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go on a diet (为了减肥)而规定饮食;节食例句:Mary went on a diet and lost four pounds.玛丽因为节食瘦了四磅。Im gaining weight.I must go on a diet.我的体重在增长,我必须要节食。The doctor said I am a little overweight.So I should go on a diet.医生说我有点超重,所以我需要节食。背景音乐:Glee Cast-Saving all my love for you关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201611/477361Peter: So Sarah you told me earlier that youve been home-schooled, it sounds really interesting, Ive never met somebody whos been home-schooled, so could you tell me a little bit more about your experience with it?彼得:萨拉,你之前跟我说过你一直在家上学,这听起来很有意思。我以前不认识在家上学的人,你能给我讲讲你的经历吗?Sarah: Yes, absolutely. Well Im the youngest of four children, so I was the last one to come up being home-schooled. But my father decided to home-school us as soon as it became legal in our state. And for me it was a very different experience than my older siblings. I think when they were younger my father did more of the formal teaching, like at all once, like lecture style. But by the time I came along, he didnt do that anymore. So my learning predominantly came from books. And I remember even as young as second grade, like doing all of my work by myself. One of my favorite aspects of it when I was like in second and third grade is I could do all of my work on Monday and then have the rest of the week to play, didnt have to do any work.萨拉:当然可以。我是四个孩子里最小的,我是最后一个接受在家教育的。不过实际上,在家教育在我们州合法化以后,我爸爸就决定让我们在家上学。与我的哥哥们相比,这对我来说是一种完全不同的体验。我想他们小的时候,我爸爸对他们进行过更正式的教育,就是给他们讲解。但是在我参与以后,他不再做这种事了。所以我主要通过书籍自学。我记得我在二年级时就已经自己做所有事了。我认为其中一个好处是,我在二年级和三年级时可以在周一完成所有的作业,然后那一周其他时间就可以尽情玩耍了,不用再做任何作业了。Peter: Wow! That sounds really nice. How come your parents decided to home school, what was important for them?彼得:哇哦!这听起来太棒了。你父母为什么决定让你们在家上学,什么对他们来说比较重要?Sarah: My older sister had a lot of problems in school and they were in the principals office like every day. And so thats initially what made them start thinking about it. And from there they made the decision and so all the rest of us were home-schooled after that.萨拉:我在学校有很多问题,我父母基本上每天都被叫到校长室去。所以他们开始考虑这个问题。那时他们做出了这个决定,所以之后我们几个孩子都开始在家上学了。Peter: Wow! Thats fascinating. Tell me, the fact that you were home-schooled, did that make any difference in terms of making friends with other people in the neighborhood or were there other families that home-schooled children too that you could be friends with?彼得:哇哦!那真有趣。你们都是在家上学,那在和邻居交朋友时有没有受到影响,或者说有其他在家上学的孩子和你们做朋友吗?Sarah: Yes, there were some families that we were close friends with, that we vacationed with and did everything with growing up. For me, personally, the social aspect wasnt huge because Im more of an introvert. So I like to be alone more than my other siblings. But we were all very involved in different things, my brother in many sports and my sister and I in ballet and I played in an orchestra, and I took piano and violin and sang in a girls chorus. So I was around other children my own age all the time.萨拉:有,有一些家庭和我们的关系很好,我们一起去度假,一起成长。就我个人来说,我的社交并不多,因为我是内向的人。相比我的哥哥,我更喜欢独自一个人呆着。不过我们都参与了很多活动,我哥哥参加了很多运动,我和我学习芭蕾,我还是一个管弦乐队的成员,我演奏钢琴和小提琴,我也是一个女子合唱团的成员。所以我身边一直有同龄人的陪伴。Peter: Right. Yeah, it sounds pretty busy actually.彼得:好。听起来你很忙。Sarah: Yeah.萨拉:对。Peter: So could you tell me, whats a typical day in home-schooling, what does it work like? What does it look like?彼得:那在家上学的话,一般每天都做些什么?你的生活是怎样的?Sarah: Its pretty much just self-study. So I guess what most people envision as like homework at the end of the day, thats just your school day, is just working through different books, different activities, so mainly textbooks. Its very different now though. People who are home-schooled now, there is all sorts of groups and like online and s and different things. But because I was home-schooled in the 80s, it looked very different than it does now.萨拉:基本上就是自学。我想大多数人认为一天结束以后会有作业,那是学校,在家上学就是学习不同的书籍,做不同的活动,主要是学习教科书。不过现在情况已经有了很大的不同。现在在家上学的人们有各种组织,还有各种在线视频。不过我在家上学时是上世纪80年代,所以和现在的情况有很大不同。Peter: Okay. So how did your father ... did he work as well and did he work and home-school you or was that his main thing, to home-school you?彼得:好。你父亲上班吗?他是既上班也要在家为你们上课,还是只在家给你们上课?Sarah: My father owns a radio station and he has a manager for that radio station, so that allows him to not have to be down there very often. But when he did he would just take us with him to work, and so wed do our work wherever he was.萨拉:我爸爸是一家电台的老板,他请了一名经理管理电台,所以他不用经常去电台。他去电台工作的时候会带我们一起去,他在哪里,我们就在哪里学习。Peter: Wow, thats pretty cool!彼得:哇哦,这太酷了!Sarah: Yeah.萨拉:对。Peter: And all four kids would do their homework and go through their textbooks by themselves, things like that?彼得:那你们四个孩子都要自己写作业,然后自学教材?Sarah: Yes, we were all very self-motivated, so.萨拉:对,我们都是自主学习。 译文属 /201702/493977小咖实用英语口语 第4期:大麻marijuana /201502/356541

小咖实用英语口语 第127期:速度与 /201512/413761

5. They are cheaper than usual.它们比平常便宜些。还能这样说:They are sold in lower price than usual.The price is less than usual.应用:as usual 如往常一样,照例6. Today, Id like to show you something which Im sure youll find interesting.今天我要向你们展示一些东西,我相信你们会感兴趣的。还能这样说:Today, I will show you something which you must feel interested in.I will display you something which may attract you today.应用:There is something in the wind.好像要发生什么事了。7. This is sold by set, not by piece.这是按套出售的,单件不卖。还能这样说:We dont sell the single product.It is sold by set instead of by piece.应用:give sb. piece of ones mind 责备某人;pick theory to pieces 把某理论贬得一钱不值8. Weve only had three orders all morning!我们一上午仅接到3份订单!还能这样说:Only three orders come to us in the morning.All morning we only receive three orders.应用:advance in close order 以密集队形前进;in good order 情况正常;有条不紊;large order 难以满足的要求 /201501/355151

Todd: So actually we talked a little bit about TVs in the past, what about TVs of the future? Nowadays you can watch television on this very tiny screens, like the ipod . What do you think about that?托德:我们聊过以前的电视,那未来的电视呢?现在可以在ipod这种小屏幕设备看电视。你觉得这个怎么样?Mark: Right. Ive just seen one of them for the first time. I think theyre fantastic. Theyre really great. Yeah, especially when traveling. But the future of TV, I was listening to an interviewer a few nights ago with Bill Gates and hes going to try and move from computers to TV — interactive TV — and this sounds good. Yeah, TV of the future. Sounds great.马克:对,不久前我第一次用这种设备。我觉得它们简直太棒了,真的非常好,尤其是在旅行时。至于未来的电视,几天前我刚刚看过一个比尔·盖茨的采访,他打算从电脑业转到电视业,他计划研究互动电视,这听起来很不错。未来的电视,听起来不错。Todd: So what was he saying about interactive TV?托德:有关互动电视他都说了些什么?Mark: He was talking about if it was a quiz show you could actually join in with the quiz and answer the questions, or if you were watching the Olympics then you could actually choose which events you wanted to watch, so sometimes if they are showing the olympics on TV theyll show running and then maybe theyll show swimming and maybe theyll show archery. If you didnt want to watch swimming you could choose your schedule and what to watch.马克:他谈到,也许你可以参与智力竞赛节目,回答问题,或者可以在看奥运会时选择想看哪个比赛项目,因为有时电视上放奥运会比赛时可能会播出跑步比赛、游泳比赛或是射箭比赛。如果你不想看游泳比赛,那你可以选择你想看的比赛。Todd: Wow, that would be cool.托德:哇,那听起来太酷了。Mark: Yeah, and also for sports you could maybe choose your own sports team, which would be good.马克:对,而且看体育比赛时还可以选择你持的球队,这真是个好消息。Todd: Yeah, I actually saw another thing on TV in the future, and they were saying because of what is happening now about buying television shows over the internet that soon there will be TV with no commercials. You just buy the program for one dollar and then you watch it without commercials.托德:对,我还听过一种有关未来电视的设想,在网上购买电视节目以后,可以得到没有广告的电视节目。你可能只需花一美元购买节目,然后就能观看没有广告的节目了。Mark: Yeah, that would be fun, yeah. That would be good. Hopefully, I want them to see them actually, I know they do a little bit, but Id like it so you can hook up your PC to your TV as well. I know you can a little bit, so download things on your PC and then watch on the TV.马克:对,这很有趣,很好。我知道现在已经有一点眉目了,我希望的是可以把电脑和电视连接起来。现在已经可以做到,这样一来就可以在电视上观看下载到电脑上的节目了。Todd: So when were old and grey well be able to tell our children ;In our day, we actually had to get up and turn the knob.;托德:我们老了以后可以和孩子们说,我们那个时代要走到电视那里去旋转旋钮来换台。Mark: Right, but its not so long ago. Only what — 10 years, 15 years ago?马克:对,不过其实也不是太长时间以前的事情。大概是10年或15年前吧?Todd: I know. Its crazy.托德:我知道。这太疯狂了。Mark: Things are moving fast.马克:时代进展的太快了。 译文属 /201511/411133

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