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When a series as fresh, raw and original as HBO’s Girls comes along, there’s something that kicks in after the excitement of the first season fades: worry.每当有一部如同HBO电视网播出的《都市女孩一样清新、自然、原创的剧集播出时,在第一季的惊喜褪去后,观众不免为后劲不足而担忧It seems, however, that there are no such worries with Girls, which kicked off its second season on Jan .但对于1月日回归的《都市女孩第二季来说,这种担心似乎是多余的On the night of the second season’s premiere, Lena Dunham, the 6-year-old creator, writer and star of the show, won two Golden Globe awards her work on the last series. Could there be a better way to start the new season?在第二季首播当晚,集编、导、演于一身的6岁女星莉娜#86;杜汉姆凭借在第一季中的出色表现而赢得了两项金球奖还有什么方式能比这样开启新一季更妙呢?The new episodes so far seem more assured of themselves, adding some drama to the free-flowing comedic moments of four young, post-college women trying to find their way in life.到目前为止,全新剧集看上去可谓收视无忧,剧中给这四位刚刚大学毕业、正在探寻人生道路的年轻女孩新添了不少收放自如的喜剧元素 those who missed the first season, Girls is categorized as a comedy series, but it’s not like Sex and the City or Gossip Girls, which are both female-themed series focusing on friendships and relationships and showing off the heroines’ glamorous lifestyles. In Girls, there’s no “fairytale fantasies”, and all you see is the bleak and often humiliating reality – one of the reasons the series has become so popular.这里先给错过第一季的观众们介绍一下,尽管《都市女孩被归为喜剧类剧集,但它并不像《欲望都市或《绯闻女孩那样以女性为主题,关注友情、爱情,展示女主人公们的光鲜生活在《都市女孩中,没有“童话式的幻想”,你所能看到的只有黯淡无光而又时常出糗的现实生活,而这也正是该剧如此风靡的原因之一“I think the best thing you can say about a comedy is that it’s really, really funny,” Ta-Nehisi Coates, senior editor at The Atlantic, wrote in his review. “And Girls never was allowed to be just that.”“我想对于喜剧来说,最高的评价就是它真的非常有趣”《大西洋月刊的资深编辑塔西斯#86;科茨在文章中写道,“而《都市女孩绝不止这些”The series taps into a very specific domain – educated -somethings in New York who are desperately trying to find a direction in their lives. In other words, a career, or at least a job that will pay the rent.该剧挖掘了一个特定人群的生活现状——一群生活在纽约、岁出头、受过良好教育、努力找寻生活方向的年轻人换句话说,她们试图找到自己的人生事业,或者至少是一份可以帮他们交房租的工作They’re also well into their dating lives, yet lack the wisdom of someone in their 30s who would cut short a blind date when it’s clearly a bad fit. In their s, people are more likely to go with the flow, learning slower if someone is a loser or not.她们同样擅长处理感情生活,但却缺少女人三十时那种快刀斩掉烂桃花的恋爱智慧双十年华,不管成败与否,人们总是喜欢随波逐流,慢慢学习慢慢成长Another hot discussion topic of the show is Dunham’s nudity and sex scenes. However, what you see here is “one of the most democratic – and everyhuman – depictions of sex”.该剧的另一话题点则是杜汉姆的裸戏及床戏而你所看到的不过是“最大众的、同时也最平民化的性爱描述”“Dunham isn’t really perming you. She’s saying sex is part of life many young people. And in a real narrative of real life, people who have sex don’t actually look like supermodels,” Coates said. “Here is how it looks like to the narrator. I kind of love that.”“杜汉姆并不仅仅是在演戏她想表现的是性是许多年轻人生活的一部分在一个讲述现实生活的故事中,情侣亲热时并不都像那些俊男美女的超模一样”科茨说,“剧中从一个叙事者的视角来还原这些场景,而我相当欣赏这点”The depictions of hard reality and sexuality reveal why Girls has attracted so much attention and success: it strikes a chord.这种对于艰难世道以及性爱的描写也反映出《都市女孩如此备受关注并大获成功的原因:它扣人心弦Dunham’s character Hannah often says things like “I think I may be the voice of my generation.” If Dunham keeps speaking out her generation in the future, then the best days Girls are yet to come.剧中杜汉姆饰演的角色汉娜总是用一种 “自认是这一代人代言人”的语气说话如果杜汉姆能一如既往的为她这一代人呐喊,那么那时《都市女孩真正的辉煌时刻就要来临了 965Netflix added a record .9m subscribers in the first quarter of , lifting the streaming company’s global base above 60m as it rolls out an aggressive expansion of its international footprint and original programming.年第一季度,Netflix新增注册人数达到了创纪录的90万人,从而将这家视频流务公司的全球用户人数推升至6000万以上该公司正在以激进的步伐向国际市场扩张,并在大举增加原创节目The news sent shares up more than per cent in after-hours trading in New York.这一消息传出之后,该公司股票在纽约股市盘后交易中上涨逾%The subscriber increase beat Netflix’s internal ecast of .m additions and reflected higher than expected growth in the US, to 1.m members, and internationally, to .9m. The company expects to add .5m customers in the current quarter.新增注册人数超过了Netflix内部预期的万该公司在美国的注册人数增至0万,在美国以外的注册人数则增至万,增幅超过了此前预期该公司预计,本季度将新增50万客户Netflix’s global ambitions were underscored on Wednesday by its announcement of a new partnership with the creators of the B’s Planet Earth a nature documentary series called Our Planet.周三,该公司宣布与英国广播公司(B)《行星地球(Planet Earth)的制作方新建合作关系,打造名为《我们的星球(Our Planet)的系列自然纪录片此举愈发凸显Netflix在全球的雄心The programme, which will premiere on Netflix in 19, is a collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund and Silverback Films, the production company led by Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey, who created Planet Earth, Frozen Planet and Blue Planet.该节目将于19年在Netflix网站首次播出,节目在制作上将与世界自然基金会(WWF)及Silverback Films公司合作Silverback Films是由阿拉斯泰尔#86;福瑟吉尔(Alastair Fothergill)和基思#86;肖利(Keith Scholey)领导的制作公司,他们两人曾制作过《行星地球、《冰冻星球(Frozen Planet)以及《蓝色星球(Blue Planet)等节目“Netflix is clearly focused on replacing linear television with on-demand, ad-free programming on a worldwide basis. The company has begun to not only license content on a worldwide basis, but also create content that has worldwide appeal,” said Rich Greenfield, analyst at BTIG Research.尽管注册人数大大增加,但由于外汇汇率波动以及全球扩张和制作原创内容的成本,一季度Netflix的财务状况却大受打击Despite the bumper subscription growth, Netflix took a financial hit in the first quarter from eign exchange swings and the costs associated with global growth and creating original content.一季度净收入比去年同期下滑55%,从去年的53万美元(合每股86美分)降至370万美元(合每股38美分),大大低于Netflix每股60美分的预期及分析师每股69美分的预期扣除汇率方面的亏损,其每股盈利应为77美分Net income fell 55 per cent to .7m, or 38 cents a share, from .1m, or 86 cents a share, a year ago, well below the 60 cents Netflix had projected and analysts’ expectations of 69 cents. Stripping out currency losses, earnings per share would have been 77 cents.该公司营收则从.7亿美元升至.7亿美元,符合此前预期Revenue rose to .57bn from .7bn, in line with expectations. Losses in the international business widened to m from m a year ago, as a $m eign exchange impact offset subscriber growth.由于国外汇率的影响高达00万美元,抵消了注册人数增长的影响,国际业务的亏损从一年前的3500万美元扩大至6500万美元 370Numerous fans wait with bated breath the next season of HBO hit series Game of Thrones. While the episodes are rife with drama and suspense, not many people know that several of the events they watch are real historical occurrences. If you thought history was a long and boring drag, think again!新一季HBO热播剧 《权力的游戏在粉丝望眼欲穿的期盼中与大家见面了该剧悬念迭起,情节极富戏剧性,所以没几位观众了解这部剧中很多情节来自于真切发生过的历史事件知道真相的你,现在还会认为历史就像又长又臭的裹脚布嘛?.Joffrey Was Real!.乔佛里真实存在!Boy-king Joffrey Lannister Baratheon has inspired the hatred of all those who watch him. A bastard in more ways than one, his sadistic side has manifested time and again in each episode, at times leading to the death beloved characters like Eddard Stark. While Joffrey does remind us of the Queen of Hearts (;Off with her head!;), there another real historical character a lot like him. Edward of Lancaster was the son of King Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou. He shared Joffrey penchant lopping off the heads of his enemies and was also rumoured to be of illegitimate birth. At years old, conversations with Edward would be filed with ;cutting off heads or making war; according to the Ambassador of Milan. Wed trade real-life dragons real-life Joffrey any day!少年国王乔佛里·兰尼斯特·拜拉席恩(Joffrey Lannister Baratheon)刻薄寡恩,骄横跋扈,残忍无情,着实令人生恨乔佛里是劳勃·拜拉席恩国王和瑟曦·兰尼斯特王后的长子,也是家族继承人,实际上他是瑟曦·兰尼斯特与孪生弟弟詹姆·兰尼斯特乱伦所生他是个十足的施虐狂,平均每集都会直接或间接杀害一个大众喜爱的角色,比如北境守护艾德·史塔克(Eddard Stark)乔佛里的所作所为很容易会让我们想起《爱丽斯梦游仙境中残暴的红心女王,但是你知道吗?还有个真实存在的历史人物和乔佛里相似度很高哦兰开斯特的爱德华(Edward of Lancaster)是英国国王亨利六世(Henry VI)和安茹的玛格丽特(Margaret of Anjou)的儿子他和小说中的乔佛里一样喜欢砍掉敌人的头颅,并且有传言说他并非国王的亲生儿子而是玛格丽特与其他人的私生子据米兰的大使回忆,在爱德华岁那年,与他的对话都是围绕;砍头或发动战争;进行的9.And so was Theon9.席恩也是这样……Speaking of characters untunate enough to have been based off of real people, Theon Greyjoy is one of them. George Plantagenet, brother to Edward IV of York who was a real life Robb Stark, also turned on his family during the famous War of the Roses. He defected to the Lancasters (sound familiar?) and when the Yorks won the war, he was killed. At the start of the HBO series, many had mixed feelings the Stark ward. This mostly changed to pity when his manhood was taken away. Chopped off. All gone.tunately, his real life counterpart didnt have endure that and was merely drowned in wine as punishment his treason..说到由真人真事改编的不幸人物,就不得不提席恩·葛雷乔伊现实生活中,和他相似的乔治·金雀花(George Plantagenet)是约克的爱德华四世(现实生活中的罗柏·史塔克)的弟弟他和剧中的席恩一样在著名的玫瑰战争中与家人和好战争中,他投奔到了兰开斯特家族(听起来有没有很熟悉呢?)约克斯(Yorks)赢得战争后,他就被杀害了HBO《权力的游戏系列电视剧刚开始的时候,许多人对史塔克的病房感慨万千当看到他的男性象征被阉割时,观众大都感到十分遗憾要知道史塔克的男性象征被切得干干净净,一丁点也不剩!幸运的是,现实生活中他的原型(爱德华四世)并没有遭受这一磨难,而对他叛逆的处罚,据说也只是被淹死在酒桶里……8.The Red Wedding8.血色婚礼The infamous scene dubbed ;The Red Wedding; featured series favourite Robb Stark brutally murdered along with his mother, wife, and unborn child. All this was done at a feast in which they were the honoured guests, orchestrated by none other than the host himself, Argus Filch Walder Frey. The scene was based off of real events from history, namely the Black Dinner and the Glencoe Massacre. The mer saw the execution of William and David Douglas (the Douglas clan were enemies of the boy-king of Scotland). The King invited them to a feast, supposedly to make peace. At the end of the feast, they were dragged into the courtyard and killed. The latter saw the Campbells also violating hospitality laws when they butchered every MacDonald clan member while they slept in their beds. To this day, Glencoe inns have ;NO CAMPBELLS ALLOWED; signage. The North remembers!被称作;血色婚礼;的这个臭名昭著的场景,讲述了全剧最受欢迎的人物之一罗柏·史塔克与其妻其母以及尚未出世的孩子一起被谋害的残忍经过 事件发生于一场婚宴上,史塔克一行作为贵宾出席,整个谋杀经过即是宴会主人瓦德·佛雷一手策划而为血色婚礼来源于;黑色晚餐;和;格伦科大屠杀;这两个历史典故;黑色晚餐;事件中讲述了威廉与大卫·道格拉斯被处决的惨状(道格拉斯氏族曾是苏格兰幼年国王的敌人)苏格兰国王表面上为了促进和平而设宴并邀请道格拉斯氏族做客,但是到了晚宴结束时,道格拉斯一族被拉进城堡广场就地处决;格伦科大屠杀;事件里坎贝尔氏族同样也是违背了热情好客的传统,即他们在麦克唐纳家族熟睡之时将其一一屠杀直到今日,名为格伦科的饭店都会做一幅写有;无坎贝尔允许;字样的标牌尤其是北方人对这件事更加记忆犹新审校:烟囱 Freya然 38750

A chivalrous manner, respectfulness, politeness and good self-presentation are all traditional gentlemanly traits.风度翩翩、谦逊有礼、外貌好气质佳,这些都是传统的绅士形象的特质Pride And Prejudice dashing Fitzwilliam Darcy - who was initially similarly cold and complicated to Elizabeth Bennett - won the most votes overall, and has been voted the perfect fictional gentleman overall in the nationwide poll of British women.在一项针对英国女性的调查中,经典小说《傲慢与偏见中迷人的达西先生—费兹威廉·达西获得了最多英国女性的青睐,被评选为最完美的虚构人物虽然小说中的达西先生在一开始对女主角伊丽莎白·本内特态度冷淡感情复杂,但魅力的形象还是深入人心Jane Austen upper-crust character, brought to life by actor Colin Firth in the 1995 hit B mini-series, was named number one by almost a third (9.60 per cent) of British women polled.简·奥斯汀笔下这位上流社会的完美男人,获得了约三分之一参与调查的英国女性的持,以9.6%的持率位居第一而对达西先生形象的影视诠释,最广为人知的当属1995年B迷你剧中著名演员科林·费斯的演绎 0

Few people aren’t familiar with the Brothers Grimm’s Cinderella, a fairy tale about a kind-hearted country girl who endures mistreatment at the hands of her cruel and jealous stepmother. The girl never loses hope or becomes jaded by her circumstances, and eventually she wins the heart of a dashing prince. Now this classic story has returned to the big screen.《格林童话中灰姑娘的故事可谓无人不知无人不晓:善良的乡下姑娘惨遭妒忌心强、性情残暴的后妈虐待,却并未对生活失去希望,最终,她赢得了英俊王子的心不久前,这部经典童话再一次登上了大荧幕Disney has a history of targeting female audiences with stories that elicit the nostalgia of their childhood years. With dazzling costumes and lavish set design, everything in this latest live-action version of Cinderella is accomplished with this goal in mind.用童年时代故事吸引有怀旧情结的女性观众一直是迪士尼的传统这部最新的真人版《灰姑娘也不例外:华丽的饰、奢华的背景设计无不显示他们目标观众锁定为女性How many girls can resist the story of a young servant who transms into a beautiful princess, complete with an extravagant blue ball gown and shining crystal glass slippers, all designed through the magic of a charming fairy godmother?电影里,“女仆”灰姑娘在仙女教母的魔法下,穿上奢华蓝色礼长裙、熠熠夺目的水晶鞋,变成美丽公主这样梦幻的场景,哪个姑娘能抗拒?Movies adapted from fairy tales are nothing new. But in recent years, many of these stories have been revised, even flipped on their heads, to appeal to modern audiences. The musical drama Into the Woods, example, combined the stories of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack and the Beanstalk to create an ironic tale that would appeal to adults. Starring American actress Angelina Jolie, 3-D dark fantasy film Maleficent () portrayed the Sleeping Beauty story through the perspective of the villain rather than the cursed princess.童话改编电影并不新鲜近年来,很多童话故事都被搬上大荧幕但是为了迎合现代观众,这些故事的情节都被大大改动过年的音乐剧《魔法黑森林就是由(格林童话中)的“杰克与豆茎”、“灰姑娘”、“小红帽”、以及“长发姑娘”四个故事汇集而成的讽刺成人童话还有美国女星安吉丽娜#86;朱莉主演的3D黑色魔幻电影《沉睡魔咒(),虽然根据《睡美人改编而来,但却抛弃了原著中对女主:被下了咒的公主,而选择了恶毒女巫的视角来切入故事Cinderella, however, stays true to its source material. There isn’t much time invested in creating new plot elements, instead the creators focus on details that make the story more convincing and logical.相比之下,电影《灰姑娘更加忠实原著制片人们并没有在创造新情节上花费过多时间,而是将重点放在了刻画细节上,力求故事更有逻辑、更加可信This time, Cinderella and her prince don’t fall in love at first sight at the royal ball — they develop a familiarity with each other after meeting by chance in a est.这一次,灰姑娘不再与王子在舞会上一见钟情,而是在那之前就已在森林相遇、相互熟悉We even feel a sense of pity the malicious stepmother (Cate Blanchett) who overhears her husband pouring his heart out about his love his ex-wife. Two-time Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett’s elegance and midable acting skills heighten the stepmother’s devilishness.对于电影中恶毒的继母(凯特#86;布兰切特 饰),我们似乎都要心生怜悯了,特别是看到她无意中听到她的丈夫倾诉对前妻的爱意而两获奥斯卡的凯特#86;布兰切特气质优雅、演技精湛,更是将后妈的恶毒表现得淋漓尽致If this new Cinderella didn’t update its mula modern times, it’s quite possible that audiences would reject it. Today people prefer to see heroines make the bad guy pay rather than easily give them. Women with venomous tongues, like Max in Broke Girls, always outshine their more giving counterparts.这一版《灰姑娘还与时俱进升级了故事“配方”,否则观众也许并不会买单当今时代,相比轻易地原谅,人们更喜欢看到主人公“恶有恶报”的结局而毒舌女相比于温柔的女角色通常更容易出,就像《破产的主角麦克斯Cinderella mostly aims to satisfy traditional fairytale lovers, and in this endeavor it succeeds. In the film’s simple world, it’s appearance, goodness and honesty that count most. In fact, no matter what situation we’re in, it’s never wrong to follow this adage from Cinderella: “Have courage and be kind.”如其所愿,电影《灰姑娘成功迎合了传统童话故事爱好者的口味在电影中的简单世界里,外表、善良和诚实最为重要而在现实中,不论我们身处怎样的境地,灰姑娘的名言也总不会错:“勇往直前、心怀善意” 365931

Last week Relativity Media, a Hollywood film studio, filed bankruptcy protection. But even bee its fall from grace, Chinese companies including Alibaba Pictures,Baidu,Dalian Wanda,Tencent and Huayi Brothers Media Corp had been eyeing the business closely.上周,好莱坞制片公司相对论传媒(Relativity Media)提交了破产保护申请但在好莱坞电影失去曾经的荣耀之前,包括阿里影业(Alibaba Pictures)、百度(Baidu)、大连万达(Dalian Wanda)、腾讯(Tencent)和华谊兄弟(Huayi Brothers Media Corp)在内的中国公司一直密切关注着这一行业A lot of Chinese money has aly found its way into Calinia. In the past year Chinese investors have put billions into Silicon Valley companies including Uber, Airbnb and LinkedIn.大笔中国资金已经设法进入了加州在过去一年里,中国投资者斥巨资与包括优步(Uber)、Airbnb和领英(LinkedIn)在内的硅谷公司展开合作But of late China Inc has become increasingly focused on the US film industry — in a bid to crack how to make Hollywood blockbusters with Chinese characteristics. This relationship has a natural complementarity. US studios have the know-how but are cash-strapped and risk averse, while the Chinese have abundant capital and an appetite risk, which lends itself to financing films.但最近,中国公司日益聚焦于美国电影行业,以期弄明白如何制作出具有中国特色的好莱坞大片这种关系有一种天然的互补性美国电影公司拥有专业技能,但资金紧张且厌恶风险,而中国公司资本充足,愿意冒险,这对电影融资来说最合适不过了Hunan Television and Broadcast, a government-controlled company, has aly put 5m into Lions Gate Entertainment, the studio behind the blockbuster action film series The Hunger Games.中国国有控股公司——湖南电广传媒(Hunan Television and Broadcast)已经斥资3.75亿美元,与曾制作发行系列动作大片《饥饿游戏(The Hunger Games)的狮门(Lions Gate Entertainment)开展合作Fosun, a privately held conglomerate, plans to spend up to <牛人_句子>m backing Studio 8, an independent studio founded by Jeff Robinov, mer head of Warner Brothers. And an arm of Citic, the Chinese state-owned group, has committed m to a venture run by Dick Cook, a mer Walt Disney executive.私人控股公司复星集团(Fosun)计划斥资至多亿美元投资于独立制片公司Studio 8,后者由华纳兄弟(Warner Brothers)前总裁杰夫圠宾诺夫(Jeff Robinov)创立中国国有集团公司中信集团(Citic)旗下子公司承诺拿出1.5亿美元投资于由华特迪士尼(Walt Disney)前高管迪克錠克(Dick Cook)运营的一家公司Certainly, the economic fundamentals make sense. China is aly the second-largest movie market after the US by value of tickets sold, and it is expected to become the largest by . If the country is to shift from a manufacturing-led, export-driven economy to one based on domestic demand and services, entertainment will become ever more important.当然,从经济基本面来说这也是合理的票房收入计算,中国现在已经是仅次于美国的全球第二大电影市场,并有望到年成为全球最大的电影市场如果中国经济从制造业占主导地位的出口驱动模式转向基于内需和务的模式,业将会变得前所未有的重要 non-Chinese companies seeking to profit from this growth market, local partnerships offer a way of keeping a greater share of revenues. Regulations restrict the number of entirely eign films that can be shown and the percentage of box revenues that eign studios may collect.对寻求从这种增长型市场获利的外资公司来说,与当地企业合作可以获得更大的收入份额中国监管机构对国内播放的外国电影数量以及外国电影公司获得的票房收入比例做出了限制It is these reasons that Chinese technology companies have been visiting Los Angeles in search of content, strategic investors and film distributors. A few months ago, Sequoia Capital China was part of a large contingent of Chinese entrepreneurs that spent days with executives at Fox,Sony Pictures Entertainment and STX Entertainment.正是出于这些原因,中国科技公司一直前往洛杉矶寻求内容、战略投资者和电影发行商几个月前,一个规模庞大的中国企业家代表团与福克斯(Fox)、索尼电影公司(Sony Pictures Entertainment)和STX(STX Entertainment)的高管进行了数天的接触,红杉中国(Sequoia Capital China)就在其中New companies are also looking at getting involved. Li Ruigang, mer president of Shanghai Media Group, is heading China Media Capital, a vehicle to invest in content on both sides of the Pacific. Some of the most successful technology entrepreneurs and investors in China want to take big stakes in CMC. In addition, some strategic players are considering partnering with online asset management firms in China to help crowdfund potential acquisitions.新公司也在考虑涉足其中上海文广新闻传媒集团(SMG)前总裁黎瑞刚执掌了华人文化产业投资基金(China Media Capital,简称CMC),后者是一家投资于太平洋两岸内容的机构中国一些最为成功的科技企业家和投资者希望大规模入股CMC此外,一些战略投资者正考虑与中国在线资产管理公司建立合作关系,以帮助众筹资金、执行潜在的收购Donald Tang, a mer Bear Stearns executive who shuttles between Los Angeles and Shanghai, has med a venture with backing from Tencent and others to capitalise on this trend. He has aly orchestrated two of the biggest marriages between Hollywood and China: he was deeply involved in Dalian Wanda’s $.6bn purchase of AMC, the US’s second-biggest cinema chain, and Huayi’s commitment to put hundreds of millions of dollars into STX (which also has money from China-based Hony Capital and the growth capital arm of TPG, the private equity firm).在腾讯和其他机构的持下,在洛杉矶和上海之间穿梭的贝尔斯登(Bear Stearns)前高管唐伟(Donald Tang)成立了一家合资企业以利用这种趋势在好莱坞与中国的最大规模的合作交易中,唐伟已经策划了其中两宗:他深度参与了大连万达斥资6亿美元收购美国第二大电影院线AMC,以及华谊兄弟承诺向STX投资数亿美元的交易,后者也获得了中国弘毅投资(Hony Capital)和私人股本公司TPG旗下增长资本部门的资金Of course, the Chinese are not the first to succumb to the lure of Hollywood. But whether they succeed will depend on their willingness to accept a reliance on intermediaries and co-investors, such as Mr Tang. “They have a lot of ambition but not a lot of knowledge,” says one mainlander familiar with the Chinese initiatives.当然,中国人并非是首批被好莱坞魅力征的投资者但他们能否成功,将取决于他们是否愿意依赖中介机构和唐伟等合作投资者一位熟悉中国举措的大陆人表示:“他们野心勃勃,但缺少深厚知识”Historically, Chinese companies have been reluctant to pay advice — or acknowledge their need it. Yet it is often not enough simply to pay the highest price. Sellers want certainty that a deal will be done, but all too often Chinese buyers fail, either because they cannot get approval or because they lack the financing. Still, one day it will probably be a Chinese dragon that roars out from American movie screens bee the opening titles roll.从历史上来看,中国公司一直不愿为咨询意见或者所需信息付费然而,仅仅付最高价通常还不够卖家当然希望达成协议,但中国买家一再失败,原因要么是无法获批,要么是它们缺少资金不过,总有一天,在片头字幕滚动之前,美国电影屏幕上很可能有一条中国龙呼啸而至 39

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