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惠阳秋南医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱惠州博罗县治疗膀胱炎多少钱惠州哪家医院看皮肤好 EU leaders took the first step towards extending their sweeping economic sanctions against Russia on Thursday night, agreeing that the measures would be maintained unless last month’s ceasefire agreement reached in Minsk was implemented in full by Moscow.周四晚,欧盟(EU)领导人迈出了延长对俄全面经济制裁的第一步。他们达成共识,除非俄罗斯完全履行上月在明斯克达成的停火协议,将把对俄制裁延续下去。The communiqué, agreed on the first day of a two-day summit in Brussels, fell short of hopes from some hardline countries and the summit’s host, European Council president Donald Tusk for an immediate renewal of the sanctions, which are due to expire in July.此次欧盟峰会在布鲁塞尔举行,为期两天。第一天达成的会议公报,没有满足一些立场强硬国家和欧洲理事European Council)主席唐纳#8226;图斯Donald Tusk)的希望,立即延长原定今年7月到期的制裁。But by tying the measures to the Minsk agreement, which among other things requires Russia to secure its border with Ukraine and hand over its control to Ukrainian authorities, officials believe extension is now assured since the Kremlin is not expected to live up to the agreement’s terms.但是,把制裁跟明斯克协议捆绑在一起后,欧盟官员们可以认为延长制裁可以确定的了,因为预计俄罗斯不会履行该协议的条款。明斯克协议内容包括,要求俄罗斯确保俄乌边境的安全,并将控制权移交给乌克兰当局。“Our common intention is also very, very clear,said Mr Tusk at a post-summit press conference. “We have to maintain our sanctions until the Minsk agreement is fully implemented.”“我们的共同意图是非常明确的,”图斯克在峰会后的一场记者招待会上说,“我们必须维持制裁,直到俄罗斯完全履行明斯克协议为止。”The communiqué notes the Minsk agreement is not expected to be completed until December, sending a signal that the extension, once it is agreed, would be for six months rather than the full year of the original sanctions regime.会议公报指出,明斯克协议将于今年12月到期,这对外发出一个信号:一旦各方同意延长制裁,延长期限将为6个月,而不是最初制裁安排的一整年。The EU sanctions agreed in July include an arms embargo against Russia as well as a ban on selling the Kremlin sophisticated oil-drilling equipment, a measure aimed at degrading the ability of Russia’s energy sector to expand. Most importantly, it bars Russia’s largest banks from raising money on European financial markets.去年7月达成的欧盟制裁包括,对俄武器禁运,以及禁止对俄出售先进的石油钻探设备,以期削弱俄能源业的扩张能力。最重要的是,它将禁止俄罗斯的大在欧洲金融市场上融资。来 /201503/365916Sri Lanka’s controversial investment ties with China are set to continue amid a broader push to attract foreign capital if the country’s current government prevails in Monday’s parliamentary election, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe says.斯里兰卡总理拉尼尔维克勒马辛Ranil Wickremesinghe)表示,如果斯里兰卡现政府在周一的议会选举中获胜,将展开更大的努力吸引外资,斯里兰卡与中国之间备受争议的投资关系将延续下去。The island nation’s reliance on infrastructure funding from Beijing has caused alarm in both India and the west, where it is viewed as a sign of creeping Chinese influence throughout south Asia.这个岛国对中方基建资金的依赖,已引起印度和西方国家的警觉。在印度和西方看来,这种现象表明中国在悄悄扩大对整个南亚的影响力。But Mr Wickramasinghe, a leader viewed as pro-western by most analysts, told the Financial Times that his centre-right ed National party would continue to seek Chinese funds if it retained power.但被多数分析人士视为亲西方领导人的维克勒马辛哈向英国《金融时报》表示,如果他所在的中右翼统一国民ed National)能够继续掌权,该党将继续寻求获得中国的资金。“We have told the Chinese, the Japanese and everyone else that all loans must be on competitive terms,he said. “But if there are other [new] investment projects...琠栀攀 Chinese or anyone else are free to come in, on terms set down by us.”他说:“我们已告诉中国人、日本人及其他所有人,一切贷款都须建立在竞争性条件基础上。不过,如果有其他(新的)投资项目……中国人或其他所有人都可按照我们定下的条件来投资。”Sri Lanka heads to the polls on Monday in a closely fought contest pitting Mr Wickramasinghe and his coalition ally President Matripala Sirisena against Mahinda Rajapaksa, the country’s former president and architect of its closer ties with China. The results are expected on Tuesday.周一,斯里兰卡将举行选举。这是一场势均力敌的较量,其中一方是维克勒马辛哈及其联合政府的盟友、斯里兰卡总统迈特里帕拉缠里塞Maithripala Sirisena),另一方是斯里兰卡前总统马欣达拉贾帕克萨(Mahinda Rajapaksa)。拉贾帕克萨也是斯中更密切关系的构建者。大选的结果预计将于周二公布。A number of large Chinese-backed projects remain either half-finished or on hold, after a spate of reviews and anti-corruption investigations following Mr Rajapaksa’s defeat in presidential elections in January.目前,斯里兰卡多个由中国投资的大型项目依然处于半完工或停工状态。今月拉贾帕克萨在总统选举中失败后,这些项目曾遭遇一系列审核和反腐调查。In particular, work on the .4bn Colombo Port City property development a Dubai-style island being built on reclaimed land off the coast of the capital has been suspended since March.特别值得一提的是,月以来,价4亿美元的科伦坡港口城(Colombo Port City)地产开发项目一直处于停工状态。该项目位于斯里兰卡首都科伦坡海岸附近,是一个迪拜风格的填海造出的岛屿。Mr Wickramasinghe said the project was now “dependenton an environmental review but he also noted that he had backed a similar scheme during his previous term as prime minister between 2001 and 2004.维克勒马辛哈表示,该项目的命运现在“取决于”环评结果。但他也指出,他上次001年至2004年担任总理时,曾持过类似的计划。Two other senior government officials told the FT they did not expect the Port City to be scrapped. “It will go ahead in some form,one said.另两位政府高官告诉英囀?金融时报》,他们预计港口城项目不会被取消。其中一名官员表示:“该项目会以某种方式向前推进。”Big new Chinese-backed projects could include a large dockyard in the island’s south as well as elements of Mr Wickramasinghe’s plan to turn Colombo and its surrounding region into a “megapolis中国投资的新大型项目,可能包括斯里兰卡南部的一个大型船厂,以及维克勒马辛哈“大都市”计划涵盖的项目。维克勒马辛哈打算将科伦坡及其周边地区打造成一个“大都市”。The megapolis scheme includes a raft of urban transit, property and logistics projects, all areas in which Chinese state companies have successfully won contracts in other Asian countries.“大都市”计划包含一系列城市交通、房地产及物流项目——在所有这些领域,中国国企都曾在亚洲其他国家成功赢得过合同。If, as many analysts expect, he returns as prime minister following Mondays poll, Mr Wickramasinghe said he would strike trade agreements with China and India as part of attempts to persuade global companies to establish new export-focused facilities in the country to target Asia’s two largest emerging markets.维克勒马辛哈表示,如果他(像许多分析师预期的那样)在周一大选后得以连任总理,他将与中国和印度达成贸易协议。维克勒马辛哈试图借助这些贸易协议来说全球企业在斯里兰卡建立新的出口导向型工厂,面向亚洲这两个最大的新兴市场出口。来 /201508/393754惠州全身体检

广东惠州治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好Russia concluded Tuesday that a bomb brought down one of its passenger jets over the Sinai Peninsula last month, with President Vladimir Putin vowing vengeance against those who carried out the attack.俄罗斯周二得出结论,上个月在西奈半岛坠毁的一架俄罗斯客机是被一枚炸弹炸毁的。总统普京誓言要对制造这场袭击的凶手复仇;We will search for them anywhere they might hide,; Putin said. ;We will find them in any part of the world and punish them.;普京说:“我们会在任何他们可能藏匿的地方去寻找。不论在世界任何角落,我们会找到他们,惩罚他们。”The Russian leader did not specifically blame the Islamic State for downing the Metrojet A-321 aircraft, killing all 224 aboard, but within hours launched an aerial bombardment on Raqqa, the Islamic States self-described capital in northern Syria.坠毁的美捷包机为空客A-321飞机,机24人全部遇难。普京并没有指明是“伊斯兰国”制造了这场空难,但是几个小时候后,他对叙利亚北部由伊斯兰国自封的首都拉卡市发动了空袭。France also bombed Raqqa in response to last weeks deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, with the Islamic State taking credit for both the destruction of the Russian jet and the carnage in the French capital that has shocked the world.法国在上周发生巴黎的致命恐怖袭击后,对拉卡进行了空袭。伊斯兰国宣称对俄罗斯客机坠毁事件和发生在法国首郀?令全世界震惊的屠杀负责。The Kremlin said Putin and French President Francois Hollande agreed in a telephone call to ;ensure closer contact and coordination; in their attacks on Islamic State targets. Putin ordered the Russian navy in the eastern Mediterranean to work ;as allies; with the French navy, while adding 37 planes to the Russian strike force off the shores of Syria.克里姆林宫表示,普京和法国总统奥朗德在电话中同意,就他们对伊斯兰国目标的袭击保紧密的联系与合作。普京下令地中海东部的俄罗斯海军与法国海军像盟军一般合作,同时给叙利亚海岸的俄罗斯突击部队增加37架飞机。The ed States said Russia carried out a ;significant number; of airstrikes on Raqqa, possibly including sea-launched cruise missiles and long-range bombers. U.S. defense officials said their Russian counterparts informed them ahead of time of the bombardment as part of an agreement between the two countries as both carry out air missions in Syria.美国称俄罗斯在拉卡进行了“大量”空袭,可能包括从海上发射巡航导弹和远程轰炸机。美国国防官员表示,美俄都在叙利亚实施空袭,基于两国达成的一项协议,俄罗斯军方在轰炸前通知了美方。Since September, Russia has been conducting airstrikes in Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad, while the ed States and its allies for more than a year have been conducting raids against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria.俄罗斯自今年九月开始在叙利亚发动空袭,以持叙利亚总统阿萨德,而美国及其盟国在伊拉克和叙利亚对伊斯兰国目标实施突袭已长达一年多的时间。来 /201511/410704惠州妇幼保健人民中医院男科电话 惠州做包皮手术医院哪家最好

陈江医院泌尿科咨询 The first edition of Charlie Hebdo to emerge since the terror attack on the French magazine’s offices is expected to generate record demand when it hits newsstands on Wednesday, defiantly featuring the Prophet Mohammed on its cover.《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo)在总部遭遇恐怖袭击后的第一期杂志将于周三送上报亭。这期《查理周刊》十分大胆地在封面刊登了伊斯兰教先知穆罕默德的形象,预计该期杂志的订购人数将创下纪录。The special issue will have an initial print run of 1m, with another 2m expected in the coming days, to be distributed across a country that is still tense and fearful and where 10,000 troops have been deployed to protect vulnerable sites.这期特刊的初步印数将00万份,预计在随后几天内还会再00万份。目前,在即将发行该期杂志的法国,局势仍然十分紧张而令人恐慌,当局动用万名军警,保护容易受袭的场所。“We normally sell about four copies [of Charlie Hebdo] a week,said Philippe Piochelle, who works at a newsagents in central Paris. “But I am expecting demand for maybe 100 or 200 tomorrow. The question will be getting enough copies.”在巴黎市中心一家报刊经销商工作的菲利#8226;皮奥谢勒(Philippe Piochelle)表示:“通常,我们每周会卖出大约4份(《查理周刊》)。不过我预计明天对该杂志的需求可能会达到10000什?届时的问题将是如何拿到足够多的拷贝。”The paper’s distributors, MLP, said 27,000 French press outlets will stock the journal, against 20,000 normally. It said everyone will get at least a dozen copies, and some will be given hundreds.该杂志的分销商MLP表示.7万家法国出版物分销店将提供该杂志,而通常这一数字只有2万家。该杂志表示,每家分销店至少会拿到12份拷贝,部分将拿到数百份。The cover of the issue, which was released on Monday night, shows a crying Prophet Mohammed holding a sign saying “Je suis Charlie(“I am Charlie, with the words “Tout est pardonné(“All is forgiven above it on a green background.这期《查理周刊》的封面已经在周一晚上公布。在这期封面上画着先知穆罕默德(Prophet Mohammed),一边哭一边举着写有“我是查Je suis Charlie)”字样的牌子。穆罕默德上方的绿色背景上,还有一行“一切均被宽Tout est pardonné)”的字样。“The only idea originally had been to draw Mohammed and write ‘I am Charlieexplained Renald Luzier, the designer of the cover, at a press conference in Paris on Tuesday afternoon at the offices of French daily Libération.周二下午,在法国日报《解放报Libération)位于巴黎的办公室召开的记者招待会上,该期封面的设计者雷纳尔#8226;吕齐Renald Luzier)解释说:“起初,唯一的想法是画出穆罕默德,并写上‘我是查理’。”“I looked at him and he was crying. And then I wrote ‘All is forgiven and I was crying. And then we had found our bloody front page,he said, visibly choking up as he spoke, surrounded by colleagues and security guards.他接着说道:“我看着穆罕默德,他正在哭泣。接着我就写下了‘一切均被宽恕’,然后我也哭了。就这样,我们创作了这期鲜血凝成的封面。”在说这话的时候,可以看到他哽咽了。与此同时,他的多名同事和安保人员正围在他的身边。Holding a copy of the new magazine, he added: “Just look at this Mohammed he is so much more sympathetic than the one who is brandished [by extremists].”他手中拿着一份新一期杂志,补充说:“看看这位穆罕默德,比起(极端主义者)宣示的那位,他的同情心要大多了。”Gérard Biard, editor-in-chief, said editions would be available in Arabic, English and Spanish, as well as French for two weeks, with further editions planned in Italian and Turkish. The journal usually has a print run of around 60,000 copies.《查理周刊》主编热拉尔#8226;比亚Gérard Biard)表示,除了法语版以外,这期杂志还会以阿拉伯语、英语和西班牙语发行两周。此外,该杂志还计划发行意大利语版本和土耳其语版本。通常,该杂志的印数会万份左右。Earlier in the day Zineb El Rhazoui, a columnist who worked on the new issue, said the cover was a call to forgive the terrorists who murdered her colleagues last week.当天早些时候,新一期杂志中的专栏作家Zineb El Rhazoui表示,这期封面是为了呼吁宽恕那些在上周杀害她同事的恐怖分子。“We don’t feel any hate to them. We know that the struggle is not with them as people, but the struggle is with an ideology,she told B Radio 4’s Today programme.在英国广播公司广B Radio 4)的《今日Today)节目中,她说:“我们对他们并未感到丝毫憎恨。我们知道,我们的斗争不是与他们个人的斗争,而是与一种意识形态的斗争。”Several newspapers in France have reprinted Wednesday’s front cover, including Le Monde and Libération. The Guardian and the Independent in the UK, El País in Spain and Bild in Germany have also carried it. The Wall Street Journal has run the cartoon but the New York Times has not. The Financial Times is publishing the image because of its news value.在法国,几家报纸翻印了该杂志周三的封面,其中包括《世界报Le Monde)和《解放报》。英国的《卫报The Guardian)和《独立报Independent)、西班牙的《国家报El País)以及德国的《图片报Bild)也刊登了这期封面。在美国,《华尔街日报WSJ)刊登了这幅漫画,而《纽约时报》则没有刊登。英囀?金融时报》出于其新闻价值,也刊登了该封面。Charlie Hebdo’s decision to publish another picture of the Prophet Mohammed has been strongly criticised in some countries.《查理周刊》决定再次发布带有先知穆罕默德形象的漫画,在部分国家引发了强烈反弹。Shawki Allam, Egypt’s grand mufti, who is the country’s most senior religious scholar issuing religious edicts, said on Tuesday that publishing such cartoons was an “unjustified provocation to the feelings of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world埃及负责发布宗教法令的最高宗教学者、大穆夫提舒#8226;阿拉Shawki Allam)周二表示,发表这样的漫画是“对全球15亿穆斯林感受的无理挑衅”。The magazine’s actions, he said, “did not serve coexistence and dialogue between civilisations#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;and deepened feelings of hatred between Muslims and others他说,该杂志的行为“并未起到推动文明共存和对话的作用……加深了穆斯林和其他人群之间的仇恨”。A radical Sunni cleric in the UK went further, describing the depiction of the Prophet Mohammed “an act of war Anjem Choudary, a lecturer in shariah law, who was arrested in September on suspicion of encouraging terrorism, said that, in a shariah court, such an offence would carry capital punishment.英国一位激进的逊尼Sunni)神职人员则更进一步,称对先知穆罕默德形象的描绘是“一种战争行为”。伊斯兰教法讲师Anjem Choudary表示,在伊斯兰教法法院,这样的冒犯行为会被判处极刑。今月,Choudary曾因涉嫌煽动恐怖主义被捕。At least three UK magazine wholesalers have said they will distribute the magazine. Comag and Menzies Distribution said they did not have any concerns about security.至少三家英国杂志批发商已表示将分销该期杂志。Comag和Menzies Distribution均表示,他们对安全问题毫不担心。More than 3.7m people marched in the streets of Paris and across France on Sunday in a display of solidarity with the magazine in the face of the attacks. Many waved “Je Suis Charliesigns.上周日,70万人在巴黎街头举行了游行,以显示在袭击面前对该杂志的持。其中许多人举着“我是查Je Suis Charlie)”的牌子。来 /201501/354497惠州包皮手术哪家医院好惠州市中医医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱



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