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上海市曙光医院整形上海祛痣多少钱US prosecutors have accused two relatives of Ban Ki-moon, the former UN secretary-general, of a bribery plot linked to Vietnam’s tallest building and a South Korean company embroiled in a corruption scandal.联合UN)前任秘书长潘基文(Ban Ki-moon)的两名亲戚遭到美国检察机关的指控,原因是与越南最高建筑及一家卷入腐败丑闻的韩国企业有关的贿赂情节。Joo Hyun-bahn, Mr Ban’s nephew, denied the charges and was granted bail at a court hearing in New York after he and his father, Ban Ki-sang, were indicted on Tuesday. Ban Ki-sang, who is Ban Ki-moon’s brother, has not been arrested and could not immediately be reached for comment.潘基文的侄子潘柱贤(Bahn Joo-hyun,音译)否认了相关指控并在纽约一场法庭听中被允许保释。此前,他和他的父亲潘基相(Ban Ki-sang,音译)在周二受到了起诉。潘基相是潘基文的弟弟,他并未遭到逮捕,不过记者无法马上联系上他以置评此事。The indictment came just 10 days after Ban Ki-moon, who is not accused of any involvement in the affair, ended a decade leading the UN.就在这一起诉发生十天前,潘基文刚刚结束了对联合国十年的领导。潘基文自身并未被指控与该事件有任何关系。He has been touted as a possible candidate for the presidency of South Korea, where contenders have aly begun jockeying following the impeachment of Park Geun-hye amid a vast corruption scandal.目前,潘基文已被多方宣传为韩国总统的可能候选人。在韩国,自朴槿Park Geun-hye)因一宗巨大的腐败丑闻而遭弹劾之后,竞争总统的人选已开始明争暗斗。US authorities claim Mr Ban’s relatives conspired in 2014 to funnel .5m via a middleman to an unnamed Middle Eastern official. The official was supposed to convince his country’s sovereign wealth fund to buy the Landmark 72 tower in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, for 0m.美国当局声称014年潘基文的两名亲戚曾密谋通过中间人向一位不知名的中东官员输50万美元。原本用意是让这名官员说该国主权财富基金斥亿美元,买下越南首都河内的地2(Landmark 72)大楼。But the two alleged plotters were double-crossed by the middleman, Malcolm Harris, who did not have the relationship he claimed with the government official and simply pocketed an initial 0,000 downpayment, the indictment asserts.不过,该起诉书声称,这两位涉嫌的谋划者却遭到这位名为马尔科姆?哈里Malcolm Harris)的中间人的欺骗。哈里斯并不掌握所声称的与这位政府官员的关系,而只是把最初付的50万美元定金据为己有。Mr Harris, who has also been charged, used the money for a spending spree including the rental of a luxury penthouse apartment in Brooklyn, prosecutors allege. Mr Harris could not immediately be reached for comment.检察机关指控称,同样受到指控的哈里斯大肆挥霍了这笔钱,其中包括在布鲁克林租用了一个豪华顶层公寓。记者无法马上与哈里斯取得联系,以置评此事。“This alleged conduct proves the adage that there is truly no honour among thieves,said Leslie Caldwell, assistant attorney-general in the US justice department. “The indictment alleges that two defendants wanted to bribe a government official; instead they were defrauded by their co-defendant.”美国司法部(DoJ)助理总检察官莱斯考德威尔(Leslie Caldwell)表示:“这些涉嫌实施的行为明了那句谚语:小偷是没有真正的节操的。起诉书声称,两位被告想要贿赂政府官员,却被他们的共同被告骗了。”The former UN secretary-general’s brother was a senior executive at both Landmark 72 and Keangnam Enterprises, the Korean construction company that built and owned the skyscraper, US authorities allege. He wanted to arrange the sale because Keangnam had run into financial trouble from 2013, prosecutors claim.美国当局指控称,潘基文的这位弟弟是地2大楼和京南企Keangnam Enterprises)的高管。京南企业是建造并拥有这栋天大楼的韩国建筑公司。检察机关声称,潘基相之所以希望安排这一转让,是因为京南企业013年起遭遇了财务困境。Mr Ban was “surprisedby reports of the indictments of his relatives and had no knowledge of the matter, according to a spokesperson ed by Reuters news agency.据路透社(Reuters)援引潘基文发言人的说法称,潘基文对有关其亲戚所受指控的报道感到“震惊”,并对此毫不知情。来 /201701/488229九院激光祛痣多少钱 上海微整形医院

上海市浦东新区周浦医院激光祛斑多少钱The worlds most famous whistleblower who is marooned in Russia has attacked his hosts for human rights abuses and hacking emails.目前逃亡俄罗斯的世界最知名泄密者斯诺登公开抨击俄罗斯侵犯人权、涉嫌黑客袭击。Edward Snowden, who leaked classified National Security Agency (NCA) information in 2013 from a Hong Kong hotel room, is now living in Moscow after a giant manhunt forced him out of Asia.2013年,爱德#8226;斯诺登因在一家香港酒店曝光美国国家安全局机密信息,遭到美国通缉并被迫离开亚洲,现于莫斯科寻得庇护。He believes laws in Russia have got far worse and that the Kremlin is encouraging a surveillance free-for-all.他认为俄罗斯的法律每况愈下,克里姆林宫正鼓励推行“全民监控”项目。Mr Snowden said: The laws have gotten far worse in some countries. France has gone very far, so too, of course, countries like Russia. In Britain theres an authoritarian trend.斯诺登称:“一些国家的法律已极为糟糕,法国如此,俄罗斯更不例外。英国则有了独裁主义倾向。”Talking of Russias hacking of the NSA by a group called the Shadow Brokers and of the Demographic National Committee (DNC), the partys governing body, Mr Snowden said: That doesnt strike me as a whistleblower - that strikes me as a warning. Its political messaging being carried out through information disclosure.谈及俄罗斯“暗影经纪人”黑客组织袭击美国国家安全局和民主党管理机构民主党全国委员会这一事件,斯诺登表示:“相对于泄密而言,更令我震惊的是其所传达出的威胁警告,这是信息泄露所传达出的政治讯息This is part of the problem of all this surveillance free-for-all that were allowing to occur by refusing to moderate our own behaviour.“我们拒绝对自己的行为有所收敛从而导致了全民被监控,产生的后果将远不止于此Weve set a kind of global precedent that anything is possible and nothing is prohibited.“一切皆有可能发生,任何事情都不会被禁止,这是我们创造的全球先例。”Mr Snowden, in an interview with former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger in the Financial Times, was critical of his hosts, saying: I cant fix the human rights situation in Russia, and realistically my priority is to fix my own country first, because thats the one I owe the greatest loyalty.在《金融时报》刊登的与前卫报编辑阿兰#8226;拉斯布里吉的采访中,斯诺登公开抨击俄罗斯政府并称:“我无法修正俄罗斯的人权现状,况且事实上,我的优先要务是首先修正我自己国家的人权,因为我对那里怀有最大的忠诚。”Although he makes of point of reiterating the unwavering support he has for his homeland - where some wanted to see him sat in the electric chair - the 33-year-old is reserved about the countrys future.尽管他反复重申自己对祖国的坚定持,但国内有些人却想看到他坐上死刑电椅3岁流亡在外的斯诺登对归国的希望缄默茫然。Non-fussed about front-runners Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, he said: I think we should have better choices.他对竞选中领先的唐纳德#8226;特朗普和希拉#8226;克林顿都并无好感,并表示:“我认为我们应该有更好的选择Were a country of 330million people and we seem to be being asked to make a choice between individuals whose lives are defined by scandal.“我们是一个拥.3亿人民的大国,但我们似乎正被迫要在那些丑闻缠身的人之间做出抉择I simply think we should be capable of more. “我只是觉得我们应该有能力做得更好,仅此而已。”来 /201609/466827上海自体脂肪填充泪沟 TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Monday urged China to engage in talks pledging to maintain peace with the islands giant neighbor amid a near five-month impasse after Beijing halted official communications with the self-ruled island.台北(路透社-自北京停止与台湾(原文写的自治岛)的官方交流后,中国大陆与台湾关系陷入僵局已近五个月,本周一,台湾地区领导人蔡英文(原文总统)敦促大陆坐下来谈判,以维持两岸和平共处的关系。。。。However Tsai in her first National Day speech stopped short of conceding a crucial principle that Beijing has said is needed for talks to resume that Taiwan is a part of China also referred to between the two sides as the ;1992 consensus;.但素,蔡英文在她上台后的首次国庆讲话中,并没有承2共识。之前大陆方面放话,想和大陆谈,台湾方面得先继续认可92共识,承认台湾是中国的一部分。Tsais proponents have said she has been holding out olive branches to China but also choosing her words carefully so as not to lose her key anti-China support base at home.蔡英文的持者说,小英已经向大陆伸出橄榄枝啦,只是措辞很小心,免得失去岛内反大陆核心阵营的持;The two sides of the Strait should sit down and talk as soon as possible; Tsai said in her address referring to the Taiwan Strait that separates the island from the mainland.“海峡两岸双方应该坐下来谈谈蔡英文在讲话中提及的海峡是指隔开台湾和大陆的台湾海峡。来 /201610/470580嘉定区妇幼保健医院割双眼皮手术价格

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