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摘要:美国研究人员日前在火星上找到了一个古老湖泊的痕迹。这使人们在该红色星球上发现数十亿年前生命迹象的希望大大增强。US researchers have uncovered traces of an ancient lake on Mars boosting hopes of discovering evidence that billions of years ago the Red planet hosted life.The lake, which dates back some 3.4 billion years, appears to have covered as much as 80 square miles and was up to 1,500 feet deep, said the team from the University of Colorado."This is the first unambiguous evidence of shorelines on the surface of Mars," said Boulder's research associate, Gaetano Di Achille, in a study published in the latest edition of Geophysical Research Letters."The identification of the shorelines and accompanying geological evidence allows us to calculate the size and volume of the lake, which appears to have formed about 3.4 billion years ago."Analysis of the images has shown the water carved out the canyon in which it was found, which then opened out into a valley depositing sediment which formed a delta."Finding shorelines is a holy grail of sorts to us," said assistant professor Brian Hynek, adding it showed the lake existed at a time when Mars was thought to have been cold and dry.Scientists believe the oldest surfaces on Mars formed during the wet and warm era known as the Noachan epoch, about 4.1 billion to 3.7 billion years ago, that featured a bombardment of large meteors and extensive flooding.The newly discovered lake is believed to date from the Hesperian era and postdates the end of the warm and wet period on Mars by 300 million years, according to the study.Scientists believe deltas next to the lake may well hold secrets about past life on Mars as such places on Earth have become the natural deposits of organic carbon and other markers of life. /06/75249必背句型:A:If the contract is null and void,the remedy is to rescind it.如果合同无效,救济方法是撤销合同B:And to put the parties in the position in which they were prior to the attempted agreement.使双方当事人回复到协议签署知情的地位The remedy is to change the contract.救济方法是更改合同There is no remedy about the contract.关于合同没有救济方法What is the remedy about the contract?关于合同的救济方法是什么?延伸阅读:A:In pleading,a party may request alternative relief.在诉辩状中,当事人可提出替换救济要求B:How did they request it?他们怎么提出?They have thought alternative methods.他们已经想出了替换的方法There are alternative places.这有替换的地方What is the alternative part?可替换的部分是什么? 6968

Heavy enquiries witness the quality of our products.大量询盘明我们产品质量过硬As soon as the price picks up, enquiries will revive.一旦价格回升,询盘将恢复活跃Enquiries carpets are getting more numerous.对地毯的询盘日益增加Enquiries are so large that we can only than allot you 0 cases.询盘如此之多,我们只能分给你们0箱货Enquiries are dwindling.询盘正在减少Enquiries are dried up.询盘正在绝迹They promised to transfer their future enquiries to Chinese Corporations.他们答应将以后的询盘转给中国公司Generally speaking, inquiries are made by the buyers.询盘一般由买方发出Mr. Baker is sent to Beijing to make an inquiry at China National Textiles Corporation.贝克先生来北京向中国纺织公司进行询价We regret that the goods you inquire about are not available.很遗憾,你们所询的货物现在无货In the import and export business, we often make inquiries at eign suppliers.在进出口交易中,我们常向外商询价To make an inquiry about our oranges, a representative of the Japanese company paid us a visit.为了对我们的橙子询价,那家日本公司的一名代表访问了我们We cannot take care of your enquiry at present.我们现在无力顾及你方的询盘Your enquiry is too vague to enable us to reply you.你们的询盘不明确,我们无法答复Now that weve aly made an inquiry about your s, will you please reply as soon as possible?既然我们已经对你们产品询价,可否尽快给予答复?China National Silk Corporation received the inquiry sheet sent by a British company.中国丝绸公司收到了英国一家公司的询价单Thank you your inquiry.谢谢你们的询价Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇inquire询盘;询价;询购to inquire about对……询价to make an inquiry发出询盘;向……询价enquiry询盘inquiry sheet询价单specific inquiry具体询盘an occasional inquiry偶尔询盘to keep inquiry in mind记住询盘 3779

第6期:Asking Help()X:Reception.May I help you?X:这里是务台,我可以帮上什么忙吗?Y:Yes .I locked myself out.May I borrow a duplicate key Room 1?Y:是的我把自己锁在门外了我可以借一把l号房的备用钥匙吗?X:Certainly.Where are you now?X:没问题,您现在在哪儿呢?Y:I’m right outside my room.Y:就在我房间外面X:OK.Just wait where you are.Ill send someone up to help you.X:好的,您就在那儿等一下,我会派人上楼去帮助你 66

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