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and you need to fold the worst events of your life你必须把生命中最糟糕的时间,into a narrative of triumph,揉搓成胜利的故事,evincing a better self用更好的自己in response to things that hurt.来还击能伤害你的事物。One of the other mothers I interviewed我在写我的书时,when I was working on my book访问了一位母亲,had been raped as an adolescent,她年少时被强奸,and had a child following that rape,而在那之后她怀了孩子,which had thrown away her career plans这摧毁了她的事业计划and damaged all of her emotional relationships.也使她的情感关系受创。But when I met her, she was 50,当我遇见她时,她已经50岁了,and I said to her,我问她,;Do you often think about the man who raped you?;“你常想起那个强奸你的男人吗?”And she said, ;I used to think about him with anger,而她回答道:“我曾经对他很气愤,but now only with pity.;但现在只有怜悯。”And I thought she meant pity because he was我以为她所说的怜悯是因为so unevolved as to have done this terrible thing.只有粗鄙的男人才能做出如此不堪的事情。And I said, ;Pity?;我问她:“怜悯?”And she said, ;Yes,她回答到:“是的,because he has a beautiful daughter因为他有一个美丽的女儿and two beautiful grandchildren和两个美丽的孙子孙女and he doesnt know that, and I do.但他并不知道,而我知道。So as it turns out, Im the lucky one.;所以显然,我是幸运的。”Some of our struggles are things were born to:有些挣扎是先天的:our gender, our sexuality, our race, our disability.我们的性别,性倾向,种族,残疾。And some are things that happen to us:有些是后天发生的事情:being a political prisoner, being a rape victim,成为政治犯,成为强奸的受害者,being a Katrina survivor.成为飓风卡特里娜的幸存者。Identity involves entering a community身份意味着进入一个社群to draw strength from that community,从社群中得到力量,and to give strength there too.并同时给予那社群力量。It involves substituting ;and; for ;but; --这需要把“但是”转换成“而且”not ;I am here but I have cancer,;不是“我在这儿但是我有癌症”but rather, ;I have cancer and I am here.;而是,“我有癌症而且我在这里。”When were ashamed,当我们对自己感到惭愧,we cant tell our stories,我们就无法阐述自己的故事,and stories are the foundation of identity.而故事是身份的基础。Forge meaning, build identity,铸造意义,建立身份,forge meaning and build identity.铸造意义并建立身份,That became my mantra.这变成了我的口头禅。Forging meaning is about changing yourself.铸造意义所需要的是改变自己。Building identity is about changing the world.建立身份所需要的是改变世界。All of us with stigmatized identities所有像我这样身份沾有污点的人face this question daily:每天都必须面对这个问题:how much to accommodate society我该多大限度地通过禁锢自己by constraining ourselves,来迁就社会and how much to break the limits我该多大限度地打破所谓of what constitutes a valid life?正确生活的底线?Forging meaning and building identity铸造意义和建立身份does not make what was wrong right.不会把错的变成对的。It only makes what was wrong precious.只会把错误的变得珍贵。In January of this year,今年一月,I went to Myanmar to interview political prisoners,我前往缅甸访问政治囚犯,and I was surprised to find them less bitter而我惊讶地发现他们than Id anticipated.没有我想象中的那么怀恨。Most of them had knowingly committed他们大多在知情的情况下the offenses that landed them in prison,犯下了让他们入狱的罪行,and they had walked in with their heads held high,而他们昂首挺胸地走入监狱,and they walked out with their heads多年后,他们依然昂首still held high, many years later.地走出监狱。201410/337797Now, the next thing that you need to understand is how to design with data.另外一件你需要明白的事情就是如何在设计过程中应用数据。Now, when youre working on products like this,you have incredible amounts of information about how people are using your product that you can then use to influence your design decisions,but its not just as simple as following the numbers. 当你在设计一件这样的产品的时候,你有大量关于人们会怎样使用你的产品的信息,这将会影响你的设计理念,但是这不仅仅只关系到一堆数字。Let me give you an example so that you can understand what I mean.让我来举一个例子,你就会明白我在说什么了。Facebook has had a tool for a long time that allowed people to report photos that may be in violation of our community standards,things like spam and abuse. 脸书在很久之前就有一个工具是用来让人们反馈那些照片可能会给人们带来不便的照片,例如就好像垃圾邮件和滥用信息。And there were a ton of photos reported,but as it turns out,only a small percentage were actually in violation of those community standards. 每天有成千上万的照片被上传,但是事实明,只有很小的一部分违反社区标准。Most of them were just your typical party photo.大多数是派对的照片。Now, to give you a specific hypothetical example,lets say my friend Laura hypothetically uploads a picture of me from a drunken night of karaoke.我们来假设一个具体的例子,比如假设我有个好朋友叫劳拉,她上传了一张我醉酒后在卡拉ok的照片。This is purely hypothetical, I can assure you.我向你保,这真的只是一个假设。Now, incidentally,you know how some people are kind of worried that their boss or employee is going to discover embarrassing photos of them on Facebook?顺便说一句,你也知道现在有一些人担心他们的老板或是员工看到他们在脸书上的不雅照片?Do you know how hard that is to avoid when you actually work at Facebook?你知道不让我的朋友看见这些照片有多么困难么,尤其是我还在facebook上班!So anyway, there are lots of these photos being erroneously reported as spam and abuse,and one of the engineers on the team had a hunch.所以,当大量这类照片被当成是垃圾信息或是信息滥用来处理的时候,团队的一个工程师有了预感。He really thought there was something else going on and he was right,because when he looked through a bunch of the cases,he found that most of them were from people who were requesting the takedown of a photo of themselves. 他觉得这当中一定有什么,而且 他是对的,因为当他看到这么多案例以后,他发现大多数的反馈信息是来自那些照片的当事人,他们要求删除有他们自己的照片。Now this was a scenario that the team never even took into account before.在这之前,我们的团队从未考虑到这个情况问题。So they added a new feature that allowed people to message their friend to ask them to take the photo down.所以他们新加了一个功能就是允许人们发信息给他们的朋友让他们把照片删除。But it didnt work.但是,这并不起作用。Only 20 percent of people sent the message to their friend.只有百分之二十的人给他们的朋友发了消息。So the team went back at it.所以我们的工作人员又回到了这个问题上。They consulted with experts in conflict resolution.他们咨询了专家该如何解决冲突。They even studied the universal principles of polite language,which I didnt even actually know existed until this research happened.他们甚至学习了礼貌用语的通用原则,直到他们做了这项研究以前我都不知道还有这样原则存在,And they found something really interesting.我们的工作人员发现了 一件很有趣的事情,They had to go beyond just helping people ask their friend to take the photo down.他们不仅仅帮助人们让他们朋友把照片从网上删除。They had to help people express to their friend how the photo made them feel.同时也让他们的朋友了解到被上传照片的人的心情。Heres how the experience works today.如今的设计就是这个经历所带来的。So I find this hypothetical photo of myself,and its not spam, its not abuse,but I really wish it werent on the site.当我看到自己这张假设的照片的时候,它既不是垃圾邮件也不是滥用邮件,但是我真的不希望在网上看到这张照片。So I report it and I say,Im in this photo and I dont like it,and then we dig deeper. 所以我反馈了意见,并写道,我在这张照片里,但是我不喜欢这张照片,然后我们进一步去探讨。Why dont you like this photo of yourself?为什么你不喜欢这张有你自己的照片?And I select Its embarrassing.我选择了:它让我感到难堪。And then Im encouraged to message my friend,but heres the critical difference. 然后我被鼓励去发消息给我的朋友,然而这就是不同的关键。Im provided specific suggested language that helps me communicate to Laura how the photo makes me feel.脸书上会给我提供专门的建议用语用来帮助我和劳拉交流我对这个照片的想法。Now the team found that this relatively small change had a huge impact.我们的工作人员发现,这个小小的改变带来了巨大的影响。Before, only 20 percent of people were sending the message,and now 60 percent were,and surveys showed that people on both sides of the conversation felt better as a result. 在这之前,只有20%的人会发信息给他们的朋友,但是现在有60%的人会去发消息,据调查显示对话的双方最后都会觉得不错。That same survey showed that 90 percent of your friends want to know if theyve done something to upset you.据同一调查显示,你90%的朋友希望知道自己是否做了什么让你不高兴的事情。Now I dont know who the other 10 percent are,but maybe thats where our Unfriend feature can come in handy. 我不知道另外10%的人的想法,但是也许就是到了我们解除好友的按键非常好用的时候了。So as you can see,these decisions are highly nuanced. 正如你所看到的,这些改变是很微妙的。Of course we use a lot of data to inform our decisions,but we also rely very heavily on iteration,research, testing, intuition, human empathy. 当然,这个过程中我们用了很多数据来持我们的决定,同时我们以反复试验,研究,测试,直觉以及人类的同理心为主。Its both art and science.这是艺术和科学的融合。Now, sometimes the designers who work on these products are called data-driven,which is a term that totally drives us bonkers.现在有时候,我们也把这些设计者叫做数据驱动者,这完全一个让我们疯狂的词。The fact is, it would be irresponsible of us not to rigorously test our designs when so many people are counting on us to get it right,but data analytics will never be a substitute for design intuition.事实上,我们会因为没有严格测试我们的设计产品而被认为是不负责任的,尤其是当有那么多的人在指望着我们做对事情的时候,但是数据分析绝对不会代替设计的直觉。Data can help you make a good design great,but it will never made a bad design good. 数据能帮助我们使设计变得更加完美,但是绝对不会把一个不好的设计变成好的。201504/368878

Hi, everybody. 大家好。This week, I spent a couple days in Minneapolis, talking with people about their lives-their concerns, their successes, and their hopes for the future.本周,我在明尼波利斯呆了几天,与人们谈论他们的生活--他们的关注,他们的成功和他们对未来的希望。I went because of a letter I received from a working mother named Rebekah, who shared with me the hardships her young family has faced since the financial crisis. 我去那里是因为我收到了一封来自一个名叫瑞贝卡的工薪母亲的来信,她在信中告诉我他们的年轻的家庭自金融危机以来的艰辛。She and her husband Ben were just newlyweds expecting their first child, Jack, when the housing crash dried up his contracting business. 她和她的丈夫本新婚燕尔正在期盼他们的长子杰克降生时,正赶上房地产泡沫破灭,本签约的公司破产。He took what jobs he could, and Rebekah took out student loans and retrained for a new career. 他做所有能做的工作,瑞贝卡偿还学生贷款,为了新的生涯重新培训自己。They sacrificed-for their kids, and for each other. And five years later, theyve paid off debt, bought their first home, and had their second son, Henry.他们为了孩子们牺牲,为了对方牺牲。五年后,他们偿还了债务,买了手套住房,有了次子亨利。In her letter to me, she wrote, “We are a strong, tight-knit family who has made it through some very, very hard times.” 在给我的信中,她写道,“我们是一个坚强亲密无间的家庭,走过了一段非常非常艰难的日子。”And in many ways, thats Americas story these past five years. 在很多方面,这是过去五年里美国的故事。We are a strong, tight-knit family thats made it through some very tough times.我们是一个坚强的亲密无间的大家庭,走过了一段非常艰难的日子。Today, over the past 51 months, our businesses have created 9.4 million new jobs. 今天,在过去的51个月里,我们的企业创造了9百40万个新就业机会。By measure after measure, our economy is doing better than it was five years ago.一个又一个指标表明,我们比五年前好多了。But as Rebekah also wrote in her letter, there are still too many middle-class families like hers who do everything right-who work hard and who sacrifice-but cant seem to get ahead. 但是正如在信中还写道的,还有很多他们一样的中产阶级家庭没有过错-他们努力工作付出牺牲-但是没有过得更好。It feels like the odds are stacked against them. 好像他们的前方有障碍阻挠他们。And with just a small change in our priorities, we could fix that.我们对这些的关注还很少,我们必须改正这些。The problem is, Republicans in Congress keep blocking or voting down almost every serious idea to strengthen the middle class. 问题是,国会的共和党人继续阻挠或投票反对几乎每一个加强中产阶级的认真的设想。This year alone, theyve said no to raising the minimum wage, no to fair pay, no to student loan reform, no to extending unemployment insurance. 仅仅今年,他们就反对提高最低工资,反对公平分配,反对学生贷款改革,反对扩大失业保险。And rather than invest in education that helps working families get ahead, they actually voted to give another massive tax cut to the wealthiest Americans.他们不是投资于帮助工薪家庭搞得好的教育,而是投票赞同给最富裕的美国人更多的税收减免。This obstruction keeps the system rigged for those at the top, and rigged against the middle class. 这个障碍保持这个系统为富人务,不利于中产阶级。And as long as they insist on doing it, Ill keep taking actions on my own-like the actions Ive taken aly to attract new jobs, lift workers wages, and help students pay off their loans. 只要他们坚持这样,我就继续单独行动-正如我已经采取的吸引新就业机会、提高工人工资和帮助学生们偿还贷款的行动。Ill do my job. 我将尽我的职责。And if it makes Republicans in Congress mad that Im trying to help people out, they can join me, and well do it together.如果我努力帮助人民令国会的共和党人不安,他们可以与我合作,我们共同做这些。The point is, we could do so much more as a country-as a strong, tight-knit family-if Republicans in Congress were less interested in stacking the deck for those at the top, and more interested in growing the economy for everybody.关键是,我们作为一个国家、作为一个坚强的亲密无间的大家庭可以做得如此之多-如果国会的共和党人不那么热衷于为富人们某私利,而热衷于为所有人发展经济的话。So rather than more tax breaks for millionaires, lets give more tax breaks to help working families pay for child care or college. 所以不是为富人们减税,而是让我们推出更多减税来帮助工薪家庭付育儿和上大学的开销。Rather than protect tax loopholes that let big corporations set up tax shelters overseas, lets put people to work rebuilding roads and bridges right here in America. 不是维护让大公司可以在海外设立避税所的税收漏洞,而是让人们可以马上在美国投入重新建设道路和桥梁。Rather than stack the decks in favor of those whove aly succeeded, lets realize that we are stronger as a nation when we offer a fair shot to every American.不是为已经成功的人们谋私利,而是让我们认识到我们给每个美国人公平的机会,我们作为一个国家才能更加强大。Im going to spend some time talking about these very choices in the week ahead. 我将在未来的一周里花一些时间谈论这些选择。Thats because we know from our history that our economy doesnt grow from the top-down, it grows from the middle-out. 那是因为我们以史为鉴得知我们的经济自上而下发展不好,而是从中间向两边才发展得好。We do better when the middle class does better. 中产阶级兴则我们旺。Thats the American way.Thats what I believe in. 这就是美国的道路。这就是我的信仰。And thats what Ill keep fighting for.这就是我要继续为之奋斗的。Have a great Fourth of July, everybody-and good luck to Team USA down in Brazil.各位,独立日快乐-祝远在巴西的美国足球队好运。Thanks.谢谢大家。201407/309549

Lets show them that the way you look is just one part of your identity and that the truth is we love them for who they are and what they do and how they make us feel.让我们向他们表明长相只是身份的一部分,而事实是我们爱他们是因为他们是谁和他们的所做所为以及他们给我们的感觉。Lets build self-esteem into our school curriculums.让我们在学校的课程中设置自尊心科目。Lets each and every one of us change the way让我们每一个人改变we talk and compare ourselves to other people.我们谈论自己和跟他人比较的方式。And lets work together as communities,让我们作为团体一起努力,from grassroots to governments,从基层到政府,so that the happy little one-year-olds of today become the confident changemakers of tomorrow.以便这些今天一岁大的快乐的孩子成为明天自信的变革者。Lets do this.让我们这样做吧。201507/387932I did that with the class of 2014 exactly我和2014届毕业生这样做了The class of 20142014届毕业生I am so proud of you我为你们感到自豪so proud of you非常自豪But I want to ask you a real question不过我想问一个很实际的问题Do you know how powerful you are?你们知道自己有多强大吗Today is not my day今天不是我的日子Today is not belong to anyone on this stage今天不属于台上的任何人Today is your day. Today is about the power of you今天属于你们 今天是关于你们的强大Do you know how powerful you are?你们知道自己有多强大吗Our stories may be different我们的故事可能会有不同but I bet some of you grew up with single mothers or fathers但很多人肯定也成长于单亲家庭Maybe you came here from Africa or Caribbean也许你来自非洲或加勒比地区Maybe you are the first in your family to go to college like I was也许你也是家里第一个考上大学的 就像我一样Maybe there were times that you也许有一段时间didnt have a place to live or no food to eat你也没有地方住 没有东西吃You see, the odds were against you各种条件都对你非常不利the odds were against you making it here today各种条件都想阻碍你达到今天的成就But guess what? You did it但是 你们做到了You put this day on your calendar你们成功走到了今天You overcame the odds你们克可重重阻碍You made a decision and you saw that decision due你们做了决定 而且实现了自己的目标So I ask you one more time我再问你们一次Do you know how powerful you are?你们知道自己有多强大吗201501/352293Thank you very much非常感谢大家Thank you谢谢Thank you, President Powers 谢谢鲍尔斯校长Provost Fenves, Deans members of the faculty, family and friends 芬维斯教务长 各位主任 教职成员 家属和朋友and most importantly, the class of 2014 最重要的 当然还有2014届毕业生It is indeed an honor for me to be here tonight 今晚能够来到这里 着实令我感到非常荣幸Its been almost 37 years to the day that I graduated from UT 我从德克萨斯大学毕业已经有37年了I remember a lot of things about that day 对于毕业那天 我记忆犹新I remember I had throbbing headache from a party the night before 我记得 由于前一晚的派对 我有些搏动性头痛I remember I had a serious girlfriend, whom I later married 我记得我有一位严肃交往的女友 也就是我后来的妻子thats important to remember by the way 记住这个显然很重要and I remember that I was getting commissioned in the Navy that day 我还记得 那天我将赴海军役But of all the things I remember 在所有这些记忆中I dont have a clue who the commencement speaker was that evening 我却不记得当晚毕业典礼的演讲者是谁了and I certainly dont remember anything they said 演讲者说了什么我就更不记得了So acknowledging that fact if I cant make this commencement speech memorable 这让我认识到 就算我不能把毕业典礼演讲讲得让人难忘I will at least try to make it short 至少我也该讲得简洁一些The Universitys slogan is ;What starts here changes the world; 这所大学的口号是 ;从这里开始 改变世界;Ive got to admit I kinda like it 我不得不承认 我很喜欢这一口号;What starts here changes the world; ;从这里开始 改变世界;Tonight there are more than 8,000 students graduating from UT 今天 有八千多学生将从德大毕业That great paragon of analytical rigor Ask.Com Ask.我进行过严谨的分析研究 Com说says that the average American will meet 10,000 people in their life time一个美国人一生中平均会碰到一万个人10,000 people. Thats a lot of folks 一万人 相当之多201601/423989

Look, I had second thoughts, really,说实话,我犹豫过about whether I could talk about this到底应不应该to such a vital and alive audience as you guys.对你们一群如此有活力的观众讲这个题目。Then I remembered the e from Gloria Steinem,但我又想起了Gloria Steinem的一句话which goes,她是这样说的;The truth will set you free,“真相会给你自由,but first it will piss you off.;但它会先令你难受”So...所以呢……So with that in mind, Im going to set about所以谨记着这一点,我要开始trying to do those things here,试图来谈谈这些事and talk about dying in the 21st century.聊一聊21世纪的死亡。Now the first thing that will piss you off, undoubtedly,首先,第一件会令你们十分不爽的,毫无疑问的,is that all of us are, in fact, going to die就是我们所有人,事实上,都将在in the 21st century.21世纪死去。There will be no exceptions to that.这不会有例外吧!There are, apparently, about one in eight of you可是根据调查,我们当中每8个人就会有1个who think youre immortal, on surveys, but --觉得自己可以长生不老,但是……Unfortunately, that isnt going to happen.不幸的是,长生不老是不可能的。While I give this talk, in the next 10 minutes,在接下来的这10分钟内,就在我做这个演讲的同时,a hundred million of my cells will die,我身体里的一亿个细胞将死去,and over the course of today, 2,000 of my brain cells今天,我的2000个脑细胞会死去will die and never come back,而且永远不会回来。so you could argue that the dying process所以可以说,死亡的过程starts pretty early in the piece.其实在这类的日常小事中就开始了。Anyway, the second thing I want to say about dying in the无论如何,我想说的关于死在21世纪的第二件事是,21st century, apart from its going to happen to everybody,除了这件事会发生在每个人的身上以外,is its shaping up to be a bit of a train wreck它对大部分人来说,就是一列好好的火车for most of us,最终是怎么走向撞车和成为一个残骸的过程。unless we do something to try and reclaim this process除非我们做点什么,把这列火车from the rather inexorable trajectory that its currently on.从它现在正向着的死亡方面前进的轨道上拉回来。So there you go. Thats the truth.这就是我要告诉你的真相。No doubt that will piss you off, and now lets see毫无疑问,这会让你非常不爽,但现在我们来看看whether we can set you free. I dont promise anything.可不可以让你获得自由并重生。但我不能向你保什么。Now, as you heard in the intro, I work in intensive care,正如你们在介绍中听到的一样,我在ICU (重症监护治疗病房)工作,and I think Ive kind of lived through the heyday而且我想我经历过ICU的黄金时期。of intensive care. Its been a ride, man.那就像坐过山车一样,This has been fantastic.那真的一直都很棒。We have machines that go ping.我们有很先进的设备。Theres many of them up there.这照片上就有很多啊。And we have some wizard technology which I think我们有一些魔术般的技术,has worked really well, and over the course of the time我觉得一直以来都很好用。Ive worked in intensive care, the death rate在我在ICU工作的时间里,for males in Australia has halved,澳大利亚的男性死亡率减少了一半,and intensive care has had something to do with that.这跟ICU特护是有关系的。Certainly, a lot of the technologies that we use当然,这跟我们采用的许多技术have got something to do with that.也有很大的关系。So we have had tremendous success, and we kind of所以我们取得过巨大的成功,got caught up in our own success quite a bit,而我们有点被自己的成功冲昏了头脑,and we started using expressions like ;lifesaving.;所以,我们开始用一些像是“挽救生命”之类的词形容自己I really apologize to everybody for doing that,为此我真的要对所有人表示歉意,because obviously, we dont.因为,很明显,我们并不能救命。What we do is prolong peoples lives,我们能做的是延长人们的生命,and delay death,让死亡迟一点到来,and redirect death, but we cant, strictly speaking,让死亡的过程改变一点点,但是严格来说,save lives on any sort of permanent basis.从任何永久性的角度看,我们并不能拯救病人的生命。And whats really happened over the period of time而从我在ICU这些年的工作经验来看,that Ive been working in intensive care is that事实的真相是,the people whose lives we started saving back in the 70s,我们在70年代,80年代,80s, and 90s, are now coming to die in the 21st century90年代所救过来的人,现在慢慢开始在21世纪逝去of diseases that we no longer have the answers to死于我们当时没法治愈in quite the way we did then.现在也一样没法的治愈的疾病。So whats happening now is theres been a big shift而最大的不同点是,in the way that people die,人们死亡的方式发生了巨大的转变。and most of what theyre dying of now isnt as amenable而大部分让人们致死的疾病to what we can do as what it used to be like已经和我们当年when I was doing this in the 80s and 90s.在80年代、90年代处理的方法有了很大的不同了。So we kind of got a bit caught up with this,所以我们也有点困惑and we havent really squared with you guys about而我们也没有机会和大家分享一下whats really happening now, and its about time we did.如今ICU里都在发生什么。现在就让我们来看一下。I kind of woke up to this bit in the late 90s我是在90年代后期才思考这个问题的,when I met this guy.当时我遇到了这个人。This guy is called Jim, Jim Smith, and he looked like this.他叫做Jim Smith,他当时的样子是这样的。201507/387323So this is my kid.这是我的孩子,This is Maezza, and when she was seven years old,Maezza,当她七岁的时候,she came home from school one day, and like I do every single day, I asked her,有一天她放学回家,我像平常一样问她,;Whatd you do today?;;今天你过的怎么样?;So she said, ;We talked about the Middle Passage.;她说:;我们今天讨论了中央航路。;Now, this was a big moment. Maezzas dad is black, and I knew this day was coming.这是一个重大的时刻。Maezza的爸爸是黑人,而我知道这一天迟早会来。I wasnt expecting it at seven.但真没想到会是在她只有七岁的时候。I dont know why, but I wasnt.我不知道为什么,但我确实没想到。Anyways, so I asked her, ;How do you feel about that?;于是,我接着问她:“你感觉怎么样?”So she proceeded to tell me,她接着告诉我,and so any of you who are parents will recognize the bingo buzzwords here.用你们中任何一位为人父母者都熟悉的“宾果流行语”来回答So the ships start in England, they come down from England,一开始那些船舶在英国,它们向下航行,离开英国,they go to Africa, they go across the ocean --来到非洲,又跨越大洋——thats the Middle Passage part they come to America where the slaves are sold, shes telling me.这就是中央航路的部分——它们来到美国,在那里出售奴隶”,她告诉我。But Abraham Lincoln was elected president,但亚伯拉罕·林肯当选为总统,and then he passed the Emancipation Proclamation, and now theyre free.然后,他通过了奴隶解放宣言,所以现在他们自由了。”Pause for about 10 seconds.暂停了大约10秒钟。;Can I play a game, Mommy?;;我可以玩游戏了吗,妈妈?;And I thought, thats it?而我想,这就完了?And so, you know, this is the Middle Passage, this is an incredibly significant event,因为,你知道,这是可是中央航路,这是一件难以置信的重大事件,and shes treating it like, basically some black people went on a cruise,但她看待它就像是一些黑人去参加一次乘船游览,is more or less how it sounds to her.她差不多就是这种感觉。And so, to me, I wanted more value in this,对我来说,我希望其中有更多意义,so when she asked if she could play a game, I said, ;Yes.;所以当她问我是否可以玩游戏时,我说,;可以。;And so I happened to have all of these little pieces.碰巧我有很多这种小玩具。Im a game designer, so I have this stuff sitting around my house.我是一个游戏设计师,所以我家到处都是这些东西。So I said, ;Yeah, you can play a game,; and I give her a bunch of these,于是我说,;是啊,你可以玩游戏,;之后我给了她一些这种小玩具,and I tell her to paint them in different families.然后我让她给他们上色These are pictures of Maezza when she was God, it still chokes me up seeing these.表示不同的家庭成员。这些照片都是 Maezza正在——上帝,现在我看到这些依然会哽咽——So shes painting her little families.她在画她的迷你家庭成员。So then I grab a bunch of them and I put them on a boat.于是我抓起其中的一部分,把它们放在一条小船上。This was the boat. It was made quickly obviously.这就是那条小船。很明显它是个速成品。And so the basic gist of it is, I grabbed a bunch of families,所以重点是,我抓起一把玩具“家人”,and shes like, ;Mommy, but you forgot the pink baby and you forgot the blue daddy而她不断地念叨:;妈妈,您忘了拿粉红宝宝,你忘了拿蓝爸爸and you forgot all these other things.;你忘了拿这个那个”等等。And she says, ;They want to go.;她说,;他们也想要去。;And I said, ;Honey, no they dont want to go. This is the Middle Passage.我说:;不,亲爱的,他们不想去。这是中央航路。Nobody wants to go on the Middle Passage.;没人愿意走中央航路;。So she gave me a look that only a daughter of a game designer would give a mother,然后她看了看我,只有游戏设计师的女儿才会用这样的表情看着她妈妈and as were going across the ocean, following these rules,当我们准备“横渡大洋”,按照这些规则进行时,she realizes that shes rolling pretty high, and she says to me, ;Were not going to make it.;她意识到这些要求太高了,她对我说;我们做不到。;And she realizes, you know, we dont have enough food,她意识到了,我们没有足够的粮食,and so she asks what to do, and I say, ;Well, we can either;于是她问要怎么办,我回答道,;嗯,我们可以要么;Remember, shes seven.请记住,她当时七岁;We can either put some people in the water;我们可以要么把一些人放到水中or we can hope that they dont get sick and we make it to the other side.;要么我们只能希望他们一直不生病直到我们到达目的地。”And she -- just the look on her face came over and she said她又用之前的表情看了我一眼。后来有一天now mind you this is after a month of -- this is Black History Month, right?—请注意,这是经过一个月之后,那个月刚好是美国黑人历史月(二月)。After a month she says to me, ;Did this really happen?;总之,一个月后,她对我说,;那些事情真的发生了吗?;And I said, ;Yes.; And so she said,我说,;是的。;之后她说,;So, if I came out of the woods; this is her brother and sister;那么,如果我当时出生了;--这是她的哥哥;If I came out of the woods, Avalon and Donovan might be gone.; ;Yes.;;如果我出生了,Avalon和Donovan可能就不在了?” “是的。”;But Id get to see them in America.; ;No.;“但我到美国后会再见到他们吧?”“不会。”;But what if I saw them? You know, couldnt we stay together?; ;No.;;但万一我们能见面呢?我们不能呆在一起吗?; ;不能。;;So Daddy could be gone.; ;Yes.;;那么爸爸也可能不在了?; ;是的。;And she was fascinated by this, and she started to cry,她被吓呆了,之后她开始哭泣,and I started to cry, and her father started to cry, and now were all crying.我也开始哭,她的父亲也开始哭,然后我们一起哭。He didnt expect to come home from work to the Middle Passage, but there it goes.他没想到下班回家会遇到中央航路这档子事,但它就是发生了。And so, we made this game, and she got it.总之,我们一起玩了这样一个游戏,最后她懂了其中的含义。She got it because she spent time with these people.她懂了,因为她与这些“人”共同经历了那个过程。It wasnt abstract stuff in a brochure or in a movie.这不像书本或电影里的教化那样是抽象的东西。And so it was just an incredibly powerful experience.这是一次令人惊叹、充满力量的体验。201602/424866Every year, this Christmas party is held for the children of the people living in the Mews of Buckingham Palace. Everyone seems to be enjoying it. Usually, were lucky with the weather, but tonight it seems a bit more like a typical English winter. The children have been waiting for the usual buildup of excitement and expectation for Father Christmas to arrive, no doubt, wondering what hes brought with him in his sack. For the children, the party and the meeting with Father Christmas are perhaps the most exciting part of the evening. But I hope that a walk through the stables also helps to bring the traditional story alive for them. I hope it also helps them to realise how fortunate they are to have comfortable homes and warm beds to go to, unlike the Holy Family, who had to share with the animals because there was no room at the Inn. Christmas is a festival for all Christians, but it is particularly a festival for children. As we all know, it commemorates the birth of a child, who was born to ordinary people, and who grew up very simply in his own small home town and was trained to be a carpenter. His life thus began in humble surroundings, in fact, in a stable, but he was to have a profound influence on the course of history, and on the lives of generations of his followers. You dont have to be rich or powerful in order to change things for the better and each of us in our own way can make a contribution. The infant Jesus was fortunate in one very important respect. His parents were loving and considerate. They did their utmost to protect him from harm. They left their own home and became refugees to save him from King Herod, and they brought him up according to the traditions of their faith. On this Birthday festival, which we try to make an occasion of happiness for our own families, we must not forget those children who are the victims of ill treatment or neglect. It is no easy task to care for and bring up children, whatever your circumstances – whether you are famous or quite unknown. But we could all help by letting the spirit of Christmas fill our homes with love and care and by heeding Our Lords injunction to treat others as you would like them to treat you. When, as the Bible says, Christ grew in wisdom and understanding, he began his task of explaining and teaching just what it is that God wants from us. The two lessons that he had for us, which he underlined in everything he said and did, are the messages of Gods love and how essential it is that we, too, should love other people. There are many serious and threatening problems in this country and in the world, but they will never be solved until there is peace in our homes and love in our hearts. The message which God sent us by Christs life and example is a very simple one, even though it seems so difficult to put into practice. To all of you, of every faith and race, I send my best wishes for a time of peace and tranquility with your families at this Festival of Christmas. A very Happy Christmas to you all.201509/397756

Now, my favorite example of color bravery is a guy named John Skipper.关于勇敢地面对肤色差异,我最喜欢引用的例子是一个叫John Skipper的家伙,He runs ESPN.他是ESPN的管理者。Hes a North Carolina native,quintessential Southern gentleman, white. 他是北卡罗来纳州当地人,典型的南方绅士,白人哦。He joined ESPN, which aly had a culture of inclusion and diversity, but he took it up a notch.在他加入ESPN时,ESPN已经形成了一种包容和多元化的文化,但他将文化落实。He demanded that every open position have a diverse slate of candidates.他要求每一个空缺岗位都要有多元化的候选人。Now he says the senior people in the beginning bristled,and they would come to him and say,Do you want me to hire the minority,or do you want me to hire the best person for the job?他说在最初的时候,高层怒不可遏,径直找他谈话,你希望我雇佣少数族裔的人,还是一个最适合这份工作的人?And Skipper says his answers were always the same:Yes.而Skipper说他的回答总是不变的,是。And by saying yes to diversity, ESPN.I honestly believe that ESPN is the most valuable cable franchise in the world.向多元化敞开大门,我发自内心地相信ESPN是世界上最具价值的电台。I think thats a part of the secret sauce.我认为这是其秘密武器之一。Now I can tell you, in my own industry,at Ariel Investments, we actually view our diversity as a competitive advantage,and that advantage can extend way beyond business. 现在我要告诉你的是,在我从事的行业,在亚瑞投资公司,我们实际上将多元化看作竞争优势,这个优势的影响力远远超乎商业范畴。Theres a guy named Scott Page at the University of Michigan.在密歇根大学有个叫斯科特佩奇的人,He is the first person to develop a mathematical calculation for diversity.他是第一位建立多元化数学算法的人。He says, if youre trying to solve a really hard problem,really hard,that you should have a diverse group of people,including those with diverse intellects. 他说,如果你试图解决一个非常困难的问题,非常困难的问题,你的团队成员应是多元化的,人人各有所长。The example that he gives is the smallpox epidemic.他举的例子是天花传染病。When it was ravaging Europe,they brought together all these scientists,and they were stumped. 当天花肆虐欧洲时,科学家们汇聚在一起,却束手无策。And the beginnings of the cure to the disease came from the most unlikely source,a dairy farmer who noticed that the milkmaids were not getting smallpox.第一道曙光从谁也不曾料到的地方照来,原来是一位奶农,他注意到挤奶女工都没被感染。And the smallpox vaccination is bovine-based because of that dairy farmer.正因为那位奶农,基于牛痘的疫苗才得以发现。Now Im sure youre sitting here and youre saying,I dont run a cable company,I dont run an investment firm,I am not a dairy farmer. 我确信坐在这儿的你们会说,我并不管理一家电台,我并不拥有一家投资公司,我不是一位奶农,What can I do?我能做些什么?And Im telling you, you can be color brave.我来告诉你,你可以勇敢地面对肤色差异。If youre part of a hiring process or an admissions process,you can be color brave.如果你在公司做人事或行政,你应让自己变得勇敢。If you are trying to solve a really hard problem,you can speak up and be color brave.如果你在努力解决一个很困难的问题,你应直言不讳,勇敢面对。Now I know people will say,but that doesnt add up to a lot,but Im actually asking you to do something really simple: 我知道有些人会说,这样做贡献不了什么的。但实际上我是在请你做一些非常简单易行的事情:observe your environment,at work, at school, at home. 注意周边环境,工作中,在学校里,在家里。Im asking you to look at the people around you purposefully and intentionally.我请你们注意身边的人,有意识地去观察,Invite people into your life who dont look like you, dont think like you,dont act like you,dont come from where you come from,and you might find that they will challenge your assumptions and make you grow as a person. 让你的生活与那些你不曾来往的人有所交集,这些人或许长相、思想、行为跟你不一样,或许跟你来自不同的地方,你会发现,他们会让你反思你曾经的假设,让你朝着正确的方向成长。You might get powerful new insights from these individuals,or,like my husband, who happens to be white,you might learn that black people,men, women, children,we use body lotion every single day.从他们身上,你也许会听到全新的深刻见解,或者,像我的丈夫,他碰巧是白人,你会懂得黑人,无论男人,女人,还是孩子,我们每天都用润肤露。Now, I also think that this is very important so that the next generation really understands that this progress will help them,because theyre expecting us to be great role models. 那么,我认为,其重要性也在于让下一代明白,这一进程会帮助他们,因为他们在期望我们成为杰出的榜样。201507/383545

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