likely to have the incentive to follow through on your goals. You are less likely to be held back by negative ideas that might limit your permance.Your life can be enhanced, and your happiness enriched, when you choose to change your perspective. Don't leave your future to chance, or wait things to get better mysteriously on their own. You must go in the direction of your hopes and aspirations. Begin to build your confidence, and work through problems rather than avoid them. Remember that power is not necessarily control over situations, but the ability to deal with whatever comes your way.Always believe that good things are possible, and remember that mistakes can be lessons that lead to discoveries. Take your fear and transm it into trust; learn to rise above anxiety and doubt. Turn your "worry hours" into "productive hours". Take the energy that you have wasted and direct it toward every worthwhile eft that you can be involved in. This is Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax. You will see beautiful things happen when you allow yourself to experience the joys of life. You will find happiness when you adopt positive thinking into your daily routine and make it an important part of your world. 9659 <牛人_句子>青岛祛口周纹价格青岛市诺德医院整形美容



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