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佛山包皮手术大概多少钱佛山男科医院哪个好Seamus:What that?谢默斯:这是什么?Cathy:It a planning book our wedding.凯西:这是我们婚礼的策划书Seamus:We arent getting married a year and a half.谢默斯:我们一年半了都还没结婚Cathy:I know, but there are so many things to plan.凯西:我懂,但是有很多事情要计划We have to book the hall far in advance, you know, and once we set the date, we have to send out save-the-date notifications to our friends and family.我们需要提前很久预订场所,你知道,一旦日子定了,我们就必须给朋友和家人发送预约通知Seamus:I thought that the point of putting off the wedding until we finish school is to take the pressure off and allow us time to plan-later.谢默斯:我认为婚礼应该推迟,直到我们完成学业减轻压力,给之后的计划腾出时间Cathy:It is, but it never too early to start planning a wedding.凯西:的确如此,但开始筹划一场婚礼永远不会为时过早Im meeting with a wedding coordinator next week to get the ball rolling.我下周会从见一位婚礼协调员开始Seamus:A wedding coordinator?!谢默斯:婚礼协调员? !We dont need a wedding coordinator.我们根本不需要We can make all of the arrangements ourselves.我们可以自己做出所有安排Cathy:You have no idea what goes into pulling off a wedding and reception.凯西:你可不知道婚礼和宴客该怎么办There are caterers, photographers and graphers, entertainers, ice sculptors, animal trainers, and...有承办人,摄影师和摄像师、演员、冰雕塑家、动物训练师,还有…Seamus:Are you serious?!谢默斯:你是认真的吗? !Youre not planning a wedding.你这不是筹划结婚Youre starting a circus!你简直是要开个马戏团! 7佛山中医院看男科好吗 After a long tiring day at work, I stopped at a restaurant nearby a quick meal.经过漫长的一天工作之后,我疲惫地在一家餐厅停下来,想要一份快餐Server: Hi, I’m Ursula. Can I get you something to drink?务生:嗨,我叫厄休拉我给你叫点喝的东西?Paulo: Yes, I’d like an iced tea and I’m also y to order. I’ll just have a bowl of soup and a salad.保罗:是的,我喜欢喝冰茶,我也想好点什么菜了我要一碗汤和一份沙拉Server: Sure, no problem. What kind of soup would you like? We have chicken noodle, minestrone, and cream of mushroom.务生:好的,没问题你喜欢什么汤?我们有鸡肉面汤、意大利通心粉汤和奶油蘑菇汤Paulo: Do you have something that’s hearty?保罗:你们有没有可以补充体力的汤?Server: If you want something hearty, I would suggest our clam chowder or beef stew.务生:如果你想喝那种汤,我建议你要一份蛤蜊浓汤或者炖牛肉Paulo: I’ll take a bowl of beef stew.保罗:炖牛肉吧Server: Great! What kind of salad would you like: a chef salad, Caesar salad, or Cobb salad?务生:太好了!你喜欢什么样的沙拉:主厨沙拉、凯撒什锦沙拉还是柯布沙拉?Paulo: I’ll just have a garden salad.保罗:我想要一个田园沙拉Server: Okay, what kind of dressing would you like?务生:好吧,调料呢?Paulo: What kind do you have?保罗:都有什么调料?Server: We have French, Italian, ranch, Thousand Island, and vinaigrette.务生:有法国风味、意大利风味、牧场风味、千岛风味和香醋风味Paulo: Do you have blue cheese?保罗:有蓝纹奶酪的吗?Server: Oh yes, I got to mention blue cheese. Okay, that’s a bowl of beef stew and a garden salad with blue cheese dressing. Will that be all?务生:哦,有,我忘了说蓝纹奶酪好吧,一份炖牛肉和蓝纹奶酪调料的田园沙拉就这些吗?Paulo: Yes, that’s all.保罗:是的,就这些 759佛山三水区治疗性功能障碍多少钱

顺德人民医院专家预约If one can afd to treat the other to a meal at an expensive restaurant and the other does not have enough money to do the same, it will cause problems in the relationship.如果一个人能够付起请朋友去昂贵餐厅吃饭的费用,而另一个人却没有足够的钱回请,那么这样的友谊会产生问题Westerns expect friends to be independent.西方人希望朋友间是相互独立的Western people prefer people to be independent, so they do not feel comtable in a relationship in which one person is giving more and the other is dependent on what is giving.因为有了这样的独立意识,对于朋友间一方给予多,另一方难以对等给予的这种关系,他们觉得这种友谊会令人不舒Their friendship is mostly a matter of providing emotional support and spending time together.他们的友谊更多意味着相互给予对方精神上的持,一起度过一段时间A westerner will respond to a friend trouble by asking ;What do you want to do?;一个西方人在回应朋友的求助时,常会问:“你想怎么做?”The idea is to help the friend to think out the problem and discover the solution he or she really wants and then to support the solution.帮助朋友的办法是思考问题,寻求他或者她确实需要的解决办法,并且持对方那么去做Chinese friends give each other more concrete help. A Chinese will use personal connections to help a friend get something hard to obtain such as a job, or an appointment with a good doctor.中国人给予朋友更多具体的帮助他或者她可能会利用自己的关系帮助朋友取得不容易得到的东西,比如一份工作,约见一位好医生Chinese friends give each other money and might help each other out financially over a long time.中国人可能会在经济上给予相互的帮助,比如给对方金钱帮助他或者她度过难关Chinese usually expect more from their friends.中国人期望得到朋友更多的帮助In the West, you can certainly ask friend to do something with you, but you recognize that your friend may say no, if heshe gives you a reason.在西方,你可以问朋友是否可以为你做点什么,但是你会发现他们可能会说不,他或者她可能会给你一个理由You would not expect a friend to drop everything to respond to a non-urgent need such as shopping.你不会指望一个朋友放下手头的事情陪你做些不要紧的事情,比如购物Nor would you expect a friend to recognize and respond to your wishes without stating them.也不会期待在你没有跟他们表明的情况下,了解和回应你的愿望A friend in China is someone who offers help without waiting to be asked. There are few limits to what you can expect from a friend.一个中国朋友当你遇到困难时,会主动伸出援助之手你对朋友的期望的限制很少You can feel free to tell your friend what heshe can or should do to help or please you.你可以随时告诉你的朋友他或者她应该怎么来帮助你或者让你高兴 07广东省中西医结合医院割包皮多少钱 顺德新世纪医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱

顺德区人民医院男科医生Sonnets From The Portuguese - Elizabeth Barrett Brow葡萄牙人十四行诗 - Elizabeth Barrett BrowHow do I love thee?我究竟怎样爱你?Let me count the ways.让我逐一细算I love thee to the depth and bth and height我爱你直到我灵魂所及的深度My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight广度和高度,我在视力不及之处 the ends of Being and ideal Grace.摸索着存在的极致和美的理想I love thee to the level of everyday Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.我爱你像最朴素的日常需要一样,就像不自觉地需要阳光和蜡烛I love thee freely, as men strive Right;我自由地爱你,像人们选择正义之路;I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.我纯洁地爱你,像人们躲避称赞颂扬I love thee with the passion put to use In my old griefs, and with my childhood faith.我爱你用的是我在昔日的悲痛里,用过的那种以及童年的忠诚I love thee with a love I seemed to lose我爱你用的爱,我本以为早巳失去With my lost saints, —I love thee with the breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life! —and, if God choose,与我失去的圣徒一同;我爱你用笑容、眼泪、呼吸和生命!只要上帝允许,I shall but love thee better after death.在死后我爱你将只会更加深情 3965 Lourdes: I need help.卢尔德:我需要帮助Valery: Sure, what up?瓦莱丽:当然,什么事?Lourdes: Im supposed to give a speech at the start of the conference next month and I dont know what to do.卢尔德:下个月我将为一次会议做开场演讲,但我不知道该怎么做?Valery: It not that hard to plan out a speech. You start with an attention getter using humor or telling a personal story.瓦莱丽:准备一场演讲并不那么难你可以先讲一个笑话或者个人经历来吸引观众的注意Lourdes: Okay, I guess I can do that.卢尔德:好吧,我想我能做到Valery: After that, in your introduction, you should tell the audience what your speech is about in a thesis statement. Along the way, you should establish your credibility by mentioning why youre qualified to talk about this topic.瓦莱丽:在那之后的引语部分,你应该告诉观众你的演讲主题是什么顺着这个思路,你要提到为什么你有资格讲这个话题,以此来建立可信度Lourdes: All right.卢尔德:好吧Valery: Then, in the body of your speech, you want to state your main points, using supporting ideas, giving examples, and maybe using visuals.瓦莱丽:然后,在演讲正文部分,你要陈述你的主要观点,列出分论点,摆出事实,或者用图片来辅助演讲Lourdes: Okay.卢尔德:好吧Valery: And finally, in the conclusion, you restate your main points and make some closing remarks. Simple, right?瓦莱丽:最后,在结论中重申你的要点,作总结发言很简单,对吧?Lourdes: Yeah, simple. One last question.卢尔德:是的,很简单最后一个问题Valery: Shoot.瓦莱丽:说Lourdes: What are you doing the morning of June th, and how do you feel about standing in a coworker who plans to be deathly ill?卢尔德:你6月号上午有什么安排吗,你觉得去顶替一个计划生一场大病的人怎么样?原文译文属!三水区男科大夫顺德新世纪看男科好吗



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