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Secret #1: Cuticle oil is a lifesaver.秘诀1:指缘护理油是救命稻草。When your nails look sad and you don’t have time for a full manicure, cuticle oil can moisturize dry skin. Olive oil or coconut oil will also work perfectly.指甲不好看,而你又没时间去做美甲时,指缘护理油能滋润干燥的皮肤。橄榄油或者椰油效果也不错。Secret #2: Add special effect during your dry time.秘诀2:干燥的时候加点特殊效果。Apply a long lasting topcoat and let it dry for four minutes. Then while it#39;s still tacky, apply a chrome or holographic nail powder using a eyeshadow applicator. Finish with another layer of topcoat to seal.指甲上面涂一层功效持久的护甲油,晾干4分钟。趁着还有黏性,用眼影棒涂一层铬或全息甲粉,最后再涂一层封层。Secret #3: Your manicure doesn#39;t need to match.秘诀3:你的美甲风格并不需要完全一致。The key is to have high contrast in both texture and color. One hand can be soft and bright, while the other is dark and edgy. The best part: You no longer have to worry about choosing between your two favorite colors—just wear one on each hand!关键在于两只手的指甲油材质和颜色都要形成强烈对比。一只手可以涂成柔和的亮色,另一只手可以涂成前卫的深色。最大的好处就是你无需再发愁在两个最喜欢的颜色里做出选择了,一只手涂一个颜色!Secret #4: Eyeliner brushes make the best erasers.秘诀4:眼线笔刷是最好的清除器。It creates a flawless finish. You won#39;t spend the rest of the day trying to pick dried polish off your skin.最后不会留下任何痕迹。你不用把剩下的时间都用来清除皮肤上干掉的指甲油。Secret #5: Painter#39;s tape isn#39;t just for your walls.秘诀5:美工胶带不光可以在刷墙的时候用。Lay down the tape in the shape you want to #39;cut out#39; of your nail color. Then, apply a base coat and two coats of polish around the tape. When you peel it off, you’re left with an awesome negative space manicure.你想要在指甲油上抠出什么形状,就把胶带贴成什么形状。然后涂一层基础层,再在胶带周围涂两层。把胶带揭掉,就留下了漂亮的和其他地方不同的空白效果了。Secret #6: Simple nails often make the biggest impact.秘诀6:简单的指甲经常有最好的效果。You don#39;t need a lot of bells and whistles to still make a statement, so if you prefer subdued nails, rock #39;em.就像你不用摇铃吹哨也能说话一样,所以如果你偏爱柔和的指甲就涂柔和的颜色吧。Secret #7: Cocktails aren#39;t just for happy hours.秘诀7:指甲护理也能搞鸡尾酒。Arnold mixes her own nail-nourishing cocktail to keep her nails from breaking and help them grow long.Arnold把滋养指甲的甲油混合着涂来防止指甲折断,并且有助于指甲长长。 /201610/471177You can change your eating behavior by redesigning your environment.你可以通过改造环境来改变你的饮食习惯。Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating, describes how our environment influences how we eat:布莱恩文森克,《愚蠢的食物》以书的作者,描述了我们周围的环境是怎么影响我们吃东西的:“If you use a big spoon, you’ll eat more. If you serve yourself on a big plate, you’ll eat more. If you move the small bowl of chocolates on your desk six feet away you’ll eat half as much. If you eat chicken wings and remove the bones from the table, you’ll forget how much you ate and you’ll eat more.”“如果你用大勺子,你就吃得更多。如果你用大盘子吃饭,你就吃得更多。如果你把桌上的一小碗巧克力挪到离你6尺远的地方,你就会持掉一半。如果你在吃鸡翅的时候把骨头从桌子上清理走了,你就会忘记已经吃了多少,从而吃得更多。”Well, you can use your environment to help you eat less without starving yourself.当然,你可以利用环境来让你少吃点却又不用挨饿。You do this by eating your food in smaller plates/ bowls.通过用更小的盘子或者碗来吃饭解决。When you use a large plate, you have to add a lot of food on it to make it look full. If your brain thinks you’re eating less, the more likely it’ll be to want a second serving. (Thanks survival mode).当你用大盘子的时候,你会点很多食物让它看起来很满。如果你的大脑提醒你,你吃得太少了,那很可能你要再点一份了。(这是生存规律)However, if you put that same amount of food on a small plate, your mind will tell you that you are eating a large portion and you’ll stop adding food. That visual cue will trick your brain into thinking it’s had enough to eat.然而,当你把等量的食物放在一个小盘子里的时候,你的大脑会告诉你你已经在吃很大一份了,这样你就不会再点了。这种视觉提示会骗过你的大脑,告诉你不能再吃了。Look at the image below and tell me which circle is bigger – the one on the left or the one on the right?看下图告诉我哪个圆圈更大-左边的还是右边的?It’s a trick question - they’re both the same size.其实是一道迷惑你们的问题-它们是一样大的。Here’s the same image, but with actual food.这里是一样的图片,但是配上了真实的食物。Either way, you are eating the same amount of food.同样的,你吃了一样多的食物。This is known as the Delboeuf Illusion.这就是著名的德伯夫大小错觉。Delboeuf was a 19th-century Belgian philosopher, and he discovered if you surround two identical circles with different amounts of “white space,” people think they’re looking at two different circles.德波夫是一位19世纪比利时的物理学家,他发现如果两个有不同“留白区域”的完全相同的圆圈摆他们面前,人们会觉得他们在看两个不同的圆。The more “white space” around the circle, the smaller the circle appears.圆圈周围“留白部分”越大,这个圆圈看起来越小。This is why the black circle on the left in the image above looks smaller than the one on the right.这也是为什么以上图片中左边的被色圆圈看起来比右边的小。And it’s why the bowl of cereal on the left below looks less full than the one on the right. And that’s why the small plate feels fuller and more filling.这也是为什么下面左边那碗鼓舞看起来没有右边的满。而且这也是为什么小盘子看起来更满。Downsizing your plates will reduce the number of calories you are eating and allow you to feel satisfied at the same time.减小你的盘子的尺寸会减少你摄入的卡路里,而且会让你感到满足A study shows that eating from a 10-inch plate instead of a 12–inch one cuts your calories by a whooping 22%! That means this small change could result in an estimated 10 pounds in weight loss over the course of one year!调查显示用直径10英尺的盘子代替直径12英尺的盘子来吃饭的话,竟然可以减少22%的卡路里摄入。这就是说这个小小的改变可以让你在一年之中减重大约10英镑。Another study followed 200 homes in Syracuse over 4 months, and found that people randomly assigned to use smaller plates lost three pounds more than those given larger plates.另一个由在锡拉库扎的200个家庭经过4个多月完成的实验,得出的结论就是那些被安排使用小盘子家庭的人随随便便就比其他用大盘子家庭的人减重的3英镑。“It is easier to change your food environment than to change your mind.” – Brian Wansink“改变你的用餐环境比改变你的想法容易。” -布莱恩文森克Hope you found this helpful!希望这对你有用! /201703/496022

Four Chinese models —Liu Wen, Xi Mengyao, He Sui, and Ju Xiaowen — are set to walk in the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday. Considering the first Victoria’s Secret model of Asian descent did not walk in the retailer’s annual show until 2009, this is a huge step toward inclusivity and racial diversity for Victoria’s Secret.四位中国模特——刘雯、奚梦瑶、何穗和雎晓雯——即将在本周三登上2016年维多利亚的秘密内衣秀的舞台。由于直到2009年之后,这场一年一度的内衣秀才首次邀请亚洲模特走秀,因此这次对于维多利亚的秘密而言可谓是其包容性和种族多元化的重要一步。The four models in this year’s lineup maintain a massive presence on social media and have worked with top designers worldwide. Victoria’s Secret recently posted an image on its Instagram channel of three of the women in Paris with the caption, “Ni hao! @liuwenlw,@mingxi11 amp; @hesui923 repping China at the #VSFashionShow.”今年的走秀阵容中这四位模特依旧霸占了各大社交媒体,并且与世界顶尖设计师也有了合作。最近维秘官在ins上发布了一张三位中国模特在巴黎的照片,并配上文字:“你好!@mingxi11 amp; @hesui923 在#VSFashionShow中的中国代表。”The shift to a more racially diverse roster of models for the popular show could be reflective of the company’s growing market in China.流行秀中模特的种族越来越多样化,这种转变反映出中国市场正欣欣向荣。Since expanding into the region in 2015, the retailer has gradually increased its presence and seen great success in doing so. Starting out with just 20 concept stores — shops that sold only beauty products and accessories — the company now plans to open its first flagship retail store in Shanghai this year, which will sell lingerie, along with a number of standalone stores. The move is ideal considering the lingerie market in China is extremely profitable and has more than doubled in five years, to billion, according to Mintel Group.自从2015年进军中国之后,维多利亚的秘密的零售商已逐渐提高其曝光率,收获颇丰。起初维多利亚的秘密仅有20家概念店——仅出售美妆产品及饰品,而现在该公司计划今年在上海开设其首家旗舰店,以及一些独立商铺——商品将包括女性贴身内衣裤。此举可谓完美,因为在中国女性内衣市场利润极高,据敏特集团统计其利润在近五年内翻了一番达180亿美元。Martin Waters, president of L Brands International, Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, recently revealed just how strong the retailer’s presence is in China at an investors-day event. He shared that an estimated 350 million people in China will watch the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, according to Ohio’s Columbus Dispatch.维多利亚的秘密母公司L Brands International的总裁马丁·沃特斯最近表示,维多利亚的秘密在中国一次投资者日的活动上势头强劲。他还表示,据俄亥俄州《哥伦布快讯》统计,在中国大约会有3亿5000万观众观看即将到来的维多利亚的秘密内衣秀。“Maybe someday we’ll have the fashion show in Shanghai — maybe — because we’re a global brand,” Leslie H. Wexner, the L Brands founder, also shared. “We have demonstrated that we have the best brand-building ability in the world. People who can’t English, when they see the Victoria’s Secret name, they smile.”L Brands的创始人莱斯利·维克斯纳表示:“也许有一天我们将会在上海举办这场秀,只是也许,因为我们是个国际品牌。我们已对外展示出世界上最棒的品牌建设能力。即使是不懂英语的人看到维多利亚的秘密这个名称时也会莞尔一笑。”In past years, the lingerie company has received considerable flak for the lack of diversity on the runway in its highly anticipated show. Of the 44 women on the runway in last year’s show, only 13 were women of color, around 30 percent.在过去的几年中,这家内衣公司因在其万众期待的T台上缺乏种族多样性而饱受抨击。去年的秀中共有44位女性登上T台走秀,而其中只有13位是有色人种——仅占30%。This year’s lineup is expected to be its most diverse show yet, with more than 50 women expected to walk. Only two of the 12 models who hold the highly acclaimed “Angel” status are women of color, but with the retailer’s trend toward diversity, it’s only a matter of time before an Asian model is also appointed.然而今年的阵容将会是其最具多样性的一次,将会有50几名女性登台走秀。其中有12位模特能够背上备受瞩目的“天使翅膀”,而有色人种只占2名。不过由于维秘越来越重视起多样性,亚洲模特背上天使翅膀将指日可待。Earlier this month, three of the company’s models, Alessandra Ambrosio, Josephine Skriver, and Sui He, headed to China for Alibaba Group’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival in Shenzhen. Sending a veteran like Ambrosio to the event further exemplifies how the brand is aiming to grow in the country.本月初,维秘的三位模特——亚历山大·安布罗休、约瑟芬·斯可瑞娃、何穗——前往中国深圳参加阿里巴巴集团的双十一全球购物节。维秘派遣像安布罗休这样的老将参加这场活动足以明其想在中国发展的野心。 /201612/481385

Talking to yourself may seem a little shameful. 自言自语似乎显得有点丢人。If you’ve ever been overheard *berating yourself for a foolish mistake or practicing a tricky speech ahead of time, you’ll have felt the social *injunction against communing with yourself in words. 如果你曾经被人听到在斥责自己犯了一个愚蠢的错误,或是在预演一篇有挑战的演讲,你就会感受到社会对这种自言自语的行为侧目而视。According to the well-known saying, talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.用人们熟知的话来说,自言自语是变疯的第一迹象。But there’s no need for embarrassment. 但你不必感到尴尬。Talking to ourselves, whether out loud or silently in our heads, is a valuable tool for thought. 自言自语——无论是大声说出还是在心中默念——都很有价值,是思考的一种工具。Far from being a sign of insanity, self-talk allows us to plan what we are going to do, manage our activities, regulate our emotions and even create a narrative of our experience.自言自语非但不代表精神失常,而且恰恰相反,它有助于我们规划要做的事情和管控自己的各种活动和情绪,甚至还能创作一段关于自己经历的故事。Take a trip to any preschool and watch a small child playing with her toys. 你可以去任何一家幼儿园,观察一个小孩子自己玩玩具的情景。You are very likely to hear her talking to herself: offering herself directions and giving voice to her *frustrations. 你极有可能会听到她在自说自话:或是告诉自己要做什么,或是表达自己的沮丧之情。Psychologists refer to this as private speech – language that is spoken out loud but directed at the self. 心理学家将这种行为称作私下话语:大声说出来但却是对着自己说的语言。We do a lot of it when we are young–perhaps one reason for our shyness about continuing with it as adults.我们小时候经常这样做——或许这就是为什么我们成年后会羞于继续这样做的一个原因。As children, according to the Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky, we use private speech to regulate our actions in the same way that we use public speech to control the behavior of others. 根据俄罗斯心理学家利维.维果斯基的说法,作为孩子,我们用私下话语来规范自己的行为,就像我们用公众话语来规范他人的行为一样。As we grow older, we don’t abandon this system–we *internalize it.随着我们年龄的增长,我们并没有放弃这个体系——我们把它内化了。Psychological experiments have shown that this so-called inner speech can improve our performance on tasks ranging from judging what other people are thinking to sorting images into categories. 心理学实验已经表明,这种所谓的内在言语可以提高我们处理一些事情的能力,比如从判断别人在想什么,到把图片分门别类。The distancing effect of our words can give us a valuable perspective on our actions. 我们的言词所产生的疏离效果能给我们提供一个审视自己行为的难得视角。One recent study suggested that self-talk is most effective when we address ourselves in the second person: as you rather than I.最近一项研究表明,当我们用第二人称你而不是我来称呼自己时,自我对话会最有效。We internalize the private speech we use as children–but we never entirely put away the out-loud version. 我们内化了在孩童时期使用的私下话语——但我们却从未完全放弃大声说出的方式。If you want proof, turn on the sports channel. 如果你需要据,那就打开体育频道,You’re bound to see an athlete or two gearing themselves up with a tart phrase or scolding themselves after a bad shot.你一定会看到有那么一两个运动员在对自己说着鼓劲儿话,或是在没投中球后狠狠地责备自己。Conducting a dialogue with ourselves–asking questions of the self and providing answers–seems to be a particularly good way of solving problems and working through ideas. 与自己进行对话—自问自答—似乎是一种很好的解决问题和理清想法的方式。The to-and-fro between different points of view means our thoughts can end up in expected places, just like a regular dialogue can, and might turn out to be one of the keys to human creativity.在不同的观点之间来来回回好几遍可以让我们就像同别人对话一样让想法着落在正确的地方,并且这可能也是促进我们人类创造力的关键之一。Both kinds of self-talk–the silent and the vocal–seem to bring a range of benefits to our thinking. 两种自言自语的方式——默念和出声——似乎都给我们的思考带来很多好处。Those words to the self, spoken silently or aloud, are so much more than *idle chatter.自我对话——无论是心中默念还是大声说出——都比闲聊有意义得多。 /201612/485736

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