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Remember, Jobs isnt selling hardware.切记,乔布斯不是在推销设备,Hes selling an experience.他是在推销一种体验。If you offer numbers and statistics make them meaningful.如果你要引用数据,让它们变得有意义。We have sold four million iPhones to date.迄今为止,我们一共售出了400万部iPhone。If you divide four million by two hundred days, thats 20,000 iPhones every day on average.如果你用400万除以200天,这意味着我们平均每天卖出了两万部iPhone手机。Numbers dont mean much unless theyre placed in context.数字本身没有意义,除非放入特殊的语境。Managers, connect the dots for your listeners.经理们,给听众们连起些例子吧。Recently, I worked with a company that launched a 12 gigabyte memory card.最近我在和一个公司合作,这个公司刚刚发布了新的12G内存卡。12 gigabytes! That number doesnt mean much to most people, so we put it in the context.12G啊!多数人不明白12G是什么概念。所以我把它放到语境中。We said, ;thats enough memory to listen to your music while travelling to the moon and back!我们会说12G的存储量足够让你听着音乐在地球和月球之间兜上一圈。Now 12 gigs means something to me.现在12G对我来说就有了意义。Make numbers meaningful!让这些数字变得有意义。One of the most effective elements of a Steve Jobs presentation is that they are easy on the eyes.史蒂文·乔布斯演讲的最有效因素之一就是赏心悦目。His presentations are visual and simple.他的演讲不仅视觉化,而且通俗易懂。While most speakers fill their slides with mind-numbing data and text and charts, Jobs does just the opposite.尽管大多数的演讲者喜欢在幻灯片里塞进大量的数据、文字和图表,但乔布斯却正好相反。He uses very little text and usually one, maybe two, images per slide.他用很少的文字,通常每个幻灯片只带有一两张图片。you see, you want to paint a picture for your audience without overwhelming them.你想为听众描述一副蓝图,而不是铺天盖地抛向听众。Inspiring presentations are short on bullet points and big on visuals.鼓舞人心的演讲用丰富的视觉效果,而鲜有要点符号。201512/418685。

  • What am I doing here?我为何还站在这里Well, the fact of the matter is事实上,the best science tells us that the capacity of the human body,最可信的科学表明人类能活,my body, your body,我和你们一样is about 90 years,大约九十岁a little bit more for women.当然,女性稍微长一些But life expectancy in this country但是这个国家的平均寿命is only 78.仅仅78岁So somewhere along the line,距离平均线were leaving about 12 good years on the table.明显还差了12年These are years that we could get.这十二年是我们能得到的。And research shows that they would be years largely free of chronic disease,研究表明这些年主要是免于慢性疾病的年月,比如heart disease, cancer and diabetes.心脏病,癌症和糖尿病We think the best way to get these missing years我们认为要得到这12年,最好的方法是is to look at the cultures around the world去欣赏全世界的文化that are actually experiencing them,并且实地体验areas where people are living to age 100100岁的人居住的地方at rates up to 10 times greater than we are,比我们大十倍areas where the life expectancy的地方的人平均寿命is an extra dozen years,要多12年。the rate of middle age mortality is a fraction这个国家的of what it is in this country.中年人死亡率很低。We found our first Blue Zone about 125 miles我们发现第一个蓝区距离撒丁岛的off the coast of Italy, on the island of Sardinia.意大利海岸大约125英里And not the entire island, the island is about 1.4 million people,这个岛大约有140万人,但是并非分布于整个岛屿,but only up in the highlands, an area called the Nuoro province.他们只在一个叫怒奥罗的高低上居住And here we have this area where men live the longest,这个区域的人寿命最长about 10 times more centenarians than we have here in America.逾百岁的人是我们在这里居住的美国的10倍多And this is a place where people not only reach age 100,这个地方的人不仅活到100岁they do so with extraordinary vigor.而且精力异常充沛Places where 102 year olds still ride their bike to work,活到102岁仍然骑自行车工作chop wood, and can beat a guy 60 years younger than them.伐木,能打败小他们60岁的人Their history actually goes back to about the time of Christ.他们的历史追溯到基督时代Its actually a Bronze Age culture thats been isolated.是被隔离的青铜时代的文化。Because the land is so infertile,因为这块地如此贫瘠they largely are shepherds,他们大多是牧羊人which occasions regular, low-intensity physical activity.工作时间稳定,体力活动强度低。Their diet is mostly plant-based,他们的饮食以素食为主,accentuated with foods that they can carry into the fields.是地里自产的食物They came up with an unleavened whole wheat b他们找到了一种未经发酵的全麦面包called carta musica made out of durum wheat,那是由硬质小麦和a type of cheese made from grass-fed animals一种食草动物的奶做成的奶酪so the cheese is high in Omega-3 fatty acids所以奶酪含有高欧米茄-3脂肪酸instead of Omega-6 fatty acids from corn-fed animals,而不是食谷类动物奶做成的欧米茄-6脂肪酸奶酪and a type of wine that has three times the level还有一种酒,它的多酚含量of polyphenols than any known wine in the world.是世界所有已知酒类所含含量的三倍Its called Cannonau.它叫卡诺乌红葡萄酒But the real secret I think lies more但我认为真正的秘诀多取决于in the way that they organize their society.他们社会组成的方式。And one of the most salient elements of the Sardinian society撒丁岛社会里一个最显著的现象是,is how they treat older people.他们如何对待老人You ever notice here in America, social equity你曾注意过美国的社会平等seems to peak at about age 24?在大约24岁时达到高峰吗Just look at the advertisements.来看看这些广告吧Here in Sardinia, the older you get在撒丁岛,年纪越大the more equity you have,享受的平等权就越多,the more wisdom youre celebrated for.被颂扬的才智就越多。You go into the bars in Sardinia,进入撒丁岛的酒吧instead of seeing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar,不看体育画报的泳装表演日程,取而代之的是you see the centenarian of the month calendar.看每月日历上的百岁老人This, as it turns out, is not only good for your aging parents这个已被明,不仅有益于你的年迈父母to keep them close to the family --使他们更靠近家庭it imparts about four to six years of extra life expectancy --而且传授大约4到6年的额外寿命。research shows its also good for the children of those families,研究表明对那些家庭的孩子也很有益who have lower rates of mortality and lower rates of disease.因为这些家庭的死亡率和疾病率比较低Thats called the grandmother effect.那被称为祖母效应201507/386138。
  • International best-selling author Jonathan Safran Foer gave the commencement address at Middlebury College on May 26, 2013.201412/348155。
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