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青阳县人民医院彩超池州男性急性尿道炎的治疗贵池区人民医院妇科检查怎么样 建议运动方式我建议你做些蹲坐运动A: What exercises can I do to firm up my backside?要做什么运动才能让我的臀部结实呢?B: I would recommend doing some squats. Sp your feet about shoulder length apart, toes facing ward, and slowly bend at your knees.我建议你做些蹲坐运动双脚张开与肩同宽,脚趾向前,膝盖慢慢弯曲同类问句:Like this?像这样?Keep your back straight and look ward. Good, do about 3 sets of .背部挺直,眼睛正视前方好,做3次,每次下Are there any other exercises I can do? 我还可以做些什么运动?Ride the bike at least minutes.骑至少分钟自行车加入会员您今天想成为我们的会员吗?A: Welcome to Jack Fitness Club. Do you want to join today?欢迎光临杰克健身俱乐部,您今天想成为我们的会员吗?B: Yes. That why Im here. What kind of memberships do you have?是的,这是我今天来的目的你们有哪些会员计划呢?同类问句:We offer a variety of membership types with features and rates to meet your needs. Have you ever been to a workout at a gym bee? 我们会依您的需求提供各式不同内容及收费标准的会员计划您以前有到健身房运动吗?No. This is my first time.没有,这是第一次I see. If youve never been to a fitness club bee, Id like to recommend our ;one-month membership plan;. You can try the classes and facilities in our clubs one month.原来如此如果您从来没有来过健身中心,我会推荐您加入我们的 “一个月会员计划”您可以在一个月里试试看本中心的课程及设施 3635池州女子医院人流费用

贵池区医院简介The Hague海牙The next city on Kathy and Evan itinerary is The Hague.凯西和艾凡行程上的下一个城市是海牙After the hustle and bustle of Rotterdam, we can relax here in The Hague.在经历喧嚣扰攘的鹿特丹之后,我们可以在海牙这里放松一下了Im not very familiar with this city.我对这个城市不是很熟悉Well, it the third largest city in the Netherlands. 它是荷兰的第三大城,It also a kind of international capital.也是一个国际性的首都What do you mean?你这么说是什么意思呢?Well, the World Court is here, and the city has always been an international center, 嗯,联合国国际法庭在这儿,而且这个城市一直是个国际中心,playing a leading role in law and trade in Europe and, today, the world.在欧洲以及当今世界的法律和贸易上都扮演领导的角色Gee, I didnt know that.乖乖,我从没听过这件事Youre not a diplomat! Youre an artist, remember?你不是外交官!你是艺术家,记得吗?Very funny. Hey! What that beautiful old castle there?好好笑嘿!那边那座美丽的古堡是什么呢?That the center of this city. 那是这个城市的中心点It was built by an early king here in the th century. 古堡于十三世纪初由本地一位国王建造而成Lots of old buildings were built around it, not to mention man-made canals and lakes. 许多古老的建筑物也环绕它的四周而建,更不用说是人造运河和湖泊了That how the city got started.这个城市就是这样开始的Fascinating. Er, what can we do here?非常迷人的历史呃,在这里我们能做什么?Are you kidding? There are more than a dozen museums, including a couple both historic and contemporary art, and lots of theaters. 你在开玩笑吗?这里有十几间物馆,其中包括了几个兼具历代及当代艺术的物馆,还有不少的剧院Or tomorrow we can go to the beach.或许明天我们可以去海滩Id love to see the North Sea!我很想去看看北海! 55池州市东流人民医院正规吗 These are just some of the ghoulish drivers who were caught on camera slowing down to take pictures of a lorry crash in which a young woman was fighting for her life.在面对一辆出事的卡车和一名挣扎求生的女性,却有这样一些残忍的司机被拍到选择减慢车速拍照。Police officers attending the horrific accident on the M1 in Northamptonshire were shocked to see drivers crawling along the to get a better look at the scene and take pictures. The quick-thinking officers set up their own camera and recorded all the motorists on the opposite carriageway who used their phones while driving - itself an offence.在北安普顿郡的M1公路上处理这件可怕事故的警员震惊地发现,周围有一些司机减速慢行,只为能拍到事故现场的精照片。这些思维敏捷的警员立刻用他们的照相机记录下了对面车道上的那些拍照的冷血司机们。As the police caught the careless drivers, the 21-year-old female trucker lay trapped inside her wagon for four-and-a-half hours battling to stay alive. A staggering 80 people were seen using their camera phones to get a picture of the smash.当警员拍下那些冷漠的司机的时候,这位21岁的卡车女司机已经被困车内,挣扎求生长达4个半小时了。冷血拍照围观的过路司机至少有80位,数字让人触目惊心。Police have now released some of the images and sent letters to the owners of the cars warning them that they were committing an offence and highlighting the dangers of their behaviour.警方目前公布了一部分他们的照片,并对那些车主书信警告,称他们行为已经构成犯规,并且对他们强调了他们的行为的危险性。Sergeant Nick Gray, from the Collision Investigation said: After completing our investigations at the scene of the collision, we were astonished to see so many motorists using their mobile phones to capture an image of what was a horrific collision.来自事故调查单位的尼格雷警官表示:“我们在事故现场结束调查后,非常惊讶的发现有这么多的路过司机使用手机拍照,只为捕捉这起恐怖事故的画面。Because of how badly the driver was trapped, we had a period of four hours before we could continue with our work and after witnessing the number of people using mobile phones decided to use a camera to film motorists travelling on the opposite carriageway.他又进一步解释道:“因为事故中司机被困的情况严重,所以我们是在四个小时后才开始调查工作的,当时我们就在现场目睹着这些人用手机拍照,所以我们决定用摄像机拍下在对面车道上拍照的司机。”Sgt Gray said that in a number of cases the motorists who were caught taking pictures were using a company vehicle. The employers received the letters from the police.格雷警官说,很多案子里都有许多司机开着公车,拍案件照片。这些人都收到了警方的警告信。He added: The employers have contacted us requesting more information so they can take internal disciplinary action.“不过,这些关系人后来都联系我们寻求更进一步的信息。他们希望自己能从此严于律己。”He said the Force had taken the decision not to prosecute the motorists in a bid to educate them about the consequences of using a mobile phone while behind the wheel.他还表示警方已经决定不起诉这些冷血司机。警方的意图只是想要教育这些司机,告诉他们在公路上用手机拍照很危险It is every motorists responsibility to make sure they follow the law and no phone call, picture or text message is important than risking your own, or other road users lives.“每个司机都有责任遵纪守法,而边开车边做别的事,无论是打电话,拍照或者是发短信,这些都比不上人命。你的生命或是别人的生命都比这重要得多。”来 /201208/195691贵池区人民医院收费高吗

池州贵池区医院靠谱吗 星级典句:第一句: I feel sad. 我很难过A: My purse was missing. I feel sad.我的钱包不见了,我很难过B: Dont worry. Im sure youll find it somewhere.别担心,我相信你一定能在某个地方找到的第二句: It really hurts me. 真的很令我伤心A: Did you really break up with Mary?你真的和玛丽分手了吗?B:Yeah. It really hurts me.是的,真的很令我伤心A: Don’t be sad. Let bygones be bygones.别难过了,过去的就让它过去吧!其他表达法:表达不高兴性情的说法有许多,比如说:I’m empty.我很空虚I’m depressed.我很失落I feel blue.我很犹豫I feel lonely.我很孤独I feel hopeless.我很绝望 00安徽池州市人民医院割包皮池州市人民医院资料




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