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LOS ANGELES — “Star Wars: The ce Awakens” took in about .5 million in North America over the weekend, an estimated million total since opening in mid-December, putting Hollywood in position to set a full-year domestic box-office record.洛杉矶――在刚过去的周末,《星球大战:原力觉醒(Star Wars: The ce Awakens)在北美获得了1.535亿美元票房,自月中上映以来,它已经获得了约5.5亿美元的票房,好莱坞有望创下国内全年票房纪录But reaching that summit was not easy: The “Star Wars” phenomenon notwithstanding, the film industry in many ways limped to the top. the first time in at least 35 years, instance, the once-impregnable Warner Bros. landed not one movie in the Top .但是到达这样的高峰并非易事:尽管有《星球大战现象,但是从很多方面来说,电影工业是很艰难地才行走到顶峰比如说,35年来,一度坚不可摧的华纳兄弟公司首次没有一部电影打入票房前名行列When the final returns are in, domestic ticket sales — currently at $.89 billion, up 7.1 percent from the count at this time last year — are expected to exceed $ billion, according to Rentrak, which compiles box-office data. The previous record was $.9 billion in .Rentrak公司收集票房数据后统计得出:国内票房收入目前是1.9亿美元,比去年同期上升了7.1%,随着最后一批电影放映期到来,国内票房数字有望超过1亿美元上一个全年票房纪录是年的1亿美元Until the year’s average admission price is finally settled, strict adjustment ticket price inflation is impossible. Theatrical attendance this year appears to have roughly matched the 1. billion tickets sold in , and handily outstrips the one billion level of the late 1980s; but it remains behind a recent peak year, , which had 1.57 billion admissions. That would translate into roughly $ billion in sales at current ticket prices, although in reality today’s higher prices would probably have discouraged some consumers and trimmed admissions.直到今年的平均电影票票价数据出来后,才能得出严格的票价通货膨胀值调整今年的影院观影情况似乎与年卖出的.亿张电影票大体相当,当然也超过世纪80年代末期的亿张票的水平;但仍然比年售出.7亿张电影票的高峰要少照现在的票价,票房大概会达到0亿尽管事实上,如今较高的电影票价格很可能会令若干消费者不愿走入影院,从而影响了观影人数Two hand-me-down film properties drove this year’s results: The best-selling releases of the year are likely to be the seventh chapter in a “Star Wars” franchise that began 38 years ago, and the fourth entry in the -year-old “Jurassic Park” series.两部大片续集促成了今年的票房结果:今年最卖座的影片很可能是《星球大战系列片上映38年以来的第七部影片,以及拥有年历史的《侏罗纪公园(Jurassic Park)系列的第四部Behind those nostalgia-driven megahits, however, dozens of high-profile films struggled, especially when they tried to take the moviegoing masses somewhere entirely new.在这些怀旧驱动的超级大片背后,还有几十部大片在竞争,特别是它们都想带给观影者全新的体验“The Big Short,” centered on the housing collapse of the late 00s, with $.5 million in weekend box-office sales and $ million to date, and “Concussion,” a hard look at the National Football League and brain injury, with $ million in sales since opening on Friday, were fighting attention. Both placed well behind “Daddy’s Home,” a comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell that had .8 million in sales. But they beat “Point Break,” a critically derided 3-D action remake that became Warner’s latest collapse, with just $. million in first weekend sales from about ,900 theaters.《大空头(The Big Short)关注1世纪年代末期的房地产崩溃,上映当周周末获得了万美元票房,到目前共获得00万美元票房《脑震荡(Concussion)正在努力获得关注,它严厉地审视国家橄榄球联盟与脑震荡之间的关系,自周五上映以来,共获得10万美元票房这两部影片都位居《老爸当家(Daddy’s Home)之后,这部喜剧由马克·沃尔伯格(Mark Wahlberg)和威尔·法瑞尔(Will Ferrell)主演,已获得3880万美元票房位居这三部影片之后的是《极盗者(Point Break),这部遭到取笑的3-D重拍动作片是华纳公司最新的失败之作,推出的第一个周末在约900家影院上映,只获得万美元票房The year’s overriding lesson: Bold strokes, the most part, don’t pay.今年最大的教训是:大刀阔斧的尝试通常付之东流“I hope I have the nerve to do it again,” Thomas E. Rothman, Sony’s movie chairman, said of the drubbing he took on Robert Zemeckis’s “The Walk,” a daring 3-D spectacle that reconstructed a tightrope stunt between the World Trade Center towers in 197.“我真希望自己有勇气重来一遍,”索尼影业主席托马斯·E·罗斯曼(Thomas E. Rothman)谈起自己在罗伯特·泽米吉斯(Robert Zemeckis)的《云中行走(The Walk)一片所遭到的失败这是一部大胆的3-D奇观片,重现了197年世贸双子塔之间行走钢索的情景That film took in a total of $.1 million after its release in September. Speaking at the Paley Center Media in New York last month, Mr. Rothman noted that original movie fare was being routinely ignored by viewers, who similarly turned away from “Everest,” a 3-D thriller from Universal Pictures. Other expensive “original” movies (though sometimes based on books or other source material) that went belly up included “In the Heart of the Sea” (Warner Bros.), the retro-themed “Tomorrowland” (Walt Disney Studios) and the space adventure “Jupiter Ascending” (Warner).影片于9月上映,共获得万美元票房上个月,罗斯曼在纽约帕利媒体中心指出,这部原创影片照例被观众忽略了,他们的注意力被类似题材的《绝命海拔(Everest)所吸引,这是环球影业(Universal Pictures)推出的一部3-D惊悚片其他昂贵而遭到失败的“原创”电影(其中有些是根据书籍或其他素材改编的)还包括华纳兄弟的《海洋深处(In the Heart of the Sea)、沃尔特·迪士尼公司复古题材的《明日世界(Tomorrowland),以及华纳影业的太空冒险题材影片《木星上升(Jupiter Ascending)One original-minded film that bucked the trend was “The Martian,” starring Matt Damon as a kind of Robinson Crusoe on Mars. The film dominated the fall, taking in million Fox and setting up a possible Oscar run its director, Ridley Scott.原创电影《火星救援(The Martian)突破了这一趋势,它是由马特·达蒙(Matt Damon)主演的太空鲁滨逊片它在秋季票房榜占据统治地位,为福克斯公司获得.35亿美元票房,导演雷利·斯科特(Ridley Scott)有可能凭此片角逐奥斯卡奖The audience the most part preferred to curl up in its comt zone, turning out new iterations of old screen stories, including “Creed,” in which Sylvester Stallone again played Rocky Balboa; the fifth “Mission: Impossible” movie, in which Tom Cruise was still Ethan Hunt; and “Spectre,” the th film in the 53-year-old James Bond series.大部分观众情愿留在舒适区,观看以新的方式讲述的旧故事,这其中包括了《奎迪(Creed),片中西尔维斯特·史泰龙(Sylvester Stallone)再度饰演洛基·鲍尔勃亚(Rocky Balboa);《碟中谍(Mission: Impossible)第五部,片中汤姆·克鲁斯仍然饰演伊森·亨特(Ethan Hunt);此外还有享有53年历史的0系列的第部影片《0:幽灵党(Spectre)But even the old stuff didn’t always work. Arnold Schwarzenegger sagged in “Terminator Genisys,” from Paramount, and nostalgia couldn’t make hits of Warner’s “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and “Vacation.”但老片新拍也并不总是奏效阿诺德·施瓦辛格(Arnold Schwarzenegger)在派拉蒙的《终结者:创世纪(Terminator Genisys)中表现不佳;怀旧情绪也未能令华纳兄弟的《秘密特工(The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)和《假期历险记(Vacation)走红In his talk at the Paley Center, Mr. Rothman said studios are now firmly committed to finding their future in the past — something that will become fully apparent in when the next iterations of “Spider-Man,” “Wolverine” and “Star Wars” are scheduled to hit screens.罗斯曼在帕利中心的谈话中说,制片公司现在致力于从过去之中发掘自己的未来——年,这种趋势将充分显现出来,届时《蜘蛛侠(Spider-Man)、《金刚狼(Wolverine)与《星球大战系列的新作都将上映“Every weekend of that summer now has a giant sequel on it,” Mr. Rothman said.“到夏天,每个周末都有一部大片续集上映,”罗斯曼说While banking on nostalgia and growing international markets to make up flat home-entertainment sales, studios and their indie competitors will find much to contemplate in the behavior this year of a domestic audience whose likes and dislikes were often startlingly pronounced.制片公司期待怀旧情绪与日益增长的国际市场能弥补平淡的国内销售,另一方面,国内观众的喜好通常非常明显,今年,从他们的好恶之中,大制片公司与独立制片公司可以发现很多值得深思的东西“The ceiling has risen, and the floor has dropped,” said Howard Cohen, a co-president of the indie distributor Roadside Attractions. That company did particularly well with two small prize contenders, “Love amp; Mercy” (released in partnership with Lionsgate) and “Mr. Holmes” (with Miramax). Mr. Cohen said the films succeeded in part because they opened a long run in the summer months, rather than waiting the fall awards season.“天花板在上升,地板在下沉,”独立发行公司Roadside Attractions联合总裁霍华德·科恩(Howard Cohen)说该公司推出了两部小奖项竞争者:其一是与狮门公司(Lionsgate)合作推出的《爱与慈悲(Love amp; Mercy),其二是与米拉麦克斯(Miramax)合作推出的《福尔斯先生(Mr. Holmes)科恩说,这些电影获得成功,部分是因为它们在夏天上映了很久,没有等到秋天的评奖季才上映“We saw a lot of lemmings jumping over the cliff into the fall,” he said of the box-office carnage in September and October, when “Spotlight” and “Brooklyn” were among the few survivors.“我们看到很多片子前赴后继地匆忙跳进秋季,”他谈起九、十月份很多片子遭受票房惨败,《聚焦(Spotlight)和《布鲁克林(Brooklyn)是其中为数不多的幸存者Viewers clearly were not interested in stories about hard-edged climbers, creative powers notwithstanding. “Steve Jobs,” with Michael Fassbender as the sometimes noxious Apple executive, bombed; “Burnt,” with Bradley Cooper as a manic celebrity chef, also found few takers.然而,观众们显然对犀利的攀登者与赋予创意的掌权者们的故事不感兴趣《史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)一片由迈克尔·法斯宾德(Michael Fassbender)饰演这位时而名声不佳的苹果公司执行官,结果遭到惨败;布莱德利·库珀(Bradley Cooper)在《燃情主厨中饰演一个疯狂的明星大厨,该片同样反响不佳As of Sunday, prospects looked better a similar story of female ambition. “Joy,” in which Jennifer Lawrence plays the tough Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano, took in a fairly strong $.5 million Fox, though its ultimate commercial prospects were yet to be decided over the long holiday.周日上映的《奋斗的乔伊(Joy)是类似反映女性野心的故事,反响似乎好了一些,詹妮弗·劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)在其中饰演“魔力拖把”坚强的发明者乔伊·曼加诺(Joy Mangano),该片为福克斯赢得了不菲的50万美元票房收入,尽管它的商业价值仍然有待在漫长的假期中得到明While some ensembles faltered — Warner’s “Magic Mike XXL” took in only a little more than half the box office of its predecessor — audiences the most part responded to films with large casts. (The more Twitter followers, the merrier.) The car-racing ensemble movie “Furious 7,” with 3 million in domestic ticket sales, helped power Universal to No. 1 in studio market share after years of being an also-ran.有些众星云集的大片遭到惨败,比如华纳公司的《魔力麦克(Magic Mike XXL)最终获得的票房只合年《魔力麦克票房的一半多一点,但观众大部分时间里还是喜欢这样的影片(Twitter上的粉丝越多越好)追车大片《速度与7(Furious 7)获得了3.53亿美元国内票房,帮助强大的环球影业在陪跑多年之后,终于跃居制片公司市场份额第一位Universal’s “Straight Outta Compton,” about the rap group N.W.A., took in . million, setting sales records a musical biopic. And Disney struck pay dirt with “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” which grouped together Marvel superheroes and delivered million in domestic sales.环球影业的《走出康普顿(Straight Outta Compton)是关于说唱组合“N.W.A.”的影片,获得1.6亿美元票房,创下了音乐传记片的票房纪录迪士尼公司找到了宝藏,它的《复仇者联盟:奥创纪元(The Avengers: Age of Ultron)集合了漫威超级英雄们,获得.59亿国内票房The breakouts were often driven by female leads.突破通常是由女性主角带来的“Cinderella” was a major hit Disney, which also got a boost from Pixar’s “Inside Out,” featuring the voice of Amy Poehler. (On the downside, Pixar’s unblemished track record ended with “The Good Dinosaur,” which was a box-office dud.)《灰姑娘(Cinderella)是迪士尼今年的重点大片之一,此外迪士尼也受到皮克斯的《头脑特工队(Inside Out)一片的推动,埃米·波勒(Amy Poehler)在其中献声不好的消息是,皮克斯完美的票房纪录被《恐龙当家(The Good Dinosaur)终结,它成了一场票房灾难Amy Schumer, the devotedly inappropriate comedian, became a movie star with “Trainwreck.” “Pitch Perfect ,” centered on a group of misfit a cappella singers, nearly tripled the permance of its predecessor, with .3 million in sales.热心而不靠谱的喜剧演员埃米·舒默(Amy Schumer)在《生活残骸(Trainwreck)和《完美音调中成了大明星,后者讲述一群不搭调的无伴奏合唱歌手,该片票房比年的《完美音调高出将近三倍,达到1.83亿美元“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part ” (Lionsgate) kept Ms. Lawrence on top, no matter how her Miracle Mop movie fares. “Mockingjay Part ” has so far collected .6 million.不管詹妮弗·劳伦斯的魔法拖把电影反响如何,狮门公司的《饥饿游戏3:嘲笑鸟(下)(The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part )依然由她主演《嘲笑鸟(下)获得.66亿美元票房Even the success of “The Avengers” could be traced to women, with Elizabeth Olsen stealing scenes as the Scarlet Witch, and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in a much more prominent role.就连《复仇者联盟的成功也可以追溯到女人,伊丽莎白·奥森(Elizabeth Olsen)饰演的绯红女巫(Scarlet Witch)非常抢戏,斯嘉丽·约翰松(Scarlett Johansson)饰演的黑寡妇(Black Widow)也是重要角色Ms. Johansson’s next film is more of a question mark, however. She will appear as a bawdy water ballet star in “Hail, Caesar!” — a dangerously original Hollywood spoof that will buck the trend of sequels with its release on Feb. 5.不过约翰松的下一部影片还充满疑问她将在《凯撒万岁(Hail, Caesar!)中饰演一个粗俗的水上芭蕾明星,这是一部危险的好莱坞原创戏仿之作,于月5日上映,是对系列大片风潮的一种抵抗 019676。

David Beckham proved he a doting daddy when he took his children to Nobu recently.大卫·贝克汉姆最近带着他的孩子们去了Nobu餐厅,此举明了他可是一个相当宠爱孩子的老爸The 38-year-old looked like he took the outing completely in his stride as he cuddled his daughter Harper, , while eldest son Brooklyn, , walked close by.这位38岁的爸爸看上去很是从容,大步向前,抱着岁大的女儿哈珀,旁边紧跟着他岁的大儿子布鲁克林The posh eateries is his wife favourite restaurant to go to but 39-year-old Victoria did not seem to be with the family on the night.这家豪华的餐厅是小贝妻子维多利亚的最爱的餐馆之一,但是当天晚上39岁的维多利亚似乎没有跟着老公孩子出现在那里David looked smart wearing a khaki jacket which he teamed with a baker-boy style cap.He wore skinny jeans which showed off his athletic pins and chose smart shoes in maroon.小贝当天穿着一件卡其色夹克带着一顶贝克风格的帽子下身穿了一条紧身牛仔裤,完美地凸显了他结实的大腿曲线,他又很明智地选择了一双褐红色的鞋子搭配He kept his daughter Harper close to him and she looked adorable in a pink coat worn over thick grey tights and matching shoes.他紧紧地抱着女儿哈珀小七当天穿着一件粉色外衣,搭配厚厚的灰色紧身裤,又穿着一双很搭的鞋子,整体看上去可爱极了Her caring brother, Brooklyn kept a close eye on his youngest sibling and kept warm in a black jacket.而布鲁克林,小七的贴心大哥哥,一路上都仔细地注意着他最小的而当天他穿着一件黑色的厚夹克Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham has been using her celebrity status a good cause and has just spent two days visiting Cape Town in South Africa in support of Born Free.维多利亚·贝克汉姆这时正在南非首都开普敦,她以名流的身份到那里参加一个为期两天的活动,持人人生来自由 7897。

All of us may be trying desperately (or at least occasionally) to eat enough wild Alaskan salmon, leafy greens and quinoa salads. But let’s be honest; if we’re making the eft to pack a bag and book a flight in search of flavor, it’s going to be something decadent.我们大家可能会努力(至少也是偶尔)去吃很多阿拉斯加三文鱼、绿叶蔬菜和藜麦沙拉不过,咱们实话实说吧,如果我们不辞辛苦地整理行装、预订机票去寻找美食,那一定是去找不健康的食品The Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival in Ireland and the Salon du Chocolat in Paris are two more obvious choices edible extravagance. Having just celebrated its 60th anniversary, the oyster festival has grown from a banquet 30 to one of Ireland’s most celebrated events, with music, shucking competitions and historical tours marking the beginning of the oyster harvest (Sept. 5 to 7).爱尔兰的戈尔韦国际牡蛎海鲜美食节和巴黎的巧克力沙龙是享用侈美食的两个好选择牡蛎节刚庆祝完60周年纪念,它从一个30人的宴会发展成爱尔兰最著名的活动之一,包括音乐、剥壳大赛以及标志着牡蛎收获季开始的历史游览(9月5日至7日)Salon du Chocolat hosts several events focused on the darling of indulgences, this year in Japan, Belgium, Russia and England; all amuse-bouches to the main course in Paris, a virtual fondue pot of international confectioners and pastry chefs mixing, tasting, building towers out of, and designing clothing with cacao (Oct. to Nov. 1).巧克力沙龙通常会举办好几场活动,全是围绕着这种人们用来宠爱自己的食品今年的活动将在日本、比利时、俄罗斯和英格兰举办;巴黎将展示全套巧克力大餐,从小点心到主菜应有仅有国际糖果商和糕点大厨们会在这些活动中搅拌、品尝巧克力,用可可建大楼、设计装(月日至月1日)But some of the world’s richest treats aren’t quite as refined. Take, instance, the “doppelbock,” a doubly strong version of an aly thick and malty beer first brewed by the Paulaner monks in Munich in the th century. Oddly, it was brewed during Lent, when fasting allowed only the consumption of liquids. The more potent the beer, the more nourishment they got, or so the story goes, and the local flock was happy to follow their example.不过,世界上味道最浓郁的一些美食未必都这么精致比如双倍浓郁的doppelbock柏龙啤酒柏龙啤酒本就是口味厚重的麦芽啤酒,最初是世纪慕尼黑修士们酿造的奇怪的是,它是在大斋节(Lent)期间酿造的——大斋节期间禁食,只允许饮用液体啤酒越浓郁,就越有营养,或者至少据说是这样的,所以当地人很乐意效仿修士们的榜样Today, the tradition is celebrated during Starkbierzeit, or “strong beer time,” the first of Germany’s spring beer festivals (Feb. 7 to March ). It begins each year at the Nockherberg brewery’s Paulaner beer hall and garden, mer home to those crafty friars, with the tapping of the first keg of Salvator, the original brew, just as strong. Look other varieties, as well as oompah bands and other entertainment, at any of Munich’s abundant breweries.如今,人们在浓啤酒节(Starkbierzeit)上庆祝这一传统,它是德国的第一个春季啤酒节(月7日至3月日)每年,它在Nockherberg啤酒厂的柏龙啤酒屋和啤酒花园开始,当年那些手艺精湛的修士们就住在这里啤酒节的第一个活动是拧开第一桶Salvator啤酒,也就是最初酿造的那种啤酒,它依然浓郁你可以在慕尼黑的众多啤酒厂寻找其他口味和品牌的啤酒,以及各种节目The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival may have mile-long trains of crawfish b and stuffed-mirliton, but the gumbos and gravies of the South Louisiana Blackpot Festival amp; Cook-Offin Lafayette win crowds with personality. Each pot entered in the festival’s th anniversary cook-off this year (Oct. 3 to ) represents centuries of Acadian and Cajun history, family recipes tweaked and tooled over the years to compete modern palates.新奥尔良爵士乐与遗产节上也许会有一英里长的小龙虾面包和填馅佛手瓜;拉斐特的南路易斯安那黑陶罐和烹饪大赛则以独特的秋葵汤和肉汁吸引游客今年,这个美食节将迎来十周年纪念(月3日至日)烹饪赛上的每个陶罐都代表着阿加底亚人和路易斯安那州法国后裔几百年的历史,这些家庭菜谱在漫长的岁月中不断演变,以迎合现代人的口味Crowds gather at competitors’ pots on Saturday evenings while the judges decide which wins the day in five categories: gravies, gumbos, cracklins (or “gratons”), jambalayas and desserts (yes, pies, cobblers and even cinnamon rolls cooked in cast iron).周六晚上,观众聚集在参赛者的陶罐前,等待裁判们宣布当天的赢家,竞赛分为以下五个类别:肉汁、秋葵汤、猪油渣、什锦饭和甜品(是的,派和水果馅饼,甚至包括用铸铁锅做的肉桂卷)Americana plays throughout, from the region’s best zydeco to Appalachian bluegrass, topped off with an accordion contest and square dancing lessons. And in the campgrounds, where most out-of-towners settle in the night, there’s more grilled boudin sausage and fried catfish to be shared, most likely along with a fiddled fais-do-do from a neighboring tent美国传统贯穿活动全程,从该地区最著名的柴迪科舞到阿巴拉契亚蓝草音乐,还有手风琴大赛和方块舞课程大部分外地人在露营地过夜,那里有烤猪血香肠和煎鲶鱼供大家分享,很可能从旁边帐篷里还会传来fais-do-do小提琴催眠曲Could there be a better promotion a new music festival than the Great Wall of China? The Yin Yang Festival, which made its debut on the wall in Tianjin last fall, is to host a second edition in June ( to ). And while the music is a bit narrow in scope (the website touts it as “high quality noncommercial underground electronic dance music”), it can serve as a good jumping-off point those who want to see more of Chinese culture.要宣传一个新音乐节,还有什么比得过长城?去年秋天,阴阳音乐节在天津的长城上首次亮相,第二届将于今年6月(至日)举办虽然该音乐节的乐曲范围有点窄(官网宣称它是“高品质的非商业地下电子舞曲”),但是对那些想更多了解中国文化的人来说,它是个很好的切入点Tickets include three days of access to the Great Wall, which knocks out a big portion of the to-do list, and the event coincides with one of China’s oldest cultural events, the ,000-year-old Dragon Boat Festival. (Take the high-speed rail to Suzhou to watch races on Lake Jinji.)购买门票后,你可以在长城上游玩三天,这是活动清单上的重头戏该音乐节举办之际,正值中国最古老的节日之一——有00年历史的端午节(你可以乘高铁到苏州观看金鸡湖上的龙舟赛)Just make sure to bring plenty of supplies to Yin Yang, including food and water. Unlike its predecessor, the Great Wall Music Festival (an eclectic mix of dance music at the Juyong pass in Beijing each May), there are few, if any, established vendors nearby. And catch a nap — it’s an all-night affair.不过,去参加阴阳音乐节,你一定要带够食物和水不像它的前辈——长城音乐节(每年5月在居庸关举办的综合舞曲大会)——阴阳音乐节附近几乎没有固定商贩活动开始前,你可以先小睡一会儿——它是个通宵活动 6795。

At two years of age, Blue Ivy Carter is one of the most well-travelled children in the world.虽然只有岁,但是布露·艾薇·卡特和全世界的其他孩子比起来,她的阅历可谓是数一数二了Currently in Spain as her superstar mom Beyoncé heads into the final straight of her Mrs Carter Show World Tour, the tyke has also proved to be one of the most stylish celebutots in Tinseltown-always dressed in outfits to rival her fashionista parents during outings.最近布露还跟着她的超级明星妈妈去了西班牙,卡特夫人世界巡演的最后一站就在那里而这一次布露再一次明了自己是好莱坞最潮的小孩,总是穿着最有型的衣抢尽明星爸妈的风头Following Monday night concert in Barcelona, Beyoncé was back on mommy duty on Tuesday as she took her little lady out a top-notch meal, accompanied by husband Jay Z.在结束了巴塞罗那星期一晚上的演唱会之后,碧昂斯把自己世界明星的身份迅速转换为妈妈星期二,她和老公 JayZ 一起带着她的宝贝女儿去吃一顿大餐The sweet little girl once again proved her fashion chops as she arrived at the upscale Restaurant Windsor held in the arms of her doting daddy, dressed in a super-stylish leopard-print fur vest.小布露被十分宠爱她的老爸一路抱着来到高档温莎餐厅当天布露穿着一件超有型的豹纹裘皮背心,再次明了她驾驭时尚的超强能力Beyoncé was dressed to impress in black and white checked pants, a matching vertical striped short-sleeved blouse and pale green stilettos.而当天碧昂斯则是穿了一条黑白相间条纹的裤子,上面搭配一件竖条纹的短袖衬衣,脚上穿着一双浅绿色的高跟鞋The 3-year-old held a protective hand on her only child head as she carried her back to their car following their meal, as the inquisitive youngster turned around to take in her surroundings.当他们一家吃饭完出来的时候,3岁的碧昂斯一路护着布露的头,直到把她惟一的宝贝女儿护送上车而布露却对外面的世界很好奇,头转来转去看着周围While his leading ladies dressed up their lunch, rapper Jay Z kept it casual in his signature Brooklyn street style.当天碧昂斯和女儿都为外出午餐而精心打扮,相比之下老公说唱歌手 JayZ 就穿得没这么讲究了,一身他独有的布鲁克林街头风格 7。

Jackson's hair made into diamonds -- real摘要:自从迈克尔#86;杰克逊在6月5日突然辞世,有关他私生活的各种光怪陆离的传闻便不绝于耳上周五,一家公司说准备把他的头发制成钻石这个传闻是真的Since Michael Jackson's sudden death on June 5, the rumor mill over details of his bizarre personal life has ground away nearly non-stop, and on Friday, one company said it was turning his hair into diamonds. That one is true.The claims this week included a report in Rolling Stone magazine that a prosthetic nose he wore apparently went missing when he was taken to the morgue, and a British tabloid trumpeted a headline that he fathered a secret love-child.In one by-product of the "Thriller" singer's death, a Chicago company said on Friday it had obtained some of the hair Jackson burned while filming a 198 Pepsi commercial and planned to create a limited edition of diamonds from it."Absolutely this is real," said Dean VandenBiesen, founder of LifeGem, which has a patent on a process that extracts carbon from hair, turns it into crystals and then into high-quality laboratory diamonds.VandenBiesen told Reuters he thought the company could make about diamonds. No sale price has been set but VandenBiesen said LifeGem created three diamonds from locks of Beethoven's hair in , and sold one of them around Though the Academy Awards won’t be handed out until Feb. , Oscar season is aly upon us, and The New York Times has appointed a new Bagger — see byline — to navigate this fevered, outrageously expensive annual arms race.虽然奥斯卡奖要到月日才颁发,但是奥斯卡季已经开始,《纽约时报任命了一个新手——参见作者署名——来为这个极度狂热而又昂贵的年度军备竞赛做导航After more than a decade in the very real world of news, covering man-made and environmental perils, including the Iraq war and lots of hurricanes, it’s on to the alien land that is Hollywood.十多年来,我一直处在非常真实的新闻世界,报道人为和环境危机,包括伊拉克战争和多次飓风,现在我来到好莱坞这片陌生的领地Coming in fresh, the new Bagger had one very large question: Are the Oscars really worth all the money, eft and hype?初来乍到,我这个新手有个非常重要的问题:奥斯卡奖真的值得投入这么多金钱、精力和宣传吗?The endless parties, the luncheons, the panels, the ads, the screeners, the strategist-driven campaigns, the whispering, the dog-and-pony showings of celebrities in 1-percenter clothes, all of it laser-focused on nabbing a gold statue that the odds are heavily against winning any given contender: Why, people, why?没完没了的派对、午宴、座谈会、广告、试映会、战略性宣传、小道消息和名人暴露照片,所有这些都是为了夺取一个小金人,而且对所有参赛者来说胜算都很小:为什么?到底是为什么?“You’re not talking about rational human agency,” one industry insider said. “A Stockholm syndrome takes over.”“你谈论的不是理性的人类选择机制,”一位业内人士说,“是斯德哥尔综合征在起作用”The Bagger put the question to studio heads, directors, actors and producers, some of whom agreed to chat on the record, others off (several confiding that awards season was something they ded and loathed).我又向电影公司主管、导演、演员和制作人们提出这个问题,有些人同意将谈话内容公开发表,有些不同意(有几位坦白地说,颁奖季令他们恐惧、厌恶)In an industry unparalleled in its reliance on external validation, there clearly is no bigger stamp of approval than the Academy’s. Independent films, in particular, get a lift. Ego is an obvious motive that people seem to see most clearly in others. Being “part of the conversation,” that much recycled phrase, is a boon in itself: “It’s an honor just to be nominated” may sound clichéd, but garnering a nod truly is a type of win.这个行业极其依赖外界认可,而奥斯卡奖无疑是最大的认可尤其是独立电影,它们可以借此提高身价自尊心显然是一种动机,人们往往在别人身上看得最清楚成为“谈话的一部分”被多次提及,这本身就是一种恩惠:“能获得提名就是一种荣誉”可能听起来很老套,但获得提名认可真的是一种胜利Which raises the question of return on investment: How does all the money that goes into these campaigns — estimates run at more than million the season — measure against the revenue they supposedly generate?这就引发了投资回报的问题:本季的宣传投入估计超过一亿美元,它们又产出了多少利益呢?Right now, in the prenomination phase, money spent on campaigns, particularly those driven by vanity — yep, they’re out there — is a gamble and could be naught.目前,在提名前的阶段,在宣传上花的钱,特别是那些为了虚荣做的宣传——是的,确实有这样的宣传——是在,可能徒劳无功But landing a nomination means bigger audiences. Jon Kilik, a producer of this year’s “Foxcatcher” whose Oscar-nominated pictures include “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” “Dead Man Walking” and “Pollock,” among others, noted that an Academy nod can spotlight art house films that are often extremely hard to get in front of a mainstream audience.但是获得提名意味着能吸引更多观众制片人乔恩·基利克(Jon Kilik)曾获得奥斯卡提名的影片包括《潜水钟与蝴蝶(The Diving Bell and the Butterfly)、《死囚漫步(Dead Man Walking)和《波洛克(Pollock),今年制作的影片是《狐狸猎手(Foxcatcher)他指出,奥斯卡提名能使公众注意到一些艺术电影,它们通常很难被呈现到主流观众面前More audiences mean more bank, not just in the short term. Marc Shmuger, mer chairman of Universal Pictures, said being among the nominated few bestowed a film with a near-everlasting patina.更多观众意味着更多收入——不只是短期的环球影业前主席马克·施姆格(Marc Shmuger)说,一部电影要是能跻身少数几部提名影片之列,将具有几近永恒的光He also proffered the refreshingly noncynical assessment that the awards inspire quality in an industry besotted with the bottom line and prone to churning out big-budget comic-book flicks. “There is an occasion to celebrate when people are aiming high,” he said. “Let’s all applaud that because it deserves support.”他还提出了这样一个新鲜的、毫不愤世嫉俗的观点:在整个电影行业已经被利润麻痹,倾向于炮制大成本漫画改编影片的情况下,奥斯卡奖的评定能激发电影业注重品质,令人振奋“它提供了一个机会,来赞美那些追求更高目标的人,”他说,“让我们共同赞美它,因为它值得持”Very nice, right?说得真好,不是吗?Back to that bottom line.我们再回到利润问题上Brad Weston, the head of New Regency, which this fall had the acclaimed hits “Gone Girl” and “Birdman,” said “ Years a Slave,” which his company co-produced, earned $.5 million after nominations earlier this year, and .5 million more after its best picture win. Then the digital and DVD sales hit a year’s projections within the first week.新摄政公司(New Regency)今年秋季的热门影片《消失的爱人(Gone Girl)和《鸟人(Birdman)受到好评该公司总裁布拉德·韦斯顿(Brad Weston)说,该公司联合制作的《为奴十二年( Years a Slave)在年初获得提名后赚了50万美元,在获得最佳影片奖后又赚了650万美元数字发行和DVD销售在第一周就打破了年度预测“Because of the movie’s intensity, let’s call it, a lot of people didn’t see the picture in the theaters,” Mr. Weston said, “but the win validated that it had to be seen.”“因为该片比较压抑,坦白地说,很多人不会去影院看它,”韦斯顿说,“但是获奖肯定了它的价值,让它成了必看影片”Tom Bernard, the co-president of Sony Pictures Classics, known cultivating small gems, said nominations and eventual wins sent earnings the 199 releases “Howards End” and “Indochine,” his company’s first two films, “over the top.” Another example: After the whimsical animated “Triplets of Belleville” landed a best song nomination, its earnings more than tripled, to million.索尼经典电影公司的联合总裁汤姆·伯纳德(Tom Bernard)以培养低成本精影片闻名他说,该公司199年发行的头两部影片《霍华德庄园(Howards End)和《印度那(Indochine)获得奥斯卡提名并最终获奖,从而获得了“超乎想像”的收入另一个例子:异想天开的动画片《疯狂约会美丽都(Triplets of Belleville)获得最佳原创歌曲奖提名后,它的收入翻了三倍,达到700万美元“Oscars are something that bring awareness that money can’t buy,” Mr. Bernard said. “It’s credibility an indie film to be in the race.”“奥斯卡奖带来的知名度是钱买不来的,”伯纳德说,“它的公信力使独立电影具有成功的可能”The numbers go on. “Slumdog Millionaire” (), an outsider film with no known stars, earned more than a third of its box office take after the nominations, and another 30 percent after the win, said Stephen Gilula, co-president of Fox Searchlight Pictures. “The Last King of Scotland” (), about Idi Amin — hardly audience catnip — had little traction until the nominations: After its star, est Whitaker, received a best actor nod (he would win), it went on to earn over two-thirds of its total revenue.这样的例子数不胜数福克斯探照灯影业的联合总裁斯蒂芬·吉鲁拉(Stephen Gilula)说,《贫民窟的百万富翁(Slumdog Millionaire, )没有大明星参演,本来没有成功的希望,但是获得提名后票房增长了三分之一还多,获奖后又增长了30%关于伊迪·阿明(Idi Amin)的影片《末代独裁(The Last King of Scotland, )对观众几乎没有任何吸引力,获得提名前几乎没有任何票房号召力主演福雷斯特·惠特克(est Whitaker)获得最佳男主角奖提名后(他后来获得了该奖),该片又进账超过三分之二There’s also the catapult effect on individual careers: After Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova won original song in “Once” (), they saw that film made into a Broadway hit, which used their song and won eight Tony Awards.奥斯卡奖对个人事业还有快速推动作用格伦·汉塞德(Glen Hansard)和马尔凯塔·伊尔格洛娃(Marketa Irglova)凭借《曾经(Once, )获得奥斯卡最佳原创歌曲奖,这部电影被改编成百老汇热门音乐剧,该剧采用他们的歌曲,获得了八项托尼奖(Of course, a win brings with it no career guarantee, though Entertainment Weekly has suggested that the myth that winning a best supporting actress Oscar is a career ender turns out to be just that, a myth).(当然,获奖不一定能确保事业成功,不过,《周刊[Entertainment Weekly]称,事实明,获得奥斯卡最佳女配角奖意味着事业终结这个神话只是故弄玄虚)Fox Searchlight bought “Crazy Heart” in late August and rushed to release it that December after executives accurately gauged warm, fuzzy Hollywood sentiment toward Jeff Bridges, who went on to win best actor.年,福克斯探照灯影业的主管们准确觉察到好莱坞对杰夫·布里吉斯(Jeff Bridges)的好感,8月底买下《疯狂的心(Crazy Heart),月匆忙发行布里吉斯后来获得了最佳男主角奖“Jeff is beloved in the industry, and it reminded everyone why,” Mr. Gilula said. Mr. Bridges also saw a career lift: He went on to make the Coen Brothers’ smash “True Grit.”“杰夫在业内深受喜爱,让所有人开始思考原因是什么,”吉鲁拉说布里吉斯的事业也得到提升,后来主演了科恩兄弟(Coen Brothers)的杰作《大地惊雷(True Grit)Riding the awards season buzz is a key part of release date strategies — a studio can promote to general audiences and Oscar voters at once — which is why so many films come out at year’s end. David Glasser, chief operating officer and president of the Weinstein Company (the Bagger tried to get Harvey, too; the company demurred), described the fall sweet spot: “We’ve always had a magic November date the right picture,” he said.借助颁奖季的喧闹是选择上映时间的一个重要策略,电影公司可以同时向普通观众和奥斯卡投票人做宣传,这就是很多电影在年底上映的原因温斯坦公司(Weinstein Company)的首席运营官、总裁大卫·格拉瑟(David Glasser,我本来也打算采访哈维[Harvey],但是被该公司拒绝了)说秋季是最佳上映时间,“我们总是在月为最好的影片选择一个极佳上映日期”The Weinstein film “The Artist,” which would win best picture, was released in late November . The Weinsteins’ big horse in this year’s race, “The Imitation Game,” opened on Friday, two months after winning the Toronto International Film Festival’s audience award, and doubtlessly riding that awards momentum. “A great way to start a campaign, getting that stamp right off the bat,” Mr. Glasser said.温斯坦公司的《艺术家(The Artist)在年月底上映,后来获得了最佳影片奖温斯坦公司今年参赛的重头戏《模仿游戏(The Imitation Game)周五上映,显然是想借助颁奖季的势头该片两个月前获得了多伦多国际电影节的观众选择奖“能这样开始宣传真是太好了,可以马上利用那个奖项的影响力,”格拉瑟说Away from Hollywood’s glare, the nominations can have arguably more resonant effects.除了好莱坞的注目,获得提名无疑能引起更多共鸣效应Within days of the nomination of “The Act of Killing” (), a surreal, grisly documentary about Indonesia’s slaughter of suspected Communists in the 1960s, the country’s leaders took the unprecedented step of admitting that something terrible had taken place.《杀戮演绎(The Act of Killing, )是一部离奇、可怕的记录片,讲述世纪60年代印度尼西亚对疑似共产党员的屠杀该片获得提名几天后,该国领导人史无前例地承认,的确发生过一些可怕的事情“The government finally acknowledged that the genocide was wrong,” said the film’s director, Joshua Oppenheimer. “It was the first time they’d ever done that. Until then they said, ‘It’s something to be celebrated.’ ”“该国政府最终承认,那些屠杀是错误的,”该片导演约书亚·奥本海默(Joshua Oppenheimer)说,“那是他们第一次这样说之前他们总是说, ‘那是值得称赞的事’”Of course, every win, there is a minimum of four losers, with Oscar night bringing a plethora of bruised feelings worsened by the exhausting, marathon-like campaigns. Not to mention the inherently demeaning blow of having your film lose a subjective race that pits such vastly different productions against one another: A showdown involving “Gravity,” “American Hustle” and “ Years a Slave” is akin to cing a best picture selection among a Miró, a Pollock and a Monet.当然,每个获胜者背后至少有四个失败者令人精疲力尽的马拉松式宣传更加剧了奥斯卡颁奖之夜的伤痛更何况,它是把各种迥然不同的作品放在一起比较,具有很大的主观性,这样的失败本身就具有侮辱性打击让《地心引力(Gravity)、《美国骗局(American Hustle)和《为奴十二年一决高下就像是非要在米罗(Miró)、波洛克(Pollock)和莫奈(Monet)的作品中选出一个最佳画作“We’ve changed people’s lives, and that’s a wonderful, wonderful thing, but the process is not easy,” Mr. Gilula said. “You have to go in knowing the odds are that you’re not going to win.”“我们改变了人们的生活,那非常了不起,但是这个过程不容易,”吉鲁拉说,“你必须带着明知自己不一定会获胜的心态去参赛”Or, as the actor Edward Norton sagely put it, in a brief chat at the New York Film Festival, “You can’t hang your emotional health on it.”或者,就像演员爱德华·诺顿(Edward Norton)在纽约电影节上的一次简短交谈中睿智表达的那样,“你不能把自己的情绪健康寄托在这上面”There you are, Hollywood. Good luck with that.我来了,好莱坞祝大家好运,000.Separately, the August 6 issue of Rolling Stone magazine reported that not only was the left arm of Jackson's dead body "scored with needle marks" -- claims that have arisen bee -- but he wore an artificial nose that was missing when he was taken to the Los Angeles county morgue."The prosthesis that he normally attached to his damaged nose was missing, revealing bits of cartilage surrounding a small dark hole," the magazine said in an unsourced report.While that report could not be confirmed, Los Angeles coroner's officials did say earlier this week they were probing security breaches in their offices.The coroner's office is expected to release an official cause of death next week which could shed light on some of the reports, including Jackson's possible use of powerful drugs.And even as custody of Jackson's three children is set to be decided in court on August 3, The Sun newspaper speculated the singer may have had a love-child raised in Norway.Omer Bhatti, 5, sparked interest when he was spotted sitting with the singer's immediate family at Jackson's public memorial earlier this month. Bhatti reportedly spent time with Jackson at his Neverland Valley Ranch in the 1990s and was known as "Little Michael".But another of Jackson's mer proteges, singer Ricky Harlow, told celebrity website People.com on Friday that although they were close he doubted Bhatti was Jackson's son."They had a father-and-son type of connection," Harlow, 6, told People, "but I never thought he (Jackson) was his biological father."In Jackson's will, the singer listed only three children now living: Prince Michael Jackson, Jr, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II. 79387。