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人英文话剧剧本:世界真小 -01- 18:5:6 来源: CastKobe: K; play presenterAllen: Ab (boy)Johnson: JBZ: BArthur: Ag (Girl)  Scene IK: There was a lovely village in the countryside. Allen, Johnson, Bz, and Arthur are good friends. Here, they are creating the most beautiful memories.B: Hey! Look! A shooting star!Ag: Where?B: Here! (Take out a big special ring!)Ag: So, what is this ?B: Will you marry me?Ab: Sure, honey!(Ag takes out a hammer and hits Ab.)Ab: Ouch! OK! I'll be quiet.J: Hey, guys! What are you talking about?Ab: They are talking about their future. (Point at Ag and B.)J: Their future?Ag: No! Our futures. I'm gonna be a worldwide famous writer.Ab: I'm gonna be the greatest singer. And I'm worried that there will be too many girls hanging around and crazy me!(J, B, Ag pretend to be disgusted.)J: As far as I am concerned, becoming the most successful businessman is my life goal.Ag: What about you, BZ?Ab: To marry her, right? (Ab hits B gently.)Ag: Come on! Be serious. Let him tell us.B: I want to stay here and be a farmer.Ag: All right! We're only ten now. Who knows what will actually happen in the next ten or twenty years?J: Whatever our dreams are, no matter where we are, twenty years from now, we'll all come here having a reunion .Ab: And don't get, we are…K: Wait me!...All: Friends ever! Scene IIK: Twenty years later, at Johnson Rich's company.(Phone rings.)Secretary A: Hello! This is Rich telephone company. May I help you? OK! OK! bye-bye!Secretary B: (Knock, Knock, Knock!) Mr. Rich, may I come in?J: Come in!Secretary B: (With a flirting look) Mr. Rich, Can I invite you to dinner tonight?(Secretary A cuts in between the two of them.)Secretary A: Hey! Young lady! You may be young and beautiful, but I’ve been working here much longer than you. I really don't mind you inviting Mr. Rich to dinner, if you don’t want to work here anymore!J: Yo, ladies. Nothing but business, O.K.? Now, go back to your work!Secretary A: Sir!J: Now what?Secretary A: This is the ad the new cell phone design, and the main idea is "It's a small world!"J: Good job! Look, my cell phones make the world smaller. Scene III(At Arthur’s new book press conference)Reporter A: Congratulations, Arthur. We know that you are the winner of the Pulitzer Prize.Reporter B: Why did you want to write this book?Ag: Well, I always believe that touching words can comt people. Many people in the world live a difficult life. With words, we can tell them that they're not alone wherever they are.Reporter C: Why did you name the book "It's a small world "?Ag: It’s said that “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Through words, we can express our love, thoughts, and feelings to our friends. The power of words shortens the distance among people and makes the world smaller, right? 人英文话剧剧本:世界真小职场口语对话:办公室午餐时间-- :7:1 对话中学习一些实用英语,对工作很有帮助哦!Michael: The boss has an errand you.Billy: What is my task, sir?Michael: Scope out the city's shopping malls and find out the best deals.Billy: The best deals on what sort of items?Michael: Office supplies, of course.Billy: I'm leaving now.Michael: Hold your horses. Don't leave without finishing your report first.Billy: Fine, I'll finish, then go shopping!对话:办公室午餐时间迈克尔:老板给你安排了个活儿比利:什么活儿啊?迈克尔:找出城里的大型购物商场,看看在哪家买最划算比利:买什么东西呀?迈克尔:当然是办公用品了比利:那我走了迈克尔:慢着,别忘了先把你的报告写完再走比利:没问题写完了我就去逛商场!NEW WORDS 新单词1) Hold your horses(等一会儿, 别着急): relax, wait a momentHold you horses, miss, you can't go into the shopping center until 9AM.,请等一会儿,上午九点商场才开门) Mall(购物中心): an indoor multi-level shopping centerKid who goes to the mall too much are called mall rats.老去购物中心里瞎逛的小孩叫做“商场老鼠”3)Office supplies(办公用品): items used in the workplace, pens, paper...I am off to the mall to buy some office supplies, do you want to come?我要去购物中心里买点儿办公用品,你跟不跟我去?)Run errands (跑腿,办点儿事): do tasks, finish a small project, go out and do somethingI have to run a few errands at the post office, do you want to come along?我必须得去趟邮局办点儿事,你想不想一起去?5)Quite a deal(一大把,很划算): a bargain, inexpensive1) You will usually only get an hour. 一般你只有半个小时) Ask others if they want to share bee you order a pizza. 在订比萨饼之前,问问其他人是不是也想要3) Try buying a fun and colorful lunchbox, one that others will admire. I have a Star Wars lunchbox, and my coworkers are all jealous! 买一个有趣的颜色鲜艳的别人都喜欢的午餐饭盒我有一个星球大战的饭盒,我的同事都羡慕极了!) If you eat at your desk, clean up the food very carefully. No one like bugs at their station. 如果你在桌子上吃午饭,吃完后要打扫干净没有人喜欢他们的工作座位有小虫子5) If you are going out to pick up fast food, ask if you can get any your friends.如果你出去吃快餐,问问你的朋友,你能不能给他们带一点什么Dialogue 对话Gordon: Molly, I am going to KFC lunch, would you like me to bring your back anything?Molly : No thanks, that won't be necessary, I brought a lunch.Gordon: You always bring a lunchbox, why?Molly : Don't tell anyone, but I am on a diet. Fast food will make you fat.Gordon: We could get someone to deliver pizza?Molly : Pizza is still fatty fast food.Gordon: But during the coffee break I saw you eating the cake that the boss gave you.Molly : If the boss brings a cake, you eat it!Gordon: I guess that is why the boss likes you more.Molly : You had better hurry to your fast food joint, you only have a half-hour.Gordon: See you soon.戈登:莫莉,我要到肯德基吃午饭,你要我给你带回点什么吗?莫莉:不用了,谢谢我带午饭了戈登:你为什么总是自己带午饭呢?莫莉:别告诉别人,我正在减肥快餐会使人发胖戈登:我们可以叫人送点比萨饼来莫莉:比萨饼也是容易使人发胖的快餐戈登:但是,在工间休息的时候,我看见你吃了一块老板给你的蛋糕莫莉:如果是老板给的蛋糕,你就得吃戈登:我想这就是老板为什么更喜欢你的原因莫莉:你最好快点到你的快餐店去,你只有半个小时戈登:一会儿见亚龙湾英文介绍 -- :1:33 来源: 亚龙湾英文介绍亚龙湾位于三亚,作为热门旅游景点,亚龙湾因柔软洁白的沙子和清澈可见水下米的湛蓝大海而闻名亚龙湾是一个跳水的好地方,同时这里还有着先进的高尔夫俱乐部和帆船俱乐部 Yalong Bay is famous its soft, white sand and crystal blue sea. Yalong Bay is a 7.5-kilometer stretch of beach located southeast of Sanya. As a hot tourism destination, it is famous its soft, white sand and crystal blue sea with visibility down to meters. It is a favorite place of divers. It also has advanced golf clubs and sailing clubs.Admission: 5 yuanHours: 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.Get there: Bus , 1, or travel bus 亚龙湾

Welcome Speech 欢迎词 -- :31:5 来源: Welcome Speech 欢迎词Ladies and gentlemen,  Welcome to our school. I'm very glad to introduce our school to you.  This is our teaching building, which has xis storeys. The teachers and students are working and studying there.  The three-storeyed building on the left is our library, which has more than 60,000 books. On the right there is a gymnasium and a swimming pool. We often have P.E. there.  That's all about our school.女士们,先生们:    欢迎你们来到我们学校我很高兴地向你们介绍我们学校  这是我们的教学楼,共有六层老师和学生都在这里学习和工作  左边的三层楼房是我们的图书馆,那里有6万多本书在右边有一个体育馆和游泳池,我们经常在那里上体育课  这就是我们学校

A Happy Sunday -- :37:0 来源: A Happy Sunday  In my house, there are four goldfishes. On weekdays, I’m always busy. I must study and do homework and so on, so I have no time to care them.     But today is Sunday, I am very free. Then, I start to enjoy my goldfishes. They are colorful, but each has a big mouth, two small eyes and a long tail.  I take the food and intend to feed them. They are very intelligent. It seems that they know I will feed them, so they are coming up from everywhere.  Everyone is opening up its big mouth and waiting the delicious food. I am smiling! They look very lovely! I keep holding the food. Then, they seem a little impatient, starting to swim up and down, and finally using their mouth hitting the tank, making the sound loudly!  Their eyes are full of eagerness! I am laughing again, very loudly! Then, I put the food into the tank. They are eating it very quickly. I enjoy this process very much!     Today, I am really happy! What a happy Sunday!my good friend --3 :7:5 来源: my good friendlook !this is my good friend.he has two big and nice eyes.he can run.but he cann't run fast.he is friendly and helpful .he is never gets angry.he like me. and i like him too.so. we are good friends.餐厅 -- ::9 来源: 餐厅  Zhang、Fang:Welcome and have a seat.    Xia、Han:Thank you.      Zhang:Can I help you ?    Fang :What do you want ?      Han :I want one hot dog and tow hamburgers.      Xia :And I want a sandwich. and one meat      Zhang : Ok, And to dink ?      Xia 、 Han : Cola , please.      Zhang : Here ′s your food .    Xia : Thank you . How much is it ?      Fang : It ′s thirteen dollars and sixty — five cents .    Xia : Here your are .      Zhang : Thank you . 餐厅 英语 话剧

Where Is the Thief? 小偷哪儿去了? -- :51:56 来源: Where Is the Thief? 小偷哪儿去了?  John could run fast indeed. Nobody else in his town could run as fast as he die. So John was very proud of it. One day a thief broke into his house, took something good and ran away as fast as he could. John ran after him,shouting,"Hey, stop!" But the thief ran even faster. John got so angry that he ran hardest. It was several miles away from his home. He was still running when he met a friend. "Why are you running so fast?" his friend asked. "I'm trying to catch a thief," answered John. "But where is the thied?" asked his friend. "Miles and miles behind!" said John.  约翰确实跑得很快,城里的任何人都没有他跑得快约翰为此感到骄傲一天一个小偷闯入他家,拿走一些好东西,然后尽快地逃跑了约翰一遍追,一边喊,“嘿,站住!”可是小偷跑得更快了约翰气得尽最大努力追他已经跑了离他家几英里了,他还在跑,这时他遇到一个朋友“你为什么跑得这么快啊!”朋友问“我在尽力抓小偷”“可是小偷在哪啊?”朋友问“在我身后几英里”,约翰答道Computers 计算机 -- :3:3 来源: Computers 计算机  The computer is a very useful machine. It is the most important invention in many years. People use it widely today in many ways.  Most computers have memories. People can store inmation in them and take it out at any time. Computers are getting smaller and smaller, and working faster and faster.  Computer can do many kinds of work. Now in many large factories there are very few people. Computers do most of the work. They really help a lot.  计算机是一种很有用的机器,它是多年来最重要的发明今天,人们广泛地使用计算机  多数计算机都有存储器人们把信息存储在里面,并能随时取出计算机正变得越来越小,而工作速度却越来越快  计算机能做许多钟工作现在许多大工厂里人很少,计算机做大部分工作它们帮了大忙车祸 Car Accident-- :6:1 TOM: Why don't you watch where you're going?CARL: Me? You're the one who pulled out in front of me!TOM: There was plenty of room me to pull out.You didn't have to stay in the lane you were in.CARL: Hey, listen. I had every right to stay in the lane I was in.You were supposed to wait until I passed to pull out.And anyhow, you didn't give me any time to change lanes.All of a sudden--BANG--there you are right in front of me.TOM: I think my arm is broken.CARL: Sorry about your arm, but it serves you right. You need to learn how to drive. You're lucky you didn't get killed. And I'm lucky to be alive too.TOM: Listen, let's just wait until the police get here.Then we can decide whose fault this accident was.CARL: Fine with me. I know the laws of the road. I'm not worried.TOM: I have a cell phone in my car. Now it's probably on the floor on the passenger side.Why don't you get it me, and then I can call the police?CARL: Alright.TOM: It doesn't work. It looks like it's broken.I need to get to a hospital. You should drive me there.CARL: Oh, yeah?It's better if we make a police report first. Then you can go to the hospital.TOM: Damn it! I'm injured here. We could wait all day the police.CARL: Well, you'll just have to wait.I'm not going to move my car until the police arrive.I'll go into one of those houses over there and use their phone.Don't worry. You'll get to the hospital in time.TOM: It really hurts.CARL: Yes, maybe it does.But if you're going to drive like you did just now,you will have to get used to a little physical pain. You know what I mean?TOM: To hell with you. The accident was your fault.CARL: I'm afraid it wasn't.And when the police get here, you will also see that it wasn't.But enough of this bickering. I'm going to go find a phone.Don't move that arm while I'm gone. Alright?TOM: To hell with you.汤姆:你干嘛不看路?卡尔:我?是你停在我前面的汤姆:我还有很多空间可以停你不该停留在车道上卡尔:你听好,我有权利停留在车道上你应该等我通过再停进来再说,你又没给我更换车道的时间突然“砰”一声,你就停在我前面了汤姆:我的手臂断了卡尔:我很抱歉,但是你活该你需要学学开车你没死很幸运,我还活着也很幸运汤姆:听着,我们就等警察来这里到时看看这场车祸是谁的错卡尔:我没问题,我懂道路法规,我才不担心汤姆:我的车上有手提电话,现在可能掉到人行道上了你帮我拿来,我来打电话报警卡尔:好汤姆:不能用,好像坏了我必须去医院,你应该开车送我过去卡尔:是吗?我们先等警察来比较好,然后你再去医院汤姆:该死!我受伤了,等警察来可能要等上一整天卡尔:那你也只好等了警察没来,我是不会把车开走的我要到附近的人家去打电话别担心,你会及时赶到医院的汤姆:真的很痛卡尔:或许吧但是如果你再像刚刚那样开车你就要习惯皮肉之痛了你知道我的意思吧汤姆:去死吧你这场车祸是你的错卡尔:恐怕不是喔等警察来你就会知道是谁的错了不跟你吵了,我要去找电话我离开时,别乱动你的手好吗?汤姆:去死吧你

I'm an American Boy-我是一个美国男孩 --9 ::59 来源: I'm an American Boy-我是一个美国男孩  My name is Jim Smith. I was born in America, but now I an studying in Guangming Primary School. My father is a professor in a college and my mother teaches in a middle school. They both work in Beijing now.  I like my school. My teachers and classmates are friendly to me. They help me with my Chinese and I help them with their English. I like Chinese food very much I have learned to make dumplings and noodles. My hobbies are swimming in summer, skating in winter, as well as colecting stamps and listening to popular music in my spare time.  我叫吉姆史密斯我出生在美国,可是我现在在光明小学读书我爸爸是一位大学教授,我妈妈在一所中学教书他们现在都在北京工作  我喜欢我的学校老师和同学们对我都很友好他们帮助我学汉语,我帮他们学英语我很喜欢中国食品,我已经学会了包饺子、做面条我的爱好是夏天游泳,冬天滑冰,还有在业余时间集邮、听流行歌曲旅游常用英语词汇:玩具类 -- :58:19 来源:   中文名称:玩具   英文名称:electronic toys   中文名称:电动玩具   英文名称:plastic toys   中文名称:塑料玩具   英文名称:intelligence toys   中文名称:益智玩具   英文名称:staff toys   中文名称:毛绒玩具   英文名称:stuffed toy   中文名称:填充玩具   英文名称:fancy toy   中文名称:益智玩具 旅游常用英语词汇:玩具类

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