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惠州友好医院治疗龟头炎多少钱惠州泌尿科医院惠州地区医院有泌尿科吗 Turkey’s cultural ambitions土耳其的文化雄心Of marbles and men大理石和人Turkey gets tough with foreign museums and launches a new culture war土耳其对外国物馆采取强硬态度,并发动一场新的文化战争IN THE spring of 1887 a Lebanese villager named Mohammed Sherif discovered a well near Sidon that led to two underground chambers. These turned out to be a royal tomb containing 18 magnificent marble sarcophagi dating back to the fifth century . The Ottoman sultan, Abdul Hamid II, ordered the sarcophagi exhumed, placed on rails and carried down to the Mediterranean coast, where they were sent by ship to Istanbul. The largest sarcophagus was believed to contain the remains of Alexander the Great. The coffin is not Turkish and Sidon is now in Lebanon, but the sarcophagus is regarded as Istanbul’s grandest treasure, as important to the archaeology museum there as the “Mona Lisa” is to the Louvre.1887年春,一个名叫穆罕默德·谢里夫的黎巴嫩村民在西顿附近发现一口通向两个地下室的井。这是一座建造于公元前五世纪的皇家墓室,里面有18尊雕刻精美庄严肃穆的大理石棺。奥斯曼帝国苏丹阿卜杜勒?哈米德二世下令发掘这些文物,它们被装上火车运到地中海沿岸,在那里这些石棺被装船运到伊斯坦布尔。人们相信最大的石棺里安放着亚历山大大帝的遗体。这些棺材不是土耳其的,而且西顿现在属于黎巴嫩,但是这些大理石棺被看做伊斯坦布尔最伟大的宝藏。考古物馆对它们的重视,丝毫不亚于卢浮宫看重“蒙娜丽莎”。The mildly Islamist government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, led by the Justice and Development (AK) party, likes to think of itself as the heir of the Ottoman sultans. The Turkish authorities have recently launched a wave of cultural expansionism, building new museums, repairing Ottoman remains, licensing fresh archaeological excavations and spending more on the arts. A grand museum in the capital, Ankara, is due to open in time for the centenary of the Turkish republic in 2023. “It will be the biggest museum in Turkey, one of the largest in Europe; an encyclopedic museum like the Metropolitan or the British Museum (BM),” boasts an aide to Ertugrul Gunay, the culture and tourism minister. “It’s his baby, his most precious project.”伊斯兰正义发展党领导的温和伊斯兰政府(总理雷杰普?塔伊普?埃尔多安)喜欢以奥斯曼帝国苏丹的继承人自居。最近土耳其当局掀起一波文化扩张的浪潮,建造新的物馆,修复奥斯曼时代的遗迹,准许新的考古发掘,在艺术方面加大投入。2023年首都安卡拉的一座雄伟的物馆会向土耳其公众开放。“它会是土耳其最大的物馆,是欧洲最大的物馆之一,是类似于大都会艺术物馆或大英物馆的百科全书式的物馆”文化旅游部部长图鲁尔?居纳伊的助手豪情满怀地说道,“这是他的孩子,是他最看重的工程。”Turkey’s cultural plans at home are coupled with an unprecedentedly bold campaign to bring back treasures that it believes were stolen, which now sit in Western museums. These plans enjoy political support across the spectrum and the backing of all Turkey’s museum directors. The campaign targets many more objects and museums than the government has so far let on. “We are not waging a battle,” says Mr Gunay. “But this is definitely a struggle in the field of culture. And we are determined to boost our efforts in a more determined and more persistent way.”土耳其国内的文化布局伴随着一场空前激烈的战斗,目的是要收回他们认为以前被盗走现在收藏于西方物馆的珍品。这个计划得到了各阶层的政治持并受到土耳其各个物馆馆长的力挺。这场活动瞄准的文物和物馆比迄今为止政府宣称的还要多。居纳伊说:“我们不是在发动战争,然而这的确是文化领域的斗争。我们将义无反顾,我们的努力将会更坚定,更持久。”The Turkish authorities are using a mix of entreaty and threats to ensure they get what they want. They are refusing to lend treasures abroad, dragging their feet on licensing foreign archaeological digs and launching public campaigns they hope will shame Western museums.土耳其当局用恳求和威胁的手段确保得到他们想要的东西。他们现在拒绝把文物借给外国,拖延颁发外国考古发掘的许可,而且挑起了旨在让西方物馆羞愧的公众运动。201205/184826But its not completely finished. Paul and his team need Luis advice on a couple of issues.但是这还没有完全结束。保罗和他的团队需要路易斯在几个问题上的建议。There are several unknowns. And a complete tail has never been found.有些事是未知的。还有一条完整的尾巴没有找到。So on the older drawings that we have, theres maybe 53 tailbones but the newer thinking is that there is close to 43. Paleontology, most of it is soft science.在我们有的那些旧图上,有53个尾巴骨头,但是新的想法是只有43个左右的骨头。古生物学,大部分是软科学。So these theories change with new evidence that is found. 也就是说,随着新的据发现,这些理论会随着改变。One of the big questions about T-rex is what its surprisingly short arms were used for.有关Trex的一个重要问题是他那超级短的手臂是干嘛用的。They might have been used to hold on to prey or to push the body up from a sitting position. No one knows.它们可能会短手臂抓住猎物或者撑身体改变坐姿。没有人知道。And thats partly because each arm is anchored to the body by the shoulder blade or scapular.部分原因是每一个手臂固定在身体的肩胛骨或者肩胛那儿。And there is no easy way of telling exactly where that set.想要知道手臂的确切位置不是一件容易的事。With the scapular Ive seen, theyve gone up closer to the vertebra in the back bone.我看到的肩胛,向上接近脊柱上的脊椎部位。Ive also seen where they were lowered almost to where belly is.我还能看见向下接近腹部。There is a part of the front end of the scapular, the coccyx, and some people think they go together this much and some people think they go together this much.有一部分肩胛,尾椎的前端,有人认为手臂是和前者连在一起,有人认为是和后者连在一起。But that all has to do with how they, how everything hangs in the front end of this, and also how the hands were used. 但是这些都与它们,还有其他所有东西是如何连在一起的有关系,以及怎么用手。Those arms were just about the same size as we human arm. 这些手臂的大小和人类的接近。The difficulty in placing the scapular on Tomas is compounded by the fact that the bones were distorted over the millions of years that they spent buried underground.把肩胛安置在Tomas上,有一定的难度,并且由于骨头被埋在地下数百万年,早已变形,想要还原肩胛骨就更难了。They were flattened. And they dont really have the curvature that they must have had when the animal was alive before.它们被夷为平地。当恐龙还活着的时候,它的身体有些地方并不一定是弯曲的。It is really difficult to fit them on the sides of the ribcage. I guess thats the nature of the beast.恐龙两边胸腔的骨头也很难还原。我想这也许是野兽的本性。We are gonna have to find a compromise and well live with it.我们必须找到中和的方案,然后适应它。Back in L.A., there are two months to go before the exhibition opens. The 3 T-rexes are now installed.回到洛杉矶,离展览会很有两个月的时间。3个宝贝龙的骨架已经安装好了。201301/221300惠东县妇幼保健人民中医院阳痿早泄价格

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淡水医院收费标准Business.商业。Formula One.一级方程式赛车。Flagged down.落马。Can Formula One succeed without Bernie Ecclestone?没有了伯尼#8226;埃克莱斯顿,F1能否继续传奇?BERNIE ECCLESTONE, the boss of the Formula One Group, rarely sticks around for the finish of a Grand Prix. This is meant to show what a serious businessman he is. Still, eyebrows lifted when he didnt turn up at all to last weekends race at Hockenheim in Germany. An ongoing court case in Germany over a payment of m from Mr Ecclestone to a banker who was involved in the sale of Formula One to CVC Capital, a private-equity firm, in 2005 has put his future at the top of the sport in doubt. German media reported that, had Mr Ecclestone gone to Germany, he might have run into trouble.F1的掌门人伯尼#8226;埃克莱斯顿很少会在国际汽车大奖赛结束后逗留。这意在显示他是一个谨慎的商人。然而公众的对他上周一直没有出现在德国霍根海姆大奖赛一事依旧表示惊讶。在2005年,参与CVC资产合作伙伴公司(一家私募股权公司)收购F1股份的高管承认收到了埃克莱斯顿4千4百万“好处费”,这件正在审理的案子让伯尼在此项运动上掌门地位受到质疑。德国媒体报道称,如果埃克莱斯顿去了德国,他将陷入困境。For CVC Capital, the uncertainty over Mr Ecclestone, who is 81, is becoming a problem. CVC took a huge risk in buying into the sport, at a time when several teams were threatening to break away and form a new outfit, in the hope of extracting a larger share of profits. The breakaway never happened and CVC profited handsomely.对于CVC资产合作伙伴公司来说,81岁埃克莱斯顿的不可靠将成为最大的问题。CVC为收购F1管理公司承担了巨大的风险,因为为在当时有数车队为了争取更大的利润分成,威胁退出F1另组建新赛事。车队退赛没有发生,CVC也赚得漂亮的一手。CVC had hoped to reduce its stake with an initial public offering (IPO) of Formula One on the Singapore stock exchange. However, in May it sold a total of 21% of the sport, for .6 billion, to three institutional investors: Waddell amp; Reid and BlackRock, both American asset managers, and Norges Bank Investment Management, Norways state money manager. Combined with cash from the business, the sale gave CVC a tasty 300% return on its original investment-though an IPO could have earned it more. In June CVC postponed the proposed IPO, blaming market conditions.CVC本打算通过在新加坡券交易所为F1首次公开募股的方式减持股份。但是在五月,CVC将16亿美元即总资产的21%卖给了三个团体投资人:同为资产管理者的Waddell amp; Reid和黑石,还有挪威投资管理——挪威的国家资金管理者。尽管公开募股会赚的更多,结合从营销中获得的现金,出售给团体投资人还是带给了CVC为原有投资300%的高额回报。在6月,CVC归咎于市场行情,推迟了原有计划的公开募股。Private-equity firms do not often have to deal with chaps like Mr Ecclestone, who has dominated the sport for decades. In CVC had to join an apology made by Mr Ecclestone for seeming to praise Adolf Hitler. Also that year Sir Martin Sorrell, the boss of WPP, an advertising giant, who sits on the Formula One Groups board, protested when Mr Ecclestone complained that a life ban from Formula One given to Flavio Briatore, Renaults team chief, for ordering a driver to crash, was excessive (The ban was overturned in 2010).私募股权公司不需要经常与像埃克莱斯顿这样献身于F1数十载的老伙计进行交易。在年CVC不得不参与到埃克莱斯顿关于自己表扬希特勒的言论的道歉中。在同一年中,WPP,这个广告业巨头的总裁、F1董事会成员之一苏铭天爵士,对埃克莱斯顿的抱怨表示反对,因为埃克莱斯顿认为认为对于雷诺车队队长弗拉维奥?布里亚托利操纵车手故意撞车被终生禁止参与F1任何赛车事务的处置太过分了(这项禁令于2010年废除)。Now CVC is waiting to see whether Mr Ecclestone will be charged in connection with the case involving the German banker, Gerhard Gribkowsky. On June 27th Mr Gribkowsky was found guilty in Munich of receiving corrupt payments, and given a prison sentence, which he is now appealing. According to people close to the sport, if the German authorities charge Mr Ecclestone with a non-trivial offence in relation to the payment to Mr Gribkowsky, (which he has admitted making, though he says he was being blackmailed), he will be permanently removed as chief executive of Formula One Group.现在CVC正在作壁上观,看埃克莱斯顿是否因与德国家Gerhard Gribkowsky 受贿案关联而被控诉。7月27日,Gribkowsky被查出于慕尼黑受贿,已被判入狱,但他现在正在申诉。根据体育圈的人说,如果德国当局对埃克莱斯顿给Gerhard Gribkowsky行贿一事判他严重犯罪(行贿一事埃克莱斯顿已经承认),就算他声称自己是被勒索,他也将永久被剥夺F1首席执行官的职位。CVCs managing partner, Donald Mackenzie, is said to be worried about how his possible departure might affect the business. The Formula One Group depends on reaching agreement with a dozen racing teams and the Federation Internationale de lAutomobile, which regulates racing. In the past Mr Ecclestone has handled the teams brilliantly, using divide-and-rule tactics to prevent any serious rebellion and to keep a large share of revenues for his firm. He maintains close relations with circuit owners and governments, which together make up the sports largest source of revenue, in the form of hosting fees. It is not obvious who inside the business could succeed him; Mr Ecclestone reportedly jokes that a number two could send faxes and bring coffee, but nothing else.CVC的合伙人之一麦肯齐,据说他很担心埃克莱斯顿可能的离开对商业带来的影响。F1的正常运转离不开12参赛车队的合作以及负责管理赛车项目的国际汽车联合会的持。在过去的日子里,埃克莱斯顿运筹帷幄,运用分而治之的策略杜绝任何违规行为并为自己的公司保持巨大的收益。赛道所有者和政府以主办的形式为整个赛事的收益投入巨资,埃克莱斯顿则与这些人保持着紧密的联系。目前在赛车圈内尚未发现合适继任者;埃克莱斯顿据报道有过这样的玩笑话:二把手可以发传真可以买咖啡,但是除了这些也没什么别的能耐了。Bernies blinkers 伯尼的马失前蹄Mr Ecclestone is a skilled dealmaker; but he has missed out on two areas of opportunity for the sport. The first of these is the internet. Formula One has barely begun to develop its business online. Licensing Formula One brands and content to -games firms could generate pots of money, as could online betting.埃克莱斯顿是个经验丰富的交易商,但他在这项运动的两个方面错失良机。第一个是网络;F1基本没有开发其商业网络,向公司出售F1品牌商标和赛事相关内容的使用权可以带来大量的金钱收入,媲美网上。Second, Formula One has failed to establish itself in America, despite corporate sponsors need for exposure in the worlds biggest market. Partly because of the steep fees that Mr Ecclestone charges to host a Grand Prix, circuits often end up losing money and stop hosting the event; there has been no American race for the past five years. That will soon change, with Austin, Texas, hosting a race in November and plans for a Grand Prix in New Jersey in June 2013. Red Bull, a team owned by an Austrian energy-drinks firm, is said to be looking at launching a new “Stars and Stripes” Formula One team with American drivers. Local drivers boost audiences.第二则是尽管赞助商需要在这个世界最大的市场中露面,F1还是没有进军美国。一部分是由于埃克莱斯顿所需举办大奖赛的经费逐年攀升,赛道所有者往往赔本最终停止举办比赛——美国已经在过去的五年没有举办了。这即将发生改变,德州的奥斯汀市将在11月举办比赛并计划将于2013年6月在新泽西举办大奖赛。由澳大利亚功能饮料公司所有的车队红牛,据说将成为一个由美籍车手参与的新“星条旗”车队,本地的车手则会增加观众的数量。Although losing Mr Ecclestone may not be as big a car crash as some fear, there are other risks for the company that sits atop the sport. The biggest is that the teams will demand more money. Without them, after all, there is no show, and they are the sports biggest cost. Over time, the racers have claimed an ever larger slice of the cake. In 2003 the teams collectively commanded an estimated 27% of the profits that Formula One derived from its three main businesses (hosting fees from governments, selling television rights, and advertising and sponsorship). In a new deal that lasts until 2020, now signed by nearly all of the teams, they will get 63%.尽管失去了埃克莱斯顿可能不会像撞车那么让人害怕,然而其他的风险对于该公司来说则比比赛本身更重要。最大的问题就是车队会索取更多的利润分成。毕竟没有这些车队,那就没有比赛可言,但他们是整个赛事中花费最大的。随着时间的推移,参赛者要求分到的蛋糕越来越大块。2003年,车队总共要求的经费大约占F1从三大主要商业项目(政府的主办费,电视直播的版权和赞助商的广告费)收益的27%。在一项持续至2020年,现在所有车队几乎都签署了的新交易中,他们将分到收益的63%。And some people wonder if Formula One can carry on charging governments so much to host races. By expanding outside traditional markets in Europe, Formula One has been able to keep raising its fees; non-European governments such as Singapores or Indias pay two-fifths more on average to host Grands Prix than traditional markets. For now, demand from governments comfortably exceeds the number of racing slots available. Mr Ecclestone has no shortage of calls from countries such as C?te dIvoire and Bulgaria seeking the prestige of hosting a race. Soon, however, they may be calling someone else.有些人怀疑F1还能否继续像现在这样向政府收取大量承办费用。通过跳出欧洲传统市场进行扩张,F1已经可以持续不断地募集经费;非欧洲国家政府例如新加坡和印度,相比传统市场平均付了举办大奖赛费用的五分之二。目前,政府的需求远大于已有可用于比赛的赛道数量。埃克莱斯顿呼吁像科特迪瓦和保加利亚这样,试图通过举办比赛增加威望的国家毫无压力。不过不久之后,这些国家可能要联系其他人了。 201208/193355 惠州友好医院网友评论惠州友好医院男士外科



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