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淮安市人流专业医院江苏省洪泽县中医院治疗妇科炎症多少钱栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。201601/419001淮安割包皮大概需要多少钱 This sample diet is 146% over that recommendation.这份样餐已经超过推荐值的146%This sample diet shows a lower sodium intake.而这是一份低钠食品的样餐Theres less processed and y prepared foods这里面加工过的即食食品少一些however this diet shown does not account for但是从这份样餐中并看不出salt added during preparation of such things在加工食材,比如龙须菜和米饭的过程中like asparagus and rice.加入了多少盐Notice the marinara sauce is the major source of sodium请注意这里面的番茄酱是钠的主要来源in this diet but the total sodium intake is well below但是这份样餐的钠含量低于the recommended daily intake.每日钠摄入量的推荐值Lets turn our attention now现在让我们的注意力转向to the health aspects of sodium.钠的健康方面High sodium intake has been linked to过高的钠摄入量与高血压high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.心脏病以及中风等疾病密切相关High blood pressure is also known as hypertension.高血压指的是血压高于正常值The normal value for blood pressure is 120 over 80.正常的血压应该是120/80I have listed values for pre-hypertension,我在这里已经列出了前期高血压stage 1 and stage 2 hypertension.一期高血压和二期高血压的数值It is important to know what your了解自己的正常血压值normal blood pressure is并随时注意血压的任何变化and to be aware of any increases.这一点非常重要High blood pressure is a frightening disease高血压史一种很恐怖的疾病because most people have no signs or symptoms.因为大多数人之前并不会有任何预兆迹象Risk factors include age, race, family history,高血压的风险因素包括年龄,种族,家庭疾病史sedentary lifestyle, high sodium intake,久坐不动的生活方式,过高的钠摄入量low potassium intake and alcohol and tobacco use.过低的钠摄入量以及吸烟和饮酒Sodium reduced diets may not be the answer低钠餐并不是每一个高血压患者for everyone with high blood pressure.的治病良方Sodium insensitive hypertension does exist.钠不敏感型高血压确实存在This means that theres a resistance of这意味着血压的变化blood pressure changes with decreased sodium intake.与降低钠摄入量没有关系A 2007 study in Florida tested this concept.2007年的一次研究对此说法进行了验45 people participated in the trial for 1 year.45人参加了为期一年的试验The goal was to reduce body weight by 7%试验目的是,通过控制饮食和加强锻炼by restricting diets and implementing来达到an exercise plan.减肥7%的目标Salt sensitivity was tested at the beginning在试验的开始和结束and at the end.对参加试验的人进行了盐敏感度测试It was conducted to determine测试的目的是观察血压是否the blood pressure reactivity to dietary salt.会跟食物中的含盐量的变化而变化Results found that salt resistant participants试验结果表明did not experience lowered blood pressure在改善了肥胖和代谢异常问题后after correction of obesity and抗盐性的试验参加者related metabolic abnormalities.的血压并没有降下来Much research has been done to investigate人们做了很多实验来研究the role of dietary sodium and health.膳食钠和健康的关系The dietary approaches to stop通过饮食方法控制高血压hypertension or DASH study或简称DASH研究investigated the effects of a reduced sodium diet对低钠餐对血压的影响on blood pressure.进行了研究A total of 412 participants from several US cities来自于美国多个城市的412人参加了试验are randomly selected to either the control他们被随机分成控制饮食组or DASH diet for 30 days.和DASH组201505/375145The Pilgrims bury their dead at first light To hide how weakened theyve become,朝圣者们趁着破晓把同伴的尸身掩埋起来 希望以此掩饰他们如今的脆弱Because the land theyve settled on is not empty.It belongs to the Wabenaki.他们居住的这片土地并非空无一人 这片土地属于瓦班纳基部落An encounter between two worlds is about to shape The future of mankind.两个世界的人偶然相遇 这将决定人类未来的走向In New England, 50 pioneers prepare to fight for their lives.在新英格兰 五十位先驱者 准备为他们的生存而战斗The future of a continent hangs in the balance.这片大陆的未来吉凶难卜Not all are Pilgrims.Among them, a soldier: Miles Standish.并非所有人都是朝圣者 在他们中间 还有一名军人迈尔斯·斯坦迪什Brave, impulsive, the groups military commander.作为队伍的军事指挥 他果敢而冲动Help over here.Theres somebody out there.过来搭把手 那边有人Get the gate in place now! Now! Now!快关上门! 赶快! 赶快!Ladies, get inside!Welcome, Englishmen. Welcome.女士们 快进去! 欢迎 英格兰人民 欢迎你们3,000 miles from home,The first native American the Pilgrims encounter背井离乡三千英里 这些朝圣者们遇到的第一批美国土著人Greets them in their own language.Samoset, a Wabenaki chief.竟然用他们的语言问候他们 萨莫赛特 瓦班纳基部落的一位酋长His English learnt from earlier visitors to this coast.他的英语是向之前来到这片海岸的人学的If we think back to how fearful the English are of being here,如果再退回去想想 这些英国人在这里有多么寝食难安heres what they might think:;Its a sign from God.;他们此时的想法大概会是:这一定是上帝的旨意;He actually speaks our language.;他竟然会说我们的语言;It could have been a really violent encounter.这本可能是一场十分暴力的邂逅And Samoset should get a lot more credit for kind of bringing things down a notch.萨莫赛特本该以自己的方式 挫挫对方锐气 以获取更多信任201602/428357淮安市中山医院妇科专家

淮安环切包皮的价格Clues to the link这一发现来自come from this group of people who live in a remote region of Ecuador.住在厄瓜多尔偏远地区的一群人They have a very rare condition called Laron syndrome,他们身患罕见的莱伦氏综合症which affects less than 350 people worldwide.全球有不到350人患有此症Thats you, is it? It makes you look like a giant, doesnt it?这是你吗 看起来像个巨人 不是吗Im the tall guy there.在那里我就是个大高个儿The shortest one is just over three-and-a-half feet tall.那里最矮的人身高只有107厘米- Up to my belly button. Is that right? - Yeah.-就在我的肚脐这儿 对吗 -对What interests researchers like Valter is not their size,吸引瓦尔特等研究者的并不是他们的身高but the fact that they seem to be virtually immune而是西方世界两大健康杀手to two of the Wests biggest killers.完全不会影响到他们The big findings, of course,重大发现是were, they dont seem to get either diabetes or cancer.他们似乎不会得糖尿病或者癌症Do they do all the normal, sensible things we all do,他们会跟我们一样享受人生吗like drink, smoke and all that?比如喝酒 吸烟之类的Yes, they do the normal, and more,会的 他们会做 甚至还会过量so they a very unhealthy lifestyle.所以他们的生活方式非常不健康Most of them are to some extent at least overweight.他们中的大部分人 至少是超重They seem to really not watch anything they do.看起来他们不太注意自己的行为重点解释:1.live in 住进例句:His large income enabled him to live in comfort.他那丰厚的收入使他可以过舒的生活。2.less than 不到; 少于例句:We won no less than 500 in a competition.我们在一场比赛中赢了多达500英镑。3.seem to 似乎 ...例句:Does that seem to make sense?这讲得通吗? 201509/401090淮安中山医院打胎要多少钱 You might not think answer to such simple questions would change the world.But it did.你可能认为解答这么简单的问题 并不会改变世界 但世界确实因此而变了Because Newton realize there was a force outwork deep within the fabrique of the universe.因为牛顿悟出 宇宙结构深处有股力量that makes all objects attract one another: the force of gravity.会让所有物质彼此吸引 这就是重力Gravity works not just on Earth but throughout the cosmos.不只是地球上有重力 整个宇宙都有And its strength depends on just a couple of fundamental things:而其强度取决于两个基本条件The mass of the objects and their distance apart.物体的质量 以及它们之间的距离To find these answers,Newton invented a completely new mathematical language,called...The calculus.为找出 牛顿发明了全新的数学语言 称为 微积分You dont need to know how it works,but it wasnt bad...for a 23 year old.你不用明白其原理 但能有这种成就就已很了不起 对于一个23岁的年轻人来说Scientists all over the world still use it every day.全世界的科学家每天仍在运用微积分Newtons work,made it possible to predict everything 牛顿的成果让我们得以预测所有事物from the orbits of planets around the stars.从行星绕行恒星的轨道and the precise timing of eclipses to the trajectories of raindrops.日食的精确时间 到雨滴降落的轨迹201601/420697淮安市第二人民医院治疗脱肛多少钱

淮安清河区人流手术多少钱I heard there was an accident.我听说发生过一起事故Well, youre right.There has been an accident.你说得没错 原来确实发生过事故I cant get my carriage across this road.我的马车过不了这条路Your carriage is too wide for the road, sir.您的马车太宽了 先生Now that is where you and I are going to differ.这就是你和我不同的地方My carriage is just fine.Its the road thats the problem.我的马车没问题 问题出在路上To widen the road wed have to lower the dam, sir.要加宽道路 我们就需要降低大坝 先生Well, there now.That wasnt too hard to sort out, was it?那就去干吧 这并不难办 不是吗By lowering the dam, Frick weakens it.降低大坝后 其作用也随之减弱Henry shows me the ledgers. And it was not the number I was expecting; it was a little bit higher than I was expecting.亨利给我看了账目 数字比我想要的还高And the only question remaining is how much money well make next year.现在唯一的问题是我们明年会赚多少钱Im a bit dry over here, Henry.我有点渴了 亨利Frick is content with his club,his image, and his wealth.弗里克很满意他的俱乐部 他的地位 以及他的财富But everything is about to change.但一切都将发生改变201604/436714 淮安非淋菌性宫颈炎治疗的医院淮安哪家医院做无痛人流优惠




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