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YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK Wyo. (AP) — A tourist from China was fined 00 for walking off a boardwalk at Yellowstone National Park and collecting thermal water apparently for medicinal purposes park officials said Wednesday.黄石国家公园官方本周三声称,一位来自中国的游客被罚款1000美元,因为该游客擅自离开木板路去收集了些热水,而这些热水可能用于医疗研究。A witness reported seeing the man break through the fragile rock crust surrounding the Mammoth Hot Springs area. The witness took photos of the man that were turned over to park rangers officials said.一位目击者报告称该名男子穿过“猛犸象温泉”周边的脆弱的岩石地表。官员称,目击者拍下了照片并交给了公园管理人员。 /201606/450040。

Apple will establish a new UK headquarters at Battersea Power Station, in a coup for the Malaysian company behind the huge building project by the river Thames.苹果(Apple)将在位于泰晤士河旁的巴特西发电站(Battersea Power Station)建立新的英国总部,这对于该大规模房地产项目背后的马来西亚公司是个意外之喜。The maker of the iPhone and iPad said on Wednesday that it would lease 500,000 square feet in the former coal-fired power station, which has stood empty for decades.iPhone和iPad制造商苹果周三表示,将在以前的这个燃煤发电站租赁50万平方英尺的面积,该电站已空置几十年。The group will move 1,400 employees to its new site from eight offices around the capital in 2021, giving a boost to the area and to a city grappling with its future role following the UK’s vote to leave the EU.苹果将在2021年将其在伦敦的8个办公地点的1400名员工搬到新址工作,此举将促进该地区以及伦敦的发展,在英国公投决定退欧后,伦敦正艰难应对其未来地位的问题。Apple’s European headquarters are in Ireland, but it is the latest global technology company to announce a new London building, following Facebook’s announcement late last year of a move to Fitzrovia and Google’s plans to build new offices at King’s Cross.苹果的欧洲总部位于爱尔兰,但它是宣布在伦敦建新的办公大楼的最新一家全球科技公司,去年底,Facebook宣布将迁往伦敦费兹洛维亚,同时谷歌(Google)计划在伦敦国王十字车站兴建新的办公楼。A consortium of three Malaysian companies — Sime Darby, SP Setia and the state-run Employees’ Provident Fund — is redeveloping the power station and 42 acres around it to include offices, stores and thousands of homes. The area is due to be connected to the London Underground from 2020.由马来西亚3家公司(Sime Darby、SP Setia和国有的Employees’ Provident Fund)组成的财团正在改造这个发电站以及方圆42英亩的地区,开发项目包括办公楼、商店和数百套公寓。该地区将从2020年起与伦敦地铁(London Underground)连接。But the £8bn development and the broader regeneration area surrounding it have struggled with a downturn in the market for luxury apartments, which make up a large portion of the development plans.然而,这个造价80亿英镑的开发项目以及周边更广泛的改造地区,正艰难应对豪华公寓市场的低迷。豪华公寓占该开发计划的很大比例。Apple will take 40 per cent of the space in the grade II listed 1930s power station, which has been derelict for the past 30 years. Its offices will be in the former boiler house, sp across six floors.苹果将占这个旧发电站40%的空间,这个发电站属于上世纪30年代的建筑,被列为二级保护建筑,已废弃了30年。苹果办公区将位于旧发电站的锅炉房,占据6层空间。 /201609/468964。

London police said Thursday that they found no evidence of radicalization to suggest terrorism after a Somali man stabbed a woman to death and wounded five other people in central London. Instead, they say the attack was likely triggered by mental health issues.伦敦警方星期四说,他们没有找到袭击者受到激进主义影响的据,这位杀死1名女性并导致5人受伤的索马里男子应与恐怖主义无关,袭击可能是精神疾病引起的。Police arrested the 19-year-old man in Russell Square, near the University of London, after incapacitating him with a Taser. The man – who has yet to be publicly named – is in police custody at a nearby hospital.警方在伦敦大学附近的罗素广场用电击控制了一名19岁男子,随后将他逮捕。这个尚未公布身份的男子目前被警方拘留在附近医院里。Police identified the 60-year-old woman who was stabbed to death as an American citizen. She was treated at the scene by paramedics, but pronounced dead shortly after. Three victims were released from the hospital early Thursday morning. The condition of two others was unknown.警察确认,被刺杀的女性60岁,是美国公民,她在案发现场经医护人员抢救后不久就宣告死亡。3名受伤者星期四早上已出院,另外两名伤者的情况还不清楚。Mark Rowley, the Metropolitan Police Service#39;s Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations, said police believe the mental health of the suspect to be a “significant factor” in the case, but cautioned that it is just one of several lines of inquiry.伦敦警察厅负责特别行动的助理总监马克·劳利说,警方认为,在这个案子中,嫌疑人的精神状况是一个“重要因素”,但同时提醒人们,这只是几条调查线索之一。Police received a call about the attack in progress around 10:30 p.m. local time, and within about 10 minutes had arrived on the scene and subdued the attacker.当地时间晚上10:30左右警方收到一通电话,报告正在发生的袭击事件。过了大约10分钟,警察赶到现场将袭击者制伏。Rowley said that, as a precautionary measure, there would be an increased presence of armed police on the streets of London Thursday morning to provide Londoners “reassurance and safety.” The knife attack came the same day London officials announced an increase in armed police patrolling the city in an effort to prevent terror attacks.劳利说,作为预防性措施,伦敦街头星期四早上将增派武装警察,以便让伦敦人感到“放心和安全”。持刀杀人事件发生的同一天,伦敦官员宣布,为预防恐怖袭击,伦敦市将增派武装警察巡逻。 /201608/458711。

China’s government hit out at EU steel anti-dumping penalties on Tuesday, saying it would defend Chinese business and denied it was exporting its own overcapacity problems as critics have suggested.中国政府周二抨击了欧盟(EU)对中国钢铁的反倾销惩罚措施,表示将维护中方企业,并否认了批评者提出的中国对外输出产能过剩问题的说法。Gao Hucheng, minister of commerce, told a press conference in Beijing that overcapacity in the metals industry was not just a Chinese problem. “Steel oversupply is a global problem and a global problem requires collaborative efforts by all countries,” he said.商务部部长高虎城在北京的新闻发布会上表示,钢铁行业的产能过剩并不仅仅是中国的问题。“就钢铁来说,这是全球性的产能过剩。全球性问题必须大家一起坐下来解决,”他说。“China safeguards the right to defend Chinese businesses in accordance with the rules of the World Trade Organisation,” he added, in an apparent threat to impose tit-for-tat penalties.“我们要按照世贸组织有关的贸易救济规则,维护中方企业的合法权益,”他补充道,此言显然是威胁中国可能实施针锋相对的惩罚措施。“Consumers and some other businesses benefit from the lower prices, so let us make the point that this is purely market behaviour, not the behaviour of the Chinese government or the EU governments.”“进口企业和消费者从中获利。这些钢材都是欧盟进口商或者消费者从中国按照合理的定价去购买的……企业提起申诉也是市场行为,不要把这点解读成政府或者欧委会的行为。”Brussels has imposed tariffs on a type of steel from China to try to defend Europe’s manufacturers from a flood of cheap imports.欧盟对从中国进口的一类钢铁产品开征关税,试图维护欧洲制造商不受廉价进口钢材洪流的影响。The EU said last month it would slap provisional duties on “high-fatigue performance reinforcement bars”, known as rebar, used in the UK and Ireland to strengthen concrete.欧盟上月表示将对俗称螺纹钢的“高抗疲劳性能混凝土钢筋”征收临时性关税,这类钢筋在英国和爱尔兰用于加强混凝土。Steel producers worldwide accuse China of triggering a global collapse in prices by dumping its excess output — meaning selling below home market prices or the cost of production.世界各地的钢铁生产商指责中国倾销过剩产出,即以低于国内市场价格或者生产成本的价格出售钢材,引发全球钢材价格大幅下滑。However, Mr Gao rejected the charge China was to blame, saying the price falls have occurred in many commodity industries, not just steel.然而,高虎城驳斥了钢铁价格下滑应归咎中国的说法,称许多大宗商品行业都出现了价格下滑,而不仅仅是钢铁行业。“It boils down to changes in global supply and demand,” he said. “Overcapacity is a pronounced problem facing all countries... is still the problem of oversupply with steel and energy products and other commodities. ”“不可回避,也必须正视的,就是供需关系问题,”他说,“产能过剩成为全球性问题……钢铁如此,能源如此,其它产品也是如此。”China’s steel exports rose 20 per cent to hit a record 112.4m tonnes last year.去年中国钢铁出口量提高20%,达到1.124亿吨的创纪录高点。Job losses in European steel plants have put pressure on Brussels to halt the flow of cheap Chinese steel to Europe. Last month Tata Steel announced than 1,000 job cuts, adding to the thousands aly lost over the year, along with several plant closures.欧洲钢铁厂的裁员问题使欧盟蒙受压力,要求其遏止廉价中国钢材涌入欧洲。上月,塔塔钢铁(Tata Steel)宣布裁员逾1000人,而去年一年已经有数千个工作岗位流失,还有几家工厂关闭。This week the EU Chamber of Commerce in Beijing said in a study of Chinese industries that overcapacity in China is a growing problem.北京的中国欧盟商会本周表示,对中国几个行业的调查表明,中国的产能过剩问题日益严重。Six out of eight industries studied by the chamber, ranging from glass to paper to steel, show signs that factories are operating at even lower rates than they were in 2009 in the immediate aftermath of the global financial crisis. In all of the industries studied, Chinese companies compete with large European businesses.从玻璃业、纸业到钢铁业,该商会研究的8个行业中,6个行业有迹象显示,业内工厂的开工率比2009年全球金融危机过后更低。在这些被研究的产业,中国企业与欧洲大型企业展开竞争。 /201602/428505。