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Samp;P: 15 Percent Chance US Goes Off #39;Fiscal Cliff#39;标准普尔:美国跌落“财政悬崖”的概率为15%Standard amp; Poor#39;s on Thursday said it sees an increasing chance that the U.S. economy will go over the “fiscal cliff” next year, though policymakers will probably compromise in time to avoid that outcome.周四,标准普尔(标普)公布的报告指出,美国经济在明年跌落“财政悬崖”的可能性却越来越大,不过美国的决策者们可能会及时做出让步,来避免这样的结果。Analysts at the credit ratings agency now see about a 15 percent chance that political brinkmanship will push the U.S. economy — the world#39;s largest — over the fiscal cliff.该信用评级机构的分析人士日前指出,作为世界最大的经济体,美国因政治边缘政策而跌落“财政悬崖”的可能性约为15%。“The most likely scenario, in our view, is that policymakers reach sufficient political compromise in time to avoid most, if not all, potential economic effects of the cliff,” Samp;P analysts wrote.标普的分析师们这样写道,“我们认为,最可能发生的是,决策者们或可达成充分的政治让步,这样即便不能完全化解,也至少可以避免大部分因财政危机而引发的潜在的不良经济效应。”The automatic spending cuts coupled with significant tax increases in January could take an estimated 0 billion out of the U.S. economy and push it into recession, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office#39;s assessment of the fiscal cliff.根据无党派国会预算办公室对财政危机的评估,明年一月自动生效的开削减和税赋大幅增加的措施,将会使美国在经济方面预计损失6000亿美元。同时也意味着美国将会被拖入经济衰退的泥沼之中。 /201211/209919

热门事件汇总: 撒切尔夫人中风逝世 社会各界追逝哀悼· 铁娘子;不幸中风辞世, 绝代风华戛然而止· B撒切尔夫人生平讣文: 接过父亲的接力棒· B撒切尔夫人生平讣文: 年轻时候的;牛奶掠夺者;· B撒切尔夫人生平讣文: 上得厅堂, 下得厨房· B撒切尔夫人生平讣文: 国家经济危机中的倔强背影· B撒切尔夫人生平讣文: 经济复苏, 厉兵秣马· B撒切尔夫人生平讣文: 罢工余波未平, 终遇他乡知音· B撒切尔夫人生平讣文: 政坛路上坎坷, 无奈退归议会· B撒切尔夫人生平讣文: 政治抱负未息, 步入晚年封爵· B撒切尔夫人生平讣文: 追忆往昔皆浮云, 剽悍人生永流传

The Twelve Animal Signs十二生肖In traditional China, dating methods were cyclical means something that is repeated time after time according to a pattern.据中国传统文化,日期是循环的,也就是说,日期的循环是周而复始的。A popular folk method which reflected this cyclical method of recording years are the Twelve Animal Signs.记录这周而复始日期的最流行的民间方法就是十二生肖。Every year is assigned an animal name or “sign” according to a repeating cycle: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake,Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Boar. Therefore, every twelve years the same animal name or “sign” would reappear.即:每一年由一个动物代表,每隔十二年进行一个循环。这十二个动物分别是:鼠、牛、虎、兔、 龙、蛇、马、羊、猴、鸡、、猪。A cultural sidelight of the animal signs in Chinese folklore is that horoscopes have developed around the animal signs.十二生肖在中国民间传说中有其文化内涵,占星术就是由其发展而来的。For example, a Chinese horoscope may predict that a person born in the Year of the Horse would be, “cheerful, popular, and loves to compliment others”.例如,中国的属相认为马年出生的人“快乐、受欢迎、爱恭维他人”。The animal signs also serve a useful social function for finding out people’s ages.属相还有助于在社交活动中获悉别人的年龄。Instead of asking directly how old a person is, people often ask what is his or her animal sign.为了避免直接问及一个人的年龄,人们通常问他的属相。This would place that person’s age within a cycle of 12 years,and with a bit of common sense, we can deduce the exact age.这就可以确定他在十二生肖的排位,从而通过常识,计算出他的确切年龄。More often, people ask for animal signs not to compute a person#39;s exact numerical age, but to simply know who is older among friends and acquaintances.然而,人们通常问属相并不是要计算一个人的年龄,更多的是在朋友和熟人之间弄明白谁的年龄更大一些。 /201508/393318



  Macao casino revenues fall 摘要:自2002年赌业开放竞争以来,这个全球最大市场的年度收入可能首次下滑。The world's largest gambling market is on track for its first year-on-year decline since it was opened to foreign competition in 2002.Macao, the Chinese special administrative region near Hong Kong, has reported a 12.4 per cent decline in first-half casino revenues to 51.4bn patacas (.4bn).If the trend continues, driven by a 20 per cent fall in visitor arrivals, this year will be the first to see a contraction since the monopoly of Stanley Ho, the veteran gambling tycoon, was broken up seven years ago.Macao's liberalisation attracted multi-billion dollar investments by some of the world's largest gaming companies, including Las Vegas Sands, Wynn Resorts and MGM Mirage. Las Vegas Sands, which has struggled to meet its debt payments and suspended a Macao expansion project late last year, operates the world's two largest casinos in the tiny territory.Controlled by Sheldon Adelson, Las Vegas Sands is considering a spin-off of its Macao assets on the Hong Kong stock exchange.Macao, with a population of 550,000, is dependent on visitors from mainland China.The Chinese government, however, has been restricting visa access since the middle of 2008.An investment bank gaming analyst said: “The key factor is what happens in July. In the second half we're looking for a bit of a rebound.”Exacerbating the pressure on Macao casinos, the June opening of City of Dreams – a joint venture resort by Mr Ho's son, Lawrence, and James Packer of Australia – contributed to a 14 per cent increase in first-half capacity. /200907/78422

  China#39;s economy grew by 7.4 percent in the third quarter, missing the government#39;s target and falling to its slowest rate of growth since the global financial crisis.中国经济今年第三季度的增长率为7.4%,没有达到政府的预定目标,而且是自全球金融危机爆发以来的最低点。The figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics on Thursday represent the seventh straight quarter of easing for the world#39;s second largest economy.中国国家统计局星期四发布的数据显示,作为世界第二大经济体的中国连续第七个季度经济增长速度下降。Although 7.4 percent growth would be considered strong in many recession-struck countries, the figure is low for China, which has averaged annual growth rates of 10 percent for decades.虽然7.4%的经济增长率在很多经济衰退国家会被视为增长强劲,但在中国则是低速增长,几十年来,中国经济平均年增长率为10%。But Premier Wen Jabot is still optimistic China can reach its target of 7.5 percent growth for this year, saying on Wednesday the economy is stabilizing and has been ;relatively good; the past three months.然而,中国总理温家宝仍然持乐观态度,认为中国经济增长率今年能达到7.5%的目标。温家宝星期三说,中国经济正在趋于稳定,而且在以往三个月内相对良好。 /201210/204630

  中广网北京10月27日消息(记者刘天思)据中国之声《央广新闻》17时12分报道,北京宣布今冬甲型流感大范围流行趋势不可避免。中国之声关注疫苗的接种情况。  甲流疫苗个人不能自行购买Nobody is allowed to privately purchase the vaccine  根据我国控制甲型H1N1流感疫情的需要,这次甲流疫苗由政府统一采购,国家统一调配,优先用于重点和关键人群,个人是不能自行购买的。 受种者应该到经卫生行政部门批准的预防接种单位接种。根据《预防接种工作规范》的要求,受种者在接种疫苗后应在预防接种单位观察30分钟。受种者一旦发生可疑的不良反应,可以得到快速、有效的处理;由于疫苗需要在2-8℃条件下保存,自行购买后带走接种容易造成疫苗受热后效力降低,形成无效接种。 /200911/88627

  Gold has been lackluster this year, but some high-profile fans say the future is brightening. 今年以来黄金一直表现平平,不过一些高调的黄金追随者说,投资黄金的前景日渐光明。 After soaring to an all-time high last year, gold prices have dropped 13%. Gold has crept higher in 2012, though it has lagged behind stocks and some other commodities. 去年金价飙升至历史高位之后又回落了13%。2012年黄金价格有所升高,但涨幅仍然落后于股市和其他一些大宗商品。 But some investors, including Pacific Investment Management Co. and hedge-fund managers John Paulson and George Soros are doubling down on gold, while others are trumpeting bullish forecasts. 不过,包括太平洋投资管理公司(Pacific Investment Management Co.,简称Pimco)以及鲍尔森(John Paulson)、索罗斯(George Soros)等对冲基金经理在内的一些投资者正在加倍对黄金进行投资,同时另外一些人也不断发出对黄金的乐观预期。 They cite a continuing threat of financial turmoil in Europe, the prospect of additional U.S. monetary stimulus that could erode the value of the dollar and bolster gold, and the risk that long-dormant inflation could return. 这些人的理由包括:欧洲金融动荡的威胁仍在持续,美国额外的刺激性货币政策可能会使美元贬值并提振金价,以及长期潜伏的通胀重新抬头的风险。 Each scenario would benefit gold, which often acts as a haven from turmoil as well as keeping its value in times of inflation. 出现上述任何一种情形都会让黄金受益,黄金通常扮演着避险投资选择的角色,在通胀时也能保值。 As if on cue, gold jumped almost 1% on Wednesday in electronic trading after minutes from the Federal Reserve#39;s most recent policy-setting meeting indicated the central bankers were leaning toward a new round of quantitative easing. Many investors anticipate that could be announced as early as next month. 美联储最近一次政策会议的纪要显示,美联储官员倾向于推出新一轮量化宽松政策,在此之后,周三电子交易时段的黄金价格应声上涨了约1%。许多投资者预计,美联储最早在下个月就会宣布新一轮的量化宽松政策。 The world#39;s biggest bond-fund manager, Pacific Investment Management, increased the gold holdings in its billion CommodityRealReturn Strategy Fund to 11.5% of total assets recently, from 10.5% two months ago, according to Nicholas Johnson, the fund#39;s co-manager. Pimco anticipates inflation will begin to rise in about a year and that gold will be a beneficiary. 全球最大的债券型基金公司Pimco旗下大宗商品实际回报策略基金(Commodity Real Return Strategy Fund)的联席基金经理约翰逊(Nicholas Johnson)说,他所管理的这只规模210亿美元的基金最近已将黄金资产占总资产的比例从两个月前的10.5%提高至11.5%。Pimco预计,通胀水平将会在大约一年以后开始抬头,届时黄金将因此受益。 #39;Broadly speaking, we prefer owning real assets as opposed to financial assets,#39; Mr. Johnson said. Mr. Johnson said his fund bought as gold dipped toward ,500 a troy ounce. 约翰逊说,一般来说,与金融资产相比,我们更喜欢拥有实实在在的资产。约翰逊说,黄金下降至每金衡盎司1,500美元时,他的基金就出手买入了。 As of late Wednesday in New York, gold was at ,653.10 a troy ounce in electronic trading. The precious metal settled at ,637.40, down 0.15% for the day, but up 4.6% so far this year. 截至周三晚些时候,在纽约,电子交易时段的金价为每金衡盎司1,653.10美元,当日收盘价为1,637.40美元,当日下跌0.15%。不过年初迄今,金价已上涨了4.6%。 Gold#39;s all-time high of ,888.70─without adjusting for inflation─came in August last year, just weeks after Standard amp; Poor#39;s downgraded the U.S. credit rating. 去年8月黄金价格创出1,888.70美元(未经通胀调整)的历史纪录,而此前几周,标准普尔(Standard amp; Poor)下调了对美国的信用评级。 That decline has caused pain for many gold bulls. But several have held on to their positions in anticipation that the metal will come roaring back. 金价下跌让大量看多黄金的投资者痛苦不堪。但是一些人坚持持有他们的头寸,他们预计金价将强势反弹。 #39;I wouldn#39;t be at all surprised to see a new record this year,#39; said Eric Sprott, chief investment officer at Toronto-based Sprott Asset Management. The firm has various funds that offer exposure to gold, including its Offshore Fund Limited, which bets on shares of miners, among other things. Still, that exposure hasn#39;t helped the fund, which is down 26% this year through July. 多伦多基金公司Sprott Asset Management的首席投资长斯普罗特(Eric Sprott)说,如果今年金价创下历史新高,我一点也不会感到意外。该公司有多种投资黄金领域的基金,其中包括Offshore Fund Limited。这只基金押注的对象之一是矿业公司的股票。尽管如此,在黄金上的投资并没有给这只基金带来提振,今年截至7月份该基金累计下跌了26%。 Prominent fund managers, including Messrs. Paulson and Soros, also have increased their gold holdings, according to regulatory filings. Mr. Paulson#39;s firm, Paulson amp; Co., held 98 million shares of various gold-mining companies as of June 30, up 3.5% from the end of the first quarter, according to filings. The shares were worth .9 billion at June 30, according to filings. 据提交给监管机构的备案文件显示,包括鲍尔森和索罗斯在内的知名基金经理也已经增持了黄金。据监管备案文件显示,截至6月30日,鲍尔森麾下的Paulson amp; Co.持有各类金矿公司股票共9,800万股,较一季度末增加了3.5%。据备案文件显示,以6月30日的股价计算,这些股票总值为19亿美元。 Paulson amp; Co. owned 21.8 million shares of SPDR Gold Shares, an exchange-traded fund backed by bullion, at June 30, an increase of 4.5 million shares from March 31, according to filings. The higher mining and ETF holdings reflect Mr. Paulson#39;s bullish thesis on gold, one he has had since 2009, according to a person close to the fund. 据监管备案文件显示,截至6月30日,Paulson amp; Co.持有2,180万份黄金交易所买卖基金(ETF) SPDR Gold Shares,较3月31日增加了450万份。据一位了解该基金的人士说,增持矿业及黄金ETF反映出鲍尔森对黄金的看好。自2009年以来鲍尔森一直看好黄金。 Soros Fund Management LLC more than doubled its stake in SPDR Gold Shares over the same period, leaving it with shares worth 7.3 million as of June 30, according to a separate filing. The filings don#39;t indicate how long the shares have been held or whether the stakes have changed since then. A spokesman declined to comment. 另外一份监管备案文件显示,同期Soros Fund Management LLC持有的SPDR Gold Shares份额增加了一倍以上;以6月30日的价格计算,该公司所持份额总值为1.373亿美元。文件中没有披露这些份额已经持有多久,也未透露此后持有量是否发生了变化。该公司发言人不予置评。 Some analysts aren#39;t so optimistic. Credit Suisse recently sliced its 2012 outlook for gold by 5% to ,680, because of weak demand for physical bullion in India and Southeast Asia. Demand from India and China has weakened in recent months, according to the World Gold Council, a gold-mining industry group. Morgan Stanley also cut its forecast recently. 一些分析人士则没有这么乐观。瑞信(Credit Suisse)最近将其对2012年黄金价格的预期下调了5%,至每金衡盎司1,680美元,原因是印度和东南亚对黄块的需求低迷。据黄金开采行业组织世界黄金协会(World Gold Council)的数据,近几个月,印度和中国的黄金需求减弱。根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)最近也下调了对黄金价格的预期。 Even some who expect prices to rise are moderating their outlooks. Julian Jessop, head of commodities research at Capital Economics, a London-based consulting firm, said he has #39;scaled back my bullishness,#39; revising his estimate for gold#39;s peak down from ,500 to ,000. 就连一些预计金价会上涨的人士也开始调低对黄金前景的预期。伦敦咨询公司凯投宏观(Capital Economics)大宗商品研究负责人杰索普(Julian Jessop)说,自己的乐观预期已经有所收敛,他把自己对金价高点的预期从每金衡盎司2,500美元下调至2,000美元。 Still, he expects gold to hit that lower level by year-end, as the world confronts the possibility that one or more countries may leave Europe#39;s common-currency system. #39;When people really start to focus on the prospect of the euro zone breaking up, that#39;s when gold will get a lift,#39; he said. 尽管如此,由于世界面临着一个或多个国家退出欧元区的可能,他仍预计金价将在年底前触及调低后的预期。他说,只有当人们真正开始重视欧元区解体的这一前景时,才是金价得到提振的时候。 Other analysts are sticking to their bullish price outlooks. In late March, as gold faltered, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. reiterated a prior forecast that prices would hit ,785 over three months. Gold missed that target, but the Wall Street bank hasn#39;t changed the forecast. 其他分析人士则坚持看涨黄金。3月底,虽然金价摇摆不定,高盛(Goldman Sachs Group Inc.)重申了此前的预测,即三个月内金价将触及每金衡盎司1,785美元。金价没有涨到高盛预测的水平,但这家华尔街投行并未改变自己的预测。 #39;Our view is that gold is still underpriced,#39; David Greely, chief commodities strategist for Goldman, said. #39;We still expect gold prices to move 高盛首席大宗商品策略师格里利(David Greely)说,我们认为黄金价格仍然偏低,我们仍预计金价将走高。 /201208/196404

  Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California and the second largest in the ed States. Often abbreviated as L.A. and nicknamed The City of Angels, Los Angeles has an estimated population of 3.96 million and spans over 498.3 square miles (1,290.6 km2) in Southern California. Additionally, the Los Angeles metropolitan area is home to nearly 12.9 million residents. Los Angeles is the seat of Los Angeles County, the most populated and one of the most diverse counties in the ed States. Its inhabitants are known as "Angelenos".Los Angeles was founded September 4, 1781, by Spanish governor Felipe de Neve as El Pueblo de Nuestra Sentilde;ora la Reina de los Angeles del Río de Porciúncula (The Village of Our Lady, the Queen of the Angels of the river of Porziuncola). It became a part of Mexico in 1821, following its independence from Spain. In 1848, at the end of the Mexican-American War, Los Angeles and California were purchased as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, thereby becoming part of the ed States; Mexico retained the territory of Baja California. Los Angeles was incorporated as a municipality on April 4, 1850, five months before California achieved statehood.Los Angeles is one of the world's centers of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, technology, and education. It is home to renowned institutions covering a broad range of professional and cultural fields, and is one of the most substantial economic engines within the ed States. As the home base of Hollywood, it is known as the "Entertainment Capital of the World", leading the world in the creation of motion pictures, television production and recorded music. The importance of the entertainment business to the city has led many celebrities to call Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs home.洛杉矶(西班牙语为“天使”)是在加利福尼亚州最大的城市,也是美国第二大的城市。通常缩写为LA,又名天使之城的洛杉矶坐落在加州南部,占地498.3平方英里(1,290.6平方公里),拥有约396.0万人口。此外,洛杉矶市区有将近1290.000万常驻居民。洛杉矶,是洛杉矶县人口最密集,美国最多样化的一个城市。它的居民称之为“Angelenos”。洛杉矶成立于1781年9月4日的西班牙费利佩尼夫政府,城市命名为El Pueblo de Nuestra Sentilde;ora la Reina de los Angeles del Río de Porciúncula(意为圣母之村,Porziuncola河的天使女王村)。1821年它成为墨西哥的一部分,在墨西哥从西班牙独立的时候。 1848年美墨战争后期,洛杉矶和加利福尼亚州作为瓜达卢佩伊达尔戈条约的一部分洛杉矶和加利福尼亚州被出售给美国,从而成为美国的一部分,墨西哥保留了下加利福尼亚州的领土。1850年4月4日,洛杉矶成为自治市,5个月后加利福尼亚成为了美国的一个州。洛杉矶是世界商业,国际贸易,,文化,媒体,时尚,科学,技术和教育中心之一。它涉及了很多专业,文化等领域,也是美国最大的经济引擎之一。作为好莱坞的大本营,它被称为“世界之都”,引领世界电影,电视和音乐的潮流。在行业的重要性让许多知名人士都落户洛杉矶。 /200909/83334。


  Three years after a devastating fraud, Satyam, a technology firm, is back 三年前,一场欺诈案惊世骇俗;三年后,技术公司萨蒂扬归来 ;DEAR Board Members, it is with deep regret and tremendous burden that I am carrying on my conscience that I would like to bring the following facts to your notice.; Sent in January 2009, it was the sort of letter no company director wants to get. In it Ramalinga Raju, boss of Satyam—then India#39;s fourth-biggest technology firm, with a glittering list of Western clients and a cabinet full of corporate-governance trophies-confessed he had cooked the books on an epic scale, while insisting he had not benefited personally. ;尊敬的董事会成员,我揣着良心通知你们以下事实,深表愧疚,负担重大。; 2009年1月公司的董事长收到这封信,但他们却宁愿没得到过。信中,萨蒂扬(印度第四大科技公司。该公司有一张引人夺目的西方客户名单,以及一个秘密完整的公司治理的奖杯)老总拉玛林伽#8226;拉贾(Ramalinga Raju)坦言其曾做了大量的假账,但却坚称他本人并没有捞取任何好处。 Mr Raju was ;the most perfect gentleman you could ever meet,; says a former friend. He used a beguilingly simple trick, similar to that employed by fraudsters at Parmalat, an Italian firm that blew up in 2003. Bogus customer receipts were created. To make the balance-sheet match the juiced-up income statement, documents showing fictitious cash balances were cooked up too. Mr Raju organised the firm in self-contained silos so that no one else could put two and two together. Satyam#39;s real profits and cash position, the letter admitted, were over 90% lower than the figures in the accounts. Within days its share price collapsed by about 90%. ;拉贾曾是你能遇到的最正直的君子,;一位旧友说道。他所用的欺诈手段既简单又能掩人耳目,和2003年一家丑闻爆发的意大利公司帕马拉特的诈骗犯所用的类似。为了使资产负债表与高涨的收入表相符合,他还编撰了虚假的现金余额文件。拉贾把组织公司的地点设在筒仓里以掩人耳目,这样一来,没有人能够根据事实情况推断出他做的;坏事;。该封信说,萨蒂扬的真实收益和资金状况比账目中的数额要低90%多。几天内,公司的股价下跌了90%左右。 For most firms that would mean a trip to the pearly gates. So it is a miracle that Satyam is still alive. Its finances look healthy. It should shortly be taken over by Tech Mahindra, now a 43% shareholder and part of Mahindra, one of India#39;s best business houses. C.P. Gurnani, Satyam#39;s chief executive, who will run the combined entity, has the cheerful air of a man who has successfully wrestled an alligator. 对于大多数公司而言,公司下跌了约90%的股票意味着到鬼门关走了一遭。故萨蒂扬能在此事中活下来可真是一个奇迹。其财政状况看起来并没有什么问题,公司也应当很快由马恒达科技公司(现在持有43%的股权,是印度最大的商业机构之一)接手管理。即将经营这家合并实体的萨蒂扬首席执行官C.P. Gurnani也摆出了一副斗败巨鳄的欣喜姿态。 Kiran Karnik-who has the rare habit of listening more than he speaks-was caretaker chairman for about five months after the scandal. He says the episode shows ;India has the ability to get a big, troubled firm back on track,; and yields some general lessons about corporate survival. 相比起倾听,基兰#8226;卡尼克更习惯说话,在拉贾的绯闻传出后,他做了五个月左右的临时董事长。他说这件事表明印度有能力让大型却陷入困境的公司回归正轨,同时他也学到企业生存的一些基本教训。 First among those is not to pull the plug too soon. Although bankruptcy was an option, India#39;s government, showing unusual deftness, instead chose to replace the board and take a chance that the firm could avoid receivership. A disorderly collapse would have hurt the reputation of the entire Indian technology industry, says Saurabh Srivastava, who co-founded Nasscom, a club of technology firms in India. Implicit state support was no doubt helpful, but this did not amount to a bail-out: Satyam had to raise bridge finance on its own from private-sector banks. By April 2009 the gamble had begun to pay off. After an auction, Tech Mahindra bought its stake and became an anchor investor. 第一条教训是公司不要太快的终止业务。尽管公司可以选择破产,但是印度政府展现出的不同寻常的处理事务的娴熟技巧使公司可以选择取代董事会成员,而且公司也有机会避免破产管理。与他人共同创立印度软件和务业企业行业协会(Nasscom)的萨乌拉#8226;斯利瓦斯塔瓦(Saurabh Srivastava)说,企业衰败所带来的混乱会影响整个印度技术产业的声誉。尽管国家暗中持肯定有所帮助,但是这种持并不等于国家会担保破产。萨蒂扬必须自己从私人中筹集过桥资金。2009年4月,这场要有结果了,一场拍卖会后,马恒达科技公司购买了萨蒂扬的股份,成为其主要投资者。 The second lesson is that survival is about people: customers and staff. In the weeks after the scandal broke Mr Karnik spent time meeting not just the bosses of client companies but also middle managers, to agree on yardsticks for judging Satyam#39;s recovery. Mr Gurnani, who became chief executive in June 2009, says that in his first year he spent 250 days travelling, mainly seeing customers. Some trophy clients, including BP and Coca-Cola, jumped ship, but others, including GE, did not. A core of retained customers allowed the business to stabilise within a year or so. 第二条教训是公司要生存,顾客和员工不可少。在绯闻传出的几周里,为了达成恢复萨蒂扬所需要的尺码,破产的卡尼克不仅花时间会见了客户公司的老板,同时也会见了自己公司的中层管理人员。2009年6月成为萨蒂扬董事长的Gurnani说,在他担任的第一年里,他花费了250天的时间进行走访,其主要走访对象是客户。包括英国石油公司和可口可乐公司在内的一些大型客户都跳槽了,但是美国通用电气公司等却没有。许多核心顾客都留了下来,但他们要求萨蒂扬应在一年左右的时间内把公司的业务稳定下来。 The last lesson is about the importance of keeping the end-game in sight. Mr Karnik recalls that, within weeks of the collapse, government types suggested that the firm might stay independent after all. ;I said it was like a vegetable-if you delay selling, the price will go down. If you leave it too long you#39;ll have to pay someone to take it away.; Mahindra#39;s initial stake was a form of engagement. Now that Satyam is stabilised and most of its legal cases are resolved, Mahindra is y for marriage. 最后是要牢记结束游戏的重要性。卡尼克回忆说,在公司溃败的几周内,政府认为萨蒂扬或许终究不受他人左右。;我说,这就像蔬菜,如果你延迟了它的销售,价格便会下跌;如果你把它放太久,那你就有必要花钱雇人来把这些蔬菜拿走。;马恒达的初始股权是以一种合约的形式存在。萨蒂扬事件既然已稳定下来,其大部分的法律案件也得以解决,所以马恒达准备把萨蒂扬给;娶过来;。 A full takeover makes sense. Satyam has strengths, including its people. Oddly for a self-confessed crook, Mr Raju invested in training. But the industry has moved on since 2009. Satyam#39;s share of the top six firms#39; sales has fallen from 10% to 4%. An executive at a rival firm sniffs that it ;is not really relevant; any more. Big-ticket customers have become far more important. TCS, India#39;s biggest IT firm, now has 46 clients which spend over m a year. Satyam has four. Nimish Joshi of CLSA, a broker, worries that winning big deals or scaling up existing accounts will be tough. 全面收购在情理之中。萨蒂扬有其优势,如它的顾客和员工。奇怪的是,对于一个公开承认自己是骗子的人而言,拉贾却投资于训练。但自2009年以来,科技产业就不断向前发展。萨蒂扬拥有的前六大公司的销售额股份已从10%下跌至4%。一家对手公司的经理却嗤之以鼻,认为这没有关联。大客户变得更为重要。印度最大的信息技术公司印度塔塔咨询务公司如今已有46位一年花费5000多万美元的客户。而这样的客户萨蒂扬有四个。里昂劵公司(CLSA)的破产者尼米什#8226;乔希担忧争取大型交易或是按比例放大现有账户都很困难。 Still, uniting Satyam with Tech Mahindra will create the fifth-largest Indian IT firm. Tech Mahindra has its own issues-it is skewed towards telecoms customers, which have been shrinking. Targets to double the combined firm#39;s sales by 2015 look entirely unrealistic, but the hope is that its clout and expertise will allow it to claw its way back to the big league. 然而,若是把萨蒂扬和马恒达科技有限公司合并为一个公司,那它将会成为印度第五大科技公司。马恒达科技有自己的问题,即该公司偏向于电信客户,但是客户的数量却正在缩小。该公司制定的到2015年公司的总销售额翻两番的目标完全不现实,但希望仍在,而这希望就是凭借公司的影响力与专业能力让其重新成为本行业的佼佼者。 There are a few, very Indian, loose ends-a lawsuit by Mr Raju#39;s relatives, who say they have lost out, and a claim by the taxman, who appears, ludicrously, to want to tax the fictional profits. But Satyam will soon disappear into its suitor#39;s arms. That it has found a good home is not unusual-Enron#39;s best bit is now owned by Warren Buffett, and WorldCom, another victim of a big accounting scandal, was picked up by Verizon, one of America#39;s leading telecoms firms. But Satyam#39;s shareholders have done unusually well, losing only about 75% of their money. 这起诈骗事件中还有一些事情未解决,如说自己亏本的拉贾亲戚们提起的诉讼,以及竟然荒唐地想要征收虚假利润税的收税员发表的声明。但是萨蒂扬不久后便消失在收购公司的怀抱之中。它寻到的好归宿并没有什么特别之处,安然公司最好的一块现在由沃伦#8226;巴菲特所有,另外一家大型财务丑闻的受害者世界通信也已由美国领先的电信公司之一的威瑞森所购。但是萨蒂扬的股东们却做的很好,仅失去了自身75%的钱。 The mystery remains Mr Raju#39;s motive. He awaits trial. For the moment the best insight comes from his letter of confession. ;It was like riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten.; 拉贾的动机仍是一个谜。如今他还在候审中。而目前对此谜团最好的解释出自于他的悔过书。;这就像骑着一头老虎,你不知道如何从虎背上下来,还不要被吃掉.; /201209/197639


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