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南昌同济美容医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱南昌同济医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱Yaeuml;l: [OVER THE DRUMS] Don! Hey, Don! Hey!咚!嘿!咚!嘿!D: Did somebody say something? 有人在说话吗?Y: Yes, over here, hello!?! 是的,在这里。你好?D: Oh, hi Yaeuml;l. What a sec, let my take my earplugs out. Man, drums are loud. 哦,嗨Yaeuml;l. 等我一下,我把耳塞拿出来。鼓声实在是太大了。Y: Tell me about it! What are you doing? Starting a rock band? 告诉我,你敲鼓干什么?开摇滚乐队吗?D: Nope. Im working out. 没,我在锻炼身体。Y: Uh, OK. It looked to me like you were nurturing your inner John Bonham. 呃,好吧。据我看,你就是在模仿John Bonham.D: Well, maybe I was living out my rock star fantasies, but Im also working up a sweat. 嗯,也许我是要活出我的摇滚明星梦,但我也出了一身的汗。Did you know that during a rock show the drummers heart rate can get as high as 179 beats per minute? 你知道吗?摇滚演出的时候鼓手的心率能达到每分钟179下。Y: Wow! Thats like professional athlete range. 哇!那就好比职业运动员的心率范围。D: Yep. Rock drummers burn something like six-hundred calories per hour. 是的。摇滚鼓手每小时要燃烧六百卡路里。Y: How do you know all this? 你是怎么知道这些的?D: Im a big fan of the rock group Blondie. Remember them from the 1970s and early 80s? 我是摇滚乐队Blondie的忠实粉丝。70年代末80年代初就知道他们了。Anyhow, the groups drummer, Clem Burke, has been working with scientists to study what drumming does for the body. Turns out it could be a great form of exercise. 总之,他们的鼓手,Clem Burke,一直在与科学家研究打鼓对身体的好处。事实明这可能会是一种很棒的健身形式。Y: I can see that. Youre using both arms and legs at the same time, and if youre playing a fast song, that really takes a lot of energy. 我知道。你要同时动用双臂和双腿,而且如果你在演奏快歌,那确实是要耗很大能量的。D: Exactly. And its more fun than running on a tmill like a hamster on a wheel. 的确。但那会比在跑步机上跑步有意思,后者就像是绕着转轮跑的仓鼠。Y: So are we going to see drumming fitness centers in the near future? 所以在不久的将来我们会看到击鼓健身俱乐部吗?D: Maybe. Theres still more research to be done on drumming as exercise. But drumming could very well emerge as a new fitness trend. 也许吧。但还需要做些深入研究。但是打鼓很可能成为一个新的健身趋势。201308/251325新余市渝水区分宜县去雀斑多少钱 Frankfurt Motor Show法兰克福车展Autoficial intelligence自动的智慧Where does the car end and the phone begin?哪里是手动的终结,自动的开始?SHARON can park herself.SHARON能自己停车。At a signal from a smartphone, a system of tiny computers activates her engine, gearbox and steering—and she reverses smoothly into a parking space.从智能手机发出信号,一个微型电脑的系统会启动她的引擎,变速器和转向系统—她便能安安稳稳地倒到停车位。Sensors stop her from bumping into other cars or people.传感系统能阻止她撞到别的车或行人。Pilotless cars, such as the Volkswagen Sharan, are no distant dream.像大众Sharan这类无人驾驶汽车,已经不是遥不可及的梦。Many people at this weeks Frankfurt Motor Show were asking not only how the cars of the future will be powered,在这周的Frankfurt Motor展览会上,许多顾客并不仅仅询问未来汽车的动力如何,but who or what will drive them.也开始关心由什么来操纵它们。Where does the car end and the phone begin? asked Chris Anderson,哪里是人工的终结,智能的开始?the editor of Wired magazine, at a brain-storming session organised by Audi, a carmaker.在一个由汽车制造商Audi组织的研讨会上,Wired杂志的主编Chris Anderson问道。A future car will be more like a computer on wheels, networked with the surrounding infrastructure and other vehicles.未来的汽车更像是一台带轮子的电脑,与周围的建筑物和车辆联网。Even if it comes with a steering wheel, the driver will have the Knight-Rider-esque option of being piloted while he -conferences,就算有方向盘,汽车在呼啸而过的同时,驾驶者可以启动守护骑士这一选项来导航,answers e-mails or looks on a screen at an annotated view of the world whizzing by.从而方便驾驶者视频会议,回复邮件或者以透视的视角来看地图。The threat to the taxi drivers parked outside the show is obvious.未来汽车对他们的威胁是显而易见的。But Frankfurts cabbies are a sceptical bunch.但是对停在Frankfurt展览会外面等活的出租车司机们来说,这是不靠谱的。Driverless taxis? Not in my lifetime, says one.无人驾驶的出租?我这辈子是看不到了,一个司机师傅说到。Its science fiction, scoffs another.科幻小说吧,另一个讽刺道。In tough times, many carmakers are innovating like fury.在汽车行业不景气的时候,不少汽车制造商都在疯狂地创新。Some are recasting themselves as mobility service providers.一些厂商把自己打造为移动务供应商。This means hawking car-related software and other add-ons.这意味着以汽车相关软件和附加装置为卖点。For example, for those who prefer to hire or share cars—as young city-slickers increasingly do—there is software to make them feel at home in any vehicle,举个例子,随着爱赶时髦的年轻人越来越愿意以租车或者合用方式驾车—因为可以通过迅速地调换电台和其他的设置满足自己的口味,by instantly switching the radio and other settings to their tastes.应用软件能让他们在任何车辆里随心所欲。Some carmakers are also tempting buyers with more mundane services, such as priority parking or cheap deals on fuel.一些汽车制造商也用更多的普通务来吸引买家,比如提供优先停车位和便宜的燃料方案。Or, to help them let off steam, they might offer an annual spin with that gas-guzzling sports-utility vehicle of their dreams.要么,为了给顾客缓解压力,厂商每年举办短途游,车型都是买家梦寐以求的大排量SUV。Even in changing times, there is still plenty of passion for a flash motor.即使在人们观念在发生变化的今天,人们依旧对名车抱有极大热情。Hence the covetous sighs that greeted the new Ferrari 458 Spider, which was unveiled on September 13th.于是在9月13日,伴随着人们的渴望和欢呼声,人们迎来了新款法拉利458Spider。Alongside it was Ferraris first four-wheel drive four-seater. Different Ferraris for different Ferraristi! exclaimed Luca di Montezemolo, Ferraris boss.同时这也是法拉利首款四轮驱动的四座跑车。与众不同的法拉利给与与众不同的法拉利人法拉利的总裁Luca di Montezemolo宣称。Even Volkswagens new single-seater electric commuter, with its narrow body and wide wheelbase, looks rather like a 1950s racing-car.就连大众的新款单座通勤概念车,窄窄的车身和宽宽的轴距,怎么看怎么像19世纪50年代的赛车。 /201305/238714Airbnb versus hotels租房网VS旅馆Room for all, for now人人有房,就是现在But there are signs that the sharing site is starting to threaten budget hotels有信号显示住房分享网站开始威胁快捷酒店EVEN as they lobby regulators to crack down on residential sharing services, hoteliers play down the threat such companies pose to their industry. The top brass at the Marriott, Four Seasons and Hilton chains have all said that these firms do not compete for their core market of accommodating high-end and business travellers; a vice-president of The Ritz-Carlton group recently claimed she had not even heard of Airbnb. And Airbnb itself agrees, arguing that it does not displace existing lodging but is creating new demand. “Im optimistic that there isnt going to be a war” with hotels, Brian Chesky, its boss, said in January.尽管旅店老板正游说监管者取缔住房分享务,但他们仍淡化这类公司给其行业带来的威胁。万豪、四季、希尔顿的高管们说这类公司并没有在他们的核心市场展开竞争;丽嘉副总裁最近表示从来没听过Airbnb。Airbnb自身也这么认为,声称其业务并没有取代现存旅馆而是创造了新需求。一月,Airbnb老板布莱恩说:“我保持乐观态度,将不会和旅馆发生正面冲突。”A recent study seems to confirm that, for now at least, Airbnb is only nibbling at the hotel industrys lunch rather than eating it whole. A team at Boston University examined hotel revenues in Texas, where Airbnb has grown much faster in some cities . They could not find a significant influence from Airbnb on business and luxury hotels. But in places where it has established a presence, it cut the revenues of budget hotels by 5% in the two years to December 2013.最近一项研究似乎实了这一观点,至少就目前看来,Airbnb只是吃掉了这个产业的一小部分而不是一口全吃掉。波士顿大学的一个小组调查了德州酒店的收入情况,在这个州的某些城市,Airbnb的增长快于该州其他城市。他们没有发现Airbnb对商务酒店和豪华酒店的明显影响。但在某些发展较好的地方,Airbnb在截止2013年12月的两年内蚕食了快捷酒店5%的收入。If Airbnb were to keep growing at its current rate—its listings are doubling every year—the Texas study suggests that by 2016 the dent in budget hotels takings will be 10%. With their high fixed costs, that could push many of them into the red. Of course, Airbnb may hit the limits of either supply or demand before then, but smaller hotels are aly blaming it for their woes. “I see a direct correlation between our revenues going down and [Airbnbs] going up,” says Vijay Dandapani, the president of Apple Core Hotels in New York. “We had continued growth until Airbnb.” The financing round that Airbnb has just closed, valuing it at more than all but the four largest global hotel groups, suggests that investors agree.德州的研究表明,如果Airbnb按目前每年翻倍的增长速度发展,在2016年将会削减快捷酒店10%的份额。因快捷酒店较高的固定成本,这将直接导致很对酒店出现赤字。当然,Airbnb也会遇到自身供给和需求的限制,但小旅馆们早就将自己的古难归咎于Airbnb。纽约苹果核酒店管理公司总裁维贾伊说:“我看到了我们酒店收入下滑和Airbnb收入增长的直接联系,我们本该继续增长的,直到Airbnb开始抢夺市场份额。”Airbnb最新一轮融资刚刚结束,投资者相信其价值仅次于四大国际酒店管理集团。Moreover, Airbnb is beginning to make inroads into business travel. Ever more companies are letting staff book their own itineraries, and giving them incentives to be thrifty. Google sets a budget for each trip, and employees who underspend them get credits they can donate to charity or use for future perks like flight upgrades.此外,Airbnb开始进军商务旅行市场。更多的公司开始让员工自己定行程,给他们节约的激励。谷歌给每一个行程都设预算,员工节约下来的钱可以捐给慈善机构,也可以留下当做例如飞机升舱一类的未来福利。Concur, a travel- and expense-management firm, has seen its corporate clients Airbnb bookings grow from a rounding error at the start of 2012 to more than 1m so far this year. Much of this comes from groups looking for flats with multiple bedrooms and shared workspace. If Airbnb can integrate with online travel agencies such as Expedia and increase the share of its hosts that provide instant booking confirmation, business hotels may find themselves with a surprisingly unignorable competitor.一家旅行费用管理公司Concur见了Airbnb的增长,2012年初其客户在Airbnb的业务量微乎其微,但今年现阶段其业务量已经超过100万美元。其中大部分业务来自寻找带多间卧室并共享工作区域这类公寓的顾客。如果Airbnb能整合像Expedia这样的网上旅行社,并增加能提供即时预订确认的主机的共享程度,商务酒店或许会惊奇地发现一个不可动摇的强大竞争者。 /201405/294178南昌丰胸

南昌韩式纹唇哪家医院好bE33z~J3.M_Bp!pfGOG|CfMddEG[GOvdktBecause these two bull mammoths both had broken tusks,因为这两只公猛犸象都有根断象牙,they could have fought at closer quarters than they would do normally.因此可以比平常更接近对方进行肉搏战V4mImSDxgKd6Gp。Twisting and turning, they became locked in a deadly embrace.一阵扭打后,他们受困于致命的纠结,Even more bizarre, this twist of fate then caused a third fatality.更诡异的是,纠结命运还造成第三者的伤亡%;H8_REwY。Beneath one mammoths shoulder blade was the skull of a coyote, pressed into the ground.在一只猛犸象的肩胛骨下方,有具草原狼的头骨被压入地面下,While we can only speculate on just how the coyote died,现在我们只能推断草原狼究竟是怎么死的]eyDs#nZA2。its likely it was scavenging around the decomposing carcasses,可能是它在猛犸象旁吃食腐尸的时候,when one caved in and crushed it.大象突然倒下压倒了它VMH3~Xo[KOz)。Coyotes are still on the plains today.现在草原狼仍存活在草原上73w)vT9_Dr5@h。They hunt their food as well as scavenge carcasses,它们会捕食,也会吃腐尸Vp68DP*A(Sh)1。but small live prey can be more trouble than large dead ones.但是小型的活猎物,可能比大动物的尸体更难对付BjQDDw*AMJf17S(!。Prairie dogs are always on alert and once a trespasser is spotted,草原犬鼠随时保持警戒,只要看到了闯入者,the entire town vanishes into thin air.整群草原犬鼠就会立刻消失;]+YqYMM*)。Prairie dogs arent really dogs at all.草原犬鼠是啮齿动物,不是犬科动物z%]k|9Rg#j。Theyre rodents but coyotes are full-blooded members of the canine clan and like all dogs,草原狼则是血统纯正的犬科家族成员OhtpdrTq6cJ19。they sometimes hunt in groups to tackle bigger prey.它们和其他犬科动物一样,有时会合作捕猎大型猎物Z]ZTXX!I-(RJwzX1。Some prey, however, are just too big, even for a pack of coyotes.不过有些猎物过大,连草原狼也对付不了DE3#FATQ_E。But 13,000 years ago, there was another kind of canine hunter here,在一万三千年前,这里还存在另一种犬科猎者,one that gave even the bison a run for their money.就连野牛看到它们都会拔腿就跑mTDW@T]yk9eCh。The wolf -- the ultimate pack hunter.狼---终极群猎动物V~P8tMhR1!2|。Jv7RGoIuLlLet!Ekx*fIB6@Ub#^5-N5PTtt1pU4ZcNj-@P@2oPu201304/236414南昌妇保医院隆胸多少钱 南昌中心医院整形美容中心

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