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郑州大学附院瘦腿针价钱费用商丘市哪家医院开眼角技术好新郑市自体脂肪填充多少钱 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201511/407024We made an incredible, moldable, indestructible material.我们制造出一种不可思议、可随意塑形、坚不可摧的材料。But when we dump it, it doesn#39;t go away.但当我们将之丢弃时,它并不会消失。Now one truck of it ends up in our oceans every minute.现在每分钟有一卡车的塑料最后进到我们的海洋。It#39;s killing sea life.那正在扼杀海洋生命。The fish eat the trash; then we eat the fish.鱼吃垃圾;然后我们再吃鱼。We#39;re feeding ourselves our own garbage, and it#39;s now in our bloodstreams.我们用自己造的垃圾喂养自己,而那现在流在我们的血液中。We#39;ve got to avoid plastic; we#39;ve got to get it out of the ocean and reuse it.我们必须避免塑料;我们必须将它从海洋中清出,然后重新利用。Look. What if we took some trash and made a sports shoe out of it?听着。假如我们用一些垃圾,然后用那做出运动鞋会发生什么事呢?And then we made a million more from 11 million plastic bottles?接着我们用一千一百万罐保特瓶再做一百万只运动鞋?What if that was just the start? And what if everyone did that?要是那只是起点而已呢?如果每个人都那样做会怎样? Article/201702/490203三门峡市祛痘多少钱

济源市光子脱毛多少钱In the local shop,next to major beer brands,you might find microbrews with crazy names like Wild Skunk Ale,Fiddlehead Fuel,or Mudscker Stout,although I just made those up.While the big-brands run TV ads starring sexy skiers or tough guys with trucks,their small competitors have to scrabble for attention from the store shelf.在本地超市里,大牌啤酒的旁边,你可能发现名字奇葩的微酿啤酒,像野鼬麦芽醇,蕨菜酒,虎鱼黑啤等等,虽然这些都是我编的。而大牌啤酒则在广告中以性感滑雪者和卡皮卡的硬汉吸引眼球,这些弱势竞争者们只能在货架上争夺人们的眼光。That#39;s because,much like a small shrub or fern beneath the tall trees in a forest,microbreweries live in the shadows of their larger corporate competitors.And,surprisingly,many species and businesses that eke out a living in the shadows of giants employ similar strategies to succeed in their respective dog-eat-dog worlds of intense competition for limited resources.这是因为,正如森林中高树下的灌木丛和蕨类一样,小牌啤酒也生活在大公司罩下的阴影之中。令人惊奇的是,许多在巨人阴影下勉强度日的小企业和植物,采 用了相似的策略以在这个到处是激烈竞争紧张资源的,咬的社会中生存下来。The winners of this competition in the forest or beer business,as defined by sheer volume,are those that capture the most resources,sunlight in one case and consumers#39;dollars in the other.The mechanics differ-big trees capture sunlight by being tall and wide,While large brewers earn billions of dollars of profits by having a broad reach.Attracting customers with low prices,mild flavor,and large advertising budgets.森林中或是啤酒市场的竞争胜者,因其“量大”而胜即前者中接受到最多的阳光,以及后者中从消费者手中赚到最多的钱,而机理有所不同,大 树因其高大而捕获更多阳光,大啤酒商因其触及面广而赚得数十亿美金。他们通过低价销售,适 中的味道和巨额广告预算吸引消费者。The outcome is the same,though-by capfturing the most valuable resources before they reach others,dominant trees and companies exclude weaker competitors who employ the same tactics.But there are trade-offs to any strategy and being the best on average rarely works in all cases and conditions.That#39;s how understory ferns and microbreweries can succeed-by specializing in conditions the ;big guys;are not so good at:the so-called empty niches.结果也大抵相似,通 过在他人得到资源前占领,最有价值的一部分,大 树和大公司排挤走采用相同策略的弱势公司。但是任何策略都过犹不及各项平均值最好并不能应对所有的状况。这就是微酿啤酒和低矮蕨类能成功的原因,他们擅长那些“大家伙”们不善的东西:这就是所谓的“空生态位”。In deep shade,a fern can make a healthy,if modest,living by avoiding direct competition and investing prudently in just enough photosynthetic machinery to make a profit from the faint sunlight reaching the forest floor-leftover light not worth the extra effort for the big trees to capture up above.在暗影中,歚类至少能够健康生存下来,他们通过避免与大树直接竞争,投入恰到好处的光合作用体,来从到达森林地面微弱的光线中获利而大树则不值得耗费精力,从高空捕获这些遗漏的阳光。Ferns can even thrive on a photosynthetic income that#39;s inadequate for the small offspring of many trees and thus the humble fern coexists with the tall timber above by competing on its own terms.Similarly,microbrews,which invest in being odd,trendy,and strongly flavored,can persevere by attracting aficionados not swayed by the marketing and lower prices of larger breweries.蕨类甚至能在诸多树木后代无法生存的微弱光线来源中繁荣生长,这些矮小的蕨类因此能在种内斗争中与上方高大的树木共存。类似地,微酿啤酒将重心放在古怪,时尚和重品味中,因而能在波动的市场和大公司的低价战略中谋得自己的一席之地。Sure,fewer people fall into this category just as fewer beams of sunlight fall through the canopy onto the forest floor,but where are resources,there#39;s potential to survive.And survival is the goal of both ferns and firms,so it#39;s not really that surprising that both nature and the economy,driven by the same kinds of competition,give rise to niches and diversification to canopy and understory in the forest,and in the supermarket aisle!当然,这类人的确不多,正如极少缕阳光能穿过树叶,洒落在森林地面一样,但是只要有资源的地方就有生存的潜质。对于小公司和蕨类而言,生存是第一要义,因此,不奇怪由同类竞争所驱动的自然环境和经济体,会为森林中的蕨类以及市场中的微酿啤酒提供赖以生存的空穴和多样化的商品市场! Article/201504/367518河南脸部去痣价格 We are left programmed to eat energy-rich,我们本能地想吃高能的sweet, fatty foods.甜的 脂肪高的食物I could probably do something illegal要是我想吃香蕉拖肥批if I knew I was going to get a banoffee pie.我可能会不惜因此去犯法When it comes to enjoying chocolate,一谈到要吃巧克力when it starts to trickle at the back of the tongue,我就开始垂涎欲滴and I can feel it going down...然后就会有吃巧克力的感觉...That#39;s warm and it#39;s cool at the same time.那种又热又凉的感觉I have a sweet tooth. Maybe it#39;s我喜欢吃甜食because I was deprived of chocolate as a child.可能是我小时候没吃够吧Our craving for energy-rich food is very ancient.对于高能食物的欲望 自古就有In the 21st century,即使进入21世纪we#39;re left with a body and a brain which evolved with Homo erectus.我们的身体和脑子 一样是直立人进化来的 Article/201506/378491郑州梨涡整形

郑州/体丰胸价格每隔7年,设计师斯特凡(Stefan Sagmeister)关闭他在纽约的工作室一年去休假,以恢复他的创作灵感。他解释了常被忽略的休假的价值,并展示了他在巴厘岛休假时受启发而创造的作品。 Article/201503/365052 Iraqi Kurdish fighters leave Turkey for Kobane伊拉克库尔德族战士赴科巴尼协助对抗ISIS组织A convoy carrying Iraqi peshmerga troops and heavy weapons has left a warehouse in southeast Turkey and headed south in the direction of the Syrian border.一列载有伊拉克自由战士部队及重型武器的车队离开土耳其东南部的一个仓库,前往南部的叙利亚边境方向。It was not immediately clear when the force was supposed to cross into Kobane.这部队何时越过边境进入科巴尼仍不明朗。Turkish police moved journalists away from the road.土耳其警方驱散记者们远离街道。A senior Kurdish official inside Kobane says the fighters are bringing heavy machine guns and, most importantly, anti-tank missiles.科巴尼内部一位库尔德高级官员表示,这些士兵们携带重机,最重要的是还有反坦克导弹。The official says Kurdish fighters in Kobane don#39;t have the weapons to stop the tanks that the self-proclaimed Islamic State militants are using.这位官员还表示科巴尼的库尔德战士并没有武器能阻止那些自称伊斯兰国武装分子们的坦克。 Article/201411/339716郑州/隆胸手术大概多少钱郑州大学附属医院冰点脱毛多少钱



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