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2008年7月16日到19日。来自全美各地以及加拿大的180多位艺术家把他们的作品带到这座小城,供四面八方的人们专程赶来欣赏,还有各种表演。这是一次视觉盛宴,也是安娜堡接待人数最多,最热闹的时候。别小看这只有短短四天的展览,它为小城带来了无数商机,是政府的主要税收来源。下面的介绍将用英文,看看你能读懂吗?   Established in 1960, the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair is the Original of the now four award winning art fairs, which together attract over 500,000 attendees from across the nation. Among the many accolades received by the fair is the Number One Art Fair rating in the country (October 2004) and Top Ten Art Fair (October 2005, 2006 and 2007) by the American Style ers survey.  走在喧闹的集市中,各种艺术品琳琅满目。玻璃器皿,铁艺,沙画,摄影,家具,装,首饰,小装饰品…你能想到的都能在这里找到。不能想到的一定会出现并给你惊喜。我不禁惊异于艺术家们独特的审美和丰富的想象力。唯一遗憾的是,由于要尊重艺术家的创意,这里一般是不能近距离对着作品拍照的,所以大家只能欣赏到有限的作品。 /200912/9332141 因为沙滩印著我俩的足迹because there are our footprints in the sand beach42 因为只有你肯陪我看恐怖片because only you like to accompany me to watch horrible movies43 因为你曾为感人剧情而哭的淅沥哗啦的because you were ever moved to tears by the play44 因为我们侧夜长谈分享彼此because we talk all night and enjoy each other45 因为我们是天生一对because we were born of a couple46 因为爱过你就好because it is fine of experiencing love you47 因为只愿等你一个人because I only want to wait for you48 因为有你我看到美好的未来because you make me see the beautiful future49 因为有你我看到了其他人羡慕的眼光because of having you ,i see the envious sights of others50 因为你让我体验了爱情的伟大because i experience the great love with you51 因为你的善良because of your kind heart52 因为有我就有你because where there is me ,there is you53 因为你让我感到身为一个男人的骄傲because of you ,i am proud of being a man54 因为任何事与爱你抵触者无效because nothing will happen,if it is contradict with loving you55 因为除了我再也找不到另一个与你相配的男人because except me you can't find another perfect match56 因为我们俩曾互许终身because we ever promised to be life-long companions57 因为我们要做七世情人because we plan to be lovers of generations58 因为我要带你环游世界because i will show you around the world59 因为我要让每个地方都留下我俩的回忆because i want every place to have our two person's memory60 因为我要继续写爱你的理由because i will continue to write the reasons of loving you  /200812/59937In the following paragraphs, we will highlight several key words from the last six decades. These words and phrases document China's shift from emphasizing politics to preserving culture and growing the economy. They remind us about how far we have come as a country. And they can help us better tell China's story to foreigners interested in knowing more about our country.在下面的文章中,我们将重点介绍过去60年来的几个重要表达。这些词汇记录了中国从强调政治挂帅到保护文化、发展经济的巨大转变。它们让我们回想起中国经历了怎样翻天覆地的变化。它们让我们可以更好地将中国的故事讲给那些对中国感兴趣的外国友人们听。1950s 20世纪50年代study hard and move forward every day 好好学习,天天向上Mao Zedong wrote to honor an 8-year-old boy, Chen Yongkang, who helped police catch a spy in Suzhou, in 1951. Mao asked all kids to study hard to do a better job for the country. Banners with this slogan could be seen in almost every classroom.1951年,苏州市一名8岁小学生陈永康帮助警察捉住了一名特务。事后,毛泽东主席为他题词“好好学习,天天向上”作为奖励。毛主席希望每个孩子都能好好学习,将来为祖国贡献自己的力量。写着这句标语的横幅几乎挂满了中国的每间教室。food coupon 粮票This allowed people to get certain food supplies under the planned economy. Low agricultural production meant insufficient food supplies and a a system and the coupons were a means of distribution. The a system lasted to the early 90s. The tickets are now the stuff of collectors.计划经济体制下,粮票是人们购买某些粮食的必备凭。较低的农业产出导致了食物供给的短缺和定额分配制度,而粮票恰恰解决了这一分配问题。这种定额分配制度一直持续到90年代早期。如今,它们已经成了收藏者们的挚爱。1960s 20世纪60年代ations from Chairman Mao 毛主席语录Practically everyone has heard of the Little Red Book. This collection of ations from Mao Zedong's speeches and writings was published from 1964 until about 1976. People had to remember lines and use them to guide their thoughts. The title Little Red Book was coined by Westerners because of the red cover and pocket-book size.几乎所有人都听说过《红宝书》。1964年至1976年,人们从毛泽东的演讲和著作中摘选部分内容制成语录并出版发行。人们被要求背诵其中的语句,并以此来指导他们的思想。西方人根据该书红色的书皮和口袋书的大小将其命名为 "Little Red Book"。 /200909/85595

1、You are the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen.(你是我见过的最美丽的女孩。)这恐怕是世界上最让人乐于相信的谎言。但是姑娘,你在我眼中可以是最美哦!2、Nothing is more important than to love you.(没有比爱你更重要的事情了。)为了你,我不吃不睡不上班,腿脚也不灵活了,上楼也没劲了,快点接受我的爱吧!3、I cannot emphasize the importance of loving you too much.(再怎么强调爱你的重要都不过分。)因为你对我而言就是那么重要,嗯。4、It is universally acknowledged that you are indispensable to me.(全世界都知道你是我不可缺少的。)为了表白我的爱,我拉来全世界人民做人,感动吧?5、There is no doubt that I love you.(毫无疑问我爱你。)毫无疑问,必须相信。6、It is conceivable that you plays an important role in my life.(毫无疑问你在我生命里扮演了重要的角色。)嗯,你可以说不出“爱”那个字眼,但请一定让你爱的人知道,他/她存在的分量。7、In time I came to love you.(我开始爱上你了。)仅仅是开始哦,这样说我觉得比较利于挽回面子。当然,你也一样爱我最好。8、You are kindly which is the reason why Iove you. (你很温柔,这是我爱上你的原因。)虽然你没有天仙美貌,但是你在我心里留下如水的温柔。9、Loving you is closely related to my life. (爱你与我的生活息息相关。)爱你,就是我生活的一部分。10、I should get into the habit of taking care of you.(我要让照顾你成为一种习惯。)画外音:请把我候在你身边也视为一种习惯吧!11、Thanks to your encouragement, I finally realized my dream.(谢谢你的鼓励,我终于实现了我的梦想。)呃……安全试水表达方式。如果你对我没意思,你感觉不到什么;如果你也爱我,你能感受到,我的梦想,其实,就是你。12、What an important thing it is to keep my promise! (履行我的诺言是一个多么重要的事情啊!)13、Loving does good to our mind healthy.(爱对我们的心灵有益。)对身体也不错。所以,为了身心健康,请爱我吧!14、We should do our utmost to achieve our goal which is about our love.(我们要努力去实现关于我们爱情的目标。)为了共同的目标,奋斗吧,我的爱人!15、I should bring home to you the value of yourself for me.(我要让你明白你对我有多么的重要。)表白是不是不够?请等着看我的实际行动。16、Ishould spare no effort to love you.(我要不遗余力的去爱你。)其实,爱情也许不必那么忧心费力。 /200908/80446

SHOWER OR BATH?  冲澡还是泡澡?  Answer: Shower  It’s a healthier way to clean your body than soaking in the water you wash in.  冲澡比浸泡在水里更有利健康。  But baths are brilliantly relaxing. Use the shower head to rinseoff afterwards.  但是泡澡更舒,不过泡完了还是要用莲蓬头冲洗一下。充足的睡眠是健康生活的关键 /201004/101840Working long hours can greatly increase the risk of suffering injury or illness, a study says.研究显示,长时间工作会大大增加受伤和生病的危险。Workers who do overtime were 61% more likely to become hurt or ill, once factors such as age and gender were taken into account.如果把年龄和性别等因素都考虑进去的话,加班加点工作的员工受伤或生病的可能性会增加61%。And working more than 12 hours a day raised the risk by more than a third, the University of Massachusetts found.马萨诸塞州大学研究发现,如果一天工作超过12个小时的话,出现危险情况的可能性会提高三分之一。Report co-author Allard Dembe said risk was not necessarily associated with how hazardous the job was.该研究报告的作者之一阿拉德·登贝说发生危险和工作本身的危险程度并没有必然的联系。"The results of this study suggest that jobs with long working hours are not more risky merely because they are concentrated in inherently hazardous industries or occupations."“这项研究的结果显示,长时间的工作之所以风险更大并不仅仅因为这类工作所在的行业或职业本身有危险。”And he said the findings, published in the Occupational and Environmental Health journal, supported initiative such as the 48-hour European Working Time Directive to cut the number of working hours.研究结果在《职业和环境卫生》周刊上发表。他说研究结果为《欧洲工作时间法》提供了依据。该法令规定了每周48小时工作制,旨在削减工作时间。From the records, researchers found 5,139 work-related injuries and illnesses, ranging from stress to cuts, burns and muscle injuries.在报告中,研究者们发现了5139种和工作有关的伤害和疾病,从紧张到割伤、烧伤、肌肉拉伤,各种情况都有。More than half of these injuries and illnesses occurred in jobs with extended working hours or overtime.半数以上的伤害和疾病都是由于加班加点、长时间工作引起的。The researchers concluded that the more hours worked, the greater the risk of injury.研究者们得出的结论是:工作的时间越长,受到伤害的危险越大。But they did not find that lengthy commutes to and from work had any impact on illness and injury.但是,他们并没有发现上下班长时间乘车对伤害和疾病有任何影响。In the UK 14% of the working population--3.6m--work more than 48 hours a week.在英国,14%的就业人口,也就是大约360万人口,每周的工作时间超过48小时 /200907/77864睡前使用手机影响睡眠Using a mobile phone before going to bed can damage your health, according to a major study.It claims that radiation from the handset can cause insomnia and headaches as well as cutting the time spent in deep sleep.Failing to get enough sleep can lead to depression, lack of concentration and personality changes.In teenagers and young children, lack of sleep can result in attention disorders and poor academic performance.The research, carried out by scientists funded by handset manufacturers, showed that using the handsets before bed causes people to take longer to reach the deeper stages of sleep and to spend less time in them.Deep sleep is essential as it is the time when the body rejuvenates cells and repairs damage suffered during the day.Dr Chris Idzikowski, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, said: "There is now more than sufficient evidence from a large number of reputable investigators who are finding that mobile phone exposure an hour before sleep adversely affects deep sleep."In the study scientists examined the sleep patterns of 36 women and 35 men aged 18 to 45.Some were exposed to radiation that mimicked what a person receives when using a mobile phone. The others received none.The first group took longer to enter the first of the deeper stages of sleep and spent less time in the deepest one.The scientists concluded: "The study indicates that during laboratory exposure to 884 MHz wireless signals components of sleep believed to be important for recovery from daily wear and tear are adversely affected."The findings will shock many parents whose children routinely chat to friends on their mobiles before sleep.The study, by scientists from the Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University in Sweden and from Wayne State University in Michigan, is thought to be the most comprehensive of its kind.The research was published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and funded by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum. 一项大规模研究表明,睡前使用手机会损害健康。该研究称,手机产生的辐射会导致失眠和头痛,而且会缩短深度睡眠的时间。而睡眠不足则会导致情绪低落、注意力不集中及性格变化。对于青少年和儿童来说,睡眠不足会导致注意力障碍和学习成绩下降。该项由科研人员开展的调查由手机制造商提供资金持。研究结果表明,睡前使用手机会使进入深度睡眠的时间延长,而且深度睡眠的时间会缩短。深度睡眠对健康很重要,因为身体在这段时间内会更新细胞及修复白天的损伤。爱丁堡睡眠研究中心主任克理斯#8226;艾迪兹科维斯基说:“资深科研人员搜集的大量据已足以说明这一点,而且研究人员发现,如果睡前使用手机达到一小时,就会影响深度睡眠。”研究人员对年龄在18岁至45岁的36名女性和35名男性的睡眠习惯进行了研究。其中一部分人处在与手机辐射相同的模拟环境中,而另一部分人则处于无辐射环境中。结果发现,受到辐射的那组研究对象进入深度睡眠第一阶段所用的时间较长,而且深度睡眠的时间也较短。研究人员得出结论:“该研究表明,当研究对象受到实验室884兆赫无线信号的辐射后,对恢复白天损伤十分重要的睡眠结构便受到了不利的影响。”这个结论一定会让很多家长大吃一惊,因为现在不少孩子有睡前与朋友打手机聊天的习惯。这项研究由瑞典卡罗琳斯卡研究所和乌普萨拉大学及美国密歇根韦恩州立大学的科研人员开展,被认为是迄今为止这一领域最全面的一项研究。该研究由“手机制造商论坛”提供资金持,研究结果由马萨诸塞科技研究所公布。 /200803/31799

据英国工会联盟统计的数字显示,2008年有500万英国人自愿免费加班以期在经济低迷期保住自己的“饭碗”,此举所创造的价值达269亿英镑,而如果给付加班费的话,他们这一年平均每人能拿到5139英镑。英国公会联盟秘书长表示,自愿免费加班人数连续第二年增长并不是好现象;工作时间过长对健康不利,同时也会降低工作效率。Five million Britons worked unpaid overtime last year because of a "long-hours" culture and concern that the economic downturn was putting their jobs at risk.The Trades Union Congress (TUC) said the number of people working hours they were not paid for was at the highest level since 1992 and that the value of the work was 26.9 billion pounds.It said if workers were paid for the extra hours, they would receive on average an additional 5,139 pounds a year.TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said the figures, up for the second year, were disappointing."While some of this is due to the long-hours culture that still dogs too many British workplaces, the recession will now be making many people scared of losing their job in the year ahead and joining the ever-growing dole-queue," he said."Inevitably people will be putting in extra hours if they think it can help protect against redundancy or keep their employer in business."The TUC argued that if everyone who worked overtime did all the overtime work at the start of the year, the first day they would get paid would be February 27.The largest increase in workers carrying out unpaid overtime occurred in London, followed by the east Midlands and eastern England. There was better news for those in southeast England and Scotland where fewer people were working unpaid extra hours."Long hours are bad for people's health, and employers should never forget that each extra hour worked makes people less productive once they are over a sensible working week," Barber said. /200901/60932From Beyonce to Taylor Swift, these young stars collectively banked 410 million in the last year。  从碧昂斯到泰勒·史薇芙特,这些年轻的明星去年共“抢钱”4.1亿美元。  In addition to topping charts, winning matches and luring fans, the top 12 highest-earning celebrities under 30 collectively pulled in 410 million over the last year。  在过去一年里,跻身高收入排行榜的前12位名人(年龄均在30岁以下)除了在流行音乐排行榜上屡登榜首,在众多比赛中力拔头筹,吸引了大批狂热粉丝之外,还总共吸金高达4.1亿美元。  With an average age of 23, the cadre of talented--and rich--upstarts consists of athletes,singers, actors etc。  这些天资过人的新晋富豪平均年龄仅有23岁,主要包括运动员、歌手、演员等。    The Queen B raked in an estimated 87 million between June 1, 2008 and June 1, 2009, thanks to a diversified portfolio of music, film, fashion and so on。  “流行乐天后”碧昂斯借助自己在音乐、电影、时尚等领域多元化的发展,从去年6月1日至今年6月1日的总收入达到了8700万美元。  The 27-year-old songstress turned actress turned global brand found time to release a double album (I Am...Sasha Fierce), star in two films (Cadillac Records and Obsessed), perform at both the Academy Awards and a presidential inaugural ball and embark on a 110-date international tour。  这位27岁的女歌手继触电成功之后,开创了自己的全球性品牌,还抽空推出一张双碟专辑(I Am...Sasha Fierce),出演了《蓝调传奇》与《纠缠》两部电影,参加了奥斯卡金像奖颁奖晚会,在奥巴马的就职典礼上引吭高歌,并积极筹备她的110天国际巡回演唱会。  She also added Crystal Geyser and Nintendo DSi to a lengthy list of endorsement deals that aly included American Express, L'Oreal and Samantha Thavasa handbags。  另外,碧昂斯还签下了大批代言合约,其中包括日本矿泉水品牌Crystal Geyser、任天堂DS主机游戏、美国运通卡、化妆品牌欧莱雅以及萨曼莎·撒乌萨高级手袋等。 /200912/92539

Calm Down! Tips for Regaining Your Cool Quickly镇定下来!使你快速镇定下来的几个小贴士Tear ducts. They’re not my friends. I don’t send them Christmas cards. I don’t invite them to parties. Still, unbidden and unwanted, tears have a tendency to well up in my eyes whenever I’m having a difficult conversation with someone. And, though it’s quite rare, I’ve been known to totally blow a gasket or two. Let’s face it, that red-faced, exploding-at-the-seams angry look isn’t exactly fashion forward. 眼泪。是我不喜欢的。我不希望在圣诞节看到眼泪。我也不希望在聚会上看到眼泪。然而,有时,每当我与某人有不愉快的会话时,眼泪就会自觉不自觉地在眼眶中打转。尽管这种现象不多见,但是人们还是认为我很生气。要让我们知道的是,脸红脖子粗、看上去很气愤的样子是不受欢迎。Emotions are good things. They help steer our choices and, when worn on our sleeves, give others clues to how we’re feeling. But sometimes emotions—such as traitor tears, a red-hot temper, or panic-inducing anxiety—are a downright pain in the rear. When high emotions get in the way of your professionalism, prevent you from effectively communicating, or cause your mascara to create a raccoon effect, it’s time to take control. 情绪是个好东西。它们有助于我们做出选择。当我们累坏了的时候,很容易使人看出我们的感受。但是,有时候,情绪------比如出卖我们的眼泪,非常激动地情绪、或是那种诱导恐慌的焦虑------都一目了然说明了背后的痛苦。当你的这种情绪影响到你的职业、这种情绪不能使你有效地与人沟通、或是这种情绪使你的睫毛膏产生了一种浣熊效应的时候,你就应该要学会控制你的情绪了。Keeping Cool in the Heat of the Moment在最要爆发时,学会保持镇静。As calm as we may try to keep our lives, there’s one thing that’s for sure. @#!amp; happens. Grocery clerks put bottles of orange juice on top of egg cartons. Speed-demon drivers cut you off on the highway. Checks bounce when your significant other forgets to write a withdrawal in the register. Bosses assign impossible late-night tasks. And it’s important to keep yourself together when everything falls apart. Here’s how: 有一点是毫无疑问的,在生活不论发生什么样的事情,我们都要尽可能地保持镇静。商店里的售货员们将桔汁水瓶摆放在应该摆放鸡蛋的纸箱中;在高速路上,那些喜欢开快车的人切断了你的路;当你的另一半在登记簿上忘记写撤销两个字的时候,你的票又一次被递送过来;老板们要你完成那些即便是你干到深夜都不可能完成的工作等等情况。 当每件事情都不对劲的时候,重要的是,你自己要保持镇静。下面是一些具体做法: /201102/126523The power of attraction is a very useful thing. There is a common misconception that physical appearance completely determines attractiveness, but this is simply not true. If you want people to be drawn to you, there are a variety of things you can do as a woman that will have others flocking to you in time.Love yourself. You can be pretty but still unattractive if you don't start to love yourself.学会打扮不要相信男人说不在乎你的外表之内的甜言蜜语,女人爱美是天性,男人爱美女是本性,所以,学着让自己做一个时尚达人,任何时候不要把自己邋遢的一面表露在外,优雅的出门。从容、优雅的女人,在男人心目中比胸大的女人更有魅力。 /200912/91571Summoning the courage, you finally land a date with the hot chick you’ve been lusting for. You show up at the door with flowers and candy, and think that you are about to score brownie points when she opens the door. I have news for you, buddy, because your date is probably thinking the exact opposite.If you’re going to ask a woman out on a date, have a plan. Women love that and women love confidence. Ask open-ended questions. Rather than saying, “Where are you from?” say, “Tell, me about the place where you grew up.” That will keep the conversation flowing. Men, you should still open doors and pull out a chair for your date. These chivalrous things still make a good impression: Plan the date near her place, not yours. And most importantly, pick up the check.Flowers and candy were once thought to be “romantic” or a “gentlemanly gesture.” That was also in the days of Leave it to Beaver. Times have changed, women have changed. Things that worked back then, just don’t work now. They don’t carry any merit, and in fact, they actually may hurt you. Let me tell you why.What you thought was such a sweet gesture on your part, just told the woman you are taking on a date a very different thing. To her, flowers and candy represent a wimpy token of appreciation in hopes of receiving her attention in exchange. They are unoriginal, lack creativity, and are just plain cheesy. You might get a fake smile in return, and maybe a hug if you’re lucky, but they will both lack sincerity. Strike ONE!Not only will they lack sincerity, but you have just lost any ounce of respect you were hoping to establish. Any ordinary fellow can pick up flowers, so you have to do something to set yourself apart from those other guys.Try something different. Think about every conversation that you have had with her. If you were listening, she probably told you more than enough about herself to give you a clue on her likes and dislikes.Where did you meet her? At a coffee shop? At a book store? At the mall? Bringing something of context to her will show that you not only are attentive, but are proactive about it. If you bumped into her at a book store, do you remember which section you were in? What she was ing? Pick up a book of the same author or topic for her. You can’t imagine how many brownie points that will earn you.And before you show up for your date, have something about the gift in mind that you want to talk about. Don’t think that her heart and affection will be yours upon receiving the gift. You have to know WHY you’re giving it to her, and be able to articulate it at the same time.In the book example, do a little research on the author. Find out what types of books the author writes. Maybe check out some editorial reviews that you can “borrow” to make it appear that you know what you are talking about. And it will show your date that you went out of your way to look up and research her interests.In her mind, if you get into something just because she is interested in it, that will show her you can express similar enthusiasm later down the road. And if she starts picturing the near future with you in it, that’ll do so much for the current date you are going on.Trust me, you’ll see more enthusiasm on her end, which will make for an engaging date for the both of you. And you know what that means…usually another date very soon.So, to summarize the key points of this article…1. NOOOOOOO flowers and candy. Did I get my point across?2. Be creative. Bring something of context.3. Research before you give her the gift. And have something articulate to say about it.4. Don’t make a second date while you’re still on the first date. 终于,你鼓起万般勇气,敲定要和你心仪已久的热门对象约会。你站在门口,手上拿着花和糖果,想象她一开门你就达阵得分。小伙子,我得告诉你,你的约会也许和你想象的恰好相反。如果你邀请女士和你约会,先要做计划。女人喜欢有计划和自信的人。问开放式的问题,比如说“谈谈你生长的地方”,要比问“你来自哪里?”要好的多。这样可以让谈话继续下去。男士们,你们应该为约会对象开门和拉椅子。这些体现风度的行为可以留下好印象:约会地点选在她家附近,而不是你家附近。最重要的是你买单。花和糖果曾经代表了“罗曼蒂克”和“绅士风度”。那已经过时了。时代改变了,女人也改变了。以前行的通的,现在行不通了。他们不会给你带来任何好处,事实上反而会给你带来负面效果。让我来告诉你为什么。在你看来这些是甜蜜的小动作,告诉对方你特别看重这次约会。对她来说花和糖果代表了希望获得她注意的小小表示。没有创意,缺乏创造力,再平凡俗气不过了。你得到的也许就是婉尔一笑,如果幸运的话也许是一个拥抱,但都缺乏诚意。一次打击!不仅仅是她缺乏诚意,你也失去了最后一点点你所希望建立的形象。任何人都能送花,所以你要做一些与众不同的事。试试做些不同的事。想想你和她谈过的话。如果你听进去了,也许她暗示过你很多她喜欢的和不喜欢的东西,多过她想告诉你的。你曾经在哪里碰到过她?咖啡店?购物中心?给她带点有隐含意义的东西表明你不仅细致而且积极。如果你曾和她在书店偶遇,你是否记得是在哪个区域?她在看什么?带上一本同样作者或话题的书,你无法想象这样可以得多少分。在结束约会前,脑海中想想你要谈论的礼物。不要认为她收到你礼物后会把心交给你或很爱慕你。你要知道你为什么送给她,并同时明确的告诉她。以书为例,小小研究一下作者。找出这个作者的写作风格。也许查查社评,你可以借此表明你知道你在说什么。这样向你的对象表明你已经寻找和研究过她的兴趣爱好。在她心里,如果你是因为她有兴趣而去学习某些东西,就表示不久你会和她在同一事务上倾注同样的热情。 一旦她将你规划在她不久的将来中,就会对你继续约会下去很有帮助。相信我,你可以看到她的热情,对你们两来说都是有意义的约会。你知道这意味着什么…通常不久就会有下一次约会。最后,总结文章的关键点。1. 千万千万不要带花和糖果。你理解了吗?2. 发挥创造力,准备一些有隐含意义的东西。3. 送礼物之前研究一下,要能实质上有话题的东西。4. 还在第一次约会的时候不要想第二次。 /200808/45960

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