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讲解Today key word is FluencyFluency F-l-u-e-n-c-y流利 流畅 (名词)Someone who is fluent in a particular language can speak the language easily and correctly.Here is an example:Fluency in spoken English is essential those who want to study in the UK.对想要去英国留学的人来说,讲一口流利的英语很重要Here are some tips that will help you speak English better than ever. 1. Accept That English Is a Weird Language你要先知道英语真的是一种奇怪的语言Sometimes you can find patterns in English grammar, but other times English doesnt make sense at all.语法这种东西若有若无,无法捉摸Sometimes English is just weird and unexplainable(无法解释).So a good memory is very useful when talking about learning English. . Practice makes perfect每周花一天时间拼命的学几个小时英语并不会让你的口语有很大的提高The better way to quickly improve your English is to spend at least a few minutes practicing every day.If you want to speak English fluently, you need to make it an essential part of your daily life.比如,你可以每天听听英语悠选的节目,然后跟着读一读3. You are an English speaker. Stop thinking of yourself as someone who is learning English, and start thinking of yourself as someone who speaks English. 遇到自己会说的英语时,就堂堂正正的讲出来,自信对于学英语来说非常非常非常重要 This also means you need to start thinking in English.比如你看到公交车,你可能需要先在脑子里获取中文然后再找寻对应的英文这种中文转化为英文的过程,也会影响英语的熟练程度Instead, try imagining a picture of a bus, and then just think the English word “bus”.这很难,也需要很多时间Real fluency happens when you stop mentally translating conversations. . Remember the Answer Is in the Question就在问题里If someone asks you a question and youre not sure how to answer, start by thinking about the words used in the question. example:Does he….. Yes, he does. Can she…. Yes, she can. Is it…. Yes, it is.问问题的人其实就把给你了,只要你认真听并且能记住他说了什么?考试的时候这一招超级管用There are a lot of simple ways and you can make good use of them to make it easier to remember the right words. 这期先说到这里,下期接着聊!Talk to you next time! 50。

  • The Sound of Music is coming home《音乐之声重回奥地利The original stage production of The Sound of Music is to be permed the first time in the Austrian capital, 0 years after the film was released.经典电影《音乐之声上映0年后,新编舞台剧《音乐之声将首次在奥地利首都上演The first full-scale theatrical production of the musical will make its debut in Vienna.这部音乐电影的“完整舞台版”将首次在维也纳公映Julie Andrews starred in the 1965 film version of the Rogers and Hammerstein classic set.1965年,歌剧大师罗杰斯和汉默斯坦联合创作了这部经典电影,茱莉·安德鲁斯出演女主角But despite being one of the most successful musicals of all time, it is barely known inside Austria.然而,尽管《音乐之声长期以来一直被公认为最成功的音乐电影之一,它在奥地利本国却默默无闻The film was never shown in any cinema in Austria and was not broadcast on television until the early 1990s.这部电影从未在奥地利的任何电影院公映,直到上世纪90年代初期,才出现在电视屏幕上The musical is based on the true story of the von Trapp family who med a singing troupe and escaped from Nazi-occupied Austria in 1938.这部音乐电影背后有一个真实的故事:冯·特拉普一家组建了一个合唱团,1938年,他们成功逃离了当时被纳粹占领的奥地利Sensitivities about Nazism during wartime Austria and issues towards the von Trapp family themselves could explain Austria reluctance to embrace the musical.战时的奥地利对纳粹主义的敏感,加上与冯·特拉普家族有关的种种问题可以解释为什么奥地利人对这部电影的态度不够热情Another source of irritation Austrians is the song Edelweiss, which is considered a traditional folk song by many filmgoers. The song was actually an invention by Rodgers and Hammerstein.另一个惹恼奥地利人的原因是《雪绒花这首歌很多影迷认为这是一首奥地利传统民歌,事实上,这首歌是罗杰斯和汉默斯坦创作的The production is being staged at the Viennese opera house, the Volksoper.这部作品将在维也纳国家歌剧院上演 36。
  • 讲解Today’s key word is TaleTale 故事今天我们要说的这个爱情故事里,也住着一位公主It is the love story of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. Mark Zuckerberg-脸书的CEO大家应该都听说过,We talked about him and his new born daughter in the last episode.Today, we are going to tell you the love story of him and his wife- Priscilla Chan.那是年的一个晚上,Mark Zuckerberg was just a college student at Harvard.(哈佛大学) He went to a party with his friends. 喝了几杯之后,Mark准备去洗手间,在排队等着进去的时候,就在这个时候,He met a lovely and beautiful girl called Priscilla Chan.(所以说童鞋们,When you meet someone you like, do not hesitate to tell her that you like her.)And soon, these two students at Harvard started dating each other. After some time, Mark took another big decision(决定) of his life; he dropped out(退学) to run his company, then titled- The Facebook.请注意,此时扎克伯格还不是亿万富翁退学后的Zuckerberg 开始运营FACEBOOK, 两个人也开始了异地恋Zuckerberg是个工作狂,常常忘记跟Priscilla 联系后来,Zuckerberg和他的公司都常驻在加利福尼亚,Priscilla也离开哈佛跟着他到加利福尼亚大学继续学习Priscilla always stood by him.They fell in love when Zuckerberg was nothing but a college student, and they are still in love now that he has become a multi-billionaire(亿万富翁).其实,Zuckerberg在我们的眼中是一个坐拥亿万美元的青年才俊,但在Priscilla眼中-- he was just my boyfriend.Priscilla是一个成长在普通甚至不太富裕的华裔家庭的女孩,Her parents immigrated(移民)to the ed States in refugee boats (难民船) Her mother worked two jobs during her entire childhood(童年).She is the first in her family to go to college.她像所有女朋友一样给Mark 定了规矩,A minimum of 0 minutes of alone time每天至少0分钟独处的时间At least one date night every week. 每周至少一次约会时间又过了一段时间后,Mark像所有沉浸在爱情中的男孩子一样,在自己的facebook主页上兴奋的写道“Priscilla Chan is moving in this weekend.;到了年,Priscilla从医学院毕业了,他们在家里开Party庆祝她的毕业但所有人都没有想到,In the presence of 0 guests, Mark announced (宣布) it as the day of their wedding. Mark presented a simple ruby wedding ring(红宝石婚戒) to his love, which he had personally designed her.俩人就这样结婚了没有大张旗鼓的宣传,没有奢华繁琐的布置,没有轰动半个富豪圈的宾客就这样简简单单,干干净净,幸幸福福的两个人在一起了现在还有了一个可爱的女儿MaxAnn Landers says: “Love is friendship(友谊) that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding(理解), mutual confidence(信心), sharing and giving. It is loyalty(忠诚) through good and bad times. (甘苦与共)希望我亲爱的听众们你们都能找到属于自己的幸福与相爱的人相依相守,白头偕老See you next time. 59。
  • I Cant See我看不见An Irishman was once serving in a regiment in India. He did not like the climate there and decided to think out a trick by which he could get homw. He went to the doctor and said to him, ;my eyesight is very bad. Can you help me?;一个爱尔兰人曾在印度的一个团里役他不喜欢那里的气候,决定耍个花招,那样他就能回家了他来到医生那里说:“我的视力很差,你能帮帮我吗?”The doctor looked at him a while and then asked, ;Well, but how can you prove to me that your eyesight is bad?;医生看了他一会儿,问道:“哦,那么你怎么明你的视力不好呢?”The Irishman looked about the room and at last said, ;Well, doctor, can you see that nail on the wall?;爱尔兰人四处看了看屋子,最后说道:“行,医生,你看到墙上的钉子了吗?”;Yes.; Replied the doctor.“是的”医生回答;Well then,; said the Irishman, ;and I cant.;“那么,”爱尔兰人说,“我看不见” 565。
  • 本期主题:Half a Day文章作者:Naguib MahfousHalf a Day是埃及诺贝尔文学奖得主Naguib Mahfous关于开学第一天回忆:从进入学校前的紧张和害怕,到逐渐融入校园,和同学们打成一片,享受课堂,甚至不会去想念那个温暖如天堂般的家当下课铃声响时,这一切却消失了站在路口的不再是那个背着书包的小男孩,而是已经步入暮年的老者原来,这半日已是几十年前的回忆Half a DayNaguib MahfousI walked alongside my father, clutching his right hand. All my clothes were new: the black shoes, the green school unim, and the red cap. They did not make me happy, however, as this was the day I was to be thrown into school the first time.My mother stood at the window watching our progress, and I turned towards her from time to time, hoping she would help. We walked along a street lined with gardens, and fields planted with crops: pears, and date palms.;Why school ?; I asked my father. ;What have I done ?;;Im not punishing you, ; he said, laughing.;School not a punishment. It a place that makes useful men out of boys. Don t you want to be useful like your brothers?;I was not convinced. I did not believe there was really any good to be had in tearing me away from my home and throwing me into the huge, high-walled building.When we arrived at the gate we could see the courtyard, vast and full of boys and girls. ;Go in by yourself,; said my father, ;and join them. Put a smile on your face and be a good example to others. ;I hesitated and clung to his hand, but he gently pushed me from him. ;Be a man,; he said. ;Today you truly begin life. You will find me waiting you when it time to leave. ;I took a few steps. Then the faces of the boys and girls came into view. I did not know a single one of them, and none of them knew me. I felt I was a stranger who had lost his way. But then some boys began to glance at me in curiosity, and one of them came over and asked, ;Who brought you?;;My father,; I whispered.;My father dead,; he said simply.I did not know what to say. The gate was now closed. Some of the children burst into tears. The bell rang. A lady came along, followed by a group of men. The men began sorting us into ranks. We were med into an intricate pattern in the great courtyard surrounded by high buildings; from each floor we were overlooked by a long balcony roofed in wood.;This is your new home, ;said the woman.;There are mothers and fathers here, too. Everything that is enjoyable and beneficial is here. So dry your tears and face life joyfully. ;Well, it seemed that my misgivings had had no basis. From the first moments I made many friends and fell in love with many girls. I had never imagined school would have this rich variety of experiences.We played all sorts of games. In the music room we sang our first songs. We also had our first introduction to language. We saw a globe of the Earth, which revolved and showed the various continents and countries. We started learning numbers, and we were told the story of the Creator of the universe. We ate delicious food, took a little nap, and woke up to go on with friendship and love, playing and learning.Our path, however, was not totally sweet and unclouded. We had to be observant and patient. It was not all a matter of playing and fooling around. Rivalries could bring about pain and hatred or give rise to fighting. And while the lady would sometimes smile, she would often yell and scold. Even more frequently she would resort to physical punishment.In addition, the time changing one mind was over and gone and there was no question of ever returning to the paradise of home. Nothing lay ahead of us but exertion, struggle, and perseverance. Those who were able took advantage of the opporties success and happiness that presented themselves.The bell rang, announcing the passing of the day and the end of work. The children rushed toward the gate, which was opened again. I said goodbye to friends and sweethearts and passed through the gate. I looked around but found no trace of my father, who had promised to be there. I stepped aside to wait. When I had waited a long time in vain, I decided to return home on my own. I walked a few steps, then came to a startled halt. Good Lord! Where was the street lined with gardens? Where had it disappeared to? When did all these cars invade it? And when did all these people come to rest on its surface? How did these hills of rubbish find their way to cover its sides?And where were the fields that bordered it? High buildings had taken over, the street was full of children, and disturbing noises shook the air. Here and there stood conjurers showing off their tricks or making snakes appear from baskets. Then there was a band announcing the opening of a circus, with clowns and weight lifters walking in front.Good God! I was in a daze. My head spun. I almost went crazy. How could all this have happened in half a day, between early morning and sunset? I would find the answer at home with my father. But where was my home? I hurried towards the crossroads, because I remembered that I had to cross the street to reach our house, but the stream of cars would not let up. Extremely irritated, I wondered when I would be able to cross.I stood there a long time, until the young boy employed at the ironing shop on the corner came up to me.He stretched out his arm and said, ;Grandpa, let me take you across.; 3500。
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