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兔子的家 Raits’Family --19 :19:5 来源: 兔子的家 Rabbits’FamilyRabbits’FamilyHello, my friends! My name’s Sandy. Today, I will tell you an interesting story about rabbits. Look at me , now , I’m not Sandy but a mother rabbit. I have a happy family because of my three daughters. They are very clever and lovely. (In the morning , they have good habits . After they get up , )And they have good habits. After they get up in the morning, they wash the face , brush the hair , clean the ears and blow the noses. They like singing and dancing , too . Now , let’s have a share , children , are you y ? (Yes, let’s go.) Action , please! ( sing and dance)

旅行游记:澳大利亚大冒险 -- 1:9: 来源: 旅行游记:澳大利亚大冒险There are many ways to explore Australia, but a spirit of adventure will take you to places and vista points unfamiliar to most who toe the tourist line, Raymond Zhou discovers.You can see more sights with a package tour, but you'll be rewarded with a more ungettable experience if you get more adventurous. When I visited Sydney the first time, I did what tourists are supposed to do: I bought a ticket A 5人搞笑 --01 3:7:5 来源: 5人搞笑Today’s Yang bailao and Huang Shiren ———编剧:方彦龙 Character::杨白劳Y, 喜儿X,王大春(喜儿男朋友)D,王大婶(王大春的母亲)W, 穆仁智(黄的管家)M,黄世仁HPart 1:In 杨白劳’home 旁白:(“喜洋洋”背景音乐起)---New Year's Eve,Xi’er is talking with her boyfriend on the phone, suddenly ,doorbell sounded.(叮咚!叮咚……) 喜: Oh! ok! Someone is knock at the door! So I have to hung up!Bye!(开门) 杨: 喜儿! 喜儿! What’s this? 喜: Oh! computer!(高兴地看笔记本)That’s a Laptop! 杨: Ha ha! Today I’m able to buy a computer! Next year, I will plan to buy a car! 喜: Really? Buys a car?Great! 杨: Ok, now we will go out ,are you y ? 喜: Ha ha,I’m y ok and waiting you to come back!(门铃再次响起)Oh,I think there must be Aunt Wang and Dacun coming.(开门,) 王婶, 大春, 杨, 喜(四人齐声贺道)Happy New Year!hah(喜儿和大春去一边嘻嘻哈哈,窃窃私语不知所言) 王婶:(走到杨白劳跟前)Mr Yang,I heard Dachun said, going to jump the disco dancing after dinner.Right? 杨:Right,What do you think? 王婶:I’m gald to,oh,are you prepared to go out? 杨: Sure!. 王婶: Ok,go?(问杨白劳) 杨: Let’s go,(朝喜儿他俩那边喊)Xi’er,Dachun,go! (四人出门 下) Part : In Huang Shiren’ home 黄: (黄世仁上台,气势汹汹地说)Hello,everyone!Do you know Huang Shiren?Tt’s me! Ha ha……But today is not yestady!You see Mu Renzhi coming! 穆:(穆仁智走上来)Mr Huang , give me a litte,ok? 黄: Not! I wouldn’t give you,because I haven’t money!(不耐烦的样子) 穆: New Year coming,My wages, a year--?(哀求着) 黄: Really does not have! 穆:(拉着黄的手说)You are so kind in my eyes,can you give me litte money,ok? 黄: No way,what’s moreYang Bailao has not return the money to me, what can I do you?(无奈的样子) 穆: You might ask him! 黄:Asking him?I think he couldn’t give me! 穆:Why? He has contracted the farm, and made many money! 黄:I know! But,he—— 穆:(打断黄的话)Tries!Ok? 黄: (想了想)Ok! You go together with me! 穆: Let’s go! (两人出门 下) Part 3: In enlightens the hall 旁白: Yang Bailao, Xi’er, Dachun and Aunt Wang finished eating dinner and tojump the disco dancing.(迪斯科音乐起,四人在舞台上狂欢着) (一会儿,杨的电话响了,他走到前台接电话) 杨:This is Yang Bailao, please speaking! ... oh... oh!-- 王婶:(王大婶看见,向杨走过来)Who’s that? 杨:Huang Shiren, he said he coming here immediately. 喜:(停止跳舞,朝这边问)Huang Shiren? Is all right?(杨白老点头示对) 大春: Nothing! We would take them away if they appeared! 杨, 喜, D, W: Ha ha (四人继续跳舞) (黄世仁和穆仁智一前一后的东张西望地从下面走上台前) 黄: Oh! Everyone,Happy New Year! (大家看了看,没人理睬) 杨:(杨朝黄走了过去)The same to you!(音乐停,其他人也走了过来) 黄: (和杨握手)Recently alright? 杨: Fina, but if you ask the money that’s wrong!(自己先坐下,示意让黄世仁坐,这时大春用脚把凳子往后一勾了下,黄坐到地上了,尴尬的看看大家) 大春:Oh, I resemble see to have the dirty thing, but not,sits down! 黄: (朝杨白老问)Who is this?(穆仁智扶黄起来) 杨:He is Wang Dachun,Xi’er’s boyfriend. 黄:(打量大春说)Are you Xi’er’s boyfriend? 大春:Yes! (喊道)Is not my that is you? 黄:No,no!you!(胆怯的坐下) 杨:What’s the mater? 黄:I’m sorry, but, today is the last of the year!en—Debt is--- 杨:(打断黄的话) Does not have! 黄: I know you are good man, give a litte,ok?(乞求的样子) 杨: No matter what you said to,nothing! 黄(抱住杨白老的腿哀求到)Mr Yang ,a litte,just a litte…… 杨: No money,only a life have! 黄: just a litte…… 杨:(很无情地说) No money,only a life have! 黄: (无助地向四处环顾)En---- 大春: (不耐烦地说)You have not heard? Does not have! 黄:(朝喜儿望去)Miss, you help us!help us !ok?(哀求着) 王婶:(和喜儿站一块的王大婶说)What you want to do? 大春:Boils!Go out!(语气非常强烈) ( 杨白劳推开黄,喜儿,王大春,王大婶赶黄世仁和穆仁智走) 穆:(拉着杨白老的手求到)Do not expel me go, I want to leave,from now, I do you ,I cound drive--- 杨: (排了排穆仁智)Ha ha, nice!ok! (穆仁智和所有的人都赶黄世仁出门) 黄:(冲穆仁智喊道)Mu Renzhi! Mu Renzhi!Do you know you is my housekeep? 穆:No!Go out!(全部下) 5人搞笑 5 人 搞 () and boarded a double-decker bus.I love the hop-on, hop-off convenience and do that ritual in almost every eign city the first time I visit.The bus took me to Bondi Beach where gorgeous people lie in the sun. The route also goes through some of the residential areas of the fabulous, an approximate equivalent of the special tour of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.A cruise around Sydney Harbor is probably on every tourist's schedule, and offers lots of photo opporties.What I didn't expect was to climb on top of the bridge. I thought I was simply going to walk along the pedestrian path.But no, that would be like walking on any bridge. BridgeClimb is designed in a similar spirit as a climb on the Great Wall. As an enticement you see photos of celebrities flashing smiles and you get a certificate proving your feat.Who can resist that? Well, my traveling companion who's afraid of heights, could.There were members in my expedition team, a ragtag group from various cities in China.We were assigned a Chinese-speaking guide, a young woman who had emigrated from Guangdong. She was petite and perky, which eased anxiety among the rest of us. If she can sprint up those stairs, through some of which you can see the dark blue water below, shouldn't we be assured the climb is fun? Dressing up the climb was a hassle. We were instructed to don all kinds of gear to prevent an impromptu sky dive or stuff falling from your pockets. Don't even think about bringing your own camera. Your guide will take photos you.What we got was a view of the surrounding area—including the iconic opera house—that was simply matchless. On other bridges, only maintenance crews are able to observe the bridge traffic and details of the structure from that angle. It's not just the height—the Sydney Tower Eye is taller—but the total exposure to the elements that adds a sense of unpredictability, albeit with safety strings attached.Sydney is great walking tours. Even though many modes of transportation are available, the best way to explore the city, especially a first-timer, is probably to walk around.In the Outback, though, walking must be carefully planned. We were advised to take three liters of water with us, but actually one bottle per person would be good enough because tour buses offer refills anytime.The longest walk I embarked on this time was King's Canyon, which lasted three and half hours, but it was early in the morning when the sun was not yet scorching.My first stop was Ayer's Rock, or Uluru in Aboriginal language.It is a sandstone mation that looks like a cleanly cut tofu. It stands 8 meters high, with a circumference of 9. kilometers. Legally you are still allowed to climb it, but your guide will do anything to talk you out of the idea, citing the number of deaths from falls and the mysterious deaths that occurred shortly after the climb. You see, the rock is sacred to the Anangu, the Aboriginal people of the area, who still perm certain rituals that even our guide is not supposed to know.Anyway, the best way to marvel at this highly recognizable natural landmark of Australia is from a certain distance and at sunrise or sunset. I partook in both a dawn and a dusk tour.The first and last rays of the sun seem to wave a magic wand over the rock, changing its colors from moment to moment as the light sifts through clouds of ever-changing density and m. There's a glow that almost seems to be from another world, something lifted from scenes of a fantasy film.The day of my sunrise tour, just bee the sun peeped from the horizon, there was a drizzle—a rare event, I was told, in this dry land. As a result of the sudden moisture, two parallel rainbows leapt from behind the rock, with a third struggling to emerge from the mist.Sure, luck had something to do with it, but the magic of the location seemed to manifest pretty strongly.Kata Tjuta, or Mount Olga as it was previously known bee the name reverted to the Aboriginal term, is 5 km west of Uluru and seems to be a less distinguished cousin.But by Chinese standards, it may lend itself to more fanciful interpretation as it consists of 36 domes and covers an area of 1.67 square km. There are all kinds of animal or human shapes you can conjure, depending on where you stand to view it.There are trails that take you deep inside crevices of the domes. And, of course, the colors change with the sunlight just as with Uluru. If you're wondering what happens if the giant rock is suddenly splintered and ms a gorge, you should take a walk into King's Canyon, a couple of hours away from the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.Here some of the rock walls are still pale because the iron has not had enough time to oxidize.On the Rim Walk, the initial climb up the 0-meter Heart Attack Hill and the middle descent into the Garden of Eden will send your heart palpitating with excitement.At one point, there is a half-splintered rock at the edge of the gorge which brave souls may step on and jump to see if it will break apart. (The last time a big chunk broke was some 80 years ago, according to our guide.)In my days Down Under, I spotted exactly one kangaroo—on the bus to Alice Springs. It was hopping along a fence, alone.But I twice tasted kangaroo meat. The first time it was probably overcooked, but the second time I would have mistaken it beef. I still have qualms about eating one of Australia's cutest mascots, but locals seem to be OK with it as it has been the staple of the Aboriginals millennia.Speaking of Aboriginals, Australians are very proud of this heritage.Our tour guides would use a tone of hushed reverence when mentioning it. And in downtown Alice Springs, I got up close with many of them even though we are not supposed to look them in the eye—a habit that may sound quaint to Westerners but not so to Chinese because in Chinese culture it is also a sign of aggressiveness.The vastness of Australia's Outback, plus its glaring colors, sometimes gave me the illusion that I was on another planet—an illusion broken only by the pestering of flies. Wearing a fly mask may seem like an approximation with wearing a veil an aristocratic woman, but out at the Outback the real aristocrat is Mother Nature. 旅行游记 澳大利亚

暴风雨 Rainstorm -- :: 来源: Yesterday, it was sunny, but when it was about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the sky turned to black. There were many dark clouds and it started to blow. After a little while, it began to thunder and lightening appeared. I was frightened. It seemed that the sky was badly angry and it wanted to punish the peoplein the earth. And then, it rained heavily. It looked like there was someone pouring the water in the sky. The rain lasted about fifty minutes.昨天天气晴朗,但是大约下午5点的时候,天空开始变黑天空乌云密布,开始刮起大风过了一会,就开始打雷闪电,我很害怕天空似乎很愤怒,想惩罚地球上的人接着就下起了倾盆大雨,看上去就像有人从天空倒水一样大雨持续了将近50分钟

今天是六一儿童节(Today is Children's Day) --1 :00: 来源: 今天是六一儿童节(Today is Children's Day)  today is children's day.my father takes me to the zoo.there are many kinds of animals,the tigers, the pandas,the lions, the elephants,the giraffes and the bears.  they are different from each other ,some are shy, some are beautiful, some are interesting , some are friendly, some are so cute. but i think these animals are unhappy, they should live in the est,because the life in the zoo are different from that in the est.

旅游英语:韩国的美食有哪些? -- :58:53 来源:   Many of you may know South Korea its pop culture, including K-pop singers led by international sensation Psy. But food is also an important part of the country's culture, and is luring more and more foodies from around the world.  可能许多人都了解韩国的流行文化,包括以鸟叔为代表的韩国流行音乐但是食物也是韩国文化中重要的组成部分,而且世界各地喜欢韩国美食的人也越来越多  South Korea’s cuisine is healthy, varied and is especially renowned being spicy.  韩国美食有益健康、品种多样,尤其以辣而闻名  Food is an essential part of South Korean life, and traditional dishes are a source of great national pride, as they are distinct from other countries. Whether eating in restaurants or from street vendors, you can always find some authentic local specialities in South Korea.  食物是韩国人生活中的核心部分,传统的韩国菜是韩国人民族自豪感的来源,因为它具有区别于其他国家饮食的特色不论是在饭馆还是在街头小吃摊,你都能找到具有纯正韩国风味的特色美食  Kimchi or Pickled Cabbage is the national dish, and is vital to any meal in the country. There are many different kinds of kimchi, but the most common version is made with napa cabbage that is preserved and lightly fermented in bright red chili flakes. It lasts months and is also used as the base many other dishes, such as kimchi stew.  泡菜是韩国的国菜,是韩国一日三餐中至关重要的配菜韩国泡菜的品种很多,但最常见的泡菜是用腌过的大白菜在鲜红色的辣椒面里轻微发酵泡制而成的泡菜可存放数月,也可用作其他菜的主料,如泡菜汤   Another famous Korean specialty is Bulgogi, or barbecued meat. While it’s normally made from beef, it can also be made with thin strips of pork or chicken. Bee the meat is grilled, it’s marinated in sweet soy sauce with lots of garlic and sesame oil.  另一道著名的韩国美食就是韩式烤肉烤的肉多为牛肉,也可以是切成薄片的猪肉或鸡肉在肉上烤架之前,会先把肉浸泡在放了许多大蒜和芝麻油的甜酱油中  Hotpot Mixed Rice is also a popular traditional dish in South Korea. Famous and widely available, it is like fried rice, but instead of being fried it’s mixed up like a salad. The dish consists of rice on the bottom, a few different kinds of sauteed vegetables, an egg, and toasted seaweed flakes and sesame seeds on top.  石锅拌饭也是韩国很受欢迎的一道传统美食这道著名的美食到处都可以吃到,石锅拌饭和炒饭很像,但是拌饭是把饭菜像沙拉一样拌在一起,而不是放在一起炒石锅拌饭包括最底部的米饭、几种清炒时蔬、一个鸡蛋、炒海带,并在上面撒上芝麻 旅游英语 韩国 美食


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