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惠州友好泌尿科咨询仲恺医院是什么医院惠州哪家医院治疗前列腺增生比较好 The moon was an ancient, fossilised world.月球是个古老的化石世界Its rocks hadnt changed for billions of years.它的岩石数十亿年来没有改变Scientists were thrilled.科学家喜出望外Basically the surface of the moon kind of froze基本上来说,月球表面about roughly 3 billion years ago and preserved在大约30亿年前结冰really the first one and a half billion years of its history.因此保存了月球历史的头15亿年The moon tells us very much about月球大大提升了the early history of the solar system.我们对太阳系早期历史的了解Its probably one of the best recorders可说是太阳系早期历史of the early history of our solar system.保存最好的纪录This ancient fossil was a scientific gold mine.这个古老化石是科学上的金矿Because the moon was so well preserved it meant scientists因为月球保存良好,因此表示科学家could finally answer the question that had come to obsess them.终于可以回答萦绕心头多年的问题:How was the moon formed?月球是如何形成的?At the time, there were 2 competing theories.当时有两派说法The first was that the moon and the earth一派主张月球和地球来自相同的星云were formed at the same time, from the same cloud of dust and gas.并在同时形成The other theory was that the moon另一派则主张was originally nothing do with the earth,月球原本与月球毫无瓜葛but was wandering alone in space until the earth而是兀自地在太空中漫游sucked it in with the power of its gravity.直到被地球的引力吸住为止But the rocks themselves didnt seem to support either theory.但月岩让这两派说法不攻自破They were different enough from rocks on earth它们和地球上的岩石的差异to make it unlikely they were all formed at the same time.让人觉得它们不太可能是同时形成的But they had enough similarities to make it equally unlikely但两者间的相似性又让人觉得that the moon was a completely foreign body.月球不可能和地球毫无瓜葛Eventually scientists came up with a new theory最后科学家终于提出了一个新的理论that explained these strange rocks.来解释这些奇特的岩石It was a brutal tale.但这是个残酷的故事It takes us back 4 billion years to这要从40亿年前说起when the solar system was a young and volatile place.当时的太阳系新近形成,动荡不安There were many planets and asteroids circling the sun.太阳周围有许多行星和小行星One of these was a young earth.其中之一就是年轻的地球But there was also another young planet, a bit smaller.但当时还有一个体积比较小的年轻行星The two were on a collision course.它眼见就要撞上地球Eventually they crashed together.小行星终于撞上了地球It was the biggest bang the solar system had ever seen.惊天动地的撞击力道为太阳系中所仅见The impact was so massive that it spewed out millions of tons撞击如此猛烈导致数百万顿的of molten rock and gases.熔岩和气体喷出As this debris circled the earth it came together,这些碎片环绕地球时forming a separate body our moon.逐渐凝聚形成一个独立星体,这就是我们的月球When it first formed the moon was 10 times月球刚形成时与地球的距离closer to the earth than it is today.是现今的十分之一So it appeared much bigger in the sky所以看起来不仅大得多and its gravitational pull was much stronger.引力也更强But over time it slowly drifted away from the earth但随着时间过去,月球和地球渐行渐远to its present position about a quarter of a million miles away.直到离地球约25万里远的地方And there its orbit seemed to have stabilised,月球的轨道似乎在此处稳定下来its distance from earth fixed for all time.月球和地球间的距离就此固定,再也没有任何改变201505/372983惠州市友好泌尿专科治疗龟头炎多少钱

惠州第一人民医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱Oh God. Control yourself.天啊 控制住自己At the back of my mind I knew I was part of a scientific experiment.我心里清楚 自己只是科学实验的一部分But the drug was changing my brain.但是那毒品改变了我的智商And I was making a fool of myself.我在让自己出糗No so youre right its a very smew...不 你说对了 确实是非常关Smew... Its a very smew...关 非常关...Its a very smewth...非常关滑Do I like this? Big time.我喜欢吗 大大喜欢Do I want more? Yes.我还想要吗 是的Thats the other thing that worries me a bit...还有件事困扰我Yeah dont turn the rig off.别把设备关了Its still going!还没关呢Well we only have about 30 seconds left of it.我们还剩30秒时间了What?!什么What?!什么From zero to five do you feel any drug effects?从0到5 你感觉到药物作用了吗Four.4-Do you like the effects youre feeling? -Five.-你喜欢现在的感觉吗 -5-Would you like more of what you have received? -Five.-希望再多来点吗 -5Do you feel high?感觉兴奋吗Four.4And do you feel intoxicated?有喝醉的兴奋感吗Four.4Four. All right.4 好了重点解释:1.part of 一部分例句:The last part of the ascent is very steep.最后一段上坡路很陡。2.make a fool of 愚弄; 使出丑例句:Ill teach you to make a fool of me.我要教训你怎么来愚弄我。3.turn off关掉例句:Do you mind if I turn off the light?我把灯关掉你不反对吗? 201508/391218陈江镇治疗生殖感染价格 For the fetus, studies have shown decreased body fat,对胎儿而言,研究表明锻炼能够减少脂肪improved stress tolerance,提高抗压能力and advanced neural behavioral maturation.促进神经行为成熟Walking is a good exercise for everyone.散步对所有人而言都是不错的锻炼方式Brisk walking gives a total body workout快速走路能够锻炼全身and is easy on the joints and muscles.而且能够锻炼关节和肌肉If you were not active before getting pregnant,如果怀前锻炼很少walking is a great way to start an exercise program.那么散步则是开始锻炼的一种不错的方式Also, swimming is a very good exercise游泳也是一种不错的锻炼方式because it works so many muscles因为可以锻炼很多肌肉and the water supports your weight和撑体重的体液to avoid injury and muscle strain.可以避免肌肉拉伤It also helps you stay cool还可以帮助保持冷静and helps prevent your legs from swelling.避免腿部肿胀Cycling provides a good aerobic workout;骑自行车是一种很好的有氧运动however, the change in weight但是,体重变重can affect your balance会影响平衡力and make you more prone to falls.让人更易摔倒You may want to stick with也许会有人想要在期坚持stationary or recumbent biking later in pregnancy.固定或斜倚骑自行车Aerobics is a good way有氧运动是一种很好的方式to keep your heart and lungs strong.能够保持心肺强壮There are even aerobic classes甚至还有一些有氧健身课designed just for pregnant women.这是专为妇设计的Low-impact and water aerobics幅度较小的水中有氧运动also are a good exercise.也是很好的锻炼方式For women who exercised before pregnancy,对怀期前经常锻炼身体的女性而言running is a great exercise.跑步是很好的锻炼方式If you were a runner before you became pregnant,如果在怀前你经常跑步you may be able to continue running during pregnancy那么你可以在怀期间继续坚持跑步although you may have to modify your routine.尽管可能需要修改一下自己的日程Make sure that you talk to your doctor一定要和医生沟通about whether running during pregnancy确保怀期间跑步is safe for you.是否是安全的Strength training is also beneficial体能训练也是很有益的because it helps keep muscles strong因为它可以强健肌肉and prevents some of the aches and pains common in pregnancy.避免期常见的疼痛Again, caution is advised with strength training.另外,建议大家在进行体能训练时一定要小心After the first trimester of pregnancy,早期妊娠阶段之后women should not do exercises妇不应再进行that require them to lie flat on their backs.需要平躺的锻炼This could include bench press or abdominal exercises.这包括台式压床或腹部训练等While regular exercise is highly recommended期的常规训练还是大力推荐的during pregnancy, some activities should be avoided.但一些活动还是应当避免Downhill snow skiing and racket sports下坡滑雪,和球拍类运动can change your center of gravity会改变重心and can cause balance problems.引发平衡问题Exercising at altitudes higher than 6,000 feet在海拔6000英尺以上的地方进行锻炼can increase your risk of altitude sickness会引发高原反应making it harder for you to breathe呼吸困难and may cut down on your babys supply of oxygen.或许还会中断对婴儿的供氧Contact sports such as ice hockey, soccer,身体接触项目,如冰球,足球and basketball could result in harm和篮球会伤及to both you and your baby.母亲和胎儿Lastly, SCUBA diving should be avoided最后,应避免在期进行水肺潜水during pregnancy due to the large amount因为有大量的of pressures from the water.压力来自水中This could put your baby at risk这会使胎儿处于危险的境地for decompression sickness.易发生减压病Standing for long periods of time站立时间should also be avoided as much as possible.不能过长Activities such as gymnastics, water skiing,如体操,滑水and horseback riding where there is an increased risk和骑马等运动也要避免,因为会增加of falling should be avoided during pregnancy.摔落的危险With any type of exercise youd like to try,不管想尝试哪种锻炼方式be sure to discuss it with your doctor ahead of time.都要确保和医生提前沟通If you are an athlete, let your doctor know,如果你是个运动员,那就告知医生so you can get any special care you may need.这样你就可以受到需要的任何特殊照顾In conclusion, proper weight gain during pregnancy总之,期适量的增加体重is essential in maintaining the health and wellbeing是必须的,可以保持母体of both the mother and fetus.和胎儿的身体健康Modest, consistent weight gain is the goal.适量地持续地增加体重是主要目标Nutrients such as iron, Vitamin D,例如铁元素,维生素Domega-3 fatty acids, and Folic Acid欧美加3脂肪酸,叶酸之类的营养素are important to supplement during pregnancy.应当在期着重摄入Increased calorie intake of 340 and 452 kcals推荐把热量的摄入量are recommended during the second and third trimesters.在中晚期妊娠阶段增加至340到452千焦Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial期锻炼非常有益not only for the mother, but also for the fetus.对母体和胎儿都是如此The nutrition and exercise recommendations今天提到的营养和锻炼建议discussed in this presentation are important对妇都是非常重要的for pregnant women but can be maintained但是也可以在生产后坚持下去after pregnancy for a healthy lifestyle.以保持健康的生活方式201503/366129惠州妇幼保健医院割包皮

惠州博罗县治疗阳痿早泄Good, good...好的...Lets get them to relax a bit.让它们放松点There we go. Thats a good snake.好了 真乖The first python is fed, what is by any standards, a mouthful.第一只蟒蛇以一口量的食物喂食A piece of raw steak, shaped like a rat...一块跟老鼠一样大的生牛排..Its natural prey. Thats a good fellow.跟他们的天然食品一样大 这个好家伙We just need to slowly keep pushing it back into the throat.我们把肉塞到它喉咙里A little at a time.慢慢地It takes a little bit of time and effort.可能要花点功夫了Fortunately, they have no problem eating a meal this size.幸好它们吃下这么大的食物也没什么大碍Thats nothing compared因为消化时间较长to the time taken in the digestion process.所以这么大块牛排也无足与奇Itll take about six or seven days这条蟒蛇大概要花6到7天for this python to digest this piece of steak.来消化这么大块牛排Its pretty much the same amount of time it would take它消化一只这么大的老鼠to digest a similar-sized rat.也得这么长时间You guys can serve it now.帮他梳梳肠道吧There we are. Weve got it down in the stomach.好了 已经全部进入胃里了All right.好的Then Stephen starts the next meal,史蒂芬开始准备下一餐grinding and cooking the meat.绞肉并进行烹饪201505/376186 Our relationship with pills我们和药物的联系starts from the very beginning of our lives,从生命的最初开始from the medicines handed to us by our parents.从父母递给我们药片时就开始了I used to get so upset having to以前必须吃这些止痛药take these pain killers because I didnt want to,总让我很烦恼 因为我不想吃so my mum, I was probably about five,我当时大概五岁 所以我妈and my mum used to snap them in half把它们掰成两半and tip the actual medication into orange squash for me.把药倒到橙汁里给我喝My mum gives me my tablets every day.我妈妈每天都给我吃药As we grow up, we begin to pop pills for everything.随着我们长大 我们开始凡事依赖药物There are the antibiotics we take to fight off disease,我们用抗生素 去抗击疾病more than one course every two years of our lives.每两年还要吃不止一个疗程The 28,000 pain killers we each take有28000种止痛药供人挑选to make us feel better.用于减少痛苦Pills to stop us having babies.还有帮人避的药片I actually got pregnant on the pill.我其实是靠吃药帮助才怀的So...所以Medicines to carry us through middle age.帮人度过中年综合症的药物Statins.抑制素[他汀类药物 用以降低胆固醇]Simvastatin. Simvastatin.辛伐他汀 还是辛伐他汀Even tablets to extend our youth甚至还有帮我们延缓衰老and improve our performance in bed.提升床上战斗力的药物201501/354662惠州人民医院阳痿早泄价格惠州怎么治龟头炎



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