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Exercise 4-8: Rule 5 The Silent TRead the following sentences out loud.Make sure that the underlined Ts are silent.1.He had a great interview.2.Try to enter the information.3.Turn the printer on.4.Finish the printing.5.Shes at the international center.6. Its twenty degrees in Toronto.7. I dont understand it.8. She invented it in Santa Monica.9. He cant even do it.10. They dont even want it.11. They wont ever try.12. Whats the point of it?13. Shes the intercontinental representative.14. Hasnt he?15. Isnt he?16. Arent I?17. Wont he?18. Doesnt he?19. Wouldnt it?20. Didnt I? /201509/3999951.惯用口语句子:No. Nope.不是的。Absolutely not! Definitely not!绝对不是!Certainly not! Of course not!当然不是!Wrong!错了!Youre wrong.你错了。Youve got that wrong.你搞错了。Youve got it all wrong.你全搞错了。Wrong on both counts.全错了。Youre dead wrong.你肯定错了。Youre way off base.你大错特错了。Youre telling a lie.你在撒谎。Thats a lie.这是个谎话。Lies!撒谎!Dont tell lies in front of me.不要在我面前撒谎。lie n. amp; v. 谎话,谎言Thats not right.那不对。Thats not true.那不是实情。Its never a good idea.这可不是个好主意。Thats insane. Thats ridiculous.这太荒唐了。insane a. 疯狂的,荒唐的,愚蠢的ridiculous a. 荒谬的,荒唐的,可笑的Thats out of the question Thats impossible.这根本不可能。out of the question“不可能”Rubbish! Nonsense!胡说/废话!Horsefeathers! Bullshit.一派胡言!Baloney!鬼话!Thats a lot of baloney.这简直是鬼话连篇。baloney n. 胡扯,胡说That makes no sense. That doesnt make sense.那也太没道理了。make sense有道理,意思清楚”Thats not my point.这不是我的看法。Thats not the point Im trying to make.这不是我要讲的意思。Youve twisted my words.你歪曲了我的话。Youve got me wrong.你弄错了我的意思。twist v. 扭曲,扭 /201504/370161

Exercise 1-39:Consistent Pronoun Stress In Changing Verb TensesThis is the same as the previous exercise, except you now stress the verbs:They eat them.Practice this until you are quite comfortable with the intonation.Notice that in fluent speech, the th of them is frequently dropped (as is the h in the other object pronouns, him, her).The pronunciation and word connections are on the right, and the tense name is on the far left.present 1They eat them. theyeedmpast 2They ate them. theyεidmcontinuous 3Theyre eating them. thereedingm.future 4Theyll eat them (if...) theleedm (if...)present conditional 5Theyd eat them (if...) they deedm (if...)past conditional 6Theyd ve eaten them (if...) they d#601;veetnm (if...)relative pronoun 7The ones thatve eaten them (are...) the w#601;nz#601;d#601;veetnm (are...)present perfect 8Theyve eaten them (many times). they veetnm (many times)past perfect 9Theyd eaten them (before...) they deetnm (before...)future perfect 10Theyll have eaten them (by...) they l#601;veetnm (by...)obligation 11They ought to eat them. they #228;d#601;eedmobligation 12They should eat them. they shdeedmobligation 13They shouldnt eat them. they shdn#8226;needmobligation 14They should have eaten them. they shd#601;veetnmobligation 15They shouldnt ve eaten them. they shdn#8226;n#601;veetnmpossibility/ability 16They could eat them. they сdeedmpossibility/ability 17They couldnt eat them. they cdn#8226;needmpossibility/ability 18They could have eaten them. they cd#601; veetnmpossibility/ability 19They couldnt have eaten them. they cdn#8226;n#601; veetnmpossibility 20They might eat them. they mydeedmpossibility 21They might have eaten them. they my d#601; veetnmprobability 22They must eat them. they m#601;ss deedmprobability 23They must have eaten them. they m#601;sd#601;veetnmability 24They can eat them. they cneedmability 25They cant eat them. they c#230;n(d)eedm /201507/384290

第一章 练习26:两类描述性短语 Exercise 1 -26 Two Types of Descriptive Phrases continued Exercise 1 -26:Two Types of Descriptive PhrasesRepeat......1......Its a short nail. Its really short.......2......Its a chocolate cake. Its dark chocolate.......3......Its a hot bath. Its too hot.......4......Its a hard drive. Its extremely hard.......5......Its the back door. Its far back.......6......There are four cards. There are only four.......7......Its a small spot. Its laughably small.......8......Its a good book. Its amazingly good.Puase the CD and write your own adjective/noun and adverb/adjective sentences, carrying over Ex.1-25. /201506/381356

  本期内容:Fortune knocks once at everyone’s door人人都有走运的一天首先,我们来学习一个单词 fortuneF-O-R-T-U-N-E 运气,财富再来学习一个词组 knock at thedoor 敲门knock 组成的词组还有很多 比如knock down 击倒knock off 中断knock into 与…相撞fortune knocks once at everyone’s door 幸运迟早会来敲每个人的门,人人都有走运的一天关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201702/494165

  9. I am told to get the information from every caller.我奉命询问每位访客的来意。还能这样说:I am ordered to inquire your intention.An order that I should ask is the purpose from every visitor.谚语:Every dog is a lion at home.夜郎自大。10. Would you mind waiting?您愿意等一会儿吗?还能这样说:Would you please have a seat for a while?Would you like to wait for a moment?应用:body and mind 肉体和精神11. We have a small but highly respectable company.我们公司规模虽小,商誉极佳。还能这样说:Our company is small-sized but has a good reputation.Though small in size, our company has a good fame.应用:be famed for 以……出名;come to fame 成名12. I greet you on behalf of our manager.我代表我们经理前来迎接您。还能这样说:I greet you in the name of our manager.I, as a representative of our manager, greet you.应用:on behalf of 代表,为了;on sb.s behalf 以某人的名义,为了某人,代表某人 /201503/363643。


  14. Fabric Softener 14.织物柔软剂A: Excuse me. Can I borrow your fabric softener?A:打扰了。我可以借用你的织物柔软剂吗?B: Of course, take as much as you need.B:当然,随便用。A: Thank you. Youre very kind.A:谢谢你。你真好。B: Its no problem at all.B:小意思。A: I love the subtle smell of this brand!A:我爱这个品牌微妙的气味!B: Me too! Its not overpowering or strong.B:我也是!它不是那么刺鼻或强烈。A: I think maybe Ill buy it for myself, too.A:我想或许我该也为自己买一个。B: What I like about it is that its hypoallergenic.B:我喜欢它不会让人过敏。A: No kidding? Thats really something.A:没开玩笑吧?真了不起。B: Its perfect for washing delicate clothing.B:它非常适合洗精致的衣。A: Well, thank you for introducing me to this brand!A:嗯,谢谢你向我介绍这个品牌!B: Anytime, no problem!B:任何时候都没问题!译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201510/400852外教带你学地道口语 第42期:咖啡文化Here or to go?What can I get you?文化点Starbucks专用的词语来形容咖啡被的大小 /201509/397008A: Wow! Your eyes look beautiful.A: 哇哦!你的眼睛真漂亮。B: Thank yoou! I had cosmetic eyelid surgery last month.B: 谢谢。我上个月去做了眼险美容手术。A: Really? Does that hurt?A: 真的吗?手术疼吗?B: No. You know, with the advanced medical technology, it s only a piece of cake.B: 不疼。你知道,现在医疗技术这么发达,做这种手术太小儿科了。A: Thats right. Where did you do the surgery?A: 说得没错。你在哪儿做的?B: In the center hospital.B: 在中心医院。A: Does it take a long time to recover?A: 术后恢复期长吗?B: Just a few days.B: 只需要几天时间。A: To be honest , Im always dreaming of double eyelids.A: 老实说,我一直很想要个双眼皮。B: Well, why dont you do a cosmetic surgery?B: 那你为什么不去做呢?A: I dont have the courage.A: 我一直没勇气去做。B: Dont worry , its very safe. Just in a few minutes , you will make your dream come true.B: 别担心,手术很安全的。只需要短短几分钟时间,你就可以美梦成真了。A: Ill consider it.A: 我会考虑一下。 /201504/370066

  11. 90% Is a B 11.90分就是BA: I think your grading policy is unfair.A:我认为你的评分政策是不公平的。B: I beg your pardon?!B:你说什么?A: Why is a 90% a B?A:为什么90分只能得B。B: Im trying to challenge you guys.B:我想给你们一些挑战。A: Thats not a challenge, thats a punishment.A:那不是挑战,那是惩罚。B: Ive had this policy since I started teaching.B:从我开始教学我就用这套评分政策。A: Its time for a change.A:是时候改变了。B: Im not changing my policy because you dont like it.B:我不会因为你们不喜欢它而改变我的评分政策。A: Put yourself in my shoes.A:设身处地的想想。B: I have been a student once, and I think my policy is fair.B:我曾经是学生,而且我 认为我的政策是公平的。A: Im going to drop your class!A:我将要逃掉你的课!B: Go ahead! Less for me to grade! B:随便!我的分数又不会少!译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201509/399040Language Pointsquarrelargue/argument physical fight /201601/420694

  讲解文本:childs play 小儿科,非常简单的工作,轻而易举的事Come on, this is like childs play. Even a baby can do this.啊,这太简单了,一个baby都能搞定。I finished the test very quickly. It was childs play!我很快就完成了测试,太小儿科了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201704/504614


  She passed out. 她晕倒了。例句:She passed out because she didnt eat for three days.她因为三天没吃东西晕倒了。He felt sick,and dizzy and then passed out.他感觉恶心,眩晕,接着就晕倒了。She passed out when she heard the bad news.她听到坏消息后就晕倒了。背景音乐:Dave Frishberg-Lets eat home关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201611/477360

  栏目简介:跟生活紧密相关,知识中蕴含趣味性。只用几分钟就能看完,每期都有关键词,你掌握了吗?对学习很有用的哦,给你一个越来越喜欢英语的理由——超级英语脱口秀! /201607/451389

  用英语学习holiday的动词搭配。 /201605/441655

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