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The increase in the obesity could lead to as many as 1500 more cancers a year in Britain by the year 2010. Cancer Research UK which carried out the survey claims that too few people are aware of the link between excess weight and the risk of developing tumors. "I could lose a whale weight if I must do now."Louise Diss is determined she'll never go back to the days when she weighed over 20 stone. She knew it wasn't good for her, but she had no idea her weight was putting her in great risk of developing cancer. Then, doctors found an abnormal growth in her womb. In the end, it wasn't cancer, but the scare was her spur to lose weight.I was absolutely determined to do something about it, I've got children, I want to be live to be old and healthy. And I, I realized that I was worth more than, you know, getting ill and getting old, or getting the ill before I go old.She's not alone, there is widesp ignorance of the cancer risks of being overweight.After smoking, obesity is one of the biggest preventable causes of the disease.But according to Cancer Research UK, only 29 per cent of overweight or obese people know that. They say excess weight causes 3.8 percent of all cancers. And if obesity rates keep rising, there will be 15, 00 extra cases a year by the end of the decade.It's very worrying, because obviously these cancers are largely preventable by changes to lifestyles. So it's important that we get the message out there and encourage people to find ways to reduce their risk of cancer where they can. But with one in four Britons now clinically obese, we are used to hearing warnings about the risks. The question is whether this one would be able to make a difference.Jane Hughes B News. NASA has set plans to start work on a permanently-occupied base on the moon. It's sown the centre could be used as a staging post for any manned mission to Mars.James Westhead reports. 200805/39570。

Bush Announces New Anti-Malarial Measures in Tanzania布什宣布为坦桑尼亚提供免费蚊帐 President Bush is in Tanzania where he has announced a new initiative to fight malaria. The program aims to provide insecticide-treated bed nets to every Tanzanian child under five. 美国总统布什在访问坦桑尼亚期间为抗击疟疾宣布了一项新计划。计划的目标是为坦桑尼亚每一个5岁以下的幼儿提供经过驱杀蚊虫处理的蚊帐。The president and Mrs. Bush toured Meru District Hospital in northern Tanzania where they gave pregnant women insecticide-treated bed nets to protect them and their children against malaria. 布什总统和夫人视察了位于坦桑尼亚北部的梅鲁地区医院,在那里他们把经过驱杀蚊虫处理的的蚊帐送给妇,以保护她们本人和她们的孩子不染上疟疾。"The suffering caused my malaria is needless," Mr. Bush said. "And every death caused by malaria is unacceptable." 布什说:“没有必要忍受疟疾造成的痛苦,疟疾造成的每一例死亡病例都是不能接受的。”Bed nets are one of the simplest and most effective means of preventing malaria. So President Bush announced a new initiative with the World Bank to provide more than five million free bed nets over the next six months. That should be enough to cover all Tanzanian children under five. 使用蚊帐是预防疟疾最简单、最有效的办法之一。布什总统和界共同宣布了一个新计划,在未来半年内免费提供5万多顶蚊帐,这应当足够让坦桑尼亚5岁以下的幼儿都有蚊帐使用。As the nets are manufactured locally, President Bush says they not only prevent disease but create jobs as well. 这些蚊帐都是当地制作的。布什总统说,这项计划不但可以预防疾病,还可以提供就业机会。"So as this campaign protects women and children from malaria, it also boosts local economies," Mr. Bush said. "It helps develop a culture of bed net use that will be sustained long after relief programs have ended." 他说:“这项计划不但保护妇女儿童免患疟疾,而且还推动当地的经济。这会有助于当地人习惯使用蚊帐。在这项援助计划结束后,在很长时间里人们会把使用蚊帐的习惯继续下去。”The president's five-year, .2 billion malaria initiative is meant to cut malaria deaths by half in 15 African countries. 布什总统为期5年的防治疟疾项目要耗资12亿美元,其目的是要在15个非洲国家里把疟疾死亡率减少一半。The program includes training for health workers, indoor spraying, and treatment for up to 85 percent of the most vulnerable groups - primarily pregnant women, children under five, and people living with HIV/AIDS. 这一项目还包括训练医务工作者,在室内喷撒杀蚊剂,并治疗85%以上最容易感染疟疾的人群,他们当中有妇、5岁以下幼儿和艾滋病人与艾滋病毒感染者。Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete says the U.S. initiative has dramatically cut incidents of the diseases on the island of Zanzibar where 35 percent of people tested positive for malaria in 2004. Last year it was just one percent. 坦桑尼亚总统贾卡亚.基奎特说,美国的计划已经使桑给巴尔岛的疟疾病例大幅减少,2004年桑给巴尔岛35%的居民在体检时被发现染有疟疾,然而去年下降到仅有1%。"Mr. President, today there are thousands of women and children who would have died from malaria that are alive in Tanzania thanks to your malaria support program," Kikwete said. 坦桑尼亚总统基奎特对布什说:“总统先生,由于您的防治疟疾援助项目,成千上万有可能已经死亡的坦桑尼亚妇女和儿童今天仍然活在人间。”The ed States also funds a program in Dar es Salaam to kill mosquito larvae in the water where they are born. That has cut the malaria risk in Tanzania's largest city by half since 2002. 美国还资助达累斯萨拉姆的一个项目,杀死蚊子在水中繁殖的幼虫。自从2002年以来,由于这个项目,生活在这座坦桑尼亚最大城市中的居民感染疟疾的风险减少了一半。The president is doing some long-distance lobbying on this Africa trip, calling on Congress and American taxpayers to continue funding the President's Malaria Initiative - or PMI - as well as a program to fight AIDS known as PEPFAR. 尽管布什总统人在非洲访问,但是他没有忘记对美国的游说。他呼吁国会和纳税人继续资助他的防治疟疾项目,并持另外一个防治艾滋病的项目。Stephen Morrison is Co-Director of the Africa program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a private policy research group in Washington. "In both cases, the emphasis on PEPFAR and PMI is both to reassure the African audience that these commitments are going to be sustained and to assuage doubt as we look towards the end of this administration, but also to play back to an American audience about the payback and the value of all of this," Morrison said. 华盛顿的独立智囊机构--美国国际战略研究中心的非洲项目主任斯蒂芬.莫利森说:“强调防治疟疾项目与强调防治艾滋病项目一样,都是为了确保非洲国家对美国的承诺抱有信心,并在布什政府即将离任之际打消人们心中的一些疑虑。除此之外,这还可以让美国人看到,这些援助项目是有价值的。”After Tanzania, the president visits Rwanda, Ghana, and Liberia. 布什总统在访问坦桑尼亚之后还要前往卢旺达、加纳和利比里亚进行访问。200802/27465。

US Presidential Candidates Focus on Economic Turmoil美国经济再成为总统大选中心议题  The troubled U.S. economy once again took center stage in the presidential election campaign Wednesday. 星期三,处于困境的美国经济再次成为美国总统大选的中心议题。With the financial turmoil on Wall Street dominating the headlines, both major presidential contenders tried to position themselves as the candidate better able to deal with the economy - the number one concern of most voters. 华尔街金融动荡的新闻是媒体新闻报导的主要内容。民主党和共和党双方的总统候选人都试图把自己描绘成能够更好的对付经济问题的候选人。经济问题目前是美国多数选民最关切的问题。On Wednesday, Democratic Senator Barack Obama took his campaign to the southwestern state of Nevada, which Democrats hope to add to their win column in November. Nevada voted for President Bush in the previous two elections. 星期三,民主党候选人奥巴马在西南部的内华达州竞选,民主党希望在11月大选的时候能让这个州倒向民主党,增加民主党的胜算。上两次总统选举,内华达都持布什。Obama told supporters that the recent financial failures on Wall Street are symptomatic of a weakened economy, and that the responsibility rests with the Bush administration and its supporters - including Obama's Republican opponent, Senator John McCain. 奥巴马对持者说,华尔街最近的金融溃败标志着美国经济的疲软,布什政府及其持者,包括共和党总统候选人麦凯恩要为此负责。"Now I have every confidence that we can steer ourselves out of this crisis," he said. "That is who we are and that is what we have always done as Americans. But the one thing I also know is this: We can't steer ourselves out of this crisis by heading in the same direction." 奥巴马说:“现在我完全有信心,我们能够引导美国走出这场危机。这就是我们美国人的本色。我们美国人历来都是这样做的。而且我还知道,如果我们继续沿着过去的方向走,我们是走不出危机的。”Obama also recorded a two-minute television ad on the economy that argued that the best way to bring about economic relief is to bring change to Washington. 奥巴马还制作了一个两分钟的电视广告,谈经济问题。他在广告中说,缓解经济困难的最佳途径是改变华盛顿。Senator McCain has also focused on the economy in recent days. He told A television's Good Morning America program that the financial failures on Wall Street are having a negative impact on American workers. 麦凯恩参议员最近几天也集中讨论经济问题。他在美国广播公司的电视节目“早安美国”上说,华尔街的金融失败对美国工薪阶层来说具有负面影响。"They are still strong. But they have been betrayed by the top of our economy, by the greedy Wall Street excesses that sometimes, I think, may even be corruption," McCain said. "They have had their lives harmed by the greed and excess, and we have got to fix it. We have got to say that it will never happen again." 他说:“我们的工薪阶层仍然很强壮,但是那些管理我们经济的人和华尔街的贪婪和越轨行为背叛了他们。我认为,华尔街有时候甚至存在腐败。贪婪和越轨行为损害了工薪阶层的生活。我们必须纠正这种情况。我们必须申明,这种事再也不能发生了。”McCain says that as president, he would reform Wall Street and strengthen the hand of government regulators to stop the kinds of abuses that have created turmoil in the nation's financial markets. 麦凯恩说,如果当选总统,他会改革华尔街,加强政府监管,制止导致美国金融市场上出现混乱的各种滥权行为。McCain stumbled earlier in the week when he described the fundamentals of the U.S. economy as being sound, despite the current problems. McCain reversed his comments within a matter of hours and said he thought the economy was in a crisis. 麦凯恩本星期早些时候曾讲了不合时宜的话。他当时说,尽管出现目前的问题,美国经济的基本面是健康的。几个小时后他就改口说,他认为美国经济处于危机之中。McCain got some good news on Wednesday from a former supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton. A former fundraiser for Clinton's presidential campaign, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, said she was endorsing Senator McCain for president because Democrats have taken their party too far to the left. 星期三,麦凯恩从民主党参议员克林顿过去的持者那里得到一些好消息,希拉里.克林顿竞选班子的前筹款人员德.罗斯柴尔德说,她现在持麦凯恩,因为民主党人过分左倾。The next major point in the presidential race comes a week from Friday when candidates Obama and McCain meet at the University of Mississippi in the first in a series of three presidential debates. There will also be one vice presidential debate between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Sarah Palin. 下星期五是总统选举下一个重要的日子,届时奥巴马和麦凯恩将在密西西比大学展开首场总统候选人辩论。他们两人一共将进行3场辩论。另外,两位副总统候选人、民主党的拜登和共和党的佩林也会举行一次辩论。200809/49280。

amalgam ———— 混杂(名词)英文释义 (noun) A combination; often, a confused mixture.例句 The young boys story was an amalgam of facts and his imagination.这个小伙子的故事夹杂着事实与想像。 /201607/451627。

African Union Calls for National y Government in Zimbabwe非盟声明吁津巴布韦组建团结政府 A summit of African leaders is encouraging Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe to form a government of national unity with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. A final summit statement takes no position on Zimbabwe's runoff presidential election, which many western government have called a sham. 非洲联盟首脑会议鼓励津巴布韦总统穆加贝跟反对党领导人茨万吉拉伊组成全国团结政府。首脑会议发表的最后声明没有对津巴布韦总统选举决选明确表态,而许多西方国家将津巴布韦的总统选举决选称为骗局。A summit resolution approved after hours of sometimes contentious debate avoids many of the difficult questions arising from Zimbabwe's election. It does not endorse the results, and assesses no blame for the violence and intimidation that prompted observers and many western governments to declare Robert Mugabe's inauguration illegitimate. 非洲联盟首脑会议通过一项决议,绕过了由于津巴布韦选举而产生的许多棘手问题。此前,非盟领导人进行了几个小时的辩论,而且在辩论中不时发生争吵。决议没有持津巴布韦的决选结果,也没有对津巴布韦在决选之前发生的暴力和恐吓进行谴责。正是由于这些恐吓和暴力促使观察人士和许多西方国家政府宣称穆加贝的就职是非法的。The final resolution encourages Mr. Mugabe and Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai to enter a dialogue, and support the idea of a Kenya-style government of national unity.  最后决议鼓励穆加贝跟“争取民主与变革运动”领导人茨万吉拉伊进行对话,并表示持津巴布韦组成肯尼亚模式的全国团结政府。Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki told reporters the resolution was adopted by consensus during a closed door meeting. "There was a lengthy debate. Many views were put forward, including very critical views of the Zimbabwe ruling party and the president, and the president of Zimbabwe made a lengthy intervention in which he explained his position, his party's position and the developments that took place in Zimbabwe in the past weeks and months which led to the present situation," he said. 埃及外交部发言人霍萨姆.扎基对记者说,这项决议是在一次不公开会议上各国领导人达成共识以后通过的。扎基说:“会议上进行了长时间辩论,提出了许多观点,包括对津巴布韦执政党和总统非常具有批评性的观点,津巴布韦总统也在会议上发言,阐述他的立场,他领导的执政党的立场,介绍了津巴布韦过去几个星期和几个月发生的、导致目前局面的情况。”The resolution also encourages the Southern Africa Development Community, SADC, to continue its mediation efforts. 这项决议还鼓励南部非洲发展共同体继续调解工作。The resolution was far milder than what several countries had urged.  该决议的措辞比几个国家先前的要求温和得多。Diplomats inside the closed meeting say the leaders of Botswana, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone spoke in strong terms about the election's lack of legitimacy.  出席这次不公开会议的外交官表示,茨瓦纳、尼日利亚、利比里亚和塞拉利昂等国领导人对这次津巴布韦总统选举缺乏合法性发表了措辞严厉的讲话。Zimbabwe's neighbor Botswana argued that Zimbabwe and Mr. Mugabe should be barred from membership in the African Union and SADC. 津巴布韦的邻国茨瓦纳认为,津巴布韦和穆加贝应该被开除出非洲联盟和南部非洲发展共同体。Senegal and Uganda also favored strong action against Mr. Mugabe than the relatively neutral position taken in the resolution. 塞内加尔和乌干达也持对穆加贝采取严厉措施,而非盟首脑会议最后决议对穆加贝的态度比较中立。The debate underscored the deep divisions among Zimbabwe's neighbors over how to respond to Mr. Mugabe's open challenge to democracy, Regional power South Africa has resisted any condemnation of Mr. Mugabe. 会议辩论凸显了津巴布韦的邻国在如何应付穆加贝公然挑战民主这个问题上有很深的分歧。该地区的大国南非拒绝对穆加贝进行谴责。Earlier in the day, a spokesman for Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe rejected western criticism of the presidential election. spokesman George Charamba told reporters the west has no right to judge the legitimacy of the election that returned Mr. Mugabe to power. "They can go and hang. They can go and hang, a thousand times. They've no claim on Zimbabwe at all, and that's exactly the issue," he said. 当天早些时候,穆加贝的发言人乔治.查拉姆巴驳斥了西方国家对津巴布韦总统选举的批评。查拉姆巴对记者说,西方国家无权裁决让穆加贝再次当选总统的选举是否合法。查拉姆巴说:“他们去见鬼吧,见鬼一千次吧。他们完全无权对津巴布韦指手划脚,这才是问题的关键。”When reporters asked if Mr. Mugabe would give up some power MDC leader Tsvangirai, Charamba suggested the Zimbabwean leader has no intention of yielding to foreign influence. "The way out is the way defined by the Zimbabwe people free from outside interference, and that is exactly what will resolve the matter," he said. 有记者问,穆加贝是否会把一部分权力交给争取民主变革运动领导人茨万吉拉伊?查拉姆巴暗示,津巴布韦领导人穆加贝不打算向外国势力屈。查拉姆巴说:“解决问题的方式应该在没有外国介入的前提下由津巴布韦人民自己决定,这才是解决问题的方式。”Zimbabwe's political turmoil, and Mr. Mugabe's presence completely overshadowed the business of this Red Sea resort summit. Discussions about meeting anti-poverty and development goals went virtually ignored. Seats were empty at a news conference to discuss the summit theme, providing Africa with clean water and sanitation. 津巴布韦政治动乱以及穆加贝的出席完全主导了这次在红海度假地举行的本届非盟首脑会议。有关实现脱贫和发展目标等议题的讨论几乎形同虚设。有关向非洲提供洁净水和卫生设备等本届首脑会议主题的记者会无人问津。An estimated 30 African heads of state and government attended the two-day gathering at this Red Sea resort. 据估计,30个非洲国家和政府首脑出席了这次为期两天的首脑会议。200807/43203。

to be left out in the cold ------ 被孤立(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) Alone; isolated and uncomfortable. 例句Because he never s his companys e-mail, my brother is frequently left out in the cold at work.由于从不看公司的电子邮件,我兄弟在工作中经常感觉被孤立。 /201611/471201。