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A man accused of killing 5 women who were working as prostitutes has admitted he could have picked up all of them on the nights they disappeared. Steve Wright told Ipswich Crown Court, he might to have sex with 4 of the victims on those occasions and was a victim of coincidences himself, he denied murder, saying he wasn't a random psychopath involved in a campaign against prostitutes. In court, he used the same answer more than 50 times, as Keme Nzerem reports from Ipswich.Later 1 December night a traffic camera picks up Steve Wright leaving Ipswich, wearing his distinctive reflective yellow jacket, the prosecution alleges right was on his way to dump the body of Anneli Alderton, having just paid her for sex at his house while his wife was at work.Steve Wright says that it's a coincidence that there were any links at all between him and the 5 prostitutes that were murdered in Ipswich during the winter of 2006, he admits bringing 3 of them here to his house to have sex with them, another one he had admits having sex with in his car. The prosecutor today asked Steve Wright, could it be a coincidence that he'd selected the 5 prostitutes in the order that they died, further more that they died surely after being with him and that there was a DNA evidence linking him to them, Steve Wright replied: "it would seem so, yes."Repeatedly asked to explain an apparent coincidence after coincidence more than 50 times, Wright responded the same way, and when Peter Wright QC the prosecutor commented you've been singularly unfortunate, Wright replied once again, "it would seem so, yes." Wright described how he'd been tempted by the street prostitutes walking where he lived in Ipswich's red light district, but insisted that as time went on that sexual temptation didn't turn to murder. The body of Tania Nicol, the first woman to go missing, was found in Bested broke on the outskirts of town on the 8th of December, Wright picked her up, but says he didn’t have sex with her because he had agony, but the prosecution claims the fiber from his car found on her head suggests he killed her, Peter Wright put it to the defendant that Miss Nicol had died, because there was violence upon her wasn't there, his response, not by me, Mr. Wright went on, and that violence involved you squeezing the very life out of her, his response, no I did not.Paula Clennell was the last of the 5 women to disappear on December the 10th, her body found 2 days later, Wright admits paying her for sex at his home, but prefer not to lie on the bed he shared with his partner insteads lying on his yellow work jacket, he told the court that like the others there have been no violence with Miss. Clennell, so why then was her blood found on the left shoulder of the coat, the prosecution asked because she may have bitten her tone. Wright claimed. He would wear this jackets when driving to dispose of the bodies, the court heard so he looked like a shift worker on his way home. Steve Wright denies all the charges, the case continues. 200805/40245But they never got there. The first disappeared into deep space. Another missed its target when its coordinates were confused. One NASA control center was working in metric, the other in feet and inches, they never lined up and the probe exploded in the Martian atmosphere. William Boynton had lost precious equipment on both missions. But he decided to try one more time. This is really my third attempt to get to Mars, and some of my colleagues were saying:" Bill, are you crazy? You are doing a third time? You know, why are you putting so much time into this?" And I just, I just couldn't say no, I, I think there was just a calling that I had to go back. So once again, he set about designing an instrument to detect underground water on Mars. After the previous failures, the pressure was on. The role my instrument has taken in the search for water on Mars is we have a device called a gamma ray spectrometer and it's designed to determine what elements are present on Mars that make up the surface, and probably the most important one of those is hydrogen 'coz that's the main constituent element in water. We have ignition and lift off of a Delta 2 Rocket carrying NASA on an Odyssey back to Mars.On the 7th April 2001, NASA launched Odyssey carrying Boynton's device, and this time everything went according to plan. It's really hard to describe exactly what it's like to have an instrument that you've built be perched on top of a rocket and actually get launched off into space, and you think "I'm on my way to Mars."Once in Mar's orbit, the instrument was deployed and the gamma ray detector could get to work. All elements when they are struck by cosmic rays from the sun and other stars release gamma rays. The wavelength of the gamma rays differs from element to element, so each has its signature wavelength.coordinate: Mathematics Any of a set of two or more numbers used to determine the position of a point, line, curve, or plane in a space of a given dimension with respect to a system of lines or other fixed referencesgamma ray: Electromagnetic radiation emitted by radioactive decay and having energies in a range from ten thousand to ten million electron voltsspectrometer: A spectroscope equipped with scales for measuring wavelengths or indexes of refractioncosmic ray: A stream of ionizing radiation of extraterrestrial origin, consisting chiefly of protons, alpha particles, and other atomic nuclei but including some high-energy electrons, that enters the atmosphere, collides with atomic nuclei, and produces secondary radiation, principally pions, muons, electrons, and gamma rays200809/48688

Former President George HW Bush Endorses McCain for Republican Presidential Nomination美国前总统布什宣布持麦凯恩In Houston, former President George H.W. Bush, the father of the current president, stood beside Senator John McCain to offer his endorsement for the Republican presidential nomination. 在美国休斯敦市,美国现任总统布什的父亲、前总统布什站在参议员麦凯恩身边,宣布持麦凯恩成为共和党的总统候选人。Senator McCain and the former president came together in a hangar at Houstons Hobby airport and stood side by side with their wives as the 41st president offered his endorsement. 参议员麦凯恩和前总统布什以及他们的妻子,肩并肩地出现在休斯敦机场的一个飞机库。第41任总统布什宣布,他持麦凯恩成为共和党的总统候选人。;In the coming election we do not have the luxury of taking a pass on our unique role and responsibilities in the world and the indisputable fact that unites the greatest number of Republicans,; Mr. Bush said, ;the most independents and many good Democrats as well is that no one is better prepared to lead our nation in these trying times than Senator John McCain.; 前总统布什说:“在总统大选即将到来之际,我们不能辜负了我们在世界上扮演的特殊角色和承担的各种责任,我们也不能忽视一个无庸置疑的事实,那就是说是我们要团结大多数共和党人、独立人士以及许多优秀的民主党人,而在考验时期中,没有任何一个人比参议员麦凯恩能够更好地领导我们的国家。”Senator McCain made note of the fact that he and President Bush had two things in common, both had been naval aviators and both had been shot down. Bush was shot down in the Pacific during World War II and rescued from the water shortly afterwards. McCain was shot down over North Vietnam and was held as a prisoner of war under brutal conditions. 参议员麦凯恩指出,他和前总统布什有两个共同点。两人都当过美国海军飞行员,而且两人都在战场上受过伤。前总统布什曾在第二次世界大战中在太平洋上被击中,后来不久被人从水中救起。麦凯恩在越南北部被击中,成为战俘,并忍受残酷恶劣的战俘生活条件。At the meeting in Houston, McCain thanked the former president for his support and spoke of the need to bring the Republican Party together. 麦凯恩在休斯敦的会议上感谢前总统布什的持,他还指出,有必要把共和党人团结起来。;I believe that his endorsement and sign of support honors me and I also think it is very helpful in continuing our effort to unite our party,; he said. 麦凯恩说:“我认为前总统布什对我的持是我的荣幸,我还认为这有助于我们继续努力实现整个共和党的团结。”McCain faces a deep divide among Republicans. Many conservatives see him as a liberal who has too often compromised with Democrats in order to move legislation through Congress. 麦凯恩正面临着与其他共和党人的重大分歧。由于他过于频繁地与民主党妥协,以便在国会推动议案的进展,许多保守派人士把他当作一个自由派人士。One of McCains biggest problems with conservative Republican voters came two years ago when he co-sponsored an immigration reform bill that they said amounted to an amnesty for 12 million foreigners who had entered the ed States illegally. McCain says he now believes the border must be made secure before any other program can be implemented, but he still backs a guest worker program and a path to citizenship for immigrants aly here who do not have a criminal record.2年前麦凯恩宇保守派共和党人的投票者知之间就产生了一个很大的矛盾,因为当时麦凯恩提出了进行一项改革移民政策的议案,这一议案相当与要赦免1,200万非法进入美国的外国人。麦凯恩表示,他现在认为有必要保边界的安全,这样才能实施其他的项目。但是他仍然持外来劳工项目以及已经实施的移民获得国籍的方法,只要那些移民没有犯罪记录。Former President Bush addressed conservatives in making his endorsement of McCain, saying that the senators credentials as a conservative are solid. 前总统布什向共和党人发表讲话,宣布持麦凯恩,并表示麦凯恩是一个可靠合格的保守派人士。;If you have been around the track, you hear these criticisms and I think they are grossly unfair,; the former president said. ;He has got a record that everyone can analyze in the Senate, a sound, conservative record, and yet he is not above reaching out to the other side.; 前总统布什说:“如果你一直追踪竞选形势的话,你可能会听到对麦凯恩的一些批评,我认为这些批评是非常不公平的。麦凯恩拥有一个地道的保守派的履历,参议院里的任何人都可以把这份履历拿去分析研究。不过,他并不是不屑于跟民主党人进行妥协。”Senator McCains only remaining viable opponent in the race for the Republican nomination is former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who is campaigning in the Midwestern state of Wisconsin before its primary Tuesday. Huckabee told reporters there he intends to stay in the race despite the momentum that Senator McCain has developed and the backing he has received from party leaders. 目前,参议员麦凯恩在共和党总统候选人提名之争中的唯一对手是前阿肯色州州长哈克比。哈克比正在美国中西部的威斯康辛州展开竞选活动,威斯康辛州将在星期二举行初选。哈克比在威斯康辛州对记者说,虽然参议员麦凯恩目前声势很大,并得到了共和党领袖们的持,但是他打算继续竞选。200802/27461

US Envoy Confident Stalled N. Korea Denuclearization Will be Resolved Soon希尔:北韩无核化僵局很快会化解  The U.S. negotiator to six-nation talks on disarming nuclear North Korea says he believes the current stalemate will be resolved before the next American president takes office. 美国参加朝核六方会谈的谈判代表希尔说,他相信目前的僵局会在美国下届总统上任之前得到化解。The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill expressed confidence Saturday that North Korea's efforts to denuclearize would soon continue. 美国助理国务卿希尔星期六表示相信北韩无核化的努力即将继续下去。Pyongyang last week announced it had stopped dismantling its main reactor and threatened to re-start it if Washington did not remove it from its list of "state sponsors of terrorism." 平壤上个星期宣布已经停止卸除主要核反应堆,并且威胁说:如果华盛顿不把北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上除名,北韩会重新运转这个核反应堆。Washington has said North Korea must first agree on terms for verifying its declared list of nuclear materials. 华盛顿表示,北韩必须先同意核实北韩核项目清单的细则。Hill says once North Korea agrees to a system based on international standards, the isolated country would immediately be removed from the list. 希尔说,一旦北韩同意基于国际标准制定的核实细则,就立即会把北韩从恐怖主义持国名单上除名。"The declaration without a protocol is really like just having one chopstick," he said. "You need two chopsticks if you're going to pick up anything." 他说:“没有具体实施细则的核项目清单就好像一双筷子少了一根一样。如果要夹起一样东西,必须有两根筷子才行。”Pyongyang's turnabout last week prompted speculation that it might be stalling until the new U.S. president was in power to see if it could get a better deal than the one aly negotiated. 平壤上星期改变态度,使人们猜测北韩可能想拖到新美国总统上任后再看看能否得到比目前更有利可图的协议。However, Hill told reporters he believes the set-back would be resolved before the next American president took office in January. 但是希尔告诉记者,他相信目前的倒退会在下届美国总统明年1月上任之前得到解决。"We have to get this verification protocol done very soon," he said. "So, yes it can be. And, I think it will be." 他说:“我们必须很快达成核实细则。这是可以做到的。而且我认为会做到。”He made the comments after holding weekend talks in Beijing with representatives from China, Russia, Japan, and South Korea, also known as the Republic of Korea, or ROK. 希尔在北京与中国、俄罗斯、日本和韩国代表举行周末会谈之后发表了上述讲话。"We had a complete understanding with the ROK delegation, complete understanding with the Japanese," said Hill. "The Russian ambassador assured me we have no daylight between us. And, China is also very much working along the same lines." 他说:“我们和韩国及日本的谈判代表完全达成共识。俄罗斯特使也向我保,我们之间毫无芥蒂。而且中国也和我们的思路相当一致。”The "state sponsor of terrorism" designation prevents North Korea from getting access to much-needed international loans for its feeble economy. 把北韩确定为持恐怖主义国家,这使北韩得不到它衰弱的经济急需的国际贷款。The sudden demand by North Korea to be removed from the list followed recent breakthroughs in cooperation.  北韩在最近在合作上采取突破性措施之后突然要求把北韩这个名单上除名。Pyongyang in June submitted a list of its nuclear materials, which Hill called a "very good" list, and blew up part of its main reactor. 平壤今年6月提交了核项目清单。希尔称这份清单相当好。北韩还炸毁了主要核反应堆的部分设施。North Korea agreed last year to give up its nuclear materials in return for aid and political incentives. 北韩去年同意放弃核材料,以换取援助和政治利益。200809/47634


  S. Korean President Leaves For Summits Aimed At Better Ties With US, Japan韩国总统李明周一启程访问美国 South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has departed South Korea for a week of summit diplomacy aimed at turning a new page in ties with Japan and the ed States. Lee administration officials say the president is particularly hoping to repair Seoul's relationship with Washington.  韩国总统李明启程进行为期一周的出访。韩国希望此行能够揭开同美国和日本外交关系的新的一页。李明政府官员说,李明总统特别希望修补韩国与美国的关系。 South Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo told reporters Monday in Seoul that President Lee Myung-bak's summit trip to Washington is about "re-energizing" and "reconsolidating" the alliance between the two countries. He also cautioned North Korea not to attempt to exclude South Korea from any deal aimed at ending the North's nuclear weapons programs. 韩国总理韩升洙星期一在首尔对记者说,李明总统前往华盛顿参加峰会是为了再次加强并巩固两国间的联盟关系。他也提醒北韩别妄图把韩国排除在任何旨在结束北韩核武器项目的协议之外。"Our relationship with the ed States is very strong," he said. "We've been allies for many, many years. So going to the ed States over the shoulder of the Republic of Korea [South Korea] will not succeed." 他说:“我们和美国的关系非常牢固。我们两国多少年来一直是盟友。所以想绕过韩国、只跟美国打交道是不会成功的。Han's words echoed those of President Lee himself, who held a nationally televised news conference Sunday before departing Monday for the ed States. Mr. Lee says North Korea will be a key topic in his talks with President Bush at the Camp David retreat in Maryland. He says compared to previous South Korean administrations, his government will be more active in closely coordinating policy on North Korea with the ed States. 李明总统本人也曾发表类似谈话。在星期一启程前往美国前,李明星期天在电视上说,北韩将是他在马里兰州渡假地戴维营与布什总统会谈的一个中心话题。他说:“他的政府与以前的韩国政府相比,将更为紧密地和美国协调有关北韩的政策。”North Korea invaded the South in 1950 - five years after the U.S. liberated the Korean peninsula from Japanese rule. The ed States deploys about 28,000 forces here to uphold a 1953 North-South armistice and to deter a repeat invasion. 北韩在上世纪五十年代,即美国把朝鲜半岛从日本统治下解放出来的五年后,入侵韩国。美按照1953年南北韩停火协议,在韩国部署约两万八千人的部队,以阻遏北韩再次来犯。Some experts have criticized Mr. Lee's two most recent predecessors for seeking engagement and peaceful economic cooperation with the North at the expense of the alliance with the ed States. The North tested its first nuclear weapon in 2006, an event some say was made easier by the relatively uncritical transfers of billions of dollars worth of aid and investment from the South. 有些专家批评李明的两位前任一味寻求与北韩交往,发展经济关系,以至损害了美韩同盟关系。北韩在2006年试验了第一枚核武器。有人认为,韩国似乎不分青红皂白地把几十亿美元的援助和资本投入北韩,进而加速了北韩的核试验。President Lee - a conservative former corporate chairman - says the South will continue to help the North, but only if Pyongyang cooperates on getting rid of its nuclear weapons.He says South Korea will persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear program through ongoing six-nation diplomacy, and that the North must come to realize that ending its nuclear programs will be beneficial. 立场保守的李明总统曾是公司董事长。他说,韩国将继续帮助北韩, 但是前提是北韩必须配合放弃其核武器项目。North Korea is now nearly five months overdue in providing a declaration of its nuclear activities that it promised to produce by the end of last year. 北韩到目前为止已经拖延了近五个月还没有提交核活动清单。他们曾答应在去年年底前交出这份清单。A recent U.S. - North Korea meeting in Singapore has fostered hope a breakthrough may be near. South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan says he hopes the negotiations can get back to a brisk pace. 美国和北韩最近在新加坡举行了一次会谈,给人带来可能即将突破僵局的希望。韩国外交部长尹永宽说,他希望有关谈判能再次积极展开。He says South Korea believes the multinational nuclear diplomacy needs to resume by next month, and that the six nations should ideally sign a new phase of a disarmament agreement by August. 他说:“韩国认为六方会谈应该在下月重新开始,并希望在八月份时签署有关北韩解除核项目下一阶段进程的协议。”200804/34885。

  Disputes over Insurance保险纠纷A: As you may recall.the June consignment arrived at India seriously damaged.The loss through breakage was over 30% of the consignment. Weve presented a claim to the underwriters through your firm,but the insurance company refused to admit liability.as there was no insurance on breakage. We naturally were not satisfied with such a reply. ld like to hear what Mr. Li has to say about it.A: 你也许记得,6月份发运到印度的那批货破损严重。破碎损失超过这批货的30%。我们已经通过你们公司向保险公司提出了索赔,但保 险公司以没有投保破碎险为由,拒绝承担责任。我们当然对这种答复不满意。我想听听李先生对此的看法。B: You know,the loss in question was beyond the coverage granted by us.According to your instructions.we made out an insurance certificate covering WAP and the risk of breakage wasnt mentioned in it.B: 你说的损失并不包括在我们承保的责任范围内。根据你们的要求,我们出具了投保水渍险 的保险凭,但没提及到破碎险。C: In the letter of credit only coverage for all marine risks was requested. ld like to point out that our prices were calculated without insurance for any special risk. So we applied for the usual WAP coverage and let our customers deal with the matter of breakage.C:信用只要求投保“综合海运险”。我想要指出的是,我们的价格没把任何特殊险计算在内,所以我们只投保了通常的水渍险,而让我 们的客户自相办理破碎险事宜。A: Mr. King. we presume that the wording of our UC implies covering the risk of breakage. Besides.when I take a WAP insu-rance which is with particular average.l should think the risk of breakage is a particular average.isnt it?A: 金先生,我认为信用的措辞包含了投保破碎险。此外,我投保水渍险时.那就是对单独海损要负责赔偿,我想破碎险是属于一种单独海损对不对? C: Not every breakage is a particular average. It is a particular average when the breakage results from natural calamities or maritime accidents.lf none of these conditions occur,breakage is often considered as an ordinary loss,which is outside the scope of the coverage.C: 并不是所有破碎险都属于单独海损。只有由于自然灾害或意外事故造成的破碎才属于单. 独海损。如果没有发生上述事故,破碎险常被 认为是一种普通损失,不属于承保范围之内 。A: But the risk of breakage is covered by marine insurance,isnt it?A:但破碎险是包括在海洋运输货物险之内,对不对?B: Of course,but it is a usual practice to make specific mention in the insurance policy or certificate that the risk of breakage is included.The inclusion of this special risk will be subject to an additional premium that will normally be higher than the basic insurance for the ordinary marine risks.B:当然,但按照惯例要在保险单或保险凭上特。别注明破碎险包括在内。包括这种特别险就必须附加保险费。这种保险费一般比通常的海洋运输货物险高。A: I see. Another thing I dont understand now is the advantage of WAP coverage.l thought that the WAP insurance should cover all principle risks while,according to what you say.it means very little.A:我懂了。另外一件事我现在还不明白,保水渍 险有什么好处。我原以为水渍险包括全部主要风险,而根据你说的,它承保责任却很少.B: Neither the WAP nor the FPA mention the risks covered or excl- uded. Look at the insurance certificates and you will find that the risks of theft and pilferage, freshwater, oil, grease. hooks, breakage.leakage, contamination. deterioration. etc. are specifically mentioned and must be specifically applied for. These are special risks.B: 无论水渍险还是平安险都不注明包括哪些险别或不包括哪些险别。保险范嗣是写在基本保险单内和各种险别条款里。你看保险凭就会发现偷窃险,淡水险,油渍险,油污险,钩损险,渗漏险,玷污险,变质险等都特加注明,并且必须特别申保。这些就是特别险.A: It seems that the error was on both sides and I think the loss should be shared by both parties.A: 看来双方都有错误,我认为损失应由双方承担。B: Our price calculation could hardly admit that. Besides,we acted upon your instructions, so it is not our fault. But in view of our good partnership,well supply you with a favorite offer to compensate some of your losses.B: 我们的计价不容许这么做。此外,我们是按你们的要求办理的,所以这不是我们的过错。但鉴于我们良好的伙伴关系,我们准备给你们提供优惠的报盘,借以补偿贵方的一些损失。 /201603/430595


  thanks very much. Now ever wondered why your ancestors gathered where they did, or where others with your surname live now. A research project investigating the distribution of surnames in Britain answers these questions. And more, another study has found the surnames are still extremely regional. The maps used show the distribution with most people living in the purple areas. Smith for example, remains the most common surname in Britain, used by more than half a million people, and it has exactly the same concentration it always did in Lerwick, in the Scottish Shetland Islands. Jones is the No. 2 surname, and is the most common among hill farmers in north Wales. Well, one of the instigaters of this project, Professor Richard Webber is with me. Now, have you got all of the census data? No, no. The data used for this project comes partly from electoral register. But also, a number of other files which are held by Expairing, which is probably Britain's largest collector of data about individuals. 'cause there're some of us who are fairly predictable. Campbell for example, which he would expect to be, ur, big in Scotland, does appear the purple a bit there at all , to be up there in Scotland. And it appears to be, any, anywhere else which is really bizarre? Well, Well. I mean that particular map is put in five colors, so I think, a fifth of all the Cambells is in the purple and a fifth in the reds, so a fifth in the oranges and so forth. Are we near getting any answers as to why these concentrations are, how they are? I mean we did Snow for obvious reasons. I think there were to lots of them. This yellow is in the southwest England. Well, with 25, 000 names as difficult to generalize, but, what you can do is put them in general categories, so if, for example, you look at names which are people's work. Like my name is Webber, you turn to find there is much more common in the Midlands than in the south of England. If you go to Wales, most people get their names from their ancestors or the same in Scotland. And in Yorkshire for example, a lot of people have names based on the places that they originally lived in or at least their ancestors did . Now I have to say, I did put a Gray Murphy, ur and it said not found. (Well, that's because. . )And there have been Gray Murphy in Britain for a few decades. Yeah. Well, we only got 25, 000 names on this website, but there're, in my back pocket study this week, I've got another 250, 000 names and they're particularly interesting for looking at non-British names, so, most British names are fairly common. And about what we can now do as such is look for the frequency of all names from different parts of the world and different faiths, religions and languages. And this itself is actually extremely useful for names like different immigrant groups and their descendants now live. So that's made sense. (Yeah. ) We'll look forward to that, thank you very much indeed for telling about it. And you can get the web address on our website. now our main headlines. . .200805/39221Hostess: Advertisers have used beauty to sell fashion and glamour products to women for decades and now it's being used to hawk other products too,everything from beer ,the breakfast food to cars,like this one,from General Motors.Chev(rolet) Cobalt has more standard horsepower than the TOYOTA Corolla or HONDA Civic and the 5-year, 60 thousand-mile power- train warranty. COBALT--An American REVOLUTION.Hostess: Barbara Lippert is a critic for Adweek Magazine. Hi again, Barbara.Barbara Lippert:Hi,Hannah.Hostess: What's the point of head-head, if it makes you feel younger to drive a car like that?Barbara Lippert: Well~It's not very generous to the woman who needs a face left-drive. (Really?) Actually it's appealing to the younger girls ,so maybe she's hostile feelings about her mother. No~It's only a visual metaphor about the speed(It's not that obvious) yeah and there's another one, a boy who gets his ears pinned back so it's certainly not politically correct in any way, it's just telling you about strict horse power...and they have never sold horsepower to women before so that's new~Hostess: So,what's the advertiser trying to do?Barbara Lippert: Tell you that with this speed you know~you'll convert your mother.Hostess: OK~Barbara~OK~I~I~don't know if that's a motivation to buy or not. What we are seeing here is this trend of using beauty and sth that might, you know appeal to someone like a beauty product,where it's one thing in the print ad,right? It's actually about something completely different and this is nothing new using beauty to sell products,correct?Barbara Lippert: But there is a new twist , a sort of post-modern twist like the McDonald's ad that you showed before, you know, that's a really good looking ad(Let's show that McDonald's ad here. Now,this looks like a mascara ad, OK?)that that that's a good looking eyeball, I would say(right) and it's much better looking than that pancake so it's couldn't get your attention than the eye gets your attention. I don't know whether it's kidding by saying you are gonna have long lustrous lashes or they're telling you because you can buy your breakfast, ...,you know in the car and go like this with your lashes, you know....Hostess: Why,What it says is one another 20 minutes of meet time in the morning,when you do what I do?Barbara Lippert: Right. Right, you know instead of this, while you are driving,but they know that women are time crunched,and that's a big trigger for women,you know,the multitasking in the time crunched. And so and I'm hoping that there is sort of saying it in a kidding way,because we know in the 50s ,advertisers gave everybody anxiety,you know,is your house clean enough? is your ,are your teeth bright enough? you know,is your floor waxy enough? and they aren't doing that any more,people don't believe that promise, miracle ,solution any more ,and so they are sort of kidding about that kind of familiar ad.Hostess: Let's take a look at another ad,and I think it's pretty clever for Citi Group,(I quite agree.)because it actually makes sense here. Sort of discribe what Citi Group is trying to do ,they say "You really can prevent worry lines,Get a better retirement plan".Barbara Lippert: Get a better retirement plan. And I think that's excellent,because it's sort of making fun of the fact that you can't prevent worry lines and it's also speaking to women saying this is what's important,you know,you might be spending your money on your lipsticks,but this is what's important,not everyone has the husband and can build a dream house the way we are used to seeing those retirement commercials,you'd better start thinking about you ,yourself.Hostess: There's another Citi Group ad that's pretty clever too,at first glance it looks like a shampoo ad, but it says"Forget about split ends.Let's talk about dividends".Barbara Lippert: And ,but you know,banking is a very dull subject,and they never speak to women directly like this. So it's just saying that this is about you, it's not about ,you know ,buliding for your family,it's not about ,you know , dreaming about what can be, this is reality. You've got to sit down and think about this, and it's more important than split ends.Hostess: So are these ads actually getting womens' attention? More so that they like the standard ad?Barbara Lippert: I think they are getting ,you know,certain things are triggers ,they look familiar and you wanna it, but they are not breaking any new ground ,that's for sure.We need a new way of talking about women. And the interesting thing is that the only new image that I can think of is Gena Davis,as the president.Hostess: em,rightBarbara Lippert: You know ,and, but Donald Caren had a female president ten years ago,(Right.)but she's wearing a boostie A and she was a model,so that was the problem there,but slowly advertisers will get there ,because it's all new.Hostess: I know ,but sex still sells,doesn't it?Sex and beauty. (absolutely. It's all vanity.)Let's take a look at this ad for TideOPM ,like you said vanity,I mean another ad that looks like this would be for a facial moisturizer. Right?Barbara Lippert: Right,right,and it looks she's really having a great time with that facial moisturizer, but...Hostess: Let's says,sleep for a natural glow that won't smudge or smear during the day ,hello,you know, that's for Tide OPM.Barbara Lippert: This is one that I like less ,because you know,it's talking about flawless skin and beauty,you have a lot more problems,if you are not getting a good night sleep ,you know,you have a lot more problems with your health and not just your skin,so I think...Hostess: Does this just explain that sort of pop cultures,obessesion with outlooks and it has nothing to do with women in the elector,(Exactlly. So) or ability to choose products in an intelligent way,like someone is like figuring you out untill you're ing about their product.Barbara Lippert: It's not flattering your intellegence,you know.Hostess: It's not .Does that bother you?Barbara Lippert: Yeah,I, some of them are better than others as with the Citi Bank thing ,but I do think that advertisers wanna use the familar,because they only have a tiny bit amount of time to get your attention,and so they think they will with this, if they showed you an asprin pill ,or if they showed you an ugly-looking flap jack,you know, you really wouldn't look.Hostess: All right,Barbara Lippert from ADWEEK ,thanks ,as always.200807/44606

  Scholar Says Changing China Has New Respect for Confucius西方学者:变化中的中国重新尊孔 The Olympic games are drawing attention to China, which is undergoing sweeping changes as it modernizes. Yet some in China look to the past for inspiration, to the ideas of social harmony of the philosopher Confucius. Political scholar Daniel Bell, author of a book called "China's New Confucianism," who says the thought of the ancient Chinese sage is being revived. 北京奥林匹克运动会吸引了全球目光注视急速现代化的中国。但是有些中国人现在回头向孔子的学说、即儒家思想来寻找灵感,比如孔子有关社会和谐的理念。“中国的新儒家学说”一书作者、政治学者贝尔表示,孔子这位中国古代大哲学家的思想目前正在中国复兴。For more than 2,000 years, China was guided by the teacher and moral philosopher Confucius. For 600 years, this Confucian temple and university complex in Beijing was at the heart of a national system that trained the scholar-officials who ran imperial China.  在过去两千多年的时间里,中国一直遵循古代大哲学家孔夫子的学说的指导。有六百年之久,在北京的孔庙和众多的大学,曾经是专门训练统治中华帝国的科举制度产生的官员的系统的中心。Twentieth century communist revolutionaries rejected Confucianism as a part of China's oppressive feudal past. But Chinese and Western scholars say the ancient sage is being rehabilitated.  但是中国和西方学者表示,这位古代大哲学家的思想现在又再次被奉为神圣。Daniel Bell teaches political philosophy at Beijing's Tsinghua University. 贝尔在北京清华大学教授政治哲学。"Throughout most of the 20th century, China felt itself weak and vulnerable and they blamed their own traditions for their problems, and they looked to the West, whether it was Marxism or liberalism for inspiration," he said.  “20世纪大部分时间里,中国自认衰弱的原因是自己的传统所造成的,因此向西方取经,学习马克思主义或自由主义。”"They sill look to the West to a certain extent, but more and more now they're looking at their own traditions," he added. “现在,在某种程度上中国人仍然崇尚西方,但是越来越多人在开始重新推崇自己的传统。”Confucius taught that society should be based on well-defined relationships, observance of ritual, personal rules of conduct, virtues like loyalty, and on learning, accomplishment and merit. Bell says that for the ancient sage, social life begins with relationships in the family. 孔夫子教导说,社会的基础应该是经过细致规范的人际关系,应该人人遵守礼仪,个人行为规范。坚守忠诚、好学、以勤奋谋取功名等美德。贝尔说,按照这位古代大哲人的说法,社会生活应该起自家庭关系。"And you're supposed to learn about morality through the family," he said. "And then you extend morality outside non-family members, first to the nation and then it reaches eventually to the whole world." “你应该从家庭学习道德。然后再扩大到社会。即所谓的齐家、治国、平天下。”Bell says China's early communist leaders rejected Confucianism and turned to a rival ancient system known as Legalism, which elevates the government and embraces force as a means of control. They were not the first to do that. Qin Shi Huang, the emperor who unified China, rejected Confucian learning more than 2,000 years ago, executing Confucian scholars and burning their writings. But Confucianism revived, with its softer approach to power. Bell says that like the first emperor, the early communists struggled to consolidate their power. 统一中国的秦始皇在两千年前就摒弃过儒家学说,甚至还焚书坑儒。但是儒家思想因其推崇以柔克刚的权力手段得以复兴。"But once the country becomes stronger, less vulnerable to foreign bullying and more self-confident, then I think the Confucian ways of soft power can begin to reassert themselves, just as they did 2,000 years ago," he said. "I think we have a similar development now, where there won't be this very harsh kind of authoritarian way of governing, which owes much more to Legalism than to Confucianism." “但是一旦国家开始强大,不再受外国欺负,变得更加自信,我认为孔子的仁政思想便开始再度受到重视,就好像在两千年前一样。我认为我们现在处于类似的发展状况,不需要用那种类似法家思想的非常严酷的集权统治方式,而改取儒家思想。”Bell sees renewed interest in Confucius at all levels of Chinese society, among government leaders and ordinary people.  贝尔看到,在中国社会的各个阶层,从政府领导人到普通百姓,人们再度对孔子表现出兴趣。A 2006 book by Chinese Confucian scholar Yu Dan sold 10 million copies, and Bell says students are flocking to classes on the subject at Tsinghua university. 中国儒学学者于丹2006年撰写的一本书卖出了1千万册。贝尔说,清华大学的学生在争相选修这方面的课程。Some Chinese commentators have criticized this focus on the past, known as "national studies fever." But Bell says parts of the tradition mesh well with the modern Chinese goal of building a harmonious society.  一些中国人士批评了这种专注过去的所谓“国学热。”但是贝尔认为,一些传统的东西可以和现代中国构建和谐社会的目标较好地结合起来。He says the Beijing Olympics are inspired by Confucian ideals of friendship and harmony, and notes that the opening ceremony ed Confucian sayings. He cites another Confucian theme not included in the program, the observation that harmony does not demand conformity. Bell would like to hear more about that part of the tradition.  他说,北京奥运会就受到孔子关于友谊和和谐理想的启发。他提到开幕式所引用的孔子名言。他说,开幕式没有体现出孔子学说的另一个主题,就是和而不同的思想。贝尔希望听到更多对这方面传统思想的谈论。Still, he is encouraged by China's rediscovery of its past, which he says will serve the country well as it shapes new institutions for its future. 不过,他还是对中国重新推崇历史理念感到鼓舞。他说,这对中国未来建立新制度将是有益的。200808/46147

  African Athletes Win 40 Olympic Medals非洲运动员在北京奥运获傲人成绩  African runners swept the Men's Marathon race Sunday on the last day of the 29th Olympic Games in China. In all, athletes from more than a dozen African countries won medals in events ranging from running and football to swimming and kayaking. 非洲运动员星期天在北京奥运最后一天夺取了男子马拉松比赛的胜利。纵观奥运赛事,来自非洲十几个国家的运动员在赛跑、足球、游泳以及皮滑艇等项目上都取得了奖牌。Kenya's Samuel Wansiru and Morocco's Jaouad Gharib Sunday broke the 24-year-old Olympic record in the Men's Marathon race while Ethiopia's Tsegay Kebede came in third. 星期天,肯尼亚选手塞缪尔.卡马乌和洛哥选手贾瓦德.加里卜双双打破奥运男子24年不变的马拉松记录,分别夺得这个项目的金牌和银牌, 埃塞俄比亚选手泽盖伊.凯贝德获得铜牌。Kenya was one of the most successful African teams, winning five gold medals and 14 medals in all. Kenya excelled in long distance running events but also took gold and silver in the women's 800 meters. 肯尼亚选手是最成功的非洲团队,赢得了5枚金牌,奖牌总数达到14枚。肯尼亚不仅在长跑项目中表现优异,也在800米赛女子项目中夺得金牌和银牌。The head of the Kenyan Committee in Beijing, David Okeyo, noted that the team performed much better than at the previous Olympics in Athens, Greece and said this was due to its training program for young athletes. 在北京的肯尼亚委员会领队戴维.奥基欧表示,肯尼亚队员的表现比前一次雅典奥运会好很多,他说,这归功于他们对年轻运动员的训练项目。"Our youth program has really increased and it's really helping. It's a very good buildup toward these kinds of Games and the Championships," said Okeyo. “我们的青年项目真的加强了力量,效果显著。这对参与有关运动项目和夺取金牌来说,有很好的推动作用。”Kenya is to host the Africa Championship games in two years in Nairobi. Okeyo says in anticipation, Kenya is working hard on the sprints and field events.  肯尼亚将于两年后在内罗毕主办非洲冠军赛,奥基欧说,预计肯尼亚在短跑和田赛项目上会付出巨大努力。Ethiopia also did well in the long distance races. It won four gold medals, in the men's and the women's 5,000- and 10,000-meters, and bronze in the men's marathon on Sunday. 埃塞俄比亚在长跑项目上也表现出色,在男子和女子5千和1万米赛中赢得了4枚金牌。星期天又获得了男子马拉松铜牌。Nigeria won the silver medal in men's football, or soccer, losing to Argentina one-nil, in a tough match Saturday in Beijing. 尼日利亚在男子足球赛中赢得了银牌,以零比一的比分输给了阿根廷,那是星期六在北京的一场艰苦的比赛。Nigeria team spokesman Tony Nezianya said Nigeria also expected to do better in athletics, especially the relay events. 尼日利亚奥运代表队的发言人托尼.内兹安亚说,尼日利亚也曾期待在竞技项目上取得好成绩,特别是接力项目。"We had expected that we would have performed much, much better than we have done but on the whole we are not totally disappointed," said Nezianya. “我们也曾预期能够获得比目前所得到的成绩好得多的结果,不过总的来说,我们并不完全失望。”He noted that the football team was undefeated until the final game. And he expressed pleasure over Nigeria's bronze medals in the women's long jump and four-by-100-meter relay. 他说,尼日利亚足球队常胜不败,直到最后一战。他对尼日利亚女子跳远和4X100米接力获得银牌的表现感到高兴。Zimbabwe took one gold and three bronze medals in women's swimming, all by Kirsty Coventry in the 100- and 200-meter events. Team leader Thabani Gonye called it a major accomplishment given the small size of the Zimbabwean team. 津巴布韦在女子100米和200米游泳比赛中夺得1枚金牌和3枚铜牌。领队塔巴尼.甘叶说,对该国这么小型的于运动队来说,可以说是显赫的成功了。"We only brought a team of 13 athletes, for swimming, track and field, cycling, rowing and tennis," said Gonye. "So when we look in terms of people that we have brought we feel as a nation we put up a fairly commendable performance." “我们的参赛运动员只有13人,包括游泳、田径、自行车、滑艇以及乒乓球等几个项目。所以从我们 参赛运动员人数上来看,我们感到我们国家的表现还是值得钦佩的。”He added that two younger members placed fourth in the men's long jump and 200-meter race and said he expected further improvements as the younger athletes mature. 他补充说, 跳远和200米跑中两名比较年轻的运动员获得了第4名的成绩。他期待这些年轻人成熟发展以后会有更明显的提高。Other gold medal winners included Cameroon, in the women's triple jump, and Tunisia, in the men's 1500-meter swimming (freestyle) race. 其他金牌获得者包括喀麦隆的女子三级跳和突尼斯男子1500米自由泳。Besides Morocco's second-place finish in the men's marathon, South Africa won a silver medal in the men's long jump. Sudan took silver in the men's 800-meter race. And Algeria took silver in men's Judo. 银牌除了洛哥的男子马拉松,还有南非的男子跳远,苏丹的男子800米跑以及阿尔及利亚的男子柔道项目。Bronze medal-winners included Algeria in women's Judo, Egypt in men's Judo, Morocco in the women's 800-meter race, Mauritius in boxing and Togo in kayaking. 铜牌获得者包括阿尔及利亚女子柔道,埃及男子柔道,洛哥女子800米跑,毛里球斯的拳击和多哥的皮划艇。Kenya's Okeyo, like most of the participants, praised China for its organization of the Games."It's one of the best organized Olympic Games that I have attended in terms of accommodation, in terms of transportation and in terms of hospitality in general. I think they have done a good job. Facilities were first class," added Okeyo.They said Britain's organizing committee will be hard-pressed to equal the Chinese feat at the next Olympic Games in London in four years.200808/46660。

  European Markets Edge Slightly Higher in Nervous, Volatile Trade欧洲市场周二再呈紧张局面  European markets are reacting nervously again as the banking crisis continues to worry many. 随着业危机的加剧,欧洲各地的焦虑情绪与日俱增。星期二,欧洲市场再度出现紧张局面。While financial jitters were felt right across Europe Tuesday, European stocks generally posted moderate gains on hopes that central banks will cut interest rates soon. 星期二,金融震荡持续在欧洲各地发酵。不过,由于市场预计各国央行有望在近期降息,欧洲股市大体上出现小幅上扬。Also improving the mood slightly, a decision by European Union finance ministers to guarantee bank deposits up to ,000. 此外,欧盟财长决定把存款担保提高到6万8千美元的消息也令市场信心略有改善。But for the second day in a row, banking stocks in particular faced a rough ride. 不过,在欧洲股市上,金融股连续第二天遭遇困境。In Britain, the Royal Bank of Scotland shed around 40 percent of its value at one stage. At issue were questions over the institution's liquidity and solvency. 在英国,苏格兰皇家股票一度下跌40%,主要由于该的流动性和偿付能力受到质疑。Britain is typical of European countries facing a tough financial storm. Mark Saunders, the chief U.K. economist at Citigroup says the effects of the problem will take time to resolve and it will require a multiple approach. 英国是欧洲国家遭遇金融风暴的典型。花旗集团首席英国经济师马克.桑德斯说,消除这一波金融危机的影响需要时间,同时也需要从多方面着手。"Getting out of this is going to be a mix of pain in the financial sector but also a lot of pain in the real economy," he said. "That is why the measures to get us out, it is not just any one single thing. It a mix of public sector recapitalization of the banks, emergency liquidity support for the banks and lower interest rates for the economy." 他说:“摆脱这轮危机不仅对于金融行业来说意味着很多痛苦,对于实体经济来说也是如此。所以,解决的办法不能是单一的,而一定是公共部门为注资,向提供紧急流动性持,以及降低利率等多种措施的组合。”In Iceland, the board of directors of Landsbanki, the country's second largest bank, has been dismissed and the institution placed into receivership. The country is also negotiating a .4 billion loan from Russia to shore up the nation's finances as it faces a severe financial crisis. 冰岛第二大LANDSBANKI的董事会已经被解散,该已经被政府接管。同时,为了应对危机,冰岛正在和俄罗斯谈判,希望从那里获得一笔54亿美元的贷款。John Danielson from the London School of Economics says the country is facing the toughest financial strains seen in generations. 伦敦经济学院的约翰.丹尼尔森说,冰岛现在经历的是过去几十年来最严重的金融危机。"Iceland is clearly facing the worst depression since the Great Depression and things are absolutely catastrophic in Iceland," he said. "With the failures due partly on the banking system, it more due to the fact that consumers and companies borrowed in foreign currencies to finance car loans and houses. When the currency drops 50 percent, people are finding themselves 50, 60, 70 percent in negative equity."  他说:“很明显,冰岛经历的是自从大萧条以来最严重的经济困境。冰岛的情形是灾难性的。这个失败一部分是由于系统,更大的原因是消费者和企业用外币贷款来为购买汽车和住房融资。当冰岛克郎贬值50%的时候,人们发现自己陷入了百分之50、60、甚至是70的负资产。”Elsewhere, Russia announced an aid package for its own banks amounting to .4 billion of new credit. The move has come after Russian stocks suffered their worst pounding ever in trading on Monday. 在其它国家方面,俄罗斯宣布对本国提供364亿美元的新贷款。这个决定出台之前,俄罗斯股市星期一遭受了有史以来最大幅度的下跌。200810/52188

  International Court Seeks Indictment of Sudanese President国际刑事法庭寻求起诉苏丹总统  The prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo has asked for an arrest warrant for Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, accusing him of masterminding genocide and war crimes in Sudan's Darfur region. A three-judge panel is expected to take weeks or months to decide whether a warrant of arrest can be issued. 国际刑事法院检察官奥坎波向苏丹总统巴希尔发出逮捕令,指控他策划了在苏丹达尔富尔地区犯下的种族灭绝和战争罪行。一个由三名法官组成的审判小组预计将用几个星期或者几个月的时间来决定是否要发出逮捕令。Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo made the announcement at a press conference at the International Criminal Court headquarters in The Hague. 检察官奥坎波在海牙国际刑事法院总部的一个记者会上宣布这个决定。"I just submitted an application requesting to the pre-trial chamber Number-three to issue an arrest warrant against Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes," he said. 他说:“我刚刚提出申请,要求第三预审法庭以种族灭绝、反人类罪和战争罪行,向巴希尔发出逮捕令。”But Moreno-Ocampo stressed he was not indicting President Bashir. 但是奥坎波强调,他并不是在起诉巴希尔总统。"I like to be very clear on this; I am requesting a decision to the judges, they can agree with my application, they can dismiss my application they can do something different, they can request more evidence," he said. "So, the judges have the power now to decide." 他说:“我想清楚地说明,我要求法官做出裁决,他们可以同意我的申请,他们可以驳回我的申请,他们可以做出其它决定,他们可以要求补充据。所以说,现在有权做出决定的是这些法官们。”The prosecutor also said if indicted Mr. Bashir could face three counts of genocide, and charges of causing serious mental harm, and deliberately inflicting conditions calculated to bring about physical destruction. He added the president could also face five counts of crimes against humanity, including murder, extermination, forcible transfer of the population, torture and rape.  检察官奥坎波还表示,一旦巴希尔受到指控,他将面临三项种族灭绝罪,以及造成严重精神伤害、蓄意实施酷刑造成肢体损毁等指控。他还说,巴希尔可能还面临另外五项反人类罪的指控,包括谋杀、灭绝、强迫人口迁徙、酷刑和强奸。Should the judges decide to issue a warrant for Mr. Bashir's arrest, he would become the first serving head of state to be indicted by the ICC.  如果法官决定向巴希尔发出逮捕令,巴希尔总统将会成为第一个被国际刑事法院指控的在任国家首脑。Sudan does not recognize the ICC and has steadfastly refused to hand over two other suspects charged by the court, Humanitarian Affairs Minister Ahmad Harun and Janjaweed militia leader Ali Kushayb.  苏丹并不承认国际刑事法院,并坚持拒不交出两个被国际刑事法院指控的嫌犯,他们是人道主义事务部长艾哈迈德-哈伦和金戈威德民兵领导人阿里-库沙布。The decision to pursue the case against President al-Bashir has been met with hostility by the Sudanese who say it will jeopardize peace talks between the government and Darfur rebels.  苏丹反对国际刑事法院决定准备要立案起诉巴希尔总统。苏丹说,这将危及政府和达尔富尔反政府武装之间的和平谈判。Khalid al Mubabrak, the Sudanese Embassy spokesman in London, dismissed the charges against his president as false. He underscored the fact the ICC has no jurisdiction over Sudan. 苏丹驻伦敦大使馆发言人穆巴拉克驳斥对苏丹总统的指控,说这些指控是不实之罪。他强调,国际刑事法院对苏丹没有管辖权。"Just like the ed States of America we have not ratified the Statute of Rome, which created the ICC," said Mubarak. "Sudan has got its own judicial system it is quite efficient it has aly looked into matters about Darfur, indicted some people, set some people free imprisoned some people." 穆巴拉克说:“就像美国一样,我们还没有批准建立国际刑事法院的《罗马规约》。苏丹有自己的司法系统,而且这套系统相当有效率,已经对达尔富尔的一些问题展开调查,起诉了一些人,将一些人从监狱释放,关押了一些人。”Mubarak added the prosecutor's action could actually prolong the Darfur crisis as it might encourage Darfur rebels to step up their insurgency.  穆巴拉克还表示,检察官奥坎波的举动事实上会延长达尔富尔的危机,因为这可能会鼓励达尔富尔的反政府武装加剧他们的反叛活动。Attacks on government installations by Darfur rebels in 2003 set off the crisis. The Sudanese government allegedly responded by arming militias that forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands of people.  达尔富尔反政府武装2003年对政府设施的袭击引发了达尔富尔危机。据称苏丹政府作出回应,动用武装民兵,强迫把成千上万的人赶出他们的家园。The ed Nations estimates that 300,000 people have died as a result of the conflict. More than two million are said to be displaced, the majority of them living in camps in Darfur. 联合国估计,这场冲突造成30万人死亡,据称有200多万人无家可归,其中大部分无家可归的人生活在达尔富尔的难民营里。200807/44083


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