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Hi, Im Katie, and Im making Avocado Co-Wash today.嗨,我是Katie,我今天要来做酪梨滋润洗发皂。Our Avocado Co-Wash is a rich and creamy alternative to traditional shampoo.我们的酪梨滋润洗发皂是款营养又细致的传统洗发精替代品。Its actually a lot more like a conditioner, hence the name Avocado Co-Wash.它其实比较像润发乳,因此才会取酪梨滋润洗发皂这名字。Im gonna make a really gorgeous tea infusion with rosemary, lavender, and nettle flowers.我要制作非常棒的花茶泡剂,使用迷迭香、熏衣草以及荨麻花。Theyre gonna be very balancing on the scalp and makes sure that, you know, your scalps nice and healthy.它们在头皮上会非常和谐,而且可以确保,你知道,让你的头皮美丽健康。But for the second step, Im going to take my cocoa butter and melt it down.但在第二步,我要拿可可脂然后将它融解。I wanna make sure that Im getting the right temperature for it.我要确保温度是正确的。Im then going to add my cupuacu butter. What a fun word to say.接着加上我的古布阿苏果油。这个字讲起来好有趣。Gonna pile it in with the cocoa butter.把它混进可可脂里。Then Im going to take my olive oil, put it in with my cupuacu and cocoa butter接着用橄榄油,将它和古布阿苏果油和可可脂加在一起...add that strengthening component to the moisturizing effects that its going to give.添加强韧发丝的成份到它的滋润效果中。Then Im going to take my surfactants, apply it into my butters and melt those down gently.接着用界面活性剂,加进脂质内然后缓缓融解。Now were y for the avocado part, which is my absolute favorite.现在我们准备好进入酪梨的部分了,那是我的最爱。Im taking so many avocados... Im gonna cut them all by hand, and then add them into a bowl.我拿了超多酪梨... 我要用手切完全部,接着把它们放到一个碗里。Ill be right back—I need to go grab more avocados.我马上回来 --得去拿更多酪梨。Check out all of these avocados Im putting in here. Theres so many of them—theyre beautiful.看看我放进去的这所有酪梨。有好多喔--它们太美了。I personally love to eat them because theyre delicious.我个人喜欢吃掉它们,因为酪梨很美味。But in your hair, theyre going to be super nourishing, add a ton of shine as well, too.不过用在头发里,它们会超级滋养,也会增添许多光泽。Im going to add it to a pot, where Im going to also put in my apple cider vinegar. Whiz them together, gently.我要把这加到锅里,我还会在里面倒入苹果醋。把它们拌在一块,轻轻地。Add them through a cheesecloth, making sure that its going to be nice and smooth in the product.把它们用纱布过滤,确保这在产品中会丝滑完美。Now Im going to add my blend of essential oils to the product, which includes olibanum oil and bergamot,现在我要加混合精油到产品中,其中包含乳香精油跟佛手柑,which will add this beautiful herbal scent to it.那会将这美妙的草本香气加进去。I have these molds set up here that Im going to pour the product into, making sure that, you know, the consistency is perfect.我在这摆好了这些模具,我要将产品倒入,确认浓稠度是完美的。In the morning, when its finally y and perfect,到了早上,终于准备好而且一切到位时,were going to dip them in some beautiful red wax and send them off to the shop.我们要将它们浸到美丽的红蜡中,然后送到店里。And that is how we make Avocado Co-Wash.那就是我们制作酪梨滋润洗发皂的方法。If you wanna see any more of our How Its Made s, make sure to hit the ;Subscribe; button below.如果你想看更多我们的产品制作影片,一定要点击下方订阅钮。But if you wanna take a look at some of our other Lush s, make sure to check out our YouTube.但如果你想看一些其它的Lush影片,务必到我们的YouTube频道逛逛。201703/494923。

Sometimes these machines learn how to spot trends有时候这些机器能学会怎样发现趋势and can build systems which will just watch a huge amount of data并建立一个系统 在监视海量数据的同时and start to pick things out能从中挑出相关信息and then will suggest to the security agency, well,并向安全机构提出建议;These people need to be investigated.;;这些人需要调查一下;But then the thing could be wrong.但是预测也有可能出错Boy, we have to have a protection.我们得有个保护措施The Snowden revelations have generated greater interest than ever斯诺登泄密事件使公众in how the internet is being used对互联网是如何用于监控的for the purposes of surveillance.产生了比以往更大的兴趣But watching isnt just done by governments.但监控并不是政府的专利The most detailed documenting of our lives对我们生活最详细的记录is done by technology companies.是由技术公司完成的Two years ago,两年前tech researcher Julia Angwin decided to investigate技术研究员茱莉娅·安格温决定调查how much these companies track our behaviour daily.这类公司每天会追踪多少我们的信息Her findings give us one of the best pictures yet她的调查结果提供了一个迄今为止最好的总结of just who is watching us online every minute of every day.但也只是关于谁每时每刻在网上监视我们重点解释:1.a huge amount of 巨大例句:She spent a huge amount of money on that coat.她花了大笔的钱买那件衣。2.pick out 挑出;辨认出例句:Its impossible to pick out only one pair of shoes.要想只挑出一双鞋来根本不可能。3.suggest to sb. 向某人建议例句:I have an idea to suggest to your act.关于你的行动我有个建议。201612/482794。

Im Bear Grylls.Im gonna show you what it takes to get out alive from some of the most dangerous places on earth.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我将向您展示 如何从地球上 最危险的地带 逃出生天Ive got to make it through a week of challenges,短短一周时间内 我将身涉险境 面临生死考验in the sort of places you wouldnt last a day without the right survival skills.周遭炼狱 没有生存技巧 你命在旦夕 而我要设法突出重围Now Im on an island south of Papua New Guinea,where Ill be climbing crumbling volcanic cliffs.我现在身处巴布亚新几内亚南部的某个小岛 我将在那 徒手攀爬火山峭壁Getting to the crux of it now.windsurfing ocean waves.最关键的时刻到了 驾着帆船 乘风破浪Im struggling now.and squaring up to some serious sharks.我必须努力拼搏 时刻警惕 鲨鱼来袭Two of them.Okay, its coming straight this way.Stay still. Stay still.那边有两条 它们径直朝这边游过来了 别动 别动This is gonna be my ultimate island adventure.Shot passed my legs there.我的终极岛屿冒险 将在这里拉开序幕 从我的腿边游了过去This is the Torres Strait a strip of ocean between the northernmost tip of Australia and Papua New Guinea.这里是托雷斯海峡 将澳大利亚最北端和巴布亚新几内亚 分隔开来Its over 25,000 square miles of treacherous currents, sandbanks, and coral reefs.六万五千平方公里的海域中 暗流涌动 沙洲影绰 珊瑚礁林立These are dangerous waters down here.这里危机四伏Theyre full of tiger sharks, hammerheads, and bull sharks,虎鲨 槌头双髻鲨 牛鲨在海中称王称霸not to mention the stingrays, moray eels,and deadly jellyfish.Got to love it, eh?更别提黄貂鱼 海鳗 以及致命的水母也藏身其中 很是刺激吧201703/498615。

Roof looks good enough.See if I can find a way up there.这屋顶看起来不错 看看能不能想个办法上去For thousands of Katrina victims,the roof was the only safe place to be.对于成百上千的卡特里娜难民来说 屋顶就是最安全的地方A way from the flood waters and the dangerous swarms of wild life,those after washout, were their homes.脱离洪水 脱离成群结队的野生生物 一场洗劫过后 那里就是他们的家It was also the best place to get noticed, located, and rescued.同样那里也是被发现与定位 最终得到营救的最佳地点And thats gonna be the same for me.The helicopter has spotted me.对我来说同样如此 直升机已经锁定我了And then give them this big internationa distress signal:a big ;Y;.然后只要向他们做出这么个 国际通用的求救标志 一个大;Y;It means: Yes, I need help.In the harsh conditions of the desert,settlement just scares.意思是说 是的 我需要帮助 沙漠的艰苦环境 使得定居者敬而远之You could be walking for days before you see signs of life.有可能走上好些日子才能看到生命的迹象Ah, buildings!Countries! And people.And that would mean one thing:you are safe.Merci.有建筑 是村子 还有人 这意味着一件事情 你得救了 谢谢In most cases, head for the coast.99% of the worlds population live by water.大部分情况下 尽量朝向河岸走 世界上99%的人口 傍水而居Follow the shore line,and you will find people.沿着水岸走 就能找到人烟What Ive minded up in this place is that nature is enssentially neither for us nor agains us.在这地方 我想起来 大自然与我们 本质上非友 亦非敌And what determines whether well survival or not is us human决定我们生存与否的 是人类自己our common sense and ultimately are determination to make a Homo one peace.还有常识 以及平安回家的 决心201605/445666。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452216。

Well use this as a baseplate,create a bit of a notch in it here.用这个做基座 切个小凹槽Just to make a little indentation.Start if off with a little pinch of sand or gravel.小小的凹痕就可以 开始钻的时候 加点沙子砾石Just put on there. Thats gonna create even more friction and heat.放上去就可以了 这样可以加大擦And then as you create an ember,it will drop down into the tinder and you get it flaming.Thats the theory.一旦生出炭火 炭火就会掉到火种上 火就着起来了 理论上是这样的Trust me, the practice is always much harder.但是相信我 说时容易做时难It can take hours to light a fire this way,And you often end up with more blisters than embers.像这样生火可能要花上好几个小时 最后往往都是满手起泡 火却生不起来Patience is the key.You want to take your time initially.Just build up that heat.关键就是要有耐心 最开始不需要那么着急 只需要擦生热即可And keep the drips of sweat off falling onto the ember.还有不要把汗滴到炭火上Building up the heat and building up that friction.提高温度 加大擦 And then once youve got that heat,you can then start really putting in the effort and start to speed it up a bit.一旦开始发热 就可以开始真的着力 加快转动速度Okay.Just tip that in.Gather this up gently.Theres no hurry at this stage.This ember will keep burning for a little bit.好了 把这放进去 慢慢地把这些捧在一起 现在不用太着急 炭火会持续燃烧一段时间的And theres fire.Okay.Lay it right in the middle.火生起来了 好了 把它放到中间And then just cover him up with lots of embers and some more wood as well.在上面堆上更多的炭火 再放上一些木头Okay, thats going nicely now.Leave that 15 minutes or so to cook.进行的很顺利 让它烤15分钟左右就能吃了In the meantime, go and grab some materials to make something to sleep on.同时我们去找一些材料 打造个睡觉的地方201701/486931。

Most people are too busy looking on the outside to really check what their barometers say inside.大多数人都太忙于看外部世界发生的事 无暇顾及内部指标So as an entrepreneur, if you look inside, youll find things that they all need that could become immensely popular,if someone had the courage to promote it.Or to build it.作为企业家 往内看 你可能会找到广受欢迎的产品 只要有人有勇气去推广它 或去创建它For years,J.P.Morgan has lived in the long shadow of his legendary father.多年来 J·P·根一直生活在传奇父亲的阴影之下Hes desperate for a way to make his own mark,and electricity might be it.他渴望取得自己的成功 电可能就是他想要的Morgan is considering an investment in Thomas Edisons company,and his newly-developed electric light bulb.根正在考虑投资托马斯·爱迪生的公司以及他新发明的电灯泡He hires Edison to install electric lighting in his home on Fifth Avenue, in New York.他雇爱迪生到他在纽约第五大道的家中安装电灯设备Sometimes youve got to take ownership.有时 你需要自己去用They call it ;eating your own dog food;, right?人们称这为 ;吃你自己的食;If you arent willing to use your own product,then how is anybody else going to trust it and have confidence? You know如果你自己都不愿用自己的产品 那其他人怎么会信任你的产品并有信心用呢Some people might call that being a showman,I call it demonstrating trust in your product,which any smart business has to do.有人把这称作是拿自己当试验品 我则更愿意把这看作展示你对产品的信任 任何精明的商人都需要这样做The Morgan home quickly turns into a laboratory for Thomas Edisons famous electric experiments.根的家很快就成为了托马斯·爱迪生著名电实验的实验室Edison installs a small power plant in a shed on Morgans property.爱迪生在根家的一间小屋中安装了一台发电机He then runs four thousand feet of wiring through the walls and ceilings of the house,and installs nearly four hundred electric light bulbs,some of the first to ever be manufactured.之后他走了四千英尺的线通过房屋的墙壁和天花板 并安装了将近四百个电灯泡 这些电灯泡可以说是首批制造的产品After months of trial and error,the home is y to be displayed.经过数月的反复尝试 整个房子做好了展览的准备201605/443581。